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Consumer complaints and reviews about BSNL, Goa

Manjiri khandelwal
May 22, 2017

Complaint number 1037720736

This is regarding my broadband connection in my holiday home in Goa.

This is my first time using Bsnl service and I opted for it because I thought a government run provider would be more committed and efficient. Well it turned out that I was fooling myself as Bsnl, sadly, is like any other typical government agency where no one cares or bothers. I apologise for being rude but I have to say I have never come across such a bad service- both in product and CustomerCare; across any platform.

I have been having issues with the broadband service ever since the beginning. Issues with billing and issues with network. I guess issues do happen on and off with every service, but my main concern is with the help meted out by the customer service team. To begin with they are not qualified enough to resolve any issues, and the reason being they are not trained properly. They have difficulty in diction, language and mainly know-how and knowledge.

- My first minor problem is when you call up, right at the beginning of the recording when you choose your preferred language to be English, invariably a Hindi speaking customer care agent comes on the line

- My second big problem is that with repeated requests to give me a breakdown of my bill, they are unable to do so.
I am on a 999/- plan and my monthly bill never comes close it, infact it's always more than double. Upon being asked, they don't have proper answers.

- Thirdly, even after having made such exorbitant payments, my network is always down. It never works. Upon complaining, i get assured that an agent will be calling and up and coming to fix the issue. That his contact details will be sent to me shortly.

I have been getting the number and name of the same agent for the last 6 months. Name- Dashrat mahadeo Sawant.
Mr Dashrat has not called or tried to reach out to me in any way. Infact he has been unreachable when I have tried to contact him
Just minutes after I get the contact details of the said person, I get another message that my complaint no. XXXX has been resolved.
It apparently has been RESOLVED even though no one has bothered to reach me.

And this is a cycle. Each time I complaint, I am given a complaint number and it's then apparently Resolved even though it's not.

The most amusing part of all of this is that my number seems to have been blocked from the toll free number. Because for some
Weird reason my phone call has not been going through from yesterday, but calls from my husbands phone are easily going through even though we use the same phone, network provider and are in the same location.

I intend to take this up very seriously and severely against the company (both in social media and legally) as I have records of every phone conversation and email and message exchanges(request you to go through all the recorded conversations of mine with the customer care executives)I would hate doing so but I am being pushed by your company.

Expecting a solution at the earliest,
Manjiri Khandelwal

Complaint number 1037720736 Complaint number 1037720736 Complaint number 1037720736 Complaint number 1037720736 Complaint number 1037720736 Complaint number 1037720736 Complaint number 1037720736

May 6, 2017

BSNL Broadband dead for one month

Really upset and frustrated as our broadband has not been working inspite of several complaints to to the local office.

A few houses in Khorlim Mapusa next to Sateri Temple are without internet and no one is bothered to rectify this inspite of several complaints.
Mar 3, 2017

Landline and internet out of service

Dear sir,
I am totaly disspointed with the linemen in this area even though will go to curtorim telephone ecchange and complaint couple of times they say yes will attend but no one is comeing to fix the line.
Last 8days we are faceing lots of problems because no internet service. In my area also dont have 2g net work.
Please do the needfull.

Phone numbe. 2787216
Jan 12, 2017

shifting of LL+internet

from LL No.2456466

I had applied for Shifting of my Land line from the area Sao Paulo -Taleigao to Vodlem Bhat -Taleigao,which is not even two Kilo meter.But still even after one month the shifting is not done .

