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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

May 15, 2012


Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I have lost my mobile on yesterday evening in Kotla Mubarkpur area. So Please block
my airtel mobile no-9971702993, and sim no-8991101101256351665 at earliest to avoid any misuse of the mentioned


Sudarshan Rout
May 14, 2012

wrong deduction and not providing services

The Person In Concern.
subject: wrong deduction of Rs 399 and not providing services.

I Ms.Saba Khan would like to bring to your notice that i am an airtel customer and have a blackberry plan activated for Rs.399 monthly on my phone,
however since 1 May i have been unable to acess to my blackberry plan due to inconviniess in Airtel service
Following are the details of complaint and the service :
complain: deducted balance of Rs.399 from my account Rs. 12 left on 1 may
Reply from Airtel service:thank you for your request ur BIS plan will b activated with in 4 hours.you will reciev a msg on activation.(1 may 7:37 pm)

however the plan wascnot activated and i received a msg mentioning deactivation at 7:57 am on
2 nd may i called airtel customer
.Reply from Airtel Service:thank you for contacting airtel your request refrence no. registerd on 2 may-2012 7:38 is RBBAD40502457811
however the plan wasnt activated and i have received a msg later that the plan could not be activated.

Recurringly the same issue happend on 3 may and 4 may where recharge was deducted from my account on

5 MAY i personally went to airtel outelt in community centre in new friends colony at 6:30 pm
and the refrence no. is CBBAD20505373672 (5 may 2012 at time 18:14)

On 7May again a complain has given at nodal office on this no.9958444865 to Mr. kunal gupta.
he said ur plan will b activted with in 4 hours.

after tht i recieved msg request refrence no. CRCHS20507277172(at 15:37 time).

I am dissapointed with the airtel service and also due to behavior of the executives at custmer service as they are blaming the complain to the blackberry custmer service .i have even rectified it from the blackberry service and they say that balance deduction is done from airtel service. i saved all messeges as aproof balance deduction message and refrence number messages all
. Kindly look into the matter .and revert back asap as i am unable to acess my blackberry services.

saba khan
May 11, 2012

Package changed without my request

Hi Team,

I had the below al-la-carte pack activated on my Airtel Digital TV.
Customer ID: 3009624936

1. ASIANET : 8
3. AXN : 20
5. SURYA TV : 15
6. Movies Now HD : 20
10. STAR PLUS HD : 20
11. COLORS HD : 15
Total Price: 156
Pay Price: 156

However due to some reason my package changed without my consent to Value Sports Standard.
Kindly change it back to my previously suggested Al-la-carte pack as listed above on priority as i am losing money for the set of channels i dont require.

Please respond with solution.

May 4, 2012

Call drop at residence.

Name: Nusrat Zaheer Ahmed
Age: 61 years+.
Residence: T 37 HUDCO Place Andrews Ganj New Delhi-110049

1. After very bad experience i opted for Airtel mobile service (Post Paid) connection 1n last quarter of year 2010 for my mobile number : 9716145593.
2. Noticed call drop and weak signals problem at my residential house in very first weak and complained accordingly but issue was not cleared.
3. Complained again and again in last 2 years, each time they promised to send a team of engineers at my residence, but no one came till date.
4. Each time I asked for giving me status of my complaint they told me it had been resolved, and again registered my complaint.
5. Last complaint registration number they gave me on phone is: 43355038 and claimed it has been resolved as per their record.
6.In the mean time my billing amount is rising every month.
7. I think this is their tactics of robbing the consumer by charging handsome amount for bad service.
8. Some people told me that raising mobile tower height is very costly in your South Extension area hence they (Airtel people) are dodging in your case.
9. My demand is: Either resolve the connectivity issue or refund me the amount charged for the dropped calls at my residence during these two years.
10. I request TRAI to intervene and help me in getting my issue resolved.
May 2, 2012

automatic starting unwanted services and did not refund the charges

received a automatic call from AIRTEL regarding hello tunes advertisement. and i disconnect the call after few seconds.

