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Bharat Matrimony

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Bharat Matrimony

Nov 15, 2017

Worst and Irresponsible photography.

Matrimony Photography — spoiled my wedding event - one of the worst photography service in the world.

I support this. Same experience happened to me Mr. vinod mani
Dear All,

My name is Anoop. C R. from Trivandrum. My wedding happened in 19th June 2017 in Kottayam. At first the person who comes for booking gives some fake promises. For the booking they shows huge interest and give effort and convince us to book. On the wedding day they comes at sharp time and manage to take their worst photographs according to their said positions.In Kottayam some other photographers in Kottayam joined our groups and taken their own photographs and i think they forget that there is a marriage is happening. What a funny moment. After marriage the reception happens in Trivandrum "Sree moolam Club" in 20/06/2017 evening 5:00
Their the previous photographers joined and in between the reception one of the person who took video was missing for 1 hour. Video and photo is taken my a single man.

After the event i didn't get any call from their. After two months they sent some photos and said us to select some photos, we did the same and revert to them. The photos are utter waste and candid photos are less. then they sent a photo frame with glass broken via courier. We leave these issues. Then they are not sending the videos. When my father call to the booking person he is not responding. After that he called to customer service, they told the person who did these things resigned from the company and they don't know about that. They told that after they find our video will sent it immediately They keep their promises and sent the wedding video for a sake.The songs included is very bad. When i seen the video i cried and why i choose these f***kn photography. and in the video their is no reception videos
i am advising u people please read this carefully and don't go behind of these type of idiotic people and waste fellows . so please readers don't fell into the trap because marriage is a presious moment for all people and it comes only a time in our life . So please becarefull and choose the best you can,.

Anoop C R
Sep 26, 2017

Matrimony Photography — spoiled my brother wedding event - one of the worst photography service in the world

03rd sept 2017 - wedding

We booked the "matrimony photography" for my brother’s marriage function because our family photographer was having some issue in taking montage video. This is the single life time event and we didn’t want to miss the montage video as well so we came to the matrimony photography service.

Steps for booking
We called the contact number 044 68786878 and with-in 2 hours one of their candidate came to my house to show the sample album that looked good.

Requested for the package of below with 45, 000.00/- rupees
350 photo album (Unlimited photos shoot)
2 hours video (Blue ray)
Candid photos
Montage video (Only for this montage video i booked your photography service)
We requested for the post marriage photography (Outdoor shoot) of below package with 15, 000.00/- rupees
100 photo album (Unlimited photos shoot)

We communicated with the customer service girl named “priya” called us to pay the pre advance of 1500 to do some login. I requested for the photographer details before payment but she told me that after this payment only we will allocate a photographer – with-in few hours i made the payment on the same day. After that priya sent an order copy in email. After that she never picked our call till date. [first disappointment]
Next day we called your "matrimony photography" customer care and requested for the photographer details. Then one more customer care girl name “pooja” spoke with us that we need to pay 21, 500.00/- rupees to allocate a photographer. We made the payment as well in 1 hours after that payment pooja never picked that call. [second disappointment]
We called your customer care number and finally we reached one of your candidate “mr. Ravindren” and he said that he is the operational manager and will sort out all the issues. I requested him to provide the photographer details. I have seen a lethargic attitude of your employees. 3rd sept 2017 is marriage date but till 2nd sept 2017 morning 10 am we didn’t got the photographer details. [we were much worried and full of tension, we already had hell lot of marriage work and full work tension] – but your guys never cared for us.
Finally we got a call form one of the photographer from very small village. Then immediately we call the customer care and made a complaint that we need the photographer from chennai/madurai/trichy. Then mr. Ravindren said they will change the photographer and provided a mobile number. We called that mobile number “mr. Sankar rajan” a photographer from chennai spoke with us. At that time it was already 11 am. He said their photography team is starting from chennai and will reach our place by night 10pm and requested us to book the room for photographers.
We called so many times to that photographer head he also said that they reached trichy, madurai and finally our place. And reached the marriage hall around night 11 pm and the photographer said we are from small village we didn't communicated with your its our agent. Its very much clear that we got cheated [third disappointment]
We finally compromised to go with that photographer named mr. Selvam from the small village and requested them to get ready by 5 am.

