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BBMP Garbage Collection


Consumer complaints and reviews about BBMP Garbage Collection

Jun 23, 2018

Garbage dump infront of hospital

Garbage is dumped and it is not getting cleaned by BBMP for more than 2 weeks, I have complained more than 10 times , stil its not taken care.
Hospital and house are filled with Mosquitos and people are getting deceased.
Concerned Office should take care of this immediately, Else we are going to complaint to our elected minister.

Its a serious impact on the Health and complete negligence from BBMP.

Address is
JP Nagar 5th phase, Nanjundeshwara layout,
Next to hotel Udupi upachar(Aishwarya Bakey)
Infront of shanth nivasa.
Jun 19, 2018

No Garbage Collection from last 10 days

There has been no collection of garbage from last 10days in NS Palaya, BTM 2nd Stage. Stray dogs have made a mess out of the uncollected garbage. Kindly take immediate action as it is rainy season and difficult to manage the garbage for so long.


H NO 78
1st-A Main, 9th Cross,
N S Palya,
BTM 2nd Stage
Jun 19, 2018

Garbage collection

This is to inform you that the whole area as in KIADB LAYOUT where Hical and Tech mahindra is located near by places are filled with dirt I request the concerned authorities to pease clean up
Jun 18, 2018

Irregular Garbage collection

Garbage trucks are not showing up regularly. hardly come once in a week. And also no fix timing.

Add- 6th Cross SG palya, Venkateshwara layout.
Jun 18, 2018

Garbage collection irregular

The Garbage collection in our area has become very irregular some time once a week, leading to people disposing the garbage on the streets. Please take necessary actions.
Jun 18, 2018

Garbage collection very irregular

The Garbage collection in our area has become very irregular some time once a week, leading to people disposing the garbage on the streets. Please take necessary actions.
Jun 16, 2018

nil Waste pickup for over 10days

There has been no pickup of waste in Jeevan Bhima nagar 8th main for over 10days. The streets are also not swept and littered with mounts of rotting leaves, trash and dead animals and animal waste. I am afraid that the situation is ripe for the spread of diseases and requires immediate attention and action. I look forward to assistance.
Jun 16, 2018

Garbage not being collected since last two weeks.

Garbage is not being collected from our building since last two weeks.Its a rainy season so its hard to manage garbage and insects are increasing day by day.Its a unhygienic place now which can lead to health problems as well.

House Number: 235,
ITI layout , HSR sector 7 , Hosapalya main road,
Bangalore 560102
Landmark: 1.In front of Football Caurt.
2.In Front of Om shakthi provision store.
3.Next to Karnataka Flag.
4.Next to NLS Comforts shop.
Jun 16, 2018

Garbage not being collected since last two weeks.

Garbage is not being collected from our building since last two weeks.Its a rainy season so its hard to manage garbage and insects are increasing day by day.Its a unhygienic place now which can lead to health problems as well.

House Number: 235,
ITI layout , HSR sector 7 , Hosapalya main road,
Bangalore 560102
Landmark: 1.In front of Football Caurt.
2.In Front of Om shakthi provision store.
3.Next to Karnataka Flag.
4.Next to NLS Comforts shop.
Jun 13, 2018

Garbage segregation in middle of residential area, at apartment corner

Hello Sir, Madam
i stay in Samhitha Vars Claramont, 6th cross Kaggadasapura, C V Raman nagar, Bangalore - 93. Garbage is being segregated at the corner of my apartment which is very problematic. Lot of stench is emanating and we have an increase in Cockroach and mosquitoes due to this. We tried to tell them not to segregate, but they are not ready to listen. Can you please do something to stop this activity in the middle of residential areas!!

Jun 8, 2018

Garbage not collected

Garbage is not being collected from our street for past few months. Garbage collectors and garbage collecting vehicle are refusing to pick up garbage from our street everyday and garbage has accumulated in past few months and stench has started with flies and rats and mosquiotes with people falling sick often. Address is Hebbal Kempapura, Pampa extension, 8th cross, Near RK Exotica, Bangalore 560024
Roopa Narayana
Jun 1, 2018

Garbage vehicle not coming to pick garbage and people are througing the garbage in open area

Garbage pick up vehicle is not coming and garbage has been thrown in the open space which is creating mess and mosquitos and Fly insects are getting increased day by day request you to look into the issue.