I received 2 messages from airtel
thanks for subscribing hellotunes. you have been chared rs30 for 30 days
thanks for downloading gulabi aankhe as hello tunes, you have been charged Rs 15 for 90 days.

However, i didn't perform any of the action/ or give confirmation to the airtel to activate any of them.

then i called airtel customer care to question on this, i found they have activated 2 service. i asked them to stop all the services on my phone number. they asked me to check if i have been charged for this, then they would refund the charges.

Now, i am calling the customer care and they dont even pick up the phone.

I would like to take strict action on this unwanted disturbance. they should stop charging people as of their wish.
May 1, 2012

Unfair Deactivation of Airtel Sim


I am an Airtel user for past 6years for the number- 9871750045, but since last year i am out of India but i made sure to maintain my sim so that it remains active, all of a sudden few days back my sim was deactivated without any prior notice or atleast a mail, when i contacted customer care i got 3 different reasons,
1. first time executive said that my validity has expired and if i would recharge it, it would be fine.
2. Second time i was told that its deactivated due to Negative Verification.
3. at last i was told that its deactivated as maybe i did not use it sufficiently or did not get it recharged as required.

After all this variety of reasons i asked them for a way to get it reactivated and i was promptly told that it has already been realloted to a new customer although if i try and call my own number it goes "not reachable" and it was baffling that within a week of deactivation they are saying it is realloted to a new customer.

Furthermore when i stressed on more details, there was no one to answer and each time i am getting a same copy pasted reply from the nodal officer of Airtel- ncr(Ms.Swati). My friend also went to airtel relationship centre for a probable solution as the number is very important to me as its distributed in my all official and personal contacts, but it was really dissapointing that even the manager at the store did not had any answer to our queries.

This behaviour is highly unacceptable from Airtel and i am looking for a way to get reasonable answers to my queries. Also i would like to know is this under a law that a deactivated sim can be realloted within 7days??
Apr 16, 2012

Wrong Deactivation of Mobile Number


I would like to mention that my 5 Years old Airtel Number- 9871750045 has been wrongly deactivated on the grounds of Negative Verification.
I have been an airtel customer for past 5 years, and also the address verification for the same number was done last year as well, right now i am not in India and because of that i have not been receiving calls on my airtel number because of International Roaming, and now i get a response that the number is deactivated and i need to buy a new sim?
its strange that no one tried to contact on my alternative number mentioned in the form for verification, also i have all the proofs available to me as soft copy incase required i can share the same.
Please let me know a way by which i can reactivate my same number as it is quite old and well distributed for my official works. Also I am out of India untill August but i can share my address proofs if required.

Highly disappointed by the treament given by such a big brand!

Vishal Gaur
Email: [email protected]
Apr 14, 2012

cut my balance account

sir 13/04/2012 in morning my airtel balance account balance is 98 rs. but afternoon i check my balance my balance is only 39 rs. i call airtel executive they have tell me you have internet but i have not use any internet.

so please help me, and please rembresh my balance

thank you

sanjay kumar
[email protected]
Apr 8, 2012

regarding wrong balance deduction ...WHILE USING GPRS(INTERNET))

i am BALMIT SINGH having airtel mob no. 9717624364
1>i was activated 3 day internet pack on 5/4/2012 at 6 pm. which is valid up to 7/4/2012.
2>i used internet on 7th but my RS40 WAS DEDUCTED at 10:30 to 11:30 pm on 07/04/2012. at that time of deduction i have 4MB IN MY ACCOUNT
3>regarding it i want to say u that i used very basic sites like gmail.facebook.job sites etc that are non pay sites... i hope u understand

so plz. check its full detail & RETURN MY MONEY BACK
Mar 16, 2012

incorrect charge

Sir my mobile number is 9810458618 and my name is Randhir mishra...on the date 11-03-2012,airtel company diduct 52 rs(apprx.) from my balance...when i asked them about the reason..they were unable to give me proper reason...they were only pretending and extend the complaint resolution date....i have faced same problem lot's of time...they also stop my customer calling service...please help me to return my balance money..thanking you..
Mar 15, 2012

Deducted charges for services that I never activated or used


I want to lodge a complaint on consumer forum regarding charges deducted from my Airtel prepaid account. My mobile number is 9958563884. I was charged 5 Rs everyday for a service "BIG FAT FREE STORE_5", which was never subscribed by me. I was never informed about this deduction or the activation of this service. I was not even aware that what this service was all about.

