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Blue Dart


Consumer complaints and reviews about Blue Dart

kartik bhagat
Apr 18, 2018


Hello my self kartik bhagat i was complaining about undeliverer parcel to me till now . which address i have given to the my bank document he has send in this address but i am still not living in this address. but my phone number is there when the courier boy has gone to this address he did not find in in there he should contect with me but he did not do this this is my important parcel the courier boy has to call me in my number but he did not do like that so please i request you to please solve this problem as soon as possible ......... my phone number is 9635402773
[email protected]
Apr 18, 2018

Not receiving my parcel

Waybill: 69791035613

Dear Sir/Madam,

AWB Number: 9791035613

I am unable to understand why my parcel is not being delivered in my location.
Your delivery boy called me on 16-04-2018 at 6.15 pm that time I was left from office so I told him to come on next day in my working hours.
But next day that boy was neither call me nor received my call. Still I am trying to call him but he doesn't reply me.
The mobile number of delivery boy is 9167839774.

Kindly look out the matter seriously and sort out at earliest.

Worst services of Blue dart courier has experienced.
Blue Dart is loosing its BRAND NAME because of this kind of employees. Kindly look into this section.

Thanks & Regards,

Arjun Ghagare
Apr 14, 2018

'Credit Card has not been received till date'

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference to the above mentioned Way Bill No & Reference No. the tracking details has been mentioned below. The same thing has been repeated what it has been done in past. Neither my consignment has been delivered to my location nor the delivery boy has been contact me.
I am unable to understand why the card is not being delivered in my location after two attempts.

I am suffering a lot since two months. No one from courier or SBI Credit card team is responding. It is totally unprofessionally behavior. Several mails/calls/complaint has been given but no response.

Kindly look out the matter seriously and sort out at earliest as it is a concern of non-payment due to unavailability of card.

Worst services of Blue dart courier has experienced.

Tracking details:-

Waybill No : 35209343330 Reference No : EV18085581752
Pickup Date 28 March 2018
From Gurgaon
To Mayurbhanj
Status Returned To Origin At Shipper'S Request
New Waybill No 42041996581

Status and Scans
Location Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 35209343330
Mayurbhanj Returned To Origin At Shipper'S Request 12-Apr-2018 16:06
Mayurbhanj Undelivered Shipment Held At Location 12-Apr-2018 11:27
Mayurbhanj Undelivered Shipment Held At Location 11-Apr-2018 11:58
Mayurbhanj Undelivered Shipment Held At Location 10-Apr-2018 07:58
Mayurbhanj Undelivered Shipment Held At Location 09-Apr-2018 16:43
Mayurbhanj Undelivered Shipment Held At Location 07-Apr-2018 17:05
Mayurbhanj Undelivered Shipment Held At Location 06-Apr-2018 22:46
Mayurbhanj Need Department Name/Extention Number 05-Apr-2018 21:02
Mayurbhanj Shipment Out For Delivery 03-Apr-2018 10:44
Mayurbhanj Shipment Arrived 03-Apr-2018 10:22
Mayurbhanj Shipment Arrived 03-Apr-2018 10:21
Air Hub In Bbw Shipment Further Connected 01-Apr-2018 21:50
Air Hub In Bbw Shipment Arrived 01-Apr-2018 11:28
Bhubaneswar Shipment Further Connected 31-Mar-2018 22:08
Bhubaneswar Shipment Arrived 31-Mar-2018 19:01
Air Hub In Bbw Shipment Arrived At Hub 31-Mar-2018 16:40
Calcutta Hub Shipment Further Connected 29-Mar-2018 16:16
Calcutta Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 29-Mar-2018 10:03
Calcutta Hub Network Delay, Will Impact Timely Delivery 29-Mar-2018 09:08
Delhi Hub Shipment Further Connected 29-Mar-2018 07:38
Delhi Hub Network Delay, Will Impact Timely Delivery 29-Mar-2018 06:34
Delhi Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 29-Mar-2018 02:34
Gurgaon Shipment Further Connected 29-Mar-2018 01:57
Gurgaon Shipment Arrived 28-Mar-2018 20:38
* - 24 Hr Format

Waybill No : 42041996581
From Mayurbhanj
To Mayurbhanj
Status Shipment Arrived

Status and Scans
Location Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 42041996581
Mayurbhanj Shipment Arrived 12-Apr-2018 16:06
* - 24 Hr Forma


Pratyush Kumar Barik
Apr 11, 2018


HI Team,

My pickup is registered for today by paytm, i have received message via Bluedart that pickup will be done by today but i have not received any call from concern person.

