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Consumer complaints and reviews about Amazon

Purushotham Reddy
Jul 31, 2019

auto debit without consent

Amazon Standing Instruction
Payment done without my consent for 4 times without my authorization/agreement.
ALERT:Rs.199 spent via CREDIT Card xx7802 at AMAZON1258399 on 2019-07-31 & 2019-07-01&2019-06-01&2019-05-02 without PIN/OTP.

Please refund the amount asap.
Jun 29, 2019


Rs. 169.00 spent on my Card on 7-June-19 at ICL*AMAZON STANDING was processed without PIN/OTP as prescribed by RBI
I have also given the complaint to my respective card provided bank.

I have not given any instructions. Even I don't know what is ICL Amazon Standing ,Why did u charge me Rs.169/- without instruction,I couldn't find any notification or any service on my Amazon account. Please refund the amount debited from my card.
Please contact me on my mail [email protected]
May 5, 2019

Refund not issued

This is regarding my refund issued by Amazon. they have initiated the refund but it's not showing in my account.they have given two reference numbers for two products worth rs 775 and rs 804.there reference numbers are75503729105028690966331and 75503729104028671292930 respectively.please look into the matter and resolve it immediately.
Thank you.
May 4, 2019

ICL Amazon Standing instruction debit of Rs. 999/-

Rs. 999.00 spent on my Card on 30-Apr-19 at ICL*AMAZON STANDING was processed without PIN/OTP as prescribed by RBI
I have also given the complaint to my respective card provided bank.

I have not given any instructions. Even I don't know what is ICL Amazon Standing ,Why did u charge me Rs.999/- without instruction,I couldn't find any notification or any service on my Amazon account. Please refund the amount debited from my card.
Please contact me on my mail [email protected]
Ajit Singh
Apr 7, 2019

Extra Amount paid (Twice amount paid to delivery guy)

Hello ,
On Sunday (31st March 2019) amazon's delivery boy (Mahadeva S.) came with my product and by mistake I have paid twice on behalf of my wife , because she ordered from her account. I have made payment one from PhonePe account and another one from my SBI debit card.

After calling to amazon customer care they told amount will be refunded back but still amount is not yet credited to my account.

Today I call that amazon's delivery guy whom I have made payment , his name is Mahadeva S. and his number is 7353214882.

Over phone told he will come to my home and return those extra amount (2489) but now his phone is switched off.

May I know this is the behavior of amazon's delivery guy to treat their customers.

Please return back my amount which I have made extra payment . otherwise I will file a complaint in police station.

Ajit Singh
[email protected].com

Extra Amount paid (Twice amount paid to delivery guy)

Lakshman Prabhu
Jan 30, 2019

Standing instruction debit of Rs. 199/-

Rs. 199.00 spent on Card 5241XXXXXXXX3029 on 30-JAN-19 at ICL*AMAZON STANDING was processed without PIN/OTP as prescribed by RBI

My enail ID is [email protected]

I have not given any instructions. Please refund the amount debited this month and kast month

K Lakshman Prabhu
Navin Jose
Nov 16, 2018

Time and quality of the product

I ordered an replacement of the jacket which bought from Amazon due to the tread from the jacket sticks to my shirt this happens frequently, I started buying the jacket from october 2018 this fourth replace because of the same problem,same problem repeating donot care of customer and their values the pick up man came at 3pm and called me through the phone said he came for return item I said I not there at my home which was the address for the pick up,I told him that I will be available because I was at my job place please handover to me at 5pm, my pick up time is 1pm to 7pm I called and chat with the customer service team but no use they can come only in a day,not providing quality product,don't have mind and care for customer,we wait for there time.We have hold and wait in there time so pathetic service.No prior indemation what time the pick up is coming and customer is or not available and services low product now I have wait, be tensed thinking when they are coming......THANK FOR YOUR SERVICE AMAZON
Nov 4, 2018

Fraud Prices on Website

I am going to esclate this fraud infront of evryone to beware about these online sites where in display they showed

91 gm Park Avenue shaving cream cool blue at MRP 490 and after discount finally I buyed this at cost of RS.224
I shocked when I received this material only 84gm with nother shock price metnioned on box the item are deleted by blue pen to hide the MRP.
When I checked the MRP on tube it shows MRP just only Rs.65

What is going on it is shocking and unable to understnad.In my opinion government should ban amazon who are fooling us in such way.

