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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

Mar 16, 2018

Charges extra

BMTC BUS no. KA 57 F-1405 BUS Conductor charges extra. I board on KTPO but he cut ticket from graphite india and when i object he started shouting. Please do needful help.

Charges extra

Mar 16, 2018

Unstable windows and leakage inside buses

Dear BMTC Authorities, hoping that you guys will read it and do something about it.

When it rains it's really difficult to travel in BMTC buses. Majority of the buses will be leaking from inside and it's very difficult for the passengers to sit or even stand inside the bus . Please do something about the windows and overhead opening of the buses. Seal them properly.

Just collecting the ticket money or pass money isn't enough. Use it for the development of BMTC also .
Mar 16, 2018

Conductor asked us to get in Non A/c bus from A/C bus in between Journey

I got in to BMTC Volvo bus at Banasawadi to travel ro Silkboard. The Lady conductor in the bus asked us to get down at HSR BDA Complex busstop and asked us yo get in Non A/C bus till silk board. She mentioning that traffic is there and no A/C bus immediately available.

Conductor asked us to get in Non A/c bus from A/C bus in between Journey

Vineet Kulkarni
Mar 16, 2018

Delay in bus timingd

This Complaint is specifically regarding timings of volvo buses. I travel by V-335E volvo daily.No standard timing is maintained. Conductor and driver keep waiting till they get passengers. If the bus is blocked by some other bus in front or sideways then conductor does not even bother to ask other bus driver to move a bit. It seems like they want to have such kind of blocks to keep waiting and accumulate more passengers. Almost all passengers In these buses are working class people and time is important for them. Conductor and driver does not even have a shame or sense that they are causing delay in schedules of many people. Even when bus starts, purposely it is driven way too slowly and made to stop extra time on all stops. Please look into this issue or else it's gonna cost bmtc its revenue on long term. People are already actively looking for other options.
Mar 12, 2018


Hi,This is a complaint for Bus no.KA-57F-3035,KBS-1I,today was the worst day for me,many times it happened before but today crossed all the limits,i requested to bus driver to open doors near KG road circle(Near alankar plaza) but he refused to open and wen i asked him that what is the problem in opening than he started shouting and started using bad abusing lenguage that "" from where you people have come and do GAAND MASTI and this is our bangalore we bangalorian will cut you and throw you somewhere,and go where ever you want to go for complaint NAMGE YAR DU BHAYA ILLA he was telling , i want to ask BMTC that are we north indians are not paying money or travelling free? every time these drivers or conductors insults north indians,i notice daily that from marthalli to kundalahalli gate these conductors never give tickits and if anyone asks for the tickit ,they insult and close the door near kundalahalli gate,they hardly return 1 or 2 rs change, i just want to say to banagalorian that BANGALORE OR KARNATAKA IS A PART OF INDIA ANY ANYBODY CAN COME HERE,WE ALL ARE EDUCATED AND WORKING HERE AFTER LEAVING OUR FAMILIES BEHIND, BUT WE ARE NOT HERE TO GET INSULTED LIKE THIS ON DAILY BASIS,,WE NORTH INDIANS WILL GO ONE DAY BUT THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR OF BANGALORIANS IS JUST SPOILLING THE IMAGE OF THE STATE. KINDLY TAKE SOME ACTION AGAINST THAT DRIVER .
Mar 8, 2018

G4 bus number hardly available

This Bus route number G4 that goes from Bannerghatta to brigade road and vice versa is hardly available. Everyday it comes on whichever time . There is no scheduled time. Earlier from Johnson market I used to board the bus at 7:04 or max 7:10 and now the bus isn't available till 7:45. And to add to it, It's always over crowded people are hanging out of the door. Why is the service so bad?...Why can't the bus be frequent when there are people travelling
Bindhu Madhuri
Mar 6, 2018

Lost Wallet in BMTC KA57F151 on 6/3/2018

I lost my wallet in BMTC Bus today at around 7:10 PM transiting from ITPL to Silkboard (KA57F151). It was stolen by 2 tamil speaking ladies working in MNC company. It was Pink Baggit hand wallet consisting of 1.5K in cash, 5 Debit cards, 4 Credit Cards and other cards, Family photos and important original ID cards as PAN, Aadhaar, Driving License, Vehicle RC.

