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Bigg boss

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Bigg boss

Feb 12, 2021

Big Boss 14 color

I was a big fan of Big Boss color but this season very much disappointing.
I think you already decide to make winner Rubina for this season.
You support Nikki so irritating and uncultured woman ever seen.
So please do not make the audience full as they are the reason for your increasing TRP.
You evicted Abhinav unjustified as you rectify yourself and to make support for Rubina by creating sympathy.

Please stop the Telecast as we already know the winner name the most irritating lair Rubina.

Please Highlight Ali, Rahul. No you only highlighted Rubina, Rakhi and Nikki. Disgusting.
Feb 11, 2021

Weak Rubina... Needs support...Cant play individually

If Rubina wins the show, its only because of the support she got through out the show.
initially her husband was there to support until Rubina's sister entered the house to support her.

What winning qualities Rubina possess? Nothing...
She is such an irritating woman...with no brain at all... and no gratitude.

She reached till here only because of others support... No individual game playing..
Husband, then Nikki, then her Sister and even Jaan Sanu too in her support...
I think she could not survive without anybody's support in the show.

The only person who played alone without any support is Rahul Vaidya.

Please stop this partiality and make the deserving house member as the winner, Rahul Vaidya.
Feb 9, 2021

Wrong decision of big boss today 9th february

Big boss has done worng decision to outside abhinav Shukla on 9th February.

It is oudiance decision that who is giving entertainment and whoes not.

But this time big boss is totally wrong and colours channel will close the show at now because big boss has decide worng decision to move out abhinav Shukla.

The audience will decide who is entertaining and whoes not.
Only six people can't decide who is eligible and who not to remain in the big boss.

So this is my personal complaint to big boss and Salman khan to recover this fault by any means for abhinav Shukla.

Jab itne sare log game chorne ke baad dubara aa sakte h....to abhinav kyo nhi.

Sbko abhinav achcha alg RHA tha ....tabhi to wo abhi tk show me tha.

Lekin is baar big boss ke galat decision se abhinav ko jabardasti nikal diya..
Feb 9, 2021

Abhinav eviction

So your host could not tolerate the contestants he doesn't like winning and got him evicted forcefully. Atleast don't interfere with script in the name of reality.

Uninstalled the app, forever blacklisted your show, let salman khan and his family and his pet dogs be a part of the show, they only will be audience and winners as well.. congrats in advance to his pet Ejaz Khan.

Bye bye to your show FOREVER
Feb 9, 2021

Big boss cheater and scripted

Big boss pre decided and cheating people abhinav eviction and kumar shanu son is idiot
Maria sijo
Feb 8, 2021

Immature behavior of contestant

In big boss 14 the contestant in the house are behaving very immatruely they are literaly behaving like kids in the connection week task. When they came to know that the connection are coming and staying with them they were screaming ,jumping and when they came inside that time also their screaming was like hell I know its a show but such behavior is some times very irritating and so many people r watching this and some people really think dat its a good behaviour and they behave like dat so I request the producer and the makers to tell them to behave like mature and smart people and behave like such people so that we viewers can learn something from them.other wise it will be very boring.
Raj malhot
Feb 8, 2021

Boycott Salman khan

Why is Salman so bias and more than half of his tome on weekend is to talk against Rubina and Abhinav. Is this him or creative team doing this? I don’t this the host should be behaving in such a bias and unprofessional way. I recommend to boycott this show as long as Salman khan is a host. There is no fun and host should be balanced and supportive.

Feb 7, 2021

Biased salman khan

Wow... Salman khan duniya bhar ko gyan de rhe ki jo feedback diya uspe kaam kro but khudka kya?
Apko btaya na ki ap biased ho to bhi ap nahi sudhrenge. Rakhi ki itni wahiyat harkat pe usko pyar se bolke samjhaya lekin Rubina aur abhinav ko itne harsh tone pe jabki galti inki bhi nahi.
Swimming pool m kudne se Rubina ko kch nahi hua lekin ek bucket pani se rakhi ko harm ho sakta.
Waah biggboss..great logic.
Rakhi har hafte victim card and sympathy gain krne k liye apne zindagi k kahani btana shuru kr deti, rona dhona krti hai. Vikas pe to salman bht bolte the ki bahar k matters mt lao..Rakhi ko nahi bolenge ye baat..ohh my bad...wrna show ko content kaha se milega.
Rakhi k harkat pe pyar se daantna but rubina k content wali baat (jo sach tha) uspe itna gussa...hypocrisy k bhi seema hoti hai salman sahab.
Eijaz k dhamki thik hai, abhinav k dhamki bawal.
Aur ap itne insecure ho rubina se ki usko apne gusse se suppress kr rhe.

