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Chennai Traffic Police

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Chennai Traffic Police

Udaya Chandran
May 28, 2014

reckless driving

Hello sir

I am Udayachandran residing at Anna nagar chennai. I used to travel to office by bike everyday..Today 28th Wednesday 2014 when I was travelling to office through loyola college to independence park near valluvar kottam a bike susuki shogan drove recklessly and I was abt to fell on the ground.. I asked him why he had to drivr like this..he said that nothing happened to me and when quaralling he went front of me and put sudden break so that I could fall. I escaped that and asked him to stop his bike near the independence park whr der was an traffic police. He stoped the vehicle and came to hit me in front of the trafic police lady..and said he is an lawer and no one can dare do anything on him
. I asked the police lady and she said to give complaint to the nearest police station
.sounds stupid to me bec he already ran off from the spot.. I gave complaint calling 100 and the complaint number is 28may2014 3070171.

The rash driven bike no is TN 07 X 0584. Please secure this bike and give hefty penalty to the person.

May 28, 2014

Rash driving

Dear Sir/Ayya,

I would like to bring to your notice that, this morning On 28-05-2014, Near to Siruseri tollgate, a Innova with registration number TN10- AJ-6879 was driving so recklessly in the early hours traffic where a lot of people slowing down for the toll he make a cut to the other with the minimum speed 70km/hr and while me and other two persons are asking him he started scolding as badly and after the toll he took the car in the same speed. It looked like he was drank and driving the car with a lot of anger. Request u to take necessary action.

Pooja V
May 23, 2014

Non working traffice lights at Teynampet

The traffic lights at Teynampet junction do not work , specially from Nandanam towards Gemini Flyover leading to lot of confusion and traffic. Also, the traffic light that works in the same place is facing a wall due to which the vehicle standing in the front near stop line cannot view the signal.

Kindly ensure to get it working so that the public does not expect a police man to be showing hands to move or stop. This would definitely reduce lot of confusion in that area.

May 22, 2014

Container Traffic in 200 Feet Road Manali New Towm

Hello Sir,

I am living in Manali New Town, During night hours people are really suffering from In-diciplined Container Traffic .
They are blocking complete 200 Ft Road which is not allowing Amblance also . Which is increasing Accidents . Please take the necessary Actions .
May 19, 2014

Want a Speed Break


I live in Ashok nagar,Kamarajar salai more than 20 years, problem in this road is many vehicle are over speed driving in this road.Many accidents are happen in this Road daily.Particularly MTC BUSES are over speed in this Road.Last 2 months before MTC BUS Hit a motorcycle,one person died on the spot.Many schools are there in this road.Please but 3 to 4 speed breaker in this road.

PH NO:9043669062
Apr 23, 2014

need for zeebra crossing

In the issue dated April 19-25, Mambalam Times reported the death of a senior citizen at the Burkit Road-Usman Road Junction in T Nagar. It was stated that the person was hit by a speeding MTC bus while he was crossing the junction.

At the centre of the junction, though there is a signalling system, it caters only for the vehicles plying towards east and west and north and south. In the absence of a zebra crossing, which is a must for junctions such as the above, the pedestrians criss-cross based on the direction the vehicles are plying. In the process, they are forced to exercise extreme caution. Even when one is extra careful, there are sure chances of accidents taking place, for, such is the traffic flow. Despite the presence of traffic police at the junction, hardly any help is forthcoming to the pede-strians. Added to the confusion is that most of the space at the junction [Burkit Road] is being used by MTC to park its route number 147 series and the share autos. While there is a need to have a subway at the junction to enable pedestrians to access south/north Usman Road and Madley Road/Burkit Road, till such time it is built, a credible arrangement must be put in place by the traffic police to ensure absolute safety of the pedestrians.

K.Thamarai kannan
Apr 20, 2014

Traffic congestion due to signal failure


For the past two months, signal light for taking right turn towards Vanagaram to Ambattur road is not functioning.
Owing to this reason, traffic is getting congested at Vanagram signal. However, the traffic police failed to replace this
signal light or bringing this issue to the notice of the concern authorities. I request you to set right the
above issue and ensure smooth flow of traffic and also fix the staff responsibility for this lapse.

with regards,
Frederik joseph
Apr 12, 2014

Unreasonable demand by autorickshaw driver

After doing some shopping at Auchan Shopping Mall at Vadapalani this afternoon, I tried to engage an auto in front of the Mall to return to my residence in Saligramam.Among the whole lot of drivers that gathered around me,not a single person agreed to put on the meter and charge accordingly.When my residence was within the minimum chargeable distance their unanimous demand was sixty rupees.The Police Assistance Booth in front of the Mall lay vacant,and so I couldn't get any help.Same is the case in all autostands where you find a group of drivers bent on only fleecing the passengers.There is no point in getting hold of some culprits at random once in a while.More intense and consistent action is mandatory to root out this evil completely.
Padma Annamalai
Apr 3, 2014

Rash Driving

Dear Sir,

This is to keep you informed that i would have been knocked by an Auto this morning near Ayanavaram ESI hospital.
Vehicle No is TN 05 AE 2794. This driver took a sudden cut without putting the indicator light, when i asked for he uses
abusive words. Please take an action against this complain.