3rd sept 2017 - marriage day

Morning 05:30 am we picked the photography team from the marriage mall and bring them to house and the below disappointments
We asked them to start the photo session and the montage video session and the photographer clearly said that they are not capable of taking the montage video and they are not having enough equipment’s to take the montage video. [fourth disappointment] – only for the montage video we booked your photography service.
Morning we called matrimony photography customer care, priya, pooja and ravindren (Operation manager) – no one picked the call.
We were not happy with the photography equipment’s that the photography team brought. Very small video camera and camera. The video camera looks like a damaged one.
We were not happy with the way they have taken the photos we insisted to take like capture the car moving video etc.,
So many events were not captured like “welcoming the bride and groom” etc.,

Photography was fully disappointment in my loveable brothers marriage.

If you are not able to satisfy the customer needs why the hell you guys are taking order and giving false commitment and cheated us.

Now we cannot go back and change the past and do marriage again and take the photography session again.

Wedding is the life time event don't go with this photography. Full time cheaters they will give all good good stories. Same customer service girl with speak in different different names.
Sugi Tharini
Mar 15, 2017

Thank you for the reviews

I was about to avail the Matrimony photography service... Thank god I read about the reviews before... I registered in bharath matrimony twice with membership option... Very poor service... Once they received the money they did not contact me at all... And moreover they will pressurize you to get married to the bridegroom of their choice... once the membership is over again they will start calling continuously for payment... Now my marriage is fixed through relatives network... I am glad to delete my profile from that site... Thank you all for the reviews... Now I will never avail any of their services...
Nov TwoSix Senthil Kumar
Nov 4, 2016

False promises to customer


My marriage happened back in January 2016 and i have approached this useless Photography (Which i dint know bharat photography was useless that time) for my wedding reception. Till now i have not received my wedding reception DVD and post wedding photo shoot copy. I contact people thru mail and was given false promise every time. Now its Nov 11 2016 and still not get my DVD Post wedding shoot copy. Many times i dont get proper response from the Photography or concerned person who is responsible for the delivery. Its really hard to get response and sometime i get a call saying that it will be delivered next day which is not the case. Absolutely false promises were made initially and still. I have all proofs including the false promise given over phone call.
Let me see if i get justice thru this before further action.
Not sure if i will get my things for which i paid for. I definitely demand for compensation.

Other people who read this post, Please keep away from this fraudulent photography. Approach them at your own risk.

Sudharsan 1
Oct 14, 2016

Not responding

Not responding
Aug 1, 2016

Worst service

My marriage was on May 2015 .It was really a worst nightmare that we booked photography service with Tamil matrimony, and its more than year past..we still haven't received our videos completely !!

There were two videographers for our wedding and reception. One of the videos was not available (Not sure if they really recorded the event !!). They said they dont have the 2nd reception photos/videos claiming that it was already given to us!!! after months later they found the photos and the videos are still missing !!!

Its a once in lifetime event and we really spent a lot for this worst ever photography service!! Never ever trust them..They are very big liars!!! There is no proper contact whom we can call them and ask for update. The contact even changes every now and then. Nothing is proper.

After so many followups and travelling to their office...we somehow received the photo albums but that was not the photos that we selected !!!

And we received the wedding video which is of the worst quality and the songs!! which we never expected!! And we are yet to receive our reception videos. They agreed that they completely LOST the videos which is not acceptable at all !!! Think before you book services with these liars!
Jayasankar 678
Jul 7, 2016

Worst service

Dear readers,

Don't ever choose matrimony photography for any of ur function. They give fake promises , only their aim is money making. Once they received money. They won't respond u , they wil say he is busy, he is meeting, he is talking over in other phone etc.. No proper team leader..
So I humbly request u people don't ever choose matrimony photography. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
May 25, 2016

Worst deliverable and Not responding properly after payments received Bharat Matrimony Photography

