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Consumer complaints and reviews about C S Services / PFRDA

May 27, 2019


We got a call on the landline reg CPF amount refund to my father. My father was a Pvt. Sector employee and has left the job 20 yrs ago. They said it is unclaimed amount and the name of the person is Yogesh Sharma. He called up from this no. 7373123404 and gave me the details that there's an amount of 3,10,648₹ unclaimed and said he will give me the details later.
There was a call from the same number this morning exactly as said, he gave me the details reg the procedure to be followed. His talk and conduct was pretty professional and then he asked me to send a pay check with amount 31,064₹ I got a doubt and Googled, to which I found it a fraudulent activity.
I then called back to the number and asked them to send me a letter and an e-mail and also specified that their conversation is being recorded. It was a woman who spoke to me in this call. I asked her name and she put the call on hold. She then unheld the call and spoke to me again. I specified yet again that I'm a lawyer and a person who deals with PF and things and that her call is being recorded, to which she immediately cut the call... Yet again, I tried calling the number and it was unavailable!
My request to people is, to cross verify more than twice reg these matters.
Ashok Guha
Apr 12, 2019

PFRDA Claim scam

PFRDA Claim scam

Me too received a similar call today i.e. on 12th.April.2019. The entire process was exactly the same as described by n.naoghare.

Following were the Phone numbers I received the phone calls from.
6390766732 Sneha Singh (True caller id: Pfrda Govt of India)
7678834295 Mahi Sharma (True caller id: Pfrda Govt of India)
6391458725 Mahi Sharma (True caller id: Pf Office)

Please note that True caller is open to editing. Many a times Trucaller prompts to suggest a better name of the caller.

Following was the address given for sending the courier.
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhavan
27 Community Center
Wazipur industrial Area
NEW DELHI-110062

I was asked to send a Cheque of Rs 21,064 in the name of GPF Services.

I sensed something fishy, hence did not send any document or cheque photo etc. While typing this post, I received a followup call from these fraudster.

Apr 8, 2019

Bogus PFRDA claim

Hello Team,

Me too received a similar call stating my address, my father's name correctly. And as per True Caller the phone no +91-6391459692 was saved as PF Office India, that was the reason I picked up the call and had some discussion with him (Ritesh Patil, as per what he told me). He initially asked for details of my Father, like where did he worked and where does he stays n all. I gave him information about it. Then he told me that there is claim pending for amount 3,10,648 INR which came for cancellation and they were just confirming whether I was aware of any such claim. He explained me about the process that I need to send some documents and all which will be discussed with the documentation team.

I again received a call from documentation team (Sneha Singh | 6391458725) asking me to send the documents to their address(PFRDA, Govt of India, Flat no 208/209, Pension Nidhi Bhavan, Main Bazaar, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi 110090) by Speed Post and share the slip number with them. She asked me to send PAN, AADHAR, Passport Photos, 1 Cancelled cheque (which is understood) with file number and pin number behind it and 1 cheque of amount 31064 Rs, in name of GPF Services and with signature. When I asked why is the cheque needed, the said it is needed for Income Tax department to confirm the tax liabilities n all.

She stressed on point that whether my account will have sufficient balance or not, if not whether I can manage the balance. And also to share the slip number with her over call so that they will create the account against it.

The first doubt came when she asked for pay check and then when she asked for slip number. I mean, if the document is being posted at your address then unless you receive the document how can you accept the details only on slip number? Is the slip number required to get that courier directly from post office when undelivered and they can get the cheque out from courier? Whether GPF Services is a registered non-government company to which the amount will be payble? There were certain questions in my mind.

I then hanged up the call and told them I will send the documents. Later that day in afternoon, I received the call from her again asking for slip number, I said I havent send it till now and will need some time to do so. She was like why have you not sent it yet I have already asked you to send today only. I asked them to send me the details from your official mail id with the list of documents, but she refused saying that we cant do and she hung the phone.

Again Ritesh Patil called me asking what happened, I told him that if you have the details of my father's account tell me the DOB and PAN number so that I can confirm if you are legal. He refused saying they dont have personal details, I argued with him that how come they maintain the amount details and not bank account and PAN details. He then said he will check with his team and send the details from official email id.

