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Consumer complaints and reviews about APSRTC

Feb 26, 2020

Rude behavior from people at balanagar reservation counter

Today, While booking a ticket on red bus, we selected APSRTC bus services to travel from balanagar to kanigiri vide
PNR No. 99059520
Ticket No.TP3V55491126
Our pickup point is at balanagar, so we went to balanagar RTC(APS&TS) reservation counter to know about the status of bus as it was half an hour late. It has to come at 7.50pm but came at 8.20pm. The persons in reservation counter @ balanagar are very rude that they are not telling us why the bus is delay but just saying us to go and ask red bus for any enquiry as we booked under red bus. com.
They said they serve only those people who book ticket at reservation counter. Then what about people like us who book online ticket for gov't services. I kindly request to provide driver's contact no. when we book ticket Or provide reservation counter support so that we can use government service buses again and again.

Rude behavior from people at balanagar reservation counter

Oct 31, 2019

Wrong arrival of bus and negligence of the enquiry staff in busstand

I came to busstand at 12.00 noon and the enquiry staff told that the bus will arrive at 12.15 pm. I was waiting for a chittoor bus. At 1.15 , I went to them and I asked them when will the bus arrives, they are like ' mam, it's not known to us because it's not our depo.bus . If it's not known, then why should they write about that bus in the enquiry board . And one of shopkeepers near busstand told that the chittoor bus which is about to come to rayachoty at 12.15 already came and went away. We were waiting at the platform where chittoor buses will stop and the bus didn't come there, it was stopped at some other platform and went. Enquiry staff should announce the busses which are ready to go but they didn't inform anything.
Another bus to chittoor was at 3.15 , I waited upto 3.15 and the bus came , even this bus didn't come to the platform and the enquiry staff also didn't announce about the bus . And my mom asked them why didn't you stop the bus here and they are arguing with mom that it's our wish, we'll stop wherever we want. And the driver is very rude. He's careless. He drove the bus with high speed and he didn't even give respect to the old people.

I was fed up with their nasty behaviour and I just hate APSRTC services. They are very negligent. Please give some counselling to them on behaving with people and doing their work properly.

This is my major request , please don't test the patience of public.

Wrong arrival of bus and negligence of the enquiry staff in busstand

Oct 23, 2019


Oct 21, 2019

About driver/conductor

I was reserved a bus of 3449 in 21-10-2019,from Rajahmundry to hyderabad.The bus starts from vizag.

I observed a conductor or driver who he is I dnt know because both are driving.One person behaviour is very worst,I’m a female but he behaving very rashly with his words,he is very aggressive,it shows on passengers,his driving also very rash n risky.
Our govt. allowing these type of members in to our serviceses.please take actions on their behaviour and drivings.im sharing the details of bus n diver.

About driver/conductor

Oct 21, 2019

extra charge on ticket

driver took 500 for Hyderabad to Adoni. but he give the ticket to me 370.
he cheated every passenger in the bus .he sold the all seats for that cost.please take immediate action on that.
in this site i give the complaint please take the action.this site is fro peoples i think not for entertainment..........

extra charge on ticket

[email protected]
Oct 16, 2019

Not maintaining time

Buses AP02 TD 3627 &AP02 TD 3618 are TELUGU VELUGU not maintaining time. They are from KADIRI to MADANAPALLI. Pls take action sir.
Aug 22, 2019

Charging for ultra deluxe and no proper seats.

APSRTC charging money for ultra deluxe and the seats in bus are damaged/not proper.
I am attaching pictures of damaged seat and ticket


Charging for ultra deluxe and no proper seats. Charging for ultra deluxe and no proper seats.

Dec 27, 2018

Booked ticket bus not stopped at stop and haven't called to my mobile

I have booked ticket from EST mall to koilakuntla from abhibus website for date 21st December 2018. I have reached bus stop at 8 and bus time is 10:10. Bus haven't reached bus stop and driver did not call me, I have lost ticket money.I will be attaching bus ticket for reference. I need refund.