The worst deliverable and Not responding properly after payments received by Bharat Matrimony Photography. There is only a brand name but full fake commitment, fake words, they are working only money minded. Never ever go for Bharat Matrimony Photography. Your function photos or videos will never be given on time & will never respond to your calls. Worst quality photography, Worst quality Video, Worst service, Worst call center. The best part is that the staffs of Bharat Matrimony itself accepting their worst service but never ready to rectify. My wedding reception held on 22.10.2015 my ID MP10381015 Still i did not get the videos. We have literately fought, shouted, begged etc etc.... but still thats of no use. My humble request to never ever even try to appoint Bharat Matrimony photography for any of your functions.

They need only money and they are not worry about your function value. My humble request to never ever even try to appoint Bharat Matrimony photography for any of your functions.
pallav purani
Feb 2, 2016

very bad service

Very bad service when you register they will not response your call so plz don't waste your money I wasted my money in bharatmatrimoney
Nov 18, 2015

Worst deliverable Bharat Matrimony Photography

This is to update on the worst deliverable and customer service by Bharat Matrimony Photography. Never ever go for Bharat Matrimony Photography. Your function photos or videos will never be given on time & will never respond to your calls. Worst quality photography, Worst quality Video, Worst service, Worst call center. The best part is that the staffs of Bharat Matrimony itself accepting their worst service but never ready to rectify. My daughter wedding reception held on 29.08.2015 and todays date is 18.11.2015. Still we did not get our function photos & videos. We have literately fought, shouted, begged etc etc.... but still thats of no use. Our humble request to never ever even try to appoint Bharat Matrimony photography for any of your functions.
Mar 16, 2015

Fake service commitments

Hi I'm Sophie and my profile ID is Y746319 created for my elder sister by Relationship Manager Mr.Mohsin Khan.
I was getting many calls from past few months.However I was not taking it in to consideration though my sister has a minor issue in her left hand and she has an exceptional case. One day I narrated all the facts why I'm not interested in getting in to this. However, I was promised with so many things that made me think of this once again and finally I was convinced. I took the membership on Feb 19,2015.
I was also assured that I ask for a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service in the first month.
Then I was strongly observing ans I was not receiving much profiles And there were other so many things that were not provided as said before. I had to fight for them for getting them. Hence, one day I got frustrated and decided to ask for the cancellation of the service.
I even had a word with his manager Mr. Saurabh Berma. But I was entertained by saying that there is no such policies.

Mr. Khan was so fake in committing things.
The entire team is just disgusting. They have no etiquette how to deal with the customers.

The manager... He does not even deserve the post...All of them are so rude and unsupportive.

One suggestion for Bharat Matrimony...raise your standard.
.You are nowhere in customer satisfactory list...
God never escapes....he always keeps his eyes.
Aug 6, 2014

Failure stories


I'm in deep frustration with Bharat Matrimony as my cousin's photo came up in success story even though he is not married yet. When I contacted the customer care and complained about it, they said either of the party can upload the photo and it will not be verified with both the parties before it gets posted in success stories. This is really disgusting. When I asked the link to be removed immediately, I was told it would take 24hours before they could do it. Can we please have some responsible people working on matrimony related matters.
balram p
Jul 13, 2013

Not responding properly after payments received

My name is P.Balram my bharat matrimony id is T2130259,My profile was firstly handed by one lady named madhulikha and after few days i was known she left the job and than after a weeks gap another person named dinesh handled my case and now from past 2 weeks he hasnt called me for any sort of assistance and when try to contact him he said he is not feeling well and hasnt gone to office and now the third person name sulekha came to handle my case,i think within my complete tenure more than a month is already over but i am not satisfied with the service because they were very keen at the time of membership wer responding like customer satisfaction is must but now they are least bothered about the same client what do i do when somebody has left the job or if my concerned person is ill somebody should have handled my case properly why i am played my more than three members why should i tell the story to all the members like ramayna and mahabharata i am a business man i have plenty of works to do why is this happening is there not any concerned department responsible to look in to these kinds of matters goin on with the customers becoz of some people your companys profile is been cursed.I just know a person should handle a case after knowing the history of the client,than when i call when i dont receive the profile they just send me any profile which is not at all described by me.Plz do call me for further correspondence

