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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

May 23, 2017

Lost a Thela bag (Shoes and Lower)

While going from HSR signal to Bellendur in AC BMTC BUS, I forgot to take my Hand bag(Thela) which contain a Pair of PUMA shoes (Black with green touch) and a dark grey color "lower". If any of you find please contact at 8754224029.
May 15, 2017

Conductor not accepting 10 rupee coin

While travelling from kormanagala 1st block to Christ college.. conductor of bus KA01FA1506 tkt no 6174 refuses to accept 10 rupee coin saying it as fake on 15-05-2017

As I have read over the net that it's not fake coin.
Let me know wether those are and Kindle let me know what I have to do to escalate so that other ppl like me won't face such issues.
May 11, 2017

Lost wallet in bus

Yesterday(10th May 2017) while going in 279 E bus from Ashwath nagar, Bhupasandra, Sanjay nagar to RajivGandhi stop around 11:00 am, I have lost my wallet in bus. I have noticed that my wallet had been left in bus after I deboard the bus. The wallet contains important document such as my adhar acrd, Dependent card, Entry card of Air force camp HQTC and two debit card. It also had money arround Rs. 70. If anyone finds it, you can contact me on 9911964124.
It would be a great help.

Name: Anurag Pathak
s/0: MWO R U Pathak
# 9911964124
May 1, 2017

Need more Volvo to brookbond/Whitefield

Tooooo many buses to ITPL, but not enough that go through Brookbond, Whitefield and Hope Farm directly. They all go through CMRIT. Please please increase the frequency of buses that go straight from Marathahalli instead of turning left at Kundanahalli.

Also, there are too many private buses on the road that don't follow rules and cause disruption to the regular bus service. Please do something about it.

Thanks! Uma
Shivam Choudhary 2809
May 1, 2017

No proper bus service

Waiting for the bus towards Kammanhalli since two hours . The authority is doing nothing. Its always tell same in that route.. Why people suffering so much.. Two hours is horrible to wait..
Apr 25, 2017

demanding ticket instead of having pass

ka 53f 114 conductor denied me to allow to travel using bus pass and made me get down in mid of the road and spoke singularly with me
Apr 25, 2017

conductor demanded to buy the ticket after showing the pass too

conductor was demanding to buy the ticket instead of having the pass he told the route is not right but I am travelling in the same route from past 2 years the bus no is ka 51 f 114 he spoke in disrespectful way to me
Hosanaa Bernadet
Apr 19, 2017

Violation of duty and bias to non Kannada passengers

I have a complaint to make against the incident that happened on13/4/17 on the BMTC bus starting from depot of Bannerghata national park at 4.30 pm. The bus no. Is KA-01 FA-2274. Me, my sister and friend, 3 girls we're having 1 day pass and were travelling from starting point of Bannerghatta National Park to Kormangala. We we're talking about study issue among ourselves in the bus and suddenly the bus conductor shouted on us. I asked why? What happened? He said, stop talking in English. I was shocked, my friends we're shocked too. I told him that we have freedom of speech in our country and you have no right to stop us from talking in whichever language we want. I told him that we are not fighting, we are not disturbing anyone. Then who is he to order us? We continued talking. Then the conductor said that passengers who have bus PASS should get down as he will not allow them on this bus. Many passengers were forced to get down without any valid reason. Even we had pass but we did not get down. The rule says that bus pass is valid for normal non- AC BMTC bus for full day, then why was the conductor breaking the rules. This is wrong. He did not return change money to many people even though many gave him coins. His pocket had coins. I travelled till dairy circle and changed my bus.
The conductor must be punished for violation of his duty and for misconduct and biasness towards north Indians and English language. I am sending the photo of the accused. Kindly take my complain seriously.

Violation of duty and bias to non Kannada passengers

Omana B
Apr 17, 2017

Very very Less frequency of Buses (G4)

Very very Less frequency of Buses (G4)
There are very less number of buses from Brigade Road to Bannerghatta, I am standing in Brigade Road bus stop from 06:00 PM to 7:45 PM not even a single G4 bus I could see.

