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Apollo Gleneagles kolkata

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Apollo Gleneagles kolkata

Ansuman Ghosh
Jun 12, 2017

Bad behaviour od doctor

Apollo Gleneagles kolkata

I am a patient of Apollo Gleneagles kolkata under the guidance of Dr. Kaushik Nandi . I had an operation on 16th of May 2017, every thing went well totally satisfied with the operation but for past three weeks i am being attending Dr. Kaushik Nandi for regular check up and the behavior of the doctor disappointed us very much. He do not have the manner to talk to a guardian, he totally disrespected my family members, just because my mother Mrs. Sudha Ghosh had a query and she questioned the doctor. I would be very much thankful if this matter gets a highlight. Thank You.
Chandankumar Chattopadhyay
Feb 3, 2017

Upload of Reports

Reports not uploaded since 28-01-2017

To hospital@apollogleneagles.in 30 Jan at 9:33 PM
Reports of 2D Echocardiography ----- Evalute for CRT done on 28-01-2017
Pt Name -- Kamala Chattopadhyay F(85)
UHID AGL 0000804712
OP No. AGHLOPP 1594625
Bill No AGHL-OCS-1563977
Mob No 9732782967

Would you kindly upload the results.

With regards

Chandan Kr. Chattopadhyay
Son of Kamala Chattopadhyay
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Chandan Kumar Chattopadhyay <c.chattopadhyay_ucoite@yahoo.com>
Sadani International
Dec 10, 2016

Negligence and rude behavior of Dr. Mahesh Goenka

Dear Sir,

I am a patient suffering with inflamed pancreas for the last two months and am on medication. Given my health condition I have to take a very restricted zero oil protein free diet on regular intervals.

After enquiring from various sources, I was given to understand that Dr. Mahesh Goenka was a reputed doctor in Apollo Gleneagles and I should take his advice. I contacted Apollo Gleneagles on 7.12.16 around 9.30 am. I was told that I should reach the hospital before 11 am as billing will be subsequently closed. I was further instructed that Dr. Mahesh Goenka would see patients strictly between 9 am to 12 noon and was available for consultation on 7.12.16.

I rushed to Apollo Gleneagles and reached there around 10.45 am. I went through the registration process. I was given a bill of Rs.200/- for registration and Rs. 800/- as Doctor’s fee. My height, weight and BP was monitored in a corner of the room. Then I was told to wait. Around 12.30 pm Dr. Bhavik Shah a junior doctor was made available to do my case taking. He suggested that medication I was taking was useless and I need not be on a restricted diet either. However, he suggested an endoscopy and a C.T. Scan. I was again asked to wait till Dr. Mahesh Goenka would concede to see me.

I was feeling hungry but was at the merciful whim and fancy of this God like Dr. Mahesh Goenka. He was either on rounds or in the O.T. that is what I was told on repeated enquiry. It made me wonder if he is so busy why does he even bother to have an OPD Clinic? I kept inquiring and was kept waiting. His Lordship Dr. Mahesh Goenka was sighted post 2 pm. I requested him to see me as I was having a lot of discomfort and my prescribed fat free diet was not available in and around this hospital premises. He suddenly flawed up and told me to wait for an hour or so as he has to attend to the O.T. patient. On repeated request he just blew his top and shouting at me and told one to take my refund and he would not see me. Tell me, Sir, is this the way a doctor is supposed to treat his patients and deal with them in this ghastly manner? Is he doing me a favour? Is Apollo Gleneagles a charitable hospital? What is my fault? Why I subjugated to such inhuman treatment and humiliated? My humble request, Sir, please cancel the licence of such unscrupulous doctors and hospitals who are more like butchers trying to cut the pockets of vulnerable patients and care a damn for the patients well being. Mr. Partha Bhattacharya told me to collect the reports.

What is the action and compensation for the harassment & discomfort for mental & physical caused to us by your negligence and rude behaviour? Please reply at the earliest otherwise we have to take further appropriate actions.

Copy of my registration and refund bill are enclosed as valid proof of my statements.

Thanking you,
Nov 10, 2016

Careless & Money minded

Dr.M goyenkar is a money minded man.. all he is cared about only money... He is jst careless doctor.....
I request to everybody not to go to him..... Becos he has no time for patients... He give time to see any patients jst one minute...
Sep 29, 2016

Overall Experience

My overall experience is very bad with Apollo Glendale's Kolkata. Since 6yr nothing has been changed.
They all working for money not for patients. Patient is not their priority. If you agreed to expanse money then your luck will work not Doctor.
This month again a came to hospital after 6yr with my mom and dad for their treatment. They are 75 and 80 and fully fir but had some problem in digest.
God ... There are 5types of Test. It's OK.

