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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Nov 27, 2011

charge for mp3 song

I have an airtel connection 9650373043. I was browsing facebook from my mobile on an internet recharge of 98. I then was watching a song on youtube from the site by connecting on a wifi connection but I still was charged 99 rs for an mp3 song on 27/11/11 ar 16.28 hrs. There is no justification for charging 99 rs for watching a song and that too not using the internet from airtel.
Aug 12, 2011

airtel prepaid incoming calls and outgoing call details

I am from New delhi using airtel company's prepaid connection with no. 9971430414. i want to know the sms, incoming, outgoing and missed calls details and call duration time for this month (July11 & August 11) Its very urgent so help me i am very thankful to you if you send as soon as posible
plz send my detail's to my e mail id [email protected]
Thanking you.
yours faithfully.
Aug 6, 2011




Aug 5, 2011

Airtel WAP -http://gclub.in - Unsbscribed

Pls unsubscribe from gclub.com
I have not subscribed for this website, but deduction is made without my knowledge.
My number is 8826871097.
There is no solution from customer care, called them up and wasted money only.
Please do the needfull
Aug 4, 2011

Terminated Internet Connection

I’m Syed atIF Husain and my Airtel Landline Number is +91 11 40572930.
My internet is not working from Sunday Morning i.e. July 31, 2011 and I tried calling Airtel Customer Care but getting no response as they are saying you’d asked for termination of the connection, which I never did.
Later they put the request for re-activation but its more than 5 days still I haven’t received any call from Airtel.
Every time I call Customer Care, they say it’s in process, but I don’t think so, as its already Thursday today, but no response from Airtel’s end.
All my outstanding is clear but for what reason my internet is not working, I really don’t understand the ideology behind the service provided by Airtel, when I didn’t put any request for de-activation.
This happened twice in a month, once somewhere around mid-July.
Would you please look into this matter.
Thanks and regards
Syed atIF Husain
+91 98187 16561
Consultant, Broadcast Design
Email: [email protected]
Aug 4, 2011

Service request for transfer of connection not completed for more than a month

Subject: Airtel Inaction, Ineptness & Irresponsible Behaviour!!!: Service Complaint 1141040

Please find appended below mail I have sent across to airtel aurthority for you to have idea about my problem:

I had lodged a request for a change of address to my broadband connection on 5th July 2011. The person told me that the connection would get transferred in 3 working days and later on 9th July someone calls me up and says since the Airtel system was down it will take 20 days to do this transfer rather than the regular period of 3 days for the transfer. When I asked for a date for transfer he had given me a date of 20-22th July, 2011. Also he told me I will not be charged for the period that there is no connection in my house, but will only be charged for the regular 3 days it takes to transfer the connection. 

Finally I received a call from someone from Airtel to tell me that the complaint will be acted upon and to give a convenient time. I had told them to come on Monday, 25th July at 10:00 a.m. to my place for the installation. There was no one from your end to act upon the complaint. I gave a call again to the customer care and the person said that the guy will come post 2pm the next day but then however as expected they smartly come to my place at 10am when I am extremely busy with my work for installation. The guy's unruly behaviour with me and my neighbour is not tolerable-- He was supposed to do the wiring from our terrace but forced to use our neighbours and upon their refusal he threatens me that "If i die the entire blame will come upon me (which is me in this case)" Is that the behaviour I should be expecting from Airtel team?

I was told by the guy that someone called Lalit Mishra would come for your activation the next day which was 27th July but that never happened as well the guy gave me wrong coordinates for Lalit..I kept following up with customer care thereafter from 28th July and was given a time frame of 48hrs and it would get activated, the last assurance for the same being on 2nd August 10 am and I assume another set of 48 hours are over and still not been activated.

I again called up your customer care and the guy there is now saying that it will take further 20 days for Airtel to act upon this complaint as in her records it has been registered on 22nd July. And now when I told the guy to transfer the call to her senior, she put me on a hold of 20 mins!!! And then puts me on the call again for 15mins and finally says that the person is not available and gives me contact number of Mr. Abhishek Parmar where he has not been responding ! I cannot keep taking leaves from office just so you can come & install at your leisure, whim & fancy!

And another thing is you keep raising bills when I havent been using your services for almost a month. You have another thing coming, if you think I will pay for services not rendered!!!

