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Bigg boss

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Bigg boss

Bhuwan verma
Oct 10, 2019

Need a normal practical participant to hold all

Dear Big boss/Salman sir,

These all contensant need a practical person to hold b
Them. All are immature contestants. Sir twist is required to raise trip. M

M ready to hold them. Sir I need opportunity.
Sep 22, 2019

Big boss

Pls send out losliya or Kavin, why this irritating behaviour always cheran and kavin nominated but knows well kavin will saved what a drama and fakeness dont spoil the things in worse ,dont entertain these kinda love romance and cheap stuffs in TV shows, even kids are watching, pls send out kavin else losliya, we dont ever like these fake stupid things and all. Pls kamal sir do some real that we expecting.
Sep 22, 2019

Pls send out losliya or Kavin, why this irritating ...

Pls send out losliya or Kavin, why this irritating behaviour always cheran and kavin nominated but knows well kavin will saved what a drama and fakeness dont spoil the things in worse , So jus stop, we dont want kavin, realy irritating, love romance feeling what the noncense is goin on a family chanel,even kids are watching dont entertain these kinda activities, dont give room to love and bullshit in the series. Jus send out kavin else losliya, i
Sep 19, 2019


Now a days Kavin plays well ..but he newly started to irritate others by his activities.. everyone consentrate theirs play but kavins started irritate cherin ..I don't know why he is always make her disturbing ,I think it's a new plan of Kavin.... really felt bad..,he is converting others anger to his votes .
Bigg boss plz do something
Sep 17, 2019

kavin's irritated behaviour

The topic About the kavin's irritated behaviour
Every week Kavin nomination for the eviction and he is not playing always like lazy guy and why he will every time saved we don't know how this happened most of the audience irritated for the Kavin behaviour he is not doing their job again also yesterday episode Kavin started emotional attack losiliya she is also double standard she spoke different in front of Kavin and Kamal sir so those are not fit for this game. So must Kavin and losiliya go out from the big boss give an opportunity to good members.these two are very fake clearly to know that.kavin get votes are originally from the audience or money voting bank this is the doubt for first time in Kavin nomination and he is always saved.
Sep 6, 2019

Bigg Boss treating public as idiots

Bigg Boss says the show is fully public’s Decision which contestants are evicted from the show
They make us vote spending our time then they just decides to bring them back saying expect the unexpected that’s making every single voter who voted them out of the show an idiot
Mr Kamalahasan talk very much about voters rights equality justice and moral values like him to explain where is all this in this Bigg Boss Decision to do what they like without getting the public’s view or opinion
This clearly shows that they are taking the public for arise for their ratings benefit and Mr Kamal hosting this show is part of all these and he can’t even stop this from happening and he wants to help the people of Tamil Nadu by coming into politics sounds very funny
People should question what the Vijey TV is doing making public look like idiots
Sep 6, 2019

To Remove Wildcard Contestant Vanitha and the Guest Entry

My suggestion not to bring in eliminated person into Bigg Boss house since they are creating unnecessary problems and they knows what has gone around outside and with that they irritate the contestant inside the house. Vanitha and Sashi is not giving an good advice but they are creating more unnecessary problems and hurts the contestant feeling, with this the contestant are emotionally hurts and they will not have strength to achieve their goals as "Title Winner" since bothering them alot.

If Bigg Boss want to bring in wild card entries please bring in outsider not the contestant as eliminated and create negative problems. We has supporter can see that Vanitha, Sashi and Mogan sir are doing this more attacking personally to those they don't like and jealous of Tharshan, Mugen, Sandy, Kavin and Losliya.

Appreciate very much if BiggBoss can bring out Vanitha, Sashi and Mogan sir. Please don't bring in this kind of people to demotivate the contestant and put all the negative words towards them. This is second time upon Vanitha entry on wild card to the house created unnecessary issue first between Mugen and Abhirami and now Serene and Tharshan.

Please consider my suggestion and we will support BiggBoss Tamil since a good program.

Thank you.
Sep 5, 2019

Why vanitha as wildcard and other contestant of guest

If you guys think whomever we eliminated can be brought of wildcard entry and guest then why should we eliminate those people and kick out.
Looks like its a scripted show and no value to public voting.

Vanitha is just arrogant and annoying for the show.. We eliminated her for her sickest behavior and she is telling public demand...what crap???????? If public support then why would we voted to kick her out of the show.