Problem has not solved after getting medicine.
Again came here after 14days.
They charged me 1000 again for entry. When I asked why... They replied... U have enjoyed it free service during checking of report. Now u have to pay...
I asked whether there is any written in it prescription...

They replied..... Our word is all thing... What I said is the written....
That is the attitude of person working in billi g section of Dr Mahesh kr Goeka ...

My personal experience ... This is not hospital but the authorised place of LOOTERS.....
Sep 16, 2016

Apathay at Apollo

I would like to share the recent ordeal that I and my family experienced in the handling / treatment of my late father-in-law Mr. Anil Chakraborty by one of the so-called renowned Super Specialty Hospitals in Kolkata. He was admitted to Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata on the evening of 28 August 2016 that too after waiting for four hours in a critical condition. My father-in-law was a CKD Stage V patient undergoing regular dialysis since May 2014. Recently he suffered a brain stroke during sleep and went into deep coma. We have decided to treat him one of the best available possibilities in Kolkata - Apollo Gleneagles.
I was surprised to see that at the Emergency where he was received, he was a subject of study for different junior doctors and nurses. They provided us with variety of adept opinions (with their great knowledge and experience). We were repeatedly enquiring when Dr. Amitava Ghosh (under whom he was supposed to be admitted) the renowned Neurosurgeon and HOD in Apollo Kolkata would come and visit the patient. They were least bothered on our concerns and were pretty happy that they have received a live experimental / study material. If this shudders a cold wave through your spine I am helpless, but this was the reality.
Dr. Ghosh came after some time and asked us to give him a day to understand the condition of the patient. He was later admitted to the ICU that too after having a reliable source within the hospital. God knows what happens to people having such patients without any dependable confidant / channel.
The next day there was no improvement of my father-in-law and we were handed over a bill of around Rs. 1,10,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Ten Thousand) in less than 24hrs of his stay. When I asked about the itemized bill they provided me with the same and I found that my father-in-law have consumed medicines worth Rs. 35,000/- in less than 24 hrs and medical tests / studies done to ascertain his condition were around Rs. 50,000/- !!! That day I went to the ICU and asked the on duty RMO / Nurses / Medicine Representative about the same and they declined to speak on this. I really felt that I am trapped in this money minting machine but still had hope about the quality of treatment that the hospital provides. I have given a verbal instruction to the on duty staff in the ICU that before undergoing any medical tests please inform me the test name and the reason to do such a test. The RMO Dr. Chandrashish was very much upset on this and intimated / shown me the papers that I have signed, before admitting my father-in-law, wherein I have provided full authority to the doctors / staff to carry out any tests or procure any medicines deemed necessary for the patient. Please try to understand how they play with the emotions of the millions. As an Indian citizen based on the RTI, I have the right to seek information to every single penny that the Honorable Government of India spends and I cannot put forth the same right for information for my own father-in-law.
The next day during the morning visiting hours, my wife met Dr. Ghosh at the ICU and enquired about the physical status of her father. This in-human doctor, Dr. Ghosh instead of explaining her about the physical state of her father in a positive attitude, complained that why I came to the ICU in the previous day and asked the on-duty staff to inform us before any medical tests. Dr. Ghosh in his best apathetical way explained that he has spent Rupees Eleven Lakhs for his own mother in the same hospital and he cannot save her life. Just try to feel the pain he was injecting to the crying daughter in front of her father in deep coma. As if my verbal instruction will stop them to undergo any tests. They were already trying to create a shield to hide their inability to treat such critical patients. Finally he asked that he need to undergo a Lumber Puncture Test to ascertain the status of the patient. We told fine please go ahead. In between scores of other medical tests were conducted atleast on paper. For information, the Lumber Puncture Test the hospital handed me a bill of around Rs. 35,000/-. I checked from other sources, the same test outside with all medical reports that the doctor have instructed, costs around Rs. 5000/- to Rs.5500/-. I understand that he is in ICU wherein the test need to be done in his bedside. But for this 7 times more!!! Please think.