Later on, when I noticed that my balance was quite low, I sent an SMS stating "LAST" to airtel customer care number 121. And, I came to know about the last 5 deductions of 5 Rs per day. I called up 121 and spoke with a Customer care representative, and to my utter dissatisfaction, he was only ready to refund a sum of 10 Rs which I didn't accept. I even spoke with their team leader, however she kept on imposing it on me saying that it was me who activated this service using their WAP. It is a service for loosing weight and I am already a healthy person. I felt very disgusted and cheated.

I am an educated person and I am using Internet since a long time now. So, I am aware what I am doing on my phone or PC. I explained this to her but all she could offer me was 10 Rs. only. The sum of 5 Rs daily was being deducted from a long time and now these cheats are offering me 10 rupees refund. I am really sad that a company like Airtel can do this and in such a competitive world where goodwill is a bog word.

Sir, I demand a full refund of all the and an assurance cum apology that no such activation of any service will ever happen without my consent.

Hoping for a strict action and a positive response.

Thanks and Regards,

Manish Sharma
Cell no: 9958563884
Feb 27, 2012

Airtel recharge not received

I had recharged my pre-paid mobile at www.airtel.in on 31-01-2012 for Rs.444 via my credit card.

I did not get the recharge credit on my mobile.

I complained immediately at 121 and also email.

Even after almost one month now, Till date i have not received the credit of the recharge.

Can anyone please advice whom and where to contact at airtel for the issue.
Feb 9, 2012

Activate plan without my consent

My name is Farhanul Haque and my mobile# is 9871593109. Airtel activate the cricket score plan in y mobile without my consent and they are deducting 5 rupees per day as I confirmed with their executive, I called them yestereday and they said that they have stopped the service and charges will be refunded. But I didn't receive refund into my account and moreover I got score message today also. I called Airtel again and executive said that money won't be refunded as this was getting deducted on daily basis. But, how can they activate the plan on my mobile without my consent and not refunding the deducted money as the service was not for my use and I never asked for it.

Please ask them to look into this matter and refund my money asap.
Feb 3, 2012

Subscription renewed for Hindi Joke on daily basis


I am kishore, My mobile always get subscribed by Hindi Joke service by Airtel. It is third time in row. I complaint for the same at customer care they refund my money. however It is going continue process for me.

Please suggest for the same.
My mobile number is - 9717274909


Feb 2, 2012

9650337770 disconnect request not authenticated

Dear Consumer Forum,

I had made a request to Airtel to disconnect my Delhi's mobile number 9650337770, in may 2011.
Post this request I was asked by an airtel customer care executive to pay off 2100 Rs only, and rest is waved off (since the utilized amt was 2100 rs only)
The same payment was made in favor of Airtel in may 2011 itself, along with the request to discontinue my phone.

However, till date my request has not been realized, and infact, my Bill has been accumulated, and I have been harassed let right center, with phone calls from AIRTEL Call Center/ Collection Dept.

They have gone to the extent of making calls to the frequent numbers from my calling list.

Everytime I got a call from Airtel collection department, I had to explain my case to a new executive. They also told me, that the executive who waved off my Bill has left, hence they have no record of the same. However, I was assured that my request will be processed, and no more calls will be made.

Despite this, i kept receiving calls, and to top it up, they have sent a LEGAL NOTICE at my residential address- Lajpat Nagar.

I seek justice and wish to file this complaint, against the unethical behavior of Airtel Call Centre/ Customer Care Dept as they have not only mentally harassed me, they have also gone one step ahead, and made calls to my aquaintances by breaching the privacy and looking into my call details..The call was made to Sarthak Shah- 9958371479.

Please help.