Now why guest entry at wrong time its just not required as they are just openely giving them hints of outside world.

Can you please kick them and vanitha ans chetan outside the house so that so proper game show and better activities are given to the contestants.
Aug 20, 2019

Reason required for Madhumitha's elimination and Vanitha's reentry

As per the rule of Big Boss once the contestant is eliminated. The eliminated person should not stay inside the house.

Then how could big boss add Vanitha as a contestant inside the house after eliminated by people. Viewers we have eliminated Vanitha through voting process.

Big boss are you thinking that you can do whatever you want??? And do you think that we all are foooooolllllllsss.😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

As a viewers we need a explanation for adding Vanitha as a contestant.
Telecast the necessary thing what happened to Madhumitha before her elimination. We don’t want the explanation in words, we want to see it in the video. If you have that much guts play the video which is the reason for Madhumitha’s elimination and also play the video what made Madhumitha to do like that

If you are not answering for my question then my next comment will the different way that you have not expected.

Kamal Sir, its just an advise for you I’m watching this show for you. If they are not true to audiences please Kamal Sir don’t host this show….

Reply is necessary…………
Alex Daniel
Aug 13, 2019


vanitha madam theva illama ullavanthu contestant edaila periya misunderstanding vanthruku and avga ulla vanthathan nookam just Big Boss Hotel ahh thangitu poogatha vanthrukaga veliya nadanthatha ulla soldrathuku illa and last day kamal sir gayathri madam ahh pathi sonnaga veliya nadanthatha ulla sollitaganu ipo vanitha madam athey thappu tha pandraga so seekran avgala veliya anupuga Big boss i'm really angry about her avga veliya poonathuku kaaranam itha thirumbavum ulla vanthu Now i really Hated that programme becoz of her and Losliya akkava pathi sonnathu unamiyave poi avga oru nalla manasoda tha pasanagata pazhaguraga aana female contestantiku thappa thoondi vidraga So avgala seekram veliya anupuga apo tha Show interest ahh irukum
Mira Nathan
Aug 13, 2019

About voting process

We want google vote!! Only Indian citizens can vote their fav contestants by hotstar and giving missed calls!! People outside India can't cast their vote... Even though we can use VPN to use the hotstar app, we can't sign in the hotstar app!! Because it's asking for phone number to the verification!! There's no way to we cast our vote!! Pls take action immediately!! #wewantgooglevote
Grey Worm
Aug 6, 2019

About Saravanan Eviction

Hello Mr.Big Boss this is not at all fare that sarvanan got evicted from Big Boss ..Is your Host Kamal Hassan is good in his Character..Every one knows about kamal Hassan..Then first evict Kamal from the BigBoss..
And every one is Flirting inside the Big boss currently.And this show is watching by lot of childrens..Are you not ashamed of this ..Big Boss please be Truthful atleast to some extent.We are spending our quality time for watching BigBoss...Big Boss definitely need to ask apologize to saravanan...
AR Sathya
Aug 5, 2019

Saravanan eliminate from big boss

Saravanan is very good candidate and very genuine person. Because of that one word you should not eliminate him. Before introduce him you should see the candidates quality. Everyone did mistake but he said frankly infront of everyone. So plz don't do this kind of activity it will affect his name and life also.
Priya Shanthi
Jul 3, 2019

Vanitha issues

Vanitha pls remove tha bigg boss , lady speach very bad pls request sir
Vishwanath Bangera
Jan 11, 2019

big boss 12

Big boss 12 gave us a image of brother sister relationship which ended up with the sister winning the title.

Hats off to Dipika & congralution

message to Dipika : dont listen to others like Shilpa KV and others who say that you are not deserving,..barking dogs do not bite.

the devils of the show was Surbhi, Deepak, Somi & Romil, KV.

