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Consumer complaints and reviews about BHARTI-RETAIL EASY DAY

Oct 10, 2016

Rude behaviour

I am a regular customer of easyday. But today 10/06/2016 your manager denied me to give aashirwaad atta and parle- G. They told me you have to purchase 3-4 items more, What is this?? now seller will tell me what i will purchase and what i won't. If you don't want to sell items please shut ur shop otherwise take strict action against manager. Gohana branch
Oct 8, 2016

Irresponcible behaviour of your employee

I am a regular cutomer of you outlet Easy Day(3776) and this is the 2 time I am facing a issue with your employee present over their Name:- Deepak Kumar and your team manager Ranjeet Singh just taking the side of employee even after his mistake and both are like totaly rude.
I want a quick reponce from your side that they are making fool of people and having a bad behaviour with customers holding their hands tightly and in against they are saying that they are protecting me.
They are just like making there own mistakes and at the end they are like declaring the mistakes of customer
I want a quick responce from your side.
And if you are not able to resolve this issue or contact me as soon as posible I will straight away going to complaint a FIR against your outlet and you company.

+91 9045967670
sunil verma12
Oct 7, 2016

fraud with ur movie ticket and misbehave by your sales reprentative

Dear Sir,

i am regular visitor ur outlet at Adarsh Nagar Delhi 110033, in my last visit purchasing of consumable items for Rs. 1400 you had given voucher and sales person meeting his target misguided me that coupon shall be used well before 11th Oct16 however today on visit he refused and ask me as i had not said any thing then i also cited reference of movie ticket for which i had paid Rs.69 But upon regiatration and timely booking , no such confirmation received of bookin to avail benefits.
On the said points your representative misbehave and unparliamentary language used. From the said services and aggrieved felt me how worst your sales executive and have intention to sale things by misguiding customer.why the action not to be taken against.

Sunil Verma
Vishal Bh
Oct 6, 2016

Does not swipe my card

Very bad thing of ur mall they doesnt swipe my card due to less amount shopping very bad and disgusting behaviour the boy name was Ajay
Aug 30, 2016

Very rude customer service

Very bad customer service there was guy very rude to me i asked him do u have green fresh coriander and he said to me you speak Wrong the real spelling is coriondor something like that like i was spoke bad English he's spoke good English lol
Vinit Arora
Aug 12, 2016

About the Cash Back scheme

Dear Sir/ Madam

I bought the grocery goods from tohana store disst. fatehabad on dated 07/07/2016 & 10/07/2016. the store keeper & other sales men proposed me to payment from the HDFC Debit card and told me about the benefits of that card. they told me about the 5% cash Back of total purchase, deposited in my bank account. So i purchased more goods from the needy goods. But i have not received the cash back till now. tell me about the reason behind this negligence and deposit my cash back as soon as possible. If you wants to tell or know about this any thing else please contact me on my emailid.
Dr nitin
Aug 2, 2016


Fraud by selling movie ticket vouchers

Easy day branch at kurukshetra sold us movie tickets vouchers (easydayCinerwards) stating that you can books tickets online by entering voucher no. We relied on them and bought these vouchers but it was completely fake.

When I entered the voucher no. online (easydaycineawards.com) it has taken all details but not no booking confirmation or authentication no. on mobile.

When I searched online about the same I found there are many other buyers also who had faced similar issue.

Request senior leadership of easy day not to sell such products just for making money .Not expected from easyday . I request all the Indians do not buy anything from easyday as they are froud company.
Dr Nitin Sehgal
Jul 31, 2016

Fraud by selling movie ticket vouchers


Easy day branch at Vikas Puri sold us movie tickets vouchers (Cine awards) stating that you can books tickets online by entering voucher no. We relied on them and bought these vouchers but it was completely fake.

When I entered the voucher no. online (easydaycineawards.com) it has taken all details but not no booking confirmation or authentication no. on mobile.

When I searched online about the same I found there are many other buyers also who had faced similar issue.

Request senior leadership of easy day not to sell such products just for making money.

