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BMTC Volvo bus


Consumer complaints and reviews about BMTC Volvo bus

Mar 15, 2019

Volvo Bus AC

I feel suffocated because of AC. Seems like the AC has not cleaned since ages. I sometimes vomit because of that. I travel from Jayanagar to ITPL 500CA bus. There is no frequent non AC bus in that route so i don't have other option other than Volvo bus. Please consider this. Thank you
Dec 18, 2018

Drivers and conductors will be chit chatting. Very late they start from metro stations

Time is wasted in metro stations. 15-20 min simply bus will be stationary . Our time is wasting . Please do take necessary actions. Especially from swami Vivekananda and buiyappanahalli metro station. If you do not take this seriously. I will lodge complaint in consumer forum.
Nov 29, 2018

No Frequent Buses

This is to inform you that the frequency of Volvo buses during Evenings from K R Puram to Silk Board is very less. Earlier we will be able to catch a bus within 5 to 10 Minutes, now a days if we miss a Volvo Bus around 6.30 or something we need to wait till 7.10 or 7.20 nearly (40 min) and the buses are usually so crowded, after paying 3 times higher fares compare to normal BMTC buses we dont even get enough space to stand properly forget about getting a seat. when same thing been inquired with bus conductor about he said MD has changed now and he has changed the rules of buses, the revenue was very less as most of the buses were running too empty during this hour.
I request if this is the case at least maintain a gap of 10 to 15 minutes, waiting one hour to catch a bus by wasting a valuable time of 40 min is depressing, in 40 minute waiting time we could be near our bus stop silk Board. Please consider this as a humble request and run a bus with a gap of 15 minutes it would be grateful.
Nov 26, 2018

Full ticket for kids below 8 years

KA-01.FA-1842 is the bus number 500D
When traveling from passport office to banaswadi they are charging full ticket for kids below 8 years .
Which is unfair and replying they are in some stage tension
Nov 26, 2018

Conductors are collecting full ticket for kids also

KA-01.FA-1842 is the bus number 500D
When traveling from passport office to banaswadi they are charging full ticket for kids below 8 years .
Which is unfair and replying they are in some stage tension ....how is it mattering for customer
Nov 14, 2018

More fare charged than actual fare

I travel from aecs layout to Sathyasai hospital for which actual fare is Rs.19. But bmtc buses charge Rs. 29 and provide the ticket from Kundalhalli gate to Sathyasai hospital. Aecs layout is 2 stop later after Kundalhalli gate. They should charge 19 rupees only. Why should we give extra 10 rupees if we are taking bus bus from aecs layout.
I want justification for this.
Nov 11, 2018

Drop point is differ from my booking from MMT

I have booked the ticket from MMT and in that boarding pt is basti and drop pt is Jaipurwa basti. But the conductor is saying he will drop me on bypass which is entirely different location from jaipurwa basti. And where he is saying to drop me from there no convaeynce is availble to reach my place. M travelling with my child alone and with heavy luggage. M in the bus right now plz help me out. here is my detail of booking

Lucknow to Basti
MMT Booking ID: NU76040999614941
Operator PNR: Xbst3411111800001/ALM
Operator Name: Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation(UPSRTC)
Dept Date: 11/11/2018
Seats: 24,23
Boarding Time: 10:00 AM
Boarding pt: ALAMBAGH.
Address: ALAMBAGH BUS STATION, Alambagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh - 226005 LandMark: ALAMBAGH BUS STATION,
Contact: Basti,
Drop pt: Jaipurwa, basti, Uttar Pradesh -272002,
Address: 18001802877,

Team MakeMyTrip(MMT).
Oct 4, 2018

KA57 F-1783 driver misbehaved, scolded, jump to hit me


Date 04-10-2018
Incident time: 8.300 pm to 9.30 pm
Location : Jorney from billekhalli to ITPL

bus driver asked me to get down in the middle of the journey not even near any bus stop. Asked me to catch running bus in front without even informing other bus driver (location area between graphate and cmr).
When another person also started questioning. He continued journey for ITPL.

I was alone in bus he started scolding me and asked me to get down near big baazar again. He continued to shout with abuse language. i tried to capture bus number and driver photo. He started rushing towords me near to bit me at ITPL bus stop.
Vinay B R
Sep 5, 2018

Very slow and irresponsible


Today morning I took Volvo bus (Vajra Kao1 FA1612), boarded bus at Majestic platform at 8:15 am and the lady conductor issues ticket at 8:36 am and finally bus was started at 8:50 am from Majestic bus stand.
Driver was driving in tortise speed and they don't have any time bound there concern is to fill maximum seats.
Here the fun part is why do we need to pay high amount when they can't serve our need and pick up the right time.

