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BBMP, Bangalore


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP, Bangalore

Apr 20, 2018

St. Norbert Church road dug up and not repaired since 1 month

To BBMP Senior Leaders,
Whomsover it may concern.

The entire road stretch going to St. Norbert Church, Kasavanahalli, Sarjapur road, Bangalore 560035 has been dug up. Huge pile of mud and drainage hole on the corner of road entrance and shoddy patchwork, drainage is not repaired, lids are not placed, and whole lot of trouble for vehicles to and fro for an already narrow road. This is not actioned since more than 1 month now. rest of the road has recently been cemented, only the last few meters stretch is left out causing trouble to pedestrians and vehicles alike.

besides this, there is a big garbage dump with stray dogs and pigs loitering in front of Divya Serene building which is a Red signal for disease and epidemic among other nuisances. This has perpetually not been taken care of since more than 2 years now.

Not sure why people are not reacting/complaining or they are but no action from government. Everywhere there are diggings in and around this area with no alternative roads, no diversions, huge bottlenecks, no road/lane sense being followed, coupled with frequent power outages, it's becoming a nightmare to live in this area...

Please action and resolve asap.

St. Norbert Church road dug up and not repaired since 1 month St. Norbert Church road dug up and not repaired since 1 month

Mar 27, 2018

Worst Roads

The road which connects whitefield bustop via immadihalli to channasandra is too horrible. The road was dug with JCB to lay water pipe line and was just pushed with mud and left un repaired. Its almost become a mud road rather than a tar road. Please take a severe action as soon as possible.

Worst Roads Worst Roads Worst Roads Worst Roads Worst Roads

Mar 21, 2018

Bad Road in Neeladri Nagar

The road from wipro gate to Bannerghatta Road(Neeladri nagar)is so pathetic. The road seems like a converted hill. Its like bowl-shaped depression formed by bomb blast.Its so dusty . Its very near to Wipro and Infosys office. Thousands of people are staying there. I think authorities are not concerned about this. Request the concerned authorities to take necessary action.
Mar 10, 2018

Road full of potholes since 2 years

Roads in 11th main, 27th cross, sec 7, HSR layout is full of potholes since 2 years and nothing is done yet. Please check
Mar 10, 2018

Roads only with deep potholes

HSR sector7, 11th main, 27th cross near park. Entire area is filled with deep potholes and since 2 years there is no repair done
Gulam Mohammed Junaidi
Mar 6, 2018

Road dug up to lay water pipeline in Kavalbyrasandra

Its been more than 2 months, residents of Muninanjappa layout in Kavalbyrasandra RT Nagar post, Bangalore-32 are suffering good roads dug up to lay a seperate cauvery water line.
I live in 4th E cross and the condition is pathetic.
The Corporator and Mayor visited couple of times but nothing seems to move progressively. Workers dont turn up regularly.
I have seen similar work in localities like Munireddpalya getting completed in a weeks time. Not sure, what is pulling them back.
Result - Residents contine to suffer. Roads have become too dusty. Drainages open. Locality has turned unhealthy.
Request intervention, please
Jan 11, 2018

Bangalre ORR White topping-Sheer nonsense


From December 2017 end we started seeing the Outer Ring Road in Bangalore has been dug up to lay the White topping. If this is done to repair the damaged road then the Govt and BBMP officials are the ones with no brians. Due to this they are troubling lakhs of ORR commuters (Office Goers) and especially patients need immediate/emergency attention also for the ones who want to catch flights. The first road they selected is near to Kalyan Nagar stretch and we have never noticed a single pothole in that stretch and that was very good road stretch in entire bangalore. Leave the politicians here, at least the BBMP officials are educated and they know what bangalore and the traffic is, why can't they do that in phase in short distance instead of screwing up the entire stretch and trouble the commuters and get all the curse?
Nov 12, 2017

Road is not constructed passed 15 years

I have been leaving in my resident from 20 years ,located in srinagar near gutte shaneshwara temple,bangalore. So far no action is being taken my any corportor. In spite of several reminder they are not willing to take any action for construction of road. Few have extended the property and gaining rent by letting, Huts have been occupied all round drastically increased two folds, Roads are jam packed with vehicles people saying dead end road. Road construction helps in better connectivity to mysore road and near location.People are taking free power from electricity poles saying that they are backward. Whatsoever it should be taken proper way to avoid accidents.People are mentally disturbed,due to non co-operation among neighbours. Auspicious shaneshwara temple was famous once, today people are feared and showing no interest to visit. Because of unhealthy situation.Somebody please help.


Road is not constructed passed 15 years Road is not constructed passed 15 years Road is not constructed passed 15 years Road is not constructed passed 15 years Road is not constructed passed 15 years Road is not constructed passed 15 years

Nov 9, 2017

Poor road infrastructure in Manyata Tech Park

Manyatha Techpark lacks road infrastructure. Traffic piles up in ring road blocking service roads and half lane of outer ring-road.
The tech park has very badly designed entry gates causing very slow moving traffic.