I repeatedly visited the concerned authorities but all in vein, it is observed by me that the BSNL is run by the lower cadre LINE MEN and TECHNICIANS than the higher management,

ultimately my request for shifting is DECLINED for uncertain period for the reason NOT FEASIBLE.

this has hampered all my online transactions which I cannot do on my mobile all the time.

will you please enlighten be how to go for DIGITAL INDIA and CASHLESS INDIA our honourable Prime Minister is dreaming about.

shifting of LL+internet

Shirley Botelho
Dec 28, 2016

broad band connection not recd

I wish to bring to your kind attention that I had applied for BSNL plan 249 in the month of October 2016. I am given to understand that I have been alloted phone No 2446011 however when I enquired at the Merces BSNL office N Goa they say they do not have sufficient manpower or the feasibility report has to be done I do not understand why so much delay in giving me the connection. I request you to attend to my problem at the earliest and grant me the connection
Oct 20, 2016

Landline Dead

this is regards to my previous complaint

Landline number:0832-2268476
Area :Socal Vaddo,Assagao,Bardez,Goa
Oct 20, 2016

Landline Dead


My landline is dead since past 10-15 days no action has been take even when i have registered a complaint 6-7 days back.....kindly look into my matter.... i simply pay regular bills without haveing the full benefit of your BSNL service,

As a result of dead phone line i am also not able to my broad band connection....Please help me fix this issue...
I am at a great loss since all of my daily work is through online transactions...And i have to take help from local Cyber cafe...

thank you.
Sep 26, 2016



This is to bring to your notice that my broadband is not working for past one month and after several complaints .no action has been taken. We have been lodging complaints with the BSNL Customer care center and telephone exchange several time but it is observed that there is no response and action being taken on the problem. Every time i phone Cansaulim Telephone Exchange i am told that broadband will start after one hour.

My number is 0832-2754255

Kindly look into the matter and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
sulochana Naik
Jul 26, 2016

Telephone dead

Landline connection is not working for past 5-6 days Tel. No-08322401869
Jul 22, 2016


Mob : 9405926621 Baldev Kumar
348, Guru Nanak Nagar,
Ambala Cantt-133001
22 Jul 2016


The General Manger
BSNL Maharashtra Area/Circle

MOB. NO. 9405926621 AS ON 21 JUL 2016

Respected Sir,

I, Baldev Kumar (Mobile No. 9405926621 Issued at Vasco-da-Gama ,Goa) want to submit following for your kind consideration:

(i) The main Balance in ibid mobile no. was around Rs. 20/- Plan with validity up to 21 Jul 16 and Data pack was around 1 GB with validity up to 10 Aug 16.

(ii) I have recharged with Rs 36/- for Plan validity on 21 Jul 16.New Validity is 17 Jan 2017

(iii) Now, the Balance shown is Null in both account i.e. in main balance as well as data pack.

(iv) I, am on leave at my Home Town Ambala Cantt , Haryana.

(v) For aforesaid, since PM 21 Jul 16, I made several calls to BSNL customer Care No. 18001801503 to lodge a complaint. But (as I am on roaming) every time I was connected to Haryana Circle Customer Care. They said me to contact at 09420097000. I tried this no. But, could not be contacted despite several attempts. Then again, I called Haryana Circle Customer Care. Now they gave me another No. 09425730001. I called that no. , but this no. belonged to Chhattisgarh circle.

(vi) On 22 Jul 16, I dialled several times Vasco-da-gama Customer Care at 08322512386, bell was ringing but no response. And another no. 08322518076 found engaged despite several attempts.

(vii) I also tried to contact BSNL Panjim at 18001801500, but no response. I also contacted 18004251957, they responded but told that they are not right agency to contact for this problem.

Sir, In view of the above I request :
(a) Reconciliation of balance in ibid mobile no.
(b) The data pack validity date may also be taken in consideration (validity is 10 AUG 16).
I will be very thank full and obliged for your kind and early action.


Baldev Kumar
Jul 17, 2016

not working broadband for last fifteenth days

Sir / madam
This is to bring to your notice that my broadband is not working for past 15days and after several complaints .no action has been taken. We have been lodging complaints with the BSNL Customer care center and telephone exchange several time but it is observed that there is no response and action being taken on the problem. and service person(shivappa lamani) says that cut the connection and go for another operator ,simply says that it is a problem with the underground cable ,modem etc. I have changed the modem.even though old modem was in good condition.

my number is 0832-2518213
Kindly look into the matter and resolve an issue as soon as possible.
Jun 17, 2016


Our broadband is not working regularly. Everytime we have to complain and once they repair it goes off the next day. Last 3 months back, it was working whole day but goes off between 6.00 p.m and 7.00 am. That means whole night it goes off. After complaining and follow up with the Divisional Head and sending emails, this was repaired.

