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Chennai Traffic Police

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Chennai Traffic Police

Aug 25, 2015

Fine for speeding

Traffic police come out late night on the thorapakkam shollinganallur main road and collect fine from people saying the speed limit is 40 kmph. They do not provide any slip which shows the speed exceeded this limit. I also doubt if the speed limit is even 40 because its a main road and 40 can only be for trucks. For cars it should be 60 ideally. This should stop. The slip that they give just mentions overspending. There's no speed mentioned on it. I'm totally frustrated. I'm a person who abides by all the traffic rules. I've seen that most people do not follow the traffic signals late night. I do it even at 2 o clock in the night. Such incidence will act as a deprivation to follow rules in this country which punishes people who follow and respect the law and judiciary of this country.
Aug 20, 2015

Vandalur Traffic

Request Chennai Traffic Police to be more active in diverting the traffic at Vandalur (Vandalur->Kelambakkam, Vandalur->Guduvancheri.) It is taking 30 minutes to cross Vandalur junction even at 7.30 AM.
Aug 17, 2015

collecting money for no reason

Recently in my area they put new three lane road, and one police sumo used to stand daily..they used to stop bikes to collect fine for not wearing helmet and no proper records OK fine..but who the f**k is he to abuse me..police means he is a servant for the public.. so much torcher they are giving...next time if he uses words then that's all...I have a video proof too ...if this site worth so much then take some action..teach them to respect public..
Aug 13, 2015


Dear Sir

I am living royapuram & my office mylapore, daily i travel through bike to my office during that time i notice that 21series buses not obey the signal, there are 6signal between Secretariat to IG office.

even bike and car stop the signal but buses overtake and ignore the signal, past three month i notice traffic police also not stop the bus (they are busy in collection only)

Aug 13, 2015

Signal damage at RA Puram


ராஜா அண்ணாமலைபுரத்தில்... பி.எஸ் குமாரசாமி சாலை, துர்காபாய்தேச முக் சாலை, ராமகிருஷ்ண மடம் சாலை, டி.ஜி.எஸ். தினகரன் சாலை ஆகிய சாலைகள் சந்திக்கும் சந்திப்பிலுள்ள சிக்னல் பழுதாகி பல வருடங்கள் ஆகியும் கூட இது வரையில் அதனை சீர் செய்யவே இல்லை. பல முறை புகார் செய்தும் பலன் இல்லை. உடனடியாக இந்த சிக்னலை சீர் செய்து பொதுமக்கள் பயன் பாட்டிற்கு கொண்டுவர நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க அதிகாரிகள் முன்வர வேண்டும்.


மல்லிகா திருமால்
148 கபாலி வன போஜன தோட்டம்
ராஜா அண்ணாமலைபுரம்
சென்னை - 28.
Aug 4, 2015


When I crossing Kodampakkam's Power House Signal (Chennai) police stopped me for mobile using during travel.
He asking Rs. 1000 rupees fine otherwise bike may to taken to court. Also he asking my license and I have not my license with me. But I request that police office to allow me to home to bring my license. But he not accept and asking another Rs. 1000 .
Now total amount asking me is Rs. 2000. He threaten me to take my bike to court. I request & start bargain to reduce my fine amount. Finally he asking Rs. 600 rupees . I have only Rs. 400. (Rs. 200 for medical expense) . Finally he asking Rs. 400 nad I give Rs. 300 to that (Beggar) Police office.

Totally 1 hour need to escape from this police. This happened today (05.08.2015) at 8.40 am.
I stopped & watching this police men. This 2 police men checking several people & collect Rs. 50 to Rs. 1500.
Total bribe collection per hour during busy hour shall be Rs. 3000. Full day collection shall crossing Rs. 10000 if they put hard works at that place only.

