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Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC

Ragi Naidu
Jan 7, 2018

Bus drivers

Bmtc bus drivers drive too slow even at 6.30 am when there's no traffic on the road. We passengers leave early so that we reach office on time and these drivers drive slowly as per their wish.
Today 08/01/2018 I boarded a bmtc from kaikondrahalli, Sarjapur Road to St. Johns Hospital at 6.30am. The
Driver was too slow on the empty road. As I reached agra signal my bus stopped. I saw another bmtc going to majestic. So I got down from the st. Johns bus to board Majestic bus. He closed the door, I said I have a bus pass let me in. He said no. He said go to bus stop. Then I thought to get back in to st. Johns bus.. But the st. Johns bus driver broke the traffic signal and left just so that I don't get into his bus again. How ridiculous do the bmtc workers behave!! Bmtc is for public transportation, it's not bmtc drivers property! Even though I had a bus pass he didn't let me in. What's the whole point?? I had to walk almost half a kilometer to reach the next stop. Why do the bmtc workers behave like evils on earth? Do u hire them with humanity or..? Please help me with this matter.
Jan 3, 2018

Daily Volvo Bus Pass

I bought a daily Volvo bus pass on 2nd Jan 2018 worth Rs 147 while travelling from Hebbal. The conductor issued me a bus pass with Monday as the day of week for 02nd Jan 2018 which is suppose to be Tuesday which went unnoticed by me.
while return journey the other conductor noticed and demanded me to buy a ticket as per him the ticket was not valid for the day due to incorrect day.

The conductor is selling old tickets of previous year, so please take action and update me on the status.

attaching the images of pass issued(MVB 0159199) on that day ,as well return ticket.

Daily Volvo Bus Pass

Anjana Mathew
Dec 28, 2017

Appreciation of conductor of bus KA 57 F0591

I've been a frequent traveler in BMTC buses now. And I've noticed that most drivers and conductors can be quite harsh with the passengers when rendering change or asking them to step aside for place. But, I was quite amazed at how the conductor of bus KA 57 F0591 (Depot: 03, Route no: 500F) behaves with all passengers. He is pleasant to every passenger in the bus, ensures that most passengers especially old, ill people get seats and renders exact change without having to follow up. I've even noticed how he tries to communicate with people who don't speak in Kannada or don't know Hindi and is quite patient with them.

Wishing this conductor all the best in his life and career and hope that BMTC staff recruit more people like him.
Dec 28, 2017

Vary in bus fare

BMTC BUS vehicle no. KA 01 FA 0326

On date of 27/12/2017
Me along with my parents travelled from Kogilu cross to Hebbal @ that time the fare was 17×3=51

On very next day me along with my parents travelled from same place to same place this time the price is 19×3=57 I just asked conductor why ? He replied do what ever you can do this is what am giving you . Such a hirrible experience .and then when i called customer support of BMTC Mr .Kiran who responded to my call after a long time of waiting this person do not have patience to listen to customer voice without even informing me he disconnected my call why. ?

What is the BMTC doing either they getting huge profit or huge loss then BMTC increases the fare price because of loss.and then rude behaviour of their employees .

So, you(BMTC) people just see this and ignore as
well .arey its just a matter of 6rs just leave it .

One more thing as well vehicle no. Inside the bus is KA 01 FA 326 even CSE confirmed that theyvare doing like this only

Wow suc an amazing work is going on congrats BMTC.

I too have proofs for that but its not uploding here

Dec 21, 2017


I have lost my wallet ( brown in colour ) on the way from sanjaynagar to bommanahalli on 21/12/2017 night . I think I have lost this from a bmtc bus of number 360 from majestic to attibele between 9 pm to 11:30 pm . My wallet containing Original PAN CARD, 2 atm cards, copy of driving licence , copy of aadhar card, some passport size photographs, and around 500 rupees.

