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West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Jul 27, 2011

Outgoing calls not allowed while in International Roaming

This is to inform the concerned people that while I was in Russia,I wasnt allowed to call from my Airtel prepaid connection.

Before I went to Russia I activated International roaming Service of Airtel.I was told that I would be able to call from my Prepaid Connection.But when I landed in Russia I found out that I wasnt able to call.No outgoing calls were allowed.Only incoming call came in.Besides I was charged with Rs 150 per minute of Incoming call which is more than the Airtel people told me before I went to Russia.

When I came back and contacted them,they were not able to give any satisfactory answer and even dropped my calls before answering me.

Once one is out of the country,one needs to contact his/her realtives to let them know how one is and may need urgent assitance or help.I wasnt able to do that due to this unwarranted and mean act of Airtel.

I would like to get proper solution and punishment for this mean,improper and uncalled behaviour and service of Airtel which led harrasment and tension to me as well as my family.

Thanksing you,

Anindya Haldar


mail id:[email protected]
Jul 10, 2011

wifi activation not done

Dear All,

I am Dhriti Modak ph: 9831385002 using a broad band connection with AC no 16353499.

I have requested for a upgrade of modem to wifi under the request no- 48554398 taken by Adal and as committed by him the concern person will pay a visit at my billing address latest by the 8.7.11 @11.30am.

Unfortunately the above mentioned did not happen. I made several call to the help line (198) requesting for an urgent response as I had to leave for work by 12.30pm.
My first call was received by Miss Kavita and I was assured a speedy resolution max 1hr time..After 1.5hr when there was no sign of an airtel representative I was forced to call the help line again.
This time Mr. Amit Sau had received the call and was in extreme hurry to end the call. I repetitively told him that I need urgent solution as I had to leave for work but that did not make much of a difference. I had requested Mr Amit to transfer the line to any senior to which he came back saying they are all busy and on request of a call back he rather rudely said “there are no senior calls back taken” I was surprised that a customer can be denied a right to escalation!!!! instead he wanted me to stay back the entire day to wait for a wifi connection. As a matter of fact I did adjust my day off and waited patiently in the hope that Airtel values its customers. What a shame no one bothered to call.

Yesterday 9.7.11 @ 3.00pm someone called from the no: ############ and said have paid a visit at my place and since I was not present he wanted to get an appointment fixed. On questioning him the reason for the delay he was further rude and said he was overloaded with requests and does not wish to explain himself..

The rudeness,the irresponsibility, the lack of commitment and the disrespect on display is shocking.
I am highly disappointed, not sure if that matters at all. Standing today I so wish I had not got my old broad band connection disconnected over a friends recommendation to switch to Airtel for better services and I repeat ' better services '. The term seams like a joke to me.

I fail to understand that having a corporate connection and willing to extend relationship with Airtel is not being accepted at your end.

Request you to let me know if that is the case and I will very well use mobile number potability and other facilities available in the market.
I would like to be associated with a brand with values its customers.


Dhriti Modak
Jul 8, 2011

Subscription of astrology

My mobile number is 9933958806. i am not subscribe astrology alert but airtel charged Rs. 7/- for this subscription. i have not need this subscription please unsubscribe the alert & refund my money.
Jul 1, 2011

Unauthorized Deduction without Calling


It is to inform you that I recharged day days before an amounting to Rs. 50/-. This phone is used by my aged mother to receive call only and sometime mother give me miss call as because I am working in ONGC and have to visit/tour different places.

But regret to inform you that all of sudden without single call, the balance comes down to Rs. 9.40 as on today. I would request you to kindly send the call list so that I could find where mistake is done.
Your kind help in this regard is highly solicited.

With regards.

Tapan Kumar Dey
+91 9831074522
Jun 21, 2011

Unable to connect to Customer Care

Hi ,

I ported my number from Vodafone to Airtel towards end of May. But to my surprise, i noticed that the services of Airtel has gone down considerably. Everytime i try to connect to customer Care for help, the call automatically directs me to some IVR and the call gets disconnected. Even on dialling 198, i face the same issue. My mobile number is 9038379739.
Jun 20, 2011

call list

hi my name is rahul kumar ghosh, my cell no is 9831748592 i want the call list of outgoing n incoming call for may -10, 2011 to june - 10, 2011 in my mail [email protected],
if any id proof is required then i can send the scan copy of my voter card
Jun 13, 2011



I had applied for MNP from Airtel to Vodafone for my number 9163200470 with Porting code: AK684537 on 02/06/11. It has been almost 12 days and I do not have clue when my number porting will be complete. Airtel Customer Care is also not able to help me regarding that. In the mean time AIrtel is subscribing my number to their bogus value added services automatically without my consent and reducing my valuable talktime by hefty amount. When I call customer care to reverse my charges as it was subscribed without my consent. They refuses even after I warn them that I will lodge complaints against their cheating and unlawful practice. I am very much frustrated with Airtel and want to switch as early as possible. Please advise.
Jun 7, 2011

Not received my money even after cancellation


I purchased a DTH from City Centre Kolkata from Airtel showroom. Later on I decided to cancel the same.
The person from whom I purchased the DTH is not available on phone, so I connected to Airtel customer service at 033-44448080. This service is extremely poor and I really struggled to talk to a representative.
They deliberately discoonnect the phone after saying hello and I lost almost Rs 100 in calling Airtel customer care.

