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Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Dec 2, 2022

Wrong recharge

I did recharge for wrong no.
WRC - 9198372721
UPI TRANSATION ID - ############
AMOUNT - 719
CORRECT NO. - +919837276165

Wrong recharge

Jun 16, 2022

Reverse the recharge amount

accidentally done wrong recharge on no
I accidentally done wrong recharge on no.
I want to reverse the recharge.
I accidentally recharged a no. Instead of another no. I have written an email as well. The text services says that
“you are not authorized to use lapu reversal service. Please contact to circle coordinator.”
The no. I recharged was: 7217405916
Right no: 9997512321
Transaction id: 1802293605
Amount: ₹666
Date: 16.06.2022
Yashdeep Tandon
Apr 22, 2021

Airtel Xtream Fiber Connection

This is to inform you that I had applied for Airtel Xtream Fiber on 14th April 2021. The salesman visited my home on the same day. All the necessary details and payment of 3 Months was done on 14th April 2021.
Order ID: 6787968497893408786 (ss is also attached)
I also received a call regarding installation. The installation engineers(NITIN PAL) came and said that the sockets are full in your area so we will install the sockets and it will be done within 2 days. I respected the time frame. Then after 2 days I called the engineer. He didn't pick up my phone. I then called the salesman. He said that it will be done in 1 day. I again waited. But the outcome was the same. Now I made the complaint on airtel 121.
Service Request No- 130327664 (ss is also attached)
After the complaint was made someone from the airtel office called and informed me that it will be done by next evening. Yet the outcome remains the same.
When I tracked the complaint it displayed "ISSUE RESOLVED".

How come the issue has been resolved? My installation is yet to be done.
I want to reopen this complaint.
Please resolve this issue. Or else please tell me that it cannot be done so that I can get a refund and apply for JIO FIBER.
I am fed up with these things.

Yours Sincerely,
Yashdeep Tandon
Mobile No- 7017112845

Airtel Xtream Fiber Connection Airtel Xtream Fiber Connection

Jan 16, 2021

Service Letter

I need a service letter & Experience letter as demanding by new company. I did job in Bharti Airtel as a Executive Engineer between Oct 2010 to Aug 2013. I am logging in Airtel site but this is showing this user does not exist.
Pls provide soon as soon possible

My Employ Code - B66403
Phone - 7696499299
Jun 16, 2020

Money deducted recharge not done

Recharged with 598 rupees on 8171037581 on 16 June 2020. Money has been deducted but recharge has not been done. Kindly refund my money.
Samuel ajay
May 4, 2020

Wrong recharge done

I have recharged on a wrong number by mistake details :
Wrong number : 8923794257
Amount : 48 rs.
Transaction ID: ############
Correct number : 7465891059
Kindly recharge the correct number
Ekta Yadav
Aug 3, 2019

Broadband not working

Yesterday on 2nd aug 2019 i complained that my airtel broadband is not working and they alotted an engineer for the work ...engineer came late evening and after examining said theyll resolve it today and today nobody came and only gave false promises on phone ...also the engineer asked for the happy code yesterday saying they would resolve the complaint today and not to make another complaint and today when i called customer care it says that my complaint is closed but bow can they close it when nothing has been done after the complaint was made .

They keep calling for upgradation of plans but respond like this for complaints

Super disappointed with airtel ...They are cheating the customers .

Broadband no +911214333089
Apr 23, 2019

Money deducted but recharge not done

I recharged my phone number registered in up west, under airtel through PhonePe, online. Money is deducted but the recharge is not done. What is arong with airtel. Details for transaction

transaction Id: N1904222214023568836395
Phone no- 8171814464 (airtel)
Amount- 399
Sep 3, 2018

Network issue

I am using airtel since 2006 but due to network i have chosing MNP to vodafone same issue in vodafone so i am agian join airtel on 1 sep 2018 .
Now i am again faving network issue to using internet only show 3g network on main road khanker khera meerut if I am show 4g network only 2 tower.
I am not able to use perfectly 4g service in airtel to excess the internet and mails also
So please give the satisfactory solution to continue my no in airtel otherwise I am waiting only for complete 90days

In past i am also give complain to network team but not give the solution till date .
May 22, 2018