Please enquire and let me know if found

contact : 9995799303 , 7012756978
Dec 21, 2017


I have lost my wallet ( brown in colour ) on the way from sanjaynagar to bommanahalli on 22/12/2017 night . I think I have lost this from a bmtc bus of number 360 from majestic to attibele between 9 pm to 11:30 pm . My wallet containing Original PAN CARD, 2 atm cards, copy of driving licence , copy of aadhar card, some passport size photographs, and around 500 rupees.

Please enquire and let me know if found

contact : 9995799303 , 7012756978
Dec 18, 2017

Rude behaviour and verbal abuse to lady passengers

This is to inform you that while I was travelling by bus No. KA-01 F-4820, Depo No. 33 on the date Dec 18 2017 (Monday), the conductor of the bus misbehaved in most insulting manner.

I boarded the bus at time 11a.m. from place kadirenahalli Bus stop to Banashankari along with other passengers.

I was asking about the route to the conductor and I was shocked to hear that the conductor started abusing me with bad words and responded in a rude way. I was unaware that he is frustrated to do his daily job.

I was telling him to behave properly and it's an unprofessional behaviour that too with a lady passenger, but the conductor responded to me very rudely with abusive words.

In spite of this, He was insisting me that he will be rude, and do whatever I can. When I told him that i am going raise a compliant on this.

I was trying to find his name and asked driver about his name, Driver told me that he is not aware about his name.

When I started taking Picture of bus Number and Conductor to complaint about the issue,He came to Hit me and thrown my mobile by manhandling on me.

The matter would have taken a serious turn, had not some people intervened.

It is highly objectionable for a public servant to behave like this, that too with a lady passenger.

I got few pictures of him at the moment he hit me on my hand, you can see how ferociously he came to hit me, I was rather scared to even stay inside the bus. I requested him to stop the bus, but he did not stop the Bus!!

I would, therefore, request you to make an enquire and see that the conductor is given some suitable warning and punishment.

Rude behaviour and verbal abuse to lady passengers Rude behaviour and verbal abuse to lady passengers Rude behaviour and verbal abuse to lady passengers

Ankush Ganna
Dec 17, 2017


On 17th December around at 2:10 pm conductor of BMTC bus no.-KA 01 FA1240 had taken extra fare as well as he had touched me a rider at my chest and other parts at the time when I was deporting the bus some strict action must b taken for such molesties....
Dec 16, 2017

About route

There changing route there own
After 8 pm why there doing this
After getting his they will change the board while running
Dec 15, 2017

Conductors force to get down from the bus

I am studying MBA in Oxford Engineering college in bommanahali in our college I'd card still didn't issue so am keep reference for my college fees receipt it was accepted for every bus but on 15 December 2017 I take ka 57 f 1003 32 Depot bus for travel to home the conductor he didn't accept my pass and fees receipt he force me to get down from the bus in middle road with me two of the girls they also studying in same college and same course they get down in middle road u people must take action for this
Ipsita Bhattacharyya
Dec 14, 2017

Loss of Wallet and Phone

I have lost my wallet (Brown Baggit) containing PAN Card,SBI ATM Card,ICICI ATM/Debit Card and Shopping Cards and phone (Samsung Galaxy J7) in the BMTC Bus from Big Bazaar to Satya Sai Hospital Bus stop.

Please enquire and let me know if found.
Contact: 07077846546.

FIR has been logged in the Whitefield Police Station.

Ipsita Bhattacharyya
TCS,H Block,
Global Axis
Dec 11, 2017

Misbehave and damaged personal property

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that, I boarded on BMT Bus Registration No KA57 F0633 from Mayohall to Marathahalli on 11th Dec 2017.
There was some crowed and the conductor of said vehicle misbehaved, abused me in presence of other public commuters and dragged and dropped my laptop bag.

Due cause, my laptop, laptop bag and mobile got damaged and a huge loss to the undersigned. Vehicle and driver details are enclosed for your perusal.

Request you to take appropriate disciplinary action against the driver and recover my loss amount out of his salary.