After a lot of effort, I could able to talk to a representative, who promised me that the money Rs 1690 /- will be sent to me in my address as a DD in next 24 hours, but it never happened so far.

My airtel customer number is - 3008102601 and I can be reachable at 9748863745

Jun 2, 2011

Fake promisses by Airtel Broadband Sales

I have applied for a Broadband connection for myself on 29th May,2011. As they needed address proof, I submitted the same to Mr. Shubhashish Rakshit (+91829687776) and Rs. 500 on 30th May, 2011 morning. He mentioned that the connection and installation will be done by 30th May, 2011 evening. Since then I have been told several stories but the connection or the installation. I have been talking to another guy Mr Amit Shikdar 9831099049 (introduced by Mr. Shubhashish Rakshit ) over phone but none of them managed to fulfill their comitment. If this is the kind of service and commitment is being delivered to customers from a company like Airtel, then I'm affraid how long Bharati is going to be a top Telecom company in Inida.

Guys this is a request not to trust any of Mr. Shubhashish Rakshit or Mr. Amit Shikdar. Please don't give them money before they come to your premises for installation.

An Angry Customer
May 25, 2011


The Manager
Kolkata Region

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I am a customer of your Organization. I purchase a Prepaid SIM Card (SIM Card No.89913 10000 20486 22065 HLR2 & Connection No.9163529459) from M/s.Subrata Communication at Naihati, North 24 Parganas, Pin-743165 on March,2011 and I am submitting proper document & Photo graph at the time of purchase of SIM Card but at present I know that my name & address is wrong name and address entry in your data file.

In this connection, please also note that at preset my mobile connection is STOP due to address proof.

So, kindly look in to the matter and rectify the case immediately.

My Present & Permanent address in given below :

Manabika Biswas
8/1, Kaibartya Para Road
Dist-24 Pargans (N)
West Bengal
Mobile No. 97488 15217
e-mail : [email protected]
May 21, 2011

Getting promotional sms after registering for DND

My Airtel mobile number was registered with NDNC (Reg. no. W1026977595) on 4th January 2011. The sms following the registration said promotional calls or sms would stop within 45 days from then, but to my utter surprise, till today, 21st May, '11, I'm receiving these types of sms and calls. Also, when I went to lodge my complaint in their site (http://www.airtel.in/wps/wcm/connect/airtel.in/airtel.in/home/do+not+disturb+registry/), I find quite difficult to submit that. Everytime, after giving all the information, i.e. phone number, date, content of sms etc., some bogus message coming, saying "give today's date or past date" etc. and don't let me submit the form online. As a matter of fact, I was then complaining about the present day's sms or phone.

This is the case. Please help me what I can do next.
May 9, 2011

call list

Hello Sir/Madam,

I am Lipika Basak using your Airtel prepaid connection number 09831524702. Can you please send me the details at [email protected]
Apr 19, 2011

frenzo deactivation

please deactivate of my frenzo service.my mobile no.9933958806.
Mar 24, 2011

Forced subscription

Few things I want to bring your notice which is disturbing me a lot
1. Few days before massage came saying “you have been renewed for LOVE5 subscription service from Airtel . You have been charged Rs. 5” when I have not asked for it. Not only one time, it happened four times and they cut my money.
2. Recently a massage came saying “Dear Customer, Apki FREE ELUV service active kar di gayi hai.” And they activated it forcefully.
3. Every day many unwanted massages used to come which makes my inbox full, I have to spend time to delete them.
From come out all this problem I registered myself in “DO NOT DISTURB”. My registration no is 1038363641 but still massages are coming.
If this happen continuously I will be forced to switch over from AIRTEL to other company
Mar 17, 2011


I would like to inform you that I am a customer of your company from very long time, my mobile no. is 9831099190. Today I have received a message from 543216 number. The message is "Your Airtel Friendz Chat service has been renewed. You have been charged Rs.30 for 30 days." and Rs. 30 deducted from my account. I am shoked because I will never activate this facilities, and I will never request to your customer care executive for this facilities. So how this facilities renewed to my account.

Therefor, I request you to kindly look at the mater and try to solve my problem as early as possible.

Thanks & Regards
Tarak Roy
Mobile No. 9831099190
Mar 13, 2011

call details

Plz Send My Call Details Month Of Feb-2011 In Urgent As Soon As Possible
Mar 11, 2011

Trace +918967378006 user detail

Dear Sir /Madam,

My wife have received a call from +918967378006 on dated 11/03/2011 at about 10:30 PM, related to sexual abusing & harrasment.

I request you to trace this user detail and help us, as the person did the same thing before. Now we are filling unsecured.