If found call me on 8861003255.

Bindhu Madhuri Muppala.
Mar 4, 2018

Against the conductor

I was travelling In BMTC bus no ka57f2867 from Banaswadi to Marathalli when i was boarding the bus i asked the conductor that the bus will go till marathalli or not? then the bus conductor said it will go till marathalii but upon reaching kalamandir he stopped the bus and said this is the last stop when i asked him that the bus should go till marathalli which is the next stop but the bus conductor started fighting with me and he pushed me ...if i have paid the money till the stop the bus should go till there this is not correct so i want to register a complaint against the conductor.

Against the conductor

Prathyusha Reddy P
Mar 3, 2018

Regarding I'd pass mismatch

Dear sir,
This is to inform you that Today morning I take I'd pass as i.e yesterday pass instead of today Sunday pass given by conductor ,at that time I didn't noticed.Bmtc service 600C,after then I change 1 more bus that bus conductor rejected my pass as I feel very guilty infront of all people. Really that conductor cheated me .pls do needful

Regarding I'd pass mismatch

Feb 23, 2018

poor bus service to basavanagar


In view of important Govt establishments in Rameshnagar Area, it is requested to have round trip of Domlur - HAL -HAL Helicopter-Rameshnagar - Basavanagar-Marathalli Bridge or back to Domlur every 15 minutes.

Bus number 335B has no GPS installed and we are not able to track it.


Dr B Ashok
M.S. Guru Raghavan
Feb 21, 2018

Request to Allot PHS to VIdhana Soudha

Sir, working in State Government Service, nearly 20 to 30 persons commute from Byrasandra, Jayanagar III Block, Bangalore-11 to different offices like Vidhana Soudha, Accountant General's Office, offices in Minerva CIrcle, Majestic Area etc. We all had only one old bus commuting from that area at about 9-15 A.M. However, the same bus was supposed to move to Majestic and then to Kuvempunagar after this trip. Recently, we are missing that bus as the crew were instructed to go to Kuvempunagar and then come to Byrasandra and by that time it would become 10-00 A.M. How can the officials reach office on time if they get the bus at that time?

It is a sincere request to kindly instruct the bus to come to Byrasadra Bus Stop regularly as it used to come at 9-00 A.M. It would be great help to all officials, school going children and other public too as a very few buses run from that extension.

Aggrieved commuter
Katam k
Feb 21, 2018

Accident in btm

Dear sir,

My name kumar k for BTM Layout,my contact no is 8880233222.today morning while coming in btm lake road your BMTC driver mr.b v Subramanyam was driven by bus no KA 57F 1925.he is driving very rashly and I’m in left side he coming trausging my car.then after that we passed the signals Silk Board Road he is into my rite side the door come and trust the door car got damaged and he is talking very roodly.i have informed the Silk Board junction traffic police they said to complaint in the my BMTC complaint.pls do the needful.waiting for u r replay.

Accident in btm

Feb 18, 2018

Rude conductor

I boarded at diary cross-G9 that runs between Yelahanka 5th phase and mg road on 18Feb 2018. The conductor came and asked for ticket. I told him I want to go to mg road. He started shouting at me in Kannada and made fun of me for not understanding the language. All I have spoken to him so far is I want to go to mg road and asked him the bus ticket amount. Is this the way for public officials are supposed to speak to citizens?
It's high time the govt reach its staff not to speak rudely with people who do not understand the language.
The bus number is KA-57,F-3117.the bus reached diary cross around 1.20 in the afternoon.since there was no identification on the conductor I cannot point out to the person properly or provide additional details.
Jennifer Rachel
Feb 17, 2018

The conductor gave the ticket from different location. If asked she was rude.

The conductor was rude. When asked why you have given the ticket from the different location. A strict action needs to be taken out.
The place I boarded the bus was in St. Patrick's church. Where as ticket was been charged from Austin town.

The Bus number: KA 01
FA 1374

THE DATE: 17/2/18
Feb 13, 2018

ac buses keep on delaying

BMTC AC Buses keep standing on stopages for several minutes to wait for passengers to board even if there is no passenger at the stop at that time they will stop there for several minutes, thus making other passengers who have boarded late for their daily day activities. specially in morning time when everyone are going for office they specifically delay the travel.
Feb 13, 2018

Lost bag

Lost my bag

Today(13- feb-2018) While going to Marthahalli from airport I lost my Bag having Clothes. Bag colour is black . If anyone found Please make a call to this number(9971798808).