You have been utterly irresponsible and inept if you expect me to wait for further 22 days making the period of wait 48 days!!!! I would rather take broadband services from another Service Provider than wait for 48 days!!! It is not as if you are the only one around to provide IP services that you can give such answers to your loyal customers! 

I have been using Airtel services for the past 5+ years now. And I expected better services from you!

If you are really going to take 22 more days, I would rather you close this complaint & let me know, so that I can forget this episode & approach Vodafone or Reliance or any Tom, Dick & Harry rather than you who takes 40 days to act on a service request!!!

I would expect some response from you on the same or else I would be forced to pull the matters up to the consumer court.

Look forward to your response.

Kind Regards,
Nisha Jaspal Singh
Aug 3, 2011

regarding balance deduction

dear sir,
airtel mobile compony has cut my mobile balance three time as follows
1-on 21/07/11 rupees 60
2-on23/07/11 rupees 98
3-on 26/07/11 rupees 70
when i contact costomer care he told me that i use internet service and miss guide me,
but during this period my net service was already blocked by the componey then how can i use the service.

sir, you are requested to take necessary action against the airtel to refund my money.

shafiullah khan
c/94 zakir nagar
jamia nagar
new delhi - 110025
mo no - +91 9871650952
email- [email protected]
Aug 1, 2011

Barring of Services

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a customer of Airtel Broadband Services with account id: 16269612 and have been facing regular problems from Airtel. Inspite of paying all my outstanding to Airtel my services are not been restored and regular calls from Airtel about various things has become a pain.

Kindly take action as suitable.
Telephone no :01141084016
Best Regards
Mayank Kumar
Cellno: 8800508284
Aug 1, 2011

Unknown calls


I got a miss call from no +92 3477599177 on 2nd Aug 2011 at 7:00 am. after seeing the code +92 i realize that its an international call. i dont reply to it.
kindly look into this matter and inform me .

Aug 1, 2011

Phone Connection

Complaint againt : Mr. Anish Ahmad-9871193263 & Airtel

There is no response from Airtel agent side though many reminders & correspondence.

I would like appraise you again the following:

Earlier the Airtel No. 9560678627 provided by you has been deactivated without activation. Rs. 500 has been paid against issuance of this no..
Later, in lieu of above no., new no. has been provided ie 9910097862. This has been committed by you that no one time payment ie Rs. 500 has to be paid against this no.. However, I have received the bill of Rs. 554/-. This has also been deactivated because of this no. was recently deactivated other customer no, & wrongly provided to me which has been confirmed by Airtel on mail. Bank statement, wrong calls were being received on this no. continuously.
After that, this has been requested several times to Airtel Agent to assist to get the new no. but there is no response from your end.
If I pay Rs. 554/- for this no. also, I would pay Rs. 1054/- without getting any number till date.

I would request you to get registred my compalint for the solution & to get me the new number with out paying any amount further.
Jul 29, 2011

Unsubscribe Games Mania Subscription

Unsubscribe Games Mania Subscription +91-9810248671

My Airtel mobile number is +91-9810248671 and without my permission Airtel people have renewed the services of Games Mania Subscription since 4th July 2011. Daily Rs.5 is getting deducted from my balance. I gave a complaint to Airtel office asking them to unsubscribe me and they said that they have resolved the issue, but the renewal kept happening on its own. I confirmed my dissatisfaction for their feedback, but no action was taken. Kindly do not to register me in any of their services without my consent. Hence i kindly request you to help me in unsubscribing me from Games Mania Subscription.

Thank you.

Jul 27, 2011

Airtel zero network


I am still waiting from your side for my airtel network problem.Here too many have changed their mobile but i have this only main no., or else just activate my number for port so that i can port my number to vodafone network.

As i have already port one of my number i.e-9650839420 from airtel to vodafone.

And i want immediately sort out this problem.

Please do it immediately.