Local non government buses are and still the non AC buses are far better when compared to these buses.

I made a wrong choice by boarding vovlo and will surely not repeat this again.

Wrost service and they have people at platform to scream and call people to board this bus.

BMTC pls scale up. Stop playing with people's money and time.

Don't loose people trust and it's 10:20 am and still in electronic City.
Aug 8, 2018

Monthly pass without BMTC ID proof

I have bought a monthly Volvo bus pass from bus conductor on 3rd of Aug and he told me very clearly that without having BMTC ID card I can travel by showing my ID cards (Voter ID card, PAN card, Driver's Licence, Aadhar card). I have been traveling on a daily basis from 3rd of Aug and never faced any issues regarding ID cards but today while traveling one of the bus conductor ( KA-01 F-8820) didn't allow me to get inside the bus and he was using local language and he didn't even listen to me. He charged me bus ticket fare after having a Gold Volvo pass. On the website there are two different price for Gold pass (2250 with BMTC ID and 2300 without BMTC ID). It is a serious issue. I want you to please take some action because of this conductor who didn't allow me to travel or the conductor who issued the pass with BMTC ID we have to face problems.
Joydeep Bhattacharjee
Jun 9, 2018

KA57F136 bus number damaged my car

Bus Number KA57F136 tried to overtake my car, while I was returning from airport, in stand still traffic near Hebbal Flyover (Esteem Mall) which resulted in an accident. The bus damaged my right side rear view mirror. The driver was arrogant and misbehaved. He was trying to drive recklessly in stand still traffic. I want compensation and the driver to be punished.

Date of occurrence of the accident: 09/06/2018
Time of occurrence of the accident: 12:30 pm
Location: Opp to Esteem Mall, Near Hebbal Flyover
Extend of damage: Right Rear view mirror (ORVM) damaged
May 31, 2018

500C buses are very less compared to 500D

I take 500C buses from Agara to Cosmos. It has been my observation that there are very very less 500C buses compared to 500D. Betweeen 9 to 9:15 AM on Monday morning, there were more than 8 buses of 500D, all going empty back to back, but only one 500C which came after waiting for 15 mins. It was overly crowded.

People travelling in ITPL route are far more in numbers compared to Hebbal. Please take necessary action to have the buses distributed properly to ITPL route. We are paying huge money for monthly passes and we have to stand in the mornings.
Apr 25, 2018

500D Route Silk board to Hebbal discrepancy

From Hebbal to Silk board, there are a lot of 500D, both Volvo and BMTC, every 2-5 mins, anytime in the day or evening. But on return trip from Silk Board to Hebbal, there are hardly any buses, atleast after 5p.m. Only few buses with huge crowds. I noticed that many Volvo's arrive at Bellandur(Ecospace) stop with blank display boards, and switch on the boards at this stop with either Marathahalli bridge or Vydehi hospital. Please inspect at this stop and adjacent stops if drivers follow the right route.
Apr 3, 2018

Conductor never gives change back

Volvo bus conductors never gives change back if it's less than 5 rs.
I would strongly suggest to introduce smart card to avoid this like metro . Everyday I lose 10 rs extra as I am unable to collect change back from conductors. This is exploitation.
Mar 20, 2018

KA01FA2053, Arrogant staff, board changed enroute

I boarded a 500D at kempapura this morning. Driver was fiddling with board. My wife who dropped me to bus stop called me and said bus route changed. When I enquired if this was 500D, the lady conductor kept mum. When I repeated 3 times she was very sarcastic saying nothing happened to board. It is on the same place! She never told route and I had to get info from next passenger.

Is this how you deal with regular commuter, your Customer? I certainly have access to secretary and ministry, but thought of using this channel to be fair to bmtc. Hope you are able to give a rap to lady conductor, to not think she owns the bus!
Bus KA 01 FA 2053
Jan 6, 2018

Volvo day passes Rs150

I bought volvo day pass on 5th Jan 2018 at rs150 but in the day pass the cost is showing rs140 .. Is this cant we encourage the black money?? Plz provide proper day passes or announce the day pass cost is rs140
Savitha naveen
Nov 30, 2017

Airport didn'topen the door in stop and didn't come to bus stop

My name is Savitha.The airport bus that paases by koramangala at evening 6pm KIAS 7 didn't come to bus stop and was in signal.when I requested to open the door driver denied it.It is mistake of driver that he didnt come to bus stop and my request to stop also was denied.Bus should have stopped in the stop or allowed me to get in when I requested.

