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Consumer complaints and reviews about Auto Rickshaw

Sep 30, 2018

Auto fare- charged extra

Hi, I have complaint regarding auto fare. I took auto from clover centre, canp to padmavati. Normally the fare is 110-120 rs. But the driver took 160 rs as it was shown in the meter. Total kilometers were12.5. The auto number is MH-12 JS 4419.. I urge you to solve this problem as there are autos where I have seen issues with the meter.
May 16, 2018

asking double fare

I am residing at Lalwani Vastu Viman Nagar, Pune 411014.
Today 16-05-2018 i hire Rickshaw from our society stand to go to Karan Bazaar, Wadgaonsheri which is around 2.4KM from my place. Auto Rickshaw No MH 12 QE 0137, MH 12 DG 9344 & MH 12 JS 0190 are refuse to go on meter fare and asking me rupees 60 which is double from fare and when i asked why you are not taking meter fare then they were misbehaving with us.

my name is Madhav Gadhe. My contact number is 9607337337 & my email ID is gmady7985@gmail.com
Kindly take necessary action against them and let me know.

asking double fare asking double fare asking double fare

May 2, 2018

Auto Driver ran away with money

Today I took an Auto from Chinchwad to Pune Station. Auto Driver took 250 Rs from me saying he has to fill Petrol & give to someone.... After filling petrol he dropped me at Nasik Phata saying tank is full & there is some issue. He told me to wait aside and he dragged his auto pretending as it is not starting & moving ahead with his hand he started auto & immediately drove ti through Bhosari side & didnt return back. I was shouting Auto auto no one stopped or helped me to trace him nor he waited.
His Auto number is - MH14 V398. If anyone finds this Auto pls help me to trace him not for my money but to teach him a lesson that not to fraud common people. hes a cheat, requesting to trace him & cancel his license
Apr 25, 2018

Breaking the signals and dashing other vehicles

An auto rickshaw, broke the red signal and crashed onto my vehicle yesterday afternoon. He is not even guilty about the fact that he broke the signal nor guilty that he dashed my vehicle.
Please take some action against him.
His auto number is... MH 14 GC 2808
Mar 5, 2018

Auto Rickshaw Driver of MH12 NW 4858 Complaint on Demanding More Money

Hello Sir/Madam,

I and my wife who is Pregnant took Auto Rickshaw (MH12 NW 4858) from opposite of Abhiruchi City Pride Sinhagad Road to Sun City Road. I told him to take the auto rickshaw slowly as my wife is pregnant (9 month). He agreed. Also the meter was started when we sat in the rickshaw. When we reach our destination sun city road the meter showed ₹32. I gave him ₹50 and asked for change for which he said it is ₹40 and not according to meter but according to his will. I requested to give my money back ₹8 but he was rude and started arguing with me saying he usually takes more of meter and also he drove slow so the extra money. I said you should have told this in first place before we took your rickshaw. He started fighting and arguing with harsh words saying wrong to me. After lot of argument he took ₹6 from me and returned ₹10 saying what you are arguing for ₹8 what so much of that it is usual and peoplepay more than meter. I said then you are looting people and i will complaint on that. When i took his auto rickshaw number he went furious and saying bad words to me and my wife who was pregnant and standing there. I need justice. First of all if he didnt want to take us and wanted extra money he should have told in first place when we took the rickshaw why the drama of meter then and what is use of that meter if anyway you are charging more than that.

Please take my complaint and take strict action on such auto rickshaw person. He was doing gunda gardi and was very very arrogant and saying un necessary bad things which felt a lot to me. I was going to complaint to police station but he flew away swiftly. All stander by also said he is looting us total he took ₹36 for ₹32 meter and was still very very much rude. :(
Felt really bad and would never take rickshaw which do not go by meter. Its a wrong thing and fooling of people. Please take a strict action on such goons.

Auto Rickshaw License Number: MH12 NW 4858

Please Please I request to take strict action on such auto rickshaw rude goons to save public.