Some of my complaints reference no.s are as below
1. 38091782
2. 37531285
3. 40219477 (21st oct)

My contact no. is 7738088161
Megha Kalra
(currently staying in Mumbai)
Jan 26, 2012

Unwanted subscription of service

This is to inform you that I am a user of Airtel with phone number 9818077730. Property alert service was automatically subscribed on my number without any prior information to me at the rate of Rs 30 per month. Everyday these people are deducting balance from my number without any reason.
I am fed up of airtel's pathetic consumer service.
If this service is not stopped on my number I would definitely take appropriate actions against Airtel.
Please be quick in your response.
Thank you
Jan 26, 2012

Deduction of balance without activating any services


My 30 rupees balance has been deducted from my no.8800324553*(airtel),and when i am calling to customer care then they are saying that you have activated" MITTI KE RANG SEWA" on 18th jan ,when i request them that i haven't activated because my phone is off since last 1 week.
Then they are saying sorry sir we can't return your balance because this is not possible.

Can i know how balance is deducted unnecessary without activating any service by user. Also my no. is already register to DND service, so how can this is possible.

Please take an immediate and strict decision over this


[email protected]
Jan 19, 2012

Bad Customer Service

I am using AirTel from a long time. And Not even once I noticed such bad service. On 16th January, 2012 around 6:15pm all my services were barred. Neither Outgoing nor Incoming Calls worked. I called up 198 from a different number and the asked me to wait for 4hrs as it was a network failure, and it occurred only on a few numbers. I assumed it to be true. Nothing helped. Next day, I called up 198 regarding the same continuing problem. I was informed that my documents to the number did not reach Airtel Head Office and so my no. was deactivated. Same day around 6pm I visited Airtel Support centre, Darya Ganj, Delhi. I submitted the documents again... Filled another form that had to go along with the documents. All the work was done and my SIM was checked. I was assured of its working conditions in next 24 hours. Its the 4th day today. Same problem... No Help. I called up 198 again and I was kept on Hold meanwhile they were transferring my call to their Head Supervisor. And the call is Cut down abruptly. I again call 198 tell the whole story to them one after the other so many times and again a never ending HOLD. then suddenly I get a call from some guy from Airtel on my other no. asking me for a local contact no. I give him my friend's no. and tell him the inconvenience that i was facing. He simply says... "I didn't know about that" and shuts the phone on my face. This is BAD. I am highly disappointed. This has turned out to be an INSULT to me... A four day story that finally leads to my Insult.
Jan 17, 2012

re : shifting of landline no. 43046996

Dear Mr Sunil Mittal ,

This is to bring to your notice the inordinate delay in shifting of the above
mentioned landline phone from A 583 , double story Kalkaji to B 121 basement

We had first lodged the request for same by phone on 2nd January and by email
on 3rd January for which we received a reply that said that the issue would be
addressed by 5th January¿our reference No was 9763412.

The complaint No. for telephonic request was 9813364 and we were told that it
would be done in a week¿s time, i.e by 11th january¿2012.

On Friday, i.e on 13th January I spoke to one of your senior executive¿s and
raised the issue that nothing has been done so far and I was promised that the
phone would be shifted in next 36 hrs , i.e latest by Monday evening, i.e by
16th January . But in the last 14 days (since 2nd January) not a single
engineer/or any other person from airtel has made any site visit.

Today morning we had again called up and we were given a new reference no.
10382998 and were given an assurance that the phone would be shifted by today
evening by 8.30 pm.

Every time we call up the customer care we are given an assurance that our
request has been put on urgent ..the phrase used is¿ your request is
escalated¿. I fail to understand what kind of customer care and customer
service is this.

In fact we got so dejected with all this that one of my staff members even
the person at customer care that if this continues we would get our landline
disconnected and wd like to go to some other service provider. And the person
at customer care said that the request for disconnection would take one week
.Can you imagine that a customer care executive is not at all bothered that one
of the customer is so dissatisfied with the service that they want to switch to
other provider. Instead of satisfying the customer, the person concerned is
telling that the request to disconnect would take one week.

Please get the matter resolved at the earliest.

