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Consumer complaints and reviews about Asian Paints

Oct 25, 2017

Asian Papints - False claims to take payment and misleading commitments

Site is still incomplete. Workmanship is pathetic. I have paid 90% amount and I am stuck with these people. After requesting the Zonal head Mr. Navneet Khare also its not getting completed. The site started on 24th september and is still pending. Only 7 walls to do. They keep befooling that they will come tomorrow and dont turn up.

I am stuck and have no solution. Dont know what to do and where to go.

Roli Agarwal

Sector 61 Noida
Oct 25, 2017

False claims and misleading consumers after taking full payment

BP no: 14693342 IDS INdecor Solutions.
After promising to do the site in 7-8 days my site is still not completed and the walls done are bad and incomplete. its 45 days now and nobody picks up and respond from the dealer side. Beware of these people. My site strted on 24th september and is still incomlete. 9 wals and thats it. Incompetent people. bad staff. Highly annoying.
Oct 18, 2017

Complaint about shop owner

Myself eswar......From visakhapatnam near Gajuwaka......
Beside kanya theatre.....Recently i went to asian paint shop.The shop owner didn't give response....So i asked why you not getting respond about me..The shop owner said wait wait wait......What i am saying he didn't response anybody...So you please cancel the license ....If u want full details i give you....My mail id eswar0891@gmail.com
satish khaitan
Sep 18, 2017


COMPLAIN NO.505222763 DTD.23/08/2017
Sep 5, 2017

Mishbehave and charge more than GST

Address of the dealer-Suvendu karan,
Dealer of Asian paints, Kaithkhola market, Dist- Bhadrak​, Odisha, India, 756171.
Mob: 9556117904

Charged more than GST when customer raise the voice misbehaving to him
Jun 12, 2017

Inconsistency and unprofessional approach:

"Ref: In Dec
cor Solutions Painting Estimate cum Work Order No.: 1338 dated 30.05.2017 (

Scope of work: Bedroom + hall with corridor

a. Inconsistency and unprofessional approach:

Contractor commenced work with bedroom: The bedroom walls were sanded by proper Sanding Machine, thus, the debris was vacuum cleaned and minimal.

Experience in the hall with corridor: Covering of floor and in-built woodwork was done suitably; the furniture including sofas and chairs, fridge, dinning table amongst other loose pieces of furniture were left uncovered and were moved by us in the neighbouring room; only to meet a dusty fate on account of the approach adopted.

Manual sanding:
When it came to sanding in the hall and corridor, we were informed, the Sanding Machine used in the bedroom was now non-functional / out of order. Wall sanding was undertaken manually in fast forward mode, thus, ruining the environment with sanding dust which seeped into all the adjoining rooms causing lot of damage to beds and upholstery and the loose furniture lying uncovered in the neighbouring room. The dust has seeped into our cup-boards and ruined stored material.

Curetting time not allowed for:
All three coats of paint that were to be applied on walls of the hall were done in less than 8 hours on a single day ie. 06 June. One layer after the other were applied without giving it an appropriate curetting time.

Removal of plastic sheets when paint was still wet:
While the last coat was in process, removal of plastic covering, sweeping and cleaning was simultaneously undertaken causing settlement of dust on wet paint and unpainted surfaces. Given the chaos they caused with hurried work and manual sanding; we were forced to ask them to leave at 2230 hours; due to the tremendous inconvenience with the flying dust, which had now surfaced across the whole house and settled on the wet walls.

Wet wall surfaces became a magnet for dust: When we protested that the dust was settling on the wet wall, the contractor on the next day (on 7th morning), got an additional litre of paint and final coat was given to part portion, after manually sanding and cleaning, creating more dust; needless to say- none of this was cleaned.
b. Poor timeline adherence:

Duration of the contract: Work undertaken on 01.06.2017 to 07.06.2017; working hours indicated 1000 hrs. to 2000 hrs.

Practical execution: On 06.06.2017, working hours extended to 2230 hrs. and was to go on until midnight, which was rejected by us under protest.
The work continued on the following day with constant reminder by the contractor that they must pack up and positively move by 1600 hrs. on 07.06.2017, which they did with the understanding that they will come back next morning, to collect their ladder and restore the room setting including moving the fridges and big pieces of furniture back in place.

Status: This has not happened so far. The house lies scattered and dusty. In addition we have the added nuisance of the contractors ladder in our premises

c. Failure of inspection and issuance of warranty certificate:

There has been only one requisite interim inspection by the Company Representative on day 3 when the bedroom painting was under process.
No final inspection has been conducted nor any Warranty Certificate has been furnished.

d. Failure to remove debris and contractor ladder:

The plastic sheets and debris generated out of the operation, has been wrapped up in two bundles and kept in the premises. The contractor's ladder is still in our home
Who is responsible for its disposal, is not known.

e. Unfair practice:

Your contract terms ensure 100% payment is taken upfront. The absolves your organisation from any accountancy on the quality of work. No one has come to check the final output delivered by your contractor. We have made full payment and are "rewarded" with the most unprofessional painting experience. We are forced to speculate that it seems likely that the contractor was awarded another job and would rather focus on picking that up with 100% advance payment. No point wasting time on jobs where 100% payment is already received.

