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Avadi Municipality

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Avadi Municipality

Mar 26, 2020

Carbage cleaning

Respected Sir/ Madam

This is a complaint regarding Carbage cleaning not done in our area for past 10days. Even we informed the supervisors no response. Because of street carbage cleaning not done, all the carbage has been dumped in open area... And also it creates lot of health issues.street dogs, pigs are creating lot of issues.
Even the supervisors, all employees are meeting near to that spot, then only moving to concerned areas, but not caring about the carbages.
Area: Nethaji nagar 2nd main road, Near new housing board, Thirumullaivoyal.

Please sir take immediate action, because of Corona viruses, all the areas are cleaned but here no step has been taken...

Carbage cleaning

Sep 19, 2019

Road and water stagnant

Hi Team,

We are from Sakthivel street, Cholan nagar, Pattabiram (Near Nemilicherry bridge)
We have given many complaints & no action has been taken to water stagnant allover our street every year. The water has been getting stored inside our streets and there is no proper way to get rid of it . Due to yersteday's rain, water level has been raised to our door steps.we kindly request you to take immediate action before next rain as we are suffering alot every year.

Street people

Road and water stagnant

May 1, 2019

Sewage water into ARAFAT lake

I m resident of Thirumullaivoyal, 3rd left st., Manikandapuram . The flats nearby our lane [ build by REPUTE BUILDERS in 2013 ] have dug the streets and put a pipeline to connect theirs sewage water into the ARAFAT LAKE in 2015 . From then on all the sewage water from 1st street and 3rd street are connected through junctions and lead into the lake.

1. Loss of habitat of aquatic organisms.
2. Increases number of dead fishes .
3. Bad and unpleasant smell is always emitting and the nearby houses are suffocating to breath .
4. Has become a brooding place for diseases.
5. On rainy days, lake overflows and streets are filled with gutter water. School going children are worst affected.

Although we have complained before, no steps of any kind have been taken so far. City is suffering from water scarcity and here a large water body is being turned into gutter. If steps are not taken to stop these flats, you will have another coovum to clean.
Dec 28, 2018


I'm Sathish a resident at 12/39, second main road,Annmalai Nagar,Avadi - 54. My dad owns a land in the next Street sivaprakasam Salai. The neighbouring resident of that place is leaving the sewage water into the land owned by us.i informed them about this.but they have not taken any step.kindly do the needful
Contact: 9840116471
Dec 12, 2018

Delay of Death Certificate

My wife expired on 12.1.2018. I submitted all the required original documents along with prescribed form to get on line Death Certificate to Avadi Municipality. But, the date appeared online as 19.1.2018 wrongly and the certificate with wrong date is of no use to me. The reason for clerical error i.e. entered wrong date online is only best known to them. On my personal repeated requests I got manual certificate with correct date i.e. 12.1.2018 . Then I submitted the original Manual Death Certificate to Taluk Office as required by them to get Legal Heir Certificate. Thereafter I paid prescribed fee of Rs.400/- to Avadi Municipality again in the month of June, 2018 for additional copies of online Death Certificate, because Death certificate, in original, is required for name transfer and other legal purpose . Even after six months the date is not corrected in the online and I approached them so many times to collect the certificate with corrected date but they could not make correction once entered wrongly. Every time, whenever I approached I was advised to come tomorrow /Monday /next week / Friday and like that. All my legal works are pending for want of wife's original Death Certificate.

Therefore, in this regard, I sent e mails to Avadi Municipality, Collector Tiruvallur, CMCELL, Directorate of Public Grievances in the month of November,.2018. I got one reply mail from Directorate of Public Grievances, New Delhi, advising me to take up the matter with Dept.of AR & PG. Again, I submitted my above said Grievance to Dept. of AR & PG ON 30.11.2018. They acknowledged and have forwarded my Grievance to Special Officer, CM Special Cell, Secretariat, Chennai. Then again I approached senior official of Avadi Municipality personally and they informed that they have no access power to make any correction once entered the data, now the power is centralised, with some other Govt.Agency, Tiruvallur and only they will make correction with proper documents, after some formalities and it will take time.

