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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

Aarthi Gowda
Sep 22, 2017

Conductor misbehaving G 2 bus

G2 bus conductor misbehaves. Bus Num KA01 FA 2275 dated 22nd step 2017 @ 5:30p.m. this conductor always misbehaves with female passengers like not issuing tickets, talking rude, keeps dashing d females. When we ask for tickets he will never issue says will give later, never gives back d change amt when asked he starts scolding giving bad words.
Please action n needs to be taken against him as we female passengers are not safe.
Sep 21, 2017

About driver

KA-57 F-757, This bus is 378 Bus. This bus driver not giving proper stops in bus stops, rash driving, and rude behavior.
Sep 17, 2017

Charging 220 for the conductor's mistake

July 24,I entered into the bus at Garudacharpalya in this morning approximately after 7 am. The conductor came and I told him that I have to get down at Krishna Raj puram railway station with 10 rs. in my hand, but the conductor went back without taking money and giving ticket, sir I am new in this place, even first time I was traveling in bmtc bus, I thought conductor will come back, but then a lady may be checker entered in just 2 minutes and charged me 220 rs. for no reason. I was waiting with money in my hand. This was done purposely I can say . The system is too much worse. It's the responsibility of conductor to give tickets then I understood the conductor was not even accepting his false , I am a student and they charged me for no reason, I tried to explain but the lady was so rude even they were not behaving property n the Conductor was worse, see this was the worst experience ever in Bangalore. I am not a stupid , in just 2 minutes everything happened. I was not able to understand. I don't have money to waste like this just because of the greedy conductors. I can't tell even how my angry I am. First time this kind of behaviour is done with my by the cheap checker and conductor, even the customer care told to mail to bmtc site ,I males them too but I didn't get solution, as the customer care said it was the mistake of conductor. I just want my money back. It can be understood if I refused to take tickets and they did this at the time of getting down. But in just two minutes they did even I told him I have to kr puram station , he didn't say anything about the fair neither he took 10 rs.

I am very upset with the system. I just want my money back.

Charging 220 for the conductor's mistake

Aug 31, 2017

Provide more buses in kengeri police station

We facing more problem in bus stop .Not coming the bus in time and also not stoping in kengeri police station
Aug 31, 2017

Abusive behaviour of driver and conductor

31st August, around 930 a.m, I took a 335 BMTC bus from Kundanhalli gate to pattandur gate. As soon as we boarded the driver started shouting in Kannada. As soon as any girl boards the bus,the driver used to shout in Kannada. The bus was overly packed. The conductor took advantage of the situation and started feeling up all the women, including me. He was behaving as if he is giving ticket and accidentally touching. He was feeling up really badly. And the driver kept on abusing in Kannada. The driver was driving really harshly also. Please take action against them. I have attached pic of the conductor. Bus number is KA-01 F-8867. Depot 16. It is really frustrating and upsetting. please take strict action.

Abusive behaviour of driver and conductor

Aug 25, 2017

Ticket change my given

Bus conductor didn't give change of 5rs even though he had.
When asked he started shouting at me.
Very bad behavior by the conductor.
Bus number 540.
Trip from koramangala to agara.
Vehicle number attached.

Ticket change my given

Aug 23, 2017

Ticket Issues

Yesterday(23.8.17 , 8. 00 am) I was board from Electronic City to Wipro gate. The Ticket cost is Rs.5. I have given money. But conductor is not issuing the ticket. I asked him, he said that, he closed the ticket machine like that. But The checker came and ask for the ticket, We don't have. That time also we asked conductor, what is the solution. He told us to ask Ticket checker. But we paid the ticket money, he is not issuing the ticket. this is his mistake. But Ticket collector never ask single question to him. She asked us to pay fine. What about that conductor. This is the justice in Bangalore. Please take action on both conductor and ticket checker. Bus number is 378. Route: Electronic City to Wipro, (I don't know the exact destination)
Aug 21, 2017


The BMTC conductors in bangalore figured out a smart way loot public. They does in many ways.

1.They does not issue a ticket for short distances.
2. When they are supposed to give small change Rs 2/-, 3/- they say collect at the end of journey and when asked at end they deny saying they do not have change even though have.
3. Issue a ticket which will be from previous stop to next stop than giving for correct stops.

ex:- if asked a ticket from Tin factory to Manyata tech park, they will issue ticket from KRpuram to Hebbal.

