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Consumer complaints and reviews about Aon Hewitt

Feb 10, 2017


I moved from one zip code to another, and by during so it kicked me out of my insurance plan and caused me to choose another plan. At the time I wasn't aware that I was choosing a plan that wasn't covered by AON. When I realized what had happened. I called AON and was advised that I had chosen and insurance plan that was not covered by Aon. When I spoke to a representative from Aon, I was told that one option was to write a letter of Agency of Record Request in order to continue receiving my health reimbursements. That was on April 20, 2016. In October /2016 I called AON during open enrollment. I questioned the agent, and she mentioned United Healthcare and what the plan had to offer verses the plan that I was own. The agent never mentioned to me by not accepting United Healthcare for the year 2017 that I wouldn't be eligible for the health reimbursement for 2017. I questioned the agent about would I be receiving the $ 2700 for 2017 and her response was yes. On January 4, 2017 I called to see what my balance was and the recorded message gave me an amount of $300. I called AON an spoke to an agent. After other calls, I was advised to write another Agency of Record Request. On January 17, 2017 I fixed the letter. It appeared I wasn't getting anywhere with AON, so I called AT&T Benefits and spoke to Holly, after she assign a case, she informed me that she didn't see any activity that had been made by AON. Holly closed my case, and the matter still has not been resolved. I took it on myself to call my insurance carrier, and I was told that AON hadn't sent an order. The representative from Coventry Healthcare insurance took down the information that I was given from AON including the agent name Jodi Faulk and her National Producer Number that was provided by the agent Jodi Faulk. After numerous attempts no one from AON has tried to contact me. It has been a nightmare, and caused more stress and depressed. I was advised on what actions to take, but it has gone on deaf ear, and one agent after another has lied. All the agents that I spoke with tells me something different.
robert bilske
Nov 17, 2016

The people at AON do a very poor JOB

The ceo at AT&T should get rid of AON ,because these people do a very poor job.Their service to AT&T retirees is a joke. speaking as a comtech with 30 with the company,if I had service customer in this fashion I would have been fired...AT&T management better correct this problem...you are hurting all your RETIREES........
Lousy service
Oct 13, 2016


Cannot get help online or via telephone...frustrating. Must be a terrible place to work, since no one seems to care....
Sep 26, 2016

No customer service, no return calls

Trying to straighten out a short term disability claim. They have no voice mail. They do not return emails. They do not return calls. You are assigned a "case manager" that appears to not even have a high school education and does not communicate with you at all. Ended the short term disability claim without ever talking to me. My doctor's paperwork clearly stated my return to work date but they chose to ignore it and cut me off 5 weeks early. Why a company as large as The Boeing Company would choose to use this incompetent company is beyond me. I pay for my benefits and these suck. I can only hope that my pension is not managed by this outfit. You are only a number on a piece of paper. There is no human consideration whatsoever.
May 13, 2016


I am writing to inform all of Aon Hewitt that one of there team managers by the name of Chad Conde is a racist, and he does not need to be a manager. I will be filing a complaint with the state of Illinois, and getting a lawyer to accept my case. I started with Aon Hewitt in August of 2012, and would like to say when I first started with the company I enjoyed my job as a benefits specialist. I started to hate my job and the manager that I only had for 6 months before he fired me over nothing. after and before I was fired he made sure all the African Americans would quit or he would get them fired. He is a racist and does not need to work for a company like Aon Hewitt, also he is very rude to his employees and to his customers/clients if you all listen to some of the manager calls that he takes in the office you will hear just how rude he is to the clients/customers. I filed a complaint against him to the HR team at Aon Hewitt when I was working there, but no one did anything. I never in all of my time of working have I ever had a manager as rude and disrespectful as Chad Conde is to his employees and to his customers. I hope my complaint get into the right hands of someone that really cares about there company Aon Hewitt.
May 6, 2016

Denied my Short Term Disability Claim even without doing the interview.