Area: 5th and 6th cross Srinivasa colony arehalli Bengaluru
May 26, 2018

Garbage vehicle not coming to our location

Garbage vehicle is not coming to collect in my area .
It’s been 3 weeks , the garbage is smelling bad, and mosquitoes are increasing.

Ara is , 6th cross dead end,
SEA school, ICSE gate
Muneshwara Layout
Kr Puram
Bangalore 560049
May 25, 2018

Garbage collector vehicle not coming in my lication

In my area (#8,1st cross, Ayyappa layout, Munnekolala, Marathalli) garbage collector vehicle not coming to our area. I saw the vehicle coming to other cross road but not coming to 1st cross. The garbage are there from past 3 weeks and it's smelling badly. Last week the person came for collecting money and I paid 30 rupees to him. But still he didn't pick the garbage. Please do some needful.
May 13, 2018

Refused to collect the garbage

The lady who collects the garbage refused to collect unless we are doubling her charges by 100%. We agreed it. Then she asked for extra money for collecting garbage when it is more than usual which was not fair. Still we agreed to pay but then she allegedly started asking for last 2 months payment and starting saying that the payment was not made when I had already made the payment. I dont have any receipt to prove because she doesnt give any. Now she has stopped collecting the garbage and doesnt listens and puts false allegations. The garbage stays on the roads and we are not able to dispose it. Please help.
Manoj Jose
May 12, 2018

Garbage vehicle not coming

Irregularity of collecting garbage and sweeping the road

I am a resident of Ward 26 Ramamurthy Nagar old Post office Road , my compalint is as follows

1. The lady/ Paurakarmeika does not come regularly
2. Many people throwing garbage in road as vehicle is not coming.
3. As a result, rotten smell is spreading day by day. Please do the needful to help us.

Thanking You
May 9, 2018

Not collecting garbage

People are not coming to collect the garbage in ejipura kora mangala,that too particularly 20 B cross,narasimaswamy temple road,they are coming to other streets snd coming to our street alone,dnt know why?weekly once only they are coming and asking for money,is this fair that they take garbage weekly once and ask for money..house is getting filled with cockroaches hectic it is.please do some need full
Lokanath Gowda
Apr 27, 2018

Not collecting the waste

In my area (5th cross, 2nd main, Muneshwara layout, laggere) people are not coming to collect the waste, if we ask them to take they will ask money from us to collect the waste. Resulting in throwing the garbage in street and polluting the street from all the houses.

And even they are not cleaning the roads, all the roads are becoming dirty in Muneshwara layout, laggere.

Requesting concern authorities to take action on immediate basis.

5th Cross, 2nd main road
Muneshwara layout
Shilpa Sree
Apr 14, 2018


Dear Sir,

We are located in EWS Layout Kathriguppe East 5th main road I would like to bring to your kind notice that the road sweeping is not taking place if she is coming also she is not lifting the road garbage which will be laying on front of house sides after sweeping road. She will be favoring only who will pay bribe her in money or in other way. I request you to assign the job, area and street wise and maintain one log book or sheet where they have to sign that once they have cleaned the allotted road or street and atleast the head sweeper should visit the area once in a week .
One more issue we are facing is in our area neighbors will sweep in front of their house and dump towards our house side, if road sweeper sweeps our road and lift such garbage then the road will be clean but this sweeper will not clean the road properly they sweep only those area where they get something or bribe. This lady sweepers sweeps selected roads and avoid our roads. Lot of mud stock will be dumped on the road by ladies
We are suffering a lot from smoke coming out from our neighboring houses in which they heat water (handae oola using papers, kattegae). They have built up bath room to heat water and wash vessels (handae oola using papers, kattegae) on drainage . We are in-between two houses where they use same old system for heating water(Handae oolae) smoke coming out morning and evening is affecting us daily because of this we will not be able to open our windows both the sides. Aged parents are staying with us and they are suffering severe with these smoke because they are asthma patients.
One thing I want to reveal is that new concrete road has been done to this road but they have not done properly you can see the cement dust as it is and due to wind this dust will enter into house.
Apr 3, 2018

collecting garbage only 2 days in a week

The garbage collection happens only once in 2 days in a week. For past 4 week its repeated. We cant keep waste in our house .bad smells and insect is coming.we are force to throw it in streets.
First the ladies used to come correctly. Now the auto is coming once in a week.
Please do some action fast

Sahyadri layout
3rd cross
bannerghatra road
Bangalore 560076
Mar 30, 2018

Irregularity in collecting garbage in HRBR 2nd block 5th D main

In my area, HRBR 2nd block -5th D main, the garbage collection happens only once in 3-4 days. This has been happening form past 3-4 months and when we ask the collectors they are rude or tell us they were assigned some other area.

