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Consumer complaints and reviews about CBSE

Mar 30, 2018

Boycott of Re-Examination

Sir thats not good for the millions of students who has appeared or are appearing for #BOARD in #CBSE . Most of the students as well as their parents are depressed because they have made their holiday plans. I am also one of those students who appeared Maths board exam.I have to go to my brothers wedding because of the re-examination I am not able to go there. its my humble request to you that please cancel this re-examination or post pond it to end of April .Please try to understand our problems
Sanskar Kandoi
Mar 29, 2018



I want to communicate the grievances of many of my fellow classmates.....
Sir I do believe Your intelligence..but this time your decision regarding Rexamination of the exams of class 10 & Class 12 is not very supportive or justified....

Only because Some mischievers did this act of breaking the law and morale of examination...You have no idea to affect the future of those who appeared well by studying hard throughout the nights to score good marks...

Sir it is not justified by you to spoil the percentile of all the Hardworking, Innocent,Honest students(Near about 2.8million students) only because to give fair marks to a few mischievers....

I Hope Justice Stil Exists In India....!!!!

JAI HIND......!!!!!!!!
Joshit Jain
Mar 29, 2018

Re-examination of 10th and 12th

Wow! We students need one more time to suffer just because CBSE's 10th Maths Board paper and 12th Economics Board paper got leaked. Just because they cannot take care, just because they do not understand their responsibility. We the students who have worked so hard, we the students who had studied the whole nights, we the students who have been in depression, We the students who have made certain plans were got all buried by CBSE just because they cannot take care of the question paper.

Why is it that everytime we students need to suffer??
We the students of CBSE Board kindly ask that they should not re conduct the examination as it will have future consequences
For example- Many of has future plans after the examination, many of us have the reservation for going out of station, many of us have to go for marriage in our family which was planned according to the examination schedule and many more, which all need to be cancelled and one of the most important thing- when will class 12 students prepare for college entrance exams??
Kindly do not re conduct the examination because we the students are suffering unnecessarily

Mar 29, 2018

Reconduct of class 12 Economics exam

The respected authorities,

The decision to re-conduct the board exam for class 12 Economics (and class 10 Mathematics) has affected about 28 lakh students.
The mental pressure of giving the board exams and preparing for them for over an year is already too much.. and preparing for one again when we though we were finally free? It's absolutely disheartening.
Moreover, with mental health issues on the rise because of the extreme academic pressure, A LOT of us are bound to suffer. I, myself, have battled depression and anxiety for the entire year because of the extreme stress that we have to face.. and only after the economics exam ended, I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted off my head.. only to find myself crawled up in my bed again after hearing the news about the retest, IT IS TOO MUCH STRESS and I'm quite certain that I am not the only person who has suffered from this problem.

Another issue is that we already have exams like psychology, home science, etc. left which are to happen in mid of April after which we will hardly have any time to prepare for entrance exams which are fast approaching. Apart from the marks we secure in the board examinations, how we prepare and perform in the entrance examinations impacts our future.

I understand how the paper leaking is a big problem, but the board should come up with different ways to tackle the problem. Punish the people who leaked the papers (who are ought to be in the board itself, because it is impossible for a student to do the same).. don't punish students and disrespect the hard work and the efforts that we have put in for the entire year.

I sincerely request the board authorities to reconsider this APPALLING decision which has shook students, their parents and their teachers in the entire country and not let us suffer.
Please let us get on with our preparation for college and bear us with the unreasonable stress.
It is an erroneous decision and must be scratched.

I really do hope that CBSE won't let the future of so many children suffer because of one wrong decision.
Kindly cancel the re conduct of examinations, IT IS NOT OUR FAULT.

Thank you.
Kajal Goyal
Mar 29, 2018


Sir plz re conduct biology exam. Because it was also leaked. If u not re conduct exam than u check our copy hard and we got low mark and we got fail. Because in 2017 biology paper was hard and also copy checking is hard. In 2017 all students fail in biology and they waste its one year. Now we don't want that our one year again waste. Therefore i request to u re conduct exam or other wise give grace marks and all students get pass no body fail in biology
Antik Bhattacharjee
Mar 29, 2018


Kanan Datta Sarma
Mar 29, 2018

Problems in giving the retest of maths exam

How can we give retest??? CBSE should consider our problems too. I'm migrating somewhere far at april 8th for further education. If the exam is taken after 8th I will not be able to give the exam. PLEASE CBSE don't play with my future. Cancel the retest or retest those who actually got the leaked paper. We have worked very hard for maths all over the year. Don't waste my hardwork.
Mar 29, 2018

Grade 10 math retest for cbse students

Dear CBSE,

There are people who have wronged so please make them suffer not us- the students who have worked all year long and have already made plans for vacation. All my holiday plans and subsequent flight and hotel bookings of self as well as the family will have to be changed or cancelled. This amounts to mental as well as financial stress.It is very difficult to change everyone's schedule and shed more money for travel. Why should I suffer?
Mar 29, 2018

