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Axis Bank


Consumer complaints and reviews about Axis Bank

Rahul Sridhar
Aug 1, 2022

SCG Non MCC Charges

My account has got debited by Rs 44.57 and Rs 107.23 on account of SCG NON MCC Charges. What is this regarding. I am a student. For me every rupee matters. Kindly arrange to refund the amount so debited and reduce the hardships faced.
Jul 23, 2021

Extremely high consolidate i

Hi, we understand your concern. We adhere to complete transparency and disclosure about all our service fees and charges. You can get more details on this link https://application.axisbank.co.in/webforms/axis-support/sub-issues/Bank-SB-acctchgs-1.aspx . Please feel free to write back to us in case you have any further queries and we will get back at the earliest. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Neha Narole
Jul 19, 2021

Extremely high consolidate i

They are charged extremely high consolidate charges ...that too without informing me ....as wel as look the charges of gst too .... It really seams like loot of customers.... Please fix this problem as soon as possible

Extremely high consolidate i

Achyutanand Khuntia
Jun 11, 2020

Stolen money from my account

Axis bank is a chor bank - This bank charged me first 500 as consolidated charges which was okay ,but after 10 days automatic deducted 2000 rs from my account , suddenly my account showed negative balance , when i went complained and submitted letter to the axis bank branch they told me 2000 rs will be reversed after 45 days , once verification done, and i inquired when will my money reverse they told me once deducted your account we are not responsible

axis bank extored my money upto 3000 rs, axis bank stolen all of my money, all the staffs are rascals,iditios,

one of indias untrusted bank ,

with in 10 days 2 times deducted money , first time 500 and second time 2000 rs, message received while consolidated chart deducted first time 500 rs, but 2000 why deducted not received any message.


Never trust this bastard bank
Darade Ganesh
Jun 14, 2019

Attract consolidated charges

Dear sir /mam
I have an my salary account.now it is suddenly 4800 RS deducted on my account .this not saving account.
Pls refund my account money solve the problem.
Kindly reply me
May 22, 2019

delay in account opening

Hi, regret the inconvenience caused. We are here to help! Please DM us your contact details and we will get back to you at the earliest. Please note, as part of the resolution process, our executives will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction or download any app or part with confidential account related information. Please refrain from doing so and report such incidents immediately. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/2VadVIq . Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Shagupta Naikwadi - Shaikh
May 22, 2019

delay in account opening

I wanted to open a salary account at tardev branch Mumbai central. I have submitted the documents on 2/5/2019 and they gave me kit on the same day. but till today my account is not activated. whenever I call them they just tell me that it will take 4-5 days more.
Mar 18, 2019

money got stuck in cdm machine

Hi, we are here to help. Here is a link that will give you more information on this topic - https://bit.ly/2FzXm2c Regards, Team Axis Bank.
irfaan shah
Mar 16, 2019

money got stuck in cdm machine

my name is irfan salim shah i have axis bank cash deposit card given by nearby technologies pvt ltd card number is ################.
on 13/3/2019 i deposited cash through axis bank cdm machine of Rs.77000 but Rs.73300 got stuck in cdm and Rs.3700 came out of machine....and a recipt came shows "your transaction was unsuccesful".
i gave request letter to the branch axis bank andheri east jeejamata pump house.ill now i didnt get my money back....
account number- 916020053406804
card number- ################
account holder name- nearby technologies pvt ltd
machine no. BPRH153101
Date: 13/03/19
time: 11:36:51
please do the needful...

irfan salim shah

money got stuck in cdm machine

Jan 21, 2019

Reply:1900 debited from account but no cash received

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Please DM us your registered contact number and we will get back shortly. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Jan 21, 2019

1900 debited from account but no cash received

I have lodged several complaints for refund however so far no resolution sought. I started receiving calls from axis toll free no asking for my card details (front and back). Rahul Tripathi made several calls to me insisting that I should share the back details of my card and that it is mandatory for me to get refund. I realized that he's a fraud and have blocked my card. Requesting axis bank to initiate refund of my money urgently.

I will close my account with Axis due to poor service and delay in rendering resolution.