Dec 18, 2017

Auto rickshaw refusal to ply on meter

Most auto rickshaws near the rickshaw stand at Crossword on ITI road in Aundh refuse to ferry passengers by meter. On Saturday 16th Dec 2017, 2 such vehicles - MH12 JS 0790 and MH12 CH0040 did the same when I wanted to travel with kids by meter from Crossword Aundh to Bhau Patil Road Bopodi at around 12:30 in the afternoon. Finally had to wait until an auto passing by that route ferried us.

Similar is the case at Bhau Patil Road rickshaw stand near PMC garden. The drivers refuse to ply to Aundh by meter. At around 2:45 pm on 26th Nov the auto number - MH12 HC 9615 refused to ferry to Anand Park, Aundh by meter.
Pranav Lotlikar
Nov 23, 2017

left luggage

Dear all
Kindly informed u all that one of our guest went pune station at 8.00 pm on 23rd Nov 2017 took one of auto from pune station to hinge mala hadapsar and left his one of the bag in auto...so.pls anyone who wil find pls contact on 8689837648 it's vry important thing
Jul 7, 2017

charged extra money

I usually travel from HRBR Layout 3rd Block to Bowring Hospital Road and usual fare in the ola auto will be Rs.107 or 128 now two days back but today I travelled to Bowring Hospital Road you have charged Rs.172 how and you have charged more. Why clarify this.
Apr 11, 2017

Drunken auto rickshaw driver

I was travelling by Auto from Paud road to Warje the auto I boarded no 3008 was asking. Me 20 Rs extra and was drunk. He was driving so harshly and bcoz of drinking he was not able to drive properly he has made other passenger sit In his auto without my consent. Taken 100 Rs and even on meter reading of 70 not returned change and was arguing.
I want strict action against such drivers.
swati gokhru
Apr 5, 2017

refuse to go

The driver of the Auto - NAME- BHASKAR RASAL. KRN 274759707 AUTO NO- 0983 behaved totally insane today with 2 girls. and refused to drop off. and charge money without drop
Apr 3, 2017


complaint against ola auto,MH14CU 1504.
i took auto from vishalnagar to hinjawadi bridge around 5.00 p.m.the fare amount was rps 29.but he charged more from me and when i asked him for remaining.he started misbehaving in public.
i request you to kindly look into this account and take action against this auto driver .
thank you.
Shahbaz Chandarki
Feb 13, 2017

Bully Autos in Pune


I have faced this issue 3 times in just the last 1 month:
1. Requested for an Auto from Shivaji Nagar station at 8:30 pm. He refused to take me with meter and asked to give me 1.2 times the normal fare.
2. Asked for an Auto from City Pride Katraj to Pune Station at 10 pm. even though it was still 1 hour for Night fare, He asked to pay total of 150rs. I refused to catch another auto for 80 Rs.
3. Auto from DMart Hinjewadi to Wakad which is hardly around 3-4 kms at 8:00 pm. He demanded 80 rs. And when I refused he started to bully me, verbally abused me. Some 3-4 Auto driver were there to support him.

Have seen increasing misbehavior among Autos.
Some very strict action has to be taken against them.
Jan 16, 2017

