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Consumer complaints and reviews about CGHS

Apr 8, 2020

Complaint against unknown person.

On 08.04.2020, I have received a message on my mobile number 9013312487 that Aryan Raj (ID No.195430) has been registered to visit Dr Aysha of Jayanagar Wellness Center for 08.04.2020. In this connection, it is intimated that my son has not took any appointment in any Wellness Center today. So please check and took action. rs sincerely.

Naval Kishor f/o
Aryan Raj
ID No.195424
Mar 26, 2020

Deaf Person at Reception

I have been visiting CGHS Begumpet,Hyderabad with my Grandfather. Sometimes a younger guy is present at the reception. This person seems to be deaf. He fails to give appoinment with the requested Doctor and always sends patients to the same Doctor. I believe we have to support physically handicapped persons but a person at the reception of a healt organisation defeats the purpose.

Due to this persons inefficiency it can be constantly seen that few Doctros have too many patients and few never have any patients.

The other two persons i.e the middle aged women and the elderly person help the patients well.
Jun 24, 2019

non supply of medicine

it is regretfully submitted that today my wife whose beneficiary id 6190125 visited patparganj wellness center and got an appointment with dr BALA MITTAL. I am shocked dr bala refused to give medicine to my wife by giving the excuse that your wellness center is laxmi nagar and you will get medicine only after transfer of wellness center. As you know PMO project digital India allow every CGHS card holder that he can take medicine from all the center covered under CGHS.as far as my knowledge is concerned we can take medicine from any of the cghs centers according to our convenience. kindly look into the matter and direct your wellness center not to do such harassment with cghs card holders. this is quite frequent at this center .
thanking you
deepak joshi
A Kausalya
May 20, 2019

Non availabiliy of fans & washrooms

I visited CGHS dispensary at Uppal with my mother who is aged 75 yrs. During this hot season there are no fans. Old people come from far away. Also i was surprised to see that the washroom was locked as there is no water facility. Just image people coming far waiting for hours and if they dont find minimum facility. I humbly request that at least wash room may please be provided to the patients visiting dispensary.
Apr 17, 2019

Doctors' attitude - suggest counselling

I am not sure if CMO's resposibility includes review of doctors' workload and patient feedback. If it does then there is a call for action.

Dr. Namita Yadav
1. This doctor has least workload. Patients only see her as last option.
2. She needs some anger management therapy. Extremly rude and not willing to work. Works more like clerical staff than a qualified doctor.
3. She needs to be told that 'C' in CGHS does not mean Charity. These patients have earned it. Senior citizens that she yells at have achieved way more than she ever will or can imagine. They are at dusk of their lives and weak now. They deserve respect and patience. She herself will be in the same queue some day.
4. There is an unrest growing against her and will result is mass complaint in very near future.

On the other hand you have the other end of soectrum, Dr. Ranjan:
1. Has most patients on his list. People prefer to see him over other doctors and are willing to wait hours.
2. He is very empathetic towards patients and takes time to explain.

CMO must take action and replace Dr. Namita Yadav with a right minded doctor to bring efficiency and also balance out doctor wokload.

For obvious reasons I will not share my id.

A Senior Citizen who worked tirelessly and made his office proud for years.
Apr 17, 2019

Rude behavior of cmo

Respected sir,
I just want to inform that dr shalini CMO of gurgaon (sector 5) has very rude behavior. I stand there in the room ,she was talking to the patients very loud. Almost fighting. It made me scar. How peopel going to approach her.she is not doing her job up to the mark. I m not writing my id no because my mom gets so scar. We do not like to complaint about someone. I pray to god ,give her little sense then she can help more peopel.
Feb 11, 2019

Online Appointments

Myself AM Rajashekara (pensioner) CGHS beneficiary No 672844. I had booked online appointment with Eye specialist Dr. Katti, at Shivajinagar dispensary, Bangalore for myself and my wife for 14th February, 2019. This appointment was fixed about 25 days in advance.

Today i.e on 11th February, 2019 I received an SMS message saying that Dr. Katti is going on leave on 14th February, 2019 and hence I am asked to cancel the appointment and take appointment for another date or with another Doctor.

First of all we have to wait for a month or more to get appointment with Eye specialist. Now if the concerned doctor is going on leave, asking the beneficiaries to cancel the appointment and book a fresh appointment for another date is very very unfair. I don't say that the concerned doctor should not go leave. Since there are 2 eye specialists in Bangalore alternatively we should be permitted to consult the other doctor for the same date.

Another option could be granting permission to consult an Eye specialist in any CGHS approved Eye hospitals.