After filing a claim thru Boeing Total Access, I was called for the initial interview buy a person named Shawn, with Aon Hewitt. He called me at 8:39pm and I politely made the comment he was working late; he did not know what state he was calling or the time in my state of Arizona. I told him no problem, let’s do the interview and get it done. Nope, he then tells me that his shift ends in just a few minutes and so he can’t do it now. HE CALLED ME 5 minutes before his shift end at 8:44pm! So, we set a time (10am) for the following day…..no call, I waited a couple of days and had to called them. Can’t call Shawn directly, it is only someone to take a message. No response, called again, same thing. Spoke with Boeing HR about this and I thought they would be able to help, nope, got what I thought was a concern but turned out to be more BS.
About 4 weeks later, my manager sends me a text and tells me my claim was denied, I received nothing from Aon Hewitt about it. The web site via Boeing Total access is useless, you can’t “manage” anything or look at why it was denied. Two weeks after I was denied, my condition is COPD and a heart condition, they sent me an email of the denial, hours later I received a call and was told it was denied. I asked the reason and she did not know, I asked what the denial date was and it took her 3 minutes to even find it. I asked her why it took 2 weeks to notify me of the denial, my manager was told the day it was denied? She had no answer at all and couldn’t even form a sentence to my simple question. Blah blah blah. Mind you I still have not completed the interview which would have allowed me to use my sick time and/or vacation time for my pay while on leave.
I decided just to give up and return to work, so I made appointments with my primary care doctor, my cardiac doctor and my pulmonologist to tell them I was going to return to work. ALL 3 doctors have what I would call, been harassed by Aon Hewitt with more and more paperwork to fill out. The initial required doctors statement was 9 pages of my health details. When I went to my Pulmonologist he made it clear that I was no longer welcome as a patient, because of the crap/harassment he went thru with Aon Hewitt.
I returned to work, despite what my doctors advise and decided that my health was more important than the stress and crap all Boeing employees have to endure while employed there. Today, about 2 weeks after returning, Aon Hewitt called and wanted to know if I was going to return to work on my old return date in May and if they can help me in any way. This is the new norm in America, and I truly find it disgusting that we only care about the bottom line of a company. I have put in for my early retirement from this discussing company and the sub companies they use for our useless benefits.
Apr 13, 2016

1 year overdue payout Pension/provident fund


My previous Company Vmed invested my money with AON , I resigned a year ago and have been waiting for my pay-out since then . I have been in contact with other ex-ployees and two weeks after resignation they received their pension/provident fund pay-out . After numerous follow ups they have now come back and said that they never had all my documentation to , term they used was de-invest my monies in order for the payment to be released . As per my benefit statement monies owed to me Is between R24k - R26 k , now one has to hear that the company is under liquidation , there is no longer a call centre and the only person that I should deal with is a lady called Darleen at the liquidation office . One would think that after waiting for a year this matter would be treated as urgent which would/could result in a emergency pay-out but no I get told that it has to go through channels , I even emailed the necessary people my lease for a place to stay hence following up with the monies . As I need to pay a advance and 1 month but no response nothing .

Mar 16, 2016

Ecelity Global(Aon Hewitt) - Worst ever HR outsourse I have ever seen

These people are incompetent. I had a worst experience while doing tax calculation and had to pay an unnecessary tax of INR 54000.00.
The website and systems they follow are useless and deserves dust bin. I don't understand why my company is still keeping them?
Ginny Litz
Mar 13, 2015

AON,s incompetence and refusal to return a call

First we were told to be available for a 3 hr. window on Oct 28th to register for our healthcare. They never called. Never got a call back from "our" agent so we got through to a different person who registered us. Never heard another word from AON but on Dec. 20th the day before we are leaving for four months I got a letter from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield that I have been denied insurance. I left many messages and finally got a manager to help me and he came up with a fix. I was never told that I couldn't sign up for the same insurance that I already had so he recommended that I write a letter to Humana my Medicare Part D carrier and request a change of agent. I wrote the letter on Jan. 11th and have not heard a word other than the letter I got from AON saying I didn't sign up for any insurance through them and I only had a few days to do so. Since then I have called this manager twice and his phone message says he will return a call in 24 hrs. The second time I call I mentioned that it was 3 days and I still hadn't heard from him. Obviously he is not going to return my call. I am beyond frustration
Feb 17, 2015

AON, The Incompetents

I have found the AON AT&T health exchange partnership to be totally incompetent. The AON web site is/was constantly changing as to what is available for a specific zip code. How can one make a medical choice with a moving target? For over a month the number of options changed almost daily!

I have experienced the following events or non-events with AON:
No call for a scheduled conference call
No returned call from a consular when left a message, ever (multiple times)
No response from a AON’s web site “contact us” EVER (multiple times, 8-10)
Misinformation from their registered agents.

Long wait times on their 800 number (45-60 minutes) (poor management). Who would have thought at enrollment time AON would receive many, many calls especially after AT&T kick out 1,000’s of retirees from their corporate health plans.

Web site gives misinformation
For example, annual drug costs do not add up.
Premium + deducible + copay do not add up to the posted annual costs. WRONG!!!!!