Booked ticket bus not stopped at stop and haven't called to my mobile

Nov 14, 2018

No respect of Passengers Request

Respected Sir,

We are one of APSRTC favorites utilizing your services since 1999. We are working with mentally challenged. We faced one of your passenger bus drivers who is not willing to stop the bus even in regular stage set by RTC officials. We traveled on 14-11-2018 at 9.59.12 from samalkot to Mehar complex of Samalkot. Generally all buses stops there. But when many passenger in the bus ask the driver to stop the bus at reputed stage but the driver refused to stop the ordinary passengers bus (Telugu Velugu) and uses Unparliamentary words on passengers The Bus number 28Z5047, DRV: 602401 CON:602790, WB:140354, MCNO:GKJ144, TNo: 00037759. Please guide him not to behave like that with passengers, he need some counselling.
Thanking you Sir,

No respect of Passengers Request

Oct 18, 2018

Bus pass lost

Hi sir
This Kannuru saigirish from raghu engg collage, viskhapatnam, today i lost my STU GREATER ID CUM PASS i.e for 1 year pass in rtc original bus only while travelling to my home. So keep ndly requesting to reissue the card.
MR NO:MR5589866(20-JUN-2018).

Jul 29, 2018

Parcel missing

Parcel missing . Three days completed from the alloted parcel date . I call to the head office also no response switch off or ringing ... No response no response bus reached Amalapuram .in Amalapuram also not there parcel where is my parcel (tracking number :2851785)

Parcel missing

Jul 9, 2018

Bad behaviour by Conductor and Racial Abuse by Checking Squad

I was a passenger in your Bus No. 3164 on 08.07.2018. I was travelling from L.B. Nagar to Secunderabad. I was sitting in front row near the entrance and the Conductor(Women) did not ask for ticket to me, but she has taken ticket of all the other passengers around me but I was not aware of this. I was still waiting for the Conductor to give the ticket but she went back and when she returned back she started talking with the Driver and then she again went back. At around 08:36hrs Checking Squad arrived and started asking for ticket. I could not produce any and I said that I have not yet been given a ticket. After a while a Checking Squad member brought the Conductor near me, and the Conductor was shouting. When I asked the Squad why was she shouting, he then justified her by saying that she was afraid she might lose her job. The Squad member blamed me for not taking the ticket, I then said "if she has not given the ticket that what can I do" in Hindi and then he insulted me by saying in Telugu to everyone "see how he is talking". He said so because I was talking in Hindi. He asked me to give Rs. 500/- and when I said that I have arrived from Vizianagaram just right now, he then pointed his finger to something on the bus which was written in Telugu, which I could not read obviously because I cannot read Telugu. I gave him Rs. 500/- and he than wrote an Excess Fare Ticket whose number is A1/528143, after that he asked for Rs. 15/- more for ticket charge and I gave Rs.20/- to him and he did not return Rs.5/- to me anymore. He told me that there was no need for a ticket anymore. I asked the Conductor to tell me when Secunderabad arrives, but she did not reply. After that the Squad departed. The Conductor started shouting in the bus and started telling to everyone that it was my fault. I then said that she should not behave with me like that just because I speak Hindi and that I have just arrived from Vizianagaram. She said in Telugu that you know how to eat in Hyderabad but you don't know how to take a ticket. When Secunderabad arrived she did not inform me either, the bus driver informed me about it.
May 8, 2018

Worst service_APSRTC

APSRTC is the worst public transport because

1.may 6th 2018 i booked a ticket from kadapa to bengaluru at time 22:50.(ticket No.75307974)
until 10:50 i didnt got a message regarding driver details.
2.When i called to complaint wing, they replied very rudely and disconnected the call in middle and they kept me blocked list.
3.After getting driver information i called to him and asked him for bus status.
rudeness came from his mouth also.
4. two days before the above mention date i travelled from bengaluru to rayachoti in the bus amaravathi....as name says but its not... moved like ordinary bus.
5. Driver said its not in good condition.

