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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

shalini mahato
Jul 22, 2018

Mismatch in marks and grades

Name- Shalini Mahato
Roll no.- 6641379
School no.- 08452
Centre no.- 6259
Session- 2017-18

Respected sir,
Subject Subject code marks scored grade given grade supposed to be
Economics 030 74 B2 B1
Accountancy 055 68 B1 B2
Informatics Prac. 065 89 B1 A2
Physical Ed. 048 62 C2 B2

Sir it is requested that the above listed subjects grades correction may be carried out at the earliest to avoid future hardships.
Corrected certificate may be forwarded to my examination centre.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Shalini Mahato
Class 12
Jul 21, 2018

Permission for using calculators

Respected Sir,
Iam a Science student (XI).I have taken computer science instead of maths as an option.So,In chemistry and physics,we feel difficulty in calculations,because of big sums,as it requires lots of time.So,I request you to permit us to use calculators in exams.
Jul 8, 2018

Still I don't get result of reevaluation 2018

The latest news is that CBSE has released results of Revaluation 2018 - Result Revision Cases on Account of Rechecking/Re-Evaluation/RL/RW/UFM - Class X, 2018 . It is said that CBSE has released all the results of reevaluation But When I checked my esult , I found - NO DATA FOUND . What can i do now ? Other students have got their revised results . But my revised result is not given . I also want to inform that I have also applied for verification , answersheet and the reevaluation with the cost of Rs.4800.
I got 86 marks in science . I have obtained the photocopy of answerbook and then I matched my answers with CBSE marking scheme and I am 100% sure that it should be 97 and in english I have got 83 . All other students of my school who are weak in english have got more marks than me . I am expecting 96-98 marks in english but when I saw - English - 83 I was shocked . I want to inform about this to CBSE . I am hoping that My result of Reevaluation will come very soon and I will get my expected marks .
[email protected]
Jul 6, 2018

Regarding revaluation

Respected sir,
I am Visman Kaur, a student of class 10. I was not satisfied with my science marks so I applied for revaluation . But it has been two weeks and my result is not declared . I am waiting for it . So I request you to please finish this process and declare my result as soon as possible.
Application no. C42246R
Board roll no. 2276733
Swarnima chaudhary
Jul 2, 2018

Letter or email not sent in revalution process for class 12th 2018 boards

I didnt not recieve any letter at my home by cbse or any email on my id even after the revaluation status said - 'mistake found'.
My details are as under:-
App. No. For revaluation = R50137R
Roll. No. = 5614800
School name =blue bird senior secondry school
Place = goolar road aligarh up
Email id = [email protected]

Letter or email not sent in revalution process for class 12th 2018 boards

Neha Sen
Jun 25, 2018

Remark for verification

I have applied for verification of english and physical education papers on 1st June 2018. But still didn't received any remark. Please help. roll no. 7618897. Verification application no. P22187
Priya Trehan
Jun 24, 2018

Delay in receiving photocopy of class 10 board paper

I had applied for cbse photocopy for my class 10 science and English board papers. I received it on 24th at 11:30 am and till then the last date had passed and all my efforts had been wasted.

I tried to call in the helpline numbers but to no avail, no one was picking up the phone.

Trusting cbse and in good faith , i patiently waited for the answer sheets. Even if the information had been provided late 23rd night i could have tried to make my submition. I am being exposed to so much of stress on account of no fault of mine and on account of delay at their end in submitting the answersheets well in time before the deadline.

I would humbly like to request cbse to please please please extend the duration for submition of answersheets for revaluation

Application no-D40096
Roll no-8239811
Jun 21, 2018

delay in obtaining answersheet copy cbse class 10

I gave my CBSE board exam in March 2018. But I am not satisfied with my marks in English and Science. I have applied for verification and photocopy of both subjects . It is 21 June now. Tommorrow is the last date to apply for reevaluation . Till now I did not get the photocopies of the subjects . What can I do after the date passing on ? There are other students also who do not get ther copies yet . Whenever I checked for it on cbsenic, I found only - Your answerbook yet to be uploaded . Please inform about this to CBSE at the earliest to give my photocopies tommorrow - before 12 pm so that I can check my marks and the I will apply fo reevaluation .
Application number : C41195
Roll no. - 2109349.
[email protected]
Shreya Basak
Jun 21, 2018

Uploading of Answer Book(class X)

Respected Ma'am/Sir,

I am a student of grade 11. Recently, I gave my grade 10 exams in March 2018, but I was not satisfied with my marks of Social Science. So I applied for rechecking and for the answer sheet. But my answer sheet is not uploaded. The portal for re-evaluation has already been opened, but i have not got my answer book to see. Even, when I call Bhubaneswar zone regional helpline, no one picks it up and their phones are always switched off.
Kindly look in the issue as soon as possible.

Name - Shreya Basak
Roll no. - 6143874
School code - 56010
Center code - 6252

Uploading of Answer Book(class X)

Jun 21, 2018


Dear Sir,
I had applied for photocopy of my answerbooks of all the subjects, but till date I have not received the same, tomorrow is the last date to apply for re-evaluation of answerbook without photocopy, I am not in a position to apply for the same, request you to please look into the matter and extend the time for re-evaluation of answerbook.