[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],

Following are the issues
1)I ordered 91 gm got 84 gm
2)MRP scratched on the box
3)On tube MRP is Rs 65 and on website MRP is Rs499 and after discount Rs149 without any other charges

Above are the frauds

Fraud Prices on Website Fraud Prices on Website Fraud Prices on Website Fraud Prices on Website

May 24, 2018

Did not receive the order

I ordered a phone using Amazon prime on 21st, the delivery date was 22nd.
I didn't receive it, I raised a complaint and they told I'll get it on 23rd. 23rd they tell me it will get delivered on 24th.

Even after so many calls and messages to amazon, the order isn't dispatched yet. The worst part is the package is in a courier facility near my location but they won't allow me to get it from the facility directly or do they give me a phone number to contact.
[email protected]
May 19, 2018

Refund issue

Contact them at [email protected] or [email protected]

403-1474978-0675568 order id

403-1474978-0675568? status of 3 returns done on april 17 2018 please*

> >> > Karigari womens a line kurta white Rs 300

> >> > Jaipur Kurti Women's Cotton Kurti (JK2495-L_Purple_Large) Rs 450

> >> > Indigo Women's Straight Cotton Kurta (AW17GFT- 37B_Olive_M) Rs 359

I have returned it correctly and expecting a refund .
[email protected]
May 19, 2018

Refund issue

Amazon online shopping

403-1474978-0675568 order I'd.

403-1474978-0675568? status of 3 returns done on april 17 2018 please*

> >> > Karigari womens a line kurta white Rs 300

> >> > Jaipur Kurti Women's Cotton Kurti (JK2495-L_Purple_Large) Rs 450

> >> > Indigo Women's Straight Cotton Kurta (AW17GFT- 37B_Olive_M) Rs 359

I have returned it correctly and expecting a refund .

They are not Refunding nor giving me products.
[email protected]
May 12, 2018

Refund or return me the products

Order ID 403-1474978-0675568 totally 10 returned but 7 pending for refund or replacement of the products.

Though I sent correctly 4 products and rest 3 are with me as they did not Refunded my money for 4 items I have not returned rest 3 items correctly I agree it's my fault.

I am asking refund me for the correct 4 products sent nobody from Amazon picks the call or respond to my 100 plus mails sent. They have closed my account without refunding.

Even for an order of R's. 2202 they are saying we have refunded on April 27th 2018 but till not credited to my bank account as transaction was done online.

I am feed up please help me.

I am agreeing I have not sent 3 products correctly rest all I have sent, but they say we have discarded it and no refund stupid people.
Jan 3, 2018

Worst service do not trust they just fool the customers by promising the but do not provide.

Hi Team,

This is Chitikela.Praveen i have ordered Infocus Vision Midnight mobile phone as exchange to Le Eco 1s mobile phone.
I have placed the order on 13th December 2017,have placed this order with an exchange and have paid the remaining amount through the Amazon Pay Balance and through Credit Card.
It needs to be delivered by 25th December as per the date promised by Amazon. To my surprise i have received it on 26th December, and there is delay in
delivery by Amazon. Unfortunately as 25th December was "Christmas Day" during the festival time my mobile fell down and it got broken.
I have spoked to the delivery executive regarding this but he had refused to accept the mobile, i have spoken to the customer service executive of Amazon regarding this
by explaining the reasons, he had promised saying that the mobile would be taken for the exchange. I had called to the Amazon Executive on 26th December 2017 at 5:57 PM.
Request to kindly go through the call recording, as you would be having the call recorded.
Kindly listen to the recorded call, he had clearly promised to accept the mobile for the exchange.
Later he said he would arrange another delivery person the next day 1.e on 27th December 2017.
The Amazon Delivery executive had come up to me but he again refused to take the mobile for exchange, then what is the point in giving promise and assurance that they would accept the mobile
for the exchange ?
I need explanation regarding this, this shows how you are towards the customers mis guiding with the false information to the customers.
How can the Amazon Customer Care Executive agree for the exchange of the mobile .

Request higher officials to contact.

Order Details:

Booked Date: 29-Dec-2017,
Order ID: 404-2741867-9557949,

+91 9066776610
Oct 9, 2017

false blaming

I have ordered material order no is Order# 402-0426135-8667527 and neither the delivery person not came to my place or contacted even though Amazon sending me message "We would not delivered product as payment was not done". And on web site is showing message "Held for payment".
This is totally false blaming and taking credit of delay delivering ordered product.

