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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about APCPDCL

Sep 10, 2016

No Electricity

During election time all the representative make fake promises, once they win election they are least bothered about what is happening in there area,.

I have been horrified and terrified by these power cut in Gachibowli,every Saturday and Sunday there is a power cut for at least 6 hours,when we try calling these help line numbers are least bothered to even pick up phones,

Guys from now on I have decided to not to vote for these any of the representative, there is a option of not to vote for any of the candidate by going for not suitable option, so by doing this none of them will get selected and process will get repeated, so when they will spend lakhs of funds to win but neither of the party will win because of non suitability they will realize how horrible it feel when you spend your time, energy, and money and not get the desired result.(In current scenario what exactly is happening to us we pay bill, we spend our time and energy to vote for these useless people and we get nothing apart from spending time yet again in writing these complaints)

I would request everyone to go for the suggestion i have made, this will be a lesson to all those who during election plea and conveniently forget there promises and take public for granted.

Not having electricity for minimum of 6 hours in not a small issue, it need to get addressed, we have work obligation and accountability because of such a immense power cut i am unable to met those obligation and if state electricity board is unable to help me out with my obligation and I am sorry to say even I would not want support them or there representative from now on.
Aug 30, 2016

High current bill

I am receiving a very high electricity bill (S.C.No. 230302153 ) since July 2012,

I request for necessary correction in category at earliest and also request to refund or adjust whatever extra money I have paid from 2012 onward till to Date.

Suneetha Suman
Jun 13, 2016

Adjustment of excess paid amount of Rs.2494/- for the month of June 2016

I ,Ch.Ramesh Reddy, H.No.2-14, SBH Colony, Munuganoor village, Hayathnagar-501511, RR Dist, a consumer of your esteemed organisation with Consumer, service no No 2241 00823 ,belonging to Champapet (ERO) division. I got a current bill for Rs 2494/- in respect of April 2016 & May 2016 with due date for payment on 20-06-2016.
Today i.e 13/06/2016, I paid the above said bill amount of Rs.2494/- through SBH online Netbanking account @ 11:18 Hrs. But the computer displayed blank page.I have verified my bank account statement in which it was shown that the amount of Rs. 2,494/- was deducted and the same was not reflected in your website in the payment details. Again I have paid an amount of Rs.2,494/- through SBH online Netbanking account @ 11:37Hrs and this time I have received the payment receipt. Finally I have paid an amount of Rs.4,988/- against the bill amount of Rs.2,494/- for the month of June 2016. I have verified the payment details in your website in which it was found that an amount of Rs.4,988/- was paid in this month on 13-06-2016 and the soft copy of the same is enclosed for reference.
I therefore request to arrange to look into the matter & order for adjustment of excess paid amount of Rs 2,494/- in the next bill cycle month of August 2016.
I request for early action in this regard.
Thanks & Regards
Ch.Ramesh Reddy,
Consumer Service No.2241 00823,
H.no.2-14, Plot.No.276, SBH COlony,
Munuganoor village, Hayathnagar, Ranga Reddy (Dt.) -501511
Mobile No: 9493120198
Mail id: reddy_1974@yahoo.co.in
Dated 13-06-2016.

Adjustment of excess paid amount of Rs.2494/- for the month of June 2016

Apr 25, 2016

current Bill Heavy amount

Dear Sir,
Greeting For the Day
my kindly Request To You Please come and Verify The USC NO: 5522300002390 came Bill Very Large Amount Please Slove The Same.
thanks For Under Standing
Feb 22, 2016

never ending power cuts

east anand bagh, malkajgiri area is the worst in power cuts, i'm sure they would win a gold medal if power cut competition was in Olympics, nobody reading this would believe if i say that everyday they do maintenance work, and the freaking funny part is they don't know how long would it take for the power to be back on, and god forbid if in the night the power is gone u just have to hold on to your phone till the idiot wakes up and answers your phone, then u explain him the power cut issue in a minute the power would be back on,

now here is an example: at about 1 in the night we had a power cut, i started calling the power office phone number and by 3 in the morning i was out of battery on my phone, i drove to the power office and woke him up and shown him the 170 missed calls on his phone, he says the phone is in silent but it was not because when i was there some 1 else was also calling, the best part is he was stinking alcohol, so basically he was drunk and had no clue whats happening in the power office in the night, be warned guys this is the responsibility they have for us to whom we vote and stay rest assured they would take care of our problems.

we are living with the shitty roads in the city, we are getting used to corrupted police on the roads, we are purchasing drinking water, we do not have a good sewage facility, no 1 is worried about the garbage cleaning, no security for females, no 1 is bothered about the chain fucking snatchers, no one is bothered about the psycho's poking syringes on the roads, and on top of all that we still pay the fucking taxes.

