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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

ritika vyas
May 27, 2018


So unfair checking in subjects .The worst result i had ever in my 12 cbse exam 2018.I expected my % above 70 and i scored only 58 %. Unfair checking in computer science ,economics and english core .
I expected to score above 80 in computer science but scored 24 only .what to do with these marks .coz of your unfairness where will i get my admission .Plz do something i have to improve my result .This cbse 12th result 2018 have spoiled my future.
May 27, 2018

I'm not satisfied with my cbse class 12th Hindi or Biology marks...

I have given cbse class 12th board 2018 my stream is Biology...my result was come yesterday and i checked my result then i am not satisfied with my hindi or biology marks...its really unfair...i want that cbse please revaluat my copy and give me...my expecting marks...in hindi i expect 70 above out of 100...but cbse gave me 57 marks out of 100 that not good...and biology i got practical 29 in 30...or in theory i expect 45 out of 70...but cbse has given me compartment or 15 out of 70 then the total 15+29=44 and i expect 45+29=74...it much lesser then i expect...its really really really unfair...please consumer board support me and resolved my problem...i am very depressed with this types of things please call cbse and resolved my problem as soon as possible...because there is no time...please help me...
ROLL NO.:6647068
SCHOOL NO.: 03192
and my EMAIL ADDRESS:[email protected]
Palak hardeniya
May 26, 2018


I am student of class 12 cbse 2018..
And I got a compartment in chemistry.. I've got 31 marks..and still noone provided any grace marks to make the student pass..till last year grace marks were there but frm this year it is been stopped ..this an injustice to us..
Here is a request to the board that if someone applied for revaluation nd very close to the passing marks please pass the student..
May 24, 2018

Uncertainity in result dates

If anybody is ever seeing this
To whomever concerned,
Let me point out that the uncertainty in dates of publishing board exam results of class 10 and 12 is extremely distressing. As you know middle class people like me rely a lot on scholarships and can only persue the dream course in a good college with the same. The colleges have already started admissions and since the results are not available it becomes nearly impossible to apply. It's really unfortunate.. please do something about this
grim reaper
May 22, 2018

2nd language

can u just make it clear why the hell are we still studying 2nd language in grade 9 and grade 10
like we have studied too much of it from kg classes and the content in the books are completely useless
its such a goddamn waste of time
May 15, 2018

physics paper

sir i am cbse student of class 12 i have given exam this year.....i have studied whole year for good marks...but unfortunately due to onlyy one day for physics exm was not upto mark and i was not able to revise every part...and the question paper was vry tough...as i am satisfied with every question paper except physics paper so i request to check physics paper leniently and give grace marks after all it will decide my future... hoping for the best
May 12, 2018

Injustice to 2018 Class 12

!!HELP!! CBSE Class 12: Till last year moderation and Grace Marks were there. From next year reduced and revised syllabus. Only for this year No marks moderation / no Grace marks and the one time overall pass criteria given to X class, for this year, also is not provided for Class 12.
Sankalp Yadav
May 8, 2018

3 marks question wrong in CBSE class 10 science question paper

Respected sir/Ma'am
3 marks question was wrong in CBSE class 10 science question paper. Wrong question stated that identify the name of salt which is used to make crispy pakoras whose pH is 14. But no salt has pH of 14 only sodium hydroxide has pH 14 but it is not salt and moreover it can't be used to make pakora. Hence please provide bonus marks for this wrong question.

Anuj Kapoor 01
May 1, 2018

Revelation of my physics JEE marks

Respected sir ,
I've given my JEE this year and I have good marks in physics JEE according to your answer key sheet .I request you to recheck my physics marks as it's question of my future
My Roll No:24500036
May 1, 2018

JEE 2018

Sir, I have got 60 marks in JEE mains whereas my total score should be 70 exactly as per the answer official key on JEE mains website. My score from Chemistry section should have been 30 while I got 20 marks only. The score from Maths and Physics sections are OK.

Kindly get my answer sheet re-checked and do the needful in this regard.

Kindly do it at priority otherwise my admission chances will be affected.
Tapan Upadhyay
Apr 25, 2018


I am requesting for easy checking of science class 10th paper because of whole course we are under pressure whole year .
Thank you
Thasni salim
Apr 23, 2018

12th grand percentage

Respected board dignitories,
I am putting forward a suggestion about 12th board result.If grand total like 10th board cgpa were introduced in 12th result sheet also it will be really a better thing.
Apr 20, 2018

Wrongly worded question in Maths board X exam CBSE 2018

1. There was a “Wrongly Worded” question in the X Board CBSE Exam conducted on 28 Mar 2018. The following question in the Maths paper is wrongly worded (Q 28 of Set 3):-

“The sum of four consecutive numbers is an AP is 32 and the ratio of the product of the first end the last term to the product of two middle terms is 7:15. Find the numbers”.

2. The question has been picked up from existing Class X Mathematics book but the language has been twisted which lends itself to wrong interpretation by virtue of the wrong wording. The language of the question is “Consecutive Numbers” in AP which means that the numbers are consecutive numbers with d=1 (with reference to an Arithmetic Progression where a is the first term and d is the common difference). Consecutive numbers such as 7, 8, 9, 10 are also terms of an AP with d=1. This interpretation by students is because of the use of “Consecutive Numbers” in the question rather than ‘Consecutive Terms’. As such in this case the answer comes in fractions.

3. The ‘intended interpretation’ of the question seems to have been “Consecutive Terms” in AP rather than “Consecutive Numbers”. The question is then solvable with 2, 6, 10, 14 as answer.

