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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about APSRTC

May 21, 2018


I have experienced this several times.
While booking a ticket it will show only a women can book a ticket beside any other women but gents are sitting beside women even though that seat is not theirs.
Even conductors are not even asking the women whether they were feeling comfortable or not and not even changing the seats.
Ajeej shaik
May 20, 2018

Amount deducted but no ticket booked

My name is Ajeej.

I have tried to book a ticket from hyderabd to Pamur on 8th may 2018. My amount from bank was deducted and got the acknowledgement to my mail. Ebs payment id is 101670472. Ticket not booked.

Today is 20th may 218 still my amount not refunded and no confirmation about the refund.

Such a worst maintenance.
May 20, 2018

Extra charges than ticket

This conductor before start of the vus said that he will be charging 1 and half ticket for me since it is speaciap service from nellore to chennai at 3:00pm ist,i agreed for that and got a seat he gave ticket for 368 rupess and i gave 500 rupess he said he will be give rest amount while gwtting down.But when i asked for change he said that i have to pay extra 100 rupess and took the ticket from me and torn it since it is special service.Since i am im hurry i left the place service number is 5035.please take action on the conductor.
May 20, 2018


I booked the ticket on march 30th from banglore to nellore service number is 5082.On the day of march 31st early morning at 4:30am driver stopped the bus in gudur bypass and he delivered some lauggage there. The bus left gudur bypass driver got call that the delivered the extra lauggage,immediately the driver did not took any you turn and he returned the bus in wrong direction and he came in wrong route at NH-5 up to 5kms ,all the passengers are in deep sleep..if any major accident occurs who is the responsible..i gave complaint on march 31st by mail and making call to customer care...But up to now there is no response from APSRTC..
May 19, 2018

Negligence of the officer incharge of depot and Threatening civilians

The on-duty incharge of Chirala bus depot on May 18 @ 7PM, Mr. V Kumar, has denied to do his duties and inturn threatened to have me arrested. For travel in Bus AP29TY7547 from Chirala to Vijayawada, there was a male passenger sitting in ladies reserved seat. As the bus was full, I have asked the male passenger to give seat for my 60 year old Mother-in-law. The passenger denied and when I reached out to the bus conductor(Mr. P.V. Subbarao), he denied doing his duty. When I went to the on-duty incharge he denied doing his duty. When I asked him to file a complaint he callously asked me to get my own paper to file a complaint. When I insisted on he shared the complaint book.

While filing the complaint he deliberately gave me the wrong bus details. When I asked about his negligence he denied giving me his name when I wanted to file a complaint against him. He threatened to take me to police station. This is outright outrageous that the incharge deliberately chooses to not do his duty when a civilian approaches him with a concern.
May 18, 2018

Rash behavior very loud taperecorder.negligens.worst behavior.

Worst behaviour.toomuch loud spelers.so many times so many told him.he was rooudly give his words.he didn't stop songs.bus number. AP27TY7350.DATE OF JOURNEY 18/5/2018.PLE REMOVE from his duty.he is unfit.
Lida Paul
May 17, 2018

inappropriate driving/halting of the bus

Sir, I travel on APSRTC buses regularly. Its the means I prefer over the unsafe and overstuffed autorickshaws. However, to my distress, it has become all the more unsafe to travel on the APSRTC buses in my route, Tenali-guntur stateway. The issue is that the drivers do not wait for the passenger either while boarding the bus or at the time of deboarding. it is almost like the passengers have to jump off the moving bus. Several accidents have taken place because of this attitude of the drivers. Most often, the conductor and not the driver is at fault. The conductor nods the driver to start the bus even when the passengers are in the middle of getting on the bus. It has become really a matter of concern particularly when you have to travel with babies and children. Kindly take necessary action towards the same.
Thanks in advance
May 14, 2018

Rash driving on Navin Travels

That bloody driver of Navin Travels AP31v 999 is the worst driver and also rash driver. He had scrambled at madhurawada signal and crossed at over speed and also used keepin head phones and driving and also used bad words for asking against me. Timing of this incident was 08:10 AM at madhurawada Junction.. Aa chetha naa kodukuki Yela appoint chesukuntaru ra management Antha Kallu nethimedha pettukuntaru ra.. Accident aithe mi management responsibility isthara mi Antha worst management Akkada chudaledhu ika medha ilantivi repeat aithe Kanaka I will complaint to the city traffic commissioner Ki complaint cheyalsi vastadhi..
Jahnavi k
May 13, 2018

