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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about APSRTC

Jun 20, 2017

Conductor rude behvoior

Bus no. APLLZ 6305 of APPSRTC metro bus conductor from Visakhapatnam to anakapalle (500) nearly from Visakhapatnam at 2:00/2:30 pm to anakapalle at 3:45/4:00pm is shouting rudely to the passengers.
He shouts and uses vulgar slang and language
He is supposed to be polite to passengers or at least without any rude behavior. kindly change his behaviour or
change such kind of conductors.
Rana Pratap m
Jun 19, 2017

Worst behaviour from Driver

The bus driver named Murali, driving from Vizag to Vijayawada route, of Tanuku depot bus is cheating people for money. He made me to bus ticket twice. First instance he didn't have ticket but lied that he gave.. Even thought it is showing booked in machine which he is using , still made me to buy again the ticket. He threatened me by stopping the bus. I spoke with DM but no use. He is speaking like a illiterate person.

These government employees has failed in their duties. I request appropriate authorities to take action against the DM & driver for causing problems to passengers.

Bus no: AP37 Z 0118
Driver: Murthy
Route: Vizag to Vijayawada.
Depo bus: Tanuku
Jun 16, 2017


One of the worst fckn services of India is fkn APSRTC of Chittoor.... Stupid driver n unworthy lady conductor...waited for 45 mins for a single fkn passenger.......n whole passengers waited for this n the both driver n conductor supported this nonsense.....service no 9032 frm Bangalore to Chittoor....I Kindly request all public in Andhra Pradesh not to book r travel in APSRTC....
Jun 16, 2017

worrest behaviour observed from APSRTC driver and Enquiry booth in MGBS

We have booked ticket from Hyderabad MGBS to Nellore on 15th June 2017.bus time is evening 6 PM at MGBS.
15 minutes delayed happened due to traffic and rain in hyderabad location.we have tried to call driver about to inform delayed and ask him to wait but this irresponsibility driver answered simply its a wrong number.
But his way of talking soo rudely with customer.not giving any kind of respect and didn't give any kind of information to customers.
Same thing we inform to MGBS enquiry booth also,we got rude reply from them also.

This kind of worrest behavior i do not see with any TSRTC or any private travel buses..they will inform to customer before departure of buses when customer get delayed.and they will wait for customer atleast for 15 minutes.
They dont have minimum common sense also how to behave with customer,then how will travel with APSRTC.

Dear friends,please think before booking the ticket in APSRTC.

Service No : 5263..
Ticket No. 64572743
Jun 13, 2017

Complaint on RTC Bus Stand Vishakapatnam


I am a Software Engineer and i work in Vishakapatnam. Recently i have used toilets in Vishakapatnam bus stand and i was disappointed by the maintenance of the toilets. Despite of paying 2rs and 10rs for the toilets usage the maintenance is very bad. U observed the following issues
It is not hygienic.
It is not clean
Full of water leakage
Foul odour
As a responsible citizen i want to take up of the issue to the government and hoping that you will consider my complaint and resolve the issues asap and make vizag Bus stand much more cleanlier then now.
Basheer Ahmed
Jun 12, 2017

Issuing of student bus pass

I'm a student of tanuku polytechnic college. I live in rajamahendravaram. I need a student bus pass to travel every day to my college. When I approached your authorities to get the facility of student pass, they ask me to go to kovvur station for bus pass. It is being difficult me to get the student bus pass every time. So, kindly modify your rules such that any student can easily use the facility of student bus pass. Thank you sir...
Jun 11, 2017

Regarding to pressure of old drivers

Respected sir,

I am Swathi, recently I have travelled from slr to vskp by express at night time.Normal travelling time is 3 hrs only, but I travelled nearly 4 hours time. I was enquired why the driver driving very slow, he told me he was 56 old, he can't see night time properly and he had muscles pain but Depot manager and traffic controller forced to do that duty only. If he wants to passenger bus that controller was very rude behavior on him.not only him who old staff wants do passenger service. So that staff had no alternative.
But sir that old staff drives very slowly I was very irritating. if that time is any accident who is responsible for passengers life. Please consider this problems very seriously. If there is any accident your are the responsible for that...
Murali Rohit
Jun 10, 2017

No sense of Responsibility,

Hi Team,

I have booked an Ticket From chennai to Tirupati (Amarvathi )on 9th June. I was stuck in Traffic and Traffic and was trying to reach driver many times(10 times). he just picks the phone and disconnects it.