Bribe can not avoid but I request this police officers just ask Rs. 10 to Rs 100. Because I our salary is not much.
Aug 3, 2015

Traffic police in OMR demanding money

Respected Sir,

I usually drive to office in my two wheeler.I am very well aware that the allowed speed limit in OMR is 40-60 km.I used to go between 50-55 kms and I was caught unnecessarily by group of police who stand for speed checking between Navalur to Sholinganallur.I told them that I drove in allowed speed limit but they somehow show(God only knows) that I came above 65 km/hour using the device that they used to check the speed limit.They use abusive words even if we show proper documents and demand Rs.600 to 400.They make us wait during the office hours and they threaten asking to pay fine in court if we don't give them what they ask for.These public servants are a serious public nuisance and behave/talk like barbarians.I have also heard from my friends/colleagues of their dishonest deeds.Please take action and let the Justice live..
Sathya dev
Jul 25, 2015

Triple riding

respected sir/madam,
when i am riding in triple riding suddenly traffic police MR.Vijay kumar has catched me in traffic.he put fine for two caseses.

i)Gp45 Driving Dangerously(rash driving) Rs.1000

ii)GP10 triple riding on two wheeler Rs.100

totally 1100.I paid to MR.vijay kumar.(Inspector)

when i am argue with MR.ashok kumar(assitance).for the extra fine amount suddenly he try to slab us.

So you take action on him.
Reethika Ramesh Babu
Jul 23, 2015

traffic problem

My name is R.Reethika. I am studying 10 th Std. in D.A.V. School and I am residing at 17/9.Besant Road, Royapattach, Chennai.14.

With due respect I would like to bring to your notice that so many vehicles are parked almost every time near Dr. Govendaraj house, Shivaji film office, Auto stand, Billiards club. Due to these reasons students not only my school but also students of other schools, office goers, senior citizens, people who are residing in our area are facing difficult to walk through the street. Also because of the encroached road there is a traffic jam and the road becomes cramped. Vehicles are parked daily adamantly even near "No Parking " sign board.

I humbly request you to look into this matter and take adequate steps to remove the growing encroachments.

Thanking You Sir,

Yours faithfully.

Jul 22, 2015

Dr MGR Salai, Perungudi

Dr MGR Salai, connecting OMR with 100 ft Road Velacherry through Tharamani Station is hosting 1000s of IT companies, including many MNCs. Many foreigners visit these offices for business. However, the road is completely encroached by petty shops on both the sides. Added to this, over 2000 vans and taxis are engaged by the IT firms for transportation of their employees. This road will look like a fish market during the peek hours and even at 9 pm in the night. There is no regulation in the traffic and no traffic police are deployed. Everyday passes without any accident, by God's grace. When Government is getting crores of rupees as taxes, why con't they provide the minimum facilities? All the encroachments should be removed immediately and the traffic should be regulated . I feel ashamed to accompany visitors from abroad on this road.
Jul 17, 2015

Median on R.K mutt road

There is a new median on R.K Mutt road. There is no reflector at the end.opposite Rani Meyammai school. At night, low level head lights blind the drivers particularly in the rain, and the edge of the median is not visible. I have damaged the headlights of my car due to this. I hope no major accident leading to loss of limb or life happens here.
Please put a reflector on edge of all medians.
Jul 14, 2015

Hyundai traffic signal

Dear sir

The traffic signal in Hyundai Sip-cot junction never works and there are no police personel to regulate traffic.

This often leads to traffic hold up during shift hours , every motorist wants to be smart and choke traffic.

The same Is Seen in other traffic junctions in this stretch of highway.

Please attend to this without delay

G Murali
Jai Nandhitha
Jul 8, 2015

Traffic problems in Porur junction

Dear Sir,
This is regarding the traffic problems in Porur junction. The traffic at Porur junction is so huge that it gives lots of problems to drivers of all the vehicles, not only causing delays but it is very much life threatening. Since the junction connects important roads like Poonamalle, Kundrathur Main Road and Arcot road it is extremely difficult for Pedestrians to cross the road as the junction doesn't have proper traffic signal for Pedestrians. Suppose, if a person coming from Poonamalle gets down in Porur bus stop and if he has to go to Kundrathur Main road, it is extremely hard for him to cross the junction without proper signal. I have observed people are racing against the vehicles to cross the road at this junction. I would appreciate if proper traffic signaling system has been implemented for Pedestrians in this junction, it would be helpful for all the people who travel through this junction. At least, that will help the people to some extent until the time the fly over arrives.

