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Consumer complaints and reviews about Axis Bank

[email protected]
Jun 30, 2020

Regarding ECPP assistance service charge debited without my permission

Dear Customer,

We have tried to contact you on the contact numbers registered with us, but we have been unable to do so.

We would request you to mention your CPP membership number or registered contact details. This will help us in resolving your query.

Please contact us on our help line numbers - 1800 419 4000 (toll-free) or 6000 4000 (please prefix city STD code) for any further assistance.

CPP Team
May 2, 2020

Regarding ECPP assistance service charge debited without my permission

Hi, we have noted and wish to inform you that we have escalated the concern and you shall be responded in this regard shortly. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Apr 30, 2020

Regarding ECPP assistance service charge debited without my permission

ECPP Money Deduction Axis bank
INR 1,699 was debited from my Credit Card for ECPP Assistance on 20th April at 3.26 PM, I don't know what service that is and why was it deducted without my consent. Registered Mobile no - 7039041365, Credit card No - ################,
I would like an immediate refund and stop this service ASAP

Warm regards,
Rajkumar fulore
Aug 13, 2019


Hi, we understand your concern. We adhere to complete transparency and disclosure about all our service fees and charges. You can get more details on this link https://application.axisbank.co.in/webforms/axis-support/sub-issues/Bank-SB-ConsolidatedChgs.aspx. Please feel free to write back to us in case you have any further queries and we will get back at the earliest. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Aug 10, 2019


I have salary account with axis bank today there were two auto debit stating consolidate charges one for amount 769.05 and 4272.50. I would highly appreciate if you reverse the money asap or else i will not be paying any amount on Credit Card outstanding.I dont care of my cibil report so don't give me a jerk on same '
My account number is 917010059009162
Name Mayur Dave
Salary Account
Jul 31, 2019

Complaint against bad behaviour of security gaurd working at Axis bank miraroad east poonam nagar branch Thane 401107

Hi, we regret the inconvenience caused. Please DM us your registered contact details and we will get back at the earliest.
Also please note, as part of the resolution process, our executives will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction or download any app or part with confidential account-related information. Please refrain from doing so and report such incidents immediately. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Supriya santosh sawant
Jul 30, 2019

Complaint against bad behaviour of security gaurd working at Axis bank miraroad east poonam nagar branch Thane 401107

It was 18th july 2019 arround 11.00am i entered Axis bank ATM located at the poonam nagar ...miraroad east Home branch of Axis ....when i entered there was only one machine working ....another was for depositing the cash ....and other two machines was out of service ....i followed the queue in front of working ATM machine for withdrawing the cash ....it took near about 20 minutes to my turn to come .....as soon as i reached to the ATM the machine was not accepting my axis bank card ...infact 2 gents was standing there and observing me they said machine is nt accepting the axis card still i tried one more time but it was nt done ....so i asked the gaurd standing there his name was sanjaykumar ambikaprasad yadav ...he said u can withdraw from depositing machine the i stood in that queue ...i was getting late but i had no option person before me was depositing huge amount and was to consume time ...meanwhile i was standing in the queue i just turned arround and saw what was the other ATM machine which was nt working has been started working so i asked that security gaurd brother i am standing since 11.00 o clock u too r seeing then why didnt u tell me if it has started working....till i was in conversation with gaurd one more person joined that Atm queue ...i requested the gaurd to please allow me to withdraw from that machine...he said no u cannt...i said why i cannt ...i am standing here from 11 and nw it is almost 11.45 am ....he said i am not liable to answer any of your questions ...he sounded very much rude i was very disappointed with his such behaviour ...i approached...branch head ...branch manager for his bad behaviour ....he called out to the gaurd immediately but the guard seemed to b stuburned after calling out trice he came inside and still was nt ready to apologise...even manager told him to cut short just say sorry for your mistake but he was nt ready to apologise ....at last i told him i will nt let this go will go ahead and complaint about your behaviour which will affect your job .....he again back answered me he said do whatever you want i dont mind ....i want that gaurd to get lesson
I request u to kindly look in to the matter and help me in correcting that gaurd so he will learn a lesson how to behave
Thanking you
Supriya santosh sawant
Account holder at Axisbank
Miraroad east ,
Poonam nagar branch
Ashish Korla
May 8, 2019

No Proper Communication. Blaming Customer

Here I m submitting my complaint to Axis Bank ,As I have applied for replacement of Debit card on 26th April But till 8th May I haven't got my Debit Card only communication address .I called Twice i.e on 4th May and 8Th May to Customer care but not time no Proper response I have got and they told me to wait for some more days as they have some internal issues.this says that due to which a customer have to suffered ????? Even I raised request on 26aprilbut they are saying it's on 30thApril for which even I have SMS which I got on 26th April

Need a proper solution on same and call from some one from Top Manager &Also require My fresh Debit card inject 48 Hrs from now .