I am sure BMTC will address the issue at the earliest. Else commuters will have no choice than approaching social media. There are several complaints from different people on the same issue with evidences. Hope BMTC takes action else it will suffer significant loss.
Aug 21, 2017


The conductors figured out a smart of looting public. When the ticket is asked from Tin factory to Manya tech park the conductor issues ticket from KRpuram railwaystation to Hebbal. When asked he says the fare is same, but I am sure there will be definitely a fare difference. I am not a frequent traveller but whenever I travel I noticed. This is the case with most of the bus conductors.

Also I see similar complaints in this regard. I believe this grievance cell will be addressed by BMTC authorities at the earliest and will definitely figure out a method to avoid this, else the commuters will not have any other option rather than approaching social media.
Aug 21, 2017

Wrong ticket

From banashankari to tin factory the cost of ticket is Rs.90. Just boarded from. Silk board to tin factory and the cost is rs.80+4(gst).. the lady conductor present in bus have provided the destination as kasthuri nagara which is 3.8 km from tin factory.. when asked no response.. bus number V-500A/26 .. ka0H 4598.. please don't let them cheat us. at least a proper explanation would be satisfied..
Aug 19, 2017

Very very rash driving

Dear Sir,
Yesterday afternoon dated 19/8/2017 time 12:30 pm I was going to nagarbhavi in my bike I was near pes engineering college outerring road of banashankari bmtc bus KA57 F 1524 signal jumped and about to hit my bike but luckily I saw in my rare mirror and avoided the accident,than I overtook the bus and the driver to stop the bus but the driver was very very rude saying im government employee I have rights to jump d signal nobody can do anything to me,when I told him you were about to hit my bike the driver replied very very rude saying again if u cum in front of my bus ill ride my bus on your bike, if requesting bmtc authorities to take action against him this drivers are shameful to your department.

Thanks & Regards
Zaheer Khan

Very very rash driving

Aug 19, 2017

Concession for senior

I was travelling in a/c bus from KBS to Attibelle route no V360B/1 @3.55 pm o produced original PAN card in proof of age for senior citizen for claiming concession. The condutor collected normal charge
Refuse to accept PAN. PL refund the excess fare. V.krishnaswsmu ,9345055506
Aug 17, 2017

Rude behaviour conductor

Bus stop : Binnamangla indiranagar
DATE : 17th Aug 2017
Time : 6:15 pm
Bus #: KA 01 FA 1833
Ticket # : 62

This is the 2nd time I am reporting rude behaviour from bus conductor. I was travelling from Binnamangla to budigere cross. Ticket fare is Rs.22, I gave 55 to the conductor . He asked me for RS.2 change . When is mentioned that I do not have change he started screaming at me and mentioned " you should carry change while travelling in bus". When is told him to behave properly and speak he abused me and denied to write the pending amount in the ticket ,rs 8.

This is very disappointing to have treated this way. Not sure if someone looks into these complaints and take necessary action .
Aug 15, 2017


The bus no MF20 from jayadeva to nice road the conductor in the bus is saying that the pass is not allowed in the bus instead of that the person has to take the ticket what is the problem
Aug 15, 2017

Conductor Behaviour

Today mrng around 8 am I boarded the bus in Electronic City phase 2 to Bommasandra. The cost of the ticket is 10 rupees. I don't have change so I gave 100 rupees. In return he asked 10 rupees I told him decently that I don't have change. He wrote me 100 at backside of ticket and gave me back and told me to collect at Bus depo.

I asked him a simple logic that even if I wrote some amount let's say 100 and go to depo and told those ppl that conductor told me to collect here. Is it acceptable? No answer from him. So how can depo people trust me? He failed to answer this simple logic. In return I asked his name and contact for reference purpose. He started shouting on me, making me to get down of Bus without having any valid reason. Is this way of behaviour with lady in the bmtc? Shouting and arguing doesn't make sense. Understanding the situation resolve chaos.

I need a explanation to this situation.

