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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Jul 31, 2020

Revert prepaid mobile recharge

I am Aruna. V. I did prepaid mobile recharge on July 31'2020 to wrong mobile number. Kindly revert my prepaid mobile recharge amount to my correct mobile number.


Wrong Mobile Number: 8754515053

Transaction ID: ############

Amount: 598

Correct mobile number: 8754510533

already i have registered my compliant through SMS. Reference ID: 21390455

Thanks & Regards

Aruna. V

Revert prepaid mobile recharge

[email protected]
May 26, 2020

Recharge not done but debited money from bank

Bill payment of Rs. 279.0 has been initiated towards your airtel mobile 9894964060. Txn ID: 2005262951846. The payment will get posted to your airtel account within maximum 4-hours. Please keep this Txn ID for future reference.

SBIDrCard X7419 used for Rs279.00 on26May20 at70013861 Txn############# If not done fwd this SMS to 9223008333/call1800111109/9449112211 to block Card
[email protected]
May 12, 2020

Recharge not reflected

Recharge not done on prepaid with 379rupees pack but amount debited from bank.
Ph No : 8056147468
May 3, 2020

Wrong Recharge refune

Warning.....Be aware of frauds here.
I posted complaint yesterday to refund my Wrong Recharge amount. I go a call last night nearly at 1am. But disconnected. Then morning again two time called me. Asking my details like bank account name, account number, credit card or debit card... Why u frauds asking my details....?..... Also the guy asking me to give details in that website ''''''':customerclaimpayment.org'''''''''... 8294767028.,00919167923320..... This website have no info related to perticular brand. It's fraud... Also he was asking me to download an app.... If you are authorized person... You should have my given details to refund... Enough. Why you asking my info?
Also nowadays who will care to call multiple times resolve their problem....?...
Don't fool... Ok
Feb 14, 2020

regarding payment

I used airtel network last few years. Due to my convenient i have changed my network into BSNL. At that time i have paid the due amount which is billed by airtel through airtel mobile app. As per the porting condition if any due from the customer the porting is not to be accepted. In my case i have paid the due shown in the airtel app. After only the number is ported, now i am using the BSNL network. Even though i transfer the amount of Rs. 123 rupees to the airtel money with my mobile No.account 9841720148. still
Airtel sending me a message frequently that there is a payment pending Rs.122.95 towards mobile bill and they threatened me by sending message alert.
Dec 14, 2019

Overchaging the Customer and no proper response

I am a postpaid customer with Airtel with almost 7+ years and recent days the service is almost terrible.
My relationship number is 1275804260. Whenever I register a complaint, there is no proper response and they always give us a run around. Recently, I have called them for almost 30 times for a network issue and it took me almost 4 days to get the issue solved. But they are very particular about the billing period and bill payment. I like to lodge a complaint through this medium to notify the atrocious practices of Airtel as a MSP. Thanks
Oct 17, 2019

Unable to pay my postpaid bill


I am karthik balasubramanian holding the mobile number (9042028695) . This number is actually from Tata docomo currently the service got transferred to Airtel.

I have received the portpaid bill from Airtel. But i am unable to pay the same. When trying, i am getting error messages saying that the number is not registered with Airtel.

Request you to please help me with the issue in bill payment.

Oct 8, 2019

Incoming not working however outgoing calls works fine

Incoming calls not working on my number +919791853179, however I am able to make outgoing calls with no issues.
Sep 23, 2019

Airtel Cheating and Fraud

I subscribed to the Airtel plan(mob no: 8825739512) for 84 days by paying Rs.495 for which they promised unlimited calls and 1.4 GB internet per day. It is 50 days since the subscription and their network in this locality 600088 is very poor. The quality of voice calls are very poor as there is voice breaking. The internet speed is very slow and videos are buffering. I made many complaints to their customer care and their Appellate authority. They acknowledged that the indoor signal quality is very poor in this locality. Despite this they have issued the SIM to me suppressing the truth.

I contacted the appellate authority and they promised to act on it within 72 hours but there is no action. They are also not refunding the amount as the quality of the service they provided so far is very poor.

Chennai 600088

Mob: 8825739512
Sep 12, 2019

Tower issue -2G/3G/4G


We are truly disappoint on service for past one year and we registered complaint for several times but raising and complaint without proper queries/response it is been closed.

