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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Jun 20, 2011

VAS Service

VAS Service Charges Rs 30

I am a subsciber of airtel prepaid . For past 6 months Rs 30 Per month are deducted from my Airtel Prepaid No. 9818051244. I have never asked for this service. I have already registered a complaint at the Airtel Call Centre and I ws assured that within 48 hours this service will be stopped but nothing has happened till now. IF Airtel can not take any action on it immediately I am happy to move to Vodafone and will also ensure that all the mobile connections that my Family Members are moved to Vodafone at the earliest. I feel cheated and helpless . Solve my problem PLEASE... MY mobile NO IS 9818051244.. plz any one help me.

If Airtel does not respond back I will have to move to consumer court. everymonth I get a response from Airtel saying teh service has been deactivation but the service is still running. I have been chasing for the last 6 months. I need an answer otherwise I am happy to move to Vodafone and leave Airtel for this number and other 5 Mobile no.s that w have.
Jun 19, 2011


I recently ported to airtel from vodafone as I bought apple iPhone 4 from airtel and wanted to keep the old number which is 9999343349 As requested I provided all documents to my local dealer last month. Services also started immediately but for some reason which I was later told fail verification. incoming and outgoing got disconnected on 13/06/11. I went to my local dealer but I was told to go to airtel relationship centre. I went to aurotel in Yusuf Sarai, new Delhi. They didn't take my documents saying I didn't buy sim card from them. I called customer service from there and asked the to talk the person. Again he didn't take documents even customer service person on the phone asked him too. Then i was told the issue would be sorted out soon. Evertime I call since then I have to repeat everything all over and then call is put on hold, finally disconnected after 15 minutes. It happened 14-15 times. I then submitted two piece of documents at airtel distribution centre at malviya nagar. I didn't get any feedback and I am suffering for last 6 days with no incoming or outgoing calls. Don't even know what calls I am missing on. Can't go back to vodafone because of 90 days rule. Don't know what to do. I have running around for last 5 days. I wish I didnt port to airtel. Please contact me on 8860306164 alternate number.
Jun 17, 2011

Network problem

Respected Sir/Madam,

I abhishek kumar ,i have registered complain too many times regarding my Airtel network problem to Customer care since February first week, but they are not taking any action regarding network.
And also this is my main number (8800324553/9650839420) & also favorite network but here is the network problem at my place.
So please do some needful.


Abhishek kumar
F-131,Near well no.-1,
Katwaria sarai-110016
Jun 15, 2011

unsubscribe matrimonials on mobile

My Mobile no. 9650747961, Every Time i got sms form 5432105001 for matrimonial on mobile and get deducted Rs. 1 day for same.

I never request for such extra facilities for matrimonial on mobile. I'm going to case against the company for the same.

Please remove the facility right from now.

Jun 13, 2011

Re- issued a duplicate sim card

Dear service team,

Hi, this is Ms. Vineeth Nair from south ex. New Delhi having airtel prepaid connection no. 091-9871313545. I lost my mobile three month ago, hence, I want to request the Airtel team to please BLOCK this Sim card.

Please guide me through the process of issuing a duplicate prepaid SIM card.

Vineeth Nair.
Jun 12, 2011

i am happy and content with services

this guy was awsome.he fixed problem in 5 minutes and found out its problem with dns and and ip and told me to force it.if he spend some g0ood time i can make him learn beyond this nutshhell.
Jun 11, 2011

Poor Network Coverage

My Name is Shakeeb & my mobile number is 9871799700.
I have been complaining about weak signals since October 2009. Spoke to networking people at Airtel umpteen times, registered complaints severally but to no avail

Nobody bothers, no action taken yet.

no response calls made and actually no effort made to improve the situation from airtels side
It is surprising that few of my complaints were closed by merely saying that our team has visited and has resolved the problem BUT NOBODY met me ever neither the problem is resolved

I have made desperate calls number of times to request to kindly look into the matter BUT nobody is bother and i am always replied that complaint is in OPEN STATUS

I also requested to have a booster installed but even that was never done


I have not paid my dues for last 3 months thinking that it may turn officers eye but Airtel seems to have extremely deep pockets and is not bothered about a small customer like me

Will my problem be ever resolved OR should I start looking for another service provider


011 29945845
Jun 10, 2011

Airtel Services

Airtel is a third class service provider in terms of customer services and customer help. It deducts money from customer's a/c without any fault of the customer and never returns back. I am using the handset which is not compatible for mobile tv service and they deduct money from my account without any reason and not returning back.

