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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about APSRTC

Thulasi gm
Feb 6, 2020

about buses

I'm working at bhimavaram and daily I go by bus from tadepalligudem . as there is no enough buses between these stations huge crowed is accumulated at bus stop. when the bus came they ran and put their bags for places.. as they are working and they tried to sit during bus journies. one of the person stands there and scolds the passengers very harshly that they hav not to put bags. even he removes those bags and throws away from the bus and even he make the passengers who were already in the bus to get down and scolds very rudely. because of this when the bus enters into the point all the passengers rushed at a time and tries to enter into bus and passengers got injured.
I think even some more employee tries to stop passengers, no one can control as the lack of buses...
so its better not to stop passengers who put bags or we need more buses in this route.. kindly understand the situation . make the public somehow have a better journey
Jan 30, 2020

Bus availability

I am a student and I travel often from Tadepalligudem to Koyyalagudem. Previously there used to be enough number of buses, at least one per half an hour. But now, as I observed nearly 20 times, there is a bus only once an hour and a half. By the time this bus arrives, there is a huge crowd in the bus stop and it takes an extra hour to board another bus and still, again, there is crowd.

Meanwhile, 5-6 Bhimavaram buses arrive and leave, that too without the bus not being at least half full! This is so intolerable and a change is demanded in very less time. We need more buses from Tadepalligudem to Jangareddygudem. (Koyyalagudem if possible)

The mouth of hundreds.
[email protected]
Jan 19, 2020


Dear sir I have booked ticket from Vijayawada to Hyderabad timings are 2 PM to 8 PM. Again I have a bus started from Hyderabad to latur at 9:15PM. There is a gap of 1 and off hours but the bus is late by 2 hours because of bus late I missed the Latur bus and I Don't have any alternative bus I am with my family and I suppose to attend office by next day who will responsible for my loss.
Mandru Dasu
Dy Branch manager
Bank of Maharashtra
pH: 8179946626


Dec 29, 2019

Luggage charge

Bus: Eluru to Hyderabad (BHEL)
Service no: 4796
Bus no: AP-29-Z-3924
Bus Type: Super Luxury
Date : 28/12/2019

Bus driver has taken 150 rs for the luggage 8 kgs. As per the luggage charge policy he is not supposed to take.

They are not helping anyone while taking the luggage out of bus and demanding extra charges for the luggage.
Thulasi gm
Dec 16, 2019

Conductors rude behavior

We r travelling from tadepalligudem to bhimavaram for job purpose. Today while in the bus the conductor behaves rudly with passangers and he didn't even listen to our words. We said that buses are for public service and even he didn't care and told us that tell to anyone, I dnt care... This is not the proper reply that should be given to public. So pls kindly understand our problem and take necessary action on those rude employee.

Conductors rude behavior

Dec 2, 2019

Rash driving and irresponsible answer

Rash driving and irrespect answer

Rash driving on speed breakers

Last but one line passengers are suffered his driving
Oct 10, 2019

Respected sir or madam please

Sep 15, 2019

Bus didn't stop at my boarding point

I booked a bus ticket on 14th sep 19. My journey date 15th sep 19. But the bus driver drove without stopping at my boarding point. He didn't even call me. I am right there picking my bag at road side. TKT NO 93402022,
NAME: Uday Kumar,
Seats: 27(M),
FARE: 572,
DOJ: 15-SEP-19 08:55 PM,
UID: 4212, Helpline No:0120 4880880 WWW.APSRTCONLINE.IN. those are my ticket details. Boarding time 8.55pm he came at around 9.30. he left without stopping. Please take action.

Bus didn't stop at my boarding point

Vijayakrishna Malladi
Aug 19, 2019

Complaint Reg Bus Attendant


This is to inform you that the Bus Attendant behavior is very rude towards the passengers and is demanding money for keeping the luggage in the bus luggage space.

The following are the details:
Service Number: 4792 (ELR - BHEL)
Date Of Travel : 18-08-2019
Boarding Time : 9:00 PM
Date Of Arrival : 19-08-2019
Dropping Time : 5:00 AM

When some passengers denied to give the money, he started shouting on them and the language was very bad. I was also one of the victims of him.

