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BSES Rajdhani


Consumer complaints and reviews about BSES Rajdhani

Jun 12, 2019

Voltage Fluctuation


We are facing a lot of electricity problem in Aya Nagar Phase 1. First of all the power goes often a lot of times. At night the voltage keeps on fluctuating even fan doesn't work in its full capacity let alone AC. What are we suppose to do? Are we not paying our electricity bills? Why are we being made to suffer in such sweltering heat.

This has to stop. We need constant and non-fluctuating electricity supply or else I am taking this issue on twitter and will tag concerned authorities. Plus, I will make sure to knock consumer forum's door.

Get it checked ASAP.
Sneha Singh
Jun 1, 2019

Unscheduled power cut

There are unscheduled power cuts in my area all the public because of this are tensed and stressed because of the power cuts and the people are suffering in summer this unscheduled power cuts is not fair and it really doesn't make sense today the power cut was for 6 hours in the morning and now too there is no power in our area I really request u to take some corrective action about this
Dec 13, 2017

Domestics connection as a commerical

Sir I want to notice to you that Mr Shamsu Khan S/o Mohd Saharif (Mother-Jainab Bibi) R/o RZ-86C/244 P - BLOCK, DAYAL PARK, WEST SAGAR PUR, ND-46. Mr Shamsu Khan is using domestics connection as a commerical, he established a mobile charger manufacturing unit in his house (1st Floor) since many years, In this factory 6-7 workers working their job at a time.
rahul chadh
Oct 22, 2017

NO Street Lights in service lane

There are NO STREET LIGHTS in Service lane in front of Pink Apartments,Gate no.2,Sector-18B,Dwarka New Delhi.Pls install street lights here.
ishwar chand123
Aug 29, 2017

excess charges


The Executive Engineer,
BSES Rajdhani Power Limited,
Division Vikas Puri,
New Delhi.

Ref. Consumer No. 150301503 in the Name Mrs. Kusum Lata.

Reg.: Excess billing in bill no. ############ Due Date 07/8/2017 for Rs. 3,980.00 (Rupees Three Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty only).

Dear Sir,

With reference to my earlier letter dated 4/7/2017, I Kusum Lata W/o Shri Shiv Prakash have a BSES Rajdhani Power Limited electricity connection as above mentioned CA. No. I am quite shocked again to receive the electricity bill amounting Rs. 3,980.00 (Three Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Only) against electricity consumption as meter reading is from 15448 to 15774 dated 14/7/2017 total units are 226 for the last one month at my residence.

I am living at the ground floor of the building and I have separate meter and my meter is working properly and meter of third floor owner is not working. You have again added the charges of that meter in my bill. How it is possible to me to pay the amount of that meter.

I again request you please rectify above said bill so that I can pay the actual amount. I also request you please do not add any extra amount of that meter in my bill in future.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

R/o B-46-KH No. 259,
Ground Floor, Bindapur Extension,
Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059.
Mobile No.: 92121224428

excess charges excess charges

Jul 11, 2017



With the help of this complaint I am stating that there happens to be no electricity in night in Chattarpur Enclave, Phase 2, New Delhi. There is an ongoing issue with one of the Transformer which I assume is heavily loaded resulting in the phase cut of 4-5 buildings in the night.

This problem has not been resolved since 2 months. We have already given complaint in written to the nearest Complaint centre but still the issue persists.

Kindly help us resolving this issue. I am providing the details below.

Ramesh Kumar- CA no. 151912131
Address: B-194, Chattarpur Enclave, Phase 2, New Delhi, 110074.