This phone is in our NGO¿s name, i.e child Survival India and I, Deepa Bajaj,
is the President of the NGO.We want the phone shifted from A 583 ,double story
,kalkaji to B 121( basement), Kalkaji.

It is real pity that a small service like shifting a landline from one block
Kalkaji to another has not been completed in a fortnight's time.

I have recd instant respoonse to my mail from ur customer care department saying that it wd be taken care of but no one turned up even today.

Phone call made to aitel customer care today, i.e on 17th Jan got the response that since we have lodged the complaint today, it will take one week to take care of it.

I am really pissed off with airtel's disservice.

I hope this mail would be taken seriously and we would be provided instant


Deepa Bajaj
Child Survival India

M : 9810647807
Jan 14, 2012

Dedicated Account

I recharged my SIM with Rs. 500 on 31st December 2011 and Rs 500 on 6th January 2012. However this money was never credited to my account. Upon further enquiry, it was found that the money had instead been credited to a 'dedicated account', the validity of which shall end on 4th February 2012. It is duly informed that I have never opted for the creation of any such account. Needless to say, such a discrepancy has caused me great trouble and inconvenience. My mobile telephone number is 09810525958. I thus request you to either refund the money or accredit the talktime to my regular account. Kindly attend to my problem at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
V.S. Shrivastava
Jan 12, 2012

regarding wrong balance deduction ...

i am balmit singh using airtel no 9717624364.
1. on 12/01/2012 at 2:30 am two pack was activated(airtel radio) an a amount of rs 20 + 5 = 25 was dected from main balance...... it is automaticaly activated
2. i make a call to costomer care they returned my money.
I WANT MY MONEY BACK as soon as posible.
activation of any pack automaticaly is very same full........ it FORCE TO SWITCH TO OTHER SURVICE PROVIDER.
Jan 11, 2012

sim dectivated despite proof with balance of Rs450

I have an airtel landline/dsl since 2005 but I have been having constant disturbance on my line. As these were not rectified, I bought an airtel sim card and gave as my verification details - a copy of my passport, my driving licence and airtel landline number. I also put an additional recharge of Rs 500. (mobile no 9910372318) packed Nov 2011 - activated on 20.12.2011. Further, I got a verification call in which I verified all the details. A few days later, I found my number blocked and I was asked per mobile to verify my account, I did so but it was not actiivated. I called again and the lady started misbehaving and started asking me my 'marital details'. This is a sheer breech of privacy. Finally I got someone on the line who activated my calls.
Yesterday suddenly my sim was blocked saying that it could not be verified. This is all the more absurd as I had earlier received a payment alert from airtel regarding my landline/dsl though I had not registered my number. Subsequently Icalled the customercare for mobiles but 3 times the phone was put down on me.

Finally I called up several other numbers and got the following 9818334865 (nodal officer Vikrant Pandey. I spoke to a Mr Vijay who said the problem would be immediately rectified. He gave me a REF No: F-989873876 and siad I should dial 46081111. I called there and gave them the Ref. They said they could do nothing and that I should call up yet another number 9818334865. There I spoke to a Ms Nasim who said that the reason the verification had failed is that the number was to be in the name of a Sunita devi. Therefore I should resubmit my documents to the Relationship Centre and it would be immediately activated. I went to the Centre and the man started misbehaving and when I asked him for his name, he refused to give it. Furthermore he threatened me and told the others that they should make sure the problem was not rectified. He then said it was the fault of the dealer. I subsequently went to the dealer who showed and gave me back the form that had been filled in which clearly shows my name, my landline number and all my documents attested. No reason had been given by airtel as to why the papers were returned. This is pure cheating and a SCAM.

I am simply disgusted for I have been a client with Airtel since 2005. Each and every bill has been paid on time.

The landline and DSL service has completely deteriorated. The aspect of customercare constantly putting down the phone, giving me appointments on which their engineers will come is not met.

As a professional, I have lost work time.

As a professional woman, I have been abused and asked about my private life.

As an old customer, I have been treated as dirt.