Very irresponsible in timings

The bus driver in super luxury bus (service no:6740) is very very slow in performing his duties.bus timings from anantapur to Bangalore is 4:30 to 9:30 but always bus will start at 5'clock and above only..... And they will stop bus for 40 min for tiffin and driver will stops bus in middle for checking passengers unnecessarily even though bus was full......all our passengers want to go next time in private bus where they maintain exact timings....... Please take this complaint seriously and make the needful to passengers...... Change the bus and bus driver...... All passengers are working people...... We people taking scoldings from our office because this is the only bus always reach late........ Please understand our greviences and do the needful
Sindhuja talla
May 13, 2018

No sympathy on ladies

TNA195942 - there is no seats for Hyderabad before starting from kodad I asked driver if there is a possibility of getting a seat in Suryapet then I will come otherwise I won't at that time they said yeah 1 seat will be available u can sit but after conductor was moved to that place how it's possible even they should sympathy as a girl let her sleep and the time ki early Mrng 4:30am there will a place for drivers to sleep y don't they sleep at that place person who is having a ticket only get a seat not for conductors or driver's this is not fair please take any reaction for this kind situations
May 13, 2018

Consumer complaint about APSRTC

13/05/2018 No buses Tanuku to Vijayawada Evening 7 P.M to 9 P.M waiting for 2 hours. No one given any in formation
May 13, 2018

Rude behavior of the bus conductor

Bus no : AP29Z 0431.. I've travelled from Parchur to Guntur in this bus on 13 May 2018 . The conductor of the bus is one rude person u can find . He might have been irritated with many causes but one cannot show ones emotions on the passengers who are the wealth of RTC if I am not wrong ..So I want that person to be punished as per your rules .. U can address me through my mail if u don't mind .. my mail ID :-sunnysikha143@gmail.com .. Please take necessary actions or else I would like to choose other legal ways ..
Kranthi Kumar
May 12, 2018

Drivers Arguing to the passengers for delay of bus timings

I have travelled in apsrtc bus from Hyderabad to Vijayawada which is service number 3612 and the bus driver name is jaya kumar.
My concern with him is he is not at all stopped the bus at my stop even request a lot and argued with me which i have asked why the is came in the starting. And he stopped the bus for another passanger request not to mine even though it is not a mentioned stop.

Below are the bus and driver details:

Thank you for Choosing APSRTC. Journey: SHAIKPET DARGAH CITY BUS STOP-AUTONAGAR - VJA Service No: 3612 Driver: D JAYABABU Contact No.: 7382906108 Pls report 15 mins before departure: 11-May-2018 21:55.
Kranthi Kumar
May 12, 2018

Did not the bus at the stop even request a lot and he seems like drunk and behaving rude

I have travelled in apsrtc bus from Hyderabad to Vijayawada which is service number 3612 and the bus driver name is jaya kumar.
My concern with him is he is not at all stopped the bus at my stop even request a lot and argued with me which i have asked why the is came in the starting. And he stopped the bus for another passanger request not to mine even though it is not a mentioned stop.

Below are the bus and driver details:

Thank you for Choosing APSRTC. Journey: SHAIKPET DARGAH CITY BUS STOP-AUTONAGAR - VJA Service No: 3612 Driver: D JAYABABU Contact No.: 7382906108 Pls report 15 mins before departure: 11-May-2018 21:55.
Kranthi Kumar
May 12, 2018

Behaving rude and haven't stop the bus at my stop for asking why the bus come late in the starting

Good morning sir.

I have travelled Hyderabad to Vijayawada bus On 11/10/2018 which is service number is 3612 .
The problem is driver is haven't stopped the bus at my stop even I request becoz of asking why the bus is come late in the starting and argued with the passengers. These drivers giving answers very rashly.

Quoting the details below:

Thank you for Choosing APSRTC. Journey: SHAIKPET DARGAH CITY BUS STOP-AUTONAGAR - VJA Service No: 3612 Driver: D JAYABABU Contact No.: 7382906108 Pls report 15 mins before departure: 11-May-2018

Hope you take the action

Thanks in advance.
May 9, 2018


Hi sir! I am a soldier. 09/05/2018 I travelled bus no AP 04 TU 5997, kadapa depot. This bus condector is very negletive person. He is not respect passengers. I suggetion apsrtc will bewell trained driver $ condector. Please respected passenger.
Thank you sir!! !
May 7, 2018

Refund Amount


my ticket no--73933605

This ticket last month 29-03-2018 canceled but still not refund my money.not refund to bank.
Customer care also not responding properly. Ihave call my bank , bank told
ur side not refund to bank. How can posible this is too bad too worest.
Already 1 month completed still not refund.