The product is in very small in size "Generic (unbranded) Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Strip (30 Pieces)" and the price is also manageable at any location.

This is my request don't blame falsely, if you are getting late to delivery the product simply request.

Narayan Sutar
Jul 5, 2017

Amazon cancelled My order after 10 days of placing the order

It's very disappointing to write this mail for the very first time .

I have been a loyal customer with amazon for years together and I use Amazon even in US for all my purchases.

I'm here in India for a very short time and I will be flying to US on July 8th.

I ordered multiple products on Amazon for delivery and unfortunately for every product I had to compromise and accept refund or I have to leterally spend time on phone calls chasing my product delivery with the help of customer representative help or following up with Amazon delivery partner because they don't deliver the product and they just update on the system saying the product is already delivered.

I placed a order for two shawls which were selected my American team Lead , they are crazy when it comes to Indian stuff, she selected two shawls for me to get and after 10days of placing the request they cancel it and refund stating that seller dint confirm the shipment!!!!!!!!!! How does it sound for you !!! Does this help. I stay in whitefield I have to travel all the way to commercial street to buy this .its so embarrassing to say I haven't got the shawls for my American friend of mine. Do you atleast get to what I am referring too!!

I spoke to a manager over the phone , she was like a talking machine just following her protocols and can't even understand the situation that I'm in. Not even a percentage help I got from her.

I hate the service that amazon have rendered, the feel I got after ordering stuff , they literally made my life harder to just get what I want by paying the money.

What kind of a business Amazon is doing I don't understand.

Amazon should feel shameful to say that they don't have seller information to contact and check from them if you can get the product within stipulated time .

Order Number: 171-5389135-4798711
Jun 23, 2017

Amazon is a big cheater

I bought Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (Black, 32 GB) from Amazon, Order placed on 8 January 2017, Order ID: 406-8327616-8067568

Amazon is a big cheater, they told that I will get the Rs 5% cashback, if I pay the money through HDFC credit/debit card,
till 3months they were saying I will get cashback, but now they are saying "Cashback offers itself was not there for the product".
Please don't believe Amazon and its cashback offers, even some of my friends faced the same issue.
May 31, 2017

Regund not Recieved


I made an order in Amazon with order number #405-3556931-1706745
And I sent the product back to them
And in Amazon they mentioned that they refunded the amount
But i dint get any amount in my card
I asked amazon about this query and there is no proper response frm amazon

They are cheaters
They are initiating fake refunds and Robbing money from customers

I dont recommend Amazon to anyone

The amount i lost with Amazon is 2219/-rs
May 17, 2017

Selling Detective product Apple iPhone 6 (space grey, 32gb)

I have purchased iPhone 6 from Amazon on 11/05/2017. But i have received defective item, it is generating over heat automatically, I'm not using this mobile now and i kept it aside. I was attracted by the Amazon offer so i purchased this item but now I'm really disappointed with this and i wanna go with refund as i can't spend that much huge amount on defective product. Kindly understand the pain of customer regards to this coz Ur policy says there is no return or refund on this product but pls think from customer end. Every company looks customer satisfaction, if customer is not satisfied then what is the use of policy, next time i can't dare to purchase anything from Amazon.

Pls don't ask me to go iPhone store coz i purchased from Amazon because i believe you, otherwise what is the use of purchasing from Amazon i can directly purchase from IPhone store only.

I'm escalating this since 3days bt I'm nt finding any help so I'm writing this to you and looking for REFUND.

Looking forward for reply
Sree Nanda Kishore
Feb 24, 2017

Courier charges refund

Hi Team,

I order a refrigerator stand in Amazon which is seller fulfilled priced 575 October 2016 but got a defective product and was not packed as it would normally be (images attached) and as it is seller fulfilled I had to ship it back myself but I had lots of issues sending it because the local guy refused to accept package without the carton and I went to main office of DTDC courier arranged a carton and send it after 90 Days of struggle ( as per amazon policy no such timeline for return)courier number D31916338 on 06/02 mean time I had contacted amazon multiple times for reverse pick up but the only thing the customer service representatives told me it doesn't matter how it costs wat ever extra costs we will refund is what they kept repeating. After sending this parcel I sent courier receipt to them they said they would take 14 days for investigation when I called on 21/02