This is the depth of their ridiculous and third class service. Mauka mile to inki maa bahan ek kar do sale madarchods....................................
Jun 7, 2011


I never thought that I’d need to write a complaint to Airtel since my 8 years of association with the company (read brand) was immensely satisfactory.

To give a background; I had visited Thailand from March 3 to March 10, 2011 and I took my Airtel mobile # 9871165761 along. Just before leaving for Thailand I called the Airtel customer at 121 and asked for activating my international roaming; I also asked the representative to provide me the calling rates when I’ll be on roaming, however, the representative was not well informed and insisted that I send an SMS to 121 stating rate `country name’.

While on roaming I was able to make and receive calls. I sent an SMS to 121 ¿Rate Thailand¿ and did not get any response; I tried it again and sent a total of 3 SMSs and did not get any response. The only SMS that I received in this regard asked me to visit a website to know the rates. And if this is what a customer has to do, why did the customer support executive not tell me in the first place. (by the way I kept getting SMSs of various promotional offers!).

Upon my return I got a message that my unbilled usage was around 17K which was just impossible for me to digest as my credit limit allows me to spend no more than 5K! I spoke to the customer care again and was told that when a customer is on international roaming, Airtel does not limit usage within the credit limit. This was very surprising, throughout the trip I was under the impression that my usage is well within the limit however, Airtel kept adding charges very quietly without even bothering to inform me that I have jumped my credit limit.

Let’s take a scenario; I give you my card which has a balance of 10K. You go out of town (Thailand) and being very considerate I deposit additional 10K in my card so that you can use this amount. Obviously, I didn¿t tell his to you. While out of town you kept on using the card knowing that it would stop working once you have reached the maximum limit of 10K. And when you come back, I give you a shocker that since you were out of town (read International roaming) I thought of adding funds to your account so that you can have a nice time. But now that you have spent 20K (but you always thought that it was 10K) you owe me the entire sum; which is unjustified for me to ask for.

This is just how I felt when I got to know that irrespective of my credit limit being 5K, I was unknowingly allowed to make calls worth more than 3 times my credit limit. I don’t think it is justified in any case. My points of concern are:

1. Why was I not guided properly by the customer care executive regarding international calling rates when I called 121 the first time?
2. Why did I keep getting promotional SMSs but not an SMS for resolving my query (even after sending the service SMSs to Airtel)?
3. Why I was not informed upon nearing my credit limit of 5K? Usually Airtel sends an SMS as the customer is about to reach his/her credit limit.

Why there were no SMSs and service messages before making an outgoing call?

I hope the above explains my position as a user; I’m not sure how the situation can be dealt with now as the amount is still outstanding and Airtel has started adding late payment charges of Rs. 750!.

In addition to this, I observed that my bill from March 26 to April 25, 2011 has charges for international roaming for 9th and 10th March which does not even fall in the billing cycle. I don’t understand what is happening to their service standards. I face more number of call drops, abrupt disconnections, irregular bills, unjustified reasons for overcharging and a lot more disappointments. It seems the Airtel I had been trusting all along has lost its way.

I’ve told them that I’ll not be making any payments till the issue is resolved and I know Airtel (as mentioned above) will keep adding late payment charges!! I would appreciate if someone from Airtel could get in touch with me to get the issue resolved ASAP.
Jun 6, 2011

descripancy in bill charges

Dear Sir,

This mail is in reference to the discrepancy in my airtel bill of my mobile number 9810829257 since last two months. ( March and April, 2011)
Since the month of April, I was charged for WAP_ALL via airtel live which I have not utilized. I had lodged a complaint last month with Airtel customer care for the same, since May month bill did not have the usage details as it’s always mentioned. So when I requested for duplicate bills twice I was given 1 month old bill twice. When I complained again, I was asked to pay the bill and my issue would be resolved but no one responded after I paid the bill. Also after that I requested for the deactivation of the airtel live service.
Since my bill is generated on the 12th of each month, a customer service message of unbilled amount which starts from rupees zero is always received, however this time it did not happen and it continued billing with the existing Rs. 3148.49 amount. I called Airtel consumer service centre and lodged a complaint and they told me that there is a glitch in the system and it will be restored.
Now for the month of April - May, I received the message that my unbilled amount was Rs. 8204.2, since I have not received the hard copy of the bill I went online to check that I have been charged Rs. 6852.70 for the month of April to may 2011 only for the internet usage on phone which I have not used. Within a span of 10 days that is from 11th of April till 21st April I have been charged this amount. Since I suffered the last month’s bill issue I purposely did not use the service till it was deactivated. I also checked with then whether any other service like 3G or GPRS was activated and they told me it wasn’t. Also the usage is not possible since I am at home and I use my wireless most of the time, hence I have a very limited usage of Airtel Live. Moreover I have been charge some 1500 rupees on WAP_ALL on the days when I was not in DELHI as well.
My past bills, you will see that the internet usage has never exceeded 200 rupees since I am using my wireless most of the time, its only the facebook application that I use with airtel live.
Post the March- April bill, I was constantly kept lodging complaints to their nodel office as well as their appellate office. I was called twice by the nodel office, they told me once that by default the Airtel Live option has been opening. This is a glitch in their system. Since I am not even using the service I am being charged. I was sent a message that the bill has been sent to my residence, but I did not receive the same. Post which I kept lodging complaints for them to contact me and resolve my issue. Its been so long and there has been no resolution at their end. They are providing me with a waiver but why should i pay the amount for the service that i have not used. I am being charged wrongfully. Kindly assist me in the same.
I humbly request you to please oblige me with the same.
Please find attached the bills of the last two months.