Conductor Behaviour Conductor Behaviour

Aug 13, 2017

Incorrect ticket was issued

I boarded the train from Mahadevpura bus stop , the conductor had a spare ticket which was already taken by some passengers which was from K. R. Puram . When I asked him he started abusing and used foul words . When I said that I would complain against him . The conductor said that the higher cannot take any action against him . (In Kannada , Nan makalru yen kitkondtare nandu Avre Nan daye dali iradu ) . I want to know what action was taken against him . BMTC should start grooming their employees and try to make them a bit civilized . I suppose the conductor was drunken . He even didn't issue tickets to passengers who were traveling for 1-2 stages .

Incorrect ticket was issued

Aug 12, 2017

Bus not stopping

Bus no KA-57-F-761 not stopping in Christ university stop on 12 aug 2017 and arguing with passengers for the same
Rahul M Nair
Aug 11, 2017

Conductor Misbehaving

Bus number KA 01 F 4497, rout Hennur bande was misbehaving with the passengers with vulgar words. He does not let the students to get in the bus as we hold student pass. Very much disappointed with his behavior with the male/female student passengers too.Please take a strict action as this should not occur further.
Aug 10, 2017

loss of wallet

While travelling by route G 2 from Belandur Gate bus stop to Sony Signal, between 12.15 pm to 1 pm, I lost a ladies wallet (a big colourful one) containing a debit card and the cash amout of above Rs. 3000.00 in the bus itself. Kindly help me recover it. Hope you will try your best. My particulars:
Shashi Gupta
Mobile number 9535198028
Th Paukhanmawi
Aug 9, 2017

Student Bus Pass

Dear Sir/Mam,
My cousin is travelling daily in a BMTC Buses for his college. We used to take Student Bus Pass every year. But this year they told us that Aadhar Card is mandatory. His Aadhar card when checked on online, it says Rejected. Due to this Resistance we are stuck and we need to pay daily which is really a inconvenience for us. Daily we are spending money for is Bus fair which was really hard to manage for a poor family like us.

Why is Aadhar Card Mandatory while the Aadhar Card getting Process is too slow. They should make it this mandatory for Student or else they should be able to issue a temporary Bus Pass till the time we could get his Aadhar Card. We badly need this Bus Pass as he is travelling every Singl day for College except for Sunday and National Holiday.

Alex Th Paukhanmawi

Aug 9, 2017

Incorrect ticket issued


I've boarded the bus 500E going to Electronic city at Mahadevapura bus stop. Asked for the ticket to Devarabeesanahalli bus stop and gave him Rs.50. Ticket cost is Rs.42 and conductor asked me Rs.2 change. I said I dont have the change.

For that he issued me ticket from Mahadevapura to Kadabisanahalli with fare of Rs.32 and gave me Rs.10 change. I have questioned him why did he issue wrong destination ticket. He said as I have not given Rs.2 change, he issued me the ticket with different destination.
I asked him what if Ticket inspection happens after Kadubeesanahalli and for that he didn't answer anything and went on.

Very reckless behavior. Please ensure BMTC conductors do not issue such wrong tickets just for the sake of change not given by passenger.
Aug 6, 2017

Over charging

Sir, I was travelling from kempgowda bus stand to marathahalli market in ordinary BMTC bus. Normal fare is RS 23. The conductor give me the ticket upto kundalahalli gate stop. Which costs RS 35. I told the conductor that I want ticket only upto marathahalli market. Then he said the fare is same. But fare is different. Please resolve it sir. I don't know why he overcharged me even after telling him.

Over charging

Jul 27, 2017


Today 27/07/2017, I lost my wallet in BMTC bus number 500D travelling from MANYATA TECHPARK to SILKBOARD..
I boarded the bus from MANYATA techpark around 6.40pm around.

My wallet had my PAN card , AADHAR card , SBI atm card and one more atm card alongwith 600 rupees and one pendrive.

It will be helpful if someone help me with this.

Contact me at 9844387253.
Jul 21, 2017

356cw didn't go on flyover. Still the conductor didn't give us the money back.

KA-57-F-927 at 11.15 on 21 July 2017 .
The conductor collected toll fee and issued tickets. Even after we didn't travel in flyover he refused to return the toll fee for the tickets. I had a pass. He should have refunded it to us when the bus didn't take the Flyover.
Jul 20, 2017

Bad Condition of bus


BMTC bus route number NICE 4 which comutes from Vijayanagara to Wipro Gate is in very bad condition. It takes ages to reach the destination.I request you to change the bus ,As lot of people commute daily can reach on time.


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