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Chennai Traffic Police

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Chennai Traffic Police

Ranjani VA
Dec 26, 2015

Need Speed breaker near MAV Swimming Pool, Sembakkam

Hello Sir

This is regarding the immediate need for speed breaker at MAV Swimming Pool, Sembakkam on Velachery Main Road. Ever since the road had been widened, this area has become accident prone and I myself met with an accident recently. Since there are many schools in this area, request you to please construct speed breakers to avoid over speeding.

Dec 23, 2015

Complaint against NTL Cab taxi no. TN18AC-1768 Mobile no 9629544445

Date: 23.12.2015

Sub: Complaint against NTL - Cab taxi no. TN18AC-1768 Mobile no. - 9629544445. NTL booking id no. B-15122300101468. Booked on 23.12.2015 at 01:30 PM from T-Nagar to Madhanapuram, Tambaram. Booked by G.Sumathy.

Respected sir,

I booked the call taxi from NTL as aforesaid in the subject. Total 2 adults + 1 kid traveled in the cab. The driver came by 01:30 PM to Somasundaram park, T-Nagar for pick-up. While entering the taxi the driver told in a high manner that meter is not working hence he showed to me a meter near the petrol meter and to note it down for reference.
Further the driver told that i should see his mobile wherein a meter is running and to provide money as per that, which is NTL meter. I was totally confused and told i will take up this with the customer no of NTL.
Further he shows the catalogue of Fast-Track metered rate and said not to give as per this rate.
By the time the taxi crossed the mount road signal wherein he made a attempt to dash a two-wheeler-scooter.
Then at Guindy-Kathipara made a attempt to hit a autorichsaw.
Then at Tambaram Sanatorium made a attempt to hit a two wheeler in bike.
On the whole he murmured and abuse in filthy language those who passes away in the road.
I, the customer with the family watched all this without resisting because my wife & a two year old (sick-fever) back side to reach safe the destination.
The cab reached the destination and told that the meter is Rs.460/- but to pay Rs.510/-. And also refused to provide the bill.
I have resisted the same and told i will give only the metered bill not the excess amount.
Once i resisted the excess payment the driver rise his voice in-front of my house and start abuse filthy’ language.
I made a compliant to NTL stating the above whole incident. But not satisfied with the reply I lodge this compliant before the competent authority for proper enquiry.

The following mischief and misbehaviour & Cheating the customer/ public by the above said NTL- cab-driver.

Demanding more money than the rate fixed by Govt. Of Tamil Nadu.
Reading Meter kept-off purposefully and cheating the customers and public.
Misbehave and using filthy language with the passengers/ costumers that too lady customer & kid inside the cab.
Rash & negligent driving while customers are inside the cab.
Using mobile phones while driving.
‘Suspect’- Drug -adict / Drunk & Drive while driving.
Various meter-price catalogue kept in the car to confuse & cheat the customers and the public in the brand name of NTL.
Not having unique identity of ‘NTL’ sticker in the taxi.

Hence it is requested kindly look in to the antecedent of the driver/ driving licence...etc that in future that no customer/ public should suffer because of such type of cab drivers.

Thanking you,

(G.Packkiaraj, M.A, M.L, M.B.A)

Copy to:

1.Commissioner of Police, Chennai.
2.Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Chennai.

Humbly submitted for enquiry &
appropriate action please.
Special copy to:

Hon’ble Chief Minister special Cell, St.George Fort., Chennai.

Humbly Submitted for kind information please.
Dhana Priya
Dec 19, 2015

No one has obey traffic light

Hello sirs,
At OMR, Next to perungudi tollgate nearly 50meters, There is an LED signal lights fixed at the three way road newly.and no one is following the traffic lights. No vehicles has stop there when signal changes to red. When I ask few two wheelers they answered that 'they didn't know about the signal light fixed'. But I'm sure all could see and they don't wanna stop. Their is an possibilities for an accident. I request the traffic police department to- please let one traffic police at that signal for few weeks. So that others can follow regularly even their is no one to lead.
Dhana priya
Nov 30, 2015

suggestion for separate track for two wheelers.