Customer care support is worest. not responding properly. still not send refund conformation mail.
Hari Krishna Mopuri
May 7, 2018

NO Transport facility

Hi ,

I am resident of bodivaripalli village, Thonduru Mandal, Kadapa dt, Pin 516401.

our village does not have Transport facility inside the village, to get bus we have to walk more than 2KM.

because of this senior people and college students suffering a lot, Please address this issue as soon as possible.
Hari Krishna Mopuri
May 7, 2018

NO transportation facility

Hi ,
I am resident of bodivaripalli village, thonduru mandal,kadapa dt, pin 516401.

our village does not have any bus transport facility inside village, to get bus we have to walk more than 2km.

because of this senior people, college students are suffering a lot , can you please address this issue as soon as possible.
Varaprasad pelluri
May 6, 2018

Cleaning is worst

I am varaprasad from addanki prakasam District. I want to complain about cleaning in addanki bus depot. First
The toilets are worst no taps. No cleaning at all. I don't know the reason why it is like that. It is shame to andhra government. Due to u r team(Apsrtc) people will think the government is not good. It will effect government motto swacha bharat. Please take respective actions and help to government motive swatcha bharat. Please save the people.
chaya chitturi
May 6, 2018

regarding senior citizen and ladies allocated seats

Hello RTC Team,

I have traveled from Vijayawada to Avanigadda on March 10,2018, The bus started around at 9
PM to 9.30 PM. I found many senior citizens and ladies are standing, even some seats are specially allocated to those people. Those allocated seats are occupied by gents. I have asked one boy who sat in senior citizen seat, to give the seat to one old lady who had a operation. Then that boy and their family members started scolding me with out any concern about that old women. I would have given my seat to that old women before itself, but on that day I was very tire, came from HYD to attend my friend's marriage. That's why I asked that boy to give the seat. any how those people didn't gave the seat to that lady, finally I gave her my seat.

Why I'm rising complaint against APSRTC regarding this issue and Which bothered me a lot is " When I'm fighting with those people, every one became spectators even conductor also. Every trying to control me but ". I feel this is completely responsibility of bus conductor, to make sure those specified seats are occupied by respective people when eligible people are there in the bus.I respect conductors, as I know their job is very tough in peak times. But it is their responsibility of their duty.

Hope this you people consider this complaint, and make our people responsible.

May 4, 2018

Regarding proofs

My parents booked tickets for garuda bus from hyd to vij under senior citizens concession..for e-tickets every passenger should show proof,but the driver targeted only tickets booked through concession..when we showed e-adhaar and e-voter cards from phone which are having photos on them,he started arguing that those proofs are not acceptable..and should atleast show Xerox,but here the driver is showing that rules photo in his phone.when he's asking passengers proof in paper form,why doesn't he show his govt.rules in paper form??the government always says digitalisation,but the govt. Offices or buses are not following digitalisation..the driver didn't wear uniform also and was rude.they taken the balance amount for the tickets..here amount is not a problem..but not accepting e-proofs was a problem..
May 1, 2018


On 30th April 2018 time: 7:30pm , I have travelled in apsrtc(super luxury) from Vijayawada to Hyderabad. I don't remember the service name but the driving of that is worst. We almost had to two accidents. That drivers driving is really unsafe. Apstc is known for safety, so please take necessary action so that there will be no incidents in future. I am providing picture of ticket, so that u can trace him.


E rosyllyne wood
Apr 30, 2018

Worst timings

Hi APSRTC 29 April rjy to gnt journey chesanu 4:40-9:40 ani journey ani chepi 10:40 teskocharu hostel lo unde valsm aa time ki vaste em anukuntatu allow chesta .govt vale Ela security evkpote evaru estaru private lo safety undadu anega rtc Ni select cheskunedi. Tickets ksm tipi tipi anta delay chestara meru tedkuna amount ki ina nyayam cheyali ga passenger lo vachina anta sepu patadu Malli ladies pakaana gents ki seat Ela estaru vadu Ela behave chesado kuda chepslenu pls sir teskuna money ki ina value undali.ela commercial ga unte maku ebandi
Apr 30, 2018

PODILI AC INDRA BUS - Complent on GM of Podili

I am travelling from Podili to hyderabad and vice versa in last month around 4 times. I booked same bus 5969(PODILI) t travel.
Everytime I faced a issue with BUS AC. One of the AC machanic(In vinukonda) said this bus AC Won't work its life time is end.

4 days later I booked AC bus from Podili to hyderabad and still they use the same bus. After bus starts aroung 11.30 PM AC stooped working. All passengers are started shouting on Driver and conductor.

As updated by conductor , They have already intemated the condition of bus to GM(PODILI GM) and he still says , if your not ready to go , we will arrange other person.

Without AC we travelled to HYD, small kids and old people are in bus , Please think about it once if you feel your are still humans.

Tell me If the bus is not in condition why APSRTC is suppose to us. We are apying 600 rs for each ticket so please stop these kind of nonscence.

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