Jul 6, 2017

LED Street Light(south delhi,m.g.road,new manglapuri)

LED Street Light(south delhi,m.g.road,new manglapuri)

LED Street Light on Pole Near building no 135, new manglapuri,m.g.road, new delhi-30, is not working for the last few weeks. kindly look into the matter and resolve the same on immediate basis. Thanks
Jul 6, 2017


LED Street Light (south Delhi, m.g.road,new manglapuri)
LED Street Light on pole near building no 135. new manglapuri, mehrauli gurgaon road, new delhi-30, is not working for the last 2 weeks. Kindly look into the matter and resolve the same on immediate basis. Thanks.
Bses rajdhani
Mar 8, 2017

Meter fast

Meter Reading is very fast new connection
The new meter in my house is running very fast. We have away all days from my house and used very low consumption. but meter is running very fast and meter reading is very high. we have using cooler and using CFL in my house and used of TV

REquesting you to pl. resolve this issue.

With REgards,
Jitender kumar
Application no.8002652207
Add.s/f,20c/5-f/b kh no-380,gali no-1,main sagar pur,
New Delhi 110046
Apr 2, 2016

LED Street Light

LED Street Light on Pole No. RKPP 622 in Sector - IV , R.K. Puram is not working please.
Jan 4, 2016

Electricity Theft

Hello Sir,

This is to bring in your kind notice Mr. Ajay Makkar (R/o. Flat# C2, Third Floor, Plot Number A2, Chattarpur Enclave Phase 2, Delhi-110074) is not paying his electricity bills. His electricity connection has been disconnected already but he is using electricity illegally.

Everyday is the same case. There is a lot of fluctuation in electricity. Some time the panel below catches fire due to wire being connected directly into mains by local electrician.

I have asked them many times to stop this malpractice, but they don't listen same.

I am raising this complaint so that others living in the building does not get penalized due to one family.

Please take action strict against them and do the legal proceedings.

Oct 7, 2015

High Usage of Electricity Bill


I am facing problem with high usage electricity bill from 23/04/2015 onwards. Every month I am getting bill of consumed units more that 400units per month. It's surprising, suddenly how consumption can increase more than 60% in a month.

Earlier also I had made the complaint and your engineer came and said everything is fine but I know there is something wrong with this meter. I am requesting you to kindly re-check the meter or change the meter immediately else I will put one sub meter from myself for checking and will debit the cost to BSES.

Also I have found meter sanctioned load has been increased from 2KW to 3KW without any request done by myself. So please give the clarification why the changes has done without any notice.

Being a customer of your services I would like to ask reasons behind this and I humbly request you to kindly take the necessary action and resolve the above points at earliest, so that I can able to pay my bill on time.

Name - Manju Devi
CA No.103450798
Address - H15, Street No 21, Raja Puri, Near Deepak Baba Clinic, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059
Contact No. - 9953118804
Sep 15, 2015


Hello sir...
M aapko Najafgarh k RoshanPura Area m ho Rhi Electricity Chori k baare m batana chahta hu.
Sir yha par night m bhut jayada Electricity Chori hoti h.
Sir m aapko kuch people k name nd address de rha hu jo jo electricity Chori krte h... sir bhi bhut honge colony m jo chori krte h but ye kuch log top list p h

1.Name: - Dinesh kumar S/o Sumer Kumar
Address: -RZ U 88 New Roshan Pura Near Avni motor's Najafgarh New Delhi 110043

Sir ye Aadmi last 4-5 year's se continues Electricity Chori kar rha h. Sir kuch saal phle eske meter m kuch problem thi to BSES se aapke log eska meter le gye the but koi dusra meter lagane nhi aaya and na hi Dinesh ne BSES office m complaint ki meter lagane k liye.
And ab ye last 4-5 Year's se without meter electricity use kr rha h...
Jb bhi koi electricity department se checking k liye aata h to ye full family k saath ghar ko lock krke saara day baahar hi rhta h taaki logo ko lge ki ghr p koi nhi h...
Aur to aur sir jo person per month meter ki Reading lene k liye aata h voo bhi eshe kuch nhi khta...
Phle starting m to oosne Dinesh se reading dene k liye kha bt Dinesh ne oose bhi Rishvat (Money) dekar chup kara diya... ab to Reading lene vaala bhi enhe kuch nhi khta... colony m sbki reading leta h but Es Dinesh ki Reading kbhi nhi leta....
Sir abhi Recent m BSES se kuch line man aaye the colony m old meter ko new meter se Replace krne k liye... jb lineman ne ense poocha ki meter konsa h to ye log khte h ki hamare ghr par Electricity Department ki Raid padi thi to hamara meter vo le gye h nd hmare ghr se log BSES k office gye h Challan ki Fee deposit krne gye h....
Aur to aur sir jo line man aaye the oonhone bhi Eski family se Raid ki koi proof ya slip nhi maangi...
Sir ye Aadmi bhut bekar h jo bhi eske ghr aata h checking k liye oose ye Rishvat (Money) dekar apne favour m kr leta h ...
Sir eske kuch pahchan vaale log bhi h electricity department m jiski help se ye continues last 4-5 year se Electricity Chori kr rha h vo bhi bina kisi dar k...

