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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about APSRTC

Dec 30, 2019


Sir, I have reserved a ticket from rayadurgam to kanchi
After my payment of Rs.683 I didnot get any confirmation of ticket
So please help me by getting my money back

Merchant Website : apsrtconline.in
Date : 2019-12-30 09:57:02
Merchant Reference Number : 3040044855
EBS Payment ID : 145363880
Payment Mode : MasterCard_TP
Amount : 683.00
Customer Name : Guest APSRTC
Customer Email : [email protected]
Status : SUCCESS


[email protected]
Oct 8, 2019

Bus was not assigned but tickets had booked

94236 which was bus that I had booked a ticket to go tirupathi.but it was not assigned.I had paid money for ticket.

Bus was not assigned but tickets had booked

Chandana Reddy
Aug 18, 2019

Seat allocation

I have reserved a seat in an APSRTC bus with service number :6669 for 18/8/19,9:30 pm from Anantapur to Tirupati (duration-7.5 hours) whole night .I am a female .The bus driver provided the seat beside me to a man who has not reserved a ticket and bought it at the time of journey from the driver.
I told the conductor that he can make a male sit beside me that too he had not reserved the seat.But the bus driver did not listen to me and continued to make the male sit beside me .I warned him several times and told him he can make a female sit beside me but not a male.
I want APSRTC to take serious action against such drivers and especially this driver who was in the bus that day!!!!
Lakshmi priya 454
May 26, 2019

Irregular timings of Apsrtc

Hi sir/madam,
Bus no :6740 , atp-bng, it should start at 4:30 and it never comes before 4:30 to the bus stand and it starts at 5:30 and reaches at 11.the bus is supposed to reach at 9:30.this is very bad part with Apsrtc buses please take necessary actions regarding this.
Mar 17, 2019

Keeping ummeed board

Hi ,
To the station manager of the anantapur.

This is requesting that at I am Dr.Raja the citizen of AP travelling from anantapur to penukonda. From anantapur depot bus no.Ap02z 0551 service number 6701.
Anantapur to bangalore via penukonda, hindupur.

Meen while there are 8seats empty but he is not allowing to penukonda .on the day of sunday 16/03/2019

I complaint to the station master and controller but they are not responding ...

Is there any possibility to take action on the complaint ...
Or else it seems to sever cause....

YSR district
Raja reddy street...

Keeping ummeed board

Mar 17, 2019

No proper maintenance

Hi ,

I just can't believe how someone can take customers/Passengers so lighthly.

APSRTC- Andhra Pradesh state road transport corporation.


Kadiri to rayachoti

You can see the pic below, how much dust is there it's literally looks like someone has spilled sand on the seats .🤧

The driver or maintenance persons have not even bothered to clean the dust .

Please take up this issue, how can you expect someone can sit on this kind of dirty seats . The buses are old and not good enough, atleast proper maiantainace is what as a passenger or customer expect. After paying huge amount for tickets we have to sit on dirty seats 👿

No proper maintenance

Dec 25, 2018

Bus driver declined customer request to wait for just5mins

I had booked a ticket from anantapuramu to bangalore bus service no.52849, ticket no.83575689, date of journey is 25/12/2018, 2.15pm. with my mobile no.8099298190 through abhi bus app. I am state to that take an action against bus driver or refund my amount. I had arrived lately to boarding bus station i had a requested to driver to wait for my arrival just 5mins. The driver carelessly declined my request and further moved to bangalore. I am a regular customer to apsrtc i had travelled lot of times via apstrc bus services and never missed a bus. Is apstrc has any respect on customer ?? It is the behaviour of apstrc? Cannot wait for just 5minutes? My question is what is the loss to apsrtc when a 5minutes delay as per customer request? I want a justice to this issue. Hope u had understand customer problem.
Oct 8, 2018

Seats not convenient to sit

I had traveled in chennai to anatapur service no 6672 super luxury bus from thirupathi to anantapur by getting e ticket in seat no 12.but these is no luxury.the push back seats haven't working.i have so much suffered last night.
Sep 7, 2018


Buses from kurnool to anantapur are worst in time maintaining and the condition of buses, even ac bus too. The ac service bus are too worst, if rain will be coming the rain water will enter directly into the bus almost 60 percent of the passengers will be wet and also the timings of the remaining buses especially the services from anantapur to kurnool the staff will say they will stop only in goty and dhone this is express service onece the bus starts it will move on to each patuloy, pamidi even if the passengers will not be there also
[email protected]
Aug 20, 2018

Ladies reservations

Cundoctrs are not supporting while asking for ladies seats. Even if we have babies.
Service no2602
Amp to Rjy 3 stop service.
Areti kesavaiah
Aug 12, 2018

