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Bihar State Pollution control Board


Consumer complaints and reviews about Bihar State Pollution control Board

Abhimanyu Kr
Sep 22, 2019

Noise pollution

I have become a victim of heavy load speakers due to religious activity in our neighborhood for the last two-three months and it is bothering me my studies have also been affected by this. This series runs from 3:00 am to 9:00 pm and which has also affected my sleep wake cycle.

Address:- purani cinema road, ward no.6, near engineer makan
kailashnath Jha
Aug 2, 2019

Water pollution in Kamla river at my Village Pindaruch

We the resident of Vill- Pindaruch (Darbhanga) is facing water pollution in our river Kamala.
Water is one of the most essential requisites that nature has provided to sustain life on earth. Without water there would be no life. Water bodies are being polluted by discharge of sewages, industrial effluents and run-off water of the catchment area.
It seems somewhere on the way Waste disposal of leather factory is one of current environmental problem which intern causing blackish colour of water flowing in the Kamla river which is also passing Darbhanga town. Due to its blackish colour appearance villagers are even not using this water for cows/ Buffalo washing.
This has become the environmental challenges for villagers.
Hence, you are requested to depute concern authority to check the condition of water flowing and confirm us the condition of its usefulness.
Hope a quick action at your end to save life of many.

Thanks & Regards,,
Kailash Nath Jha
Vill- Pindaruch
P.O- Pindaruch – 847306
Dist- Darbhanga (Bihar)
Mobile No: 8085482108
vishwa kumar jee
Jun 17, 2019

noise pollution

Dear sir/ Ma'am,
I am from Rajgir Bihar.I am a student,and I am facing heavy noise pollution in my area due to religious activities in my area. it is in peak on morning from 4a.m to 6 am and in evening 4 pm to 7 pm..... it is very difficult to take sleep and concentrate on study please look into this matter...

address - thakurbadi, nyi pokhar, Rajgir, Bihar....
Jun 2, 2019


Air pollution
Few years back one stock keeper of Stone, sand, brick kept in my just back of residential house, so that excess air pollution damaged to my family member near periphery of our house which is causing environmental damage we are not able to take fresh air, every day dust enter to our residential house by air due to heat and dust. Kindly do the needful. I don't know why the authority is granting such permission.
Thanking you.
Mankeshwar Ray
Apr 25, 2019

Air pollution

Few years back one stock keeper of Stone, sold, brick kept in my just back of residential house, so that excess air pollution damaged to my family member near periphery of our house which is causing environmental damage we are not able to take fresh air, every day dust enter to our residential house by air due to heat and dust. Kindly do the needful. I don't know why the authority is granting such permission.
Thanking you.
"Adeya Bhawan"
Kisan Colony, Phase-I
Near -Satya Gass Godown
Dist Patna
Bihar 800002
[email protected]
Apr 8, 2019

Noise Pollution in Bhatiyarisarai

Respected sir,

In Bhatiyarisarai area there is high Noise pollution. At any time from morning to night there is someone who is playing songs on Loudspeaker at high volume. Few houses have installed loudspeakers on their rooftop. It's one or the other but some house is always playing songs at high volume. It is really hard to study in this area. You can hear it from the main road of Bhatiyarisarai also.

Please look into this.

[email protected]
Apr 8, 2019

Noise Pollution in Bhatiyarisarai

In bhatiyarisarai area near Donar chowk of Darbhanga, there is high noise pollution from morning to night. One or the other house is playing song on loudspeaker at high volume. It is really hard to study in this region. Few houses have installed permanent loudspeakers on their roof.

Please take action to curb this, right now also someone is playing song at full volume which can be heard from main road of bhatiyarisarai also.

Apr 8, 2019

Air pulltion and sound pollution

Respected sir/madam,
Myself is Dhiraj Kumar, s/o-shiv Prasad, village-Imamganj, ps-khirimore, dist-patna, pin - 804426.mr.sonu kr. S/o-surendra saw is running various kind of mil.. Like... Speller,flaur, pulses, spices etc.. By using filter machines of 22 hp in residential area... Many people tell him to run his industry by electricity inspite of desiel engine... Because his fitter machine is making too much noise and too much smokes... He does not have any kind of licence of pollution as well as running industry... We all people of our colony are too much in trouble because it is being too much disturbance in students study... All the people are in tension because of his running industry by 22 hp fitter.he is running his industry besides of NH -110. Due to too much sound people din not able to hear the horn of motor vehicles so many times incidents occur on NH 110 due to heavy sound and air pollution. So kindly take quick action sir about this serious issue in public concern.
Thanking you.