1900 debited from account but no cash received

Jan 21, 2019

1900 Amount debited but cash not received

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. We have a robust reconciliation process and the debited amount is normally automatically credited back in 2 business days. If the amount is not credited in 2 business days, request you to refer to the link https://bit.ly/2NJKKFo and raise a dispute. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Tanuj Kamath
Jan 20, 2019

1900 Amount debited but cash not received

Axis bank ATM being far from my home I went to corporation ATM and raised to a request to withdraw 1900 which failed but the amount got deducted due to your technical error. I am really surprised and disappointed, did not expect to get fooled. At second try I tried withdrawing 1500 which was successful. I called up axis support for help and reversal of 1900 but so far I have not got my money back. Please help me get my money credited immediately

1900 Amount debited but cash not received

Sandeep Kr. Sahu
Jan 12, 2019

Stop google service charges from axis bank account.

Sir my axis bank account no. Is 916010013799657. From this account rs 1 charge again and again . Sir stop this charge . I don't want any google service. Please stop my charges.
Nov 28, 2018


Hi, we request you to visit the following link to get clarification on charges levied: https://bit.ly/2o02YoS. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Arif I. Tamboli
Nov 26, 2018


Name Of The Bank-Axis Bank, Type of A/c-saving ac, A/c No.-914010014977410,
I already having saving account in AXIS bank in Goregaon east branch last five years from 01. MAY 2014.

Continue my account had debited every month unfair consolidated charges from march -18 to june -18 see below date vice detailed debited charges as per our bank statement.

10.03.18 52.15
10.03.18 289.72
14.04.18 0.46
14.04.18 2.54
12.05.18 162.15
12.05.18 900.85
16.06.18 117.00
16.06.18 650.00
TOTAL 2,174.87

That above problem I had personally discussed & request on telephone to Axis bank relationship manager Mrs. Ankita Madam on cont. no.- 8066058100.
She can't help me & not response again on phone.

I request you, Please you personally interfere & help me to get my unfair debited amount re credit in my Account ...

My contact no.- 9702127063 / 7977898897

NCH Complaint Number: 816881


Thanks & Regards,

Arif Ilahi Tamboli.
Oct 29, 2018

Illicit, unethical practices of Axis bank, Mumbai with respect to Aadhar

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. We are here to help! Pls DM us your contact details and we will get back to you at the earliest. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Oct 27, 2018

Illicit, unethical practices of Axis bank, Mumbai with respect to Aadhar

Since two months, am trying to create Aadhar card for my 1 year old daughter.

My last 11 attempts of creating Aadhar at this Axis branch in heart of Mumbai city went unsuccessful this way:
1) I visited the above mentioned Axis branch at 9:30 AM where I got to know that you need to form the queue at 6 AM in the morning since only first 25 people are allowed.

2) I visited the branch at 6:30 AM where there are only 15 -16 people above me but when branch opened ta 9:30 , have been told today only first 15 people will be considered.

Question: how can bank change the number of persons to accommodate for Aadhar on daily basis based on their convenience?

3) My 4-5 visits went unsuccessful since many times only 10 & even less than 10 people are allowed to create aadhar at the branch.
4) My eighth visit at the branch was at sharp 6 Am where my name was registered with the bank security guard & I was among the top 4 persons. Again after waiting for three+ hours I have been informed the lady who works on aadhar system had not came today hence no aadhar work will be carried out today.
On the top of it when I along with other people came inside to meet branch manager with the below two questions, he not only refused to meet but did not allow us to even stand inside the branch.
When all people refused to budge & waited in the scorching heat outside, after an hour of wait , branch head finally came not to address the queries but to abuse & make fun of people.
** I have all the video recordings which certify my each & every word here , being 7 time unsuccessful I thought of doing the recordings this time.
Question: If one employee is not available, will it be fair to shut down the whole machinery, why there was no backup being planned?
Question: Why the registration is being done & people are forced to wait for 3+ hrs if employee was on leave?
5) During my ninth visit again after three hours of wait with my one year old daughter, have been told aadhar system is down, hence asked to leave. This time I lost my patience & met the manager who finally agreed to provide me Saturday slot , little I did know it was a ploy to further harass me.

6) During my tenth visit, I visited the branch as told by manager on Saturday afternoon but to my shock again have been told system is down so my request could not be processed.
I tried to meet Manager who had given me the slot but he was not there so I left my number to second officer & left again with my year old daughter & my father.