Not giving boarding at Anantapuram to Bathalapalli

I am a banker working in Mathal, Mahabubnagar Distribution. I am a native of Gantapuram village Bathalapalli Mandal ANANTAPUR DIST. I will reach ATP by 12 pm during night time with my family to reach my home town. At that time the conductors of Thirupathi and peleru buses not allowing me to travel from ATP to Bathalapalli and behaving very rudly. Bathalapalli is a Mandal and it's centre to all to go Thirupati, puttaparthi ,Kadapa and anantapur.Bathalapalli Passengers suffering are suffering slot during night times. Please take action to solve problem.
Reddi basha
Jul 1, 2018

Rude behaviour of driver and conductor

Sir iam travel to kadiri Hyderabad on 01072018. The service is madanapally BHEL service. I have gone inside the bus.i ask the ticket for Hyderabad.The conductor told me to there is no seats for Hyderabad. Another passenger has came ask the ticket for hyd.conductor gold, and he discussed the passenger.conductor ask the exes amount for allotment for seat for 100 rs Extra for actual bus fare. He can't give the ticket for me.then I stand from kadiri to anantapur.some other passengers are standing along with me.two passengers go and ask the sitting seat to anantapur.both driver and conductor collect some money and in driver back side sleeping seat is given the passengers. I go and request the both driver and conductor. They have mis behaviouing against me. Please take action against the both driver and conductor.iam Very sorrow full about this insident. Iam also patient under ear surgery.pl. take necessary action both.

Rude behaviour of driver and conductor

Jun 27, 2018

Driver not stop the bus in stage

I am rajesh ,my job is service field so daily travelled in apsrtc bus today morning i tavel to talupula from anantapur after completion of my work at talupula return travel to anantapur so i left the bus at kutagulla for catch the bus to anantapur ,but bus driver not stop the bus at kutagulla this is from kadiri
BUS TYPE Express
JOURNEY DATE 27-06-2018
Drive not stop the bus in kutagulla at 27-06-2018 16:30
Sravani k
Jun 17, 2018

Ladies seat allotments- improper utilization by men

Sir, frequently a lot of people used to travel from Bellary, karntaka to anantapur, Andhra pradesh.I am one among them. It's been 4years I have been travelling from Bellary to anantapur and vice versa, but always ladies seats were pre occupied by gents.Even after my telling also no one responding.It's the prime responsibility of APSRTC people to get awareness among public to reserve ladies seats for ladies only. Please take the necessary action.
Oct 23, 2017

complaint against bus driver and conductor

Hiii this is manikanta today I tried to stop the bus service between kalyanadurgam and ballari with bus no-AP 28 Z 2760..The driver didn't stoped the bus where I want to get in he stoped the bus far away from my stop...when went to talk he behaved very badly with unparlamentary words...so please try to behave kindly with passengers...
Sep 2, 2017




[email protected]
Aug 7, 2017

The Window doors are not properly closed.


Journey Date: 06/08/2017
Transport : APSRTC
Service Number : 6834
Deport : Kadiri
Seat numbers : 7 and 8

I travel yesterday in this bus, The windows are not closed(windows are structued). Due to this i suffer very lot.
The bus drivers also not responding on this issue they said ask depo manager on this issue.
becaue of this reason the people's are not preffer to travel in RTC bus(for long journey).
Maintainence is not good.
The drivers behaviour also not good.
Jun 5, 2017

Not given chage

Hi sir,

I travelled in APSRTC(dept-Guntakal,dri-575179,con-408191)from Banglore to Anantapur.I had given Rs 500 to conductor and change also given rs 13 to him.I forgot to collect remaining amount rs 300 at that time.I asked him later when my stage came.But he was not given.He also irritates with passengers if any one asking route details.He was not responsible person for RTC.Why were continuing these types of people's.

Kindly please severe action on these types of people's.

Thanks in advance.
May 6, 2017

Change is not giving for even 100 rs note

Hello Team,

I was traveling from Tadipatri to gooty by public transport (APSRTC), I have given 100rs note for one ticket but conductor was not giving any change after providing ticket. That time I asked for change then only she wrote back side of ticket.

I was travelled 40km out of 50km then I asked for my pending change, that time also she refused to provide my rest of the change and her way of talking also too bad.