Please do the needful.

Thanking you in anticipation and with kind regards.

Indrajit Banerjee
Mob: +919830725321
Mar 6, 2011


to day on 6th march AIRTEL deduct my balance at 9.41 am when i was called up them and ask them to why they deduct my balance they have not answer. But when im msg on (LAST to 121) they reply me the money is deduct for value added service . but when im calling them again they told me that there is no value added service activate in my number.so plz help me if any one can and i have full recored the costumer care voice what they told me.
Mar 1, 2011

Contract done without permission

I Tushar Kanti De, one of the customer of Airtel since 2004. Due to
some personal reasons I want to shift on Aircel through Mobile Number
Portability (MNP). Due to this I import a Unique Porting ID (AK132297)
on 26/02/2011 from Airtel. On 27/2/11 I received a call from Airtel
Customer Care and he force me to not to change my service provider
(Airtel) but I clearly said him that I do not want any facility
regarding call rate or others but he activate a pack on my mobile no.
(9831010044). Due to this reason my MNP is rejected by Aritel. I want
cancell this contract with Airtel.
Please give me solution that how can I change my current service
provider (Airtel).
Thanking You.
Tushar Kanti De
Feb 21, 2011


They deducting money without my knowledge & without any confirmation from my number-+919831126858..
When i called CC,they told me that i had subscribed service pack which i dont in real.
Just 15 days ago they activated caller tune service without my confirmation & deducted 15/- from my main a/c,when i complaint about that,they returned back 15/-,but this time they are misbehaving.
when i asked them that tell me the proccess of MNP,they completely denied to help me.

Feb 18, 2011


I recharged of Rs 80 to avail free sms to local and national number. But, even after recharging I was charged Rs 1.50 for national and Rs 1.00 for the local message. Called up the customer services (121) and thrice my call was disconnected. Finally got to speak someone and she kept on on never ending hold. Finally left hope and stopped calling. I am still being charged. It is not the matter of getting charged. But, the surprising things is that the customer service of the Airtel is awful. I am now thinking to changing my service provider as I am not at all happy with Airtel.
Jan 31, 2011

airtel sucking my balnce & no refund my deducted balence

On 15/01/2011suddenly1sms came from unknown numbers(543216),It
showed i was activated airtel friend z chat pack and deducted my balance 30
rupees,but i don't understand that time so I called your customer care number
on 20/01/201,Which anyways is a torture for any customer because this number is
hardly reachable,I called several times your 121.which is very frustrating for
any customer,then customer care told me that it was activated by using airtel
wap services but i am telling them that no such service was activated by me or
somebody else on that numbers.Because which neither I am using ever nor being
interested to use,also my mobile don't supported GPRS or WAP based
application.So i requested to your customer care to refund my deducted balance
and stop the airtel friend chat pack.but he told me the company don't refund
balance!But stopping the unwanted services!.According to TRAI act regulation"
no service provider can charge a customer without their consent and
authorization"(My Airtel Customer Reference Number CBDOV20120128247 &
CBDFC20120136450)So I request you sir please do look into this matter and
resolve the matter at the earliest possible.
Jan 20, 2011

Deduction of value without any reason

My airtel no. is 9007034359. The airtel service people suddenly started
deduction from my Airtel account without any reason. I have never down-
loaded and 'Friend Pack' nor any music. Everything is self-generated.

At present my balance shows as (-) minus Rs. 27.56. Why this minus
figure ? Now I afraid of re-charging with fresh coupon because it will go
to waste.
I shall wait for 7 days nowto see what they do. . After that, I will switch over to Tata Dokomo

Thanking you,

Tanmoy Chakrabarty
Jan 2, 2011

Wrong deduction of balance by the airtel mobile service provider

Dear Sir
I am a subscriber of a Air tel and my mobile number is 9831759772 and I had received a massage from 543211 and6780 on 02.12.2010 stating that the collar tune has been set in my mobile and for this reason Rs 10/- has been deducted but I never opted for any caller tune. After I received the same I tried to call the customer care center of airtel for lodging my complain but unfortunately instead of my several try I could not connect the customer care and the automatic voice caller after informing that the customer care executive is being connected and disconnected the phone about 4 times.

I am not at all interested to have any caller tune in my said number and neither I had opted for it, please arrange to refund my money which has been wrongly deducted from my main balance.
please see the matter as it is a seriour complain and wrong way to earn money by the service provider.

With advance thanks for refunding my wrongly deducted money from my main balance

Manas ghosh
Mob. No 9831759772
Dec 27, 2010

unnecessery chrages are forcefully applied

some unauthorized charges are forcefully applied..i have checked my balance privious day after that i made no phone calls but my balance deducted almost 15 rupees.this was happened to me many times.i made several calls to customer care but those bunch of idiots are worthless as usual.they took the phone and cut it...or network was busy like all the time.this time if i will not get any suitable solution i have to switch for other service.
plzz take sme action....if anybody can do anything... in this regerd

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