My intention behind explaining this is that it is a complete process they follow just like any other organization. So, please be aware and act accordingly.

Thank you !
Mar 26, 2019

C A Services/ PFRDA

My father received a call from a lady named Mahish Sharma who introduced herself as an employee of PFRDA. She called from the number 0639431839 and told my father that he has an unclaimed amount of RS 310648 in his GPF account ( my father worked in a private firm and he is not eligible for GPF) and asked him to pay RS 31064 as tax refundable so that the unclaimed amount be credited to my father's account by April 14th. She asked my father to send two cheques and other Id proofs to an address in Delhi. Once my father told me about this I asked him to call one of our relatives who is working in our regional PF office to ask regarding this. At once our relative said this is fraud and there is no such kind of money to disbursed to any person.
I believe this is a new kind of fraud by the scamsters and propel who are unaware of the scam can get into this trap. Police and other officials should try to nab these petty thieves who are trying to fool and extort poor man's money.
Mar 26, 2019

C S Services

My father got a call from 0639431839 claiming to be an official of PFRDA. She said her name was Mahish Sharma and is an official in PFRDA. She told my father that he has an unclaimed amount of RS 310648 in his GPF account ( my father worked in a private firm so he is not eligible for GPF) and asked him to pay an amount of RS 31064 as tax refundable to RBI. She asked him to send two cheques one cancelled and other one with some specific details to an address in Delhi. She said the amount will be credited to my father's account by April 15. As soon as my father told me this I asked him to call one of our relatives who is working in the PF office to ask regarding this. Our relative at once said this is fraud and there is no money to be given to my father from the govt.
I believe this is a new kind of fraud being played by the scamsters. People who doesn't know about this fraud will fall into this trap. I hope police and other officials try to take action against these petty thieves.
Dec 31, 2018

CPF Claim Settlement

I have also received the same call from number +91 8929018261 and was told that some unclaimed PF money is lying in my account and asked to send cheques and documents to the some address in Delhi. On further questioning it was discovered to be a fake call. I threatened her for dire consequences but she mocked me and laughed off and challenged me to take action.

I am posting this spread information for others who receive such calls. Please be aware and google the numbers from which you receive doubtful calls.
Dec 31, 2018

CPF Claim Settlement

Today I also received the same call from number +91 8929018261 and was told about unclaimed money left i my account and was asked to send cheques and documents to some address at Delhi. But I know that government bodies does not work in this way or ask for advance cheques. I refused to give any details and asked for serious action for which she laughed at me and mocked and told to take action.
Please be aware for such fake calls.
Dec 11, 2018

CPF claim

My parents received similar call, I spoke with them and after I googled and found this is fake. I contacted Vizag cyber crime and explained the situation let's do sting operation I will send dummy speed post and asked them to coordinate with Delhi cyber crime and trap these guys. But they haven't showed any interest and said it's very hard to track and catch these people. It's shame on our cyber crime Dept.
Dec 11, 2018

Fraudulent call

To all concerned---BE AWARE---
I got a call from so called PFRDA officer from CPF Dept and one lady named as Arohi Sharma ( mob no. 6390117186) talked to me. She had my fathers name, where he served, some wrong address but correct phone ( land line) ,my mother name ,my name and my mob no. and informed me that rs 310648 amount due for payment since 2014 from my fathers Central provident fund ( some contribution from his PF amount invested by government in some Public projects from which some returns are accrued and hence the amount is payable, but the last date of claiming this is 30 th of DEc 2018 ) . She then forwarded the call to one Sneha singh who told me to send Death certificate of my father, my mothers aadhar card and PAN card self attested, ,cross cheque duly cancelled of the bank, one cheque in name of Central Fund Claim Services( CFC Services) with an amount of Rs 31064 as tax refundable amount on the the faollowing address--PFRDA,Government of India, B/ 68/ 4C Narayana Industrial Area, New Delhi 411028 . She also asked for two photographs of my mother but subsequently said it is ok even if photos are not sent as PAN card and Aadhar will have her photo.. When asked she stated that the courier should not be in her name but her phone no. 6390115496 can be mentioned.

