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Consumer complaints and reviews about Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI

Sep 24, 2021

Dog Breeder did not give papers

Pet shop with the name PETZONE is run by Dhaval Parmar in Vadodara at 3, Krishna Park, Near Tribhuvan Park, Near Khodiyar Dairy, Vasna Road, Vadodara, Gujarat. I bought a dog from him. He asked me if I need papers of the dog and the chip of this dog. I said yes and then he took additional Rs. 5,000/- for the papers and chip.
Now almost 2 years have gone by and he has not given me papers and not even the chip.
He does not even taken my calls nor reverts to my messages.

Such people who run such business and cheat their customers should be handled by the authorities properly.
Shreya Singh.9
Jun 28, 2021

Pet bird

Hello sir/madam
I'm living at thakurpukur in Kolkata. A family in our neighborhood runs the business of selling birds. A major issue is that the birds keep crying all day. A Macau keeps crying continuously the entire day and the noise is so loud that it disturbs. We can't release them as the birds are worth Rs.1.5L(approx). The voices are so painful and can't be ignored

Hope you take an immediate action

Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh.9
Jun 28, 2021

Pet bird

Hello sir/madam,

I'm Shreya Singh.. living at thakurpukur in Kolkata. A family in our neighborhood runs the business of selling birds. The major problem is that the birds keep crying all day. A Macau cries the entire day and his voice so loud that it disturbs . We can't release the birds as they are worth Rs.1.5 L (approx) . But this noise is creating a problem as they are very painful and can't be ignored

Hope you take an immediate action
Shreya Singh
Jun 1, 2021

Cheating by dog breeder

So we purchased 2 dogs on 24th evening by 6:00 pm. They were handled to us by 2 drivers through a breeder. Both dogs ( 2.5 month old) came from Amritsar.The breeder gave us no physical card of their vaccination on that day though when we were asking before purchase he gave us photo of their vaccination cards. The dogs were good on 24th night . However 1 dog started vomiting the next day and the other dog was having constipation. We thought they aren’t able to digest pedigree. On 27th when both of them started doing vomiting , we took them to doctor . They were having fever , the doctor gave them injections . But still the condition was same. On 28th doctor told they are suffering from parvo and they were infected since 7days and he gave them injections saying they can’t be given drip since they have fever . From 29th onwards they were given drips twice daily and on 31st night one male dog expired.Doctors made us clear that these dogs haven’t been vaccinated otherwise situation wouldn’t be this worse .Since the incubation period of parvo is 7 days , and they showed severe symptoms from 3rd day itself , it is a direct case of fraud with us , even the doctors claim they were infected from before. The breeder took in all 43000 rupees from us and now he has stopped answering our calls or responding to our messages. Please help me get my money back that was taken through deceit. The name of dog breeder is ‘Guru Singh Randhawa’
lucy goldy
May 28, 2021

cheated and frauded by breeder

I bought a golden Retriever on 31 Dec 2020 from a breeder named Kapil and located Laxmi Nagar, a Geeta colony. So, he told us that puppy is healthy and heavy bone and champion breed and after 3 months my puppy had a fracture(right-front handleg) and today (28.5.2020) got another fracture ( right back leg) also my veterinarian told me your dog whole bone structure is dull and she is not heavy bone breed. my puppy got sick most of the time. So I called the breeder and told him you cheated me and frauded me and told him to compensate me. so, he started abusing me, my family, my parents, sisters everyone and I said very politely I'll file a complaint against you or will tell the whole this incident where he registered my doggy. then he said confidentially "chute** jo krna hai krle darta ni m kissi se". and disconnected. I called the club named the K9 club and told him the whole incident and they said WhatsApp me the puppy videos and later on said I'll call you at 6 pm, and will help you out for sure. so they didn't call me moreover I called the club 4 times and they didn't respond. Tell me what I should do.
Mar 25, 2021

mistreatment of dog

I am Pompy and I stay in Kolkata. I am a mother of a 4.5 months old Labrador. We call a veterinary doctor at home for routine check up. My baby was in a playful mood when the doctor visited and during check up he slapped by baby 2 times so hard that my baby was sitting silently in shocked for few minutes, I don't think this is the way a dog should be treated.When I asked the doctor why he did this, he said that this is the way he controls them. I would like to file a complaint against the doctor and would like immediate action to be taken against him. Name of the Doctor- Uday Saha Regd- 2088
Mar 8, 2020