Giti Thadani
Jan 11, 2012

MNP code not recieved from Airtel.

Dear Sir,
I am Govind Ram and my Airtel Mobile Number is 9910138791. I have sent a message as ''PORT 9910138791'' today but I have no response from Airtel. I can't make any call to customer care of Airtel. I am requesting for a help. Please help me.
Jan 7, 2012


Dear Sir,

I have a corporate mobile connection vide mobile no.9810831850 in the name of Afimac Associates Pvt Ltd. I am using this no for last 10 Years. i had taken a GPRS plan Rs.99/-per month unlimited.

On 5th January 2012, I called Airtel customer service and spoke to Mr Sikander, their executive for 3G GPRS charges and asked to activate 3G GPRS on my mobile. I asked him if i want to discontinue 3G GPRS services, will i be able to get the same services Rs.99/-per month GPRS activated again on my no and he assured me that it will be done if you do not want to continue 3G GPRS.

On 6th Januay 2012 I called Airtel customer service and asked to deactivate 3G GPRS and re-activate my GPRS Rs.99/-per month unlimited. but they said i can not do anything over the phone since this is a corporate connection. Then i told him that 3G GPRS has been activated over the phone, the executive replied that this was a mistake from airtle side and requested me to write the email.

I sent an email to do so, but they replied (pasted below) that now the service of Rs.99/- per month unlimited GPRS has been discontinued from their side.

I request you to please help me in this regard as it is totally unjustified.

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
Date: Saturday, January 7, 2012 4:24 pm
Subject: Re: MOBILE NO.9810831850 [|BAL|Qrc10701121501477363432|]
To: [email protected]