Thanking you
Rohini Saran
Jun 3, 2011

Balance Deduction

Dear All,

Greeting for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

This complain is regarding for above mention subject. I was recharge my number(9971720640) dated 3rd June 2011 time 1443hrs amt.444 and talktime rs.444/-
In the evening balance was around more then Rs. 400 around 1930hrs there is only Rs.76 on my number. I was shocked coz I didn't do any call or any type of services Then I SMS to Airtel to know about my balance But they haven't found any information about last five transaction. I got message from AIRTEl that " YOUR REQUEST FOR LAST 5 CHARGES HAS BEEN RECEIVED. WE SHALL GET BACK TO YOU" NO PREVIOUS TRANSACTION FOUND.
then I tried to contact customer care but same reply with them they haven;t any information about balance deduction
It was not happen with me fiest time same problem and complaint logged by me 4 or 5 times.

Total balance dedution was Rs. 376 and there is no record complaint number052945 and ref number CBDM############

I hope you can look into this matter and positive reply

Kavita Singh
May 31, 2011

many requests regarding messge problem adhered to

despite repeated complaints regarding being unable to send messages, the company has done nothing, to the extent of diverting my calls betwwen 198 and 121 whnever i wish to speak to the customer executive.any action in regards to this would be highly appreciated.
May 30, 2011

discontinuation of incoming calls after change in service provider

there was a call on my mobile for the change in service provider, as i was not happy with my past service provider i opted for Airtel, the service provider has not changed yet but when i call on the number, it says that the AIRTEL number i am trying to call is switched off, though i can still make calls from my dolphn number.

il like to resolve the confusion and get my incoming calls activated and want to know the required procedure if any.


May 28, 2011

Legal Noitice

After the termination of my Airtel Postpaid number,due to non payment of bill.Today airtel sent me a legal notice for paying the bill.Before this i was never sent any kind of notice nor did airtel contacted me for billing issue.But now, are using very harsh methods for billing issues.I never requested them for the postpaid number.it was delivered to me as a replacement for my vodafone number.After issuing the new Airtel number my vodafone number was disconnected.Simply i was not left with any options to use mobile number other than Airtel Postpaid number.I was ready to pay bill but the way airtel approached me was not good.So i want the to feel sorry and legalize the process.
May 24, 2011

Deducted Amount of Rs 20

I Jitendra Singh My Mobile No is 8800767547 I have received a call from Airtel Radio Service From 5432130020 and when i disconnect the call a Message came that Thank you for choosing airtel radio service. You have been charged Rs20 for 20 mins of music. Valid for 20 days. Without having request from me your company have debited the charges from my account. But i have not choose any service. I am very helpless Please arrange my credit to my account. I am very thankful to you.
May 22, 2011

Hum tum chat service

Hum tum chat service automatically got activation on my airtel no 9818226949 and 1 rs is deducting every day for last 1 months i tried every thing but service is still on .please help me
May 10, 2011

Mobile no. 9871511890

Why Mobile no. 9871511890 has got closed,

AIRTEL is worst compny i never face like that, no one bother to give status for the said no. no. Service center/ Customer care center/ nodel office is not pick calll...............