Cbse 10 th maths re exam

Please reconsider the decision of re exam for class 10 maths. The re exam for class 10 maths should be only for the regions where the paper was leaked. Re exam should not be held in other regions where the paper was not leaked. Students will suffer a lot. Please reconsider the decision.
Aslam middye
Mar 29, 2018

Stop re exam of economics

Stop re exam of economics class 12 and class 10 as well as because it is not our fault that we have to pay for it..
We did lots of hardwork for it but then also before and during exam we were very much scared.. Then with lots of effort we fought against our fair and we did well.. But due to some people why we will waste our hardwork and the efforts that we have done.. Try to improve the security,don't disturb students. It will effects students mentally as well as physically.. Don't try to convert the twinkling stars into burning fire balls..
Mar 29, 2018

Reconduction of economics paper

Economics paper should not be reconducted all over India again . It should be reconducted only in the areas where the leak has been verified after proper enquiry . Students all over India should not suffer and if reconducted , the date of exam should be after the end of all exams not in between.
Mar 29, 2018


◦ CBSE removed CCE pattern for 2017-18 batches accepted, CBSE said compulsory board exams for class X accepted, with full course accepted. Now CBSE removed half syllabus when government said students could go out and play and have a lot of pressure on their shoulders.... That means we became the experimental batch..... Boards exams were going on since 22 Days although all students were studying from past three months just for this examination.... The board exams were for about a month... When returned from last exam of maths we were expecting some peace and a little fun but due to some students who leaked paper all the 16 lakhs student have to suffer... It doesn’t makes sense if some people are not paying tax in the country and some are corrupted that doesn’t mean the action would be taken on all the 125 crore people it doesn’t make sense at all we didn’t cheated we were not at all indulged in such activities why should we suffer? Our family had planned a trip outside india for celebrating family members birthday we payed all the tour costs and now we have to pay the cancellation fee which is a huge amount we are not responsible for this neither CBSE i dont know we were not expecting this decision from CBSE class X students are exhausted just because of CBSE we became experimental batch have to suffer from re-conduction of maths paper and i dont know who is responsible for this CBSE or us the students.......... not expecting this from CBSE.
Mar 28, 2018


Respect Sir,

CBSE removed CCE pattern last year for 2017-18 batch, we agreed, compulsory board exams for class 10 accepted, the exams were going on since 22 days accepted although we were studing from last 3 months accepted. Full course syllabus is now removed from recent news that students are not able to go out and play and they have too much on their shoulders.. The boards came to us for just 1 year we became experimental batch. We were studing hard for this boards just because of some people who leaked maths paper about 16 lakh students have to suffer its not justice... Like in our country there are many people who dont pay taxes and are corrupted that doesn’t mean that government would tell the whole population to pay taxes again. After a long examination we were expecting to have some peace and have fun our family had planned to celebrate my birthday which is on 3 april in Paris it was a big deal we payed our tour cost now we have to also pay the cancellation fee nor students nor us are responsible for this who is responsible for this whether CBSE or studends i dont know... my whole birthday is ruined.... was not expecting this decision from CBSE
Harsh Talwar
Mar 28, 2018

Reconduct exam

Reconduct chemistry exam as it is leaked before exam i surely think you would look in matter and do needful thnxxx
Shreyaa Balaji
Mar 28, 2018

Maths 10th

Respected sir,
I wrote my maths exam today and I was glad that my exams were going to get over and I'll be able to go abroad. But after the information about re-exam I was very disappointed. Not only I've to go through one more maths exam but I also have to miss my tour. Moreover, the papers were leaked in and around Delhi region and I assure you that no malpractices has taken place in South India. So I kindly request you to please conduct re-exam only in the region where the paper was leaked. And just because the paper was leaked in the northern region that doesn't mean that ever the students in the south have to suffer one more time. Maths is difficult for majority of the students and moreover we had to write full portions this year for the first time after many years and we cannot write it one more time. Not only I had planned my vocations many had already did and now we have to cancel all these plans and sit and do what we had been doing for the past year. What is more disappointing Is that CBSE is not talking into consideration the fact that the innocent students who prepared day and night for their maths exam will suffer just because someone in one part of India leaked the paper. We 10th graders have suffered a lot already after the removal of CCE pattern and we cannot go through hell one more time. Please take into consideration what I've mentioned above. And the results of the re-exam will not be satisfactory as the students will not put their heart and soul in preparation once more.
Mar 28, 2018