I think Axis is now not able to Manage there customers or services ???
Dec 12, 2018

Strict Complaint against recovery policy

Dear Sir/Ma'am,


I am an account holder with Axis bank and a credit card holder too bearing card no. ############ 5653. I have been a regular user of the said card and also repaid dues earlier.

I have been unable to pay the pending dues for 2 months and I acknowledge the same. I am to receive my payment on 17/12/2018 and can pay the outstanding dues on the same date.

Serious Complaint:
I received calls from Axis Bank recovery department and use to convey my payment dates before. Today I received call from "8291718808" which shows a name of "Nilam Lande" at 10:34 am. I made my son speak to her. He conveyed his concern after which madam made him speak to her superior.

He spoke to her superior but he was not only rude. His method of communication is absolutely disrespectful and absurd. He used the word "tera baap", "tu kaun hai", "tu koi bhi ho", etc. My son made him realize that he was speaking to a customer and should speak politely but he didn't. He kept on his speech in the same manner.

My son even told him to put it in a mail so that we can revert on the same but he said he won't. He even said that he will send someone to our house for recovery.

As per RBI guildelines,

Decency: The recovery agent has to talk to you in a decent and civilized manner. No abusive language should be used.
(Source: https://www.livemint.com/Money/9Dram94rdVwReoP2MN8bUM/Keep-these-rules-in-mind-w...⇄

I now want an apology from the same person on call or by email. I have convinced many customers to use your banking services and they have become your regular customers. I also understand that in-house recovery bank department has huge targets for recovery but this is not the way to talk.

I wrote to AXIS Bank but they said "Email ID no longer Valid - We have migrated to axisbank.com/support"

Attaching all the required proofs.

Warm Regards,
Shahnawaz Patel
+91 73786 72660

Strict Complaint against recovery policy Strict Complaint against recovery policy Strict Complaint against recovery policy

Nov 21, 2018

Regarding account closure

Hi, we are here to help! Please DM us your registered contact details and we will get back shortly. Regards, Team Axis Bank
Nov 20, 2018

Regarding account closure

I gave an application to close my account in axis Bank a month ago. I also paid -200 which was in my account . They said it will get closed after a week. It's been a month now. They have not closed my account yet. And I again have minus balance in my account.. careless bank ever and careless staff of axis Bank ulhasnagar 5 branch.
Nov 19, 2018


Hi, we request you to visit https://bit.ly/2L2fC2d to raise a dispute. Sorry for the trouble. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Sanjay Bhagat
Nov 17, 2018



ACCT NUMBER :918020056712845
DATE :17/11/2018
TIME :12:35:34
AMT : RS.100/-


Aug 16, 2018

Correction Cibil Report

Hi, We are here to help! Pls DM us your registered contact details and we will get back to you at the earliest. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Aug 14, 2018

Correction Cibil Report


I am Deepak Wagh. My Pan card#ABKPW8906G. I had closed my axis bank credit card 5 years ago. but still it is reflecting on my CIBIL. Kindly look in to this and please assist me how this can get resolve. My personal email id is [email protected]
Aug 6, 2018

Reply : Credit Card

Hi mahendra77, we request you to share Service Request number by the previous channel approached for us to check and assist you. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Aug 5, 2018

credit card

Respected Sir,

I Mahendra P.Gupta from Kalyan (Mumbai ) having saving a/c , creditcard, demant a/c service since last 10-12 years . I am regular person with no cheque or any bounces in 20 yrs in any of my bank , last month (June) due to my father heart surgery my credit card payment was delayed & that time I received call from customer care the person wording & tourcured to me was very harsh & not proper ,at the given date I had made payment of 17400/- & after making payment due to argument with that person my saving a/c was liened & credit card was blocked for transaction till date it is in liened & card is inactive even though I had made payment in july of 8700 & in august 20100/- .this month due date was 7/8/18 but person of collection dept of axis bank came at my address on 26/07/18 with out informing me when i was out of station after asking to that person on phone why he had came he told bank executive had sent me & after asking to bank person she told i had not sent him , if any incident happened to my family who will be responsible ? I had made call to credit card customer care dept to active my card they told i have to pay full balance amount of card & your card will not get activated .