Why is their so much negative information about AON on the internet?

Why did the folks that I signed up with for health insurance, not AON, know about the AON fiasco and class action lawsuits?

Also, since AON is worthless, I complained to AT&T benefits whom contacted AON on my behalf. Wanda Zehner from AON call me about the complaints to AT&T Benefits. Wanda Zehner supplied me with her contact information. 1-800-928-8027 (AON), option 5 (connect to an employee), extension 70169. The phone system responds, “connecting”. Dead air. 5 minutes latter, dead air. 10 minutes,20 minutes latter dead air. While I have been typing this letter its been 24 minutes calling Wanda, dead air….

Also, the thought of AON administrating the AT&T/HRA is totally freighting… Based on their history, I will receive wrong/incorrect information. Long wait times on their 800 number and general BS!

This is what I worked for over 30 years with AT&T for!
Feb 11, 2015


I have a Court Oder from a PepsiCo Employee (my ex-husband) for Child Support Payments. AON Hewitt took over the Wage & Garnishment for PepsiCo about 1 1/2 years ago. This has been a NIGHTMARE every since!
#1 They mail out PAPER CHECKS!! It's 2015!! Why are we still waiting on PAPER CHECKS in the mail?!!
#2 They mail out the PAPER CHECKS whenever they feel like it! You never know when the check will arrive in the mail!!
#3 When you try calling, all you get is the VM system to leave a message!!

This Company is the WORST I've ever encountered! I Pray everyday that PepsiCo drop them and get a more Experienced and Professional Company to handle their Wage & Garnishment Dept!! Ughhhhh
KL Mad in Texas
Jan 14, 2015

Poor Poor Customer Service

I am a county government worker in a Texas Metroplex. I've dealt with this company from 10-27-14 until 1-14-15 after they were hired by TX ERS to audit persons that were insured by them. Even though their records indicated that my wife and I had been insured previously for many years with United Healthcare system, AON Hewitt chose to drop my wife due to the fact they didn't approve of the information that I furnished them as proof of marriage. Without any notification from them they dropped my wife from my company insurance on 9-30-14. Unaware of this, she went to the hospital in October and received the news from Admissions that she no longer had insurance. I was extremely upset and contacted my insurance system and was in turn advised to contact AON Hewitt because it was the result of their audit. I did so and they provided me with appeal information. I appealed the decision on November 25............never heard anything back from AON Hewitt. I re-contacted AON around December 23 after my wife had to go to the ER. Since that time I have called numerous times. Each time I am put on hold for extended periods of time waiting for a supervisor. I never was able to actually speak to a supervisor. This went on till Jan 14, 2015. My TX ERS called through a back number and advised me that my wife was re-instated for insurance on January 8, 2015. I actually called AON Hewitt yesterday and they couldn't even tell me that. I again requested a supervisor and was never called back. AON Hewitt has the worst customer service that I've experienced in my 33 years in the work force. I am letting my organization, my subordinates, my healthcare provider know what a unprofessional organization AON Hewitt is!!!!!!!!
Arvind Balasubramaniam
Jan 12, 2015

Non existent email support

I've been trying to upload a proof document on their portal, but their ID isn't appearing. I noted the issue and told customer support around 10 days back but haven't heard a word back. I've tried 2-3 email Id's as well but no bueno. This is despite them promising a turnaround time of 3 days.

Totally unprofessional service.
Dec 24, 2014

ATT retiree health

After several hours on the phone with Aon Hewitt to sign up for a Medigap and prescription plan, I was told that everything was set. Not being a computer aficionado, I did not check to see if all was well. About a month and a half latter and not having received documentation of coverage, my son decided to check the website to see if everything was set. When he checked, he saw that I was I was onlysigned up for the prescription plan but no medigap coverage was listed. We set an appointment for me to speek to my advisor. We were given a two hour window for the call and the call came one and a half hours late. Anyway, I figured I was all set. The date is Decemeber 21 and my coverage with ATT will end on December 31. Not wanting to leave it to chance, my son checked the website the next morning, all is good it says application being processed. That evening my son checks again and now there is nothing listed as if I did not wait and participate in a phone call meeting. Next step, try to get a hold of someone who can do something at Aon Hewitt. After speaking and web chatting with several different phone answerers, calling the advisors extension and getting silence instead of a beep to leave a message, and speaking to someone who promises a phone call - still nothing. We are very worried that I will not have health coverage come the new year. Why didn't my advisor contact me when the plan didn't go through the first time. I think ATT should have checked out this companies record before choosing them as the company to handle their retirees health benefits. Just reading this page is enough to cause a person to look further. It all comes down to the almighty dollar and unfortunately, I don't have enough of them to pay my own insurance. This whole process is giving an old man undue stress and little faith in future generations ability to handle the future.
Dec 11, 2014