Now the broadband is not working again. It works during day time and goes off at night. We complained to all. They don't believe us. As there is nobody to check the internet during the night time. Actually, we need internet more during night time as we are all at home during the evening. We also feel that after paying telephone bills regularly and that too FULL amount, our phone is not working.

If in case of electricity, if we have no power, our meter stops and we pay less, in case of water also, the meter will show less amount. BUT IN CASE OF TELEPHONE.. even if the phone is not working, we pay the FULL amount. This is injustice. They either put off the full system and blames others for the inefficient work.

My phone is 08322298307 which is not working for past 15 days now. And just yesterday I received message that I have reached Fair Usuage limits of my plan and to speed up my connection I have to choose TOPUP option. I dont understand how the BSNL can send
this message to us, when our phone is not working.

I feel that somebody should look into the matter and follow up with the grievances faced by the customers.

May 27, 2016


My phone landline No is (0832) 2862026, I have a lot of disturbance in my landline while calling or receiving calls. The Linesman has said that the wire needs to be replaced and I would have to get the wire. I fail to understand why the consumer should buy the wire. Please inform as to who should replace the wire, the consumer or the Telecom dept. Thank you. this may please be informed at the earliest because I am a Doctor and I need this essential service to keep in touch with my patients.
May 6, 2016

Broadband: Notification to opt for "speed restoration"

Over the past several months, between the 5th to the 7th of the month, I have been regularly receiving a notification for "speed restoration" even though I know for a surety that my downloads have never exceeded 6 GB within the very first week of the month. I had brought this to the notice of the department telephonically but all that was done in this regard was to send me a statement showing the usage listed against my modem to "prove" that my downloads during the first week of the month were indeed in excess of 6 GB. But I cannot accept this because there are no corresponding downloads showing on my system. Every month, according to the self care portal, my daily downloads average about 1 GB. There is no virus on my system and no automatic updates. Furthermore, my IP address is listed as on the notification, which is incorrect. Would be grateful if the department would look into this matter expeditiously. Reluctant to shift to any other service provider but will be left with no alternative if this condition continues. My phone number is 2530684.
Apr 19, 2016

Broadband problem 08322612319

sir / madam
This is to bring to your notice that my broadband is not working for past 8 days and after several complaints no action has been taken. We have been lodging complaints with the BSNL Customer care center and telephone exchange several time but it is observed that there is no response and action being taken on the problem.

my number is 08322612319

Kindly look into the matter and resolve issue as soon as possible.
Apr 4, 2016

Every month by the 5th your department sends a message fast or slow

Every month by 5th your department send a message slow or fast I feel it is very irrating. When I took the plan I was told Rs.545/- unlimited so what type of planning is this the consumer is harassed by your department we are both senior citizens and we do not accept this type of behaviour. Phone number 2281154.
Feb 17, 2016

Inconvenience due to the service by BSNL

My telephone and broadband connection are out of service from 30th January 2016 on wards due to the roadside PWD work in the area.the cables are been damaged due to digging work for water pipelines.we haven't used any service since then.

We being the resident of kadsal,khandepar,ponda goa have already contacted the local exchange at usgao tisk to replace the cable but,the employees say they have no cable available with them and need to get it from Panjim office.also,there are frequent problems with the broadband connection and telephone every month.such kind of service is not expected from a competing telecommunication firm like yours.we are really disappointed and not satisfied with the service.

Name of the customer:Bhaskar K.Bhandankar
Telephone Number: 0832-2344922
Jan 2, 2016

Bsnl line not workinf

My landline nor net is working. Its a repetitive issue. Call me on 7875441075
Dec 27, 2015

Landline is not working

Respected BSNL team,

I Stay at Sheldem, Near Tilamol, Quepem-Goa 403705. My landline Connection is out of service since many days. We have been lodging complaints with the BSNL Customer care center and telephone exchange several time but it is observed that there is no response and action being taken on the problem.