As we all have family where in as woman I have to be on time at home, as my children will be waiting for us and start other works at home.

Kindly provide G4 bus at intervals of 15 minute i.e. from 6:00 PM onwards which is a peak time for working women.

Apr 12, 2017

Engaged in listening to songs of other languages

Being a Karnataka Government transportation,in a BMTC bus having no : KA 01 FA 1164,driver has put private speakers in the bus and engaged in listening to the songs of the other language apart from Kannada.
Poorvi R Shekar
Apr 8, 2017

Lost pink ladies wallet

I have lost pink wallet with Vijaya bank , Kotak debit card, drivers license, Aadhar card along with bus pass and money 700rs while traveling from Indian express to Hegde Nagar in bus no 290E
Apr 5, 2017

Conductor not ready to give ticket

I boarded bus 342H KA 53 F 158 on April 05 2017 from Agra to Koramangala last stop and the conductor refused to give ticket. As I am a lady and not conversant in the local language, I did not demand one.
Please take the conductor to task for dishonest behaviour.

Irritated lady passenger.
Chandana lokesh
Mar 24, 2017

Lost my wallet

I have lost my wallet in 90 bus route which I boarded from majestic metro station around 9.30
It contained my GOVT ids two debit cards and my workplace id which has my contact details Kindly return it if you have found it
Mar 22, 2017

Bangalore BMTC bus rash driving

KA 57 F 1320

201G bus number

Driver is too rash in driving.
Please take necessary action.
Mar 17, 2017

Rude behavior and used slangs also took more fare cheated on me

HI SIRMAM this is a serious issue regarding 306D Bus which runs from devanagundi to majestic.
The bus conductor took from me more fare for Halasuru to corporation bus stop the fare is 14 RS but this bus conductor took from me 17 RS that too I gave him 20 RS note and he didn't returned me change also. He also argued and talked with me with local slangs and very rudely.
As a citizen of India and living in Bangalore for more than 6 years I want you to take very strict action against that bus conductor find him and bring him in front of me otherwise I will take this matter to court.
Kindly request you to respond me back with results.
dipinder singh
Mar 16, 2017

Conductor not ready to give ticket

Generally I go to office from BTM to Richmond Circle on Bike. But today my bike was punctured so my friend dropped me till Nimhans Hospital Bus stop. From there I took bus towards Richmond Circle. Bus Number was KA57F0423.
When conductor asked for the Ticket I gave him 100Rs note and he returned me 90Rs without giving any ticket. when I asked him for the Ticked he told me to wait. After 5 mints I again asked him for the ticket he said that "ticket price is 12 RS you give me 2 Rs and change I will give you the ticket" . I said that take another 10 Rs from me and give me the ticket writing 8Rs balance behind the ticket. He got angry while doing so and started abusing me in front of other co-passengers. He had change but he still did't give me.
People in bus told me that this is the Scandal going on , all conductors on the name of change of 1 or 2 Rs don't give tickets to passengers and put that money in their pockets.
Later I again asked him for the change he very rudely returned 8 Rs to me as People give money to beggars and scolded me again in front of the co-passengers.

I think BMTC should take a step to educate conductors how to behave with the passengers and start checking for the Scandal happening in the name of the change.

Attached is the photo of ticket

Bus No:KA57F0423

Conductor not ready to give ticket

Mar 13, 2017

BMTC bus driver threatening lady passenger

Hi Sir/ madam,

Today I got into bus no KA 01 FA 1449 route no. 410A/5 and 600F two boards are available on bus. I boarded the bus at Bommanhalli to BTM bus stop at 7.45pm on 13.03.2017, as soon as got into the bus, driver was shouted at me that where I have to get down. I said BTM then he immediately shouted at me in a nasty voice in Kannada and told me to go inside.