Guys please join me to clap the hands for the way we live in INDIA which is the largest democracy in the entire world, I'm sure life under dictatorship is much better than this.
Naveen ogriha
Jan 12, 2016

Horrible power cuts

Why you people playing with common people? Horrible power cuts in gayatri nagar area near parvath nagar. In winter season also 4hrs power cut really shame on your electricity department. There is no intimation on power cuts no publish on news papers. Chief Minister Kcr saying on media that Telangana govt supplying 24hr power in metro cities but TSCPDCL playing with people. I'm staying in this area since 2 years but the thing is every day 3hrs power cut its really disgusting. I know its waste of time n energy to write a complaint here there will be no improvement but 1% hope by the government of Telangana .
Dec 27, 2015

Power cut

No power in rtc cross road science 7 hours , there is no response of electricity board .
Dec 12, 2015

Powercut for every 10min in gachibowli


I am Ashfaq staying in Indira nagar, gachibowli. I used to stay in home in Saturday and Sunday, for every 10min there will be a power cut from morning 11 AM to evening 5 PM. I am not getting what these electric people doing there in office, are they playing with electric city. Please take care of these kind of activities.

Note: from last two weeks I am seeing this activity.

Nov 28, 2015

No safety at transformers

No safety no cleaning no proper maintainance at transformers nr Sri kanakadurga durga Devi temple Balanagar hyd-42 contact no 9441674937 BANDARI PRABHU

Nov 13, 2015

Customer care num 1912 is not working

Don't have power from last night onwards but no one is able to respond properly. Everybody is saying to call 1912..but truth is 1912 number is not working..
artham sreeramulu
Oct 28, 2015



My house hold electricy meter is burnt may be due to high voltage, whose mistake it is? whose is responsible for this? AE of auto Nagar Mr. Narashimha Shetty is demanding to take DD for Rs.1100/- for replacement of meter and thretening he will disconnect the connection. How the house owner is responsible for this high voltage? He says that I can not complaint for this? what is the procedure for enquiry? Kindly advice me what to do? I requested to replace the meter, if meter charges has to pay by me send in the bill, but he did not accepted, what to do"?

A. Sree Ramulu, phone No. 8108956507
Aug 10, 2015

new connection

Sir already i submit total documents in coustmer service centre. New meter almost is come .but maku connection ivvaledu. Vachesina meterni nilepesaru . Dineki soluction anti amcheyalo maku teliyajeyagalaru p.r.no:1507137550013 kadali nagaraju rayakuduru veeravasaram west godavari ,ap.mob :07587712247 . K nagaraju itbpolice mha govt of india .
Aug 6, 2015

shop all pritars and xerox mishions fulll power in the shop plees control power rong conestion sir

sir my shope all printars and xerox mishons earth full power in my shop i am cpolant to vontmittta lin man and J E sir but not respons in the last one week my shope maney people in ther trabul plees control my problem
TSR Nagar
Jul 14, 2015





. We are facing frequent power failures in our area at different times especially in the middle of the night. Recently, power failures happened for more than 5 times in the same night and whenever power cuts happened your people came & resolving the issues temporarily, And also it is taking 2 to 3 hrs. to resolve the issue whenever the power failures happened, because of this we didn't have proper sleep in the nights and can't able to concentrate on our regular works. Even after so many complaints received on account of this power failure, no adequate steps are being taken by the concerned authorities. For your information, you please check the complaints register / telephonic call data etc.,

Please have a close look on the issue & resolve the problem permanently.

Thanking You,

residents of Road no-2 of Thota subbarao nagar, Ramanayyapeta, kakinada.
sai rohit krishna
Jul 6, 2015

frequent power cut

Power cut in the mid night has been increased .aspeciallly in my area i.e....,18/2 arundelpet. Even when we make a call to brodipet current office ,they are not responding well and talking very rude.it is very hard for us to sleep in the night and go to the colleges.so please take neccessary action on them and take measures to reduce the power cut in mid night .this is my humble request sir
Jun 14, 2015

Frequent Power Cuts

Respected Team,

I K Anil Kumar resident at 1st Line, Chalasani Nagar, Kanuru, Vijayawada. We are facing frequent power failures in our area at different times especially in the middle of the night, yesterday i.e. on Sunday 15th July 2015 power failures happened for more than 5 times, whenever power cuts happened your people came & resolving the issues temporarily, And also it is taking 2 to 3 hrs. to resolve the issue whenever the power failures happened, because of this we didn't have proper sleep in the nights and can't able to concentrate on my regular works.

Please have a close look on the issue & resolve the problem permanently.