Aggression, swindle and confrontation

16th January 2017
Complaint against Auto-rickshaw License number MH.12.JS 5904

I approached an auto-rickshaw at Shivaji Market to commute to Pune University (around 11 am). A driver upon looking at me (i am of Asian feature) said he wants extra 20 if we enter the gate. I declined his proposal and looked for another auto-rickshaw. He called me back as another auto-rickshaw approaches, and he agreed to go by the meter. Since, i was a bit late, i urge him to go with haste. He joked at me for being late and we laughed away.
Then, along the journey, he started driving very unhurried. It seemed all the other vehicles keep passing by. His vehicle looks fairly maintained, which made me question to myself why he would drive so slow.
Upon the first crossroad, he steered towards the longer route. I asked him to take the short route and he caviled and questioned why (which to me, i thought was a joke, at first). I reminded him i was in a hurry, which is why i prefer the short route. This, i thought, was unnecessary to even state, since all other auto-rickshaw would take the short routes.
And upon the next crossroad too, he said he was gonna take the long route, which i directed him not to.
It was a tedious journey.
We reached opposite of the University Gate, then he said he won't go inside unless i pay him extra. I reminded him that it was not as agreed before. Then, to my bewilderment, he started shouting at me. i was taken aback for a moment, then i shouted at him,"Don't Shout". He silenced. So, i took out a 100 rupee note and a 5 rupee coin and paid him (the bill was 95 rupees).
He gave me my coin back and he refused me from getting down arguing that he would first make a turn towards the gate. I complied. The bill became 98 rupees, to which i gave the extra 8 rupees, but he refused, started shouting at me again. I felt injustice done.
Mustering all my calmness, i attempted to reason with him that if i give him the exact tender, he must comply. Then he let's loose his rage, like a mad man. He ordered me to get the heck off his vehicle.
This was the last straw.
I took my phone and aim the camera at him. He snatched it swiftly off of my hands and taunts me. As i reach for my phone off his hands, he raised his fists as in a boxing stance! All this while he continued shouting and most probably vulgar words too, but since im less than efficient in his language, he may have the benefit of doubt.
Seeing that he was so ready to fist up over his failed swindle, i too got angry. I let my voice out too. Looking at his eyes, I shouted,"Do you want to fight?! Do you?!"
But, i thought of all the wrong things that it could lead to if a brawl started, so i changed my tone.
"Let's go to the police!" i shouted. There was a police station nearby.
He did not seem to comply with the idea of involving the police, so i tried to take his picture again. He lunges towards me, trying to grab my phone. Then, again with the roaring yells. At one point i even pulled his vehicle to stop him from dashing.
Other auto-rickshaw drivers came to address the commotion. He fled the scene before i could take his picture.

I do not mean to be petty and such an episode was unnecessary. But, such lack of honour and decency irks me.
Attempts of swindling, then the reattempt of cheating when we already had an agreement, this upsets me.
His irrational rage when i refused to be swindled and his readiness for physical violence towards a passenger makes him a bully and unfit for his job.
This makes me wonder why many people opted for Uber, Ola, etc over them. Which is terrible, the drivers untainted by these barbaric behaviours are affected too.
I hope there is a rational and a non-violent means of resolving such matters. I'd like to be suggested too, how to deal with such instances, if it should arise again.

P.S. He had a grey-ing hair, beard and he's missing some of his jaw teeth. His religion and other details seems irrelevant for me to provide though i noted it.
Nov 24, 2016

Unauthorized Autorickshaw

In Badlapur there is lots of Unauthorized Auto rickshaws and Driver is activated and due to this we are facing traffic jam issue.
So request you that pls look into this.
Nov 24, 2016

Unathorized Auto rickhsaw and Driver

There is lots of unauthorized auto rickshaw and Driver in badlapur and due to this we are facing traffic jam issue.
So request you that pls look into this.
Oct 3, 2016


Hi team,
I need your guidance.
I had an auto booked for my daily commute to office since May'16.
I am unable to reach his mobile number and he has not returned all the
money that he had borrowed from me.
Request you to help me with this. I want to file a complaint against him.
His surname is Kale and his mobile number is 9850199664.
Apr 20, 2016

Pune Auto driver

Respected Sir,

I am local citizen from Pune.From my child hood, i have seen too many incidences regarding pune auto driver liketheir misbehaviour,
They are just looting to ne w people in city.This is happeing since a long time.Till now there is no action against them.I have seen other cities also like delhi,mumbai but such kind of problems are not there.

My question is why there is no action till now against such auto drivers.Why government is not concerntrating on such cases.
I am telling you because Pune is growing city and public transport is not that level.so there is always need to take help from auto or some private transport.

