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Consumer complaints and reviews about Airtel

Dec 27, 2010


My Mobile no. is 9958795027 & this is very regret say that the Airtel has charged from me for hellotune without any information. so I want back my money which has unneccessay charged by Airtel.....

Vikas Chauhan
Dec 24, 2010

Unsolicited Telemarketing SMS and stealing and selling of personal information

My name is Keshav Saini and I stay in East of Kailash, New Delhi. On 18th December, 2010, 6 Days back from the date of posting of this complaint, I purchased an Airtel Sim and activated it on the same day. My sole purpose was to use it with 3g data card for internet browsing.

I never made any call nor sent any sms to anybody and nobody other than me and Airtel knows my number, since I am using it only in data card. But from the same day my sim was activated, I am receiving promotional sms from telemarketing agencies since my data card also accepts text messages.

So the question arises how my number was leaked to telemarketing agencies? It's only Airtel that has sold my identity to telemarketing agencies without my concent and knowledge. I had applied for NDNC on the same day my service was activated. So there is a clear case of selling of personal data for financial benefits.

I can't list here my number because doing this will further attract unsolicited sms and spamming.

These kind of breaches should be brought into justice and the companies must be penalized for allegedly stealing and selling personal data.
Dec 16, 2010

forced subscriptions

i am airtel customer +91 8800332124

is there a use to write complain on this website ??
yesterday i unsuscribed the bolly suscription.....recieved the msg....said thank you for unsubscription......today i woke up saw a messege , you are subscribed to same stuff again...............charging 3rs. per day.......for that stupid msg......
what the hell is this.....
its a big pain in our ass........why airtel allowing such burglar services.......
dont you know whats happening >>
or you know everything and this is a part of your money making tricks.....??
or i am just banging my head here with no use ???
what ???????????
Dec 15, 2010



my name is rahul.im a resident of dwarka, sector-6. I had applied for airtel broadband connection transfer from patparganj to dwarka. In patparganj the service was fine bt here, every month i face issues regarding weak connection and disconnection. A guy named Subodh used to come to my place for repair. He came contionously for a week but was so dumb that he couldnt understand what the problem was, after that I recieved many calls from them apologising but nobody came for repair and so I SUGGEST ALL OF U TO NEVER EVER GO FOR AIRTEL BB CONNECTION IN DWARKA. THEY SUCK.
Dec 15, 2010

Prepaid Connection

Dear Sir,
My mobile no is 9810433810 . I am with this mobile no since 2001 . I have submitted my documents twice earlier But few days before Airtel disconnect my no.They show me the cause "not submited the documents" . This time I am out of stations. This no is one of my business no . Please advice me what I should do ?

Partha Nag
Dec 13, 2010

services bared though document already submitted

Dear sir,

I am pankaj kumar durgapal holding an airtel prepaid connection mob no 9810703447 which is about 6-7 year old .for last few month they are asking for resubmtting of identity and addres proof (as per govt of india directive) to their ceners through SMS.In month of october they close my outgoing calls due to nonsubmission of documents .so i submitted all details to them at their Vaishali sector -2 airtel offive district ghaziabad(up) through form no 08101471830.after the submission in coming 2 hours the open the calls and i m usuing it properly with out any problem.again in december they are sending the same messages but with the line if submitted already ignored because i have sumbited already and my serices resumed already indicates all well.now today same mesage says document incomplete and they barred my outgoing calls . i am outof station on roaming and there no helpline number working from here 9897012345/or local 121/123 . i am struck completely unable to do outgoing calls

so finally i am nable to understand what is my fault,& who is responsible for in convinience caused to me despite the all relevent document submitted to them back in october

pankaj kumar durgapal
Dec 3, 2010

Balance deduction

Constant balance deduction of 30 paise to 50 paise throughout the day. Tried calling the customer care but could not get through even after continous call forwarding to the executive. I am really pissed at the service providers and would definitely take further actions unless I do not get a call explaining the reason for this unjustified balance deduction .
Dec 1, 2010

Activating services and charging for that without any request or consent.

My father is using an Airtel no. 09810312935.
They have activated many services like Mirchi Mobile service,Friend Chat etc.which he never requested for and have charged himfor that without my consent.

He never requested for any service whatsoever to be activated on his number

Can anybody explain me why will a person having FM on his phone would pay to listen and that too for a particular Radio station?

Airtel has indulged in these malpractices from a very longtime.

They charge the customer unnecessarily and when a complaint is registered no action is taken thereof.

I registered two complaints

The first one was to deactivate Mirchi Mobile service and the second one to deactivate any additional services they have activated on my number.