Tanishq Prabhu
Roll No 8122391
Jun 16, 2018

social verification not received

I would like to complain that I have submitted my paper for verification and I haven't received it yet I had given 3rd language and social science for the verification but I have only received 3rd language and I got 1 mark more only and I don't want that to happen with social too pls give me better marks.......
Jun 16, 2018

verification of social studies

I would like to complain that I have submitted my paper for verification and I haven't received it yet I had given 3rd language and social science for the verification but I have only received 3rd language and I got 1 mark more only and I don't want that to happen with social too pls give me better marks.......
Jun 15, 2018

Wrong paper talen by the CBSE for revaluation

I submitted my paper of science and hindi as my marks were really less than I expected and was expecting if they could be increased but today when I wanted to apply for the photocopy of my science paper there wasn't an option for the submission of the science paper and it was showing maths instead of science. I am 100% sure that I submitted science and this has come as a great shock to me as my money was wasted and spent for nothing but on the maths paper that I didn't even need so I will be really pleased if some action is taken on this case as it is very important to me and for my future. So please ensure it is taken care of.
Name- Aryaman Bansal
Roll no- 2117609
School code- 04264
City code- 2040
Abantika Bag
Jun 14, 2018

Not yet got any result of the subjects given for review

Respected sir/madam

I got less marks in English and Mathematics than what I expected, so I applied for a review of those two subjects. But till now I have not received any response from the concerned authority. plz look over the matter.
Thanking you
Abantika Bag
School No-56034
Centre No-6212
[email protected]

Not yet got any result of the subjects given for review

Jun 8, 2018

Correction of grade in CBSE 2018 class 10 marks sheet






ROLL NO 8109644
DOB 01/09/2002
Jun 8, 2018

Duplicate Marksheet 10th class Status: Roll No(1146600)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have posted my application for duplicate certificates with all the required documents and a DD of urgent fee and outside postal fee as per the guidelines on 30/05/2018 and was delivered on 01/06/2018.
I would like to know the status of my application as its past the mentioned timelines according to the application form and haven't received any further communication from CBSE.
Roll No: 1146600
Ph No : 07354020371
Email : [email protected]

Duplicate Marksheet 10th class Status: Roll No(1146600) Duplicate Marksheet 10th class Status: Roll No(1146600) Duplicate Marksheet 10th class Status: Roll No(1146600)

Jun 7, 2018

Incorrect grade assigned

Respected Sir/Ma'am,
I'm a class 10 student and appeared in the board exams of 2018.The results were announced recently and I noticed I was given a wrong grade in the subject,Hindi(Course-B).I secured 86 marks in Hindi,yet I was given a grade of B1 instead of A2.I kindly request you to make the change in my report,as soon as possible.

Name:-Aditya Siripuram
Roll no:-4095452
School code:-48106
Centre no:-4405
Jun 5, 2018


Dear Sir/Madam

I have scored 82 out of 100 in hindi course-b (SUBJECT CODE-085),but the grade given was B2 instead of A2.

I have scored 85 out of 100 in english communication (SUBJECT CODE-101),but the grade given was B1 instead of A2.

My science exam (SUBJECT CODE-086) went so well and i cross checked my paper after returning to home and i was getting above 80 and i got 69 out of 100.I was shocked after seeing this.

Roll No. 5105801
Date of Birth 10/09/2002
School No. 08856
Center No. 5193
I request you to kindly do the necessary correction and re-check my science paper, that will be a great help.REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Yours sincerely
Phone: 8737074889
Ishant Vaidh
Jun 4, 2018


Sir /mam
Rechecking copy
I'm gain mark in SST poor but I expected above 90 i'msocked after see this in all subjects I gain expected mark I request to you for recheck the SST copy fairly
I hoped after recheck I gain expected mark
Roll no-5357233
Jun 4, 2018

cbse class 10 result

hello sir
my name is shivang.
sir yesterday my phone broke and all the data in it wiped out.So i thought that i will that out my result again but when i went to your site and filled the details required to get the result(roll number and .D.O.B.) I got a message that your roll number is invalid.
Sir, my result is very important for me.I want it otherwise i wont get my wished subject and admission in school.
please help me sir.

Thanking You
Your faithfully
Jun 3, 2018


Dear Sir/Madam

I have scored 87 out of 100 in hindi course-b (SUBJECT CODE-085),but the grade given was B1 instead of A2.
Roll No. 4048299
Date of Birth 30th May 2002
School No. 06443
Center No. 4203
I request you to kindly do the necessary correction.

Yours sincerely
Phone: 09481472196
Jun 3, 2018

Social Science

The correction of my social science paper was not done properly as I got only 89 marks out of hundred while expecting 95. The trend seen this year is that studious and hard working students got low marks for various subjects and lost full A1 while ordinary students got very good marks. I worked a lot to get full A1 but lost A1 for Social Science [Even though I got good marks for other subjects (Science-100 marks is one of them)]. Most of the ordinary students got A1 for Social Science but I didn't. Those who expected good got the worse and the unexpected got the best.
Please look upon this issue and resolve it ASAP.
Jun 3, 2018

Compartment in mathematics

Actually i got compartment in maths but according to this attachment the student who is not able to pass in one subject can Change that subject with the optional subject but this is not been done. Kindly look on to the matter.
Thank you
Roll no - 1226838
D.o.b - 22/12/2001
School no - 03483
Center no - 1690

Compartment in mathematics Compartment in mathematics

Swapnil pandey
Jun 2, 2018

Correction of grades in cbse result marksheet class 10 ,2018

Respected sir/madam. I have secured 91 marks in science (subject code 086) but instead of grade A1 it is printed A2. . I hope you will kindly change the grade of science (subject code 086). Please do the corrections as soon as possible. . Thanking you. . Yours sincerely. . Swapnil pandey DOB -04/10/2002. School no. -08534. Centre no. -5130. . CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION. Secondary school examination (class 10) ,2018 Mobile no -7985581667
[email protected]
May 31, 2018

Maths paper valuation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I feel X Maths paper (2017-18) valuation not done properly and I was expecting above 85 and got only 68 marks. I feel authorities should re look at the valuation of Maths paper once again and correct the marks of all students.

Thank you,
Kandi Nikshitha Reddy,

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