Air pulltion and sound pollution

Aman Shree
Feb 13, 2019

Noise Pollution

Pankaj Market

13th February, 2019

The Pollution Control Board

Subject: Complain for noise pollution

Respected Sir, I, an appearing student of class 10, am a resident of Pankaj Market, Muzaffarpur. It is to bring your attention to noise pollution in my street. In my street there are some of my neighbours who continuouly use their loud speakers to hear music at an extremly loud voice. Even after my plea they do not bother to minimise it's volume. From morning to night they pollute the environment of my street.

Sir, I am a student and hence it becomes very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies. At the same time this loud noise is adversely affecting my mental health.

Hence, I wish you take a stern and immediate action in this regards.

An early response is highly sought.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Aman Shree

Ritesh Kumar
Jan 22, 2019

Noise pollution in the name of Shiv charcha

Dear Sir,

Few people of my locality are continuously making noise pollution. They use loudspeaker and sing very badly. They used to talk about their family and personal problems in loudspeaker in the verse of shiv.
There are lots of student living in my locality who are appearing in board exam this month and I am also preparing for BPSC main examination. The noise made by some people cause great disturbance to all.
Please kindly look in matter seriously and take some effective steps to stop them .

Please look into the matter urgently!!!

Address : Shiv Mandir (Purandarpur), Purandarpur - Gaya Patna Railway Line Road
Nov 25, 2018

Air pollution

Few years back one brick Bhatta is opened in the very near periphery of our house which is causing environmental damage we are not able to take fresh air, not getting produce in agriculture due to heat and dust. Kindly do the needful. I don't know why the authority is granting such permission.
Thanking you.
Village kuari bujurg.
Post Jaipur
Dist Vaishali
Bihar 844101
Alka gupta 4
Nov 7, 2018

Regarding noise pollution


Most humbly and respectfully I want to say that we are the people of jalalpur, p.o. - sahay nagar, p.s. - rupaspur dist.- Patna pin - 801506
We are suffering from cont. Noise from morning till midnight this is causing severe problem to us as they are putting the loudspeaker at high volume. So, plz help us regarding this as soon as
Oct 15, 2018

Noise pollution

Mai munger me shadipur mohalle k niwasi hu.Yha Durga Puja ke time rat ke 1 baje loudspeaker on hota h and morning tak chalta h,jiske wajah se pura mohalla kafi pareshan h.Mana krne pe bajane wale log din me logo ko pareshan krte h.Sir iss pe dhyan de.plz help us sir.
Jul 7, 2018

Noise Pollution


A loudspeaker in my locality has been playing annoying songs from 5 days continuously, without any purpose. Please its a request, make it stop. People are suffering from serious injuries due to the noise pollution.

Address- Ghud Daur Road, Rajiv Nagar, Road No. - 26'A', Patna- 800024.
contact- 9660075308
[email protected]
Jun 4, 2018

Air and dust pollution

Dear sir
With due respect I sidheshwar Prasad, VILL-SELGADH , po- saidabad, ranitalab , Patna state that in my village Selgarh there is bricks factory name 'Mahabir bhatha' operationl since last years . There is huge air and dust pollution generated by factory.it affect the whole villagers and it's effect increaseing rapidly.
So I request you to take corrective action against that bricks factory.

[email protected]
May 17, 2018

sound pollution

मै रमेश महतो राजनगर भट्ठी चौक जिला मधुबनी बिहार का निवासी हु |मेरे घर के बगल मे एक अवैध रूप से मिल चल रहा है जो हमेशा चलाता है जिससे काफी मात्रा मे आवाज होता है और धूल निकलता है जिससे सभी लोगो को परेशानी होता है और मिल का जो कचरा होता है वह सरक पर फेकता है कई लोगो के कहने पर भी वह नही मानता है ईस आवाज से बहुत परेशानी होता है और गंदगी से स्वास्थ पर असर परता है और मशीन के कंपन से हमेशा अगल बगल मे कंपन होता है अतः श्रीमान से निवेदन की निरीक्षण कर उसे कही दुसरे जगह स्थापित करवाये
आपका आभारी
स्मस्त भट्ठी चौक निवासी
Ritu Gupta
Mar 24, 2018

Regarding noise pollution

Sir, I m student and I want to inform you about the high noise pollution in my area. There is a DJ booking shop in my area and they every time use to play their DJ sound boxes at very very high sound level which affect and making trouble to the people living around there. It's my humble request to you please take action against this.