Network issues-Airtel

I would like to complain about network quality provided by Airtel. Airtel promise and they advertise that they are providing 4G services even in the remote places and the reality is completly opposite of that.
I am currently in Meerut and the location is Godwin Gold Coast, Rohta Road. In this particular area there is no 4G coverage and open network states that the voice and internet coverage is excellent.
However the truth is that I am not even getting 3G. Most of the time I just have H signal on my phone and internet speed is so slow that it takes minutes to load a webpage, forget about streaming.
I have 3 different phones and have 3 Airtel numbers and I am facing issues in all of them. For that I raised complaint with customer care on 21st May 2018 and so far i have received 4 calls and everytime I have been asked the same questions and the response which I get is that they are escalating to network team to get this checked. And next time I get a call, it's the same story once again. Customer care continuously insisted on troubleshooting and I clearly mentioned that the issue is not with one specific device or number. Everywhere else I am able to browse internet and only at this specific place I am facing this issue. I also got this checked with my friends and everyone who is using Airtel as a service provider is facing this issue.
I would like to understand what kind of customer care executives are hired who do not even have basic understanding of the issue. What they know is to follow troubleshooting guide even when it is irrelevant. And instead of providing a solution they mention that customer is denying troubleshooting. Do they think that all users are fool and they don't even have common sense. Instead of providing solution they are just wasting customers time and I would like to seriously raise this concern. Stop wasting customers precious time and provide them good services .

Rahul Katiyar
+91 9560998366
Feb 15, 2018


1. I am student of Mechatronics, I need high speed Internet connection, as we hear in the Airtel Advertisement that fastest It provide the internet connection anywhere, so I was taken a 4G mobile connection from Air Tel in the month of January 2017 for the purpose of using data on my mobile for study, when I was taken the connection I was face many network issues from the company from the month of Feb -17 and lodge the complains regarding the issues faced by me, however clear the all dues within the time my payment history for the past is as under :-
Sl No Bill Month Due Amt Paid Amt
(a) Jan -17 Rs 250.00 Rs 250.00 for activation charges
(b) Feb-17 Rs 1,325.83 Rs 1,330.00
(c) Mar-17 Rs 1,381.16 Rs 1,400.00
(d) Apr-17 Rs 2,158.55 Rs 2,159.00 Date was not use by the me
(e) May-17 Rs 1,378.41 Rs 1,400.00 as data not access from the airtel side
(f) Jun-17 Rs 1,357.27 Rs 1,360.00
(g) Jul-17 Rs 1,430.97 Rs 1,431.00
(h) Aug-17 Rs 1,414.79 Rs 1,415.00
(j) Sep-17 Rs 928.57 Rs 929.00
(k) Oct-17 Rs 765.39 Rs 770.00
(l) Nov-17 Rs 762.39 Rs Nil *
As I am not using the service, because of Airtel worst services I sent mail to airtel mention that I will not pay the bill for not using the services at the airtel end.
2. Sir Airtel give me 50 GB data (30 + 10 + 10) per month and balance data was carried over the next month but we are not using the data since last eight months and previous data in Sep is 127.70 GB after adding 50 GB of data of the month of Sep is now 177.7 GB but opening data in the month of Oct is 171.6 GB how?? now the current available data is 208 GB it is absolutely incorrect as I did not use the data from the Airtel end.

3. In the month of Apr or May I was inform the company for problem in using the data, the company executive ask to change my Sim and I replace the Sim with new one this happens again in the month of Jul also and I changed it again with paying the amount but the problem remains same as earlier. in the month of Aug I was again lodge a complaint for not using the data the executive ask to replace Sim again but I asked to him for the payment for the Sim he doesn't gave any answer and I informed the company by sending them email to not pay the amount since I not able to using the service, so how can I pay the bills. they don't resolve the complaint even my approx 14 complaints against the services. when I asked to no payment for no services they reply that your services will be stopped and If i will not pay the last bill i.e. supposed to be paid by me on Nov -17, the one technician will came to my house on 27 or 28th Dec 17 and check the availability of signal at my sight and he told me the problem regarding 2G and 3G services at my site. Executive told me that work is in progress and it will be resolved with in time but at present there is no action, when we clear all dues, no body look into the matter, when we stop the payment and sent a mail to concerned person and write by us that I will not clear the dues as we are not able to useing the services of requisite service, Airtel always asked to pay the bill which is not used by me , because of Airtel worst services, Airtel did not provide fundamental services to their customer. Sir you can check Portfolio of my connection also.