My Bus start time was at 5:30 Pm IST and I reached the point by 5:40 started calling the driver, he informed me that he left the place and i asked why does n;t he pick up the phone and did not call me when there is a valid reservation. he answer was so rude that he cannot call people.

these people just dont call the reservation people and sell these seats to higher prices to some other Passenger. i request to take an action.

Driver name : Murali
Ph :7382881781
service number : 47488

mt ticket number :64353740

This is very very poor service by APSRTC, We spend so much of money on these travel and end up in a shock if the driver does not even call the passengers if there are any reservation. we would have felt good if atleast as a responsibility driver should call the passenger and if we are not in time then he can leave.

Note : I am travelling in APSRTC from five years and i know it is the duty of the driver to call or atleast pick up the phone when passengers call him

If the action is not being taken on this, i will be reaching to the concerned court..

Jun 7, 2017

No timely service

This is regarding the irregularity in bus service.
Service no - 3686
Date - 8-jun-2017
Actual departure time from kphb -7.55 am
Delay - 80 mins
When a bus is delayed by more than 5-10 mins, we usually expect an intimation regarding the delay through an sms/email, so we can plan accordingly.
Making the customers wait at bustops for hours together is really disgusting. Live tracking doesnt even work. Even the kphb ticket counter officials have no clue ragrding the bus service.
Jun 7, 2017

None handing of parcel

Today I had to receive one parcel with name N CH V RAJESH from Avanigadda duly booked under parcel service which was recently introduced by your organization. The incharge said to be one maistry refused to give parcel at 1.10 am on 8.6.17. immediately I had approached controller and explained him the situation. Also I had requested complaints and suggestions book and Sri Adinarayana Murthy who is working as controller refused to give complaint book and intimated that no body will bother about complaint and there is of no use in giving complaint. The people at parcel hub are expecting some bribe from me and as I did not paid them, they had refused to give my parcel.

My contact numbers is 9490499645
Raju M.N
Jun 7, 2017

conductor behaviour is not good

Sir, On 07.06.2017 i booked a online reservation through abhibus vide Ticket no.64261704, Service no.3989/BCM-VJA-AVG, Pickup point is kothagudem, i given the passenger who is my son law print out but the above bus conductor not accepting online to this service he had no chart but i have and print out with this service no and confirmation. The above conductor behave very proudly with my son in law as well as on lady also she is also booked a ticket online ple ensure this type of behaviour of conductor
Jun 5, 2017

Not given chage

Hi sir,
I am using Apsrtc regularly..
I travelled in APSRTC(dept-Guntakal,dri-575179,con-408191)from Banglore to Anantapur.I had given Rs 500 to conductor and change also given rs 13 to him.I forgot to collect remaining amount rs 300 at that time.I asked him later when my stage came.But he was not given.He also irritates with passengers if any one asking route details.He was not responsible person for RTC.Why were continuing these types of people's.

Kindly please severe action on these types of people's.

Thanks in advance.
Jun 5, 2017

Irresponsibility and Rude Behavior

Respected Sir / Madam,

Bus Registration Number : AP11Z4101, Route No.220 (Market - Thenneru) Eluru Road Via Nidamanuru, Gudavalli, Velpuru, Manthena and Thenneru, Date of Journey : 05-06-2017 on Monday

This is to inform that, I am travelling in Route No.220 daily. On this day the Driver, I have not known the name exactly, not stopped the bus in the Bus stop and stopped so far from the Bus stop and I have run and catch the bus, and he rudely said that I have not stopped the bus because you are not showing the hand to stop the bus. This is the way of that bus driver talking to me very rudely with me in the presence of co-passengers, and the irresponsible behavior that he not stopped the bus in the bus stop. As the Route No.220 bus is only 1 bus that is for every 50 Minutes. But the Driver has not stopped the bus, and also facing many problems on every Monday. So, I request you to say that please take necessary action towards the Bus Driver.
Jun 4, 2017

Bad behaviour with passengers

Service no 3422 bhimavarm to visakapatnamtime starts at origin : 8:45 pm .