Saguna ,Gandhi murti
Danapur cantt
Mar 22, 2018

Complain against sound polllution continuous whole night with very high volume

I am from a village name Bhangha. It is in Katihar district. And its pin code is 854114.
Yaha pe puri raat sound hota hai wo v pura high volume mai. Jisse garimo ko puri dikkat ka saamna krna padta hai. Roj kuch naa kuch hote rehta hai. Din mai krega to thk hai par raat ko pura high volume m hota hai to problem hota hai. Ye baat hai 22 march 2028 se lekar avi 23 march 2018 ka. So please ispe kuch action lijiye.
Iskeliye mai aapka abhari rahunga.
Shed Naushad Ali Fakhar
Mar 14, 2018

Noise Pollution Of My Neighbor Motor Pump

This is for your kind attention that my neighbor Mr.Kalimuddin, Road No.4,Nagmatia Colony,Gaya is fitted his motor pump in municipal pipeline connection and whole day its disturbing us like any thing.
My son is giving CBSE10th Board exam and always getting disturbed by that heavy noisey motor pump.We so many times complain my neighbor to remove the motor from my side wall but he is arugant person not giving attention and asking us to sold your house if you're want peace.
Therefore I request you to look after this matter and stop his illegal motor pump to make our life normal. Waiting for your favourable action.

Naushad Ali,
Shayan Manzil
Road No.4,Nagmatia Colony,
Gaya.823001. Bihar
Mobile 9431225422
Mar 8, 2018

Noise pollution

I am from Katihar Bihar.I am a student,and I am facing heavy noise pollution in my area due to religious activities by hindus and Muslims and marriage cromoney in my area. Up to a whole year this problem is regular continue, you tell me sir when students will study their course.
Why always students suffer.
Till when.
Dec 1, 2017

Sound and air population

Dear Sir,
My information is a installed wellding mashin at village post-isua PS-sarmera nalanda(Bihar) pin code 81102,

They Make spread sound and very High air pollution. he kept that machine in open Between Residential Area. and we are facing many Disses like Problem in Breath There fore, we request you to control the pollution by this welding machine.

we are the people of village post-isua PS-sarmera nalanda(Bihar) pin code 81102
Oct 25, 2017

Noise pollution at night

Dear sir/mam,
I am a resident of patna kabkarbagh chitragupta nagar 800020. Festival seasons are problematic at night.Although the government has issued an order against any kind of noise by loudspeaker after 10 pm to 6 am, the rulea are not followed.
I called the nearby patrakarnagar police station thrice regarding the jagaran that was happening just below my house. It was so disturbing that it actually got me a bad headache. But even after several complaints they just said that they have sent the car for patrollong but the car didnot come the whole night.

Thank you
Oct 21, 2017

Noise pollution

Dear sir,

This is to inform you that some bodies are doing noise pollution whole day and night in the name Deepali still in Ashok Vihar colony, choti Pahari road agamkuan, patna. activity is going on without any reason by some local boys. they are playing very big loudspeakers with full sound since 18-10-2017 continuously. This is a residential area and so many old and retired people are lives here. so many times we requested them to stop the music but they are not stop music and increase the speakers. There are lots of disturbance to old people to children in study. Please intervene and take necessary action immediately.

Address- Ashok Vihar colony, behind RCM godam, choti Pahari road, Agamkuan, Patna- 800007.
Suresh Surma
Aug 13, 2017

Air pollution

My self is resident of Vivekanand Marg, North SK Puri Patna 13. The generator of Shiv Kunj apartment Block A situated on
Vivekanand Marg is causing severe air pollution.The exhaust is directing towards road and very short. The house situated on another side of the road are facing severe air pollution problem during power cut.
Please look in to it.

Suresh Sharma
Jul 9, 2017

Strict action on DJ sound pollution near by Burhanath Temple


I hereby one of the resident of Burhanath like to catch your eye on unwanted sound pollution near by Burhanath Temple most often due to marriage activities. I seen all the administrative and constitutional remedies failure or partial effective for time being. So hereby I request to please restrict this usage according to supreme court law on sound pollution and relive us with this unwanted problem in residential zone.

Thanking you,
Your sincerely,
Local Resident

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