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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about APSRTC

Jan 12, 2019

Arrogant behaviour of bus driver

Myself Harsha Vardhan karnena was traveling from rajahmundry to srikakulam....the bus driver was too arrogant...and misbehaved with me...he pushed me and spoken abusive words....as I belong to apsrtc family...my father is a apsrtc employee...I could shout on him....only thing I can do is complain to you so that you will council them and make our passenger happy ...he has been shouting on most of the passenger....I'm a medico...with much respect towards apsrtc we choose apsrtc rather than private services....but these kind of drivers literally harasse us...we oftenly face such problems but today I'm complaining because it's beyond limits....I hope you take some immediate action towards this
My ticket details:
TKT NO 83948814, Name:harsha vardhan karnena, RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM-SRIKAKULAM, SRVC NO:24025/RJY-ICPM[HIGH WAY] Seats:14 (M) FARE:414.0, DOJ-12-Jan-2019, 01:30 PM, RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM, UID-1168. In case of concerns, reach us at https:///m.redbus.in/help
redBus TIN: TN2419400083
Jan 12, 2019

Arrogant behaviour of bus driver

Myself Harsha Vardhan karnena was traveling from rajahmundry to srikakulam....the driver was so arrogant and misbehaved with me....he pushed me and spoken abusive words.....I belong to apsrtc family...my father is a an employee...with that respect towards rtc I could not react to him...so I have been complaining to you ... I'm a medico...with much respect towards apsrtc we choose it rather than private services....I was completely disappointed by the driver.....may b he is suffering from hypertension...he shouts on every passenger without any reason ....most probably we do face such problems but they are common....but now I'm complaining this ....as the behaviour of the driver is tooo worst....I hope u take severe action on him....
service number 24025 rajahmundry to ichapuram
Date of journey : 12 Jan 2019
My ticket details:
TKT NO 83948814, Name:harsha vardhan karnena, RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM-SRIKAKULAM, SRVC NO:24025/RJY-ICPM[HIGH WAY] Seats:14 (M) FARE:414.0, DOJ-12-Jan-2019, 01:30 PM, RAJAMAHENDRAVARAM, UID-1168. In case of concerns, reach us at https:///m.redbus.in/help
redBus TIN: TN2419400083
I Nagaraju
Jan 12, 2019

Rash behavior

Bus service no.92296 driver id. 460142 is talking rash with customers. Bus starting at chanda nagar 6:30pm go vizag right time is 8:00am but bus is in tuni at 11:00am. Bus stopped at every two hours . Ask the driver he behave rash. This type of service from APSRTC
K. Tulasi
Jan 12, 2019

Seat numbering not matching with the online layout of the bus

Dt-12.01.2019 service no.27008.route-visakhapatnam to Navrangpur.
The layout shown in the website while reserving a seat and the original layout of the bus are not matching.However, the seat number is written correctly at the back of the seat. When complained the same to the conductor P.V.Rao, replied rudely instead of solving the problem. Such a irresponsible employee!!! Being a female passenger it was very uncomfortable sitting beside male passengers.
K. Tulasi
Jan 12, 2019

Seat numbering not matching with the online layout of the bus

Service no. 27008 route. Visakhapatnam to Navrangpur. time 4.30am
The layout shown in the website while reserving the seat and the original layout are not matching. However, the numbering matched with the numbers written back of the seat.When complained the same to the conductor P.V.Rao, replied rudely instead of solving the problem. Such a irresponsible employee!!!Being a female passenger, it was very uncomfortable to sit in the other seat with male passengers beside.
Jan 11, 2019

Charging wrong fare

From Nellore to Rapur . Early morning 4.30 bus is normal palla velugu but only in board it's express they mentioned and they charged express fare. This is the way APSRTC cheating passengers.
Shaik syfulla
Jan 10, 2019

Bus fare

In chennai now andhra bus stand is madhavaram. Compare to koyambedu RTC get saved 10 km of journry. But getting same fare of koyambedu. So many people have loss so much money. Please respond.
Karthik Lukalapu
Jan 8, 2019

