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Consumer complaints and reviews about Axis Bank

[email protected]
Apr 21, 2020


Dear Customer,

We wish to confirm to you that your membership no. IA1675333 has been cancelled on 21/04/2020 as per your request.

The refund of the membership fee is in process and will reflect in your payment account within 7 working days from the cancellation date.

Assuring you of our best services at all times.

CPP Team
Apr 4, 2020

Deducting more than 3000 for non balance maintainence

Hi, basis our records the charges levied on your Credit card /account are as per the schedule of charges and basis your positive consent and sign on the application form as well as MITC. Kindly refer to MITC (most important terms and conditions) sent across the welcome kit to know more about the charges. Our structure of charges are very transparent and updated across all the documents and websites. Regards, Team Axis Bank
[email protected]
Apr 2, 2020

Deducting more than 3000 for non balance maintainence

I have my savings account opened in axis bank. Since i have shifted, i have to change my account. And due to non balance maintainance. Axis bank has deducted more than 3000 from my account. And still my account is going -1500. There is a policy from RBI that bank should not deduct non balance maintainance from account user. If they are deducting more than 500 a month. How will i manage to pay loans and run my family. And they have also reducted money which i got from PMJDY relief fund of rps. 500 for covid 19 outbreak. This makes my financial situation go worst and makes me to beg money to buy groceries. So I request you to kindly take action and help me to get my money back.

Deducting more than 3000 for non balance maintainence

Mar 28, 2020

Credit card Settled

Hi, please share your CIBIL report to help us further assist you in the referred matter. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Mar 18, 2020

Credit card Settled


I have settled my credit card on 2016. and my last payment against my credit card is 14/12/2016.

My card credit card number : ################

It is showing in my cibil report as settled, but i want to close this account.

There is no response from local branch.

Kindly let me know my pending amount for close my credit card account.

Also let me know the repayment procedure and NOC guideline.

It would be appreciated if you can resolve my issues and it will help me to avoid get support i will file the same case in RBI and Ombudsman

Jan 18, 2020

Supervisor attrocities

Please arrest him
Vijay kumar
Cc department
Axis bank
[email protected]
Oct 15, 2019

Edc machine fault

Edc machine was not working properly due to charging issues. The complaint filed already before 2 weeks but I didn't got any response from your side. So I kindly request you to take neccesary action .
Sep 23, 2019

failure to refund reported fruad, failure to follow due deligence, making false promises and lying to customers

Hi, we have tried reaching you today, however, the call went unanswered. Request you to DM us the preferred time to contact. Regards, Team Axis Bank
Sep 20, 2019

failure to refund reported fruad, failure to follow due deligence, making false promises and lying to customers

I Balachander, hold my account with Axis bank. I had reported a fraud transaction on 6th of July 2019 for INR 6500 complaint number 53080511.

On the first call, customer care informed me that the amount will be refunded within 10 to 15 days as I've filed the complaint.

When I followed up on the issue after a few days, the customer care now informed me that I need to submit paperwork for the same and only then I will receive a refund. I was now frustrated by the wrong information that had been provided earlier by axis bank and informed them not to provide wrong information with customers.

I went to my home branch Ganapathy, Coimbatore TN and submitted the paper work informed on 11th of july 2019.

When I called customer care again they said on the 11th of August the amount will be refunded (I have a call recording of this from Axis bank)

I waited till then and when I called again on 13th I was told that there is still processing on going and paper work has not been submitted. I connected the customer service with my branch and the bank employee had mentioned that the paper work was submitted, but it wasn't done accordingly to their internal process, and was requested to mention that I have submitted the paper work on 11th of July so the request can be processed.

I waited again and followed up many times with customer care, and every time I call they told me paper work was not submitted and when I call the branch they said paper work has been submitted.

I was being bounced around between branch and customer care, and the complaint 53080511 was rejected and the reason that was given is that my paper work was not submitted.

When I called the branch and asked them to re-submit the paper work and I requested the branch to add a letter stating that I have submitted the paper work, the bank refused to give me acknowledgment it.
Unacceptable behavior that when a customer requests their information and Axis Bank doesn't have the courtesy to address it.

I had to travel from bangalore to coimbatore to my home branch and I had to ask them to re submit my complaint with a new complaint number that has been generated 54344672 and submitted on 7th September 2019

The branch had informed me that they will update on monday, there has been no calls from the branch till date.