Request you to take necessary action on this and please ask the bus attendants to show some respect towards the passengers.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Sep 24, 2018

Bus delay by more than 2hrs

Really hectic and screwing situation on bus bus journey between bhimavaram and tadepalligudem (via Garagaparru). Every time I travel.. The bus is delayed by minimum 1nad half HR to 2 hrs. Such a worst apsrtc service in this lane. When we approach bus depot very carelessly they answer Road is not gud. Ok accept but if Road is not gud. Every bus should be delayed and still have to maintain gap of half an hr between every two bus. How come the difference is more than 2 hrs. And all of sudden at a time 5 to 6 buses will come. Drivers are making use of this situation (bad road) and relaxing before entering into bus stand. The depot manager is very useless and not even bother to solve the situation.
People here are using too filthy language on apsrtc and deposit managers which is really true and pity they are unable to go and use same on face of these managers who are unfit. Definitely vl try to take it to higher levels by gathering a flood of groups.
Venkata Bhaskar
Sep 16, 2018

Bus seat cushion is not working

Service no :4973, ticket no: 79710760, Date of journey 16/09/18.seat no:25,the seat cushion was not working,the seat is pushing front , I asked conductor but he spoken Iam not regularly doing in this bus, my duty is another bus,I can't do anything he said.i was booked on APSRTC it is an wrost experience.i spent sleepless night on your bus,it is radiculas,. When your giving service without basic requirements why your charging 550 RS.

Bus seat cushion is not working

V.Sushma Chowdary
Apr 25, 2018

Not accepting 10 rupee coins

Dear Sir,
This is inform to you that I was traveling in apsrtc bus from Eluru to Gudivada on 24.04.2018. The conductor of this was not accepting 10 Rupee coins. I asked him for the reason for not accepting then he responded sarcastically as if the gov. of india alo banned 10 rupee coins
I attached the bus ticket for further information. this is for your necessaary action.

Siva Kumar Malle
Feb 1, 2018

Bus conductor misbehaving

I was traveling with my wife from bheemadolu to Eluru in APSRTC bus services (Date: 01-02-2018 @Time: around 11:30AM Bus no: AP16Z 0059). The ticket cost was ₹52, I have given him 60 (50+10) (as I don't have any rupee change). He said, he will give rest of the balance amount 8₹ later. When stop came to end, he was denying to give the change and instead of that he asked me to get down at another stop. He was arguing and used abusive language very badly. Dear government & RTC higher staff, please take necessary action on this type of bus conductors. (Most of the conductors, don't want to return the change in Andhra Pradesh).
Best regards,
A Citizen.
Jan 14, 2018

Worst service by APSRTC

I had a very bad experience with APSRTC super luxury bus. For Sankranti festival I booked a Super Luxury bus from BHEL(Hyd) to Narasapur on 12th night with a service no 99223. It took 17 hours to reach Narasapur from Hyderabad. Bloody APSRTC managers have give collected extra price and allotted ordinary bus. Finally that stupid bus got breakdown at vijaywada. It was pathetic to journey in Apsrtc. Those idiot Apsrtc managers of Narasapur and Bhimavaram don’t even know the status of bus and that greatly those idiots are working.
Please take an action on their great service.
rakesh kanigeri
Nov 27, 2017

rude behaviour and not stoping the bus at boarding point

service number 4802. driver name srinu on sunday i.e 26/11/2017. i reserved a seat from yerraguntapalli to sr nagar hyderabad.I requested the driver to stop at allipalli village he said ok when i called him.but he didn't stop at the point later i catched the bus at next stop which is 4 km away from my actual point..when i asked the driver why didn't you stop the bus at my point he is literally abusing me and he warned me stand on the road.. he treated me like criminal..he was not even caring i am a lady..please instruct the driver how to behave with the passengers especially with the lady passengers
Oct 7, 2017

Bad Tracking service

Tracking service for apsrtc is not reliable. It is not updating quite often.
Today, service 2827 is supposed to reach tallapudi around 8.30 pm, did not arrived in time. Driver information was also not sent to passengers. Could not see that information and running status in tracking service too.
Ladies waiting with luggage and kid on the road in this night not knowing if bus is running at all is horrible expereince.
This is the first time i am seeing the driver information not being sent to the customer.

Hope the situation gets better going forward.