Stopped in middle of the journey for there lunch after started the raid

I am karthik travelling from vizag to srikakulam bus
Bus has stopped in middle of my journey for 1 hour after stating my journey what the ### this drivers nd conductors r doing i cant understand if some one ask also yhere behavious is so bad they not at all giving respect to the lafies with there bad words
Vizag to tekkali buss no:TNA27099
Jan 7, 2019

Not stoping on bus stops

Using phones while driving not stoping on bus stops telling us to take another bus
Bus no Ap 16 jt 4002
Susmitha reddy
Jan 6, 2019

Window is not closing

Route- Gudivada to Miyapur
Bus number 3943

Window at seat number 26 is not closing. How can we travel if the window doesn't close in this cold climate. I can't wake up all the night to close the window right. I request you to please take an action on this.

Jan 4, 2019

No comfortable for ladies

In ladies seats gents are sitting where ladies wants to sit we are sitting beside them in bus they are occupying every sit we are comfortable to sit beside them please provide some seats to ladies even first row also gents occupying
Siva udaya Chandra praveen
Jan 2, 2019

Arrival delayed

Dear manager,

Down Below is the msg to customer, advised to be 15 min before arrival but your service is 30 mins late from given departure time 12:30 and left the complex 40min late which is 13:10hrs. Your ticket is nearly 150 rs extra at complex booking than online which is not acceptable. Please improve your service. Station Master's phone is not audible though he is very supportive.

Please improve your service and punctuality. Kindly Care for customers.

(Thank you for Choosing APSRTC. Journey: VISAKHAPATNAM-VIJAYAWADA Service No: 3495 Pls report 15 mins before departure: 02-Jan-2019 12:30)
Jan 1, 2019

Getting problem of luggage in service no.2593


I am travelling Service number 2593 'Jaggannapeta to Hyderabad 1st Jan 2019,' seat numbers-23,24,27 and 28,

We are not getting space for our
luggage although we booked four tickets

Getting a lot of luggage coconut bags without bus ticket/private languages, all services the same problem.

Please verify/ take the serious action.

Kumar tt
Dec 30, 2018

Vanitha card cancellation

What the hell going with APSRTC......You can simply increasing the fairs ....mean while you have to give discount .and now there is no vanitha card concession. How can a comman man survive with bus journey......you have to think over it....take a measure of this...try implement the vanitha card scheme for this year onwords ..
Telangana RTC fare is less than the APSRTC FARE
Dec 28, 2018

APSRTC Bus tracking for special buses

Please provide bus tracking for special buses too.Many passengers have missed the bus.Drivers did not attend the calls and we could not get location of bus in inquiry neither.Passengers have no clue at all where the bus is. please take this into consideration and provide tracking.
Dec 28, 2018

APSRTC Bus tracking

Please provide bus tracking for special buses in APSRTC bus tracking app. Even in inquiry we did not get location of the bus.Many passengers has missed the bus as drivers did not attend the calls made by passengers.Please take this into consideration.
Dec 23, 2018


What is happened with the on going buses via Narsapur to eluru? A new type of buses are scheduled from the past 15 days,they are very small.there is no difference between the ordinary and express expect the price of ticket.Even there is no sufficient place to support legs.How the cruel the depot managers are towards this condition buses.there are like small match boxes.There is a need to change the buses as normal express buses.Please make a change as soon as possible.
Dec 22, 2018

Insufficient buses

From eluru to jangareddygudam buses are insufficient to jangareddygudam people's are suffering for this problem and the allotted buses aren't going to trips ,in APSRTC live tracking app they showing buses are not allotted please rectify this problem as soon as possible .I am expecting a quick response on this problem
Manoj Kumar Reddy
Dec 21, 2018