Jul 29, 2016

regarding movie tickets registration and show request no booked

Dear sir madam ,
i m regular customer of Easy Day. I touch with easy day when it is open in kurukshetra 13 sector. this is very rediculuous , serusly i had bought 2 coupans of movie . there are registration problem and when registration done then there is problem of booking request . i wrote many mail to miss.nidhi makwana about my booking of movies ticket but no satisfied reply sent from her side.last i complaint to store manager easyday railway road kurukshetra branch he told me that i will book the show and mail to me about confirmation but till i have not receive the confirmation till now.
so u r requested to take action on this .
pratibha kulshrestha
Jul 29, 2016

misbehavior of a salesman while billing

I m a regular customer of easy day & i m pretty much satisfied with most of ur services & the stuff as well.Most of ur salesman are really helpful & well behaved as well . But one of the sales man on the billing counter (sanjay) has been observed misbehaving during my billing many times...he seems like intentionally delaying my process of billing & resists accepting the sodexo coupons on even the food items..there have been times when he did not inform us about some of the offers as well (like the movie tickets on a certain amt. of shopping).....May i know is that way you teach your staff.....So, this is my humble request please take necessary action as soon as possible
Jun 29, 2016

regarding movie tickets registration and show request no booked

Dear sir madam , this is very rediculuous , serusly i had bought 10 coupans of movie . there are registration problem and when registration done then there is problem of booking request . within 1 secong booking req status showed that there is not availability of shoes then ehy u promote ur company like that . Stop to cheat people .

mail me :-
[email protected]
Jun 28, 2016

regarding deduction of money twice from my debit card

Hello All,

I did shopping at Easy day at Jakhan, Dehradun of Rs. 2887 on 21/06/16 (Invoice number: 00121) and given my debit card to deduct money. They deducted twice. My self visited many times at easy day shop but manager is not providing any details.

There is very bad service and making public fool. I will never recommend any people to visit Easy Day at Jakhan, Dehradun.

With Regards,
G Singh
Jun 10, 2016

Customer's prestige, rights,cheating

Dear sir/Madam,
Hy my self Gurpreet Singh from Patiala and a customer of your retail market till from the launching of your branch in omaxe mall Patiala.
We are very -very satisfied from your services provided in favor of public, but from last one month i am very dissatisfied from your Leel Bhawan, Patiala branch reasons are as follows:

1) Incident share with you that your company offered special discount for mixer @150-200/Rs. per unit in the previous months and maximum units were sold to a single person.After this i highlight this matter in the knowledge of sm MR.SANDEEP but nothing done to take any action nor he gave me any response on my request.

2) This incident occur on 7/6/16. when i go to the store in the morning with my mother i find thet there were many big and small glasses of curd by nestle company of same date were stored in the freezer often easy day offered heavy discount on these types of products which are expiry to near or on same date. I want to purchase all these glasses because Gurupurab was on same day and i planed to distribute lassi in the sangat, but they refused to gave me these glasses by saying that these all glasses were dumped. The issue is if expiry date of glasses was 7/6/16 and nestle company also mentioned to use dahi upto seven why they refused me. the interesting thing is that they sold out whole stock after this conversation to any of their near and dear if they want to sale curd of same date to another person so why should they refuse me.This incident show that some thing went wrong and higher authorities are blank regarding this matter. Please check the billing or CCTV footage for this scandal.

3) Incident of today i go to the store for purchasing of milk at 7.40 am i saw only one person named Jatinder Singh is standing on the counter, one security guard and one helper. no bodys are available on the counter or in the flour for any help they are sitting behind the cabin, after this i make a footage of this to show the company to know that what are doing behind the bar. Suddenly a boy come from the cabin and snatched my mobile talk very badly like a illiterate person if company is interested i have full footage and i will show you or you may check your CCTV Camera. Then i call PCR and launched a complaint against RAJINDER and also inform to SM Sandeep of Bathinda regarding this incident.


Dear Sir/Madam
This our store and i am attached with store that's why i am fighting with this rubbish system create by these some guys.This is my last chance that i haven't launched any FIR against him because i am not a that type of personality or in the favor of to spoil any body's carrier. so this is my humble request to take necessary action before too-late. Ball in your court.