1.Why APSRTC is so irresposible towards passengers, you are taking money right?
2.can't APSRTC teach some good manners to its staff??
3.check the feed back about APSRTC in online...no one atleast given it is average, given as bad..v.bad experience.
4.What are the actions you are going to take to correct the above things.
DM Sukma
Apr 28, 2018

taking commission 50 Rs extra on fare

I would like to inform you that the APSRTC Buses running inter state from jagadalpur and dantewada to vijayawada , the conductor and driver mingled with local self proclaimed Agents collect extra money as commission to get seat,and in the name of reserving seat they charge extra but there is no booking. So this is complaint to RM, APSRTC please take serious action on your staff. I am coplaining from Sukma, Sukma District, Even to book online from sukma , it is not displayed. so forcibly they are collecting money to get seat at sukma in RTC bus. The Bus no is AP03Z0136, conductor says there is no option you have to give commission. and he is supporting local gundas to collect so that he too will get the percentage.
Apr 22, 2018

Bus service 3132 viz to byd

The driver is so slow i started in viz at 4 no tickets were booked so started to wait for the seats to b filled, over pasangers sitting down near legs y rtc drivers r doing like dis, in vijayawada he is not going inside rtc complax two ladies r there the driver is telling get down on main road when i scolded he went inside complax, why public booking rtc buses so that v can get down in bus stand. Service no 3132 from viz to bhel bus. Cas of over passangers when i ? Them they r using bad langage what is dis. Wt gov doing with this kind of drivers. This is not private bus to stop out side. Respect public plz its a request.
Mar 29, 2018

Bus arrival at starting point delayed

98020 service number bus from RAJAHMUNDRY to ontimmita was supposed to start from RAJAHMUNDRY by 5:30PM on 29 Mar-2018 . But the bus arrived at 6:20PM .and the driver Mr. VENKAT Raju and conductor were very irresponsive to atlest tell the reason of being late.
While there are cases that even if a passenger arrives 5 min late, the bus staff scold him/her badly.but this bus on that day was almost late for one hour. I had a train to catch up at viajaywada and was los

Bus arrival at starting point delayed

Jan 26, 2018

Limited bus services to Sullurupeta from Chennai in weekends

చెన్నై నుండి సూళ్లూరుపేట కి బస్సెస్ చాలా తక్కువ ఉంటున్నాయి వీకెండ్స్ లో. నెల్లూరు, కనిగిరి, ఉదయగిరి ఇలా ఈ బస్సెస్ అన్ని సూళ్లూరుపేట మీద నే వెళ్తాయి కానీ ఎవ్వరు బస్టాండ్ కి బండి తిప్పరు. కోయంబేడు లో అన్ని ఇవే బస్సెస్ ఉంటె సూళ్లూరుపేట లో దిగాల్సిన వాళ్ళు ఎం చేయాలి? అందులో రిజర్వేషన్ బస్సెస్బై. Bypass లో కూడా ఆపటానికి నిరాకరిస్తున్నారు. ఇక లాంగ్ హాలిడేస్ లేదా పండగలప్పుడు ఐతే చెప్పనవసరం లేదు. ప్రయాణం చేసేవారికి వాళ్ళని దించుకోవాల్సిన వారికి ఇద్దరికీ జాగారమే. పోనీ రిజర్వు చేసుకుందాం అనుకుంటే సూళ్లూరుపేట పేరే ఉండవు. ఈ ప్రదేశానికి ఎటువంటి సర్వీస్ లేదు అని చూపిస్తుంది నెట్ లో. పది నిమిషాలకు కూడా ఆలోచిస్తున్నారు. మేము ఎలా ట్రావెల్ చేయాలి ఇలా ఐతే? మేము మాత్రం ఇళ్లకు వెళ్ళొద్దా? దీని గురించి ఆలోచించండి. పోనీ ప్రైవేట్ బస్సు ఎక్కుదాం అనుకుంటే నెల్లూరు టికెట్ ఇచ్చి సూళ్లూరుపేట బైపాస్ లో దింపుతాం అంటున్నారు అది కూడా చాలా రాష్గా. చెన్నై నుండి సూళ్లూరుపేట రెండు గంటలు కానీ నాలుగు గంటలు పడుతుంది. పోనీ తమిళనాడు బస్సెస్ ఎక్కుదాం అనుకుంటె వాడు భలే మర్యాద ఇస్తున్నారు. ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళని మించిపోయారు.
Jan 12, 2018