A Resident of Porur.
Jul 6, 2015

Parking cars blocking the road

I would like to bring to your notice that lots of cars and autos are parked on the roads blocking other vehicles in 1st main road Jaganathapuram, Velachery, Chennai - 42. Infact they park in front of apartment gates and it becomes really difficult to take cars outside from apartments. We have been tolerating it and regulating it by explaining them the nuisance it creates.. But they do not understand and inturn keep telling that they are parking in front of their houses and where else will they park and uses abusive words to scold..

At times the road has only place for a two wheeler to pass on.. It is becoming very difficult for school vans to pick up kids from home.. The kids tend to walk to the next streets to board the van sometimes.

Please take immediate action.. Also please let us know incase we can get "No Parking" boards planted for the apartment gates to reduce further nuisance..

Thanks in advance..
dhinesh kumar s
Jul 2, 2015


Hi I am resident of kilkatalai, chennai.
I am travelling by my two wheeler to ascendas daily.

On July 3,2015 around 9 pm at vijayanagr bus stand, an auto-driver came and crashed me from behindmy two-wheeler.
And he came and started fighting with me but he was the one who dashed on me and not me on him.He even attempted to attack me.
So I please request you to take action on him.

Auto no. TN 07
AE 2371

Need your help as soon as possible.Kindly look into this and take action

Dhinesh kumar S
No. 9677167997.
Jul 2, 2015

Hit the car and run

When I was standing for signal in NIFT Signal (OMR) a bike overtook my car and hit in the side when the signal went green. When asked to stop as there were many scrateches, the passengers ill mouthed saying I'm obstructing the traffic. They then ran away when I was uspposed to call the police as they were not have TN registration board.
MH14EJ 5258 is the bike no.
Jul 1, 2015

Dark film on car windows

At Perungudi junction around 1115 hrs on Tuesday the 30 Jun 15 My car TN22 BX3049 was stopped by a policeman for not removing the dark screen on car windows which was within the permissible limit of 35 microns. Which authority under Transport or Home deptt. is authorised to issue a certificate that it is under permissible limits for production to avoid arguments or waste of time or compelled palm greasing.

Active Public Relations Practitioner
Management Consultant
email Id - [email protected]
Jun 29, 2015

traffic patrol in retteri

Dear sir,

Recently ther has been a bridge construction happening in retteri junction. Vehicles from annanagar to kolathur road are facing great trouble in traffic signals. Ther is no control over vehicles from all four roads and only this part of road alone the signal is stand still for nearly 20 minutes.
Jeeva Raj
Jun 29, 2015

Request to be obey the rules for traffice police

Dear Sir,

I want to make request against fine collection by traffice police. From July onwards two wheelers should wear the helmet. It is good action against accidents. But the police officers should ensure their duty that if any one is not wearing the helment while driving please handover their proofs to higher level and should not charge and collect any amount only should pay the amount in court. the police officer should not collect any of the amount from passenger / public. please dont misuse the rules.

And one more request is that police offerice should respect the public and should handle in a decent way at all the time. court and law has the power to punish the violation not by the police. they are just being like coummunicator for the public. really am saying that the officer is treating like ill treat. And i am really welcome this action as the Govt said. Public must obey the traffice rules which provided by govt.

Thanks in advance!!!!...

Jun 17, 2015

Auto drivers near Tidel Park overbridge


The auto drivers near the Tidal park overbridge is adamant and demand 40 rupees to drop from Tidel park bus stop to Ramanujan IT city (just behind the Tidal park). The distance is not even 1 KM. But they are very rude and behave adamantly as there are no other alternate options to reach the Ramanujan IT city.

Kindly register this complaint on them and take necessary action.

Jun 16, 2015

Auto Not using Meter

Dear Sir,

Today Morning I approached An Auto (TN 22, BK - 8709) to go from Pallavaram (Near Pallavaram bridge) to Guindy. The driver of the Auto (TN 22, BK - 8709) is not willing to with Meter charge. Sir, I request you to take this as my compliant and take necessary action against the Auto Owner / Driver.