This is too bad while communicating with passenger. Kindly take actions for these kind of situations for illiterate persons.
Apr 6, 2017

Facilities & bus Condition

We are traveling in super luxury bus from Guntakal to Hyderabad . Guntakal depo bus . They collected from super luxury bus fare but the bus condition is literally bad . This bus is unfit for long drive . And no facility up to mark as super luxury . They are not done any maintenance, no bottle holders , seats are very poor condition and no windows
Dec 9, 2016


You are collecting huge amount in the form of ticket amount+ Toll tax+passenger fee+service charge+ safety cess+ C fee in all the AP buses, the top brass you should feel shame, what service you are giving to passengers.
Drivers/conductors, they are checking buses before to their charge is air in tyre, petrol in tank, breaks thats all. They don't look for whether all the glasses are intact, the doors are able to close or open and whether bus is clean. Rather he will check for how much he can come with money when he will be back to home by means of change not giving( if any one forgotten to collect), and he will search for luggage etc.

Here I request to all respected officers please ensure whether we are giving really service to passengers.
I haapend to travel in MPL depot bus from Kadiri to Hyderabad which started from Kadiri at 8.30 PM. Now it is winter season, it was very cold around midnight, the door in the cabin not closed also the main entrance door was opened. There are four windows frequenly getting opened which is not able fix the closed condition and total night I could not relax only doing the closig of window glasses.

What the depot manitenance team does? what the depot manager ensuring? what the bus conductor / driver ensuring?
There are many questions, but no responsible are taking actions.
Dec 9, 2016

Travel Time

It is one more problem with Conductors cum bus drivers in RTC
It is approximately 600 KMs from Madanapally to Hyderabad. The bus started 4.15 PM. The bus starts from Madanapally to BHEL(Last stop). The bus conductor sooner he starts collecting tickets, one fellow came and want to send luggage( who is regular when I conformed) said something and gave money to conductor. Then bus delayed more than 30 minutes for the purpose, later started. Driver he don'twant to raise the accelerator as if some problem in leg. finally it reaches Kadiri after 3 hours. There he stopped 30 minutes. Then again started likewise the bus stops at all the bus stations on the way to Hyderabad. Finally bus reaches Hyderabad CBS station 6.15 in the morning.
Here why I am telling, there is no specific time to reach. If you calculate it is more than 15 hours when bus reaches to BHEL. And very interesting is the luggage want unload before Naya pool near MGBS, the bus conductor waiting for a person who is collecting, but again conductor himself gave a call and conforming to unload with the help of Hamali. See here Conductor did his voluntary service(paid), where as for any other case he won't do?
Here My question is in your RTC , conductors corrupted for money? They don't feel to do any service to common passengers.
There is no specific time? When I was travelling in 90s the same bus was within 10 hrs that tto in single road. Now it is double line?
Officials don't encorage bribe and set some instructions shall be followed strictly and shall be monitored by strict officers(not corrupted)
Dec 9, 2016

Unnecessarily collecting cess from passengers

It is very shabby to say Sir, Both the RTC in turn has became cheater, simply collecting cess from passegers. Government is running away from responsibilities doing business. There is no difference between Marwaris and Govt(RTC).
Why a person who wants to travel from Hyderabad to Madanapally in day time where there is no bus direct, he has to change four buses.
One from Hyderabad to Kurnool , Kurnool to Anantapur, Annantapur to Kadiri and Kadiri to Madanapally.
In each ticket P-Fee 2 rs, Service charge-1 rs, Safety cess-1 rs and C-fee-1 rs, total 4 rs.
Yesterday I had been to Madanapally like this I paid in each ticket 4 rs extra x 4 buses= 16 Rs other than Toll tax and ticket.
Is n't not your duty to pay all these from your ticket money, which is already high. You batards are enjoying on our money. Is there any Secratariat officers or minsters, CM are their chamchas paying toll tax? No.
If any idiot can reply?.
Dec 8, 2016

Toll fee Collected from me post 8th November

Dear Sir,
Post demonetization, one of the laudable decisions taken by GOI/NHAI was non collection of Toll Taxes on High ways, following which the toll gates were kept open and vehicles were not charged any toll tax till 4th Dec.
However APSRTC continued charging toll fee as also other fees and cesses including the unexplained 'passenger fee', 'safety cess' and 'pis fee' on all its express services.
I protested this unreasonable collection of Toll fee with the conductors of buses, to no avail.
Since I own a "CAT card' -a premium card which gives 10% reduction on the basic fare charged-, I am already entitled to accidental insurance coverage (of some 1Lakh Rupees). So I can not be charged, second time so, of this 'safety fee'- whatever it may mean.
Since my protests with the conductors went unheeded, I wish someone more responsible would redress my grievance.
Thank you.
Jan 29, 2016

Delay in starting service by 1 hr

Delay in starting service by one hour without prior intimation or reasoning. I am enclosing ticket details.
''APSRTC. Journey: HINDUPUR-TIRUPATHI Service No: 52474 Driver: P.RAMANA Contact No.: 7382862987 Pls report 15 before departure: 29-Jan-2016 17:00. Ph:04030102828.www.apsrtconline.in
This seems to be happening regularly.

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