Nightmare journey from Bangalore to Kurnool on 21st Dec 2018

In very short......Very very very rash driving I had ever seen from a APSRTC driver. Writing this during my journey itself. Can't even say weather I will reach home safely or not. Service number : 6275. The first and worst impression just after seeing the seat condition itself. If you are charging something from the people please try atleast provide some good service to the people. I don't know what to explain about the driver. I usually travel from Bangalore to Kurnool once in a month from past 5 yrs and my first preference of travelling mode is through APSRTC. From next time onwards I have to think to book a ticket in APSRTC just after this journey.
Dec 17, 2018

Bus condition

Service no 4818
eluru to hyderabad , bus is not in good condition fall rain from junction into the bus and fall directly we got sit in the bus. We made a complaint nothing is happened. bus went into garage and asked for alternative, they didn't respond at last provide some blankets where rain water is falling.

Atleast from now onwards please put the buses in good condition.
Dec 15, 2018

Sound problems in television

The movies which you are playing in buses vskp-rjy are improper sounds and some times its being in mute.. Even driver don't have access to change or volume control. Sometimes its being very irritated..
Vskp-rjy(super deluxe) , service no: 2732, bus. No: 5151
Dec 14, 2018

Bad Behavior of driver

Dear Management,
Myself Joseph ,On 14-12-2018 I reserve ticket from Hyderabad to Adoni.my stop lakdikapool (telephone Bhuvan) .That bus will come at 9:20PM. I'm waiting from 9'0clock. The bus didn't get into that route. I took driver number from apsrtc compliant cell.
I call to the driver and said that I'm waiting lakadikapool, he said I don't know and he cut call. I'm keep on calling but he is not receiving the call. Again call to Compliant cell say them to stop bus on next stop, I took auto and try to catch the bus. Again after 15 times of calling ,he lift call and I ask him to stop bus in next stop for 5 mins. He again cut the call finally I saw the bus. From outside of the auto I am shouting to stop the bus and he keep on going. At some time he stopped. After getting into the bus I asked him, why you haven't came to lakadikapool telephone bhavan stop. At time he is saying this words.

"If you are seat number 5, I even not stop the bus. If you want to come in, come.
Other wise get down.
I said I will compliant in Depot, he said go and give who ever you want.
This type of driver behavior upon passenger.
Please I request take action on him. Then I will believe on APSRTC authority.
Tomorrow after reaching Adoni, I will Complaint on him to depot manager.
Myself Joseph, seat number 5,Journey date :14-12-2018.

Driver name : Venkateshwarlu
Service Number:-6477
Depot :-Adoni

Note:-if you want verify my calls you can verify ,I call to Complaint cell many times on that time.

Thank You.
Manikanta Patnana
Dec 11, 2018

Miss behavior with passengers

Dear Management,
One of the bus driver angeredwith passengers. In bus only few passengers are there but he quarled and did not accept into the bus in night time at Hanumanthawaka (vishakapatnam)
Bus vishakapatnam to srikakulam bus no : AP16TH 3178 NIGHT AT 10.30PM IN HANUMANTHAWAKA JN
Dec 10, 2018

Driver's and Conductor's Negligence

Hi Sir/mam.

in recent days i see so negligence with APS RTC bus drivers and conductor.

1. if a passenger stops bus, Driver doesn't stop. no mercy on old people. (public waits hours for next bus)
2. Not Stopping bus properly: yesterday it happened that, my mother got down at one bus stop, and before my father got down bus moved and stopped that in another bus stop. such a worst people.
3. buses never maintain timings: if we stand in busstand it takes hours, after that 2-3 buses comes at a time and stop back to back. where people confuse which bus to pick such a nonsense timelines followed by drivers.
[we should maintain minute to bus stop strategy where bus can be even slow drive also fine. but at a particular minute this bus should be in this bus stop kind of solution should come out]

Call me if you are taking care of complaints : 8971174999.
Jaideep Kishor
Dec 9, 2018

Boarding points

Please keep palamaner as boarding point for the super luxury services. That goes to Chennai through palamaner, And also keep reservation option also
Mainly for the buses that comes from rayadurgam, hindupuram,...

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