We are 50 to 60 members are going to degrade and move to some other service and we are totally fed up with response, still if you have chance to look and identify the area look below.

Anand Apartments,

P.S - We checked through online service it shows that tower upgrading. we asked customer care and we are not going to place any towers on the locality..our data packs are going waste with such issue.

Airtel customer.
Sep 11, 2019

No network

Since 2 days... I have no signal in my phone i am not able call... It's showing only emergency call... Pls solve Airtel network problem... Asap
Aug 29, 2019

disconnection problem

hi airtel we have using the broadband connection we facing the disconnection problem. plz solve the problem
Jul 29, 2019

Amount debited and recharge not done

Dear Sir,

I have recharged Rs399/- to Aritel mobile no:8248871218 through Airtel app on 30/6/2019 11:54 AM, but the recharge was not successful (UPI Ref no: ############.) after that the same day i recharged the same amount in mobile shop.

Then i have raised complaint in Airtel customer care on 10/7/2019, they took the complaint and give me the complaint no: CONRC20710236977. and they promised to me , the amount Rs399/- will be credited in my bank account (INDIAN BANK).

still the amount not credited in my account, so today (29/7/2019) i contacted the Airtel customer care and inquiry about the status of my complaint, now they told me "the recharge was done that day itself through Airtel app only, the shop recharge was not done, so u can ask that shop only". then How they raised complaint on 10/7/209, it is purely cheating.... please do the needful, and settle my amount as soon as possible...

Thank you,
Jul 24, 2019

Airtel has charged for Missed call service

Airtel has charged for missed call from India to Sydney.

I was in Sydney. My wife used to give missed call from India to my Sydney Number. Airtel has charged for all those missed calls. July 2019 bill has come to nearly 5000/- INR. Usually, My regular monthly bill will be lesser than 1400/- INR only.

I am worried why Airtel has charged for giving missed call to a ISD number.
Apr 4, 2019

Money paid for new airtel broadband connection but no installation happened yet

I have been asked to pay Rs 2829 as part of advance payment for Airtel broadband connection to my residential address. But till now I haven't got any updates on installation or connection provision for my request and the representative who connected with me for the process was not even attending my call neither messages back after the payment was made.This is very embarrassing for me on choosing "Airtel".When enquired with other representative they said there is no signal at all in my residential area, if so, without confirming why did their airtel representative(Vetri -+91 98408 52306) asked me to make payment and promise installation within a day ?
Now I want my amount to be refund back as soon as possible.

CAF no:- 4400002190
Transaction Id :- 402910191
Mobile number for which I received OTP is : 8973337210
A residential flat situated at KG Earth Homes, G102, First Floor ,
No. 225/2B Thazhambur Siruseri Village road, Chengalpet Taluk, Kanchepuram Dist.,Chennai-603103.

Please help me to revert back my deducted amount as soon as possible.

Dileep V S

Money paid for new airtel broadband connection but no installation happened yet

Mar 12, 2019

Mobile data speed

Airtel claims one of the best smart phone networks providing 4G data. But in reality it's not even compete with 2G speed. When I check the speed test even the performance for email is below average. Then imagine how it will work for videos or any media files. The test results for your reference.
Dear Airtel stop advertising and work on improving your network.

Mobile data speed Mobile data speed Mobile data speed

Balamurugan Kuppuswamy
Mar 10, 2019

Need list of outgoing calls

I need list of outgoing calls for 10/03/2019 to get important phone number please.
Hemant Mehta1
Mar 4, 2019

International SMS Charges

My Airtel number is 7338822292. Airtel has charged me multiple times for International SMS which i never sent. One of the Airtel Customer Care Executive confirmed that it is for activation of iMessage as i am using iPhone.

SMS sent to - 00447786205094

This is cheating. Please help.

Hemant Mehta
Jan 4, 2019

Post Paid Bill for Mobile Usage

Hi Team, I was using airtel postpaid from last 5 years. Recently, airtel itself enabled hello tune to my mobile number. Within 3 days, I realized thru my friend and called to airtel customer care and deactivated. But, for those 3 days, Airtel has been charged 300 INR. When I am asking to customer care, they couldn't able to take a call to reverse and holded in a call nearly 30 mins to connect senior person. Post 30 mins also, customer care person couldn't able to connect supervisor and not reversed 300rs INR. Pathetic experience. Not sure, how they will enable without notice and how they will charge 300 for 3 days. For one month, they may charge 30000 INR.
Dec 11, 2018

Fraud Insurance Policy

Well I'm a privilege Airtel customer for last 14yrs and this is what I got in return from them for subscribing one of their awesome service - AIRTEL SECURE

I had insured my 69K worth of brand new Samsung Note 9 mobile in Airtel Secure during November 2018. The insured amount cap set by Airtel was 40K and last week accidentally i dropped my mobile in office and the display of the phone got damaged.