Misbehave and damaged personal property Misbehave and damaged personal property Misbehave and damaged personal property Misbehave and damaged personal property Misbehave and damaged personal property Misbehave and damaged personal property

Sujatha p
Nov 29, 2017

please don’t wait for bmtc buses from Sarjapur Road to agara after 9:30pm.

Hi ,

I waited for BMTC bus from 09:30 pm till 10:30 pm , not even one bus has turned that way. Being a lady waiting at bus stop For an hour, I think it’s horrible. Bmtc buses has to run at least by 11pm . But there are no buses from 9:30. Pm only. Please don’t believe in bmtc buses after 9:30pm, especially near Sarjapur Road.
Nov 29, 2017

Expelling huge co2

See how much this bmtc bus expels. Take action.

Expelling huge co2

Nov 27, 2017

Lack of Buses

Hi, this is regarding lack of buses from Hebbal to Gorguntrpalya and further.
Waiting for bus in Hebbal at evening are pathetic and horrible. There are hardly any busses from 6.00pm on wards. The bus stop will be like ocean of people who are returning home from a long day at work.
There are instances of theft and molestation when people dive in getting into the bus which comes.

This is every days situations.

I don't understand where all the buses go at this time.

We sincerely request you to increase the bus frequency from Hebbal to Gorguntrpalya and further at the evenings.

Also we need Volvo buses during this time in this route.

Please action at the earliest.

Waiting for positive results
Nov 25, 2017

Ticket not issued

Bmtc bus ka 01 fa 702 conductor at 1645 hrs from ramohalli to kr market didnt issue tickets to 5-6 passengers date 25 nov 2017
Nov 23, 2017

Worst experience with BMTC conductor

Am a citizen of Bangalore and kannadagudi it is one of part of India . I feel ashamed as a kannadagudi . Last week I travelled in Hyderabad I saw local buses conductor they were very polite and honest . Even I forget to get my change they call and given back my amount but in Bangalore our honorable BMTC conductor were very rude and they won't give ticket and they won't give change back if we ask they will scold .This is very worst to Bangalore metro city BMTC . As a Bangalore citizen am opposing this be honest and protect our Karnataka prestige . Thanks to all. And sorry to all who got worst experience from BMTC from our state Karnataka .
Rajin S
Nov 21, 2017

Bus did not stopped near baipnahalli metro station bus stop

316-R, Wednesday 21/11/2017 evening at 6:30, bus number KA-01 FA-983, driver did not stopped bus near baipnahalli metro station, I was waiting for that bus for 10minutes because it will go directly to bidalapura(kr market to bidalapura) but driver did not stopped bus, I ran behind bus..... Driver saw that but also he did not stopped.... Please take action against driver who was driving on Wednesday 21/11/2017...
Nov 18, 2017


I would like to bring to your notice that bus number 500A (KA 01 FA 532) conductor is misbehaving and not giving the ticket for one stop. He took the money but when asked for ticket he not only refused to give the ticket but made me feel really bad through those 15 mins from Babasapalya to Banaswadi bus stop.
Additionally I would request the management to kindly do the needful so that our money should not easily go into the hands of these conductor.

Hope these 5 Rs may bring some changes in the way of reducing corruption.
Nov 17, 2017

Overcharging fines

7:30 pm 505E bus to TIn factory
Boarded the bus at JP Morgan Bus Stop needed to get down at marathalli bridge.
It costs 5 rs and 5-10 mins to travel.I never arrived at the stop bcos of foolishness and craziness of an idiot conductor and two drunk ticket checkers.I had given 5rs to conductor but never got a ticket back after asking for it twice.While i was alighting the ticket checker got on the bus,asked me for tickets ,i told conductor didnt give me but with there stinking mouth they were shouting at me in Kannada.The asked me to search my bag which was an idiotic move, i told them that its not there ,checked my purse etc and clearly told them i wasnt issued a ticket.
Worst part is the three of them didn't know english or hindi,and weren't ready to listen saying its my fault.They charged me 500 Rs. fine which is not the correct amount to be charged as it is 10times the fare or 500 whichever is lesser.Not travelling in bmtc non ac buses again after this harrowing experience.Besides I asked the driver to stop the bus at bus stop but he never listened.