I have tried to contact on 18602331234 but call not connecting to customer care officer,i request you to please consider the request on priority

Contact No.: 9871006870(on which message received)

Customer care not responding and email got bounced on [email protected] due to :
"The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly."
Mar 29, 2018


I was to receive a card from SBI on March 6th and today as I am typing this out (29th March )the card is still not delivered.Very un professional employees .WHAT IS THE PROBLEM IN GIVING A CALL WHEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ADDRESS. Worst courier service. In this span have recieved different couriers from DTDC , Indian Post on the same address .But some how BLUEDART ALWAYS HAS A PROBLEM AND FAIL TO DELIVER.Please take call charges from us if its so costly for a company like you to AFFORD a simple call by your delivery guys.

VERY ARROGANT CUSTOMER SERVICE.A company with such a name is loosing its BRAND NAME because of this kind of employees. Kindly look into this section.

Have you ever taken the pain to look at all these complaints posted on different forums about your service?? are you actually look and work on them?? or it falls on deaf ears? because you see the so call WORLD WIDE WEB is FLOODED with COMPLAINTS onyour service but no improvements. Kindly make it a mandate to call your customer while delivering parcels , it WILL SOLVE half of these complaint. DONT loose your BRAND VALUE because of these petty employees.
AMAN SINGH chauhan
Mar 28, 2018

Shipment not delivered

Main Aman singh add. sf 754 sunder nagar panki kanpur nagar 208020 (up)

maine ebay.in se keybord purchese kiya tha jiski dilevry 26/3/18 ko honi thi but abhi tk delevry nhi hui
blue dart no.69591742172 ye h

blue dart is verry bad servises /
Mar 26, 2018

Wrong Status updated by Blue dart

Waybill No : 58288543390

Status Consignee Refused To Accept

Status and Scans
Location Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 58288543390
Meh Sfc/Apex Centre Consignee Refused To Accept 24-Mar-2018 16:10
Meh Sfc/Apex Centre Shipment Out For Delivery 24-Mar-2018 10:46
Meh Sfc/Apex Centre Customer Requested Future Delivery: Hal 24-Mar-2018 10:00
Meh Sfc/Apex Centre Consignee Out Of Station 23-Mar-2018 16:10
Meh Sfc/Apex Centre Shipment Out For Delivery 23-Mar-2018 10:41
Meh Sfc/Apex Centre Customer Requested Future Delivery: Hal 23-Mar-2018 10:30
Sarkhej Service Centre Shipment Arrived 23-Mar-2018 09:13
Sarkhej Service Centre Paper Work Inscan 23-Mar-2018 07:32
Ahmedabad Hub Shipment Further Connected 23-Mar-2018 07:29
Ahmedabad Hub Shipment Arrived 23-Mar-2018 06:45
Ahmedabad Hub Paper Work Inscan 23-Mar-2018 04:59
Mumbai Airport W/H Shipment Further Connected 23-Mar-2018 03:20
Mumbai Airport W/H Shipment Arrived 22-Mar-2018 22:58
Ovali Warehouse Shipment Further Connected 22-Mar-2018 22:32
Ovali Warehouse Shipment Arrived 22-Mar-2018 19:47

What the hell !

How come you can just update status as per your convenience?

24 hr Security is available then how come you are stating such type of status?

Not excepted from such a branded courier.

Pls take action on this & let me know where is shipment is & when the same will be delivered.
sri gayathri
Mar 23, 2018

Shipment not delivered


When I track the courier, it is showing as delivered. But I have not received the courier still. It's very important courier, so please help.

Dindigul: Shipment Delivered 21-Mar-2018 20:30
Dindigul: Shipment Out For Delivery 20-Mar-2018 19:50
Mar 23, 2018

Complaint against few emoyees

I am writing this to bring to your notice that the employees of your company(Blue Dart , Siliguri branch) lack professionalism
and it is with great regret that I am writing this that the company should take strict actions against those petty employes as the employees are the ones who represent the company.
I had orderd some products from zara but unfortunately I had some issues with the size, so then I requested for a return. The next day the courier person called me thrice and after 15 min I called him back, but not even once did he receive my call then the next day a lady was over the phone and she told me that the courier person attempted the pick up many a times which is absolutely a lie and strictly instructed me not to let my phone out of my sight which was very rude, this incident took place around 10am in the morning, but I didn't receive a call at all so at 5 pm I called at the office and the excuse that they gave me was that the courier person had exhausted his recharge, so he couldn't call me. I even bought their excuse and they had promised the pick up the very next day at around 4pm and they called me up at 2pm informing me that since my location was very far they told me that it was difficult to preform the said task.
Actually I had requested zara to change my address and they had consented to it.
My main grivance is that the emoyees are very unprofessional and it causes alot of inconvenience to the customers.
I highy recommend that you take actions against such incidents and the individuals responsible for it or the company will soon loose its goodwill among the people.
I would appreciate an apology letter for the inconvinence caused
Laminder singh
Mar 23, 2018