Dear Sir,
From Airport bridge to Alandur daily facing heavy road traffic due to the METRO rail works. This congestion is also due to the poor road conditions and flooding of water on the sides of roads. More over the four wheelers are travelling in a zigzag fashion. They even did not allow single two wheeler to overtake them. And at the same time two wheelers are also not allowing them to go freely.
In this juncture my humble suggestion is that please make a separate small lane even 2.00metre is sufficient for the two wheelers alone. Atleast please try this for for some trial period of one week for smooth flow of traffic.
M.Thanga Mariappa Nathan
Raghu S
Nov 24, 2015

Unlawful act of throwing away the public sign board


Chitrakulam East Street in Mylapore Chennai 600 004 had been declared No Parking Area and a sign board had also been put to that effect. However some miscreants (perhaps some of those who park their vehicles here) used to turn away the sign board so that is was not visible from the street and park their vehicles. Persons like me would restore the board several times only to be turned away again.At the height of atrocity the post was uprooted and thrown away by the anti social elements. In spite of several complaints to the concerned Inspector no action has been taken so far. Making this area no parking one will go a long way in ensuring the safety of children and general public

Nov 23, 2015

abandoning the car

we wish to complain that there is a maroon colour i-20(TN-22-CY-3921) abandoned outside my house in kasturbanagar 3rd main road,for the last 10 days.we have complained to the local police and they came and inspected and told they would wait for few more days.please make necessary arrangement to vacate the car ASAP.
Nov 17, 2015

Traffic Signals not working

The traffic signals near 1) Vadapalani Sooriya Hospital (near AVM Theatre) and 2) Avichi school are not working for the past 6-7 months. This is leading to lots of traffic congestion - no traffic police to control / monitor the traffic. During peak hours like morning 8-11 AM and evening 4-9 PM, the traffic gets congested badly. Request some action to be taken - no signals working for past 6-7 months near HOSPITALS is a huge thing and I sincerely hope some action is taken soon
Dhirendar singh sankhla
Nov 7, 2015

Traffic police men cheating us

Today while entering the airport me and my driver were caught by the traffic police. When we asked the reason they told us that we werent wearing the seat belt. My driver had removed the seat belt 2 minutes before they had caught us. After 20 minutes of us trying to explain them why we did not want to pay the 100rs fine they asked us to come to the police station. A police officer then sat in our white colour forturner on the driver seat. He then told us to come to the police station. We agreed to go along him. A few minutes later that officer had crashed our car into a grey coloured indica. When we again protested that they had crashed our car they became violent and they had pushed and abused me and my driver. At last we had to pay Rs 100 as we had to pick up pne of our family members. Later i had realised that i did not have any evidence and had not taken their pictures but i am sure that the cctv camera would have stored everything.
Nov 4, 2015

Traffic jam in Karuneegar street

Karuneegar Street in Adambakkam has become a busy BAZAR street like Renganathan street in Mabalam. Thanks to the Corporation team who has taken efforts to put concrete roads now and give a face lift to the road. But this has resulted in huge traffic with many two and four wheelers taking this route regularly that too with rash driving, Added to this vehicles are parked on both sides of the road by the people who visit the shops..
There is NO pedestrian way for the people to walk through. It has become a night mare for the people who walk through and reach the other end of the road...
Need to make this road as "one way" and "No entry: for four wheelers. Also, NO vehicles to be allowed to park in the ROAD

Speed Breakers are required at both ends of the ROAD to avoid rash driving
Nov 3, 2015

Speed breaker causing accidents

I am residing at kolathur jayanthi nagar, 1st main road, 58, behind aqua designs. Speed breaker locating in 1st main road near to our home causing many more accidents. That speed breaker does not maintained by rules.Unplanned or illegal speed breakers bad
While speed breakers can help in slowing down traffic and reducing high speed crashes, an unplanned or illegal speed breaker can be as much (if not more) dangerous than the high speed crashes it is trying to prevent.
Drivers should be warned of the presence of speed breakers by posting suitable advance warning signs.
This speed breaker does not containing any warning signs or reflector and also not painted. Peoples are not knowing the presence of speed breaker this cause accident. So take necessary action to prevent accidents.

Speed breaker causing accidents Speed breaker causing accidents Speed breaker causing accidents

Archita Patra
Nov 1, 2015

Hit and run

While returning home my car was hit by a blue colored swift bearing registration number TN 11 E 9720 in our locality driven by a few young chaps. The collision left deep scratches on the rare part of my car. I asked the chap to get down of the car to settle the matter but they fled as soon as I steered my car to the left of the road. This act of absconding is not acceptable, all of us should show a sense of responsibility while we drive. I want the owner to pay for the damage and demonstrate a strong morale .