Keeping garbage in the house for 4-5 days is unhygienic. It is also a cause for bad smell and insects. People in the neighbourhood and frequently falling sick, specially small children.

Request the supervisor to take immediate action and give us a permanent solutions

Address: 5th D Main, HRBR 2nd block, Kalyan nagar post
Landmark: Near Rajkumar park/Banaswadi Police Station
Mar 27, 2018

garbage accumulation

Sir/ Ma'am

This is to complain about the garbage accumulated in our area. There is an open space here in Mangammana palya- Bomanhalli (near gangamma devi temple) People dump garbage here everyday next to our home.

There is so much piled up garbage here and due to it so many insects, mosquitoes, rodents and lizards keep getting into the houses next to it. I had even been effected with dengue last year due to this. They had tried cleaning it up almost 6 months ago but people started putting garbage again the next day itself.

The smell is also so disgusting. This is serious health issue also since we keep falling sick very often and its probably due to this garbage. Kindly please clean it up and do something so that ater cleaning eople dont throw garbage here anymore. Please take action.

Complete adresss:
12th cross, Gangamma Layout, Mangammana Palya, Road of gangamma devi temple - Bomanhalli, Bengaluru

garbage accumulation

Mar 25, 2018

Inappropriate behavior of trash collectors


I had tried posting grievance before too but could not post. This is my 2nd attempt and i hope i get the message across.

To start with, we are a family of 2 - me and my husband. We live in a rented independent bungalow on 3rd floor. I have screws and plates in my ankle which makes it difficult for me to go down alone. My husband works mostly in shifts. BBMP garbage collector truck comes by 8 AM, the time at which my husband is sleeping as he would have returned late from shift. I cant go down by myself due to my inability to do so. We dont have a maid who comes at 8 inn morning, thats too early for them too.

Now, how are we to dispose our trash bags? Initially we tried to give them to collectors every 2-3 days. but they started fussing about number of bags being more than 2, when our plastic bags were small in size, still they would not take more than 2 bags as if they have been instructed to collect strictly only 2 small plastic bags per house!!

To top it all, they have funny segregation technique - "dry and wet". Do they even understand the term - decomposition friendly and decomposition unfriendly? Because i segregate my trash bags based on what are organic/decomposition friendly and non organic and decomposition unfriendly. But these guys go on literal wet and dry - so what if i wet the undecomposable? their irony!!

Please make sure they understand its not literally wet and dry, its not our job to educate the workers on this.

Previously we stayed in a gated society, and they had no qualms on collecting those big huge black poly bags we used to give - without segregating between "dry and wet" - just that they got additional pay.

There are places where government has arranged a big trash can for every road/area. Can we have them in devrachikkanhalli too? Garbage collection system is pretty unfriendly and the colelctors are humorously unfriendly.

Mar 25, 2018

Timing problem

I have screws and plates in my leg. I live on 3rd floor with no lift. My husband has night shift. garbage collection team comes early morning. Since my husband comes back from night shift, he is sleeping at 8 am. Its extremely hard for me to go down n come back up alone everyday. If we give one big polybag with trash, they have problem of segregation. Then even if we give dry and wet seperately but give 3 to 4 plastic bags small ones, they still have a problem. Guys who come to collect trash are extremely rude too. Can the concerned authority please put big trash bins atleast one for 2-3 roads or streets each? If these guys dont have problem collecting trash bags from societies without demanding seperate dry and wet bags, why do they create problems with residents of independent homes? This complaint is from devrachikkanhalli.
Sachin S Shinde
Mar 25, 2018

No garbage collection happening

I am resident in KPC layout 11th cross, we are observing that garbage is not being collected from last 3 weeks. the garbage is still falling in the basement and no municipal service arrived from last 3 weeks to collect it. Please take some action regarding this.

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