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Auto Rickshaw - Pune


Consumer complaints and reviews about Auto Rickshaw - Pune

Jan 28, 2019

Auto drivers always refuse to ferry

I reside at Shivtirth Nagar, Kothrud, Pune. Location is the rickshaw stand opposite Dakshin mukhi Maruti mandir.
The rickshaw drivers who wait at the stand there just don't want to ferry anywhere. Nearby also they refuse, and far off also they refuse.
Ideally rickshaw standing at the Rick stand cannot refuse going anywhere.
It's been going on for long now, this has to be looked into at least now !
Dec 31, 2018


Took double the fare. Refused to go by meter. And he did also this after boarding the auto
Prachi pakve
Dec 26, 2018


I am resident of Aditya garden city I have to suffer of overcharging everyday the Aditya garden city autorikshaws drivers are united they demands for overcharging they demands more than double it regularly I already launch complaint against Pune rto but there is no reply and no action same as we have face such arrogant and rude autorikshaws drivers it's very disappointed
Prachi pakve
Dec 19, 2018


I am resident of Aditya garden city I have to go Vinayak hospital when I booked auto rickshaw for Vinayak hospital he shows me rude behaviour tell me get down from auto he will not comes for small distance I am patient but he doesn't show humanity plz take action against autorikshaws the no of auto is mh 12 js9338
Nov 24, 2018

Lost jacket

I took the auto MH12SC0927 from the airport on 15th November,2018 arnd 8PM. By mistake I left my black leather jacket inside the auto With RS 100 cash in it.
Could you please help me to contact the driver

Thanks and Regards,
Contact:[email protected]
Nov 4, 2018

Overcharging, refusal to use meter

I took a rickshaw from Parihar Chowk to Bavdhan with a distance of 8.7 kms. The rickshaw driver refused to use the meter and charged me ₹180 which is double the fair. Rickshaw number MH12 HC 6786.
Akash baviskar
Nov 3, 2018


Yesterday I will trevel sangamvadi to bosari by auto riksha by mistake my all original documents are in there auto so plz i want there riksha driver number my nunber 9689957800
Nikita pinto
Oct 1, 2018

Wildcraft duffel bag with books in Auto

Left my bag which has books in a wildcraft luggage bag (black color). We took the auto from Model Colony to Harkanagar, Bhawanipeth. If you find this bag, please contact me on 9967257487 and deliver it to Dr. Shyam Kagal, Aishwarya, 415C , Gokhale road, Pune 16.
Nikita pinto
Oct 1, 2018

Wildcraft duffel bag with books in Auto

Left my bag which has books in a wildcraft luggage bag (black color). We took the auto from Model Colony to Harkanagar, Bhawanipeth. If you find this bag, please contact me on 9967257487 and deliver it to Dr. Shyam Kagal, Aishwarya, 415C , Gokhale road, Pune 16.
1 Oct 2018 at 12:30PM
Nikita pinto
Oct 1, 2018

Wildcraft duffel bag with books

Left my bag which has books in a wildcraft luggage bag (black color). We took the auto from Model Colony to Harkanagar, Bhawanipeth. If you find this bag, please contact me on 9967257487 and deliver it to Dr. Shyam Kagal, Aishwarya, 415C , Gokhale road, Pune 16.
1 October 2018 at 12:30PM
Ruturaj Shedge
Sep 26, 2018

i don't have a complaint,need help.

my name is ruturaj shedge from MIT college of engineering pune me and my my friend was working on a project of civil engineering
we drawn a bunch of sheets and my friend forgot it in rikshaw, hired from kothrud mit colege road near purnabramha hotel. those sheets were of a lot of importance and i need them back if anyone can help me to get those sheets back it will be very helpful for me
my contact - 8390070374
Sep 20, 2018

Extra charge

I took an auto (number 6584) from inamdar hospital fatima nagar till badhai sweets salunke vihar road and he charged me 60 rupees even though I tried to stop him but I didn't stop and he said my meter is like this .
So I wanna lodge a complain regarding this unprofessional auto driver who was threatening me by saying nonsense things .
Sep 4, 2018


I am a regular auto rikshaw customer and I am well aware of the standard rates from my house to my office.
This specific auto was expensive by 20 Ruppees.


