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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

thardak priyanka
Aug 25, 2017


i have recharged my airtel delhi number on 23 aug 2017 with rs 119 and rs 30 with referance no 9810795661IHF0878876 and 9810795661IHF0879784 respectively from sbi online toprecharge but amount is not added my number, and neither able to call customer care officier please attend my request


Aug 23, 2017

Applied for new connection

I had applied for new postpaid connection and it not working from more 20 days and they has taken 250rs as security money and they are not refunding back and i had gone to the multiple stores and complaint online too but they are not helping me and wasted a lots time due to this. Now i want to complaint against them and want a refund and compensation of 2000rs .

my name Gaurav Sahu
my contact no - 8745819602
deepa goel
Aug 21, 2017

Airtel is hands in glove with telemarketers

My Airtel number is registered with National Do Not Call registry since 29-7-2017 with registration number S1700378241. But Airtel is refusing to admit the fact that my number is registered with NDNC. On 14-8-2017 I received some telemarketing sms. I registered a complaints against those telemarketing sms with Airtel. The complaint number was CDRGP30814316130 and CDRGP30814316850. On 19-8-2017, Airtel sent me a message saying it cannot take any action since my number is not registered with NDNC. This clearly shows that Airtel is hands in glove with telemarketers and does not want to take any action against telemarketers because it affects its business
Aug 14, 2017

Unable to recharge through my airtel balance

It's more than 15 days and pay via balance service is not active on my airtel application (9910984832). I want to recharge through my airtel balance but due to your bad service I can't recharge my number.

I have marked mail on 12th August 17... Today I received a call from airtel and one airtel employee named Aakash... was trying to make me fool and he was just trying to wrap up the call with unexpected excuses.

Finally... I didn't get the resolution till the time. Now a days Airtel also started to cheat customers.

Anil Kumar

Unable to recharge through my airtel balance

Aug 7, 2017

Airtel recharge not working after porting

Hi... I have ported from Vodafone to Airtel recently. My Airtel sim got activated 3 days back and I tried to recharge Airtel for Rs. 349 plan. But it is not getting recharged. I again tried to recharge for rs. 50. Still it's not working. I tried many times calling customer care. But not getting connected to customer service executive. Please look into this matter.

Airtel recharge not working after porting

P.K Mishta
Jul 26, 2017

Internet problem

we are facing that problem from 1 week we call customer care survive but they don't response please solve our problem as soon as possible our land line number is 011-41406242
Mahesh Golani
Jul 21, 2017

Complaint for Poor Network Reception

I have been a satisfied customer with (AIRTEL) since long time. My mobile number is (+919811112527) But I regret to inform you that nowadays I am having difficulty in conversations due to poor network reception. The handset’s network indicator shows full signal but I cannot make a clear phone call. This unwanted obstruction posing lots of inconvenience for me.

In this situation, I would request you to take necessary actions to resolve this problem as early as possible.

Mahesh Golani
[email protected]
Jul 20, 2017

uauthorized bill

I disconnected my postpaid bill on 2 june 2017..monsoon offer 10gb permonth was still active on the airtel mobile num
I got information from the call centre that my nner has been my bill was 257 rs approx for the previous month which i agreed to pay..but when i got a call from call centre that i have to pay 3450 rs approx i was surprised..i came to know that from 2 june to 8 june 2017 internet usage was 876 mb and charges were 2690 rs plus 461 rs gst...how is it possible qhen 10 gb scheme was active ...this is the harrassment from airtel people..what do they want to prove??? kindly help me to resolve this issue .Also they have blocked rs 577 in my airtel paymemt bank of 9871522727 foe which thwy are saying that number has been closed so it cant be transfered to other account...pathetic services pathetic monopoly pathetic cooperation and pathetic harrasment done on customers...kindly jelpe to resolve this issue.thanks
Yogesh Babbar
Jul 10, 2017

Recharge Benefits

My reason is to write this complaint because 2 months ago i recieve a message from airtel if you recharge with 399 till a specific date you will get 70days of talktime and 1 gb net everyday and offer valid for 1year.I recharged my airtel number with 399 and i will get 70days of talktime and 1gb internet services but now last month i recharge with the same amount 399 iget the talktime but i just get 1gb internet.
now i call customer care and they told sir this offer is not for you anymore what the hell is this.
i don't want airtel excuses and i just want to solve this problem as soon as possible.
thank you.
Jul 3, 2017

No Internet

There was a request submitted towards May end for increase in Broadband speed from 2 Mbps to 16 Mbps. On the same day Airtel changed the router/modem to support VDSL from ADSL.
The retention team Ravi spoke very Rudely that max time for profile creation is 20 days. Now it's been over 20 + 10 days over a month.
To make matters worse there is no Internet now.
There were numerous times customer care/technical support was contacted Latest reference 84440378
Jun 27, 2017

Data not recharged

I recharged my data and the amount was debited, but I received no data. My mobile is 8122736707.