Abhishek kumar
Jul 26, 2011

DND + Customer Service

Complaints about Airtel:

I wanted to activate BB Services on my phone, Called Customer Care 121
First they kept me on wait for 5min, after picking the phone once.
Second, called again, they told me to call 7070.
Called 7070: No point: Since I dont have any data services activated, please call 121
Fourth Call, 121: Lady told me the different plans: 299, 399, 899. Asked her the difference in those plans, she says call 7070/9871427070 for that and CUT THE PHONE without listening to me. I was informing her 7070 doesnt work.
Fifth Call: Not from Airtel, cause thats how you people only listen. But sadly I was wrong again. Picked up phone, put me on wait for 5 min when I asked the details of plans. Couldnt wait any longer.

Awesome Customer Service: Airtel

PS: I also have subscribed for DND. Does it take a month to activate that as well??

Confirm from my call details as proof.

Thank You
Troubled Customer
Jul 25, 2011

call with isd code +92


today ,25th July 2011, Monday at 13:46, i receieved a call from +923086620442. It came to my knowledge that call is from pakistan. Although i missed the call, but i am concerned about how did the calling person got my number. I would appreciate it if you would kindly look into this matter.

With Regards

Praful Edupuganti
Jul 15, 2011

balance reduction without reason

Respectd sir, wid grief pronoud i wud lyk to mke a cmplnt to u dat i m one of ur artl custmr nd i m unhappy wid ur services.few hours bck al my fne bal was dedcutd nd wen i cld ur custmr cre i ws tld i hv rchgd my fne wid sum pack services.for ur informatn i hv nt dne so.i gt dis prblm few mnths bck nd i was mde sure dat my bal wil b refild by ur custmr cre membr bt nthng was dne so..Since past 2 yrs i m facng dis prblm.everytme i mke a cmplt a new excuse is given to me.none of my prblm hv been sortd out..therfre i wud request u to plz luk into d mttr.thanxs mohd danish nd no. 09871827100..
Jul 12, 2011

Unsatisfactory Services

Dear Concern,

I am facing so many problems with airtel services.

1. Mr. Khan- Team Leader ( Defence Colony) they have taken advance rent for new connection and till now escape with our documents and Rs 500.

"Please find the attached scan copy -CEF No. 2769075"

I got the msg from airtel that your money will be return in next 10 days but till now i am waiting .......

2. Please read the below trail mail.

I called up many times in regards to upgrade my internet speed but they are failed on their own commitment and promises.

My call logs dates. - 28th june 2011 & 7th July 2011 etc.

My Request No. - 13392602

Unable to resolve my problem till now..

I am really fed up with the services so please take a disciplinary action on them.



On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 2:40 PM, sunny saba <[email protected]> wrote:


I am not satisfied with the services...

Landline No.- 011-41005997
Account No. - 16015861

I have called many times in customer support but they are useless to understand my problem. from past 3 days i am calling to change my plan.

Currently airtel charging us Rs.899 for just 512kbps speed. You think customer has NO RIGHT TO BE INFORMED that you can change the plan in same rate with better speed.

And if i want to change personally they said you have to wait for one month.

Talked to Leena - Ref No. 207138669 Dated :10th june 2011
Talked to Rekha -Ref No. 207112966 Dated :10th june 2011
Talked to Bhupender - Ref No. ---------- Dated :9th june 2011

I am not able to understand why they are fooling the customers..

Jul 10, 2011

False Commitments

I applied a new connection for airtel tv connection, broadband and telephone on 4th june. Sales representative promised me that i'll get the connection in 3 days. When I didnt hear anything from airtel, I called up customer care they told me that i am suppose to get my connection in 5 days of submitting the form. 5 days passed but got no response from airtel, they told me that they cant provide the connection at my place. But they cleared the cheque i deposited and told me that I'll be refunded in 21 days that was on 11th june. When I called them on 25th june to check the status they told me that they have allocated a number for me and they can provide the connection in 24 hours. I agreed but on 28 after i did not hera from them, i cancelled the services again. I was promised by a representative that I'll get my cheque by 8th july who promised me that if there will be any delay he'll contact me. I called them again on 9th july when i was told that it will take them another 15 days to get me the refund cheque.
I was never contatcted by Airtel until i called them to check the status. I had to spent more than 24 hours on phone collectively to get my issue resolved. i am still waiting for my refund cheque and it is more than 1 month that I applied for my connection when they knew the 2nd day that they cannot provide that connection.
Jul 4, 2011