Mar 14, 2014

Un-civilized traffic police men in OMR

Yesterday, 13th March 2014, 5:30 PM I was caught for over speeding(69 KM/HR) in OMR near Asiana Hotel. As usual I was asked to park the vehicle and pay the amount. The policemen discounted INR 700 and finalized in INR 300. 
While negotiating with the policemen, me and my friend found the 4 out of 5 of them was heavily dunked and not able to talk/ stand properly.
Need immediate action on those plp.
Mar 9, 2014

Harassment on name of drunk and driving law enforcement

I been noticing, police inspector along with his team of 4-5 guys in tirumali plillari road (near vidhyodaya school main gate) checks for drunk and driving almost everyday bwt 9:30 in the night to 12:00 night. Police don’t register case rather ask to pay between 1500 to 2500 per case depends on the negotiation deal. cases, you can give money next day and take the car/bike

I wish to bring to your notice that, the law is useless when pay and go, police team is very clear, take money and allow them to go.. perhaps to prove their jobs worth team may register some case. On average there are around 30 to 40 cases comes in 3-4 hrs in the night which fetch them a average of 60,000 per day distributed among the team.

I am thrilled to watch this new money making activity. Had spent time in watching their activity before complaining.

Dear Senior officers, watch out… whats the point of controlling the drunk and driving..
Mar 5, 2014


Dear Police Officer,

The Traffic Police were improper issued because money`getting for person our driver weekly giving the money three hundred or four hundred.

chennai central to perimet side please control the Traffic Police

Thank You
[email protected]
Feb 17, 2014

Rash driving


I would like to bring to your notice that, this morning, in velachery - Taramani link road, a chevrolet Cruze with registration number TN07- BU-3040 was driving so recklessly in the early hours traffic where a lot of school children and other commuters use the road. It looked like he was driving with a lot of anger. Please take necessary action.

Feb 13, 2014

Parking of Lorries & Damaged Vehicles

Hi Team,

We residents of [ Veerapandi Nagar, 1st Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai] are put to great strain because of illegal parking of huge lorries in our street [i.e. Veerapandi Nagar, 1st Street]. The lorries are owned by two scrap godowns in the street. There is continuous loading & Unloading of scrap from these lorries which occupy more than 60% of the road (the road is only 25 ft wide).
Moreover, during some occassions even bigger lorries come for loading and the lorry drivers completely block the road and do not allow cars/autos to passby. On many occassions the lorries have rammed against the compund walls & gates of nearby residents.

Also a lot of damaged vehicles are parked in this street for years. Wonder why police have not removed those vehicles all this time. We request stringent action from the police to control & prohibit lorry parking, lorries loading etc to be carried out in this street.

Hoping to see some quick & effective action from our police team.

Residents of Veerapandi Nagar, 1st Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai-94
Gandhi Nagar Welfare Association
Feb 12, 2014

Public Park for Drinking

Complaint Location: Ayya Childrens park, Anna Street, Gandhi Nagar, (Nearer to CSI Church) Madipakkam PO, Chennai 600091.
Police station limit: S9 palavanthangal police station.

This complaint relates to Ayya childrens park located in the above said location. Since this park is meant for childrens but its used by Anti social and rogue elements.

After 8 PM they are drinking inside the park and vomitting and throwing the empty bottles and plastic tumblers inside the park. And they are bringing the vehicles inside the park using the sound system and playing loudly.

They speak bad words loudly and often fight with themselves while playing carrom board. They switch on the park light all night and use the park as there convenience.

Please in these locality find difficult to live because of these rogue elements. Kindly patrol regularly this park after 8 PM before any unfortunate incident happens.
Denny Jones
Jan 20, 2014

Policeman using bad words Name: Arul raj police no : 36152

Respected sir,

when i am waiting for the signal for u turn near Tambaram. this policeman (Arul raj ) came near to me and said I quote " dai mairu kalambi nera poda" i told him that don't use this kind of words i will complaint to your senior officer and he replied me " unnala enna pudunga mudiyumo seei "

Sir please help me and take action. you can only help me.