Sir can I know the reason why customer with 10 years relation was blocked , I had made 2-3 complaint regarding this to receive sr no to complaint to higher authority but I not received any reply from their end ,& lastly why collection dept came to my address with out calling me & before due date requesting you to listen the recording & wording of person talking to me .

Sir why this bank goondaraj ,we retail customer has to face even though we pay higher interest , Sir I want proper explanation why my a/c & credit card was blocked & how can bank executive use this type of language & harrased to the retail customer . so that I can go for RTI .

Encl :- Attaching my father medical surgery report & details .



Mahendra Pannalal Gupta

Mob- 8080731767

Cust id- 840334777

a/c no-911010041814840

credit card credit card credit card credit card credit card

Anbuselvi Pandiyan
Nov 16, 2017

Facing issue in My card

Dear Team,

Good day !!!

I am facing a lot of problem in my AXIS debit card which you can see in the image when i try to buy online after entering my card number every time it show that THIS CARD IS NOT SUPPORTED but my card is still valid DATE MONTH12/20 please note this every day i visit AXIS Nallasopara East Branch they told they have no idea what to do and how to solve it i am a working person even i take half day and visit your branch it effecting my job and i called customer care 10 times Not Helpful they i said i am not registered my visa activation and i done activation too in visa that also not working yet but still issue please solve it soon as possible because my brother brother wedding is there i have to buy online i cant go ATM and carry cash every time

My Account Number Last 4 Digit Number 2469
And Card Number1278
Name Anbuselvi Pandiyan
my number is 9112155042/9545797548
Madhuri Pandey
Jun 14, 2017

There was a deduction from debit card without my information

Today morning I got a message that my account has been debited with 476 rs, it was not me who did this transaction and they asked to contact bank if I have not done this transaction but on calling on bank provided number there was no service regarding this issue. Kindly guide on what has to be done.

There was a deduction from debit card without my information

Udit Kumar Jha
Dec 3, 2016

Cheque not cleared for payment in my account

Dear sir,
I have submitted TJSB banks cheque on 30th Nov 2016 to transfer in my account but cheque are not cleared till today.
So please give me the details and status for the same as soon qs possible. For this act of kindness I shall ever grate full to you.

Udit Kumar
([email protected] )
Mohmed Hussain Nazeer mulla
Nov 23, 2016

not approval home loan

I applied for home loan in axis bank they are not sanctioning the loan because in my cibil report it is showing I have a loan of 27 lakh which is incorrect. I don't have any current loan. kindly check and coorect your record. because it very urgent
my pan no - AZMPM6353M
Mohmed Hussain Nazeer mulla
Nov 23, 2016

not getting home loan approval

I have not taken any loan from any bank and as per your cibil report there is loan on my my name so plz correct your cibil report my pan card noAZMPM6353M plz reply me as soon as possible as I have applied for home loan from axis bank they are not approving it because of the same reason. KINDLY CORRECT IT ON URGENT BASIS.
Oct 3, 2016

Delay in NEFT transaction

Rs 5000 debited from my axis bank account on 30/09/2016 but not credited to the beneficiary 's account. UTR No.:- AXMB############

Delay in NEFT transaction

Dilip Singh555
Jun 13, 2016

No Response on Call


This is worst service i am facing for the time being. Whenever i am tried to call on 22-66905300, 66905301, 66905303 no body intrested to respond.
Either you should removed these numbers or train to your employee to give proper response that the customer will not get harass and fed up.

Dilip Singh
Robbie mondal
Feb 7, 2016

ATM issue

I used my Nkgsb bank debit card to withdraw from axis ATM in Thane i swimed my card for 8000 money not came out I got message 8000 is been deducted now I dnt have extra limit so that withdraw money from other machines its a big issues I want it sholud resolved in 1hour otherwise I am filling case against axis bank..

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