Thanks & Regards,


Bmtc user
Feb 11, 2018

Rude conductor

I boarded ka-01 FA-750 bmtc bus at itpl stop on Feb 11th around 12.30.conductor didn't ask me for ticket
After sometime when I asked he was shouting at me that I should ask and take ticket and it's not his duty
He was too rude and literally shouting at me

Please teach basic etiquettes to such people before putting them in job
I am really pissed off with his behaviour
Feb 9, 2018

81 rupees change not rertured

Hi Team,

I was traverlling from Banashankari to BGS, ticket cost was 19 rupees and i have given 100 rupess, but they have not retured my change back. Please take the necessary action.
Bus no-375D/13
Vehicle no-KA01F2513
Ticken no-8043
my email id=viveksindrijharkhand@gmail.com
Feb 9, 2018

Did not produce change

I travel from Agara to Kadabisanahalli every day. The ticket price is Rs. 15. I gave the bus conductor for KA 57 F 1318 Rs. 20 and he gave the ticket but no change. Usually if there is lot of rush the conductors give the ticket and once you produce the ticket they give change. This conductor refused to give Rs.5 change when I asked him for it and continued to argue with me. The amount is not big but I know these same conductors create a scene when you don't give them change everyday.
Feb 5, 2018

Conductor not letting passengers in to the bus during the signal.

This bus " KA-57-F-1159" conductor is not letting the passengers in to bus during the signal at silk board,even though the passengers were carrying a monthly pass.If the passengers could not get into the bus, they need to walk 1.5km to the next stop .So please suggest all your conductors and drivers who comes in the route (from silk board to Banshankari) to allow passengers in to their buses during the signal.
Jan 31, 2018

Rash Drriving and misbehaviour of conductor

Dear Sir,

This is to request you to kindly punish the drivers as well as conductors to behave properly. Every person is stressed in life, and not only they. Therefore, kindly take necessary action against them.
BUS NO:KA-57 F-2807. The conductor behaves as if he is the Prime Minister of the country and treats the customers really bad.
Bus driver was driving rashly.

Also, I want to raise one request for the ticket system, if the ticket is of Rs.20, they will never return 1rs. Also if we have to travel for one stop, and the ticket is of Rs.5, they either take money and don't give ticket or they return us 1 Rs saying that it is just next stop. Every day this is happening. Kindly stop this practice as soon as possible. Bring such system wherein card can be used or like we have metro cards, in same way bring BMTC recharge cards. This will be helpful for the customers as well as for the Government and ultimately will be eco-friendly.
Jan 31, 2018

Rash Driving

Dear Sir,

I was on my 2 wheeler in padarayanapura moving towards sirsi circle flyover and there was huge chunk of traffic and I got struck in middle of road not able to move anyside.The bus with number Ka02 F 3902 coming from opposite direction did not even stop and hit my leg guard and behaved rudely and shamelessly. Had it not been leg guard my leg would have got injured. I request for serious action against the driver. These guys will repeat with others as well.

Hope you would take action against the concerned driver.

The details as below

Time:9.30 Am
Bus No:KA02 F 3902
Jan 29, 2018

Buses are not stoping

White tapping is going on from Kasturi Nagar to near hennur cross. Buses are coming in short cut. Inside B channasandra bus stop , but not even stopping. What's wrong with then and what we have to think. Everybody is having their own work government should think about this. Is that white tapping required now ? Really not required. Still government doesn't have any work so doing this kind of nonsense work.
Jan 29, 2018

Buses will not stop in the BMTC bus stop

Subject: Buses will not stop in the specified Bus stops

Routes:378(Kengeri to Electronic city), 378A(Jigani to Kengeri), BC3A(Bommasandra to Jigani)

Most of the buses mentioned in the above bus route will not stop in their respective bus stop

like 378, 378A will not stop at Patalamma temple bus stand
BC3A: will not stop at HCL bus stop while going from Bommasandra to jigani.
Jan 28, 2018

Charging money for using free toilet

Hi sir I am using free toilets in bmtc but that guy is asking money and scolding in bad words pls do some needful

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