Please suggest
swati sheth
Mar 30, 2016

Over Charging and No Meter

Auto Rickshaws in Hinjawadi Area, are charging more than 70RS for less than 2 KMs. I used to travel from Hinjawadi Infosys Phase 1 to BlueRidge scemes. The distance between the Source and destination is less than 2 KM. If you go by Meter it should cost around 20Rs. But these Auto drivers decline if you ask them to go by meter.
This is really painful to pay 100 rs just for 2 Kms and that too auto.
Feb 1, 2016

Reckless and rash driving.

I was driving to college and waiting in the traffic line of cars when suddenly out of no where this annoying auto driver comes and places his auto really close to my car.
I hadn't even moved an inch.
And then he looks outside to see how close he came. Comes out and creates an idiotic scene about how I drove and came there.
Even tried to do violence by putting his hand through my glass windows.
I was frightened.
And the adjacent lorry driver told him to go away.
KA 01 AB 7213
That's his board number.
Just because he sees a 19 year old driving doesn't mean he can come bully me like that.
Jan 14, 2016

lost my passport and educational documents

I lost my passport and all educational documents. Please contact me if found on 9730489599. I lost it in auto. From Swargate to kondhwa. Also had 40k cash.but need only certificate and passport.
Dec 9, 2015

refusing to go

Refusing to go to circuit house

He refused to go to circuit house from camp on the pretext of dropping school children home...first he asked where were we going and upon learning he refused to go.... if he really had to pick up school boys then why he had stopped and asked us in the first place of the location...
his number is mh12hc2324

please take some action....
Nov 1, 2015

Wrong Charges applied by auto rickshaw driver

Auto Rickshaw driver wrongly charged and informed that distance between whitefield bus stop and yeshwantpur railway station is 40 kms but actual distance is 28 kms only. He charged 13 rs per km for 36 kms approx.
Driver Name: Elumalai
Auto No.: KA03 AB1025
KRN: 56822167
Oct 26, 2015

Misbehaviour of Auto Driver

yesterday i took auto from near shivajinagar till hinjewadi,when i sat in the auto i saw that the there is some waiting units in the meter and i sat immediatley in the auto,when i asked this driver regarding the same first he explained me something in marathi i didn't understood it as i am a north indian,i asked him twice regarding the waiting units.Then he lost his tempered and started abusing me,he asked me to get down from the auto immediatley.Why this kind of people wants to take advantage or want to hurt dignity of girls.still City is unsafe for girls.I didnt complained about this driver in OLA as i was very much scared from his behaviour and cannot take further risk.
Jul 5, 2015

misbehaved and abuse

I took an Auto (MH12 5720) with my family with three year old daughter today at 12.30 pm from balaji temple(Pashan- sus Road) to abhinav college(Sus Road) bus stop. First he refused to start meter. After Getting down at abhinav college.I was was giving rs 20. The distance is less than 1km .But he was demanding rs 30 and refused to go inside society campus and started abusing us.He threatens us that He will not allowed us to go without giving 10 rupees more. Why would anyone take an auto and pay more than bus and still get down at random stop. People generally take auto to reach till their homes. The auto driver was very rude and was shouting and misbehaved with us near my society. There should be serious action against such auto walas who think customers are fools and they can run their monopoly everywhere. I request to take action against such auto walas and also to force meter system in Pashan area also like in other parts of Pune.
sudha vemuri
Jun 11, 2015



The driver of the Auto Rick- KA01 AB 6907 behaved totally insane today with 2 girls. There was a traffic jam in the service road and he was recklessly driving hurting our legs. SO when asked to ride slowly he came and hit the vehicle from behind and when got down to talk to him, he behaved really bad. This kind of a behaviour is really not acceptable and I request you to take necessary action on him.
Our vehicle is damaged now for no mistake of ours and just because of the mad arrogance of a driver. This is not acceptable.

Hope this forum is really of some help to the normal citizens.
Acknowledgement of this feedback will be really appreciated.

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