4. Sir Due to non availability of Data access on my mobile I regularly visit the Café for Internet and pay Rs 50/- per day as of now I spent about Rs 13,750/- (275 day @ Rs 50/-). Airtel always publically announce that they are the fastest Internet Provider in India and also mention it in their Advertisement, but I was become totally fool with their Ads and I spent more amount from other internet provider like Jio etc. They also cheat the customer from their fraud Advertisement. I am very sad and mentally disturb from their services I also lodge more then 14 complaints they always promise to me that I will send a Team to solve the complaint within 90 days, but the problem is not solved By them more than one year I refuse and to pay the amount for the bill which was not used by me. I always pay the dues with in time as per mention in para 1, when I refuse the pay the bill they penalized for me but when I pay the amount & I not able to use the data when who penalized them. It is also submitted that when the Airtel not solve the issues and on ground of my not payment of bill they disconnect my all service (DATA was already stopped since last 8 to 9 months and outgoing calls & SMS facility were stopped since two months and now they stopped incoming calls),too.

5. Sir, you are requested to look into the matter and penalize the company for this type of act and give direction to the company to reimburse the full amount with penalty to me or give the data and my precious time which was spent on reach to Internet Café. I Was approaching Air tel more than 8 to 9 months for the signal problem on my both site. Air tel inform me in the month of Nov Or Dec that we are Checked your both location on our Soft Way that was fine but they did not cheque the Problem on my both site when i was again lodge complaint then in the month of Dec one technician will come to my house on 27 or 28 Dec 17 and check the availability of signal at my sight and he told me the problem regarding 2G and 3G services at your site

6. And your worst ad like
Indian First 4g widest network no Network
4g super speed no Speed
many complain temporary disconnect services
if any network is faster then airtel so life time bills free.so all network is faster then yours in your technician also says 2g or 3g
services is mandatory but no speed and voice quality is provided.
so its your fault not my site i am always says your network is bad
Jan 24, 2018


Dear sir/mam
i am shivam from Mawana u p 250401. sir i request you in this area very poor network quality last 1year so it created a very tropical problem for communication. Your advertisement in INDIA very big & first 4 G network. but working like 2G or maybe 1G
You can't download a song after 5pm ... It's poor no it's CRUEL
AnKit VishwaKarma
Dec 11, 2017

Worst internet speed in my area

Worst internet speed in my area when signal is full. Airtel is worst service i have ever seen as u line is faster Internet totally fake you cant resolve your complaints. you are just making customers fool.you have cheap quality Internet which doesn't work in my city and u say u having fastest Internet ..... my foot......cheap level data which even dosent not work....wow wat a network i have chosen
Ayush som
Sep 8, 2017

Money debited from account but recharge not done

I have done my airtel recharge of Rs 449 on 21st August .My money was debited and recharge not done.Till now Money is not back to me.My Airtel no is 7457814085.My contact no is 8449784979
Jul 29, 2017

Recharge issue

I recharged on 20th july 2017 amount to 399 that said to benefit me with 1gb 3g or 4g data per day.but this was nowhere mentioned that it is only for 4g phones. Now i am not able to use internet. This is wrong to cheat customers.Now either benefit me with the mentioned plan or refund back the money.
subhash barupal
Mar 30, 2017

regarding recharge

My number is7895573753. I had done an online recharge for Rs.345 via airtel.in. The recharge has not been done yet although money has been debited fr...
Mar 25, 2017

Regarding airtel account number 1064624587

Dear Sir/mam

The Issue is We have put our numbers in safe custody in November due to Demonetization & number was reactivated on 24 Feb’17 & have not made messages on prorate basis.

We have done this because we Dont know about prorate....

& We also have a written Confirmation from Mr. Rohit Sharma, Who is Handeling our Account.... Here i am attaching it for Refrence......

Now they hve Barred all my connections which we are using from 2012....

& Pressuring me to Disconnect all connections without any Reasons.....