2.Name: - Jangsher Singh S/o Wazir Singh
Address: - RZ U 99 New RoshanPura Near Avni motor's Najafgarh New Delhi 110043

Sir ye Aadmi pole se Direct wire daalke electricity Chori krta h...
Sir eski family night m 8-9pm k beech m wire daalti h nd full night electricity chori krti h... fir early morning m wire nikal dete h...
Ye family day m to meter se electricity use krte h but full night extra wire pole se daalke chori krte h...
Sir ye Jangsher Singh phle electricity department m line man m job krta tha jiske chalte iski bhut achi jaan pahchaan h electricity department m esiliye ye bina kisi dar k lagatar chori krta h.. sir aapko eske ghr m BSES ki yellow meter cable bhi extra mil jayegi...
Sir aapke department se line man agr eski extra wire nikal bhi dete h pole se to ye firse wire lga leta h nd dobara Chori start kr deta h ye kisi se drta nhi h.
Ek baar to sir Diwali k time p aapke department se lineman sbhi pole k box ko lock krke gye the but Es Jangsher Singh ne night m apne kuch frnd k saath pole k box ka lock break krke firse extra wire lga li Chori k liye .

Name: - Brahm Prakash S/o Chandu
Address: -RZ U 130 New RoshanPura Near Avni motor's Najafgarh New Delhi 110043

Sir ye family bhi electricity ki Chori krti h Per day night m approx 9-10 pm k beech m es family ka bada ladka enke ghr k saamne vaale pole p extra wire daalke chori krta h nd full night ye chori chalti h fir early morning wire nikal k vhi pole k saath m ek iron ka cylindrical pipe h jiske andhar ye extra wire chupate h...
Day m normal meter ka use hota h but night m firse vhi extra wire lga k chori hoti h...
Sir ye Brahm Prakash Delhi Police m h jiski vjh se inhe kisi baat ka dar nhi h nd ye chori roj hoti h .

Sir i request u plz En sbka kuch kijiye..
Aap apni team ko surprise Checking k liye visit krne ko boliye.
Sir aap kisi aise officer ko checking k liye bhejiye jo strict ho nd Corrupted na ho taaki enki chori sbke saamne aa ske .
Sir ye sbhi log bhut jayada chori krte h
Sir i request u ki aap jis kisi ko bhi raid k liye bheje oonhe night m after 11 pm bhejna taaki aapko ye sbhi Range haath chori krte pakde ja ske... nd sir kisi aise office ko bhejiyega jo en sbke strict action le ske na ki Corrupted ho
Jun 24, 2014