I would be grateful to the concerned authorities look into my suggestion and consider sympathetically to help us.

I look forward to hear a favorable reply.
Balkishan Bansal
Oct 8, 2018

Stolen of CGHS Card

Respected Sir,
It is requested that today, I visited CGHS, Dev Nagar, New Delhi
auverdic dispensory to collect my medicines which was prescribedby
medical officer sit near Dr Panda, I/c CMO (Aurvedic). To collect
the medicnines, I have given the CGHS Card 56821 to the Pharmasist for
delivery the medcines. The medicines have been given but the card no.
56821 has not been given despite of repeated request then I
contacted to Dr. Panda sahib he has also requested to Pharmasist
Aurvedic dispensory counter but card has not been given to me.
I am a Sr citizen and 67 years and contacted the other officers but
card could not be delivered to me. Please help I am heart patient and
taking regular medicens.
It is earnestly request to arrange my card.
Aug 9, 2018


The doctor in cghs domlur was very rude requested to take action against her was not listening to the patient she is a new doctor she doesn't know anything please transfer her. dr shubhanginee, cghs domlur , bengaluru , karnataka 560103
Jul 18, 2018

No audit in Dylasis centre kalra hospital moti nagar

Dear sir /mam
I want to furnish your kind attantion towards the dylasis centre DCDC HEALTH SERVICES PVT LTD. Moti Nagar Kalra Hospital. All staff and center are in worst condition. I have already suffer from this. CGHS is not taking any action on there complain notebook.
If you want to conform plz come to moti nagar kalra hospital. And confirm with patients.
Suhan Lata
Jul 18, 2018

No audit of cghs centres

Dear sir /mam
I want to furnish your kind attantion towards the dylasis centre DCDC HEALTH SERVICES PVT LTD. Moti Nagar, new delhi Kalra Hospital. All staff and center are in worst condition. I have already suffer from this. CGHS is not taking any action on there complain notebook.
If you want to conform plz come to moti nagar kalra hospital. And confirm with patients.
Suhan Lata
Jun 21, 2018

Non receiving of CGHS Card


I have applied in 23rd Jan 2018 but till now I am not get my CGHS Card. Please do the needful.

Thanking you


Inder Prakash
Beneficiary Id 3289314
Email ID : [email protected]
Jun 21, 2018

Non receiving of CGHS Card

I have applied in 23rd Jan.2018 but till now I am not get my CGHS Card.Please do the needful.

Thanking you


Inder Prakash
Beneficiary Id 3289314
Mob No.9450159646
Email add. [email protected]
Jun 9, 2018

online doctor appoinment not working in visakhapatnam wellnesscentre

Since 4 days the online appointment system is not working.The visakhaptnam wellness center having many patients every day but having only 2 doctors. All pensioners are waiting from 6am in Q.The authorities check the ground realities and get relief to pensioners by providing sufficient staff......brahmanandarao ID-4572600
Saritha Reddy
May 16, 2018


The Respected Head
I am writing this complaint with lots of pain due to the harsh behavior of the staff of AGS Staff Qtrs.This complaint to inform you that the rude behavior of the staff in CGHS,AGS Staff Qtrs. They don't respond politely and are very harsh with the patients. They don't even check BP for the patients.Tablets are not given on time.Every time i go for the tablets they always tell to come after two days.Even after two days the tablets are not available.So this time i called them to know whether the tablets are available or not as it is very far to me to go to A.G,Colony.So i called to A.G.Colony and told him that i called to know whether the tablets are available in the store or not. He automatically started shouting at me that you come here and check.I then responded very politely that i am very far of A.G.Colony i cannot come daily so please you check and tell me ,then he again as usual shouted. I think he can't talk with people without shouting and i think he is very proud that he is a Central Government Employee and he is thinking that no one can touch him.(Phone no– 23810449) Whoever lifts the above mentioned phone number are shouting in the phone if we ask any question.Its really very miserable if the staff does not have any patience. The main responsibility of every staff working in hospital is to have minimum patience to treat patients.But here in AGS Staff Qtrs it is completely opposite.And I request Government to provide some alternative to know whether the indent tablets are available or not. Whoever authority reads this letter please take an action on that CGHS AGS Staff Qtrs. I hope Government will definitely takes an action on this regard and i hope no other patient will undergo the same situation again.Please tell me the action you have taken through my mail id [email protected]
Somudeep Jana
Apr 26, 2018

Rejecting a candidate due to unwanted reason

To the,
Respected Head,

I am really disheartened due to a rude behaviour from the head recruiters of CGHS during my sister recruitment for a post of medical attendant.
My sister Saikata Jana a very talented girl at the age 20 carrying lot of hope, cracked all the rounds and scored good points during examination. After overcoming through all these obstacles she was disheartened and rudely treated from the Ad on 25th April 2018.
Everything was fine from the verification of documents till they found at the end the course certification of first AID was on 10th March 18 Inspite of 3rd March 18 which they needed.
According to any hardworking candidate this is not a valid or genuine reason for the Rejection,who comes with lot of hope.
I kindly want you to look above the matter and do needful for me.