I said to him why are shouting like that will go slowly as there is nothing is available to hold.then again he was telling in Kannada coming to Bangalore you are shouting on me. Then again he asked from where I have come from.i said hyderbad.. then immediately he was threatening me saying 'do you want to go back to Hyderabad' ? Same he repeated twice in Kannada then I said what do you mean by it. Then conductor said to driver don't talk anymore and telling him coming from outside station she is shouting on kannadiga's, then again conductor told him to stop talking then he kept quiet.

But, being a non local and a lady I will have my own fear, being an public service department employee talks in such a manner then any lady will get scared.

I really wanted to give police complaint on that driver under harshment and using abusing language on a lady passenger.if bmtc department is not going to take a action on him.

Please find the attached ticket to find the details of the bus and timings of it to get the driver detials and take proper action on him by suspending from his duties.

Please do the needful for the sake of lady passengers.

BMTC bus driver threatening lady passenger

sahana satish
Mar 9, 2017

regarding conductor

Hi Sir/Madam.

Today I was traveling in bus KA01FA892 (500F) which is traveling from kadugodi to silkboard.I took bus from ITPL but condutor gave me the ticket from hope form to vydehi and charged the same money.when I asked about the same he was talking rudely.even he didnt return the changes.please take action.
Mar 6, 2017

Conductor over charged

I paid amount 30 Rupees and conductor didnt gave the ticket.When asked for ticket the conductor asked 54 Rupees from meenakshi mall to arekere stop.I had provided the ticket number.These kind of conductor loot the citizens.Please take action against such BMTC employees.He told his name as Honnapa and he was so arogant that he said go and complaint , he was sure that nothing action will be taken against him.Let see through this web site how the justice will be served.

Bus num - 831 (365 route)
date/Timing - 6th march 2017 - 11:58

I have tickets with me
Mar 3, 2017

lost my wallet

I have lost my wallet in 600F BMTC bus while travelling from hosa road to bomasandra, I was having my pan card and credit card and also money in the wallet. If anyone finds please contact me 9379023903.
Mar 3, 2017

lost my wallet

lost my wallet in 600f bus while travelling from hosa road to bomasandra.
Mar 2, 2017

officer stolen money

This is Rajanna , i had purchased BMTC monthly bus pass from Kengeri satellite bus stop , I used debit card to pay the mony while paying amount 1050 Rs officer said me to enter pass word but 2100 Rs debited in my account .
Regarding this i enquired in office they told BMTC were robbed your money twice for single pass .
No body is responding me to this concern pls help me and take action toward this.
My contact no 8892916645
pooja hazira
Feb 15, 2017


Requested you to provide sufficient buses from BRIGADE ROAD TO BANNERGATTA ROAD (G4) Morning and evening (9:00 HRS and 18:00 HRS)
Feb 14, 2017

BMTC Ticket Checker

I have traveled in BMTC bus from Konappana Agrahara bus stop to Velankanni stop. Bus fair is 5. I had paid that , but conductor missed to give me the ticket.I was carrying my kid and luggage and have to get down in next stop. When I was about to get down checker came and asked me ticket.I told I have paid but conductor ddn't gave ticket . But the checker was too rude and she asked me to pay penalty.

Since I ddn't have money that I told I will withdraw from ATM and give you money.But by the time bus moved and it crossed my stop and went to long distance.
I asked to stop bus, but they were not ready to do that.
Later in one stop they asked me to get down and checker also came with me.
But there was no ATM near by, and she made me to walk long distance with my luggage and kid.
It was a very bad experience from BMTC and the checker who didn't even consider the situation.
She asked me to pay Rs. 230. But the actual fair was Rs.5 , In that case penalty should be Rs 50.
This is the Receipt No : Y-16B 06962

BMTC Ticket Checker

Vaseeq Mehraj
Feb 10, 2017

Lost Bus pass purse with ID proofs

This is Vaseeq Mehraj.
On Feb 10th 2017 I lost my Bus Pass purse in BMTC Volvo bus. (500CA) route from Marathahalli (Kalaamandir) to ITPL. I think Bus is of Banashankari Bus Station.
The purse had BMTC ID, Pan Card, and my Feb month pass (2300 worth).

If anyone finds it pls contact me :
Vaseeq Mehraj.

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