In first complaint the executive told me that the charge for service would be refunded and as expected it was not done.

Moreover when i checked today, they have again activated the Friend Chat service on my number.

Please take some stringent action against these companies which indulge in such malpractices and rob their customers of their hard earned money.

I would like to tell all that please abstain from using Airtel as it is one of the most corrupt organisations in India.

I am eagerly waiting for the Network Portability to start in Delhi so i can change to a better and honest service provider which values its customer.
Dec 1, 2010

Problem in getting new connection

I want to purchase an new airtel prepaid connection for my clients coming from UK , I have been to the airtel shop in nehru place and given them a colored copy of my license , they said that the copy is not clear , after that i gave him the colored copy of pan card , now they said please give your passport . the fat guy sitting in the store dont have manners how to talk to customers . there are 3 airtel users in my family and 6 vodafone , my all office landlines are airtel .i always suggested people to take airtel coz of its network .
change a logo of your company doesnt leads to betterment in future , its how u make your customers happy
Now i have heared there are schemes that you can change your airtel nos into any other , i will prefer vodafone coz they give better customer satisfaction .

Just train your staff first how to deal with customers.

Mayank Gupta
Nov 30, 2010

Deactivation of Mobile Sim


This is to bring into your notice that I was Pre-paid customer of Airtel for around 2 years and now without any intimation or any kind of Warning to Customer my SIM has been deactivated and Service provider is not ready to accept it or re-start my services. There was sufficient balance in the account which according to the Customer care executives has now been waived off. I am feeling cheated by the Organization and feels that this should be escalated and addressed and look forward for help in resolving the issue.

Thank you
Inderpreet Singh
Nov 21, 2010

Airtel failed to activate the Black Berry services on Prepaid No.9810061916

I have applied for the activation of Blackberry services on my Airtel prepaid No. 9810061916 on 10/11/2010 and opted for Plan BB5 for Rs.100/- for 7 days to try & check the services and the feature of the plan.

On 12/11/2010, I recd a message from 121 that BB services are activated and deduction of Rs.100/- has been made on the very same time and also the right top corner of my BB shows EDGE ( in capital letters) but the same was not true.

The BB services are not activated on my Airtel prepaid No. 9810061916 till date and in the last 8 days I have contacted 121, 7070 & 9871427070 several time and discussed the matter with them and wasted almost 20 hours and spend lots of money on calling these paid Nos.

When I contact 121 they are saying the services are activated pls. call 7070 or 9871427070 as only they can help me and when I contact these No. then they says their record shows that the BB services are not activated by Airtel Prepaid server so they can't help me till the services are activated by Airtel.

I don't know who is correct and where the fault is but as a true customer of Airtel who is holding the Airtel No 9810061916 for the last almost 14 to 15 years if this is the approach of airtel customer executives and the Airtel company by not taking up the matter in last 8 days and just suggesting its customer to call on another no. then I am sorry that I am an Airtel Customer for so many years.

As activation of Blackberry services on Airtel No is an internal matter of Airtel after a customer opted the services and paid the requisite fees then I failed to understand why I am suffering for incompetency of Airtel & Blackberry support team.

Pls. take this matter on high priority as already 10 days has been lapsed for activation of just a minor service.
Nov 16, 2010

Shifting of land line

I am from New delhi. My airtel account no is 13956666 and I have applied for the shifting of my landline cum broadband connection from AIRTEL on 6th November 2010 from the previuos address to my current address. But till date the shifting has not been done yet. I also called so many times on the Airtel customer care. They always assure me about the job done and they always gave me a new reference number. Now every time when I call on the customer care to check the status , Airtel customer care executives always told me that the case is under process and it will not take more then next 1 day.

I am extremely disappointed about the services that such a reputed company like Airtel. When our bill payments are delayed even for a single day we get 100 of calls but when it comes to refunding our hard earned money there is no sense of responsibility or ethics!
Nov 13, 2010

slow speed internet

hi i am rahul i am using airtel 3g usb modem micromax mmx300g its speed is very slow to operate internet services.kindly slove my problum as soon as possible thanking u.
Nov 7, 2010

unwanted services

dear sir,
I beg to state that , our network provider company airtel is sending us unwanted messages and unwanted calls , which is very disturbing.
They charges rupees for unwanted services like callertunes . i have already contact to their custumer care executive. .
but , no action has been taken yet.
Nov 3, 2010


I recieved a call from no.+917549286027 on 20-10-2010 from a so called executive from ARC (ayurvedic research centre , chennai ) that i have won 2nd prize of airtel lucky draw , a nokia N97 mobile .They took my address & said that prize will be awarded by their company ,which i will get in 10 days on payment of Rs 1575 on recieving the parcel.
IT is more than 13 days since , but i do not get my prize ,nor do those people are picking my phone (the no. is valid) . Even I, do not know what to do .
please help.
Nov 2, 2010

unwanted Love sms from 55382

I am daily receiving unwarranted sms from Airtel, and possibly they are charging me for it. I never asked for such service. I want these sms to stop immediately and Airtel should refund me any money deducted from my balance. My mobile number is 9560026340.