Gurpreet Singh
Jun 10, 2016

two movie tickes- invalid voucher nos.

I shopped for Rs.1113.02 from easy day store at patiala on 10.06.2016 including two movie tickets for Rs.69 each. while registering the same at the given website, the voucher numbers are told invalid. i feel shocked to know that. it is requested to either refund amount or get the needful done or complaint against your company will be lodged to the appropriate authorities.my coupon numbers are -CR71c7b1437 and CR607513336. invoice number of bill is 3452003083376.

moti ram
9463192906, 01752356523
gagandeep cca
May 15, 2016

dirty kapde

mai apke store retail easy day mai shpoping karne gaya but maine jaise he lassi ka packet nikaal thoo waha paar rakhee appy juice ki bottle phaat gai jis karan mere sare kapde dress beeg gai g bottle apne aap phaat gai apke staaf ke logg haas rahe theyy
abhijot singh
May 5, 2016

complaint against divik maneger

i read all the complaints against easy day different sites iam one the customer who can face rude behaviour but i am daily going easy day customer iam also govt employ but but but easy day maneger has no manners to talk to customer rude behaviour non sense talking waht ever plzz do something for this customers complaints solutions as soon as possible to resolve it . otherwise we cant visit again easy day so plz think deeply about this

mohit vvvv
Apr 18, 2016

Wrong price billed

I m from rudrapur n purchased 2 kg milkfood ghee from badaun on 5/4/2016 n its rate was 285 rs n they did billing from 325 rs . I went to rudrapur.s easyday n they didn.t listened n said go to badaun only they can correct.. what should i do
Sanjeev Mishra
Apr 1, 2016

complain against the store manager shri jitender

I and with my wife visit easy day which is located in Meerut, Jagriti Vihar, Sector-05 dated 19.03.2016 . Being a regular custormer I purchased a lot of good in the store, One goods left for taking in billing counter. I go to store and take some items. It takes some time. In the mean time my at the billing counter. Mr. Jitender the billing assistant misbehave and through some goods from counter. He is a arrogant person he abused my wife also.

So, I request to you sir that quick action against Mr. Jitender, at that time Billing assistant.

Yours Customer
Sanjeev Kumar Mishra
AGCR Building, IP Estate, New Delhi
Mobile No. 9412886850
Vikram Charan
Mar 16, 2016

misbehavior of staff mr.Bhanu

Yesterday i visit easyday vaishali nagar, jaipur at 8.40 p.m. i buy a milk and then go to billing counter and i told to mr.bhanu to billing then he misbehavior and told me that go to outside and change rupees of 100 then i told it is your duty to satisfied the customer but he didn't and say to me that i am not billing for this
So i request to you sir that quick action against him mr.Bhanu easyday billing counter vaishali nagar,Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Your coustmer
Vikram singh
Jan 19, 2016

Reg misbehaviour by the store manager


I reside in C-Block Prashant Vihar New Delhi and the regular customer of easyday store of Prashant Vihar. Today i.e. on 19.1.16, I visted the store at 8.40 p.m and noticed that one customer ( Shopkeeper of another area as told by the guard) was purchasing 6 nos. big boxes of Cadburys Dairy milk Silk Chocolate @ 25% ( i.e. discount of 75%). On asking for another box , I was intimated that there is no more chocolates of the same category remains on discounted rate. These boxes were given to the shopkeeper by the Manager from his room. When I told why not these things show on display for general public, then Manager of Store , Mr. Avinash, rudely replied me that whats the problem you have with this kind of service, this is our store, I can do whatever I want

Sir, on inquiring from the guard, I came to know that this is the regular practice of this store manager from the time he had been appointed in this store and some times biscuits, detergent powder and other items also sold on the heavy discount to the shopkeepers who purchase these items in bulk. He has settings with the shopkeepers.

On asking that this the store for general public instead of wholesalers, and why not show such items on display for general public, Manager behaved very rudely that this is his store , he can do whatever he want. Being a lady I kept quite and returned .