This needs to be resolved immediately
Dinesh Rawat
Jun 25, 2017

Incoming services inactive after MNP

My friends have suggested me to move to Airtel from Reliance bcz of network issue. So I requested for MNP.. On 22nd June 2017, the network of old Sim disconnected and I inserted new airtel Sim and I did 59059. After that till now I'm not receiving any calls.. I tried calling 121 but its waste of time.. So I put online complaint on airtel website.. and I visited Airtel Store 5 times a day each till now. Still now No incoming calls from Airtel numbers.. You may check My number: 8822266111. While calling to my number it says number does not exist. Here my simple question to airtel: 1) Do airtel provides no incoming calls for MNP customers? 2) I'm a businessman I have to attend so many calls every day. Who will bear the loss? 3) No reply No Calls for any complaints. Simply close the complaints. Do you really have any concern for customers? 4) Let me suggest shall I move to old network? Really Disappointed.. Number: 8822266111 Alt num: 9873506279.

Dinesh Singh Rawat.
Jun 24, 2017

Recharge done but still pending

My Airtel number 8130988649 I did a recharge for 146rs yesterday to the number 9599142684. I spoke to four of your agent. The 1st agent couldn't resolved my issues so he suggested me to call up the Airtel Nodal office. I tried calling the number but it's not applicable coz they are open only after 9:30am till 6:30pm. So I call up again the 2nd Airtel Cx Care service he said his name was Jubral Khan he gave me his fake name his real name was MOHD IBRAR while I was speaking trying to explain my issue he was mute for a while n he just hung up on my face. This is quite unprofessional he did it on purpose /Intentionally n I know it's never a technical issues. Stringent action should b taken up upon such agent. Such kind of agent should b chuck out from such a reputed telecommunication organization. The 3rd agent I spoke with was polite n he gave me d required information. Than the 4th agent later in the afternoon I spoke with her she said herself that she is a senior supervisor n she told me that the amount will b refunded within 7th working business day. N u guys know very well that this is not a free call n I'm paying for it I recharged it for 20rs unnecessary just to speak to a Cx care service. So It's my humble request to b credited the outstanding amount into my account ASAP.
Yashasvi D Sharan
Jun 7, 2017

Network Issues being Faced by 12 Years

Even after regularly contacting Airtel customer support and there seniors from past 6 7 years they have yet not been able to provide me network in the area I reside and every time I lodge a complain in there customer support they call enquire I tell them the situation then also they ain't able to resolve it.
Jun 4, 2017

No network

There is no network on my newly ported sim. When ever I switch on the number there is network but then after a minute it shows no service. Number is 9620971008
Rano Singh
May 22, 2017

stolen mobile

I have lost my mobile phone along with airtel sim.
The telephone no is 08800208558.
The sim has been purchased at Delhi,
Please block the no so that it should not be used by any wrong person.
The sim & phone has been lost on 10.05.2017 at arround 7.00 pm.
May 13, 2017

Airtel 4g not working

I've recently activated 399 plan on my prepaid no., but unable to use 4g data on it, after disclaimer airtel customer care, they told that my sim is not 4g, so I bought 4g airtel sim. Then it worked fine. After 2 to 3 days it is not working. I'm not getting what's the issue now.
May 7, 2017

Complaint regarding sim activation

I've been using airtel sim for the last 8 to 10 years. Recently few days ago I lost my sim and requested to Stop the services for the same sim and asked me to provide the same number ASAP. And yes they gave me the same number with the condition of having a postpaid connection for 3 months. That's ok for me. But it's been 3 or more days the sim is not activated yet. This is so bothering.. I've tried customer care number many times but see, no replies.. What to do?? Tell me please.
Apr 25, 2017

Need a refund

Showed as the best offers for my phone number 9612115058 I recharged with rs 899 n since then my 4g is gone 3G is not working good at all it just works for few seconds n goes back to 2g .. and on top of all my main balance deducted to zero called customer care but no response ..please refund my money or else chAnge my plan to 759 .. ASAP
Kunal Singh
Apr 21, 2017

Convert the plan

With due respect.. I am the customer of airtel last 7 year..I have an issue about my recharge actually. I recharged my phone with an amount RS 899.. According to source the plan is only for 4g hand set. Bt sir it shown in airtel my best offer for me only..MY cell/mobile number 7296056921. I am unable to use Internet...
Kindly request to you please convert my plan to RS 799 OR OTHERWISE PLEASE REFUND MY AMOUNT..... Cancel this plan..... I wish the company will respond as soon as early

Convert the plan

Apr 19, 2017

MNP to Airtel Not Completed

After being with Vodafone for 7 years, I finally decided to move to Airtel as I truly believe that Airtel is now providing better network and data services than others. So I applied for postpaid MNP to Airtel, generated UPC on 5th April 2017 and handed over the documents to Airtel's executive on the same day. I started receiving SMS from Airtel about the porting status.The last SMS update I received was on 7th April 2017 stating that validation of your documents for porting your mobile number to Airtel has been completed and is being forwarded to Vodafone. Meanwhile, I also cleared my pending bill with Vodafone.