*biased salman khan*
We need some fair host to acha guide kre.
Feb 7, 2021

Biased salman khan

Wow... Salman khan duniya bhar ko gyan de rhe ki jo feedback diya uspe kaam kro but khudka kya?
Apko btaya na ki ap biased ho to bhi ap nahi sudhrenge. Rakhi ki itni wahiyat harkat pe usko pyar se bolke samjhaya lekin Rubina aur abhinav ko itne harsh tone pe jabki galti inki bhi nahi.
Swimming pool m kudne se Rubina ko kch nahi hua lekin ek bucket pani se rakhi ko harm ho sakta.
Waah biggboss..great logic.
Rakhi har hafte victim card and sympathy gain krne k liye apne zindagi k kahani btana shuru kr deti, rona dhona krti hai. Vikas pe to salman bht bolte the ki bahar k matters mt lao..Rakhi ko nahi bolenge ye baat..ohh my bad...wrna show ko content kaha se milega.
Rakhi k harkat pe pyar se daantna but rubina k content wali baat (jo sach tha) uspe itna gussa...hypocrisy k bhi seema hoti hai salman sahab.
Eijaz k dhamki thik hai, abhinav k dhamki bawal.
Aur ap itne insecure ho rubina se ki usko apne gusse se suppress kr rhe.

*biased salman khan*
We need some fair host jo acha guide kre.
darshan Karia
Jan 30, 2021

Non sense shame less total not third class but tempted to say class less Rakhi savanth

Non sense Rakhi
Super non sense Salman (because he is supporting Rakhi)
Most super non sense Big boss maker (because they are supporting non sense and and super non sense Salman)
Jan 29, 2021

Ali Rahul Nikki out

Seriously - these guys need to give other a chance who actually want to entertain and play games. They are just eating sleeping and picking fights, we don't need this during pandemic! Seriously, come on!
Jan 29, 2021


Rahul & Nikki, should now leave! They should the shit out and then brought them back. If your so desperate for contestants- reach outside of India!
Jan 29, 2021



Reverse this situation between Abihinav and Rakhi!!!! If Rakhi was married and Abhinav behaved like that, would your team support this???!! Atleast keep this show a family show. What Rakhi did with regards to Abhinav belt on his shorts was out of order!!! Verbal flirting is ok, even Ruby has accepted that but touching is out of order!
Jan 28, 2021

Harassment of Abhinav by Rakhi

I am not sure if this part is scripted. The continual harassment of Abhinav Shukla by Rakhi Sawant is a repulsive and disgusting situation and needs to be stopped immediately. If this would have been a married woman been harassed by a man, consequences would have been serious. Why the double standards and hypocrisy for a male contestant been harassed? This is not entertaining at all and needs to be stopped or Rakhi needs to be evicted from the show. Please address this now. Its cheap, vulgar and repulsive.
Jan 27, 2021

Fake Rubina Abhinav

Please please don’t favor Rubina and Abhinav so much..
they are doing nothing.. no contribution to the show as compared to previous seasons...
Rahul Vaidya is the clear winner of Bigg Boss season 14
Jan 27, 2021

Fake Rubina

Wow .... what a show?
Colors has good offer... do one show and be winner of another popular reality show, simply by doing nothing... that’s what happening in Bigg Boss 14.

Rubina has done a daily soap on colors... and see she is getting votes and Bigg boss makers are making her win only because she is colors face...

See the result of entertainer task... Rubina did nothing to entertain the audience but still has been declared as winner of the task. She was also surprised to know the result and laughed at it..

And they think audience is fool who don’t understand anything..
you better declare Rubina or Abhinav who does nothing as the winner and stop the show.

They are very boring couple in the show..
Rubina doesn’t understand the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong.. never stands for right side, right people...
She Has no logic at all.. Rubina thinks right to those who follows her blindly or who are in her team, even though the person behaves badly or is not on the right side. And surprisingly, she flips by showing that she is standing for the right person... but this way, she is making audience fool who are giving her votes..
But audience are even smarter than what she thinks herself..

Kindly convey this msg to the host Salman Khan, that as per the tag line of bigg boss season14- “Ab scene Paltega”... We literally feel that scene palat jaye and Rahul Vaidya Bigg Boss 14 trophy lekar jaye.

Otherwise We won’t watch bigg boss next year..It doesn’t make any sense to watch such show.

Good Luck Bigg Boss makers !!!
Jan 26, 2021

Please prove Bigg Boss is a fair game show with dignity...