Sep 3, 2018

Over charging and breaking rules

Mh012 AR 4537
Hi This is the auto number plying from Gunjan corner to Viman nagar in Pune
He rudely overcharged me for the ride and when tried to reason him, he sped away
Also was plying more than 10 ppl at a go
Requesting authorities to take appropriate action
My number is 8879125840
Aug 9, 2018

overcharging and staring

Dear sir/madam
I boarded rickshaw number MH 12 AR 9968 from fergusson colllege main gate to my house which is in Warje. The maximum distance from college to Aditya garden city through any route according to google maps, which I find highly reliable, is 9km. When I reached the destination, the rickshaw showed 19.7 km on running window and charged me 250 rupees. I travel often by rickshaw and I know it costs 130-150 rupees at the max. When i confronted him, he told me that due to waiting time, the meter distance got added. Fortunately I am not that stupid, being an engineering student.
The meter has been tampered with.
Also throughout the ride, he was staring at me through the mirror and I felt highly uncomfortable.
He has got to be cheating more than 15 customers daily.
Kindly take strict actions against this at the earliest. Money we pay is also hard earned.
If this complaint works, I will not have to lodge a police complaint.
Thanks and regards.
Waiting for a positive reply
Jul 23, 2018

Over charge

Sir / Madam,
On 23.07.2018, I boarded the auto MH 12 BD 2914 from Ambedkar Chowk ( Bahu Patil road ) on Aundh road at 9.10 AM and get down at Khadki station corner. The driver forcefully took RS 30 from me instead of the minimum charge of 18 rupees. You are requested to kindly take action against the errant driver. Thanking you

Over charge

Jul 5, 2018

Overcharging, verbal abuse, driving without permission.

The auto-rickshaw driver dropped me at my desired destination, turned off the meter and started asking for Rs.40 even though the fare was only Rs 18. He lied that we had agreed upon it when we didn't. When I refused to pay Rs. 40 he started driving the rickshaw without my permission while I was in it. I do not know where he was taking me. When I threatened to call the police, he stopped and started verbally abusing me. He refused to take 18rs and gave me back change which meant that I paid him Rs 40 without my consent. He then drove away quickly. I appeal you do something about this. This is pure theft and harassment.

MH 12 QA 3003
[email protected]
Jul 2, 2018

Wrong lane driving driving & hitting car

The driver came from a wrong lane , although have seen my indicator light of car still he has bypassed my vehicle & dashed to my bumper of car & then abusively stopped & didn't pay any money & left , also said that you can file any complaint against me ..i don't care.

Rickshaw number
nihit singhal
Jun 19, 2018

misbehaviour and extra charge by a auto driver

i took auto from DIAT college till kohlawadi,near CWPRS gate. i used to travel daily on this route and regular charges are Rs.10.
but that auto driver demanded Rs. 30 from me when i protested then he started misbehaving and also started using abusive language. He was saying" paise nikal!" continuously in loud and harsh way. despite my protest he took 30 rupees from me.
if there is anyone pls i request you to take a disciplinary and strict action against all these auto drivers whose shows behavior like this.
i didn't took any photo or plate number, thus i don't expect any relief from you. but i want you to implement the fixed charges rule on auto drivers as they are forming gang and taking high charges by frighting and bullying the common public.
i know that this message is also going into trash like all other government services. it is just a show off but still i am writing so that i don't have any regret.
Jun 6, 2018

Left My baby's bag

I yesterday evening while travelling from Chaturshringi temple to sainath co-op housing society, Bopodi left my baby's bag inside the auto and unfortunately forgot to take it back. The bag(Sling bag) is grey in colour. It contains all my baby's essentials like, one set of clothes, diapers, thermos, lunch box, baby feeding bottle, few keys, jiofi and some money. I request if any body finds the bag please call me on 9561704734 or you can deliver the bag at House no. 2,C/0 Mr. S. Polkamwar, Shree Sainath Co-op Hosing Society behind Shamshuddin Qadri Dargah.
May 29, 2018