I request concerned autority to take action on this.

Girish Nagaraj
Oct 9, 2017

Cheated by the volvo bus conductor

My name is girish.I and my mother took the Volvo bus in marathahalli on 9/10/2017 at 10:06am to AECS layout cross. The bus conductor(female) asked to pay rs.63 , I got doubt ,from marathahalli to AECS layout cross it cost rs.22/person. I thought they might be a increment in ticket price from source to destination i travelled. Without seeing the ticket I paid rs.100. Then I checked my ticket.
Whoever is employing the employees to the Volvo buses , if you are incapable of doing it. Sit at home.There are many young freshmind people with great thoughts looking for job. Give them your job.
Oct 5, 2017

No busses on time

There is no busses available on morning time 500d or 500a... 2 Kai8 busses are comeicoming on same time but it's vary rare to get 500D or I think 500 A is not exist in working days while going Marathalli to kalyannager ...
What a fecking service you are giving....my worst mistake to make pass...there is back to back 500ca but 500d , literally I m crying in road to get bus in time ..after 45min or 30min waiting getting a bus which is full pack...
There is no difference between volvo and normal bus.
Kindly takectake care of this.
Sep 19, 2017

Buses stops at every stop atleast for 5min

As I am travelling in outer ring road from more than 1year. I see most of the 500ca buses stops atleast for 5min in most of the stops. Also if you question about this with conductor or driver they are very arrogant in reply. With tight traffic if I need 1hr to drop down @ my destination, bcoz of this issue it is taking 1:30 - 2hrs. This is very serious issue. Please take this seriously.
Aug 23, 2017

Slow Moving volvo buses

As we are travelling in bus 500ca since more than 1 year we are facing problem with stopping bus at bus stops more than 5 min . please consider this complaint.
Aug 23, 2017

Bus Stops before destination

Hi ,

I am a Daily traveller to and from Big bazar bus stop and Agara by 500CA. me and co passangers are most of the time requested/ forced / rudely said to get down at Vydhehi bus stop / near by agara fly over as they are not going to ITPL/they want to go on flyover and we are Monthly pass holders . please consider this complaint .
[email protected]
Jul 12, 2017

Irresponsible Driver

Today I traveled from baiyappanhalli metro station to SJR-IPark and ticket was issued between the same source and destination.

Unfortunately Driver and conductor refused to stop the bus at SJR i Park for no reason and they stopped directly at vaidehi hospital stop.

I found this this driver and conductor were very irresponsible and least bothered about the passengers.

Bus Number : KA-01, FA-1393

Bus Route : SVR-to-SVR (MF1B)

Issue Timing : around 11:20 AM at SJR I Park
Jun 22, 2017

Slowmoving buses

I am a Daily traveller in Kalyan Nagar to Marathahalli using Volvo Service of 500D/500A. I am traveling since one Year in this route. The buses are taking more than one hour to reach in this distance.i am feeling very irritation to travel in mainly because these buses in peck hours in morning, will stop 5 minutes in each stop like Kalyan Nagar,Banaswadi, Ramurthy nagar Bridge, Tin factory and KR Puram Railway station. These buses are not using flyover at Mahadevpura and Doddanakundi. They goes in down and each stop it takes minimum 10 minutes to cross.Even a long queue of vehicles, they dont use the flyover.'Some times 2 volvo buses are on queue. Because of this loosing more time, all are going to office in this time. More diesel consumption etc.

If some traffic inspectors asked them to move also they scold the traffic inspectors itself. if any bus came and over take them means again 5 min they will wait sir. Sir regarding this we complaint so many times to Dept manager

Actually hebbal route they will be a more traffic also because of that we are starting early also due to this kind of behavior of driver and conductor we are facing lot of problem sir. Please direct the Buses drivers to move fast using the Flyovers at least morning up to 10'o clock and evening between 4PM to 8 PM.
Jun 11, 2017

Charged Extra and provided wrong information

Even though we had day pass of bmtc, the conductor refused to consider it, that too he charged us extra. We boarded the bus at shantinagar bus stop but he gave us the ticket from corporation ( towards subbaih circle) to electronic city where in the ticket was supposed to be from shantinagar to electronic city for three of us giving us a wrong information on asking. please consider this case for misleading us and take proper action on the conductor.

Charged Extra and provided wrong information Charged Extra and provided wrong information

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