When I searched the internet ,i found that such calls have been received by many and are fraudulent ,thehow the police or cyber security department of India is not taking any action and stop such calls.
To whom should we contact in such cases what are the authority contact details , Can some body throw light.
Mohan B Kulkarni
Oct 25, 2018

CPF claim

got a call from 7233009688 - Riya singh from pfrda ( as claimed) on my landline no. providing file no, pin no of my father's unclaimed PF. then another lady diya sharma called gave her no as 06390115496 & asked to send cross cheque of Rs 31,064 to claim an amount of Rs 310648/- along with death certificate of my father, mother , my pan card, adhar card etc to address PFRDA, B/14 Pension Nidhi Bhavan, Rohini sector 12, new De;lhi 110085. I had a doubt & checked this site whcih confirmed my doubt.
Oct 13, 2018

PFRDA - asking for cheque towards unclaimed combined PPF

Call on behalf of PFRDA
Today I received a call from a lady named Shanaya Kaur 77233009645 on my landline claiming to be a part of Pension fund regulatory and development authority. she said unclaimed amount towards my Fathers (who passed away in 2014)Combined PPF is pending and it will get cancelled by 5th Nov'18. she provided us with file no. pin no. and amount of the claim.

she connected me to Document section lady named Diya Sharma who asked to send a cheque of rs. 31064 as refundable tax in the name of CITI services. this cheque with a cancelled cheque and pan card aadhaar card and 2 photographs were asked to be sent to Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority Government Of India B/14 Pension nidhi bhavan,Rohini sector 12 i, New delhi 110085. They have provided Dept No 08948379123 to be called and confirm the postal courier details once done.

It was told that once the amount is deposited to Central IT department No objection certificate will get generated and then RBI will do the online transfer of the unclaimed amount to Bank account directly.

Kindly take a note of this and let us know the credibility / authenticity of such call.
Oct 5, 2018

Fraud call on behalf of PFRDA

We recently received a call from a lady named Rupa Tomar - 08948379123 claiming to be a part of Pension fund regulatory and development authority. she said our claim of PF is pending and it will get cancelled by 25th OCT. she provided us with file no. pin no. and amount of the claim. she asked us to send a cheque of rs. 31064 as refundable tax in the name of central fund claim services. this cheque with a cancelled cheque and pan card aadhaar card and 2 photographs were asked to be sent to GOI b/14 Pension nidhi bhavan, sector 12 rohini, New delhi 110085.

Kindly take a note of this and let us know the credibility of such a call.
May 26, 2018


I have recd a call from some Ayesha Verma. 6391712850

Please check and report if they are genuine or fraud.

Address for sending courier with cheques ( 1 cancelled and one of Rs. 30000/- in the name of cfc service ( central fund claim service, )
address: pfrda , govt of india, bhavishya nidhi bhavan, 1st floor, rohini sector 18,

new delhi 110089.
contact 6391712850,
Apr 13, 2018

CPF Fraud Calls

Received multiple calls from ############saying CPF fund is lying with them for long time and is about to get cancelled. It is to provide details of my mother in order to transfer the fund to the account. Please check the telephone details and take an action immediately.
Apr 12, 2018


Even I received same type of call and they are providing same information 3/4 time to write down and verification too. Now they started asking my Date of Birth and Detail Address and other information

I told them share the details where should I post document, if this address sounds good to communicate I'll come in person and submit. Sneha Singh and Arohi Sharma are ladies said no entry to premises and only postal courier is allowed.
Its all fishy
Virus buddhe
Apr 2, 2018


I got a call saying that the file which belongs to my father has been in cancelled form. I asked them where they were calling from. They said PFRDA dept new dlhi. They have everything. My address, phone the names etc. I was scared. Theu said they had almost 7lakh unclaimed. I got suspicious. I had just shifted to Pune and I got my landline couple of months back. And ghere was no way that my father gave them the number before he dies 4 years ago. So I asked them their address, they started shouting at me. Next day I agin got a call saying the same thing. I asked them, I know you are a fraud and I hve registered the complaint for the same. The lady said agar pata hai to baat kyu kar rahe ho. I got call from following numbers.
88006 59589
78368 02846
Feb 10, 2017