Arrogant Driver

I boarded Auto Mh12hc4619 from viman nagar. Driver is so arrogant first of all he is not ready to go and when he agrees he started fighting.
Somebody needs to really take action against this person's as they are public servent they must be polite in nature.
Shahibaz Rafique
May 5, 2018

Auto Rickshaw stand at gurunanak nagar pune

Auto Rickshaw stand at gurunanak nagar opp bsnl office the rickshaw stand doing there jobs as per there demands like if we ask them that we have to go the so and so place they directly tell us yaha nahi jauga waha nahi jauga n I had ask them I want to go to Fatima nagar at kedari garden they was like kon jara koi nahi jara to what can I do with that for what reason they hav that stand over there jus they want big big chargers for there rent

I request the Pune R.T.O that u please take serious action against the president of the auto Rickshaw stand

Regards ..
Shahibaz Rafique shaikh..
Add:-kashiwadi Bhawani Peth Pune 42.

Mar 4, 2018

MH12 NW 4858 charging extra!!!

Hello Sir/Madam,

I and my wife who is Pregnant took Auto Rickshaw (MH12 NW 4858) from opposite of Abhiruchi City Pride Sinhagad Road to Sun City Road. I told him to take the auto rickshaw slowly as my wife is pregnant (9 month). He agreed. Also the meter was started when we sat in the rickshaw. When we reach our destination sun city road the meter showed ₹32. I gave him ₹50 and asked for change for which he said it is ₹40 and not according to meter but according to his will. I requested to give my money back ₹8 but he was rude and started arguing with me saying he usually takes more of meter and also he drove slow so the extra money. I said you should have told this in first place before we took your rickshaw. He started fighting and arguing with harsh words saying wrong to me. After lot of argument he took ₹6 from me and returned ₹10 saying what you are arguing for ₹8 what so much of that it is usual and peoplepay more than meter. I said then you are looting people and i will complaint on that. When i took his auto rickshaw number he went furious and saying bad words to me and my wife who was pregnant and standing there. I need justice. First of all if he didnt want to take us and wanted extra money he should have told in first place when we took the rickshaw why the drama of meter then and what is use of that meter if anyway you are charging more than that.

Please take my complaint and take strict action on such auto rickshaw person. He was doing gunda gardi and was very very arrogant and saying un necessary bad things which felt a lot to me. I was going to complaint to police station but he flew away swiftly. All stander by also said he is looting us total he took ₹36 for ₹32 meter and was still very very much rude. :(
Felt really bad and would never take rickshaw which do not go by meter. Its a wrong thing and fooling of people. Please take a strict action on such goons.

Auto Rickshaw License Number: MH12 NW 4858

Please Please I request to take strict action on such auto rickshaw rude goons to save public.

Mar 3, 2018

Left bag in Auto Rickshaw

I catches a Auto Rickshaw MH12 5790 in front of Sahyadri hospital, Deccan towards Kothrud depot Pune. I had 2 bags. I first placed one bag inside the Auto on seat and by the time I sit the rickshaw driver run away with my one bag inside the rickshaw. I could only see MH 12 5790 number. Kindly let me know if you can trace the person.

Feb 23, 2018

Faulty meter - Overcharging

I took an autorickshaw MH-12-NW-1318 from Swargate to Noble Bake house, wanawadi at 0800hrs and reached by 0812hrs. The distance according to Google maps is 5.0kms. So the fare according to the fare meter should have been 55-60 Rs. The basic fare for 2kms is Rs. 18/- But in this case ,the meter started running in less than 500m. Total charge was Rs. 100/-

And the rickshaw driver was asking for more Rs. 20/-

Kindly do the needful.
Thank you.

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