Thanks you
Denny Jones
M.phil research scholar
Madras christian college.
Jan 15, 2014

rash driving

i would like to bring to your notice that ,innova registration number is TN-05 AR 4185 is driving the car recklessly in small street as like in highway .take necessary action
Girija Narayanan
Dec 30, 2013

Chennai traffic police- case of drunk driving, tinted glasses, serious public nuisance

Dear sir,

Would like to bring to your immediate attention a drunk driver rashly driving in the T.Nagar area almost hitting a person walking in the side quietly by themselves and then sped away. The car was found near ( and going into) Sarvamangala Niwas apartments in Venkatraman street, driven by a mid aged man (old car, dark colored, may be Ritz or Zen, unsure). I had noted the number but unfortunately misplaced it. The car moreover has tinted dark glasses, drives at reckless speeds and I have also seen the car near PSBB school area where lots of children are getting dropped off or picked and can be really dangerous. The driver appeared drunk when I saw him exit the car the last time and quickly got back, may be one of the reasons he has tinted glasses although the current rule requires they be plain. Please take immediate action instead of waiting for something horrible to happen, specially as near school and children. You should see this car parked in the aforesaid apartment building I am sure. I am from the city but not from near this building. Such guys are a nuisance to public and should be arrested and kept away.
Dec 21, 2013

Nuisance driving

Honda car registraation number TN06 CK 6116 is creating nuisance in the city. at adyar the driver parks at his desirable place and drives without looking at the mirrors. while turning from parking, he turned so fast that it hit me while I was driving on my honda activa and the car took off without even looking at what happened to me.
Dec 21, 2013

Signal s not working

Dear Sir,

Pass 2 days moopanar bridge - chamiers road signal is not working. kindly check as soon as possible.
Dec 16, 2013

Need traffic signal at mahalakshmi nagar selaiyur


From my experience, people are badly looking for traffic signal/police at mahalakshmi nagar - selayiur main road junction. most of the people are insisting this. but still no action.

Take Necessary action before any major accident.

Siva R
Dec 14, 2013

traffic police did not give chelan

As i am driving in alto with my mum and bro-in-law and my kid . we purchased a television from the show room and we were in the situation to drive with our tv. when we are driving suddenly a traffic police came and he asked us to slow down. he demanded 1500 rupees for carrying a tv . he was rude with us. finally we gave him 400 rupees .. he dint give any receipt.. wat a corruption city..
Dr. I. Arul Aram
Dec 2, 2013

Anna University

Today (03.12.2013) morning, when I was driving my car slowly on Trustpuram Kodambakkam Chennai IV Cross Street on way to office, one Fasttrack taxi which was parked on the right side of the road all of a sudden came out and hit my vehicle making my vehicle jump and the erring vechicle sped fast without stopping. The number of the erring vechicle is TN05 AS 5464. I am sure the vehicle will have dent too on its left side -- my vehicle front side is greatly damaged. I make this complaint because but for the fact mine is a car and not a two-wheeler the accident could be fatal. Such taxi drivers are responsible for much of the hit and run accidents in the city of Chennai.
Dr. I. Arul Aram
New 6, Venkateswara Lane
Chennai 600094
044 23614903
Nov 28, 2013

Foot Path Renovation Issue (Greems Road)

Thank you giving this opportunity for me to express my views. Born and brought up in Chennai, Already I have seen as many road and atrial roads in Chennai. I welcome the initiative of implementing the Foot path renovation that has been carried over by Chennai Corporation in most of the City and I do thank them for the same. But seeing the space and huge movement of vehicles, already most of the roads are occupied by the Auto stands/flower merchants and even parking by shop owners after the foot path in front of their own shop.
I think Chennai Corporation has to assess and consider the above said hick-ups before implementing the foot path renovation project where the road width is very narrow (eg Greems Road) and other roads so that it is not effecting the traffic movement.
Sorry to highlight this, most of the people in Chennai dos not use the foot path because of parking as well as occupied shops in the foot path. This leads to huge traffic congestion in narrow roads. Once again please look the necessity of the foot path in the narrow roads (if it too congested i think the foot path is not required - example 1. Kodambakkam to collage road signal, 2. Kodambakkam new bridge to tnagar grt)

Once Again Thank You
Nov 28, 2013


Dear sir

i am neelavannan worked at cfs puzhal every day i go to office by bike only but same time i reach the office late time why because heavy traffic of manali to minjur the traffic raised by traffic police collect the money each and every vehicle so please sort out the problem as possible eerily

Note:1.some drivers parking the vehicle on the road to go to shop the police ignore them
2.those who give the money the police permit to no entry way
3.if there is no this traffic problem we will reach with in 30 mints. because of traffic we reach the same
place 3 or 4 hour please sort out the issu sir

Thanks and Regards,

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