We are appalled that an organisation of the reputation of Asian Paints does not have streamlined standard operating procedures. Customers are at the receiving- end of your one - sided agreement. This is the poor standard of service rendered after spending close to half a lakh of rupees.

Performance expected was at a much higher scale than that delivered.
We still believe that your organisation does not stand for mediocre performance and hence our experience is being shared for your records and action.
Shriprakash arora
May 13, 2017

No response from your helpline

Last 4-5 days i have called helpline ( 1800 209 5678 ) 5 times requesting to send some body for details as i have to get my house painted . Every time the reply is we are forwarding your request and some body will call you within 12 hrs, 2 hrs . When i say pl connect me to your seniors reply is hold on and after 2-3 mts was told seniors are busy they will call you as soon as possible. We are putting your name on priority - to my mind they are all fooling and not able to give me satisfactory reply . No body has called me yet
I wonder if this is the way company helpline working what will be the response/ efficiency of you painting contractor.
Incidentally My Reg no is 11103574.
If you are really recording our conversation with you r helpline personal pl listen to that
S P Arora
May 8, 2017

no availablity of shade card for Architects & Interior Designers

We are group of Interior Designers.

This is for the third time filling complaint for the same reason.

We need to work outstations, hence need to tell color codes over phone for our sites.
Hence need the shade cards with us.

This is for the last time, requesting to avail it for us.
Else, a no of other option are available to opt.

I dont understand that what it take to solve a genuine problem... better for your sales instead. Strange Sir,
Vadrevu somaraju
Mar 1, 2017

Bad quality of Smartcare Damp proof paint

I bought 20 liter pack of Smartcare Damp proof paint and got me terrace painted with it. Even while mixing the paste with water, the became pasty with formation of cotton ball like insoluabe pieces. On painting the terrace with rollers and brushes, pieces of cotton balls remained on the entire surface. After the paint dried up, large number of these lumps remained on the surface giving ugly look. If the lumps are removed the surface is showing up. The product was packed in February 2016. The batch No. Is D-116. Probably the material has deteriated and became unfit for use. The management of Asian Paints should please arrange to supply fresh stock and help free rerepaint of my terrace since I had already incurred expenses for the painting.
Jan 19, 2017

my awaaz app

sir..iam asianpaints dealers in betamcherla ..Geethaenterprise idont ..my awaz app...please help userid creat ...
Mohammed naser
Jan 11, 2017


Aap ka TSO lapata hai kiya ?
Dealer code 164508
Dec 20, 2016

Paint peeling up from walls

I Ritu Khandelwal and Chirag Rajoria had took the services of Asian paint home solution in May this year at my home A-516 NORTH VIEW APARTMENT VAISHALI NAGAR, JAIPUR-302021.Now after 5 months paint is peeling up from walls.I have registered my complaint NO :0505187612 dated 6 Dec .Mr.Kuldeep from technical team visited my home and checked all walls and assured me for repaint work from next week.After few days when nothing happened I called him again to remind him .He said our contractor is out of station and he will be back on 18 Dec and from 20 Dec will start work .But till now no one approached me for rework.I again callled up this morning to take update but still he was not aware of contractor.

Its look like that no one is interested in rework .The quality of work is also very poor Mr Kuldeep himself admitted that .

I had took services of damp proofing of my roof in the name of Chirag Rajoria on same above address which is also not done as per the norms and its also started peeling up from 2-3 spots.

After so many reminders its look like that the promises made by the company employees were false .They made false commitment just to get the work.They told me that I will get warranty certificate after one month of completing the job.But till now nothing has come to me.

I request you to look into this and take action and send me the warranty certificate asap.
Rajarajan Perumalsamy
Jul 19, 2016

Delay in Painting -More than 80 days.

Dear Sir,
Ref.My complaint No.0505166473 dated:17.06.2016.

This has reference to the above subject, please note we have raised the complain on 17th June and follow up on 25th June / 27th June / 28th June / 30th June / 2nd July, 11th July, 15th July& 19th July,despite this & umpteen phones calls to Customer complaint cell also visit to your Coimbatore branch office for the pending painting work at our site in Sidhapudur - Coimbatore. Apart from this I have sent an e-mail to your customer and repeated remainders there is no reply.

I request you to go thru with my telecom discussion had with your customer complain cell in the voice recorded call which will speak the story behind our effort. Please note the work was commenced on 02.05.2016 and committed to complete within 10 working days. But now it was almost 70 days over still the work was not completed.