The Super Specialty Hell (SSH) perhaps the right term to define such place, is continuously fishing out (extorting) money to the extent of Rupees One Lakh per day on an average without any minutest improvement in the condition of the patient. Everyday after the visiting hours in the evening, we tried to meet Dr. Ghosh in his OPD but to our utter dismay he spoke with us on his way to his parking without allotting a single minute in his chamber to explain the condition of the patient to the aggrieved family. Just think, we are paying lakhs of rupees for the betterment of the patient and this vicious doctor do not have the courtesy / responsibility / work ethics /professionalism to explain the situation of his patient under his treatment to the patient family. Actually if we think in a Professional / Business manner, we are his Client to whom he is answerable. And is this the right way to behave with your Clients!!! Then we understood that these guys are not prudent / knowledgeable enough to treat this case. So he is trying to shy away from legitimate questions that we may fire at him. My family really felt these doctors don’t even know their subject well. By the way in the mean time the dream test of Dr. Ghosh "Lumber Puncture" was done and the reports confirmed (when I asked for) that he has no infection. At this time I countered, the simple WBC report of the patient done from the same SSH indicates a WBC count of 16,000 (suggesting infection in the patient's body) wherein the celebrated "Lumber Puncture" test does not indicate any infection!! When I asked this question as a layman to the on duty nurses and RMO, to my complete surprise, they dodged this question and avoided to speak with me any further on this regard.
My father-in-law was prescribed with an antibiotic which the SSH was charging around Rupees Three Thousand Six Hundred per injection three times a day. I checked the price of the same medicine on the internet it was around rupees nine hundred and when I checked the same medicine in our local medicine shop they informed that the MRP is around Rs. 1100/- but they can provide me within Rs. 1050/- per injection. I informed the same to the Medical Superintendant and she directed me to the HOD Medicines Mr. Reddy in the same SSH. When I asked Mr. Reddy about the cost difference of this medicine he handed me an excel printout (after hiding several columns!!) which indicates that the "Issued MRP" of the medicine is Rs. 3600/- I checked with Mr. Reddy what this "Issued MRP" is all about and who coined the term. Government of India?? Sorry No Answer. I checked with him whether I can procure this medicine from outside and provide the same to the doctors at which he responded in the negative.
After eight days without slightest improvement of my father-in-law (physical) and bearing this torture (mental) we checked with Dr. Ghosh will it be prudent to shift the patient to our local Nursing Home where he was under regular check-ups and dialysis under Dr. Samit Chatterjee. He was OK with this decision and advised that not much he can do to treat this patient with his knowledge and expertise. This he admitted after eight long days. We then decided to shift my father-in-law and informed the SSH authorities about the same. He was supposed to get a regular dialysis on the day prior to his discharge (we also seen the dialysis machines / consoles beside his ICU bed). The next day when we are discharging him we asked about the dialysis reports the previous day on which to our greatest surprise they nurses / RMO informed that dialysis was not done. Just think the negligence. For a CKD Stage V patient like him twice / thrice a week dialysis is a must and not doing that is just like killing / murdering the patient. They increased their scale of negligence the moment they understood that we will shift the patient and their loot on this patient will soon be over. Everybody from the young inexperienced nurses in the ICU, the on duty RMO's, the doctors, medical staff, billing / insurance handling staff everybody are religiously educated in this SSH how to become licensed Medical Looting Centre augmented with their negligence and lack of knowledge to treat patients.
My father-in-law was later shifted to our local nursing home at around 7:00 pm in the evening where he breathed his last at 9:05 am on the following day.
So I strongly recommend not coming at this SSH for treatment of your near and dear ones. Every one working here are without any moral and ethics. The technical staffs are amateur and their attitude is like they are working in NASA in some rocket science project. We do several reviews even before visiting a hotel / restaurant. And this is the question of our near ones. Please spend a minute to have a review about the SSH from the following links before admitting your patient in Apollo. The above details are strictly me and my family’s personal experience that I am sharing including but not limited to hospital, hospital authorities, doctors, staff, prevailing systems etc. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of others.
Jul 26, 2016