Missed Call from starting no. +92


We have got a missed call from +923023534687 when we checked on internet we found that this is from pakistan. I surpries that how they can get our mobile no. 9910393342
Jul 3, 2011

deactivated 3g mobile internet gprs and return charges

I sunil kumar shah . My mobile no. is 9871313185. In my cell phone has been activated 3G mobile internet GPRS OFFER unneccessories AND DEDUCT OF Rs.35 on 3.07.2011 my airtel sim card .so please I request to you deactivated 3G Mobile GPRS INTERENET OFFER.
SO I request to you please return my money charges immediatly of Rs.35.

thanking you,

yours faithfully

sunil kumar sah
mobile no.9871313185.
Jun 30, 2011

Airtel postpaid to prepaid in mnp number

I am using a no 9999997131 and i have ported my number from vodafone to airtel on 25/2/2011 at the time i submited my documents at airtel relationship centre i requested to convert my postpaid no to prepaid but they refused to do so that u cannot convert postpaid to prepaid. u can convert it only after 90 days. after 90 days i went there but they are now saying me that there is no such process to convert a postpaid to prepaid. Please let me know will my number would ever be converted. varun
Jun 20, 2011

VAS Service

VAS Service Charges Rs 30

I am a subsciber of airtel prepaid . For past 6 months Rs 30 Per month are deducted from my Airtel Prepaid No. 9818051244. I have never asked for this service. I have already registered a complaint at the Airtel Call Centre and I ws assured that within 48 hours this service will be stopped but nothing has happened till now. IF Airtel can not take any action on it immediately I am happy to move to Vodafone and will also ensure that all the mobile connections that my Family Members are moved to Vodafone at the earliest. I feel cheated and helpless . Solve my problem PLEASE... MY mobile NO IS 9818051244.. plz any one help me.

If Airtel does not respond back I will have to move to consumer court. everymonth I get a response from Airtel saying teh service has been deactivation but the service is still running. I have been chasing for the last 6 months. I need an answer otherwise I am happy to move to Vodafone and leave Airtel for this number and other 5 Mobile no.s that w have.
Jun 19, 2011


I recently ported to airtel from vodafone as I bought apple iPhone 4 from airtel and wanted to keep the old number which is 9999343349 As requested I provided all documents to my local dealer last month. Services also started immediately but for some reason which I was later told fail verification. incoming and outgoing got disconnected on 13/06/11. I went to my local dealer but I was told to go to airtel relationship centre. I went to aurotel in Yusuf Sarai, new Delhi. They didn't take my documents saying I didn't buy sim card from them. I called customer service from there and asked the to talk the person. Again he didn't take documents even customer service person on the phone asked him too. Then i was told the issue would be sorted out soon. Evertime I call since then I have to repeat everything all over and then call is put on hold, finally disconnected after 15 minutes. It happened 14-15 times. I then submitted two piece of documents at airtel distribution centre at malviya nagar. I didn't get any feedback and I am suffering for last 6 days with no incoming or outgoing calls. Don't even know what calls I am missing on. Can't go back to vodafone because of 90 days rule. Don't know what to do. I have running around for last 5 days. I wish I didnt port to airtel. Please contact me on 8860306164 alternate number.
Jun 17, 2011

Network problem

Respected Sir/Madam,

I abhishek kumar ,i have registered complain too many times regarding my Airtel network problem to Customer care since February first week, but they are not taking any action regarding network.
And also this is my main number (8800324553/9650839420) & also favorite network but here is the network problem at my place.
So please do some needful.


Abhishek kumar
F-131,Near well no.-1,
Katwaria sarai-110016
Jun 15, 2011

unsubscribe matrimonials on mobile

My Mobile no. 9650747961, Every Time i got sms form 5432105001 for matrimonial on mobile and get deducted Rs. 1 day for same.

I never request for such extra facilities for matrimonial on mobile. I'm going to case against the company for the same.

Please remove the facility right from now.

Jun 13, 2011

Re- issued a duplicate sim card

Dear service team,

Hi, this is Ms. Vineeth Nair from south ex. New Delhi having airtel prepaid connection no. 091-9871313545. I lost my mobile three month ago, hence, I want to request the Airtel team to please BLOCK this Sim card.

Please guide me through the process of issuing a duplicate prepaid SIM card.

Vineeth Nair.

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