Having the trust with Airtel I filed a claim request and uploaded all the requested documents. Later after 2 days (yesterday) I received a call from Airtel Secure saying the claim request is rejected because it's because of mishandling the mobile. The agent was advising me how to use a mobile phone 🤦‍♂️

I wonder how many tactics Airtel has in hand to cheat all their customers. The subscription amount for the insurance is 99Rs per month. Now imagine what if 10,000 people subscribe and how much amount Airtel is easily getting without any investment. On top of that they keep rejecting all the claims

This is the msg i received from Airtel, I'm planning to unsubscribe from Airtel and move on to Jio immediately

Hi Aldrin, we could not process your Airtel Secure device claim for 98400***** as the cause of damage was found to be due to improper handling. For T&C on Airtel Secure, click www.airtel.in/airtel-secure-terms. To re-upload the documents, click www.airtel.in/5/secure.

Fraud Insurance Policy

Dec 4, 2018

Data is not available even though there is enough data balance

Sir on 4 the DEC 2018 onwards am not able to uses data in my mobile number 6385149457.As I have recharged for Rs 169 which have 1GB data daily and unlimited call which have a validity up to 17 dec 2018
When I call to custmercare of airtel I couldn't get a clarification due to language problem.so I kindly request you to clarify this problem.If found genuine please make avail data .I hope immediately action will be there.

Data is not available even though there is enough data balance

Nov 29, 2018

Fraud activity

My money 20000 in airtel wallet but acvount blocked past january month loaded exactely 11 month running but not responce in my complaint legal action in proccud in court please recovery my complaint.
Prathap Sankar
Nov 26, 2018

Amount not refunded for a failed recharge

I have recharged to my Airtel mobile number 9600148232 on 18th Nov 2018 through HDFC online banking. But the recharge failed. I got a message that the amount will be refunded in 2-3 working days. But its been a week now. Till now the amount is not refunded. My reference IDs are ############ & ############. Kindly do the needful.
Nov 16, 2018

Failed Transaction

Hello, I have recharged for 4G pack amounting to INR.399 through online on 1st Nov'2018. The transaction was failed but the amount has been deducted from my Bank a/c. I hve called customer care they told me that the amount will be credited in next seven days But Till date the amount got debited from my account not credited back to my account. Once the transaction is failed you have to proper steps to refund that amount. Whenever I tried calling customer care they always made a excuse and extend the date its such a waste of time.Its been more than 15 days when will I get my refund back.Its not a small amount to ignore it what can I do for this I am stressed about this situation.Will I get my refund or not. This is my third complaint here still the problem not solved.Such a worst customer service.Where can I complaint about this my time and energy is totally wasting.

Airtel Mobile No : 7338946035
Amount of recharge : INR. 399
Date of Transaction : 1st Nov 2018
Airtel Transaction ID : ############
Nov 10, 2018

Amount debited but mobile not recharged

Hello, I have recharged for 4G pack amounting to INR.399 through online on 1st Nov'2018. The transaction was failed but the amount has been deducted from my Bank a/c. I hve called customer care they told me that the amount will be credited in next seven days and told me to recharge again so I recharged again on next day (2nd Nov 2018)through shop and it got successful. But Till date the amount got debited from my account for my first recharge not credited back to my account. Once the transaction is failed you have to proper steps to refund that amount. 10 days got over till now and I'm not sure what steps you've taken so far. I'm losing my interest for these periods. You cannot expect the customer has to raise a query to you asking refund. Waste of my time and your time. And I already posted a complaint about this issue but till date I didnt get a single response from airtel. Try to be a Customer friendly. The details of the failed transaction status are mentioned below for your reference. Thanks
Airtel Mobile No : 7338946035
Amount of recharge : INR. 399
Date of Transaction : 1st Nov 2018
Airtel Transaction ID : ############

Amount debited but mobile not recharged

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