Thanks & Regards,
Somudeep Jana
Mar 21, 2018

Non receiving of CGHS card

I have applied in December-20107 but till now I am not get my Daughters CGHS card her beneficiary ID is 5580621 please do needful.

Thanking you

Vijay Kumar Sharma
Beneficiary ID 5580596
Mar 21, 2018

Non receiving of CGHS card

I have applied in December 2017 but till now I am not get my Daughters CGHS card beneficiary ID 5580621 please do needfull

Thanking You
Vijay Kumar Sharma
Beneficiary ID 5580596
M No. 9818301035
Jan 20, 2018

Beneficiary I.d.s cancelled

Beneficiary I.d.s for parents and self as below
Father: 5487233

Mother: 5487235

Self: 5487231.
Cghs centre is perambur., Chennai.

The above beneficiary I.d.s have been cancelled without any prior information at all. I am a serving inspector of Income Tax posted in chennai. What kind of behavior is being displayed by CGHS staff or any concerned person?
Today I took my parents to hospital but were denied outright and told your beneficiary ids are incorrect. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.
A A Narasimha Murthy
Dec 26, 2017

issue of substitute medicines

I am CGHS beneficiary with ID No 3733381. I have undergone three heart operations and placed three stunts. Specialist prescribed Prax 10 along with other medicines and the same were also endorsed by specialist at Begumpet and regularly given by dispensary no 13 TARANAKA Secunderabad, Telangana. While dispensing the medicines, Sharada Medicals Seceunderabad attached to this dispensary always giving cheap substitutes to Prax 10 and claiming for Prax 10. After arguments every month and making several trips to the dispensary, the correct medicines are given. I request you please look in to the matter and take necessary action to avoid hardship to me.

A Subhadra BID 3733381
A A Narasimha Murthy BID 3733379
[email protected]
Oct 24, 2017


Sir I cghs saket nagar is the paitaint of kanpur nagar. There always talk 1 hour in T-brak. Some do not do anything. The sick people are sitting in their daily routine. For medicines go to speak today. Today is not tomorrow and tomorrow go to speak Please come back and update the numbers, forget it and sell them by claim, please try to keep them all up
Oct 13, 2017

Non receiving of CGHS card

I have applied in June but till now I am not get my CGHS card please do needfull
[email protected]
Aug 27, 2017

LP Medicine issued after patient is recuperate.

I have many options are there, my child is suffering from uraterocil (HUN) bilateral problem. and oprated by SGPGI last year in the month of sep, and followup is continue but we are facing the problem every time at CGHS dispensary because Dr. Bishnoi has advise to me that we are not ought to give you other Dr. prescribe medicine which is continue. this is very bad experience for me and my family.

Thanking you

My CGHS dispensary is situated at Lucknow No. 5 .
My beneficiary ID is(73268).
May 12, 2017

non implementation of cghs to op

I am a central government employee in postal department. I had under went a surgery for kidney ailment @ yasshoda hospital , somajiguda Hyderabad. Where as my post operative checkups are due at the same hospital. In recent the administration of Yashoda hospital not accepting cghs facility for op. Is that correct they don't empanelled for cghs for op patients of central government employees. please look in the matter sir.
Praveen Kumar Bolla
Jan 10, 2017

Adamant & Aggressive behavior

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you with a deep concern on the aggressive and adamant behavior of the staff in Telangana State, at Tarnaka Branch CGHS No.13. Hyderabad. It has become regular and very bad behavior by the lady named Ms Shyamala. I am writing to you today as I have seen the lady's behavior with the patients is not appropriate and pleasing. The lady keeps the patients waiting for long hours just to check the BP (Blood Pressure) and most of the patients are senior citizens and spouse's of them. It is an embarrassing situation to the patients as most of them are not in a situation to raise the issue nor take it further to the notice of the concerned higher authorities in a fear of not getting proper treatment by the lady. Patients are even fearing to visit the BP section, few of them are getting their check up's done at smaller clinic's and other hospitals near by.

This is to your kind information to take further action from your end.

Thanking you
B Vijaya Kumar
Beneficiary ID 2621463.

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