We are from Malaysia.. We watch your show.. we were extremely disappointed with last year winning of BB13.. it was too obvious of partiality and boastfulness... and today we can again and again see the same pattern... Undeniably boring...Don’t make the audiences fool... Targeting one person and favouring the other person...
Change your show pattern towards positivity and fairness..
Well, we can clearly see how a fixed set of questions prepared for the host, guests and media people to ask/defame one particular person and dignify one other particular person... It’s not logic at, how is possible all the people support Rubina on show... Something wrong ...Different fans have different contestants to support of.. Too boring ...
Kind advice, don’t make it biased show again and again.. you will lose support from us from here.. First of all,
HOW COULD YOU GIVE SUCH A PRIVILEGE FOR HUSBAND AND WIFE TO BE TOGETHER ON SHOW ???? Not fair for others, right ..Moreover , you give chance for them to mock others who are individually playing whereas this couple is given such a big chance...
Besides that, voting high for Rubina and Nikki ????? Promos all with Rubina’s face and topic... ???? What is this ??? Super boring..
Add some new essence to your show to highlight other contestants too...
We are sure Rubina is highly over confident but she doesn’t deserve to be a winner...That’s the fact ...Her facial expression is ugly and body language is something intolerable..She is lacking in winning qualities... She is moving forward with extra voices of Abhinav and Nikki....Without them all, will she be seen in the show ? The funny part is she blames Rahul is moving forward with the help of Aly, coward and confused... COME ON... RUBINA WOULD DEFINITELY LOOK WEAKER AND MORE CONFUSED AND COWARD than Rahul without Abinav and Nikki... Give it a try Bigg Boss... !!!! Just give it a try...!! Try to Evict Abhinav and Nikki ... Then we want to see how this lady behaves in house ... She should see her own mirror... She is targeting Rahul all the time...We can clearly see that... Not Rahul targeting her...He stays calm after done with his points... Rubina exaggerate things and Rahul keeps it short and simple..Rahul is not chauvinistic at all ...He respects women be it mother or friend or life partner... She is trying to make him a villain...
Rahul Aly friendship is there but in correct dosage... Rahul is not overdoing it... He won’t fooling around nonsensically..He is playing his own style game and put his points across correctly... Rahul is natural and true with his feelings...He needs love to boost up like we all do. nothing wrong with it .. we really love his motherly bonding with women..too sweet.. we are getting bored of couple love scene every session..Besides that, he doesn’t drag things or make scene out of it like Rubina.. Tired with her false narrative... What a stupid senseless statement... She is over thinking and over interpreting... RUBINA IS OVER ACTING, SHE EXAGGERATES things which is unnecessary.. It’s obvious, humans can’t stay with her authority...You, me and all surely will get irritated with her under one roof.. Humans can’t stand authoritative nature for a long time... Can you ?? pissed off.. we don’t want it... We want simplicity and calmness but with smartness and logic in playing game like Rahul which is nice and pleasant to watch...
Her blames for Rahul and Eijaz are baseless... These two men far better than her...Despites all the blames and insults, Rahul and Eijaz are still standing ... Hats off to them... Nikki’s rude behaviour and Rubina’s arrogance are not the good examples for the world..
We want powerful, kind yet sensible people be it woman or man...

Bigg Boss, please don’t repeat your mistake like last session..
Please don’t cover things by saying voting speaks... The voting pattern is funny since last year ...
Make the show fair now.. Humans make mistakes but should stop it at one point of time...
Most of the contestants stopped it and keep going.. but
Rubina is still repeating her boastful mistakes, this behaviour should be stopped by you Bigg Boss...
We hear and see all over Rubina is a winner...Please don’t make it true because it is totally unfair...It would look clean and clear that the show is biased again this year if she turns up winner ...
Life is short with Covid 19 all over...
Well, It’s time to make the show a real, fair and happy one...
Give it a twist and make the right and honest person a winner instead of her...
God will bless your show ...
Thank you...
Jan 25, 2021

Rubina- the most fake contestant

Why is this partiality?
When Rahil and Aly stand for each other, it’s called that Rahul is taking Amy’s support and that’s why he is in the show.
But when Abhinav and Rubina always give support to each other, then they remind everyone about their husband- wife relation.

So only husband and wife should support each other, friends can’t support?

Rubina never took stand for any good thing. She always supported all the fights and negativity in the house, when it’s Jasmine-Rahul fight, Sonali - Nikki fight, Nikki- Devoleena fight... you will always find Rubina on the wrong side.
And how people can vote her and save her? Only becoz she is colors popular face that too from sone other show.