I called customer care and they have informed me that the request was rejected due to non submission of documents within the required 20 days time period. My letter to the bank has a clear date mentioned that I have given the paper work on 11/7/2019 which is just 6 days from when the transaction happened, even this 6 days wouldn't have been delayed but that happened because of wrong information given by Axis bank customer care.

This kind of treatment of customers makes it so that Axis bank has failed in any due diligence, the marketing department calls us for credit cards and investments in stocks but when I requested the customer service to specifically put someone on my cause they said they can't do that.

There has been plenty of customers that might not be getting their money back due to this kinda behavior from Axis Bank and they might not follow through or report the issue.

I have escalated this issue because Axis bank only seem to drag the case or reject my application when I have followed everything in accordance with their request and as per regulations laid out by RBI for banks.

The issue with Axis Bank

- Lying to customer on several occasions
- failure at branch to process the paperwork on time (had processed the paper work almost after a month)
- false promise that the money will be refunded
- Wasting customers time
- Failure to assist in providing paper work at the branch
- forcing customers to visit branch when it was initially a failure to process paper work on time
- lack of responsibility and provide proper resolution
- avoiding calls when i tried calling axis bank branch employees
- no follow up from Axis bank on the incident

I have the call recordings for the above. Please address this issue.
Aug 3, 2019

POS online merchant

Hi, we request you to liaise with Account Holding Bank for further assistance. Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Aug 2, 2019

POS online merchant

Respected Sir/Madam,
Myself S. Selvimeena as I have done a online payment for axis bank with account number-917020059215979 as the amount has been deducted from my ICICI bank account successfully but the concern bank didn't receive the payment yet as this online POS payment is through Amman restaurant in Madurai as they have received money in both cash and online card payment as I am an investor National Stock Market as I am really fed with type of transaction as I request you to please take immediate action against this axis bank account number as well as the concern POS payment merchant immediately.I am waiting for positive response from your asap
Thanking you
S. Selvimeena
May 21, 2019


Hi, we thank you for bringing this to our notice and are looking into this as we are committed to the best possible service for our customers. We will update you with the status at the earliest.
Please note, as part of the resolution process, our executives will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction or download any app or part with confidential account related information. Please refrain from doing so and report such incidents immediately. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/2VadVIq Regards, Team Axis Bank.
May 20, 2019


The amount 2199 was debited from my card ****4085 on 20/5/2019 without my permission.could you please cancel this service.
i would like to get refund amount 2199.

cell:+91 9944515105
mail:[email protected]
Aug 27, 2018

Debited 2k something for cancelled service

HI, sorry for the trouble. We request you to please DM us the date and amount of deduction. Regards, Team Axis bank
Aug 24, 2018

Debited 2k something for cancelled service

Hi Team ,

Please refund my money which was debited for ccp card protection plan immediately.

Contact number : 9940013947
Aug 14, 2018

Reply: demat opening and deductions

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Please DM us your registered contact number. We are here to help! Regards, Team Axis Bank.
Aug 13, 2018

demat opening and deductions

Hi Team,

It;s been fours years now that I have been struggling to get the DEMAT account closed and also they have been deducting money every month from my account.

First of all you cheaters should inform before opening a DEMAT account,secondly you should atleast respond to a customer through a communication.

Government should shut down all the banks of AXIS.
Such cheaters.

Please refund my money.
Reach out to me on my number 8105664637.
Revathi Vivek
Jul 11, 2018