Worst Customer Service

We are AT&T retirees and forced to go to AON for our transition to insurance for medicare supp. and/or prescriptions. Just a few examples of the service we have received:
(1) I waited on hold for approximately 45 minutes and when the call was answered by AON, she hung up on me when I explained that I just had a question and did not need to sign up for insurance.
(2) The insurance plan that we had decided on was removed approximately Nov. 26th from the AON website. No one will call us back to explain.
(3) We have an email confirmation for a "consultation call" with our Advisor. She never called us. We have called and she is never available, person on the phone cannot help us and will send an "email to our Advisor" to have her call us. What an abysmal joke.
(4) They have no information on our HRA accounts but they will be in charge of handling same? Told us to "wait until you get your HRA package" for any questions.
We enrolled in prescription coverage through AON because we had to in order to get our HRA. We have gone to another broker and received excellent service for our medical insurance.
Joyce Marx
Dec 3, 2014

ATT healthcare via Aon/Hewitt

ATT is canceling group medical insurance for retirees on 12/31/2014. They have sent us to aonHewitt Health Care Exchanges and in 10/14/2014, I spoke with my assigned Benefit Advisor, David Branch, and enrolled in Medigap coverage with Cigna Loyal Preferred Plan F which is supposedly administered by Loyal American Insurance Company. I was told that the insurance company would contact me in 2 to 3 weeks to confirm coverage and send membership cards. It is now December 3 and many hours spent on the phone and emails sent and still, I have heard nothing. I did receive one email from Aon telling me that if I had received no documentation, I should call Cigna but, sorry, they didn't have a number for Cigna. All Cigna has on record for me Is dental coverage. They said I had to go back to Aon. Aon says they will return my call in 48 hours but they NEVER do. At this point, I currently have a Medigap policy that I have had for ten years but can't cancel that until I am able to confirm coverage via the Aon Exchange but I can't get this done. What a mess! Endorse Aon? NEVER! I can't believe that a company like ATT would sell out its former loyal employees to such an organization as this. At this point I would like to cancel the policy with the Aon Exchange and obtain written confirmation of the cancellation along with the assurance that premiums will not be deducted from my bank account or Social Security check and I will keep my old coverage and pay for it myself. I have sent an email today to this effect but who know if anyone will even see it. Total nightmare.
Nov 1, 2014

son needs to get all their ducks in a row with the same memo

The first and second phone call I made, I asked the question about discounts, etc., and the son rep. told (not asked) told me to cal the health insurance I had picked out and asked them if they had any discounts. I called, and they worked up the policy I wanted WITH a discount included. I thought that was very nice. Each time I phoned each company (won & my healthcare), I was upfront and told them what was happening with the other company. I had to research, I had to stay on the computer for hours and hours because my advisor would no help me. I was on hold for hours which I didn't complain of. Except for none. The info in the booklets said if I asked questions, they'd help me. Well, no, they didn't. Kept saying they couldn't help, it was against the policy, and they sounded like they were afraid to say anything to help me. So I kept up with the questions, more questions and called the health insurance I had picked out. When it came down to the last phone call with my advisor (and yes, I had told him that the prices were cheaper from the health insurance rather than on their AON site. My advisor kept his mouth shut until we were getting down to the nitty gritty, and then, he answered me when I started to tell him again that the health insurance I picked out was cheaper, and he said YOU HAVE to PAY WHAT'S ON the AON site and that's it, in a few words or less. My husband, who never gets upset at anyone on the phone, almost blew a gasket. I was flabbergasted, I was shocked, and I was livid. All MY work that I did, after being told over and over and over and over again AON couldn't help me that much, when I WAS TOLD by AON to CALL the health insurance people I had picked out. I didn't have my emails returned, I wasn't called after my messages were sent to AON. Now, what's going on? Are the reps not being trained? Do they have short memory problems? Or when they thing they can say one thing and then another? Where are you AONHewittNavigators and at&t???? I had emailed AON and told them about this, and since they (say) are recording me consistently, it should re on a recording somewhere unless someone burned it. Go Figure..
Oct 29, 2014

Reaching Health Care Advisor?