Subhajit Patra
Oct 25, 2015

Speed breaker removal and accidents

At Velachery 100 feet bypass road there was a speed breaker in front of K.G.Towers multi story building (opposite to I.O.B ) and it was removed recently. From that day onwards accidents are happening every day due to rash driving and I also met with minor accident.To avoid major accident a speed breaker may be made as it was earlier. It may also be made as non parking zone removing the flowers vender who is sitting in peak hrs.little away from there-Dr.T.
Rajendran, 9444122701
Oct 10, 2015

rash driving

Today at CIT nagar I found a automan driving very badly he drove his auto over our feet . When asked for his conduct he used abusive and foul languages . He tried to harass us auto no : TN 01 AE 3724. Pls take necessary action on ppl like these
Laksmi S
Oct 7, 2015

Harsh Behaviour by A police Cop

Today at 4:24pm, a traffic constable stopped our vehicle under the Gemini flyover (towards the signal near park hotel).
When the driver asked for the reason (thrice), he refused to give a reason.
Later when the women travelling in the car approached the traffic cop for a reason, he started screaming and using harsh words against the women. And threatened the driver to book false cases against him.

A traffic cop has every right to question someone when they do not obey traffic rules, but no rights to treat people badly.

I request you to take action against the cop.
Sep 27, 2015

City Traffic Police checking

Hello ,
This is with great depression i am writing this. I want to put forward an important notification to you. As per the Govt rules helmet is now mandatory for two wheeler's,but unfortunately the fine is imposed only for selective people . I am narrating a real incident
Location: Shanti colony signal, 4:00 PM sunday sept 27th 2015
Traffic police team is "On Duty"
10 vehicles coming, only 5 were "captured" and allowed remaining 5 to pass
Captured 5: Share autos and normal autos which run to make the ends meet,young boys and couples going for some weekend hangouts, yes they dont have the helmets and i am not justifying them ......but next comes the interesting part....

Ignored 5: A "teenage girl" without helmet,a scarf lady (without helmet),Ladies in "triples" (without helmet), a bike with 4 elder family members without helmet (in a two wheeler ) , a white skull cap man (obviously no helmet )....
This is what happening everyday. Ladies are also supposed to follow the rules, " Law is above Emotions".. Please take care

Sep 26, 2015


Dear respected higher authority, I don't know whether you read this or not. But its my huge and humble request on Chennai traffic police. Today me and my friend were travelling in ecr. We've just over took one auto rickshaw. Traffic police caught us stating that we made rash drive along the road. Fate is we don't have any money at that time. One constable, charged us ₹1,100/-. After a long argument he reduced it to ₹300/-. Meanwhile he treated us badly. The girl who came along with me got scared and went to depression on hearing his words. I took ₹300/- from her which she kept that for some emergency purpose and we left the place. The girl after reaching her hostel she tried to attempt suicide. By God's grace we have seen that and admitted her to hospital. If anything happened to her it might became a huge issue and once again huge quarrel among policeman and students would have took part. But nothing happened and that's not my intention too. Even I know the name of the constable and where he is staying too. But I don't want to mention his name. All I need from you police department is , not to take bribe from students even if it is month end. And don't beg bribe in place where foreigners were more. It'll spoil our country's name. I really felt ashamed to born in India because of what you did today. I didn't insist you to avoid bribe, but don't treat students in rude manner. They are not criminals. They are the fate of everything.
Sep 26, 2015

Hit from behind

pl refer my complaint in this regard. there is a small error. the lorry Reg No is TN 19 5888,( it was wrongly mentioned as TN 19 5388).
This is for your information pl.

ph no-9445003819
Sep 26, 2015

Hit from behind

Respected Sir,
I was going by my own car (maruti swift ) and was waiting at the signal at Kelambakkam-Kovalam signal at OMR at around 09.30 am on 26.09.2015.
A dipper lorry with Reg NO.TN 19 5388 hit my car from behind at side and knocked off my right side side view mirror.When I was asking the driver of the lorry to come to police station for making complaint he just got down and by the time when signal was clear he started the lorry and fled. When I complained to to the traffic police stationed at the signal, instead of stooping the lorry he directed us to chase the lorry and not to block the traffic.What can a person like me can do alone when there is no help from the police and just they are witnessing.pl take this as a complaint and do the needful.