I, (aged 63 years Senior Citizen of India) request through this ' Grievance column" to authorities concerned look into this matter personally and do needful action to get my wife's ONLINE DEATH CERTIFICATE WITH ACTUAL DEATH DATE AS 12-01-2018 as per documents submitted to Avadi Municipality in Jan.2018, at the earliest possible time."

Sep 9, 2018

Street light not working

I kindly bring to your knowledge of many street lights not working in Vivekananda 2 nd cross street Kamaraj Nagar Avadi , please take necessary action we will be grateful to you
........ Manikt
Jul 21, 2018

Sewage water into Arafat lake

Respected Sir,

Request to take action to stop sewage water into Arafat lake, Manikandapuram,Thirumullaivoyal,Chennai 62


Yours faithfully
Nov 11, 2017

No proper Road & Street lights

Respected Sir/Madam,
I am resident of 4th cross street, General Kariappa nagar, Anna Nagar, Pattabiram, chennai - 72. Complaint regarding No road and non burning street lights, which is very unsafe for people travelling through, especially to women and childrens.it is so difficult for people who comes home after 6 pm from work place to travel in dark. No road for years and non burning street lights for past 3 to 4 months. The current route is full muddy and in this rainy season vehicles going through often gets trapped in the mud. Please kindly do the need full as soon as possible. THANK YOU.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully
Sathya Narayanan
Oct 31, 2017

staget of drainage water

Sir , I am the residents of Venkatesan Nagar, Driver's colony. In front of my home plot No:228, Name - Sundar Leaving the drainage water on road which has been stagnant. It is creating bad smell as well as Mosquito production when we repeatedly advice him to solve or take the necessary steps but he is not taken​ any steps to solve it. Please take necessary steps to solve it. We are very much afraid of dengue productions because of stagant water.

staget of drainage water

Oct 25, 2017


Residents of Jeeva Nagar,
Pillaiyar Koil Street Extn,
Jeeva Nagar, Avadi
Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600 054

1. We the residents of the above mentioned locality bring the following few lines for your favorable consideration and necessary action please:-
(a) Provision of Proper Roads.
(b) Provision of Drainage or Sewerage lines.
(c) Provision of proper lightings in our street.
(d) Provision of drinking water.
2. Adding to the above conditions, few residents residing at this locality are in the habit of letting out their household drainage water on the roads, creating unhygienic conditions to the other residents dwelling in the same locality. Due to these reasons we are unable to send our children outside even while going to school individually. Even the elderly people as well as the other people are unable to reach up the office or a temple or a mosque without stamping the drainage water accumulated on the roads
3. Even though we are paying our taxes regularly to the Municipality, we have been deprived with provision of even with the basic amenities.
4. At this juncture, we would kindly request you sir to instruct immediately to the concerned authorities to kindly provide us with
at least the basic amenities which is required for a human being to survive as on date.
5. This letter has been signed by all the Residents dwelling in the above mentioned locality.


Sep 11, 2017

Drainage Blockage

Dear Sir,

I Would like to bring to your notice that Drainage (Sewage) has been running through day & night from Drainage Water Line due to block in the main drain, Due to this all the drain water are running in to our street. All this water get stag in the vacant land like pond.

Requesting to clear the drain block.

Sep 7, 2017

stagnation of drainage water

I am residing in rani anna street, thirumullaivoyal, the appartment opposite to our street and hoses near the apartment...have drainage system which overflows all the time and they routing that water to the roads and because of that...the road is full of drainage water..and we cannot able to walk in roads and cant able to go to temples due to drainage water and in night time bikes get clashed due to roads get damaged due to drainage water...

we had discussed with them not to route the water to the roads...but they neglected..please let us know what action we need to take in this matter......
Feb 14, 2017

cleaning of public toilet

Good morning sir

iam an Hindu Clg student iam staying in Gandhi Nagar in our area last 6 month Gandhi Nagar "public toilet" never clear due to this many people affected bad smell in surrounding area.so pls accept this request and help our area for clearance.