Ask ur management to train those drivers how to behavior with female passengers better give teaching classes to those guys.mr.dj raoand patner

Its not first time facing these type of guys ...
It is complete mistake of rtc we will blame you not those you need to take care of ther quallification in behaviour.
Jun 4, 2017

Irresponsible behaviour

I have taken bus ticket of APSRTC GARUDA from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. The service no. Is 90845. The driver name is Mr. T V V Rao. The bus is scheduled at 3.50 pm in Vanasthalipuram boarding point. The PNR ticket no. Is 64162685.anden I called driver at 3.50 pm the driver shouted at me and said that he has not yet started from origin point itself. It will take more than an hour I should wait if I need to board the bus. When I called complaint cell of APSRTC, I was initially informed by Mr. Sudhir Babu within 10 min I will get a call. When I didn't receive call I called back complaint call then a lady picked up phone telling me same response that after 10 min I will receive call regarding status. When I confronted saying that same thing was told to me 10 min back then she handed phone to Sudhir babu. This time Sudhir babu told please contact only driver he has no information.
After booking advance ticket, is this the way Govt services behave with passengers knowing very well passenger has no choice.
Is this way Govt service staff responds to passengers ?
Please lodge a complain of mine and get me justice of undergoing mental stress, agony, depression, suffering from heat and loss of my invaluable time.
Ashok Tadiboyina
Jun 3, 2017

Not even given change

When I was traveling from Bangalore to udhaygiri. I taken a ticket is rs 364 the conductor is not even given me a single rupee I submitted to him is 500rs
Pls take a sevior action
Thank you
Ashok Tadiboyina
Jun 3, 2017

Not even given change

When I was taken ticket is Bangalore to udhaygiri is rs354. I paid to conductor is 500rs not even given a change to me a single rupee. Pls control this
Thank you
Ashok Tadiboyina
Jun 3, 2017

Improper behaviour

When I take a ticket is rs354 but the conductor is taken me with 500rs. When I ask change but I shouldn't give a change to me.when I request he not even given me a single rupee.
Tank you
May 30, 2017

vja to gnt passenger buses

There are no passenger buses between 7.30 am to 8.00 am. From 8 am there is a Que of buses. Moreover all the passenger buses are compulsorily going in to Mangalagiri bus stand.In this when we want to go after Mangalagiri we are loosing nearly 15 to 20mts time. and a fare of 3rs. In this regarding we are loosing time and money also. You run some of the buses directly and some in to mangalagiri. The persons who are in hurry will go directly who want to go Mangalagiri will come into other buses. Alternatively 1 bus directly adn another into Mangalagiri. At the same time you have to put the ticket rate same to type of buses by reducing the fare as direct bus.Then you will gain more. You don't caliculate distance. 2nd ly on Sundays number of people who is travelling towards Pedakakni a famous pilgrim place when coming there is no passenger buses. The non stop buses are picking up the passengers and taking a huge amount rs 38/-.
In this way are looting the passenger pockets. I think that your department people are stoping the passenger buses and sending Non stop buses. And the other hand crying that RTC is in Loss. You are is your minds in Mecahnically but not in a New way. Please try to think another way and do needful and get profits by giving proper services. In Vijayawada on the Eluru road their is no sufficient city buses upto Ramavarappadu. We must have to wait for Autos only Where is route no 2. How much you are losing by Autos. Don't irritate about my comments and think with a broad mind and take neccessary action.

With Regards
May 26, 2017

APSRTC Improper behaviour of driver and conductor

I(male) accidentally booked a female passenger seat in online. When I got to know it, I exchanged my seat with another female passenger sitting in gents seat. But the driver and conductor didn't approve this and charged me an extra ticket. Moreover they are rude to me and didn't even listen to me properly. I hardly had enough money to buy an extra ticket and if I didn't had enough money(since they are only accepting liquid cash) that would have been a very serious problem for me. Please take care of such issues
May 26, 2017

Talking very rudely

Because of rain.i reached lately on majestic.but the driver and conductor they are talking very rudely with the girls. Worst people, how these people are getting job in APSRTC. please do needful for passengers. That driver name is ANANDHAM A, phone number. 7382879169
May 25, 2017

Bus not available

From kakinada to kotipalli , no bus available after 9pm, if we miss last bus at 9pm , we are facing lot of problems.. kindly please provide one bus for 10pm also..

Thank you
May 25, 2017




May 24, 2017

No Punctuality,Using service as a Goods carrier

Travelled on 23/05/2017 from Repalle to Hyderabad,Super Luxury service no(4703),No punctuality,Started the service At 9:Pm instead of 8:30 and loading lot of goods/baskets on top of the bus and wasting time because of this more than 30 minutes for loading/unloading.
When i travelled same situation every time ,Bus is using for goods service not care about passengers.In summer very hard to travel in this situation.

Even driver also not maintained about time punctuality,Reached Kukatpally Y junction at 7:30 AM.

May 19, 2017

No window

Worst maintenance. I booked a seat (window)from Bangalore to Kadapa. There is no window/glass and it was all direct open. It is very chilling and it was very uncomfortable for all the nearby seats. What if it rains??? Never going to travel in APSRTC and will inform my friends/family also to not consider APSRTC

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