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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

Sep 3, 2020

Keeping students in a lot of pressure

Respected sir,
I want to inform you that compartment exams have not been held till now.I couldn't give one of my exams due to an accident. As a class 11th student I am under a lot of pressure. Firstly, the class 11 syllabus is too vast and difficult in comparison to what we have read till class 10. On top of that the pressure of class 10th. It is completely unbearable. We have to study extremely hard in class 11th for competitive exams and at this point, revising class 10th syllabus increases this pressure.After studying class 11 books, I am not able to revise my class 10th syllabus in daily routine. Parents also want full marks in the class 10th exam just for self satisfaction.
My anxiety is increasing everyday.
Many days gone but no updates from cbse. It adds to the pain.
Please reply as soon as possible.
Aug 3, 2020

Gendral pass for compartment exam

Due to increasing corona spread in all parts of India, it is not possible to conduct compartment examination. CBSE can take immediate steps on cancellation of compartment exam 2020 and awarding minimum marks to pass in the concerned subjects. This will enable the compartment students to join in colleges as most of the state colleges have started admission process. Otherwise the students will lose one year.
May 20, 2020

Regarding pending exams in enrolled schools

As cbse has decided that the remaining exams of class 12th will be conducted in the schools in which the child is enrolled, this can create a great problem of cheating , aa the child's own school will always try that their children get good marks they will definitely allow them to cheat, this has happend in my practicals , aa I'm a bright student I do not want that children who did not study hard and do not deserve good marks should not get good marka by cheating, as this will definitely bring down the morale of good students who prepared for exams really hard and will not get higher marks than the poor students.
One solution is that teachers from other schools should be called in each school as they will not let cheating to happen. I hope you'll understand the great problem and will see to it.
Thank you.
_€money king
Apr 23, 2020

Cancellation of exam

Sir we would request u to cancel the class 12remaining exam..for the students who completed 4 exams there marks can be given out of 400 nd each sub a percentage of 25% so that it wl be tally..in the rise of this situvation it would be a huge help nd relief if exam ws cancelled..we r not abel to prepare for our future plans nd is stuck bw no where..the marks nd perecntage can be given fr the exams conducted. In this situvation its not safe bcz a vacination wl be found bt august or smthg as per reports nd if we were to write exam we shd come to school bd also hv contact with many ppl nd a tension also arises..health is more imp than anyhing nd if any student gets covid bcz of huge gathering thrn all this wl be a waste
Shrey Bhatnagar
Apr 13, 2020

publishing operations shut down

CBSE on 31 march 2017 took the arbitrary and harsh decision of winding down its publishing operations with immediate effect which had hard repercussions on the students' community. cause the market was short of these books and that time only and now they have vanished pushing troubles for 19,000 schools who prescribe to them. talking of myself I am a student of class 11 legal studies subject there are no other books available for my subject not even single private publisher printing books for this subject we could depend only on CBSE. pls, help. our future is in danger and this is only about one subject there 280 other book s which CBSE published.
Khushi Chhibber
Mar 8, 2020

Physics Exam

I request the officials of CBSE to reconsider their decision to grant grace marks to students of Set 1 and 2 only as looking at both the papers, although those three questions for these sets were tricky, it was balanced by other questions that were easier than as compared to Set 3..there were too many questions we had to think about and it is not justified if grace marks are given to only those students having Set 1 or 2 as there is no knowing who even deserves as much as half of those, getting full weightage for 8 marks is just going to affect students of Set 3... At a point where even half a mark makes a difference to competitions, we expect grace marks to be imparted impartially to all the sets or only lenient marking for Sets 1 and 2 as well..
Mar 5, 2020


The CBSE accountancy paper held on 5th March 2020 was not in accordance to the marking scheme provided to us. It was clearly stated in the question paper that there would an internal choice in 2 questions of three marks(i.e,Q-14&Q-30) but as such no choice was provided in question number 30(SET-3).
I request you to look into this matter and provide grace marks or some other measure to do justice to the students.

Kanishka Sachdev
Mar 5, 2020

Science class 10

This is with reference to the science exam conducted for class 10 on 04.03.2020. In set 1 code number 31/3/1 many questions were out of syllabus.
Section A: Q 3 b), Q 9 and Section B: Q 20 a) (i) and (ii) and Q 23 (ii) were not a part of the text.
Further, the overall paper was difficult. I hope the board experts don,t deduct marks for these questions by adopting a lenient marking.
Moreover, I have observed that the set 1 is always confusing. This is not fair for the students. I would appreciate if the board examiners keep a balanced standard for all the sets as Set 2 was extremely easy but Set 1 is always the most difficult.
Keeping this in mind I would request the examiners to take appropriate care while checking science set 1.

Hope to get the problem solved the earliest.