It is my humble request to you that this kind of practice should not be repeat in nearby furture and strict action must be taken against the store manager, Mr. Avinash for misbehaving with a lady customer and such kind of dominance of selling the things at heavy discount to his known shopkeepers without showing the items on display for general public would not be tolerated.

Eager to hear the positive response / action as soon as possible.


surr sabharwal
Jan 10, 2016

mis behave of staff

Today my parents visited there at 9.30 pm closing timings is 10pm..they entered and started shopping for the stuff..but one sales boy tanveer behaved so rude to her. He refused to give stuff to her..she is sr citizen..where she supposed to get more respect she got insulted by him..and when my father asked his manager for complaint form and and sr management no he clearly refused to give that. My mother cried their.she was so helpless. So i am complaining and when i opened this i saw many other complains that people r suffering these kind of issues from your store staff..i don't know that what u people will do after getting my complaint but my free advice to u guyz that just because of some staff memebers your store repuation is spoiling day by day so its better to take strict actions either igonoring these kind of complaints..no body likes to do it but if someone is compaling that means something worst happen with them. Even level of my anger was too high when i saw tears and that helplessness on my mother's face that i wanted to ruin ur reputation by posting it in social media and by giving add in newspaper. But because i decided not to do that bec its not easy day fault its just u guyz need to work on your services that people should knw to whom they have to approach when they face these kind of issues and action should be taken then and their.
[email protected]
Dec 2, 2015

Misbehaviour by store Manager

It is intimated that the language used by the store Manager at above store is rough and just unexpected from a educated person.
I am daily visiter of above store and purchase something.
Today I asked the rate of Mustered oil, the store manager told me Rs. 480 ( 25% of 640). I told him, i thought that it was 50% discount, as it was placed in 50% discount counter rate.
The store manager in very rough language spoke, who will give it U in this price. The language was so rough that a manhandling position became there in a huge rough in the store. The matter could have gone to even police. But due to wisdon of some wise persons, the situation was handled.
Rough language is unexpected of educated employee of a reputed store to a senior person, rather this can be explained in a polite manner.
This is not first instance of rough language. You are requested to take necessary action under intimation to me. my contact No is 9041297944.
pardeep rishi
Oct 16, 2015

complaint against Kamal malhotra

He is using the abuse language with me . I have prove what he says to me Take a strict action against him otherwise I will send a court notice

With rgds
Pardeep Rishi
ayushi ashri
Sep 7, 2015

overwithdrawl of shopping amount

my self ashish sharma a regular customer of easy day, i did a shopping from yours store in karnal sector-7 branch on 12-06-2015 at 9:37p.m -particular(POSP/62575080/561736/################ ) for rs.438.00 but the counter man swap my card twice and the msg from the pnb atm cum twice and my balance was deducted twice...but counter man said it will b refunded automatically . now the problem accurs my balance was deducted twice but 1st one is on 12-06-2015 when i did a shopping and again on 13-06-2015 at 2:00 p.m approx again but this time i didn't shop .I just want that please check the account properly and show me the bill of 13-06-2015 and my signature on the bill if is it true that i did shopping .please solve this matter as soon as possible because from last 3 months i didn't get any favourable reply from your branch otherwise i will take serious action
babandeep singh
Aug 18, 2015

Easy day store closed before customer dealing at bathinda


I am a regular customer at your store in Bathinda(100 feet road). I had a very disappointing experience wherein I had encountered the same situation thrice . I visited the store at 9:20 pm on 18th August 2015 but to my astonishment I was denied Admission in the store and the reason given by the TL-Mr Deepak was very vague and I was just knocked out of my senses. The closing time as quoted by Deepak was 9:30 pm everyday but on 18th August he said the store is closed due to some inventory checking. I was flabbergasted and asked him if the closing time is 9:30pm ,how can he close the store before the scheduled time. Above all the Store manager Mr Deepak was not at all supportive and no where customer centric .He did not answer my queries satisfactorily and could not even tried to make me understand as to why the store is closed before time.This has happened thrice .I could not even imagine the callous attitude showed by an official of such a customer centric company.

I request you to kindly look into the matter giving it utmost priority.

Babandeep Singh
Contact no 9888299200

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