courier delevery extraordianairy delayed

A consignment was booked on 7.3.18 from Ahemdabad,docket no.50492896344 via our EWay no.1803W11917000109659
and invoice dated 6.3.18 of Rs.49578.00.The material was not received by us and inspite of our regular & rigorous correspondence we received a surprising answer on 19.3.18 from your company representatives that the material could not be sent as the date of the Eway bill has expired and thus they require a new EWay bill and therefore we were left with no choice but generate a new EWay Bill and new intermediate no.77917000687336 on 19.3.18 but unfortunately this extremely important and urgent consignment has not been received by us till the mailing of this complaint. We had chosen BlueDart for this consignment simply because we wanted this consignment to reach us safely and on time and inspite of paying more amount of money to your company and if we compare the tariff with any other courier company then the tariff of your company is highest in INDIA we have not received any satisfactory response from your representatives, no quality services and we were made to realise that Blue Dart is an irresponsible company who are not caring or bothered about their clients irrespective of being in the number one position in INDIA which we are now realising is not correct at all.I am writing this mail that we have already suffered huge losses because of your negligence and the consignment is of spare parts which was required urgently to start our machinery which is not running till date because of these parts.My company expects a suitable and relevant answer soon because not supplying consignment on time is breach of compliance for GST and our company.If the material is not delivered to us now we would not be left with no other choice but to take legal action against your company because we have been harassed and on other hand suffered huge financial losses because of the negligence of your company.
[email protected]
Mar 19, 2018

Regarding Credit Card

HDFC has sent my card last week,But still it was not delivered.
The given number was not connected.

Ref way bill no:34863669820
Kindly check it.

worst courier...................................................blue dart
Mar 14, 2018

Worst delivery service

Blue dart is the worst service that I have ever seen.
No proper customer care service.
Fake live delivery tracker..
Mar 13, 2018


There was one courier for me dispatched on 27th Feb' 2017, The same has not been delivered to me at Jammu, I have called their customer care three times and sent them mail 2 times, but no response from them neither through email nor any call received, When I am tracking my airway bill it shows packet is in Jammu branch for delivery.

Please look into this as couriers are sent only when there these are been delivered timely.

Mar 10, 2018

Product delivery

i hat this blue dart courier i don't expect from 3 days sow me that today your delivery arrived today daily tell me executive but this courier really cccccccccccccccccccccc dont use this courier guys bhosdiwale chhutiya samjhte hein
Bushan Lal Bhat
Mar 6, 2018

Non delivery of important document

The Courier was booked at Srinagar on 2nd March 2018 in the morning to be delivered to Sh. Ashok Kumar Bhat C/O J&K Small Scale Industries Dev. Corporation Ltd. Jawahar Lal Nehru Udyog Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Rail Head Complex, Jammu but this has not been delivered to the addresse till date. Being a urgent document this need to be delivered at the earliest.
Mar 6, 2018


i have not received my shipment no AWB34978043236. wihout attempting the delivery of shipment how can cancel.
service is very poor.amzon and flipkart delivery received by me without any problem.
Feb 22, 2018

public interest

Can your forum do thing for the customers who are suffering from substandard , mischievous , obsoleted , rude services of Blue Dart. Can there be a news that all the corporates/ Banks and Misc. Types of Institute should not send the material by Blue Dart.

It is having indefinite No. of complaint , regarding non delivery , rude behaviour , late delivery , unattending on customer care ,old phone numbers and addresses.
Or please guide me how to do , where to do???
I am very sure that corporates/ Banks etc etc are gloves in hand with these peoples > they shall be bribing their executives or influential person to get the business even after the worst service provider.
Corporates do not suffer but only the customer suffers.
Hope you shall help
Feb 19, 2018