Address :ambethkar Street Gandhi Nagar pattabiram Chennai 600 072.
Jan 11, 2017

Drain water leakage

Mr.Jai shankar leaving drainage to road side.people cant able to walk and drive vehicle.past 3months same problem we are suffering..we gave complaint to AVADI Municipal.but action are too slow.Mr Jai shankar were speaking rudely to people.so please take the necessary actions for us

Drain water leakage Drain water leakage Drain water leakage Drain water leakage

May 20, 2016

Pathetic condition of colony

I reside in Vivekananda Nagar, which is under the care of the Avadi Municipality. I am writing to complain about the pathetic conditions of our colony. I will enlist the problems:
1. Lack of drainage. This means that there is stagnantion of rain water and thus a vicious cycle of mosquitoes. Filth means disease. I am not willing to live in such filth.
2. No navigable roads are laid out. We have horribly laid roads which in turn have dozens of potholes. Rainwater stagnates in these potholes and the whole situation just worsens with more rain. Again a hazardous situation.
3. Litter ALL over the colony. All over. In all the empty plots, on the road, inside puddles. It spills out of the dustbins as well. It doesnt help that we live amongst useless people who clearly do not care for their environment.
4. We do not get a metro water supply and hence are forced to buy water.
5. Sewage is regularly emptied by someone in a lorry because we do not have a proper sewage system.
S. Abirami Kalpana
May 20, 2016

Drainage Blockage

I am working as Senior Audit Officer at Member Audit Board, Indian Oil Bhavan, Nungambakkam, residing at no. 73/31, Kamaraj Nagar, Avadi Chennai, my next house neiighbour is constructing house without adhering the norms of construction and filling sand and waste materials in the Drainage Water Line due to which the water blocked movement and in rain all drainage water entered my house four times. Inspite of informing him personally he refused to listen to our words. Kindly take immediate action to clear the drainage line and condemn the person doing so in future.

Nov 13, 2015


Sir, I regret to inform you that due to heavy rain water stagnation in Udaya Suriyan Street, Mittanamalli. Due to this there is huge rate of increase in mosquitoes, which causes dengue, malaria and viral fever. Stagnated water causes our people from moving around in the road. Small children are affected. Already sanction of road was there. But still it was not implemented. Please look into the matter favorably. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours Sincerely Sheela Dharmapal.
Aug 25, 2014

In cmplete road work

Sir, in kamaraj nagar second street Avadi muncipality had laid road about 70% and left remaing 30% during MPelection. From then on wards remaing portion is left off, water is stagnaging in the remaing portion, it is inconvince for all road user, since the water stagnated by severval months mousqtiou breeding is un controlable we are forced to infection .I kindly request you to lay the remaing road immediatly, we public are very hardship to use the road.
Jan 15, 2014

lack of power supply

In thirumullaivoyal few places like m.g.r nagar,s s snagar,thiruvallur nagar and many new other nagar . for all nagar transformer is only one in our area due to that our area m.g.r nagar alone always current getting off due to over load to transformer we asked for separate transformer but they not considering as a thing even employers working in E.B Have to come at mid night for repairing it so reply take necessary steps regarding this power supply
Jan 15, 2014

lack of proper maintaining of grave yard

the complaint board of national consumer complaint

lack of proper maintenance of Hindu MAKKAL grave yard in thirumullaivoyal Chennai 62 for past ten year the maintenance of grave yard is so worst ,
place is fully surrounded by branches bushes and others things up to height me 5-6 feet due to that many bad things are taking place in this grave yard people started misusing the place like going toilets in open place drinking wines and pig and other animals disturbing the surround
so plz am requesting to take necessary steps on it

yours sincerely
vivek Anthony
Feb 6, 2012

Unlaid and improperly laid roads

The roads laid 5 yrs ago (i'm not sure of the time in which these roads were laid) are all totally damaged and there is no scope of driving peacefully on the roads. It's a hell of an experience while driving and walking through these roads.

My daily experience:
It takes 30 mins in bike from Thandalam (near sriperumbudur) to Avadi. A distance of 20 Km
It takes another half an hour from Avadi to Senthil Nagar (in tirumullaivoyal). A distance of 8 km.

Imagine how the road would be.
I recommend the officials concerned to take immediate action on this matter.

My personal suggestion to them:
Pls spend atleast 50% of the funds which are directed towards these works by the PWD instead of stealing all the 100% money.

I would be happy if the Chief Minister would inspect the roads by 'Road travel' instead of her "Bird's eye viewing" from Helicopter. Atleast then, she would feel the sufferings of the people in our area.

I have attached photos of a road in Senthil Nagar (taken during September 2011).

Senthil Nagar,

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