Pet breeder selling diseased puppies

I used online forum to find a pet shop to adopt a puppy in Bangalore. I found a legitimate pet shop on which had many ads for selling small puppies. I contacted the shop owner and went there. He made a very promising speech about the puppies and their health conditions and sold us one nice puppy. We believed the shop owner as he had legitimate certificate. After we took the puppy home he did not eat anything except cerelac and we complained about his health to the owner but he said that it is normal for first few days. After few days we tried giving him other dog food but he did not eat that also and we again called the owner about this. Each time he gave us different solution of which none worked. After few more days, the dog started showing some health issues so we took him to the doctor. Doctor immediately told us that the dog is suffering from a deadly viral disease called distemper which is only transferred from other animals. The incubation period for this disease is more than 2-3 weeks which means the dog don't show symptoms until 2-3 weeks later. This means he was carrying this deadly virus from other pets when he was with his owner. Also, we did not take the dog out of our house so he did not come in contact with any animal. I tried to explain all these things to the owner and he refused to accept his mistake and did not compensate for anything. Now the situation is that there is a high probability that dog is going to die because of this or if he survives, he won't have long life and there is no cure for this. We had lot of mental and financial suffering. There is a possibility that other buyers can also suffer as this dog was in contact with other pets which were offered for sell. This owner is spreading diseases to other animals indirectly. It's my duty to inform as many people as possible about this situation.
Breeder contact information is as follows

Nov 28, 2019


Respected sir/Mam
I reside in Sobha sapphire apartment(North Bangalore).Society is so cruel with pet dogs.Not even allowed to take for a walk.They complain when dogs bark.Highly insane .We have to take dogs through basement.Not even allowed to use lift.Troubles a lot through threatening using contacts.Especially older community is creating havoc in our premises.Please do something against such atrocities.Dogs are not even allowed to bark.such unhuman behaviour.
swati rawat
Aug 9, 2019

Mass goat slaughtering in premier residency kurla west

I would like to draw attention that in premier residency society kurla west mumbai all muslims bought goats and tied them all in basement in the name of bakra eid and some of them kept it in house (lot of goat noises from G block) and soon they will slaughter them in basement,Can you take proper action to stop this cruelty.
[email protected]
Aug 8, 2019

Pet rules

The AOA Atrium Owners Assn where I reside has mad bylays contrary to ones contained in the AWB rules. Heavy fines are imposed on pet owners for noncompliance I feel highly intimidated and my aging pet is psychologically distretressed. Implore you to intervene and remedy or regulate the existing rules
Thanking you
L 404
The Atrium
22 Kalakshetra Rd
Chennai 600041
[email protected]
Aug 8, 2019

Intimidating pet rules formed by REA

My apartment RWA has made bilaws like huge fines restrictions to movements of pets in my apartment complex. The Atrium 22 Kalakshetra Rd Thiruvanmiyur Chennai 600041My pet dog feels threatened and is psychologically upset. I request you to intervene and do the needful
Thanking you
Neetu Bradwaj
Apr 14, 2019

To aware a man for his cruelty beaten a dog

Dear animal walfare i am a boy a who living in mukandpur new delhi . On date 14 april 2019 in morning time. A man is living on rent in our society brutally killed my favourite dog for just for just a litte bit scratch to his child while his child irritating him . Soo his father take a wooden plank and hit him on his head while he is in sleep. After his father walkout from there the dog is screamy very badly his is not working properly due internal bleeding in his head he die after an half an hour . I feel soo bad for that i can't do any thing for That dog due to sunday there is to much traffic or goverment animal hospital not near by us.. so i want complaint for that man who. Killed my street dog . I want that goverment. Should take an action for him make a aware camp in my society to aware. All that animals not alone if they hits him. He should get a punishment for that. Sooo please take my complaint and checkout in my area for my help.

Aug 9, 2018

Society is Charging extra money for pets

Dear sir.
I am rajni...living at New ranip in Ahmedabad ..our society charges 500 extra money fr maintainence if we have any pet...that's a very partial decision...they are not ready even fr those who are on rent with their pets.. society members bring a notice from them to leave d place within few months...
Normally maintenance charges are just RS 1000 but we have to pay 1500 bcz Of our pet . That is a very partial decision they are not ready to discuss with us even..in actual they all wants to band pets in society. Kindly give a solution .. action..or some advise that what should we have to do now...
Hoping for a positive revert!

Thanks n regards
A pet lover citizen
Apr 24, 2018

Neighborhood harassing us to not to bring pet to park

Hello Sir,

My society peoples are harassing us every day and telling us that we should tie our dog in house and should not bring him to the public park. It's their daily issue also they are not ready to listen to awbi policies and threatening us that they will file complaint against us and that too false.

Please help us as our dog is scared and we are facing this issue every day.