Courier not received

I've not received my courier from BLUEDART. Waybill number 69766248742. Pickup date is 15 February 2018
still not received my courier and expected delivery date was 19 Feb 2018 . The tracking details are
Status and Scans
Location Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 69766248742
Jaipur Hub Load On Hold;Space Constraint In Net Veh 18-Feb-2018 15:52
Jaipur Hub Load On Hold;Space Constraint In Net Veh 18-Feb-2018 08:00
Jaipur Hub Load On Hold;Space Constraint In Net Veh 17-Feb-2018 13:27
Jaipur Hub Load On Hold;Space Constraint In Net Veh 17-Feb-2018 12:38
Jaipur Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 17-Feb-2018 02:59
Jaipur Hub Shipment Arrived 17-Feb-2018 02:59
Jaipur Hub Network Delay, Will Impact Delivery 16-Feb-2018 21:30
Rama Road Hub Shipment Further Connected 16-Feb-2018 15:18
Rama Road Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 16-Feb-2018 10:03
Delhi Hub Shipment Further Connected 16-Feb-2018 09:18
Delhi Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 16-Feb-2018 06:20
Ahmedabad Hub Shipment Further Connected 16-Feb-2018 03:38
Ahmedabad Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 15-Feb-2018 21:05
Bareja Epu Shipment Further Connected 15-Feb-2018 19:23
Bareja Epu Shipment Arrived 15-Feb-2018 16:10
Bareja Epu Shipment Picked Up 15-Feb-2018 14:19
Feb 18, 2018

corrier not recived

Waybill No : 34947703733 Reference No : 117997022878665191
Pickup Date 14 February 2018
From Mumbai
To Meerut
Status Consignee'S Address Incomplete/Landmark
Expected Date of Delivery 17 February 2018
Location Details Date Time *
Waybill No : 34947703733
Civil Line Service Centre Consignee'S Address Incomplete/Landmark Needed 16-Feb-2018 13:00
Civil Line Service Centre Shipment Arrived 16-Feb-2018 09:36
Civil Line Service Centre Shipment Arrived 16-Feb-2018 09:36
Delhi Hub Shipment Further Connected 16-Feb-2018 04:52
Delhi Hub Shipment Arrived At Hub 15-Feb-2018 06:45
Mumbai Hub Shipment Further Connected 15-Feb-2018 04:47
Mumbai Hub Shipment Arrived 15-Feb-2018 02:16
Lpr Hub Shipment Further Connected 15-Feb-2018 00:51
Lpr Hub Shipment Arrived 15-Feb-2018 00:45
Lower Parel Shipment Further Connected 15-Feb-2018 00:14
Lower Parel Shipment Arrived 14-Feb-2018 14:46
* - 24 Hr Format
not recived and not contect blue dart corrier so change this number and contect to customer
Feb 17, 2018

No responsibility for Bluedart

For the AwB No.69779171243, the item has been in Coimbatore since 4 days. The irresponsible Bluedart updates the tracking list with non sense comments such as address not found, address is an educational institution etc. I have sent multiple emails asking to call me with the mobile numbers. There's only 1 customer service number to contact bluedart. They charge Rs 2 per minute. I called this number and talked with the guy for 10 minutes. He said he will track the courier and give me call. Why this irresponsible delivery man can't call in one of the mobile numbers which I have given, if he cannot find the address in the world where any address including mine can be found on Google maps.
Feb 16, 2018

Non Attempted delivery update

My Shipment track number - 42666397141

The shipment was never attempted to my house and the delivery office never contacted me as well over the phone, but my phone number is correct because I am getting messages from BlueDart. The last message I got was unable to locate the address
Madhurjya phukan
Feb 16, 2018

Refused to deliver at my address

My order from Snapdeal bluedart AWB number: 54421818581 is refused to deliver at my address by the blue dart delivery person though my address is within their delivery area and ask me to collect the same from their office.I had such experience with blue dart before and had to collect a heavy parcel from their office at my own cost.Kindly arrange to deliver my parcel as soon as possible at my home address and strict action with such employees is required in this regard or stop transporting such item which cannot be delivered at home address.
virendra bhardwaj
Feb 9, 2018

item not delivered

My courrier untill not delivered

Order ID:139630904 Order Placed on Tue, 30 Jan 2018

Description: Order Undelivered

Shipment Details
Carrier NameBluedart- DartPlus Shipment Date 09 Feb 2018
Tracking Number 75405641010
Feb 7, 2018


Waybill No : 34849720301 Reference No : EV17363333510
Pickup Date 30 December 2017
From Gurgaon TO MHOW
MOB NO 9166640076
Feb 2, 2018

Product didn't got delivered

My ICICI card supposed to be delivered to my address by 2nd of February. But I didn't receive the product and then the updated in their tracking details that consignee was not available. Whereas I never received any call or anything.

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