Kindly look into the matter and resolve issue as soon as possible.

0832 2662949.
Email: pradnyakossambe@gmail.com
Sadika Mubarak Ali
Dec 24, 2015

Landline + broad band - not working

Respected BSNL team,
- I am a retired Principal living in Curchorem, Goa - Maharastra circle.. My pincode no: 403706.

- My landline telephone number and the broad band connection attached to this line are - not working.
- We have been lodging complaints with the Customer care center at Curchorem-BSNL..
- No response...they do some temporary adjustment - after few hours again the lines do not work... May I look forward to your kind attention in this regard....
- My telephone no: 0832 265262323.
- Name: A.M.H.Mubarak Ali.
- Postal address: T-1, shanoor Plaza, Cariamoddi, Curchorem, Goa - 403706.
Email: catererali@gmail.com
Dec 21, 2015

BSNL Brodband service complaint

I have been using your services for the past 13 years but this is the first time a problem like this has occurred to me..
few days ago I was browsing the net when it went down ... Now its been 3 days since it hasn't shown signs of coming back..
it is sad to see this happening in this age when internet speeds have reaches peaks of Gbps , but our speeds are still barred to a few Kbps and the prises are also not fcheap for these speeds..
I have also been calling the bsnl goa service center for the few days but nobody seems to pick up the phone like its not their business plus your claim that your service center is open from 9am-7pm mon-sat .
regards a dear customer
Dec 13, 2015

phone and internet not working

Dear Sir madam,
I have been a customer of BSNL for some years now,I have lost count of the amount of times I have had to complained about my phone being dead. I have complained now(again) I have received a mobile message saying my complaint will be attended to by Mr Devappa Desai along with his phone number(nobody answers that phone) I know Mr Desai retired over three ago.My telephone wire comes from the open from the pole to my home,hence vulnerable to weather and breakage(there are already 4 breakages along the line,resulting in more loss in signal strength) I have requested to change the wire and opted to pay for it.(NO RESPONSE) please some Senior manager of BSNL try and read this complain and do something to help.It hurts me when I hear the Avertisement,Free calls From (9pm to 7am) I have paid for the whole year in advance.Iam 68 years old My wife also a senior citizen.Please try and help and find a permanent solution to this problem.
Thanking You
Very Sincerly
Victor Dsouza.
Goa thivim, Tel No. 0832-2290039
Sep 10, 2015

Broadband problem 0832256382

sir / madam
This is to bring to your notice that my broadband is not working for past 8 days and after several complaints no action has been taken. After every 2 months same think happens , me and my wife are so fed up with this BSNL services that sometimes we feel like switching to other private service provider.
It is pointless going to your local office for complaint they are not at all interested in solving our problem.
Only we receive your bills in time , I hope at least you will seriously take up my issue and do the needful

Thanking in anticipation

Sahiprasad Virnodkar
Email - virnodkarsahiprasad@gmail.com
Sep 1, 2015

Unsatisfactory services

My telephone No: [0832] 2858503 is out of order (dead) since 27.08.2015. I lodged a complaint with BSNL telephone exchange Camurlim - Loutulim on 28.08.2015. I visited this office too on 29.08.2015 and have seen personally that the complaint has been registered in their complaint book on 28.08.2015 and thereafter I have been calling 2 times everyday in their office and every time I have been assured that their staff will visit us, but regret till now none has attended the complaint. We have been regularly paying the telephone phone and now I am really disgusted with the service of BSNL.

I would really like to know since our phone line is not working for more then 6 days till now, will BSNL not charge us the rent for the no of days for which the line was not working?

Appreciate your immediate attention on this and pls arrange to resolve this problem.

Joanita Rodrigues
Aug 25, 2015

broad band is not working sice 2months

my land line is dead very often and it get on when i called up at the nearer BSNL exchange but my broadband is not working from last 2months. so many times i complained but the service is worst. no one is ready to solve the issue, the line mans are telling their senior is on leave and the senior is telling he cant do anything.

can any one help me to sort out this issue?

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