And Rubina is such a fake person, she had said that she never watched Bigg Boss before. Really? She is colors face and Bigg Boss is color’s super hit show. By saying this she is somewhere insulting the show’s popularity. And if every time she will say, she doesn’t know how to play because she never watched previous seasons, then why is she here?
Whenever Rubina has fight with someone, Abhinav interrupts by saying that she is his wife. Why do they forget that here in bigg boss, they are only contestants. If someone says or calls them by their relation, they feel it’s inappropriate then why Abhinav always reminds that she is his wife. Why he can’t play like other contestants, why he never takes stand for other contestants and so is Rubina.

And now they both are taking Nikki’s advantage to go further.
Oh My God, Rubina is the most fake contestant in Bigg Boss history.
Jan 24, 2021

bigg boss 14

Why is rubina being consistently favored and everyone else is attacking rahul. this is clear bias in the show why don't you go and give rubina the trophy. what type of reality show is this? if you want one person to win then why make a show. You might aswell kick everyone else out of the show because this is not entertaining to watch neither is it fair.

Everyone on this weekend's show is attacking rahul and is clearly bullying him, just because rubina works for colors doesn't mean she deserves to win the show if this carries on i dont think a lot of people will continue to watch bigg boss anymore.All rubina does all day is she complains about others and eats apples and oranges. she is a really stuck up and boring and her husband doesn't even do anything but manages to remain in the house

The show seems very scripted and unjust and its not fair for the others in the house. in what sense is rubina entertaining, arshi is better than her.
RUBINA DILIAK DOESN'T DESERVE TO WIN because the show isn't fair
Jan 24, 2021

Bigg Boss 14- We are very disappointed

Why why Rubina is being favored so much ?
Only because she is a public figure and already popular from outside?

We are very disappointed to see partiality in Bigg Boss 14.
All the reporters in press conference were targeting only Rahul Vaidya, which is very disappointing. And Rahul had answered all the questions with dignity.

Rubina never answers logically. There is no logic at all what Rubina speaks..
And actually Rubina and Abhinav are taking each other’s support right from the beginning and reached here. Rubina never played alone, she always took husband’s support. They are always absent in every task. But Rubina always want that housemates must follow her, Which is not at all accepted.

It’s a request not to make Rubina or Abhinav win the show.
Jan 23, 2021

Bigg Boss 14

We are regular audience of Bigg Boss and a BIG fan of the show and the host, Salman Khan.
We are very disappointed to see how Rubina and Abhinav are being favored in the show. In fact Jasmin and Rahul are anytime more deserving and entertaining than Rubina and Abhinav.
Rubina is very arrogant, rude and egoistic person.
We don’t at all want her or Abhinav to win the show. Abhinav is absolutely doing nothing in the show.
Please please it’s a request to the makers and the bigg boss 14 team to not to make any one from this couple as winner. We will be very very disappointed if they win.
Whatever votes Rubina is getting, that’s her other show’s popularity and fan following But she has no such quality to win bigg boss and no such contributions to the show.
Rahul Vaidya is the clear winner for having strong opinion and for always taking stand in everything.
Jan 22, 2021

Entertainment Complaint

Colors Team,

We are really surprise by seeing results of Task to entertain fans being on live on Voot.. We don't understand Rubina D was really winner for entertaining fans Or audience by doing nothing?? Just Rubina D is face of Colors and hence fake results are getting announced??

Nikki was atleast tried to entertain than Rubina and winner of the task as Rubina is really creating a fake Or scripted big boss.

Audience are not fools to take such things and if you people are BIAS than announce winner & close the show than cheating audience.
Jan 20, 2021

Family show

Hi there
Is this a family show
The task they are doing is a team task right is this what behaviour Nikki and Rubina show how to team play this is this discussting I would like to go on live show to ask the house members a few questions

Am available any time of the day contact number
0044 7437557629

This is show discussting plz call me
Jan 20, 2021

Family program

Who it may concern
This is a family show right the task they are doing at the moment it’s a team task so is Rubin’s Nikki show team playing it’s absolutely discussting what they are doing.

I would like to phone the show and ask the people in the house a few questions if poss able you can call me any time on 0044 7437557629
Thank you
Imtiyaz dawood
Jan 18, 2021

Big Boss 14 color

This show now seems to be scripted. You always highlight Rubina and Abhinabh both of them are not playing only highlighted.
Now I think you already selected Rubina as Bigboss 14 winner and the other three finalist Abhinav, rahul ( You have to) Rakhi

You not spotted Rubina or abhinabh when they use Rakhi against Izaz for bathroom cleaning, you not spotted rubina or Abhinav when Nikki destroy name of sonali in front of them but they refused to say but they blame rahul

but you!

Please clean up the matter and play the game honestly otherwise in future super hit show would become a super flop show.

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