Suvro Banerjee- The Killer at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata

Doctor: Suvro Banerjee, Hospital Apollo Gleneagles Hospital

Hello Readers, I was reading your experiences which you have posted on the site with Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. Trust me the experience has been really bitter in my case as well. My Dad got admitted in the month of October 2015. I dont remember the exact date but if any one of you require I can send you the document which is more than 1 kg of paper (incuding medical bills, x-ray reports, CDs, medicine bills, test reports etc.) which this hospital gave it to me when my dad got discharged in November.

So now coming to the story, harassment, suffering and the pain which me and my family had suffered for one month at this Hospital all because of this bastard Suvro Banerjee (claims himself to be the best cardio-vascular surgeon) and his accomplices which include (Shanuk (Suvro's assistant) and Ram Babu the main broker on whose directions this hospital runs). Actually, during my course of stay at Apollo Gleneagles, what I found was that this hospital has partnered with a hospital based out of Singapore called Gleneagles that is why this name Apollo Gleneagles. What i also came to know that this hospital runs on the directions of people based out from Singapore where every year they decide how much revenue the Kolkata branch will bring and mind you every year they keep revising their revenue figures (some insiders say it to be 10% YoY).

My dad had a CABG (Coronary axial by-pass graft, colloquially known as by-pass surgery) done and the doctor which Apollo Gleneagles recommended was Suvro Banerjee. A normal CABG takes maximum 2 weeks or 10 days at max, but in my case it took 1 month. Suvro took him to get a normal Angioplasty done which I believe is not a complex procedure at all, I understand by pass surgery is complex but in angioplasty it is just a consultation which can never go wrong if done carefully. The first step which is the Angioplasty itself went wrong. The doctor did not follow the basic procedure of inserting a needle into a nerve. My Dad got Thrombophlebitis (a condition where blood comes out from the nerve and gets into the muscle). I was surprised by this atleast it was not expected from a specialist like him, how can a specialist not know to insert a needle. He was not able to cure his situation for 2 weeks post angioplasty and his condition started detiorating very badly. We raised lot of complaints against Suvro and finally got Dad transferred to Sushan Mukherjee (WHAT A DOCTOR HE IS : SUPERB DOCTOR, the only one because of which this hospital is running). So guys if you are going for a CABG at Apollo I will not say dont go, you can go but dont go to Suvro Banerjee. He has a lot of complaints against him. In Fact Rupali Basu, - ‎President and Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals also is aware of this. So be careful only go to Susan Sir even if he is not available try to wait for sometime if possible
Sangram garai
Jun 30, 2016


From last sunday my wife Mrs.Sutapa Saha admitted to apollo kolkapta bed no.282 under Dr.Goenka but till not they failed to tell what is problem???
sathi boral
Feb 26, 2016

harassment of patent senior citizen ,facing tremendous misbehave during admission

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I would like to informe you that my Mother Sweety Boral is facing treamondous misbehave with the ground straff during admission, its every much unexpected behaviour from the reputed hospital.

I would request to kindly cooperate her in this condition.

sathi Boral
Jan 15, 2016

Dr Goenka

My mother went for stenting during terminal cancer stage. All doctors refused to do stenting as this was complicated, but Dr goenka did the stenting . Not sure if he was successful or not as my mother expired 15 days later.
But I feel he may be famed doctor , but has attitude issues, does not explain to patients' detail. I saw many patient fmily having issues with him on the corridor.
Although I did not have much issue with him.
sritama sau
Oct 16, 2015

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Goenka

I was suffering from Achalasia Cardia Type II since February 2015. I came to Dr. Mahesh kumar Goenka for treatment at Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata. Some procedures were done including a latest technique called POEM. After treatment, I feel clinically much better. Thanks to Dr. Goenka
Oct 13, 2015

Dr Purnenu Roy is a cheater

Dr Purnendu Roy who is currently operating Genesasis Hospital is bloody cheater ....without through examine , he did Lap-Choly surgery in his genesys hospital ,kasba ...which was detected carcinoma later on ..he never did FNAC or CT scan befor Lap -choly ..his hospital just like kasai khana ....we are going to take legal action against him
I Roy
Oct 7, 2015

ILL Behaviour of Dr. Debmalya Gangopadhyay, Urologist (Practising under the name of Urologist Dr. Amit Ghose)

Being a family member, I took my patient to Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Saltlake (EM Bypass), Kolkata for a visit to the Urologist, Dr. Amit Ghose as he is a renowned doctor. My patient was under the supervision of a Medicine Doctor since last 3 months. As it was the case of UTI, my medicine doctor had referred to an Urologist. So I thought it would be better to take my patient to Dr. Amit Ghose, a renowned urologist. But to my amazement, when my turn came, my patient was attended by Dr. Debmalya Gangopadhyay instead of Dr. Amit Ghose in another room which was not his chamber. But I had booked my patient's appointment much earlier for Dr. Amit Ghose at Apollo Gleneagles, Saltlake on the respective day. Dr. Debmalya Gangopadhyay was very much negligent as well as rude in his behaviour. Being a family member of the patient, I was verbally harassed when i was asking about the patient's condition in details. Being a doctor, he behaved too badly with me. Neither did he bother to see the previous reports nor the patient. His behaviour was tremendously bad as a doctor, he doesnt even know how to talk with women. I was totally mislead by the Hospital (Apollo) as they booked my appointment for Dr. Amit Ghose whereas the visiting doctor was Dr. DEBMALYA GANGHOPADHYAY. To our surprise, we didnt even get a glimpse a of Dr. Amit Ghosh. It was rather astonishing that both the doctors, Dr. Ghose and Dr. Gangopadhyay, are practising under the same letter head and in the same chamber room. The Hospital is simply doing business by accumulating the consultation fees for a specific doctor (DR. Ghose) whereas some other doctor (Dr. Gangopadhyay) is attending the patient.
Jul 9, 2015