7) Now after few days I got a call from the manager & have been told to visit the branch today.
Before leaving as well, I called up the manager (have the call recording as well) where I confirmed if the system is working or not & on his yes, I left from my home which is 10 km away from the Axis branch.
When I visited the branch, again being told that system is down since morning.
I tried to reach manager who is not there, have been informed just 30 mins before that system is working, how can it be true?

If aadhar is everyone right, why this right has been taken away from my year old daughter?
Aug 20, 2018

Axis bank ltd

Hi, we are here to help! Request you to share the screenshot of error faced by you so that we may check and assist further. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Vidya lohar
Aug 18, 2018

Axis bank ltd

Last 2 week I m following to bank manager of badlapur
Branch Mr Ashok for update my mobile no .I m stay in dubai now .I have given all documents to him .but he not doing anything.I unable to do Internet banking and mobile banking app because of number nt update correctly in account.
Vidya lohar
Cust 841143702
Jul 6, 2018

does not received virtual Debit card no of ASAP account

sir i have set pin of my virtual debit card during process of opening ASAP account but i does not received full details of my virtual debit card, so please help how to get details of my debit card
Jun 22, 2018

AXIS Bank misguided, cheated and Harassed me.

Hi, We are here to help ! Please DM us your registered contact number and we will get back shortly.
Regards, Team Axis Bank
Jun 22, 2018

Reply : Non-intimation of conversion of salary account to saving account and deduction of charges for the same

Hi Mudit Kumar Mehta, sorry for the inconvenience. Here's a link that will quickly help you with answers on most of the queries regarding our products and services : www.axisbank.com/support We are here to help ! Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Jun 21, 2018

AXIS Bank misguided, cheated and Harassed me.

AXIS bank misguided me, Cheated me , Harassed me and won't help at any point of time.
Writing this so that no one else get trapped by AXIS Bank.
I have all the proof in emails as hard copy (for all the misguidance by Sales manager and Regional manager) and I have shown from lower level to higher level but instead of helping me they misguided ,harassed and cheated me.
I have reached to Sales manager, Regional Manager, AVP, Nodal officer, Principal nodal officer through emails , call and lots of emails. They treat you very badly and won't reply to your calls and emails.
1.Sales Manager of Axis Bank, Goregoan Branch given the confirmation in Email that I will be eligible for PMAY yojnna with all the data that I have provided and so I transferred my home loan from XYZ Bank to Axis Bank.The interest rate was same near about in both the Bank.
2. After that the transfer process starts they took me lots of money in the name of PMAY yojna, Processing fees , 0.2 percent of loan amount, two many cheques.... Login was done in November 2017 and Disbursement was done in January 2018.
2. After 8 months when I checked with customer care then I was shocked and come to know that my home loan has not even linked to PMAY yojna.
3. When I talked with Sales Manager again then he said Axis Bank has stopped giving PMAY yojna benefit for balance transfer cases without any documents or proofs.
4. I then took my concerns to Regional manager (Goregoan Branch) and stated the whole story, she asked for 2-3 days .
After that she never picked my phone nor replied to any of the emails.
5. After few days I got a call from Sales Manager that NSB has rejected my case.
When I asked for reason then he said do whatever you want.
6. I then took my concern to AVP of Axis Bank Goregoan Branch and then I was more shocked when I come to know that all my documents are there in the AXIS Bank goregoan branch itself and there was a huge mistakes from there end as they has not completed even the basic formalities of PMAY yojna.
7. AVP has promised me that he will helped me as far as possible as there is a mistake from there end.
8. Now what he said they will reapply again and during that process now they are saying I am not eligible for PMAY yojna as one of the criteria has not met after 8 months.
9. I then dropped an email to Nodal office , Principal nodal officer but no reply.
10. Then I went to worli branch to meet the nodal officer , they are not allowing me to meet.After lots of request one of the nodal officer met and again she promised to helped me as far as possible as there is a mistake from there end.
11. After 15 days I got an email that we are sorry as you are not eligible we can not do anything.
Mudit Kumar Mehta
Jun 20, 2018

Non-intimation of conversion of salary account to saving account and dedution of charges for the same

Account holder name - Mudit Kumar Mehta
Account Number - 914010026502000
IFS Code - UTIB0001702

They converted my salary account into saving account and they had not communicated the same to me. Further, they deducted Rs. 590 as charges for not maintaining the minimum balance in the account, it was my Zero balance salary account, so how they can deduct charges for the same.

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