I went to service centre to know the status at Adhchini again there is no reason......
I try nodel officer no. 9818334865 that is not pick by any one of them
I try no, 9810198101 to know the status that is not responding
May 10, 2011

Deactivation of VAS Service


I am a subsciber of airtel prepaid . For past 6 months Rs 30 Per month are deducted from my Airtel Prepaid No. 9818051244. I have never asked for this service. I have already registered a complaint at the Airtel Call Centre and I ws assured that within 48 hours this service will be stopped but nothing has happened till now. IF Airtel can not take any action on it immediately I am happy to move to Vodafone and will also ensure that all the mobile connections that my Family Members are moved to Vodafone at the earliest. I feel cheated and helpless . Solve my problem PLEASE... MY mobile NO IS 9818051244.. plz any one help me.

If Airtel does not respond back I will have to move to consumer court. everymonth I get a response from Airtel saying teh service has been deactivation but the service is still running
May 8, 2011

Account Deduction

I found AIRTEL service of inferior quality. It is my experience that the company deducts account balance from its customers without any reason and really the company has deducted amount from my account about 3-5 times now when I am trying to contact to a customer care executive I am unable to contact them. The mobile number from which the company has deducted balance is - 9958936601

Airtel is the worst service provider and the worst company. Also I used connection of AIRCEL, TATA INDICOM but never found any problem.

Airtel is the inferior type of company it is running its business from the deduction of balance from its customers.
May 5, 2011

No outgoing or incoming after MNP


I had opted for MNP from MTNL to Airtel on my number 9868892459. I submitted all the required forms, address proof and ID proof at your outlet at Rohini on 26-04-2011.
On 03-05-2011 I got an SMS that the number has been ported sucessfully.
But now when I replaced my old sim with the Sim they provided, I am not getting any incoming calls, nor i can do any incoming calls.

3 days have gone, I contacted you customer care many times, they say the documents were not correct, but I submitted the documents they asked for.
My business is facing a lot of trouble, as I don't have any alternate number.
I opted for Airtel as I thought its a good service but now I am getting myself wrong, I am very disappointed with your service and such irresponsible customer care.
Please help me getting my calls again.
I am attaching the same proofs that I submitted once again for your reference.

Please resolve it as soon as possible.

Vaibhav Chaturvedi
May 3, 2011

Unwanted balance deduction

It’s very hard to write a complaint for such a matter. I have been customer of Airtel since last six months and my mobile number is 9717177657 issued in the name of Mohan Kumar.
Unfortunately every time I recharge my number, my balance gets deducted. This number is of Delhi NCR circle. It has always been a painful experience to recharge my number with valid top up as I always have been in loss. I have talked with customer care to deactivate all the services activated in my number but failed to get positive response. The condition is such pathetic that from last 6 months that they have blocked me to cal customer care after I ask them regarding the deduction.
It’s my humble request to deactivate all the services on my mobile 9717177657 as my hundred of rupees have gone in water. Now I am left with only one option i.e. to change the operator.
I dont know the reason how come services on my mobile number gets activated automatically and deducts all my money. This is simply cheating and a fooling the customers.
Waiting for a quick and positive response from your side.
Apr 29, 2011

Auto dialling some number and charging for it

My mobile no is 9650430826. Today morning I found some number ( 9160920092009) dialled from my mobile at 6.55AM and about Rs 50/ deducted from my prepaid balance.
I have not done this call. How did this happen and what protection airtel will give for such auto dialled calls and will they recredit this Rs 50 and odd in my balance back again.
Sometimes, the mobile is totally silent both for outgoing and incoming calls, but charhes Rs1 for every outgoing call that was unsuccessful. Can these be rectified or I be advised the reason for the same?
Apr 26, 2011

miss called from international call

i got miss called from +923418656869 at 9:04 am on 27 april 2011 ...check this no. .....

lakhan saini
Apr 26, 2011

VAS Service Deactivation


I am a subsciber of airtel prepaid . For past 4 months Rs 30 Per month are deducted from my Airtel Prepaid No. 9818051244. I have never asked for this service. I have already registered a complaint at the Airtel Call Centre and I ws assured that within 48 hours this service will be stopped but nothing has happened till now. IF Airte can not take any action on it immediately I am happy to move to Vodafone and will also ensure that all the mobile connections that my Family Members are moved to Vodafone at the earliest. I feel cheated and helpless . Solve my problem PLEASE... MY mobile NO IS 9818051244.. plz any one help me.

If Airtel does not respond back I will have to move to consumer court
Apr 25, 2011




tejasvi mehta
to 121

show details 11:37 AM (4 hours ago)

hello sir/madam,
i am tejasvi this side, i have an airtel number (9810467167) and i
want to portable my number into idea bcz they had given me a scheme of
local 10paisa perminute IDEA TO IDEA AND 30PAISA OTHER and charge




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