Below are the reason they said
1. How can they refund 2140 for a 575 worth product.
They were the ones who told to send it no matter wat in the first place.(No such Maximum charges as per amazon policy attached)

2. They alleged I have done forgery with Bill..

I said I can mail original bill copy to them they denied. ( bill attached)

3. The courier company has mentioned in the receipt as 18.88 kg which is the dimensional weight (l*b*h)cms/4750 here it is 78*67*18

DTDC courier official page


I explained this but they denied to accept this (attached bill)

4 They asked as to why parcel was not delivered to seller.?

I told that I called amazon customer care on 10 Feb saying that I was contacted by DTDC courier official saying the recipient refused to accept the courier.. They representative refused to believe me. (attached the confirmation mail from seller that he refused it)


Finally when I said I wanted to talk to his supervisor he said to whom ever you talk we won't refund this amount and disconnect the call at 9 PM and I called multiple times until 12 AM but in vain..

I can also submit my bank statement for 2140 that I paid in my card and my postpaid bill copy to show the amount of times I ve contacted amazon before sending and after sending if required.

I write this to you as a last ray hope I have paid my hard earned money and I hope will get justice for this.

Thanks in Anticipation..


Original product as received
Courier original bill copy
DTDC dim weight calculations policy.
Amazon self return policy screen shot
Seller refusing to accept email screen shot.
Product after packaged.

Best Regards
Sree Nanda Kishore R
Feb 9, 2017

refund not credited

Your Account Amazon.in
Message From Customer Service

Your refund of Rs.33399 has been processed successfully on 2017-01-23. The amount should reflect in your account by 2017-01-28.

The Authorization Code (Refund Reference Number) for the transaction is 256498.

In case you do not receive the refund within 5 business days, please contact your bank’s customer care and mention the above Authorization Code (Refund Reference Number). Please remember that you will have to call your bank’s customer care center and not visit the branch for this query.

Some nationalized banks may take more time than usual to credit the refund. If your bank is unable to locate the refund with the authorization code provided, please dispute the transaction as 'refund not processed'. On disputing the transaction, the bank will see a pending refund and will follow the path back to our payment processor to locate the refund.

& the intimation regarding returning of the amount on my card by the firm. however, the subject amount is not yet credited to my account till to date.
Please reconcile and do the need full to credit the amount in my account at the earliest

thanking you.

Jan 15, 2017

Incorrect cashback credited for order number: 403-7704893-4419563.

My name is Pradeep. I have done the transaction with Amazon App on 4th October 2016 using hdfcbank credit card and its order id is 403-7704893-4419563. When i have transacted using hdfcbank credit card, there is an offer of 15% cashback with Amazon App. So, i have used the Amazon App for transaction.

As amazon app is used for transaction, 15% cash back to be credited for my hdfc credit card. But i have received only 10% cashback on hdfcbank credit card on 31st Dec 2016.

Hence, i called to customer care and they have told me i have done the browser transaction, inspite i have done the transaction using Amazon App.

As i have done the transaction using Amazon App for order id 403-7704893-4419563 with hdfcbank credit card, please let me know how to get the remaining 5% cashback.
Jan 8, 2017

TDS not re imbursement

We are disappointed by seller amazon TDS re-imbursement team, we have applied for a TDS re-imbursement on 5th,August;2016 via Case ID1562885452 for the amount of seventy four thousand five hundred and nine rupees(74,549 rupees) which is our legal liability. We were been been told everytime for the last five months that it will reflect in next payment cycle, but it is not reflecting till now. Amazon is been fooling us for last five months, why amazon is not re-imbursing our rightful money. We have left with no option other than go to consumer court. We are been forced by amazon team to go and file case against than for claiming our right ful hard earn money.
Jayeprakash p
Oct 19, 2016

Moto service

I purchased moto g 4th gen plus mobile from amazon, there was a problem while charging, i went to moto service center there is no responce, what is the use of garanty nd warnty....
Oct 14, 2016

Pathetic services seems fraud

Never ever try out amazon who either fool u or make fun out of u..

I placed an order my first order with amazon expected delivery date 14th oct and from 12th oct the product is reflecting in Bangalore (jakkur) which is 12mins from my place but still not delivered and customer care sucks only they been trained on soft skills and has no contact details of courier prople.. then why bloody they cc..

Don't have clue whom to and where to contact they even spoiled party at home..

Tracking #############
usman ghani
Oct 5, 2016

not active service

Service not active

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