Bus didn't stopped

Respected sir...
Am G.Nandakishore resident of Bangalore...
I booked ticket from Bangalore ( Hebbal esteem mall) to pulivendula ... Date of journey is 12- jan- 2018 22: 46..
Am waiting for the bus and I reported half an hour before the departure... And I called many times to the driver... Finally 11:46 bus came ( 1hr late ). Bus didn't stopped at the right stop & bus bus passed away from me...I tried to catch the bus... But driver didn't stopped the bus. And I started to call the driver.... I called near about 40 times but he didn't received the call ... Finally he received a call he said bus passed away... At the time he asked me about my seat number , and name ... After that he didn't received my call.

The name mobile number of the driver is mentioned in the below photo.. & my call register also mentioned in the photos..

Thanking you,

G. Nandakishore

Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped Bus didn't stopped

Jan 4, 2018

Gender Change


i booked ticket from CHENNAI to VIJAYAWADA .By mistake, I have selected gender as male instead of female.

Ticket No. : 70586096
Date of Journey : 12-01-2018
Service Code/Name : 97037(CNI-VJA)
Service Category : EXPRESS
Seat number:11

Please change the gender as soon as possible (male to female).
Sep 29, 2017

Gender Change


Today i booked ticket from TIRUPATHI to BANGALORE .By mistake, I have selected gender as male instead of female.

Ticket No. : 68164989
Date of Journey : 02-Oct-2017
Service Code/Name : 5624 / TPT - BNG
Service Category : EXPRESS
Seat number: 23

Please change the gender as soon as possible (male to female).

Thank you.
Sep 18, 2017

Against the conductor

The bus conductor is restricting the students who have bus pass to get into the bus,dwarakatirumala bus service no 5898 ,I request higher authority to take action as we students are give bus passes to avail the facility while they are behaving and objecting us kindly respond incident took place on 19th September 2017at 8:20 am at Vijayawada bustand
Aug 11, 2017

comductor dosnt giving change

Conductor of ultra deluxe Guntur to Vijayawada de not giving change to passenger when i m there conductor taken 20 tickets with out change .. plss take action in Vijayawada busstand CND:351306

comductor dosnt giving change

Aug 4, 2017


my name is Siva kishore reddy. I started from Bangalore to madanapalle on Amravati bus . From krpuram to madanapalle he took 380 rs and he did not gave ticket. I ask for ticket ,then he took pen and he wrote on paper and he gave small paper .plz respond these issues.


Jul 4, 2017

Drunk & Drive

I have started travelling from Hyderabad Mgbs to Nellore by Apsrtc super luxury bus. Bus service number is 5060. Bus started date & time is 01-07-2017 20:45PM.
I have booked tickets in Apsrtc bus by thinking about safety instead of going by private travels. In the middle of journey I woke up, 2 passengers requested to stop the bus and they entered into bus at that time they identified that driver is taking alcohol 🍷 immediately they raised a question, driver is speaking harshly and asked them to get down. I got scared when I listened the words from driver, his voice is different and he is speaking like a person who took alcohol. At that time all passengers are sleeping and they don't know what is happening in bus. I didn't sleep for 2 hours and observed how he is driving the bus, but he is driving steadily. Max people are choosing Rtc by thinking about safety if drivers are taking alcohol in the middle of journey then where the hell safety is. I request you to arrange a machine in all bus stops which can check whether driver is drunk or not. Today we reached safely by God's grace if any thing happened who will responsible for this.
Venkat Reddy
Jun 1, 2017

Bus services


The compliant is about providing better public transportation services to the people commuting between Bangalore and Kurnool cities. There are bus services, but my request is to provide additional Garuda / Garuda Plus / Amaravathi AC bus services between these two cities.

The journey time shortens and also it will be more comfortable for people choosing these services. Even the route is national highway and very nice, but do not know why the management did not think about providing services in this route, while there are services to Kadapa, Chittor and Ongole.

Also, if APSRTC introduces these AC services, there will be competition between difference government transport authorities (APSRTC, TSRTC and KSRTC) for providing better services at affordable prices.

So, my sincere request to the management is to kindly take cognizance of this request to take an implementable action.

Thanks & Regards,

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