Nov 2, 2010

unwanted sms from 55382

I am getting unwarranted LOVE sms daily from Airtel. Please help me stop these immediately

Oct 24, 2010

Deactvation of Mobile No without any reasons

I don't know if anyone is hearing me or will this mail me reaching the right person... seriously doubr the credential of this company now...

I had taken a airtel pre-paid mobile sim some 4 years back and since then I have been using it regularly. But to my surprise the outgoing calls have been debared due to reasons unknown to me. On calling the customer care (after much attempts) i finally get to know that the number that I am using has been registered under someone eles's name with a different address. While purchasing the sim I had submitted all the required documents like address proof, id proof etc but surprisingly I realise that a company of such high repute like airtel does not manage its database properly. I also realise that in the current political scenerio where there is so much of terrorisiom etc it is highly risky of using services of such companys.

Overall I feel Airtel on which I had relied so much and had always suggestted my freinds that it is one of the best telecon companies and must always prefer to use its services, I all of a sudden feel cheated and unnecessarily harassed due to the misdoings of the company.
Oct 19, 2010

Unnecessary charges

For the fourth time, without me applying for any hello tunes service, the service has been charged for.
I am a student and do not earn, Rs.30 for me is a big sum in my balance and I am definately throwing the sim card soon. The Customer Service centre on the phone is pretty intelligently made to waste further balance and I request whoever reads this to please try contacting a human voice on Airtel's Service Center on the date 19.10.2010 as I have not been able to get through even after 15 calls.

Please look into the matter, because Airtel's goodwill is definately going bad.
And its not just me, two more people of my family have the same complaints, not mentioning how many more people I know of with Airtel Sim cards facing the same problem.

Oct 13, 2010


Dear All,
My Airtel mobile no. is not working.
I cannot make outgoing calls or receive calls.
Im losing considerable amount of business for this.
And the worst part is no one is picking up call in the Customer care dept, as all calls are diverted to airtel customer care.
I made my last call around 5pm and now it is nearly 9pm.
All this four hours i m out of connection missing business.
Please help.
Ranjana Biswas.
Oct 11, 2010

not forward the softcopy of postpaid bill

Dear sir
i am a arvind kumar and my postpaid connection no of airtel 8800430544.
i have not found the hard and soft copy of bill.
Oct 11, 2010

unauthorised services

I have been receiving daily sms es from +56363 and charged Rs.30 every month even though I did not subscribe to it. Both the number and website do not exist and when I rang up Airtel services at 121, my call was transferred to 9 and was charged to me for speaking to them. The call was answered by one Hemant and some girl who was his senior Both spoke only in Hindi inspite of me asking them to talk in English and kept disconnecting the phone after I told them my problem. I thought Airtel was more professional and would not resort to this type of thuggery. I do not need them to teach me the meanings of English words. They should teach their own staff to speak the language first. Please help!!! My mobile no is:9958562264
Oct 4, 2010

Caller Tune Charged without consent

my mobile prepaid no. 9810018197 is being used by me for over 10 years without any caller tune and today suddenly I receive a message stating that some unheard of hindi song called bahara has been set as caller tune whereas i simply hate caller tunes as a concept. all the more, i was charged 15/- rs for setting the tune and 30/- rental. i got the same cancelled immediately but the charges are already taken by the company. there's no response on the customer care line. I fully understand it's a very small amount to complain about but the point is such small amounts taken illegally from numerous clients leads to gross cheating by the company Airtel in this case and no action for reversing these charges. i also work in service industry - banking and such practices needs to be stopped and proper action is required. thanks, rahul saxena
Oct 2, 2010

poor service

I rahul gupta mobile no.9810768562 is using my post paid connection for the past six years.For the past six months there is a network problem,instead of repeated complaints to your costumer care no action has still been taken.because of this my business is being affected,so iwant you to take the necessary action & compensate for the losses i have suffered.

thanking you,
Rahul Gupta
Sep 30, 2010

subscribing the services and deducting the money without consent

Dear Sir,
My mobile number is 9871961382. time and again the airtel subscribe the welcome tune and deduct the money without opting . after reporting to custmor care no action is taken . there should be no subscription of any services without my consent.

thanking you

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