New buildings are comming up will add-up more traffic.
Request BBMP not to provide any further NOC for the realestate in Manyatha Techpark untill they come up with better
alternative to enter into their techparl.

They are wasting Time and Fuel of all the commuter passing on ring-road just because of their poorly designed infrastructure.
Oct 25, 2017

Potholes behind Meenakshi temple connecting to Bannerghatta road

Heavy potholes at behind Meenakshi temple in front of Windsor for being seasons apartments and connecting road to Bannerghatta road. Due to this frequent accidents everyday. We paid bbmp betterment taxes in addition to the property tax. But, this is one of the worst road in Bangalore where no street lights, no roads and any body can dig the road for any work.

Please pay some attention in fixing this.
What is the use of paying betterment taxes?
Oct 23, 2017

white topping a good road at Hennur

It is sad to see a very good out ring road stretch at Hunnur getting digged for white topping, causing major delays to commuters. When there are many other stretches on the outer ring road that need repairs due to flooding, it is surprising the govt took upon digging a pot hole free road causing traffic chaos.

What a waste of tax payers money?
Nitisha Mungara
Oct 20, 2017

Dirty Roads

The Bannerghatta main road stretch in Bangalore which also happens to be the place where the prestigious IIM Bangalore resides is very dusty and dirty.
As it is also a very busy road, buses and other small n large vehicles keep commuting which is giving rise to huge clouds of dust particles. It is getting increasingly difficult for pedestrians and commuters on two wheelers to breathe.
The roads need a cleaning as there is alot or mud and sand which is giving rise to the dust clouds.
Geetha Saravanan
Oct 14, 2017

Drainage and rain water entering gururaja layout 3rd B cross doddanekkundi

We are facing serious and continuous issue of rain water and drainage water flooding the houses in 3rd B cross gururaja layout after every rain.
- No roads laid in Gururaja layout, 3rd B cross Doddanekkundi for morethan 10 years now. Not sure of the unknown mystery behind this 3rd B cross alone. Roads have to be laid after digging the existing debris.
- No proper drainage system, drainage water will enter the house from everywhere
- Low voltage issue is also there for morethan 10 years now. Separate transformer has to be laid, However, no action is taken by anyone

Please fix these issues as it has not been done for morethan 10 Yrs. Please understand our plight everytime it rains. Request for quick action on this. People in Gururaja layout 3rd B cross will be extremely grateful for this if it is addressed immediately.
Oct 12, 2017

Ramagondanahalli to Borewell road, near whitefield

Ramagondanahalli to Borewell road condition very bad need to repair as soon as possible.

This road completely destroyed, people cant walk in this road, two-wheelers or four wheeler cant drive on this road. Because of this road condition, there is no taxi or auto service available in this area.

More than one-year the condition of the road is same, each time the authorities will give some promise for repairing the road
, one week or so but nothing happening last one year.

A lot of people are using this road and this is a shortcut for ITPL so all most all IT company employees are using this road, so please do the road fixing work as soon as possible.

Ramagondanahalli to Borewell road, near whitefield

Ryan cooper
Oct 11, 2017

Huge pothole on bannerghatta road leading to panduranga Nagar

A huge pothole of length 4 feet and depth of 8 inches opposite to vasudev adigas on bannerghatta road, which leads to panduranga Nagar .
Immediate fixing required because many two wheeler s have fallen due to the sudden turn present there.
Please fix this to avoid a major accident.
Also many students commute here on cycles , so fix it immediately please
Oct 9, 2017

Roads full of Potholes- accidents might happen in Kag

So many potholes in kagassapura and Abhishek reddy layout. Please fix them. The bridge in Kaggadasapura near HP petrol bunk was constructed not even a year back and it has been already filled with potholes. Please fix them
Oct 7, 2017

Hole dug but not fixed

I live in #469, 80ft road 6th block Koramangala Bangalore.
A whole has been dug at my porch for drainage and hasn't been fixed, its been 3 weeks. Can't take out my car and when it rains the whole road is flooded including my house on the top this all this hole is also fixed makes it dangerous to enter house or leave house.
Request immediate action.
Oct 5, 2017

Road need repair urgently

Roads are damaged in Panathur road near kaverrappa layout needs to be repaired on the urgent basis leading to many accidents and Traffic woes .
Its been long time the above roads has not been repaired and considering the volume of vehicles plying on these roads leading to huge traffic and also lead to water clogging as and when it rains.
Please ,look into the issue urgently and take necessary action to avoid further inconvenience to citizens.

Oct 5, 2017

Big Potholes and damaged road

Roads are damaged in Panathur road near kaverrappa layout needs to be repaired on the urgent basis leading to many accidents and Traffic woes .
Its been long time the above roads has not been repaired and considering the volume of vehicles plying on these roads leading to huge traffic and also lead to water clogging as and when it rains.
Please ,look into the issue urgently and take necessary action to avoid further inconvenience to citizens.

SYAM 423
Oct 3, 2017

Road damaged near Hoskota

Exact Location: while coming from chintamani under hoskota fly over immediate turn towards Bangalore.