telemedicine department

I am a patient of Dr.J Raja Mahesh,from Chennai Apollo First Med.For the last 5years I am under his supervision.This year I planned to do a telemedicine with Him from Kolkata.As I am having serious disease and due to some mishap happened to my family I couldn't go to Chennai this time to meet my Dr physically.
On 29th June I called Mr.SURYA from Apollo telemedicine department to get an appointment.He immediately told me it is not possible due to some issues (issue was.not clearly stated).Though he took my appointment. and confirmed me he will let me know within a week.This week on Monday (6th July)again I called and got to know he did not get doctor 's confirmation yet.As the meeting with the Dr is too much urgent for me I called again on 9th July.this time his reply was a surprise for me,he informed there is an issue going on from Chennai Telemed Depth and he was more than reluctant this time.
My husband called up chennai directly and they informed there is no problem going on and telemedicine is working.
Not sure how a person can be so reluctant in his job while he is dealing with a patient.And how dare he give A wrong information.
I want it to be escalated to higher authority and I will do whatever I can this time.
Jun 13, 2015

cheater mahesh goenka

Maine inke assistent ko bataya mere kamar me dard hai aur pet me bhi aur isne 40,000 ka test karne ke bad refer kar diya spine surgeon ke pas . Us test ke bad se hi mujhe fever or jyada pain start ho gaya. Maine number lene ke liye gaya spine surgeon ke pas uska or bhaw aaj no. Nai hai .next day gaya aaj bhi no. Nai hai all are bluddy chor lutera. Ye hospital sirf rahiso ke liye hai normal people ke liye to hai hi nai....band karo band karo
Jun 1, 2015

treatment of Dr. Mahesh Goenka

My father is suffereing from indigestion since last few months and we get an reference to go to Dr. Mahesh Goenka for treatment as he is one of the top Gastroenterologist. Finally got his appointment and treatment starts. My visit to Apollo was much better than I expected. By the way , it looks way nicer in the inside than the outside. After one and half year we find that my father is now ok and he can live his normal life once more. All credit goes to Dr. Mahesh Goenka.
Jun 1, 2015

satisfied with treatment of Dr.Mahesh Goenka

I have good experience with Dr MK Goenka, so Few month back we refer one of my friend to visit Dr Goenka who is a reputed Gastroenterologist and solve his problem as he is suffering from diagnostic problem same as mine.
Feb 28, 2015

i am satisfied with treatment of Dr.Mahesh Goenka

Amit Sarkar
Dr.Mahesh Goenka is reputed Gastroenterologist. He is very knowledgeable and provided good treatment. He is very particular in arriving at the proper diagnosis.
My sister had alump in the abdomen. I had rushed to m any doctors, but no one could find out the cause. When I heard about Dr. Goenka and visited him, he was the first person to diagnose that the lump is due to tuberculosis. My sister was prescribed 9 months antituberculat drug. She gained weight and her health status improved. Now she is doing fine.
Jul 24, 2014

Negligence of Dr. Mahesh Goenka

Dr. Mahesh Goenka is said to be a decorated Gastroenterologist, but actually the guy is a butcher. He doesn't understand the fact that he is a Gastroenterologist & not an Oncologist.
He refuses to release patients admitted under him & place them under the supervision of an oncologist, when it's a clear case of stomach cancer & in spite of requests from the patient's family.
The guy gets overconfident & at times portrays the fact that he has got attitude problems. He doesn't know how to talk to a cancer patient's fmily members.
His negligence & overconfident led to theearly demise of my uncle, who passed away within 3 weeks of the detection of his cancer, which had spread very rapidly.
It is due to doctors like Dr. Goenka, that the names of esteemed medical Institutions like Apollo is getting tarnished.
I'd urge people to re-think before consulting Dr Goenka....
Jan 24, 2014