On 8th April 2017, I received a call from Airtel from 0124-4502801 for having address verification done. I requested to have the verification done on Monday, 10th April 2017. Since 10th April 2017, I have been waiting for someone to visit my residence to complete the address verification process but all in vain. I spoke to Mr, Pawan who collected my documents on his mobile number 09871556898 and he assured me that he will get the address verification done. But nothing happened. I again spoke to Mr. Pawan and he shared his Team Leader's number - Mr. Manish. I called Mr. Manish on 08800883636 on 17th April 2017 morning. After around 8 calls, he picked up the phone and said will share the status in 30 mins but did not call me back. I again spoke to Mr. Pawan and seek his assistance as 14 days have already passed and MNP must be completed by 20th April 2017. Next day I again started calling Mr. Manish but one Mr. Ajay picked up the phone and checked status of my MNP. He said as per the system, your address verification was tried 3 times but you was not available at home. This is a pure lie. After the call of 8th April 2017 from 0124-4502801, I have never received any call from any Airtel's representative for address verification. Moreoevr, I made myself available for 2 days and afterwards my family is always available to assist in address verification.

And as of today, Mr. Manish has now blocked my number to avoid my calls. This is so unprofessional on part of Airtel team that a customer's number is getting blocked to avoid calls. Without doing the address verification, the status of the same has been updated as failed.

The porting code is now valid till tomorrow, 20th April 2017. If the porting is not done by tomorrow, I have to again wait for 3 months before applying for MNP again. And all this happened without my fault.

So, can someone at Airtel assist me through this portal in getting my MNP completed by tomorrow positively? Hoping for something good.
Apr 17, 2017


Dear Sir/Madam

That, I am a subscriber of your Airtel No. 986xxxx888 since 6 April 2017
That, I got my No. Ported to Airtel and Activated on 6 April 2017
That, I did my first Recharge of Rs. 100 on 9 April 2017 from my Airtel Payment Bank Account No. 971xxxx888
That The Airtel Payment Bank transaction Ref No. is 862045874 Dated 9 April 2017 Time 9.40.14
That the Amount of Rs. 100 was debited instantly but has yet not been credited to Beneficiary Airtel No. 986xxxx888
That the said Amount has not yet been reversed to to my Airtel payment Bank No. 971xxxx888
That I contacted Airtel Payment Bank then I have been told to Contact respective service provider for the same (reply forwarded below)
That As you can see my respective service provider is Airtel since 6 April 2017

That in spite of repeated requested by mail and to Airtel Customer care 121 Mobility and 400 payment bank the said amount has neither been credited to beneficiary Airtel No. 986xxxx888 nor it has been reversed back to my Airtel Payment Bank No. 971xxxx888

EMAIL: [email protected]
Apr 14, 2017

Recharge not successful- I want my mine back

On 2nd April I had recharged for rupees 345 when my airtel app promoted me an offer - the money has been transfered from my account but the recharge has not been done.
I have not received a refund yet and I want my money back.

Also what are is the procedure to port to JIO?
Apr 5, 2017

recharge debited but not there

I recharge my internet through the airtel app for the amount of 296 rupees for 2GB in 3G/4G on the 4th of April, on the 9717849798 I received the text with the confirmation, thinking that it was good I deleted it. I realized today that on the app the transaction, recharge does not appear.
However the transaction has been completed and the money is out of my bank account.

Please do fix the issue ASAP
S KUMAR 9789
Mar 29, 2017

Over billing

Respected Sir
I am a postpaid user from last 3years my number is9971141524.. In between these years everything was ok only I have some network issues but 3 months ago they have suggested me a new bill plan of 549 according to which as the executive has described me that I will get unlimited std /local call 100msg and 3GB 3G/4G data and told all your previous plan will be deactivated and I agreed now the problem persists that they're sending me bill of more than 900 every month because of that I didn't pay they pay block my incoming and outgoing.
I have told so many time on CCE number to send me correct amount of bill according to my bill plan I will pay in same day but they didn't sent it and started misbehave with me which is recorded in my call recorder.
Sir please take some strict action in that case.
Sunil Kumar Pandey

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