Feb 22, 2013

no messaging please

muje message mat karo pliz
Feb 22, 2013

no messaging please

muje message send mat karo abi sadhi b nahi karni h
Feb 18, 2013

Fake Database

You're astounded? If that's the case, your astonishment baffles me!! Your website is pervaded with profiles that attempt to lure free members into purchasing subscriptions through deceitful methods. When you're a free member, you get numerous expressions of interest but once you become a paid member, those same profiles that sent you the interest no longer respond to any means of communication you try to establish. One could say my experience is an outlier but google your company and look at all the negative reviews with the exact same opinions formulated by your ex-members. Better Business Bureau has given you the worst possible grade for a company. This is not surprising at all. Ignorance must truly be bliss in your case.
Sep 7, 2012

Irresponsible Officials

Dear Mr Asthana,
We are astounded by the unsubstantiated allegations made by you against Bharat Matrimony in your post, dated 16th Aug 2012, in this forum. We strongly object to the statements made by you in this context.
It is really painful to see that you have chosen this route to express your concerns despite the fact that we provide so many easy options to our valuable customers to escalate concerns. We completely disagree with the statements made by you questioning the authenticity of our database. We take this opportunity to mention the facts of the case to correct the imbalance in perception created by you.
As you are well aware, in Privilege membership, your Relationship Manager spruces up your profile to generate better responses, does expert search for matching profiles from the database and after your approval coordinates with prospects on your behalf with an intention to generate success. Privilege Matrimony and Bharat Matrimony have the highest number of success stories. In fact, we marry off over 1000 people a day.
In the case of your membership also, we have provided feedback on every rejection with a valid reason. Rejection from prospect’s end is their prerogative, as is any personal decision of an individual. During the course of your membership, you have also rejected few prospects (which our RM shared with you) with some valid reasons & the same logic applies to others. Rejection from prospect’s end simply does not conclude that the data base is fake, as you have alleged.
We believe very strongly in the quality of profiles registered with Bharat Matrimony. In this context, your allegation that our ‘database is fake’ is not only surprising but also far from the truth. We have provided and you have access to each one of the profiles served to you by your relationship manager. You can call each one of those prospects and convince yourself as to their authenticity.
Given the unsubstantiated nature of your statements and our clarifications put forth, we expect that you will retract the comments made by you in this forum. In the absence of a response from you to the same effect, we are very sure that readers will conclude in our favour.

Gagan Sharma
Service Head- Privilege (North)
Email: gagan.sharma@privilegematrimony.com
Aug 16, 2012

Irresponsible Officials

I registered with Bharat Matrimoy for my son as classic member. One day some Mr. Abhishekh from Lucknow Retail Office of Bharat Matrimony contacted and persuaded me to avail their services of Relationship Manager by paying Rs.17000.00 who would provide services from selecting proposals, contacting them, matching horoscope and arranging personal meetings etc. to finalization. Mr. Abhishekh further intimated that if I was not satisfied within three weeks of service, the money would be refunded. I paid for the service and immediately thereafter a Personal Manager was nominated, Mr. Asim. But what happened ? Mr. Asim started working for the proposals selected by him and of course approved by me but in due course of time I found that none of the members responded to the request made by the relationship manager. Mr. Asim cut a sorry figure each time when inquired about the development. I fail to understand as to why parents of girls registered with the matrimony would not respond to a member who expressed his interest in their proposals. This forced me to think that most of the proposals registered are either fake or they have been created mischievously by Bharat Matrimony.
I, therefore, started contacting Mr. Abhishekh before expiry of third week of the service with the intention to get my money refunded as I was not satisfied but he has been avoiding to take my calls till date.I tried to trace his whereabouts but every body in Lucknow office of Bharat Matrimony is hiding the fact.
The irresponsible, arrogant and unpleasant behavior of Bharat Matrimony may force me to move the court of law to teach them a proper lesson.

------ Ajit Kumar Asthana

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