Aug 27, 2017

Conductor arguing reservation seat service no.4927

Dear Team,

Am travelling on 27th August 2017 service no. 4927 bus.

I have done reservation seat no.36 of this service 4927. But the conductor is arguing this is conductor seat why your booking this seat.

Infront of passenger conductor flying voice to me. Even i have booked the reservation well in advance am suffering a lot.

Ticket no.66974691

This is pathetic service provided by APSRTC. Kindly eradicate these issues and why your not giving correct information in online portal. Need to take proper action immediately.

Thanks and Regards
Mar 8, 2017

APSRTC driver hit and run of my car

On 08.03.2017 evening @ 17.00 hrs, RTC hired bus driver given dash to my car and not stopping the bus. I chased and stopped him. Initially he was talking in a very rude manner and at the end he is requesting and telling he will touch my feet.
We are in car thats why luckily nothing was happened to us. But these idiots are driving in a very rude manner and taking so many lives.
RTC bus number AP37TE2477.

Please take this issue seriously.

My name Srinivas,

APSRTC driver hit and run of my car

Nov 24, 2016

Not providing information about cancellation of bus

This is the ticket number:-58344077. I booked journey on 24/11/2016 from hyderabad mgbs to jangareddygudem through abhibus.com..either apsrtc or abhibus.com didn't provided any information about cancellation of service bus number 4958..who is the responsibility for cancellation of my journey?what incase if its necessary for a citizen to travel and not mentioning any details about the journey.
Sep 28, 2016

A lot of trouble for the students in Bhimavaram bus stand

There are a lot of buses from Bhimavaram to Palakol but there will not be a single bus between 4:15 to 7:00 pm as it was the time that college students come from their colleges, and they will not get any money on the passes. Are the students not paying money for the passes? There are nearly 10 buses in between 3:30 to 4:00 pm. The will be in hurry that students will come and some of the buses will go empty. The students and the passengers who are willing to go after 4:15 are suffering a lot due to lack of buses.
P Ganeswara Reddy
Aug 18, 2016

AC not working in Indra bus

am traveling from Bhimavaram to Hyderabad in service number 4097 which was started at Jaggannapet Rajole depot.

AC is not working in this bus. Driver and conductor informed that Gas is not there and hence it is not working. We are suffering a lot even with the children.

This is a miserable travel I never faced earlier. We are spending more money due to next day office. With this sort of journey, I wouldn't attend office Tomorrow.

Please make alternative arrangement immediately if possible. Otherwise I request you to arrange my money back.
Aug 15, 2016

no buses via ravulpalem amalapuram and mandapeta

Dear sir
. my name is Rajkimar I am working in APCRDA at Vijayawada.
. I went to go to mandapeta but there is no sufficient buses to day I am coming by 4.30 pm to Eluru still I am waiting 6.45pm to mandapeta buses so I request you please increase the services to via ravulpalem,mandapeta.
. thanking you sir.
Jun 9, 2016


Worst behaviour of conductor in bus service no 2557, his way of interaction with passengers was very rude, pls ask him to learn manners properly. Bus service no 2557, on June 09 2016
May 22, 2016

bus cancelled but money not refund

Hello ,
Respected APSRTC ,

My name is ramprasad madaka , I booked a ticket on 19/05/2016 ,by the time i waited for bus more and more time , (Palakollu to visakhapatnam ) then
I called to Depo manager and he said bus was cancelled but i did not get any conformation since departure time I lost my final round interview and i lost my job because of this situation .

Ticket No : 53073468 Uid Number : 5540

Service Code/Name : 3422 / BVRM ­ VSP Service Category: ULTRA DELUXE


Pickup Point : PALAKOLLU Date of Journey : 19­May­2016

Pickup Point Adress null Depart On : 19­May­2016 21:30

No. of Seats : 1 ( Adults: 1 Children: 0 ) Arrival On : 20­May­2016 05:15

Platform No : Start Time at Origin : 19/05/201620:45 Hrs

OB Ref. No : 3018821698 Bank Name : EBS
[email protected]
May 13, 2016

Changing gender

By mistake I have entered gender as male instead of female in ticket booking.please correct it as soon as possible.
Ticket details :
Ticket no:52931536
Date of journey:14-may-2016
Service no/route:4817/JBS-ELR.

Changing gender

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