Dipika you played well and deserving...
Sheila ki jawani
Dec 30, 2018


Dipika is not deserving to win the BB12. Because she is always with shreeshant and in the kitchen to make halwa. Worst decision of Big Boss. They never showed the votes of the contestants, so we don’t think that dipika Got the highest votes. Deepak should win the BB12, because he is entertaining and always performing the task so well. We where soooooooo disappointed about this year Big Boss decision. We will never ever watch this show again by for this show, we could have better watched something else, instead of
wasting our time, with something that has already been decided in the beginning of the show.👿
Dec 30, 2018


I'm a huge fan of you bigg boss but not for this season. You were so much partial in this season. How could you support Sreesanth. He doesn't know how to respect people. He is so abusive.I don't think he is emotional.Sree bohot ahankaari hai.aur isko mastermind nahi bola jata. He slapped rohit. The rule of biggboss " Ap physical nahi ho sakte" Then why biggboss. In the previous season priyank ne dhakka diya tha Akash ko and he was thrown out of the house as punishment. Priyanka jagga used slang, she also got punishment.
You evicted sristi bcoz Deepika ji sree ko sambhal rahi hai. Sree ke sath kisiki bhi bond nahi bane only dipikaji ke sath bana hai toh dipikaji ko rakhna parega and we all know that sristi was playing better than Deepika. Deepika ji always says that they are celebrity bcoz they work hard. Hum commoners bhi hard work karte hai. Farmers also work hard and give us our daily foods. To protect Sreesanth ap romil ko insult karne main tule huye ho. We all know romil is the best contestant in the house. Salman Sir bhi kahi baar romil ki tarif ki hai. sreesanth ko jitane ke liye you give dipak unnecessary footages to suppress Romil's effort. Bigg boss ap toh fixer ban gaye. I'm very upset with this season. Janti hu koi farak nahi parega apko phirbhi maine apni mann ki baat boli.
Dec 21, 2018


There is a lot of sexism going on in big boss that needs to be addressed. I am certain that firstly because Sreesanth is a man he is constantly being excused for his atrocities and bad behaviour. Yet when it comes to surbhi, oh she is a women and therefore crossing her limits. Excuse me but I don't know what world we are living in but this is the 21stC, women have equal rights women are allowed to defend themselves and women should be treated fairly. To think such a huge show is fostering evident sexism is shocking and as for the host, his partiality is so evident that nothing in the world could conceal it.
Dec 19, 2018

Salman Khan

if someone says something to Deepika, Salman says to housemates that she is one of the most "dignfied persons" in the house because she has worked in the industry for around 8 years. but when Karanvir gets swore at and abused, Salman belittles him even more. KV has been working in the industry for over 25 years. is he not "dignified"? Also, the precap of the show says "karanvir had a go at Shree and made personal comments about him just to win the task..." However in the actual episode Karanvir did not even make any personal comment on Shree, in fact he dealt with the whole situation, even listened to Shree swearing at him, HE TOOK ALL OF THAT IN A VERY GRACEFUL WAY!!!! Can the show stop portraying Karanvir in that way now? It's enough!!!
Dec 12, 2018

Srishant and Deepika are crossing level

Y is everyone taking case of person who is not even concend about big boss ...only u knw what is ryt.., please b rty...I wrote 10 times
Dec 12, 2018


Srishant is a person who doesn't think before he talk and when other people talk big boss is anger....why is that...please this game should be biased not striped
Dec 5, 2018

Irritating Contestant

Its really embrassing to look at Rohit, Surabhi, Deepak & KV. I have not seen such worst personality ever. All this candidates spoiling show image. This show must have been seen by outside India. These 4 peoples spoiling Image of nation in world. Dear Bigg Boss Pl at least make make them aware.
[email protected]
Dec 5, 2018

Complaint against Deepak

I have been fan of Bigg boss for almost all the seasons. How Deepak said that Jasleen is neither a man nor a women? No one pointed this out, however Salman had all the time to discuss Surbhi being called Characterless. And had no time to discuss what all was said to Jasleen and Sreelatha. This is really heights of being partial.
This is no way a family show now as people talk what not and Salman is only against Wolf Pack.
Dec 4, 2018

Salman should RETIRE.

Salman should retire. He is gone past his prime and canNOT host BIGG BOSS 12 anymore... This year's BIGG BOSS in Hindi must be the worst BIGG BOSS ever world-wide...

Pathetic game by Deepak and Surabhi... Chamcha Rohit was a waste of space... What is SALMAN doing? SALMAN should be kicked out first...
Dec 4, 2018


Rohit is playing such a bad game it’s not entertaining at all and I’m from London and been watching Bigg Boss for the past 9 seasons. Really rude no manners and I want to know how come he was not said anything about Pakistan India comment. I’m British born Pakistani and love Bigg Boss but felt really offended. As usual nothing will be done about it.
Surbhi just ridiculous she cried and moans a lot and then goes to a mad phase. KV ain’t got a place in the house his playing with Surbhi and deepak when push comes to shove they will take him out !

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