I have the receipt with me.I dont get it why bmtc gives receipts in kannada too.Promote ur language but dont suffocate and harass people with it.

I pleaded the bus driver the stop as I was feeling helpless and robbed and got down 5kms on some unkown area.I thought you guys help people.I feel you harass people for money.God help you someday.

Overcharging fines

Nov 16, 2017

Rude behaviour of bmtc conductor

I work as a mathematics teacher in Kadubisanahalli. I wish to recollect a sad incident I experienced on 16.11.2017 in BMTC bus whose registration no. is KA-01 FA 473. I was travelling from Kadubisanahalli to B. Narayana Pura. I was issued a ticket for Rs. 17 by the conductor at 1549 hrs. I had given the conductor Rs. 20. Before alighting from the bus, I requested the conductor to return the balance owed by him. The conductor refused to repay Rs. 3 and started abusing me in Kannada. I became very upset and do not wish to narrate the dirty language used by the conductor. This particular conductor had enough coins in his bag, but still did not return the balance amount. The conductor addresses me in singular language not minding the fact that he is speaking to a lady. Please take some strict action against this conductor. I hope he has made this a practice of not returning the balance to other passengers as well. Please have an investigation done at the earliest. Please ensure that customer friendly conductors are employed by BMTC.
Nov 13, 2017


This Bus has hit my Maruti swift Car No-KA04MS6495 at 2.30pm at Hosur Road at Baldwin Boys High school we were proceeding from Koramangala towards Richmond Circle and driving at right side of road close to Divider.This bus came from behind and moved towards right and hit the car on front side Mudguard and Mirror and caused extensive damage.The bus did not stop and we chased the bus and at Fathima Bakery signal we confronted the driver for the damage.He refused saying that there was no accident.The moment signal became green he took a right turn and went off without even showing any remorse.His eyes were red and he appeared to be under influence of Alcohol.We demand action against the Driver and acknowledgement of Accident from your office.Also this will help us in claiming Cost Of Repair from Insurance Company,otherwise we will be forced to file an FIR at Police station.

Yours Faithfully,


Shalini mh
Nov 13, 2017

mobile snatched in BMTC Bus

I was sitting in the bus route no 314D at 05.10am on 12.11.2017 and bus was in the platform I was holding my mobile in my hand, then suddenly a person came inside the bus and snatched the mobile from my hand and ran off.

As we could not trace out as he had escaped in the crowd. There is no security found in the bus stop at that time, as iam a regular commuter at that time.

Kindly check into it and alert the security.

My contact no is 9986495777
Nov 12, 2017

Senseless driving

I was crossing road with my bike near Malleshwaram and bmtc bus KA 57 F 1428 was just going to hit me as these drivers are never worried about others.On the top of that he was yelling on me. Some one need to cancel these drivers licence or teach them how to drive. Everyday there are so many complain against these buses but no one is there to listen anything.
That's these drivers are so careless and they also knows no one can do anything against them as they are government servant.
Shame on these type of government servants.
Its high time to take action against these careless drivers.

Senseless driving

Nov 10, 2017

Inappropriate Behavior and harrasment

This incident happened today around 6:30pm at Forum Mall bus stop which is in the vicinity to Big Bazaar.

My neck was held by the govt BMTC Bus conductor who was on duty. He abused me!with extremely inappropriate and vulgar words in kannada language ( he even involved my family members constantly while cursing me), He held my throat tightly and I was out of breath and choking and I was pushed out of the bus in the middle of the road.

Just because the bus was about 10 foot far from the bus stop and I tried to get on the bus he has done this to me.



To whoever reading this mail, I request you to take some action against the BUS CONDUCTOR because my life was at stake today. I could have died.



Bus was going to bommanahalli


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