Electricity Theft Complaint in Vikas Puri

Vikas Puri A Block mein 125 sq yard se lakekar 300 sq. yard tak ke ghar hai. Sabke ghar me Aajkal Cooler to hai hi nahi. Sab ke ghar me 4-5 AC hai Lekin sab ke bill Rs.500 to Rs.1000 tak ate hai. Aisa kyu ? Mr. Neelam Khanna, A-69 Ist Floor, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018 ke ghar me 4 AC hai aur wo bi heavy tonne ke unka bill only Rs. 800/- hi ata hai. Mr. Sondhi, A-70 Vikas Puri, jinki three storey kothi hai and floors me Paying Guests rahte hai total 20 hai . unka bill less ata hai jabki unka bill commercial hona chahiye. A-44, A-46, Mr. Lohia A-85, Mr. Virmani, A-84 , Mr Mathur A-81, Mr. Virmani A-76, Mr. Gupta, A-100 & A-101 Vikas Puri ka same case hai Paying Guests hai. A-68 Ground floor me Grocery shop hai uska bi commercial bill hona chahiye.
apko bill check kar ke hi pata leg jayga ki koun koun electricity chori kar raha hai.Few months ago raided by the BSES, Delhi's anti theft staff members and found pilferage of electricity bypassing the electricity meter. They immediately domesticated his meter. But From that day these person using unauthorized connection for electricity without any problem.
Mostly PGs are available in this area residence no..More PGs Less Bill. But Why ?
Please check this type of CORRUPTION and u have to stop this theft of electricity.
In sabke Meter check kiye jaye ya phir change hi kar diye jaye. In sab ke uppar heavy fine kiya jaye.

Copy to:

1. Prime Minister Officer, South Block New Delhi for information.
Jun 7, 2014

Break Down

Dear Sir,

This is Asha Sharma, resident of House No.- RZH-659, Raj Nagar II Gali No-16 Palam Colony New Delhi. There is no power supply since 2 AM (Morning) 07.06.2014 (Today) because of Load of Approximately 40-50 Houses on Single Pole which is Standing at the front of our house. Due to large nos of connection the power was cut / trip.

I request you to Kindly transfer some of the connections to other pole and resolve the matter as soon as possible.


Asha Sharma
Apr 21, 2011

Electricity theft complaint in West Sagarpur

I completely agree with your complaint. In Mohan Nagar not only in Gali No.3 but in the whole area the electricity officials extract money from the residents and give them devices which make the meters slow down or stop. Till now nothing has been done in this regard by the electricity board. I would request you to launch a complain in the consumer court because it is a case of fraud as well as corruption. Make use of Consumer Protection Act.
Apr 22, 2010

Electricity theft complaint in West Sagarpur

In SAGAR PUR, NEAR JANAK PURI NEW DELH - 110 046, in Mohan Block, GAli No. 3 Every one of the above mentioned locality is a habitual offender of electricity theft. Sabhi logo ke pass 100 - 100 square feet ke ghar hai or three story bane hua hai jisme 10 room hai or har room main cooller chalte hai rat din phir bhi unka bill RS. 500 or 600 for 2 months aata hai. Night main 6p.m. se leker morning ke 8am tak sabhi log meter bande kar dete hai or tar dal kar puri rat electricity use karte hai, jin jin loge ke ghar ke pass se Electricity Supply ke tare ja rahe hai wo sabhi log unothorized electricity use karte hai. Meri BSES Adhikari se request hai ki wo Mohan Block Gali No. 3 main raid kare subhe 6am to 7 am, or ye dekhe ki logo ke ghar kinte bade bade hai or unke last 2 bills check kare ki kitna bill unhone pay kiya hai unke consumption ke according , apko bill check kar ke hi pata leg jayga ki koun koun electricity chori kar raha hai.Few months ago raided by the BSES, Delhi's anti theft staff members and found pilferage of electricity bypassing the electricity meter. They immediately domesticated his meter. But From that day these person using unauthorized connection for electricity without any problem, and also they don’t pay any penalty to BSES for kept to theft electricity because BSES Area person support to them. On the other hand those persons, like myself, who has been paying for the electricity consumption feel frustrated on seeing that the great thief using electricity without paying any charges with the collaboration of some unscrupulous staff of BSES, Delhi. Not only one person is using electricity for his domestic consumption but also for an unauthorized cowshed he has built in front of his residence, with all the basic amenities like lighting, cooler, etc. in that cowshed again without any legal, authorized electric connection. WILL BSES, DELHI's Senior Staff take notice of the above complaint and take necessary legal steps to book the thief for his misdeed or this a signal to all of us to follow the foot step of free consumption of electricity

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