I am getting concerned about the completion of the work and we have wasted so much times chasing with your Coimbatore office and customer complain cell at Bangalore. We have had many false promises from them and we have now come to the stage where we want to inform you by mail. I request you to look into this matter and arrange to send your trained person to complete the work immediately.

I regret to inform the workmanship for the brick pattern texture painting was totally unsatisfied for the aesthetic look for the finishing of brick pattern. The finishing of texture paint bricks are not uniform shape / size and thickness. If you see the ‘X’&‘Y’ axis lines are not straight and it is zigzag. Though we have paid 100 % payment well in advance (before 31st march) we are not happy with your Service and quality of work.

I regret to inform you that your contractor doesn’t have the enough knowledge and experience with texture brick painting. Hence I request you to depute your trained person to visit the site and rectify the texture at least the aesthetic look of the texture brick.
I would be very pleased if you could tidy up this as a matter of urgency and we shall be glad if you could revert to us at your earliest convenience with your comments and suggestions to overcome the same.

Your assistance in this matter will be very much appreciated.

Thanks and Kind regards,

+91 90478 85511
Coimbatore - 641006
dilip vyankati kagane
Jun 11, 2016

about dealership

I give dealership request in 2015 then i recived call from company in that call tell to me that if requirement is in your area we sure contact you so you wait .after that i waiting but now i hear that company give a dealership to another party .so my complaint is why company not contact me and giving dealership to another when my request in 2015 . i alredy sale asian paints from 2007 so its necessary to give dealership to me .but why not give dealership to me ?
bodhu ebar baran
Sep 24, 2015

projecting heroine "Konok" of T.V.serail "Bodhuboron" of Star Jalsha Channel as ideal daughter-in-law

Respected Sir, As we all know that Asian Paints is a very old, respectable & reputed company, we as responsible citizens of our society would like to bring to your kind notice that the way you have projected heroine "konok" of Star Jalsha T.V. Serial "Bodhuboron" as an ideal icon of any respectable family is not right. It is because she could not prove herself as a dedicated wife for her husband & she does everything on her own sweet will without consulting her husband. She takes decisions all on her own without confirming the matter, we have seen she not even informs or discusses anything with her mother-in-law & other elders. As a result she creates tensions and creates bitterness in the relationships. So we all pray you to not to project a nuisance like "Konok" of Bodhuboron Star Jalsha as an ideal bahu. Your product is heaven & the woman "Konok" is a hell.
Sep 17, 2015

painting damaged

I am painted my house with asian paint premium emulsion and apex ultima one and half years back.after six months the painting area showed some bubbles. after one year it is increased spread to more area the paint is moved in some area.ten years before i painted my house painted with asian paints ,there is no any complaint.but now it is very bad condition.i registered a complaint in online on 9/09/2015 and also registered a complaint to phone no.9947195566.but no response.please do needfull.

my email..vkvgbinil@yahoo.co.in phone no.9447738420
Jan 13, 2015

Less compensation for obsolete good - Melamine Sealer

This is the continuation for my letter send you a while ago.
My work has been delayed by 40 days just because of inferior good supplied to me through your dealer 'Jain Paint and Hardware Store' Patiala(Pb).Whole coating have to be removed and again whole procedure to be done.The quality of my teak ply (2 sheets)will be get affected while removing the material.
The total area affected is 500 sq feet.The compensation which is told by dealer is Rs 14000 for labour work and Rs 4000 for material,apart from obsolete material.
As my work has been delayed,i have to get my work work done by paying extra labour for overtime.
Plaese respond to my complaint and do take necessary action against Sushil.

Thanking you

Adarsh Jindal
278,Ajeet Nagar
Jan 13, 2015

Rude behavoiur of your employee Shushil

Please allow me to introduce myself as someone who now prefers to be an EX-customer of your company. I am not usually one to lodge a formal complaint about anything, but the unprofessional behaviour of one of your employee's has impacted me so severely, you as a manager should know about this incident.
I am using your company's product in my new house.Their is a problem in your Product - Melamine Sealer, Batch No. AJ625 pkd on 08/2014.
Sushil visited my premises on 31st dec 2014 and I personally spend four hours while checking the fault.I repeatedly asked him about the problem,but he did not bother to answer any my query,Instead he told me that any communication should be done through company's dealer. He did not not felt sorry for the low qaulity company's product.
After 8 - 9 days i called him and ask about the complaint no. of my complaint.I asked him about the report which he had prepared and send to higher authority.I asked him about the company letter for compensation amount.For all my queries he had not gave me any answer.Instead he told me that he dont have enough time to talk.
Is your company is just bother about your dealer?You dont want to have any link with customer?
I look forward to your response to this letter. I am hoping that your professionalism is closer to what I expect from your company than the actual response I received from your subordinate.