Thank You
Nandeka Mehindru
Mar 5, 2020

Accountancy cbse exam 2020

The accountancy paper 2020 was not in accordance with the sample paper issued by cbse....the sample paper gave students the view that the paper would contain 7 choices whereas the actual paper had 6 choices. One of the major choice which should have been offered in 30th question of ratios was not there.And even the difficulty level in all 3 sets was also not same for eg. the ratio question in set 3 was difficult as compared to other 2 sets which contained direct question.Hence, it becomes a mere matter of luck...... so cbse should consider these facts while checking.
Mar 4, 2020

class 10 Science Exam 4th March 2020

Refer the attached question of today's Science class 10 board paper. In set 1 Que No.10 all the 4 options given are not correct as per grade 10 text book/syllabus.

Q.No 10) Strong heating of ferrous sulphate leads to the formation of a brown solid and two gases. This reaction can be categorized as
A) displacement and redox
b)Decomposition and redox
c)Displacement and endothermic
D)Decomposition and exothermic

None of the above are correct as per grade 10 text book. As per text book it should be DECOMPOSITION AND ENDOTHERMIC or DECOMPOSITION AND OXIDATION but that option is not given.

It cannot be "REDOX" since we learn in grade 10 science textbook pg.12 that in a redox reaction, one reactant gets oxidized while the other gets reduced. When we decompose ferrous sulphate crystals, ONLY OXIDATION IS HAPPENING BUT REDUCTION IS NOT. This is the information given in the CBSE 2020 Revised Edition of the Science textbook. Therefore as per the textbook, a REDOX REACTION IS NOT POSSIBLE. Kindly be aware that all the options in this question are incorrect.
Requesting to consider this question as incorrect and do the needful for the benefit of students who studied the grade 10 textbook thoroughly.

class 10 Science Exam 4th March 2020

Nov 17, 2019

Board exam 2020 preponed

CBSE announced that Board exam for 10th standard preponed to Feb 21st. Children are losing 3 weeks of study time, which adds lot of stress on them, affect their health as well as affect their exam results. Please kindly look into this matter immediately and help our children, instead of adding stress to them.
anantu pillai
Aug 21, 2019

revaluation result

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to bring in to your kind notice that I (Anantu Pillai) ,a class 10th student of Campion School Bhopal , requested for revaluation of my Hindi paper along with a fees of Rs.500 . When i checked for the results a pop message appeared stating my application no. or roll number is invalid .

Application no. :A17753
Roll no. : 1213902

Kindly do the needful ASAP.

Hoping for a positive reply .


Anantu Pillai
Wajiha Kaleem
Aug 5, 2019

Physics class 12th answer book Copy not received

I have applied for my answer book photo copy after my compartment examination on 1st of august 2019 but I just received a letter about marks verification of my compartment exam but did not receive my compartment answer sheet copy because Of which i am not able to apply for re eval of answer Sheet.
Please provide me with my compartment answer book copy so that I can check where i went wrong and why did I get such marks and
i am doubtful about the marks i got.
Email: [email protected]
AnsHul GupTa
Jul 28, 2019


in main maths exam i got 7 marks as well as in compartment exam. but my compartment paper i do all ques correct.its not possible i have so less marks in compment exam. plesase help me
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jul 18, 2019

Compartment result 2019

Sir i have given comartmwnt exam for 2019 for maths subject but sir unfortu ately its says that i have to give my exam again as i got 17 marks only.sir am sure i did more then that sir plzz help me its about my entire life.plz sir plzz help me.
Gamil id:- [email protected]
Jun 18, 2019

CBSE 10th Duplicate certificate NOT received

I had lost my 10th CBSE marksheet and applied for the duplicate certificate on May 9, 2019. The courier for which have already been recieved by the respective regional offices in Chennai, upon calling, I was informed that I would receive it within 21 days (for urgent basis). But now it is been more than a month and i haven't received my certificate yet. I had applied under tatkal/ URGENT basis (extra Rs. 500).
It has been more than a month from the delivery date but still I am not able to get my documents and according to your website CBSE dispatches documents in 15 days for post & 2 days for urgent basis.
CBSE is not recieving call and they are ignoring me. After calling several times, they are not giving proper information also.
Please understand my urgency. As I have applied for higher studies, I need the 10th Duplicate Certificate ASAP.
Its very URGENT so I request you to look into this matter, and respond as soon as possible.

Roll no: 4119268
Year of passing: 2011

email: [email protected]
Phone no: 6380305696
Jun 6, 2019

Poor checking

my whole class has got poor marks in english subject. Even the students who have always scored more than 90% since 8th or 9th class got much lower marks than expected marks
Raj Singh
May 31, 2019


I am Raj Singh student of class 12 cbse board. I have Almost spend 5600INR to get my copies reevaluated but cbse board has always marked it as no mistake found.
Even though i am completely as well as my teacher's are sure that maths solution is correct but they have does not taken any step to mark my copies correct.