Deficiency of services

Home Loan: PHR ############
This letter is written with full of frustration for the deficiency of services from the Axis Bank.
I agreed to sell my house property to Mr. Sundaramoorthy. He wanted to avail a loan and he opted Axis bank as I already had a loan with Axis on the property in January 2018.
The transfer of loan did not happen immediately but took a span of 5 months. For five months, Axis Bank kept saying that they were in the process of closing my loan and had applied for Retrieval of Documents from vault. But my EMI was debited since January 2018 till June 10th. I HAD EVEN SENT AN EMAIL IN MONTH OF JUNE SEEKING STATUS OF CLOSURE. THE REPLY WAS CALLOUS AND THERE WAS NO PROPER INVESTIGATION. My last EMI was debited on 10th June 2018.
I suffered a lot as total of 5 months EMI was debited from my account.. I wanted to sell this property as I was having lot of financial issues and was finding difficult to repay my loan. But even after deciding to sell the property, Axis bank continuously harassed me.
By end of June 2018, I had received a No due letter. They did not call me for registration of property to Mr. Sundaramoorthy. I kept mentioning to Mr. Das that they need to inform me atleast 2 weeks in advance to registration as I will have to prior arrangements for travel and stay. Mr. Das promised to keep it in mind.
On July 10th 2018, the buyer and Mr. Madhu (9884223939) from Axis Bank says that the original home loan documents are retrieved from vault and the registration has to happen on 12th July. All the commitments were in drain and they forced me to come to Chennai.
I asked for time, but they mentioned that as the dates is fixed by registrar and I had to be there in Chennai.
I stay in Mangalore, Karnataka and could not book train tickets in such a short span of time. Hence, I had to book flight tickets and had to book hotel for my stay in Chennai. I reconfirmed both with the buyer and Mr. Das and Mr. Madhu if there will be definitely registration of property on 12th July 2018.
They confirmed positively.
After reaching Chennai on 11th July mid afternoon, Mr. Das confirms that there is some issue and will get back to us.
On investigation, we get to know that the original documents which was retrieved from vault is inadvertently sent back to vault again, hence registration of property cannot happen.
I was completely frustrated, me and my husband left all our work, booked adhoc flight and hotel tickets to complete registration and hand over property to the buyer and ONCE AGAIN AXIS BANK MAKES OUR LIFE DIFFICULT.
Mr. Das, does not speak to us properly and says “ We are not his customer and the buyer is his customer”. He washes off his hand saying that I need to speak to Mr. Chandrashekar.

I contact Mr. Chandrashekar (9841029090) and he says he is responsible for managing my account but he cannot do anything for this mistake. I asked him who will take care of my expenses. He says, he is not responsible and tells me to contact his manager.
I have come all the way from Mangalore, Karnataka to Chennai to hear all this nonsense. Later, both Mr. Das and Mr. Chandrashekar confirms to me that I need to visit Kodambakkam branch to discuss the issues. I need to complaint to customer service and not to him
Now, my queries are
1) Why was there a delay in transferring a loan to the buyer of 5 months?
2) Why did the original documents retrieval take 5 months?
3) Why did they commit that they will give me time for registration and did not?
4) Why was I promised registration of property on 12th by Axis bank and asked me to come down?
5) Why did they show negligence, deficiency of services and sent the original documents back to vault?
6) Why is each and every person in Axis bank wading off their responsibility and shouldering to someone else?
7) Who will refund my 5 months EMI?
8) Who will refund my flight ticket charges of both mine and my husband?
9) Who will refund my hotel stay charges?
Mar 28, 2018


Dear sir
After applying my credit card they hand over me the credit card before three months.but it doesn't activated,axis bank customer care saying soon it will be activated and also the bank members,but still now the card is not activated.they need to activate the card with in two days or else am ready to take any type of action
Jan 8, 2018

Problems with Credit Card

I am using a credit card with Axis Bank. It is approaching expiry, but without issuing a new card, they deactivated my existing card without any prior notice (or) sms.

When I contacted their customer service, they are saying we are not responsible for this and it's entirely up to the sole discretion of BANK.

When I contacted my service branch, they are also not taking any responsibilities on this issues.

It is really a bad service (even Worst services) from Axis Bank India.

Myilraj G
Dec 22, 2017

Refund my one assist money

I had a call with axis bank customer and they talk me about the Axis one assist plan. And so they had charged me Rs.1899/- without my knowledge. I don't need this plan so kindly refund my money as soon as possible. If it gets late then I will cancel continuation of Axis bank and I was too upset on using your bank.
Nov 11, 2017


I Was Shocked To See That My Zero Balance Account Was Debited 1100 As Consolidation Charges And 198 As Gst Charge ... Kindly Please Do Something To Get Back My Debited Money
Apr 21, 2017

Demat charges deducted eventhouh i didnt even know my ctedentials

While opening salary account they offered free demat for salary account s.but my account is debited with 830.46.
Dec 29, 2016

fraud call

Got a fraud call from the number 9289200174 asking for credit call details. Initially I thought it is call from Bank, but when they start asking pin and other details, I cut the call and then i tried to call again to find the location where they are calling. But they didn't picked the call.

Please take action and avoid any such call.
Nov 15, 2016

Unwanted amount debited from account

Dear sir,
I got a message from ECPP Assistance SE. I want to know the exact reason and refund

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