Adarsh Jindal
278 Ajeet Nagar
Sep 23, 2014


i m hodal se sh.yogesh kumar garg not compny ejents next 2 years my shops
my complaints not sainbord dealers name,not stepra book,
We are writing to you from Asian Paints Ltd. aap ki koi bhi koriyal theek time par not recived and not cn theek time any other all complaints my MACHIN COLOURLEND MENUBLE CHANGE NOT MOTOR READY AND RAIN THE MY MACHIN AWAZ
aap is complaints ki
my email id ;sunilgarghodal@gmail.com
customer code number:276590
Mar 13, 2014

regarding change of depot

Dear sir,
I am the proprietor of M/s Mukesh hardware stores in Sardarshahar, Churu District, Rajasthan. I have been working as an 100% exclusive C.D. payment dealer since 1982. I regret to point out that we are not getting sufficient supplies timely from you. Some of your products have been excluded from your supply list as a result we are finding it difficult to increase our sales annually which we are supposed to do. Secondly project sales material also sold openly in retail sales. We are also facing loss since past three years because although being a exclusive dealer we are not getting the yearly “Exclusive schemes”.
We had even written to you earlier along with other dealers of Sardarshahar regarding the difficulties faced by us from your Jodhpur and Bikaner depots. We had even requested you to make us the supplies from Jaipur depots instead of Jodhpur and Bikaner depots as mostly we receive quite old dated materials and damaged sometimes.
I regret to mention here that if this request is not considered at your earliest, we shall most reluctantly have to stop dealing with your products.

Thanking you and expecting an early response from you.

Your’s faithfully
Mukesh hardware stores,
Moti chowk, Sardarshahar (Raj)
Customer code. 650108.
Jul 5, 2013

Misleading and Extremely Pathetic Service


I have recently opted for Asian Paints Color Consultancy and they have sent a paint consultant who was OK to advise few things for my Interior but initially we were told that both Interiors and Exteriors the pictures will be taken and will be suggested some very good colors for the house. However, they never took any pictures for Interior and coming to Exterior, they have sent me 4 pictures which are really bad to see them. I was completely misguided by the Asian Paints Customer Care and today everyday call 4-5 times requesting them to provide some help. I will ensure that other customers will not face similar issues and therefore suggest to avoid going for Asian Paints Color Consultancy. It's completely cheating the customers and providing them false information to make money.
Asianpaints Send email
Jun 20, 2012

product service not at all up to the mark

Dear Sir, we have taken your details, somebody from our team will be calling you shortly. We are sorry for the trouble and we will try and help as much as possible.
Egosurfer Send email
Feb 1, 2012

100% advance with No commitments

Dear Tejal Joshi
We are writing to you from Asian Paints Ltd. We are investigating the complaint that you have raised . Do share any details you may have on this case pertaining to -
a) When did you visit the Bandra Store and did you ask for APHS services at the store ?
b) Do you remember the name of the colour consultant you met at the store ?
b) Who was the contractor who has contacted you ?
c) Do you have his contact details ?

Please do share the information with us by sending an email to customercare@asianpaints.com. Please do not forget to mention your contact details in the mail including your contact address and contact email/number.

You can also come to our web-site and place your complaint details at www.asianpaints.com/yourvoice

We request you to help us to investigate this issue thoroughly.

Thanking you in advance
Customer Care - Asian Paints Home Solutions.
Dec 5, 2011

Lost Shares

Lost share certificates and folio number
Hello sir,

We are holding the shares of the asian paints but have lost the
share certificates and folio number.
Email ID nikhil.khanna9@gmail.com

Please tell me what are the steps that I should take to obtain duplicate share certificates
and the latest status of shares?

Nikhil Khanna
Jan 10, 2011


The asian paints unit in Hyderabad is an absolute fraud.These people have no manners and professionalism whatso ever.
I am an architect and have contacted Asian paints Home solutions for Painting works.Somebody by name (Rakesh)called me and said that he would be meeting me in a day or two.After about 10 days and my continous contact to him he failed to meet me and was very careless eventually i complained to the Asian paints helpline after which he took time and calld me.
After giving 3weeks of time they returned to me with a very rough estimate upon questioning their seriousness about work, they said that they would behave like this only and not take up the job and i can go ahead to complain again and these words where from the mouth of their business head(Gaurav).The job was estimated to Aprx Rs 10, 00, 000/-He is seriously unfit for that position..
Now upon insisting to talk to the complain cell they came up with a new story that as my site was too big they are not capable to execute the job.It is a shame that a company so big cannot execute a site of Rs 10, 00, 000/-.
What ever may it take, i am going to take this matter to the highest level possible and make sure that those people regret for what they have done.



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