Feb 25, 2017


Praveen Kr tyagi
Feb 14, 2017

New postpaid sim not activate

I m applying new post paid connection request no 710048688. After verification my given number not activate till now
varun agarwal 1987
Feb 8, 2017

terrible network & no services


As I logged a complaint ref- PO020700074 yesterday, no response from Airtel, even i got a masseges from Airtel that , WE WIL GET BACK IN 2 HOURS. but still i didnt receive any call or assistant from Airtel.
In evening i got a massage your problem resolved.. How is it possible ? nobody came.. no response from your side & delivered masseges that your problem has been resolved..
all of you making us FOOL?? is customer is Fool for you?
every time i replied on 247 my Ans is- NO even then you have no attention at your customer.
Shame on you Airtel & team.
varun agarwal 1987
Feb 7, 2017

horrible network in our locality


I am using Airtel service , the network coverage is really pathetic (address is- 392 chanakya puri bundela sadar meerut cantt 250001), there is no network in indoor areas and outdoor also it is not that much good, I have also tried using my sim in other cell but the issue still persists, As soon as I enter in to my house i don't receive or I am not able to make calls. All my neighbors are also facing this problem. I am continously calling customer care for registering complaint, they are saying that the network in my area is optimised and booster is installed but still the issue is not resolved. Other service provider is working absolutely fine and their mobile internet is just fantastic, vodafone, idea are really best in our locality.
Airtel being the largest and oldest service provider is very poor nowadays. Mobile Internet of Airtel is also not so good, it is too slow cause network is poor, if network would be good then the services would be also nice.. Outside locality network is good, but internet and messaging facility is not satisfactory. Airtel network engineer came at my premises, and told that the issue should be resolved soon. And 1 time I got from Airtel side that how many Airtel numbers are using in my house. After that I didn't get any information. Everytime whenever I call to Airtel customer care regarding my complaint, just they only told me that the work in progress for resolving my problem neither a single time they told me when the issue is resolved. If this issue is not fixed, then there is only one option to continue this number, mobile number portability. Already received call from LOOP for porting which is providing very good offer for postpaid and prepaid both.

Airtel should think about it or else other service provider will cross its customer base..

Please take this issue seriously & solve it as soon as possible. Waiting for positive reply.

Thanks & Regards
Varun Agarwal
[email protected]

horrible network in our locality

Deven hbk
Oct 14, 2016

Fraud call

97522 35398 i got a call from this number ,he asked for bank details and when i refused to do so he started abusing ..please take necessary action..in true caller it is showing madhyapradesh
usha rani gupta
Sep 26, 2016

fraud of airtel tower

we have seen an add in news paper regarding airtel tower on land. after that we call 9821362651. After that they said your approval is accepted with the help of satellite.after that they (Amit Sharma) demanded 2500 rs for registration and tols us the account is of sunita sharma who is govt. lawyer of TEES HAZARI COURT. then we deposit 2500 r.s in account of sunita sharma (################) p.n.b bank subhash nagar branch DELHI. then he again called me (9211804109) and again demanded 16,500 for non objection certificate.after that next day again he called me and said your 15 lacs dd {standard chartered bank (banglore branch) dd no. "831943"} was ready and demanded 30,000 r.s for tds tax. then he said that your 15 lac dd would not be accepted by your account. then you have to again deposit 40,000 rs for tax. after that he again demanded 25,000 for the fees of insurance. then we refuses to deposit the money. after we said to cancel our file of submission. then he said you will get your money back after 15 days. and this process starts on 30.08.16.

fraud of airtel tower

Nadeem ji
May 21, 2016

TSM in Meerut

Hey I Am Nafees Ahmad Airtel Dth Dealer In meerut Vipin choudary Airtel TSM In meerut His not Work ProperlyTill March & April His Not Giving Panding Seem Amount (30215) Panding Amount Plz Clear this Amount

Fair Electronic

Feb 10, 2016


Respected Authority

I Apurv Jain mbl no.9557170171 currently having Rs.300 bill plan. To consume more 3G internet other than my bill plan I use smart byte offer by airtel.

I had taken smart-byte for Rs.500 in month of November.Which is automatically being added in next month i.e December.
I came to know about this on 6 January 2016 when I went to airtel stored Metro Plaza Branch,Meerut-250002.

On the same day i.e. 6 January 2016 I request to stop that service and from their system they just removed that top up/smart-byte plan. happily i came back home and after few days I opted for smart byte for Rs.300 and Rs.175 both.

But on February bill airtel had added full Rs.500 that I already been successfully deactivated on 6th January2016.

For the month of December I paid the amount because I was unaware but this time I had to paid double amount for the smart-byte that I opted for i.e. Rs.475(300+175) and next Rs.500 Which I had deactivated previously very next day when bill is made.

My billing period is from 4th day of first month to 5th day of next month.

Its a request please do the needful.You can check all the details.

Thanking you

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