Thanks and expecting an apt response from you,
with true Regards,
ph no: 9445003819
senthil pammal
Sep 24, 2015

No police constable in pallavaram pammal main road

There are thousands of buses,cars,motorcycle running through the pammal main road every day. Several lakh people are using the road to reach poonamalli from tambaram and vise versa. The major points of lock of traffic is between pallavaram and pammal market. The very sensitive points are GST road to Pammal deviation after airport, Near mother teresa school-Mass hotel junction, pammal market. But during peak hours no police personnel is available to regulate the vehicle resulting in the lock of vehicle in the entire stretch from pallavaram to pammal market. This is daily happening. The reason for no constable to regulate is misterious. Only one police constable is posted near IBACO ice cream shop. At least one police constable for each KM should be there to regulate the vehicle during the peak hour (7-10AM & 6-9PM)
Sep 22, 2015

Poor Traffic Management

Dear Sirs, I commute like thousands of others between Medavakkam and Karapakkam (OMR) daily. Traffic at Perumbakkam comes to a halt most of the days from 8:30 AM in the morning and after 6:00 PM in the evening. This is due to the intersection that connects St John's Public School road to the Medavakkam - Sholinganallur road. Morning traffic is being controlled reasonably most days and we can cross that junction in around 10 Mins. But, evening is a nightmare. From Global Hospital junction to the perumbakkam junction, it takes more than 30 mins. It's a free for all. From Global Junction, all share autos and bikes take the opposite side and chokes traffic both ways in front of Bharath vidyalaya school. This is the primary reason for the evening choke. Can a few police personnel be posted there and these offenders fined please? If Chennai Traffic Police does this on a daily basis throughout chennai, I bet all their monthly salary can be paid only from this collection. Will Chennai Traffic Police listen?
Thank You. Albert
Sep 10, 2015


I want to share , my hearty thanks to Chennai city Traffic Police. Tomorrow evening (10.09.15) I want to go to T.Nagar from Kolapakkam very urgently, but I am worried about the traffic because of the World investors gathering of Tamilnadu. We never expect that , We cross that road with in 10 min. Just I WANT SAY TO MY THANKS TO POLICE OF CHENNAI CITY.
Sep 5, 2015

traffic diversion at anna salai & GN chetty road

traffic is not allowed from the junction of sundar road near sun theatre towards gn chetty road upto nair road on GN Chetty road towards T. Nagar. Due to blocking of traffic for 200 mtrs (approx) all vehicles bound for T. Nagar West Mambalam and ashok Nagar have to take detour via Anna Salai, Teynampet T Nagar etc which results in heavy traffic jam at DMS AGS office area during evening hours. the metro rail work in anna salai stretch is likely to take a few more years due to recall of tenders etc . Hope the chennai city traffic police will take suitable action to restore traffic in this small stretch and save the motorists from wastage of previous fuel, travel time and make chennai less polluted as a net result.
Aug 26, 2015

traffic complaints

sir Harrington road chetput traffic closed time everyday 8.30am pl change that time after 9am thakns
Mohammed Rafiuddin
Aug 26, 2015


Traffic at 13-th Avenue, Harrington Road is dangerous. Vehicles, especially autos and two wheelers do not care that a school exists and moreover the street is very narrow. Sometimes loading vehicles also pass through. School children find it difficult to cross or even to get into their van or other vehicles as the vehicles zip past. This street is used by other general public to reach chetpet bridge throuigh Mehta Hospital. You should loading vehicles and also put a couple of Speed BREAKERS AND SCHOOL ZONE signages near before and after the school enterance asap.

Thanks n Regards

Aug 26, 2015

Wrong direction driving

There are too many instances where vehicles, mainly 2 wheelers suddenly as if from nowhere, popup in the opposite direction, especially at junctions which makes it even more difficult to notice them and will finally end up in hitting them. Even if they are wrong, they'll put the blame on us.

One of the worst case is while taking a right turn from Ormes Rd to Flowers Rd in Purusawakkam. The median ends a few metres after that and two wheelers, sometimes even three wheelers also take a U-turn which is actually prohibited and many times I have avoided hitting them by luck.

Request the traffic police to check this menace

Mohammed Rafiq
Mail to [email protected]

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