Even though I have mentioned all The details of my solution in re valuation form , where the marking scheme clearly says to entertain the question which is out of marking scheme also.

Please help me as soon as possible or guide me some other ways to get my all money back,
They have just destroyed my future.

contact id [email protected]
May 25, 2019

Regarding the revalutation process

I apply for revaluation on 25 may but My fee status is not update on cbse portal. I pay full fee but it doesn't show although my account is debit with fee amount kindly help in this regard
Here is the required info.

Name of candidate - Alisha
Roll No. 9752744
Revaluation Application No.- D85364R
Date of Transaction- 25/5/2019
Contact No.- 9873141847
Alternative No.- 9310464118
Mode of payment- online( through other debit card)
Amount paid - Rs 1000

I request you to fix it as soon as possible

Thank you
Shwet Gaur
May 24, 2019


I claimed for photocopy in chemistry and after obtaining my chemistry photocopy I came to know that I got question paper with set number (3) and I marked the set number (3) yet but in my copy set number was changed and also another Circle was marked ,means there are two circle marked . Examiner has checked my copy as per set number (2) in which I don't get full marks and it makes a difference of 20-25 marks .. Even my answer are as per marking scheme . Moreover in my answerbook question number whatever I attempted like I attempted question number (4) has been changed to question number (5) and question number (5) has been changed to question number(4) . Kindly pay attention and allot a new examiner for rechecking my copy from beginning.
Name :Shwet. Gaur
Class :12
Roll number:5712358
School name :New way senior secondary school
School number:08848
Admit card id: SL580856
Centre number:5256
Answerbook application number:R80748
Somya Chauhan
May 22, 2019


Respected sir,
This is in relation to the recently concluded CBSE CLASS 12 BOARD RESULTS.
I am a student of Mount Carmel School, Dwarka, New Delhi. I had paid a sum of ₹500 each for the revaluation of two of my papers, English (301) and Economics (030).
I want to apply for the second step too but due to technical issues on your part, I failed to do so. The server was down, your helpline numbers are all going invalid. Due to such discrepancies, as a student I am incurring great losses. This is my humble request that you reconsider my application and carry on with the future proceedings. I am even willing to pay an extra sum for the same.

I request a prompt reply and the requisite actions to be taken as my college admissions are getting delayed.

Student details:
NAME: Somya Chauhan
Roll no. 9189809
Application no. D22948
School no. 65764
Centre no. 8185
Contact no. 9312600159
May 21, 2019


i am had given cbse class 12 exam in 2019,
many of the results are wrong .
My result is also wrong
i had also given my results fir recheck but the results had no came yet,
and the date of photocopy had come

its about our future
please do some thing about it
and also the date of photocopy was till 21may
but applying today is showing that the date is over
#Change needed
May 21, 2019

The Unfairness of the Checking Process

Dearest CBSE Board......
Why are you so very unpredictable??
Why do you always go on for experiments-the experiments with life of the youngsters??
English-This subject has always been a spoilsport.......
First of all......how can you award someone a 100/100 in subjects like these(english,regional language etc.)?
Now,let me come to the point of declaring the toppers......How can you say that he/she is an all India topper when the evaluation is done by different sets having a good number of dissimilar questions?That's not a correct way,right?
And the best part is-Who are the people checking the papers???Do you even cross check whether all of them come forward with a true motive of correcting the papers piously and do justice to that 3hrs work(rather the whole year's effort) or do a group of them actually come to make money???
Yes!! I raise questions
Some of the examiners just do the average marking and check more no.of answer books per day to earn more while some do justice to students......and in this dirty process the deserving ones are badly left behind while the others get their satisfactory marks.........huh...a good game of luck.......
Well played......
And and and........see your revaluation schemes......my goodness....Rs.500,Rs.700,Rs.100 per question and what not........you do these on purpose.......so that many just refuse to get indulged in this game ...(and merely do you increase the marks-the deserving marks)
And yes......we are going to remain victims of this education system
Gopal kumar123
May 17, 2019

Provided grade.

I have secured 91 out of 100 in SOCIAL SCIENCE (087) .
However the positional grade alloted is A2 in both of the above mentioned subjects.
May please clarify the same and if there is any upgradation in positional grade, the same may be incorporated in my marks sheet.
Requesting for your kind review please.

Date of Birth: 21/03/2004

Roll.No. 1112370

School Number: 03045

Center Number: 1047

Admit card Number: GG700347

Please allot me correct positional grade in my original marksheet and also correct it on the net if required.
Already applied for verification of marks in SOCIAL SCIENCE (087)
May 14, 2019

Wrong grading

I have got 79 in psychology and according to grading criteria I am supposed to get B1 and not B2 also, I am one of the top scorers in English and I have got only 65 whereas the students who didn’t score as much as me before have got in 90s, I am not the only student who has faced this problem.
Roll number: 9109921
School no.: 72683
Centre no.: 8848

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