CPF Fraud calls

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that TIF Services , CS Services on behalf of PFRDA has taken Rs.55,000 amount from us.
Initially they told us that theye are from PFRDA and some amount has been lying with the government since very long.
In order to get the amount we have to give PAN Card, Adhar Card, Passport Size Photo, Cancelled Cheque & Cheque of amount Rs.29,999 intially.
We have send all these to the address

ING services india,
VP 187-b- first floor, Pithampura

Again they told us to send Rs.25000 to the following address
saying that they need the amount for tax redemption
and also considered the money to be whitemoney

Ramesh Kumar,
TIF services, 45-46 mohan park,
Near nirman bihar metro station,
Laxmi nagar, Delhi - 110092

I found out some fishy, when i go to the following address I found that
no such office is available.
So, requesting you Sir, please take action against these
fraud person, otherwise they will continue to cheat innocent people like this.
Also my friends beware,dont entertain these frauds.
Friends ,please beware and make sure to not disclose any personal details.

Numbers are 8468012794 and +91 9136494315, Ajay Sharma : 9136436450
Aditya Patil : 07428773869
Also some Chirag Patel
Nov 8, 2016

PFRDA/CPF Fraud Calls

I too received the same call from number +91 9136494315, asking me about private confidential information. I told them that i will meet them in person in PFRDA office complex. I think they got scared and never attempted to call me back. Beware of fraudsters !
Sep 14, 2016

CPF Fraud Calls

Hello Team,

I have been receiving continuous calls from multiple people since yesterday stating that they are from Pension fund Regulatory Development authority.First got a call from Ayesha Varma stating that my dads CPF is in the cancelled state and they would like to know if we want to withdraw it .File number,PIN number and tax benefit details were provided. Later received a follow up call from account department(Mr.Ajay Sharma) requesting for details like PAN card, Aadhar number,passport size photo and2 cheques in the name of CS services.Later from Aditya Patil asking for the same details. When asked to send the requested information via email or messages they refused stating that this cannot be done as the file is in cancelled state. From then, we have been receiving continuous calls to mobile number asking to send the requested documents and provide the reference number.

Kindly action on this fraudsters.
Details of numbers and address to which the details are requested.
Ayesha Varma : No number Provided
Ajay Sharma : 9136436450
Aditya Patil : 07428773869

Address to which documents are requested:
VP 187B,1st Floor
Pitampura near MP Mall
New Delhi 110034

Friends ,please beware and make sure to not disclose any personal details.

Any help and suggestion would be appreciated.
Aug 8, 2016

CPF Claim Settlement

I have also received the same call from same number +91 9136494315 and was told to send cheques and documents to the exact address. But we know that government bodies doesnt work in this way or ask for advance cheques we didnt take it seriously. But its always better to spread information for others who receive such calls. Please be aware and google the numbers from which you receive doubtful calls.
Jul 11, 2016

CPF Claim Settlement by PFRDA Fraud

Hi Team

my grandfather expired last month we have submitted the death certificate to local PF treasury office to stop individual pension which my granfather used to receive. As a coincidence, we got the call from the person called Akash sharma to our landline stating that they are calling from PFRDA. He has informed that your grandfather CPF amount ( Rs 2,30,450) file is with us. They are telling my father name correctly and saying it is mentioned in their file as nominee . to claim that we need to submit ID proof , 1 passport size photo, Death Certificate, 1 Cancelled cheque and 1 Cheque for 29,999 in the name of C S Services which is Tax transaction amount. And dispatch in the courier and confirm the acknowlegde number to update in their records. Later i have asked them to call to my mobile number for tracking their numbers. then they called to my mobile and the address they gave for dispatching all the cheque and documents is Mahesh ( C S S ) , V P, 187B, 1st Floor, Pitam Pura, near M P Mall, New Delhi - 110034. So I have made the account balance to Zero and then sent the required documents to them. Later i have enquired in official PFRDA contact number. they were saying that there no office in Pitampura and might be the person who called is fraud.

The numbers they used for communication to my mobile numbers are +91 8468012794 and +91 9136494315

Can u please check the above address and numbers. Please action on them.


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