There is a big path hole on road and it's a busy road. Yesterday I faced the problem here, when bus came across that path hole, back side edge of bus touches road then the bus driver moved slowly further on that traffic.. and also it causes damage to many vehicles. Please solve this problem as soon as possible.
Sep 13, 2017

Poor Condition Road from Indiranagar

Dear Sir,
I commute regularly from Old madras road towards ulsoor. The road which starts from Indiranagar Police station towards Halasuru bus stop is in very bad shape. I had met road accident twice due to bad road. I don't want any one to loose their life or limbs due to damaged road.

I would request you to kindly get it repaired at the earliest. Since its rainy season most of the time it is not possible to see the damaged road while driving.

Your quick action will save life.
Aug 16, 2017

Caved-in Approach road joining Bannerghatta road


This is regarding caved-in Approach road joining Himagiri Meadows of Gottigere joining main Bannerghatta road. This road was already caved-in few months back and a truck got stuck in. Now after record breaking August month rain on 14th Aug night, its waiting for another big accident. It is in real bad condition and further collapse may occur any time. There are lot of school buses and private vehicle passes by daily, hence request BBMP to urgently take up the repair work proactively to avoid any further damage. A humble request. Thanks!

Hardik Pandya
Resident of Himagiri Meadows
Aug 6, 2017

Pot Holes in Freesia Boulevard Road, Bellandur

The condition of Freesia Boulevard Road is very bad. There are several potholes. With rains, there could be chances of accidents leading to death.
Needs immediate attention.
Jul 28, 2017

Illegal PG and Brothal in indiranagar

From: "COMPOL Bengaluru City" <compolbcp@ksp.gov.in>
Date: 6/07/2017 03:36
Subject: Fwd: Complaint of Brothal in Indira Nagar Near Metro Station
To: "Indiranagar PS BCP" <inagarbcp@ksp.gov.in>, "ACP Halasoorgate" <ableugatebcp@ksp.gov.in>, "DCP East BCP" <dcpeastbcp@ksp.gov.in>
Cc: <priyashankar7890@gmail.com>

To : S.H.O.
Indiranagar Police Station

E-mail petition is forwarded for necessary action and report.

From : Commissioner of Police,
Bengaluru City.


To :

The Commissioner of Police

Bangalore City Police

Mail: compolbcp@ksp.gov.in

To :


Indira Nagar Police Station


Mail : inagarbcp@ksp.gov.in



The Principal

Second year student

Nathaniel Clement

Ref : Brothal run by one Praticia Clement in indira nagar near metro station, in our next door building. Another one brothel too where she stay herself.


We are 7 working girls from different cities. We stay in pg accomdation and dont want to disclose our identitification.

One Praticia Evelyn Clement, along with her son Nathaniel Clement who study in college in second year, he bring this friends from colleges almost every night, play loud music have alchohol. Once we went and asked him to slow down music we were shocked when he said in drunk state, to join them for dancing, we refused. He threatened do what we want to do, if we come again to him he will rape us, along with his friends.

We girls stating here in next building are very disturbed and harassed as boys and men coming to this Brothal think our pg apartment is also Brothal. They ring bell middle of night, knock main door. Shout in drunk state bad abusssive words.

We enquired and came to know apartment she stay in, is also a brothal and she has 6 girls there also, kept on upper floor of duplex. It's a gang of her, her son, one lady Stella and one man Ranjit.

They stay in 2461, 16th c main ( next to bescom office) H.A.L. 2nd stage, Indiranagar 100ft road Bangalore - 38

These both PG Accomdations are illegal as well, as no BBMP Licence is been obtained. They running this since over Five years.

These are rented flats and even owners are not aware as what all is going on in these both premises.

BBMP too dont take any action or enquiry on them.

Patricia Clement

73497 40964

81056 76759

88616 28529

Stella Antony


Ranjit Kumar



We can't even ask our parents as they will ask us to leave job and come to home town for good.

Please help sir.

We girls are from good family and good job. We don't want to loose our jobs.


Illegal PG and Brothal in indiranagar

Jul 6, 2017

Road construction discontinuation

BBMP, a month ago decided to revamp the drainage system in our area (Nanja Reddy Colony, BDA layout adjacent to old airport road). After the drainage work was done, the roads have been left as is, without being properly covered with tar roads (AS IT WAS EARLIER). I really dont understand two things here, 1. Why are such road/drainage re-construction tasks undertaken ONLY during the monsoon season; 2. If undertaken, why is there no continuity. Why is the task left unfinished.

It's become a dire ordeal to go in and out of my area. Autos, taxis etc refuse to come to my area. There is definitely an increased chance of accidents. Please look at the pictures if you require proof of the inefficiency. Kindly action this request to provide us with better roads in our area (or at least reinstate the previous state of the roads) before the rain water starts getting stagnant and increaces the chances of the diseases. As a tax payer, I believe I am entitled to roads on which I can AT LEAST walk on.

Road construction discontinuation Road construction discontinuation Road construction discontinuation

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