4. The ‘Question’ thus has wrong interpretation and has been “wrongly worded”. As such all students should be accordingly compensated.
Apr 15, 2018


सेवा में
केंद्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड
अति विनम्र निवेदन है कि मैंने इस वर्ष CBSE की कक्षा 10 की परीक्षा दी है तथा मैं आपका ध्यान दिनांक 28 मार्च को CBSE द्वारा आयोजित कक्षा 10 की गणित की परीक्षा में आए प्रश्न पत्र सेट 2 के प्रश्न क्रमांक 24 के संबंध में आकर्षित करना चाहती हूं साथ ही इस प्रश्न पर आपसे 4 मार्क्स के बोनस की मांग करना चाहती हूं क्योंकि सेट 2 का प्रश्न क्रमांक 24 कक्षा 10 के पाठ्यक्रम से बाहर का प्रश्न था ! वे विद्यार्थी जो कहीं कोचिंग नहीं जाते हैं उनके लिए यह प्रश्न हल कर पाना संभव नहीं था !
महोदय इस संबंध में आप विषय विशेषज्ञ से सलाह ले सकते हैं कि यह प्रश्न कक्षा 11 के स्तर का था केवल कुछ कोचिंग संस्थानों ने इस प्रकार के प्रश्न को हल कराया किंतु विद्यालयों में इस संबंध में शिक्षकों को ज्ञात नहीं था अतः न सिर्फ हमारे विद्यालय अपितु केंद्रीय विद्यालय में भी इस प्रश्न को हल नहीं कराया गया यदि आप इस प्रश्न का मूल्यांकन कर अंक प्रदान करते हैं तो उन तमाम गरीब बच्चों के साथ अन्याय होगा जो आर्थिक अभाव के कारण किसी कोचिंग संस्थान में प्रवेश नहीं ले पाते साथ ही CBSE बोर्ड द्वारा उपलब्ध कराए गए पाठ्यक्रम का भी कोई महत्व नहीं रह जाता अतः इस स्थिति में यह कहना ही उचित होगा CBSE द्वारा पाठ्यक्रम का निर्धारण पूर्व में करने का क्या फायदा?
अतः आपसे अति विनम्र निवेदन है कि हजारों छात्रों के हित को ध्यान में रखते हुए इस प्रश्न पर हम छात्रों को 4 अंक बोनस अंक के रूप में प्रदान करवाने की कृपा करें ।


Saurabh bisht0001
Apr 12, 2018

Paper leak

Class 12 physical education of 2018 which is going to held tomorrow has been leaked . I have got many call's and messages for tomorrow's paper . So plus take further action .I am attaching a copy which I got

Paper leak

Apr 4, 2018

ugc net

sir i am filling ugc net exam 2018 form but after filling some information your server give message temporary technical problem error. That's why i am unable to fill the form and last date is today. I am trying to fill the form last one weak but i got same error which mentioned above.
Mukul Kumar kannoujia
Apr 4, 2018

Please conduct re exam

I know that it is hard for you to take the decision and CBSE has already made a commitment that it will not conduct any exam.
Com'on CBSE you have made it unfair.
Here comes no students interest. Please accept that CBSE has decided this only because of riots and petition.
Respected Senior members where had gone your supreority. You are just supporting the cheaters.
Our respected PM had said that warriors can fight without any worries. So why students are not willing to give retest.
Simple, they are cheaters or they are supporting cheaters.
Cbse please make any positive statement regarding this.
Otherwise this will be considered as injustice to us.
And at last
If re exam will not happen this will mean victory of false and defeat of truth.
Apr 3, 2018


Are economics ka paper bhi cancel kardo..... Hume or bhi bohot kaam hai
Apr 1, 2018


I think our cbse chiefs are trying to hide their mistakes. They arrest the people who leak the paper but the question-Is your system security is so poor ??
How can people do that? Hence there should be re-exam class x maths in all states because as social media is the basis source of transfer of information.
Anika Nehra
Apr 1, 2018


It is my humble request to cbse to alot 70 marks to each student of class 10th ( 2017-2018) in the subject mathematics out of 80 as this paper was leaked in noida i.e ncr .

I understand that some students will raise their voice as they believe they deserve more than 70 . The cbse board can allow reboard to such students .

This will be a peaceful and fair solution to this paper leak problem .

I hope you will accept my request
Class 10 student
Mar 31, 2018


Maths ka class tenth ka paper india main hona chahiye kyonki hum jab apne centre par gye unhe pehle se hi paper maalum tha ye to galat hai
Mar 30, 2018

Re examination

Maths paper was also leaked in faridabad region..
All of my classmates had the paper a day before exam.. I request you to please re-conduct maths exam as soon as possible...
It will be a punishment to those cheaters....
Swayam Kiran
Mar 30, 2018

We want re examination

Sir , it is injustice , we want re examination,,, what is the value for hard laboured child..... There should be fair examination... Sir in odisha student had the questions before the night of maths exam... We want re examination.. plzzzzzzz sir take care of my request.... Sir... I also have the questions.... I have proof....
aakash singh yadav
Mar 30, 2018

paper leak maths in UP

there is paper leek in UP as my friends got that paper earlier in rs 50. so re conduct exam in UP.
Mar 30, 2018

Boycott of Re-Examination

Sir thats not good for the millions of students who has appeared or are appearing for #BOARD in #CBSE . Most of the students as well as their parents are depressed because they have made their holiday plans. I am also one of those students who appeared Maths board exam.I have to go to my brothers wedding because of the re-examination I am not able to go there. its my humble request to you that please cancel this re-examination or post pond it to end of April .Please try to understand our problems

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