[email protected]
Apr 24, 2018

Neighborhood harassing us to not to bring our pet to park

Hello Sir,

My society peoples are harassing us every day and telling us that we should tie our dog in house and should not bring him to the public park. It's their daily issue also they are not ready to listen to awbi policies and threatening us that they will file complaint against us and that too false.

Please help us as our dog is scared and we are facing this issue every day.

[email protected]
Apr 12, 2018

IDA Deonar

IDA indian defence animal has no proper equipments in operation theatre. And they do opeeation and leave the animals in cage without giving proper injections and some glucose to them.My cat bleed a lot they didn’t gave any medicine to her after operation she already lost much blood. They threw her aside after operation and said if she in consicousness then she will survive. But called them and told please give her glucose or keep her under observation. No one listens all labours are working there is no nurse only labours are there. Next morning they call and said that cat died. I told them she didn’t died you killed her and you kill many animals like this. Please media or powerful people please close this government hospital.
Apr 9, 2018

Illegal poultry farm for sacrifice etc.

Residents of C 22 B (3rd floor), Kalkaji, New Delhi-19 are having Illegal poultry farm and use the birds for sacrifice etc. Not only the birds cause a menace and can lead to diseases for the children around, but also the atrocities faced by the animals/birds are heartbreaking. No action till date even after informing local authorities.
Apr 6, 2018

Poor pet care

I would like to draw the attention of corncerned authorities towards the matter of poor pet care in my neighbouring(A-206(not sure about 209 or206) derawal nagar delhi9 .The dog is left out in rain tied through a rod without food for most of the time,he cries all the day . He is very kept there.
I hope you would take immediate action against the veterian .
A concerned citizen
Mar 31, 2018

Cows killed brutally

Cows in Bangalore Doddanekkundi Marathahalli Bangalore-37
Are killed brutally to their life keeping them under JCB wheel and sometimes hitting the cows with stones
Hope you take immediate action
Thank You
A consered Citizen
Mar 22, 2018

Torturing dog in society

This is regarding some challenge facing in our society about Stray Dog. 2 dogs stays (born and brought up) in society since from 2011 (when construction of the building was going on), till date. Now some residence don't like these stray dog in our area / society and they ask or pressurised security guards to remove them from society and security guards obeys their order due to fear of their job. As human being and animal lover, I oppose this cruel act. But strange no one support me in this. Fear is, some day they will deport or kill them. These dogs are not aggressive but if security guard torture them like this then definitely they will.

For this, I was visited Rabale police Station and as per their suggestion I am writing this to you.

On 2nd Oct 2017 already other 1 Stray dog (not anyone from above two) killed in our society premises by ran over the car, which I can't legally complaint due to lack of evidence and proof but security guard told me this incident.

Kindly suggest, legal procedure / process to protect stray dogs or kindly legally deport them at safe place where they can stay peacefully.
DrShiwali Amol Anande
Mar 20, 2018

Tortured dog

One dog (black lab)is always chained 24 hours outside the house. Even in harsh sunlight and rains. He is not taken for walk. Just chained for their house security.
Address : Vidyanagar .Near R k nagar . Morewadi. Kolhapur.
Feb 5, 2018

Illtreatment and cruelty to a dog

A dog at house no. 44,anandpuri,boring road, Patna is not given food and the dog cries for whole day. It had been kept outside in the open during winters.
Dec 19, 2017

Dog being brutally beaten up


I saw a men roaming in night with bamboo 2 or 3 time but yesterday night (19-12-2017) at 00:50 am I saw him hitting a street dog who was playing there very badly, dog was not able to getup but any how he run from there or else the man would have killed her.

Above incident happen at
Bhayander -East
Vimal Dairy Road
Kashi Nagar
Thane - 401105, Maharashtra
Nov 29, 2017

Vetinarian treat only if we pay him the bribe

Hi all,

One of the poor service we could see in government hospital in Gudalur[The Nilgiris]. He treats the animals only if we bribe him.
Nov 29, 2017

No proper response in Vetinary hospital

Dear sir,

In Gudalur[The Nilgiris] there is no proper response from the doctors,sub-ordinates in vetinary hospital.Money collected for free medicines.The employees of vetinary hospitals not respecting the publics.

treatment is given only on Bribe.

Expired medicines are distributed.

Mr.Nanjundan:He dont respect public,he asks bribe if we took him to our sheds.every monday,tuesday he is late to office.He dont pick the phone from public if we call him for treatment.we have lost many goats and cows because of this guy irresponsibility.

Public are asked to get tea treated as pueon from outside.


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