Thanking You,

K Anil Kumar
ragini ravikiran k
Jun 11, 2015

power cut , madhapur

we have very unpredicted power cuts days and night in ERO 011/banjarahills, In shilpi layout, gaffor nagar, madhapur, image hospital lane almost 8 hours daily.
Jun 9, 2015

power cuts in tarnaka st.no 9

We are having unscheduled power cuts every other night in tarnaka area. Power cuts lasted from 2 to 8 hours. Please fix this issue asap.

Appreciate your help.
May 26, 2015

Power cuts at night in Gayatri Nagar (Borabanda - Comes under Kukatpally division)

From past 1 week i.e. from 20.05.2015 there are too many unscheduled power cuts especially during nights. Bad and sad part is these cuts are not for longer time also. Day before yesterday night i.e on 25.05.2015 POWER WAS DOWN FOR 6 TIMES FROM 2:30 AM - 3:30 AM causing loss on 2 lights at home. Who will take responsibility for these kind of losses?
May 24, 2015

No Power Supply from electricity pole to meter

Dear Sir,

In the last month, due to heavy strom and wind, there was no electricity supply at my home, i have booked complaint via telephone by using customer care number 155333, after registering the compliant, when ever i am trying check the status, the customer services executives were saying the respective line mens and members are on stike, one fine day (i.e., 14th May 2015) i got message by stating that "Dear Customer, Your Complaint With ID 15042150408 SW -Loose connection on pole is resolved at 11:11: 37 3-May-2015", actually problem has still not resolved till date, when ever i am trying to reach customer care number (155333), without lifiting they are disconnecting the my call, kindly look into and resolve the issue on priority. I am furnshing connection details below.

Service Number BZ044233
Unique Service No. 100223672
May 23, 2015

Unscheduled power cuts in manikonda

From past 4 days we are facing severe power cuts in our area without any notification.We dont have power for more than 8 hours at night and fluctuations during day also.Today there was no power till 6am in the morning post which power was again shut down at 10 am and has not come back until now till 3.13 pm. When we called up this number(9493193120) it was switched off. After so many trails finally it connected and some body picked the phone and they not ready to say their name and proper response also. The reason they said its overload so we cant do anything and even not able to tell the fix timings to cut power alos.

This is very rediculus answer.. Even in villages they are maintining certain time to pwer cut , but in the center of city they are not able to do that.

In manikonda electiry office people are not responding and fedup with their responses. Please look into this asap.

Thanks In Advance.

Manikonda , Hyderabad
May 23, 2015

Unscheduled night time power cuts in manikonda

Can anyone explain the reason behind unplanned,hapazard and idiotic power cuts during night time from 11 pm till 6 am in manikonda,hyderabad.Today there was no power till 6am in the morning post which power was again shut down at 10 am and has not come back until now till 2.13 pm.

Manikonda and Puppalaguda
May 6, 2015

Frequent Power Cuts - Rehmat Gulshan colony

Rehmat Gulshan colony, located in Gachibowli is facing lot of short and long power cuts daily.
Writing this complaint at morning 5:00 am. This is really frustrating. How can they have power cut at such time when they know that lot of working IT people stay there. Shame on Hyderabad power department.
Elluri Ravi Kanth Reddy
Apr 25, 2015

up and downs in supply(low voltage)

we have frequent up and down in power supply (low voltage) due to this electrical goods at are home are being damaged air conditiner bord & LED tv Bord we have given written complaint at nearest substation but no action taken.our address is

1-3/26-13/6cv D, ganji yalamandayya Steet, Vidyadhara Puram, Vijayawada-12
Hemakumar A
Dec 17, 2014


The Sub Inspector
Chief Vigilance office
Tirupathi- 517501.
Sub: Complaint against Lineman of APSPDCL
Respected Authorities,
This is Hemakumar.A working as a planning engineer in a level 5 MNC company and we are resident of sathyanarayanpuram(D.no: 21-2-176/B2) in my service number is 132810 in the name of P. Anand kumar .I am staying with my elder parents. It is here by informed to last one and half month I am not available in town due to training program in pune. It’s is small communication gap between myself and my father we didn’t pay a electricity bill in time so he is Mr. Naidu who is working as a lineman to my street he came to my house(14-12-2014) and bring fuse carriers and my father went to electrical office he did a bill payment in the same day. After then he met to Mr. Naidu request for restore the power he uses a un-parliament language to my father and my grandmother. We are really frustrated with lineman in this region and he uses to spoke to about my caste also. Please verify my bill tracker for last two years and please to be enquiry each and every person of the my street and take an immediate action against lineman.
I am enclosing all the bills for last month and do needful. So I concern you to take the action as soon as possible. It will be very thank full from your department.
Thanking sir,

Yours Obediently

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