First of all you all should be ashamed to call yourself a board that is equal and fair .The only people who got affected because of the leak were only about 1-2%.There are tons of students who did not even get a hint to the fact that it was leaked. We came home happy and satisfied just to hear that we have to do the exam AGAIN. You all are messing with students who have a bright future. Most importantly you should also consider that there are also many students who might not live here and go back due to many reasons. You all should at least consider the fact that we students have sacrificed a lot and put in all our hard work and time just for the exams and for our future. What was most shocking was that you all changed the exams to include the whole year’s portions . I mean isn’t that enough??.Why torture us more with re- examinations?. The only reason it was leaked is by your carelessness and ofcourse it is partly the fault of the cheaters . However that DOES NOT mean that cbse gets to ruin us. My question is why do you want to torture the students who did not even know about the leak ? If you all do your jobs properly I think u might just succeed in your motto : TO BE EQUAL AND FAIR. Please do not ruin thousands or maybe lakhs of students lives just for the sake of a few students ( who do not deserve to be called that ) who are cheaters and a disgrace to all. ( To the cheaters , I just wanna say that u ruined many students lives. Did u all pass the exam now ?? Do you think you will get good marks ?? Do you feel satistifed ? You only managed to throw the hard work of many down the drain.) TO CBSE MY MAIN POINT IS, WHAT GUARANTEE DO YOU HAVE THAT THE NEW PAPER WILL NOT BE LEAKED ??
Mar 28, 2018

Maths paper leak

To the controller
CBSE board ,

Sirr thats not fair that due to your irresponsiblity of question paper you will take our re exam . You should improve your question paper security why we should suffer due to this . We are not in favour of this decesion of yours to re conduct maths board exam for class 10th so pls we request uh to stop all this !!!!!

Mtlb humara mazak bnaa rkhaa hai aap logon nee !!!!
Mar 28, 2018

Economics re-exam

I'm a student of class 12 like stated above. We have not received or had any knowledge whatsoever ever regarding the question paper leakage. Then why does the CBSE force everyone to write the examinations. Please we students of Kerala humbly request that the re-examination in Kerala schools be cancelled.

Our teachers and students have worked and studied very hard in writing the economics exam. So please honour this humble request.

With regards
12th student
shanil khatri
Mar 28, 2018

unfair reconduction

I am student of class 12th and very dissapointed with the cbse's decision to reconduct the economics paper just don't feel offenced but we are not fools here,we with all our enthusiasm studied for our board paper and its the boards responsibility to keep a good security setup not ours and this leak of paper is because of the irresponsible behaviour of board officials and the culprits must be punished not us by reconducting the paper and i am totaly against of this foolish decision. #noreexam
Mar 28, 2018



This is to inform you about the paper leak of economics class 12th. Please focus and take action after reading the following points:
1.We students do hardwork all round the year just for getting good marks. Day and night all day long and after that what we get to hear is that the examination is being reconducted.
2. Sir we students are preparing for our future also some for CLAT or the other competitive examinations. Proper study is really needed and a lot of hardwork is required to crack the clat examination and for its preparation we get only and only 1 month or even less than that. If we will keep giving our board re-exams all round the month then when will we even prepare for our future competitive exams.
3.Some children even suicide due to the peer pressure of the exams and if it comes to the re-exams of the same subject then the student is definitely depressed.
4. We also know that the re-exam wont be easy it would be of such a level that almost everyone of us would be unable to cope up in between the ongoing exams.
5. We aren't involved with any of this kind of paper leaks or some or the other scams so making us suffer isnt the right way.

Sir please try and understand our feelings and sufferings we are so much deeply depressed right now after hearing the news that we are unable to even focus on our upcoming examinations. It isnt a joke to just kinda straightly tell the students to prepare again about the examination and give the examination again.

It would be really grateful of you if u please try and understand and take the desicions after a lot of thinking,
Thank You
Indranil Neogi
Mar 28, 2018

Indranil Neogi

We want to tell u that we are class 10 private candidate and we want to tell u that we cant appear again in exam and we donot want to reappear in exam..so kindly see and follow it..
Thank You
Simran Kumari
Mar 28, 2018

Reconduct class 12 maths exam plzzz for those who want to give

Pllllzzzz it is a deep hearted request to cbse to reconduct maths exam of class 12 plzzzz.. You can make it optional for those who want to give whose exam was not good... U r already reconduting economics and class 10 maths..... So plzzz also reconduct class 12 maths.... Plzz plzzzz plzzz
Mar 28, 2018

No Re-Exam should be conducted!

Are we students lab rats for you?don’t control us like you are controlled by elites! We worked very hard,studied night and day and this is the reward which CBSE gives us? There should be no re exam conducted as the paper leaked is an improper reason for making lakhs of students write exam AGAIN!
Sanskar Nankani
Mar 28, 2018

Regarding reconducting of Class 10 Maths Exam

Sir, Please keep your Decision with you only. Some People leaked paper and Lakhs of students will suffer.

You know what was that relief that our exams are over now. And you send this circular that we are conducting the exams again. It is wrong. You should conduct exam where papers were leak .
You know our teachers told us that CBSE most reliable educational institution and you shown us that you are the best by giving Stress to lakhs of students.
Vansh manocha
Mar 28, 2018

Re conducting maths exam

Why do the students face another exam because of the fault of the management.? Today's paper was so easy and scoring but now we will have to face a much more difficult paper. So many of the students had planned for their vacations but because of the fault of your security system our plans would be spoiled. Is this how a good education system should work? I believe not.

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