Advisor? She is not. Sales person yes. I am required by At&T to talk to her to get my questions answered reguarding the
upcoming change in health care for my family. Aon Hewitt says that we can get all questions answered by calling our advisor.
I have tried, left voice emails and unanswered calls several times. When I did ask questions on one visit I got a run around
only to find out that the one I that called was not an advisor at all. Now I can not get answers that I need answered and there
return a call system DOES NOT.
Ed Kirscher
Aug 26, 2014

Aon "requiring" conference calls

I've received so many letters, calls etc from this entity, it's making me sick!! Today I confirmed a conference call I don't want to take place in which I understand I'll be asked personal health questions by a stranger (licensed by whom?). My alternative, according to "Brittainy" was to have no health care coverage as of 12-31-14. I am qualified for Medicare. Her statement was misleading at best!
Jan 11, 2014

for site blocking

Is your company a government office?
Are you woking for yourself only?
Is there no value of customer's time for you?
Is this site only for your use?

So, why you block Investment Declaration and Medical Reimbershment submission and open this site only few days in a year.
Why are you not open this site for whole year.
Aug 2, 2013

Worst services from hrworkways-Aon Hewitt

Hrworkways of AON-HEWITT is one of the WORST EVER eSolution service provider for HR back office processing. On top of it, the Poor service, lack of professionalism. I do not recommend any MNC to give them HR back office processing. As hewitt has such a bad name in these services, any Company associating with them, is bound to have a very bad name.
Dec 7, 2012


May 13, 2012

AON Hewitt Recruitment

Very gently I would like to know, is this the way AON Hewitt is harassing professionals in the name of recruitment.

On 27th March,2012 I received a call from one of the Talent Accusation Executive from Mumbai/India office regarding an opportunity in Cognos Lead position for Gurgaon/India Location,accordigly I got to know my CV has been shortlisted and technical panel wants to talk to me.

After a week again I got a call from one lady from Human resources team Gurgaon/India that next day will be my 1st telephonic discussion. Accordingly I received the same that day from Technical Panel ,it was around 1 hour telephonic discussion and went pretty good, panel told me you will be getting a call from HR.

Then i was waiting for the feedback for the 1st round, and as I was pretty optimistic and curious about the feedback for the 1st round, so after a week I made a call to that lady at Gurgaon office. She told me the feedback is very good and they want to go for 2nd round of telephonic discussion.

Around after 3 weeks I was schedule for another round of Technical Discussion, It was also a lengthy discussion with plenty of technical and functional questions for more than an hour. That day 2nd panel asked me about my willingness to relocate to Gurgaon(Which was positive from my side),my expectations related to compensations etc. and Panel told me we will contact you soon.

So I was waiting for the response from Aon Hewitt side, after 2 or 3 days I made a call to that lady at Gurgaon Office about the feedback for the 2nd round, She told me it’s very positive and they want to go for a VC round, but she could not confirm me any date for the same. As well as I informed her that I will not be available in town for a week, accordingly she told me once you back we will arrange for the VC round.

on 3rd of May,2012 noon Again I received a call from that lady when I was about to travel, and was asking when you will be back, I told her by 6th of May,2012 and you can arrange the VC round any day from 7th May,2012 onwards and I will inform you once I am back.

After coming back from my trip on 6th May,2012,I made a call to her on 8th May,2012.and I got to know there are some changes going on and she told me I need to have discuss with the management blah blah,after that by this week I will inform you the schedule, I told her its fine, take your time.

On 11th May,2012 after not getting any response, I again made a call to that lady, and surprisingly I got to know the position is on Hold and she wasn’t able to tell me any timeline for the same. As well as I made a call to the first person who contacted me for the first time and I was getting surprised from his comment that everything is on hold and no commitment about the timeline, We will contact you once we get intimated from management and if you have any other offer you can proceed further etc.

Gents I need your suggestion about what’s the conclusion from the above scenario I should make, Shall I think off for AON Hewitt if they contact me again.
Aug 2, 2011

Last Day in Aon Hewitt

Your English and manner of storytelling proves you do not deserve any attention from Aon Hewitt. All the best pal. Hope you understand this simple sentence and don't take it as a compliment.
Aug 2, 2011

Last Day in Aon Hewitt

I worked with AON Hewitt, and due some emergency issue I have to resign, However, ion order to survive I thought of joining and other organisation in my hometown itself. I am contineously going on asking my manager to p-rovide my last working day. But she don't even cared and threw the host to HR department.

Guys, Please don't join AON Hewitt.

Its is HR firm, guys if monkeys are kept to guard bananas, then think what will be the coincidence.

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