Dr Mahesh Goenka is a butcher

Dr mahesh goenka is not a doctor, he is a businessman, a butcher. He never bother you or your disease, he simply allow you one minute in his chember, take money from you and kick you out from his room. Not to listen a single word from you.
Nov 5, 2013

DR.Amar nath ghosh killed my father

My father was admitted in apollo for CABG operation under DR.Suvro Banerjee,cardiologist.
Before the OT day we signed consent letter only for 3 vessel CABG but near about only 1hr after OT got strarted the DR.Amar nath ghosh forced e for mitral valve annuloplasty surgery without which the patient wuud have respiratory problems.Why didn't this doctor pointed this out on the day of Echocardiography the day before OT.The anaesthesist present during the OT confirmed me that the doctor forcefullly did this valve surgery although knowing the fatal risk and multi organ failure surity.Later on staying for 7 days in CTVS,father died,although the total bill was 4:5 lacs and they didn't give us any chance to opt for better treatment.PLS GIVE US JUDGEMENT !
SK Barman
Aug 20, 2012

Good Experiance With Dr MK Goenka

I have god experience with Dr MK Goenka, Few month back Dr Goenka had treated my Uncle and Dr Goenka had done the ERCP on that time. Excellent job he had done. Now my uncle is absolutely fine and he is being doing a normal life.
Aug 20, 2012

Reply To Post

On the contrary, i had an excellent experience with Dr. Goenka who treated my mother in law with ERCP. She had severe infection in gall bladder which he efficiently controlled by surgery. I used to visit my MIL during her stay in the hospital and was very impressed by his behaviour and skills. Inspite of his busy schedule he used to explain everyday the details of illness. He even gave me a good discount on my bill . I interacted many other patient relatives and found them all - praise for Dr. Goenka. Surprised at the above comments. I think it is from some frustrated , uneducated fellow who doesnt understand ABC of Medical science. We should be proud of Doctors like him instead of bad mouthing them irrationally.
Aug 12, 2012

Dr. Mahesh Goenka's ignorance and negligence- Avoid going to him

My mother undergone an ERCP before a laprocsopy. Dr. Mahesh Goenka did the ERCP. I regret to say that he forgot to insert a stent in the bile duct. My mother has been in acute stomach pain and doctors were unable to say the real cause of her pain. Recently they found from the blood test that he bilurubin count has increased and the reason was that a stent was not placed. Ho can a doctor who is supposed to be a specialist in this field forgets what he needs to do or is it that he intentionally forgets to place the stent. So that he can hold the patients, patient comes back again and he can earn some extra money? Yo are cheating yourself by doing such crime.
After reading so many negative reviews about him before my post and now I am suffering because of my mother's pain. My question to the Apollo or the Doctor's board is why are n't we taking away his license to practice as a surgeon or why is n't there any legal actions taken against him. I know he will continue to be negligent and will play with patient's health if no actions are taken against him. Just a thought- Never go for any ERCP to Dr. Mahesh Goenka...
Jaydeeppaul Send email
Aug 2, 2012

Negligence or Dr Mahesh Goenka

I had severe Jaundice in April, 2003 as Hepatitis A+E as per the viral profile test from Ranboxy Laboratory, Kolkata. I was admitted in Krishnanagar Zilla Hospital then as I was then posted there in Krishnanagar. My Bilirubin level shoot up to 21, and SGPT & SGOT also shoot up to 2500+. I have still the pathology reports with me. There in the Govt. Hospital the then Dr. Bipul Bagchi treated me well though it took near about 45 days to get released form the hospital. There I was treated with Ampicilin 500 inj. twice a day alongwith Vitamin K analog once a day which continued for 15 days. After I get released for several months I was bed rested and suffering with post Hepatic syndromes like Vestibular Neuronitis, Erosive Gastritis, Somatoform Disorder etc. In that midst after 1/2 months of released from Hospital I went to that callas doctor M.G. for I was feeling frequent pain in my right upper abdomen, and loose stool and he detected me as suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and prescribed medicine like Mebespa, Neogardine Tonic etc. Thereafter from 2/3 days of treatment my symptoms got more complicated and I went under Dr. A. Konar in CMRI where I got admitted and was done with LFT and other tests and treated with Pan 40, Udiliv, Sucralfate etc. and got well and released form there very soon. Now do you know the tonic Neogardine Dr. M. G. prescribed contains 11 to 15% (approx) Alcohol. After severe Hepatitis he gives me a tonic which contains Alcohol. Just imagine.

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