> Dear Rakesh Chauhan,
> Ref: Email dated 07-01-2012, requesting for activation of GPRS
> service on your airtel mobile number 9810831850.
> Thank you for your mail to Bharti airtel. We are delighted to know
> of your intent to avail our services and welcome the opportunity
> to assist you.
> We completely comprehend your viewpoint and sincerely apologize
> for any difficulty caused to you by our Customer service department.
> We regret to inform you that the GPRS 99(unlimited) plan had
> already withdrawn. However, We would like to inform you that
> airtel offers the following plans in Mobile Office service (GPRS):
> 1) Mobile office at free of cost:
> Monthly rental ¿ Nil (prorate)
> Free usage ¿ no free usage
> Browsing Charges - 10 paise / 10 KB
> "Download Charges- Applicable as per the content you wish to download.
> 2) Mobile office 198 plan:
> Monthly rental ¿ Rs. 198/- (prorate)
> Free usage :2GB free usage
> Additional browsing Charges ¿ 10 paise / 10 KB
> "Download Charges- Applicable as per the content you wish to
> download.
> 3) Mobile office 249 plan:
> Monthly rental ¿ Rs. 249/- (prorate)
> Free usage :4GB free usage
> Additional browsing Charges ¿ 10 paise / 10 KB
> "Download Charges- Applicable as per the content you wish to download.
> 4) Mobile office 300 plan:
> Monthly rental ¿ Rs. 300/- (prorate)
> Free usage :5GB free usage
> Additional browsing Charges ¿ 10 paise / 10 KB
> "Download Charges- Applicable as per the content you wish to download.
> 5) Mobile office 499 plan:
> Monthly rental ¿ Rs. 499/- (prorate)
> Free usage :Unlimited GPRS free
> "Download Charges- Applicable as per the content you wish to download.
> Should you require any further assistance in saving the settings
> on your handset, you may contact our 24x7 helpline at 12118
> (Chargeable at 50 paisa for 3 minutes). While calling from other
> service providers, please dial 8130312118 (Chargeable as per the
> respective network charges).
> Through this service you may connect your handset via Bluetooth,
> Infrared or Data cable to any PC or Laptop and browse the internet
> sites.
> We request you to revert us with the plan name to be activated for
> your mobile number.
> We would also like to let you know about the option of activating
> or deactivating Mobile Office service on your Airtel Mobile by
> following the simple steps below:
> o To Activate - type INTERNET and send it to 121 (Toll Free)
> o To Deactivate - type DNET and send it to 121 (Toll Free)
> The service will be activated/ deactivated within 4 hours of
> receiving the request.
> We hope that we have been able to assist you suitably.
> Please do to write in for any further assistance.
> Yours Sincerely,
> Amjad khan
> Customer Care
> Bharti Airtel Limited
> Your response will help us to enhance your experience with Airtel.
> Please click on the link below & provide us your valuable feedback
> on this interaction
> Click here to provide feedback
> https://ispeed.airtel.in/iVoiceFeedback/Search/EFViewerDE.aspx?info=D23553BC2667A8EE12769EE02D6C91F1157899E5 1419CFD1F67A1E02A6CACD0375AB6DD2466AAEF1C7F80&refno=Qrc10701121501477363432
> ---------Original Message----------
> From: [email protected]
> To: [email protected]
> Cc: [email protected]
> Sent: 07/01/2012 03:04:54 PM
> Subject: Re: MOBILE NO.9810831850 [|BAL|Qrc10601121601357350885|]
> Dear Sir,
> Thanking you for your email.
> You will have to activate the GPRS Rs.99/- per month unlimited as
> it was asked
> from your executive Mr Sikander when i got the 3G GPRS Activated
> on my mobile
> if i can re-install the same services Rs.99/- per month unlimited
> GPRS on my
> mobile and once he confirmed then only i got the GPRS Activated.
> Now it is not falt from our side and you will have to activate the
> Rs.99/- per
> month unlimited GPRS since it is a corporate conncetion and we
> have more then
> 20 connections with Airtel.
> I also want to lodge an complaint once your policy, you do not
> activate/deactivate any services for corporate connection over the
> phone why
> did you deactivate my GPRS Services over the phone.
> Please confirm asap.
> Thanking you.
> With Kind Regards,
> Rakesh Chauhan
> 9810831850
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: [email protected]
> Date: Saturday, January 7, 2012 8:49 am
> Subject: Re: MOBILE NO.9810831850 [|BAL|Qrc10601121601357350885|]
> To: [email protected]
> > Dear Rakesh Chauhan,
> >
> > Ref: Email dated 06-01-2012, requesting for deactivation of 3G
> > service and activation of GPRS 99 plan on your airtel mobile
> > number 9810831850.
> >
> > Thank you for your mail to airtel and the opportunity to assist
> > you.
> >
> > We understand that you have requested for the deactivation of 3G
> > service on your airtel mobile number 9810831850.
> >
> > We have registered your request for deactivation of 3G service
> on
> > 07-01-2012. The service will be deactivated within 4 hours.
> >
> > You will receive a confirmation SMS upon deactivation. You will
> be
> > charged the monthly rental of Rs. 200/- on prorate basis as per
> > the billing cycle.
> >
> > Should you require any further online assistance, you may
> contact
> > our 24x7 helpline at 12134 (Chargeable at 50 paisa for 3
> minutes)
> > from any alternate airtel number. While calling from other
> service
> > providers, please dial 8130312118 (Chargeable as per the
> > respective network charges).
> >
> > We regret to inform you that, we are unable to cater your
> request
> > for activation of GPRS 99 unlimited plan, as per the new update
> > the GPRS 99 plan is unavailable. We understand that, you were in
> > GPRS 99 unlimited plan but as of now we are unable to provide
> the
> > same.
> >
> > As an organization that takes pleasure in customer satisfaction.
> > We take this interaction as our prized privileged and sincerely
> > apologize for not being able to meet your requirement at this
> > point in time.
> >
> > Please do write in for any further assistance.
> >
> >
> >
> > Yours Sincerely,
> > Vijay L
> > Customer Care
> > Bharti Airtel Limited
> >
Dec 18, 2011

duplicate sim refused

My friend lost his mobile with the sim (9560440819) few days back.
When requested for a duplicate sim with the same number @ destiny infotech,malviya nagar(airtel relationship center), they refused to provide the duplicate sim and insisted to get a new number.
please do the needful.
Contact No:09560384761
Mail:[email protected]

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