Jun 15, 2015


Dear and respected sir,

I am S Kedarnath residing @Dr nair Road and i am giving this complaint to you not only for me but also for the other people those who are going by two wheeler and car.

The juction of Bazullah Road and North usman road infront of VIVEK and Co ,nobody following the basic traffic rules those who are going towards Bazullah Road from Rangarajapuram

flyover and from bazullah road to fly over The main point is the traffic constable or S I never bother to correct and they are encouraging the violation which results not able to cross by

Vehicle whether it is a two wheeler,or car Especiaaly worst and not able to go from Fly over to bazullah Road because they have occupied the full place exceeding the yellow line for w

which the policeman never bothered I request you kindly to take nessessary action to correct and make us a smooth traffic
[email protected]
Jun 11, 2015

:harassment by a traffic police (SI)

Respected Sir,
I am K.S. Manikandan, director of advertising films i have assisted Tamilnadu Police Dept in Traffic Related awareness Film in computer Graphics,
Yesterday, (11-6-2015) 1:08pm when I was riding my bike (1966 Jawa) towards AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam (on R.K. Salai), I was stopped by a traffic policeman P. Kumar (SI Traffic , Royapettah) for not wearing a helmet. I was not wearing a helmet ,i was wrong and was prepared to pay the penalty. I showed him all the documents related to the bike and my licence but the Policeman abused me and wanted a bribe, which I refused to pay. He charged me over and above the penalty of riding without helmet saying ‘You ride a "Restored" Jawa, so you must have lots of money’. He booked me for over speeding and riding without helmet, while I was not speeding at all, he did not have a speed gun or any other means to chk speed ,it was 10 meter from the signal also, I am shocked by the fact that this traffic policeman could take the law in his own hands and charge me for whatever crime he can put his finger on.
I signed the challan paid Rs. 400 for a charge that I did not commit and left the place after being verbally threatened by P. Kumar. He wanted to prosecute me since I refused to pay the bribe that he wanted. I felt pained and helpless by the fact that a law abiding and tax paying citizen , like myself should be prosecuted thus for no reason at all.
Kindly please look into this matter sir, as there must be many other victims out there being harassed by this SI. P. Kumar (traffic). Royapettah.
Attached the challan for your kind reference.
Thanking you

mail ID- [email protected]
Jun 11, 2015

shear auto no meter

Sir in our area shear auto are running more than 30 autos running in that no proper document .no meters . Not having proper licence other area auto eg tn23 tn 72 Ap 03 in that more than eleven people's are riding. .some auto drivers are drinking alcoholiwhile raidingp area in pattabiram thandurai to kolapanchari some accident also
Jun 10, 2015

Improper approach and misbehavior of a Share auto Driver


I'm Selva from Pudukkottai- TN but currently from Bangalore.

I was waiting to get into shareauto from Ambattur OT stop to a marriage mahal near Pudur (on 6-June-2015 at 7.45 PM). I asked a share auto person with the proper marriage hall name and the place name. The driver said yes, auto will go there. I boarded into it. It crossed around 20 min of travel, almost 4 people on the Auto. He was driving and driving, after seeing two of the marriage hall with another name. He told me, What marriage hall u told me? thats not this side. I was really frustrated because its raining and there is no proper sheds also near that place. I just got down and asked then why did you tell me that "you know that place where i wanted to go?" and you are dropping me in the middle of nowhere,I dont even have a clue of, how about my safety, who will take care?. He just came out of the Auto so angrily and said "Hey unna ippa yar enna panina?" and with few more words. He grabbed the money which i Kept it to give it to him after the travel.

Then i walked around a kilo meter and found a City traffic police vehicle and compliant about it. The police noted down the White color Shareauto(six seater, runs via Ambattur OT place) TN 20 U 5523, and he helped me to get into the proper bus which goes to the marriage hall where i wanted to go. I dindt even ask the police name. I really dont know if any action taken on that Auto driver. Please let me know what was taken on that day.

Thanks for helping me on that day. But I really wanted to know what action taken on it. Please write to [email protected] Thank you.

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