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Chennai Traffic Police

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Chennai Traffic Police

Hema Murthy
Sep 4, 2017

TN07 CA 2867

This is to report the obnoxious behaviour of the driver of the above auto on MGR salai in Perungudi. He hit my scooter on the right, damaged the mirror and did have the courtesy to apologise. I was keeping to the left, a cyclist came on the wrong side, so I slowed down and he (auto) hit me. He just shouted at me and went on.

Please post traffic police on MGR salai near RMZ millenia, and fine immediately for violation of traffic rules. The traffic is quite chaotic especially in the morning between 8-10am.
Hema Murthy
Sep 4, 2017

Traffic on MGR salai

This morning I was driving on MGR salai (Perungudi). I had to slow down as a cyclist was coming in the wrong direction. An auto with license plate TN07 CA 2867 hit my mirror on the right. It is basically that he was impatient and wanted to squeeze through. I told that he should have waited. He just shouted and went on his. The mirror of my scooter got damaged. He did not even have the courtesy to apologise. Before that he overtook on a U-turn to drop of a client and almost hit another motorbike because he braked quite suddenly to drop the client.

I request you to kindly post traffic police near the RMZ millenia every morning between 8-10 am. The traffic is really chaotic. It would also help if people are fined immediately.
Aug 29, 2017

Traffic signal is not wrking in Pallikaranai,Kamatchi hospital

A huge traffic in Kamatchi hospital,Pallikarai.The reson was traffic signal is not wrkng and also there is no traffic police to handle the traffic.Kindly look to it and solve the traffic.
Aug 28, 2017

Traffic and noise on JJ Road

Road from JJ Road has been opened on to TTK Road, although there are parallel roads like Parthasarthy road, sriman srinivasa road can be opened to ease the traffic. This JJ road traffice has become a nuisance to the residents and residents are unable to exit or enter their own residents
Aug 13, 2017

Signal at MEPZ is not working

The signal near by MEPZ ,is not working at all for a long time.In the morning time the college students and office going people's are really facing a hard time in crossing the road. even though sometimes there is a traffic police near by signal,he is not taking any initiative to control the traffic and helping the people in crossing the road.Instead he is simply standing and chit chatting with the auto drivers.It will be very helpful if the department take necessary action in repairing the signal near by MEPZ or else until the signal is working properly the traffic police can help the pedestrians in crossing the road.
Aug 12, 2017

Parking of lorries in private area

Respected sir,
This is to bring to your kind notice A lorry parked in front of my shop & building every day my staff had to go call a owner / driver of the lorry who lives in the next street,I veeranpuram ) This is causing great inconvenience and many times he refuses and abuses with bad words,

In fact if any neighbors park we can adjust and tell them once we open the shop,

But the guy parks the public transport lorry (TN06K3164) drivers name is Nagaraj that vehicle is in a bad condition and he does not even does an FC, even if it catches fire it will become a problem for both public and the shop keepers,

Our shop is located @ 5 chella pillayar kovil street Royapettah, Chennai 600014.

He also threatens if some one who complaints will be taken for a task by collective of his friends. So we were wondering what to be done.

The phone number written on the public transport lorry is 7305381414

Request your good self to keep this confidential and not to disclose our names anywhere.
Shamshudeen - Owner of the buidling
Aug 9, 2017

traffci signal

there is a traffic signal at chitlapakkam road junction (chitlapakkam road joining to tambaram velachery road) but no one cares the signal and many peo[le cross the road on wrong side, it is very difficult for a person to cross the road
we need to depute a police there or install a camera to challan the signal breakers
Aug 5, 2017

Unethical behaviour of Policeman

Yesterday viz., 4.8.2017 between 7 p.m. and 8.p.m I was heading towards T.Nagar from Anna salai and after taking the left turn near Hundai Show room and proceeding on the CIT 1st Main Road I had to stop at the signal which was regulated by a Policeman. My Two wheeler suddenly stopped and I immediately moved my Two wheeler to the side of the road for which the Police man who was regulating the traffic was very rude in his words and vented out his pressure of work on me and used unnecessary words, for no fault of mine . The tone in which he shouted at me cannot be accepted by any woman . The Police cannot be rude to the public. I hope the department takes necessary action in dealing with public relation matter.
Jul 24, 2017

Traffic signal woes at Madhya Kailash on 24th July, 2017

This morning(July 24, 2017), the traffic signal at Madhya Kailash for commuters travelling from Adyar to Guindy/Saidapet, was red for close to 20 minutes. It was green for the traffic on the other side of the road, but red for people like me who travel to Guindy from Adyar. I am a regular commuter who takes this route, anytime between 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM. We were stuck at the signal under the scorching hot sun for a long period and when the signal finally turned green, it turned so only for a brief 30-40 seconds and again turned red. Is something being done so such issues don't happen in future? It really has an impact for school and office goers.
Jul 24, 2017

Traffic signal woes at Madhya Kailash on 24th July, 2017

This morning, lots of commuters travelling towards Guindy, Saidapet, etc from Adyar were put through trouble and chaos prevailed, as the signal at Madhya Kailash was showing red for 20 minutes. When it finally turned green, it again turned red within 30s. I am a regular commuter at this time, and usually this signal is red for 4 minutes and then green for 4 minutes. This malfunction caused a lot of discomfort for office goers. The situation was this way from 9:30 AM, until 11:30 AM - I left the place by then, so I am not sure if it continued after that also. The police personnel stationed there, should have taken the situation at their control and signaled commuters manually, but alas, we were at the mercy of the malfunctioned signals.
Joseph Amudhan
Jul 17, 2017

Damaged Road - Opposite to Abirami Megamall

First of all would like to thank this board. Not sure weather its due to my complaint but my last complaint got rectified. Now to the complaint. As soon as we take a left from Millers road to Purasaiwalkam high road in a 100 meters distance there is a Big road damage left un-repaired for atleast 3 months now. Its right at the centre of the busy road. I witnessed 2 motorist falling down the same place. I missed once. Please take corrective action to repair this road. It would just be a patch work that is required and nothing big. Immediate action would save any serious life damage before it happens.
K R Ramesh
Jul 13, 2017

Traffic near apollo hospital OMR & perungudi

Service road cutting is very near to the signal and motorist from the service road from PM motors side are trying to take U turn at signal, are not only at risk but cause accidents for others in correct direction .That service road cutting must be permanently closed. Instead kandanchavadi pedestrian crossing can be used for entering OMR with a cop stationed there with signal as many people use the pedestrian crossing to reach bus stops and the by lanes.

Another dangerous spot is around the perungudi toll. I don't understand why no cop is stationed there .That place needs a police booth.you have vehicles from all directions .In spite of such big roads and a toll most of the vehicles go in zig zag .No rules at all. A centre partition of 4 feet height is a must.Most over the vehicles (2 wheelers,cars,suv,auto,cycles,sewage lorry,10 ton trucks)are in wrong directions .

Hope the traffic department find a solution.
Joseph Amudhan
Jul 11, 2017

Traffic Signal - Not working

The traffic signal that is placed for the vehicles coming from Ethiraj Salai, travelling towards Mount Road is not working. There are 2 signals for this route, one is placed near the police booth and another one straight opposite, which is the useful one as most vehicles crossing police booth will not be able to see the police booth signal. Lot of confusions due to this. People seeing the green signal move ahead but by that time signal is changed to red which is not so visible, had to stop in-between the road. Please take corrective action to repair the signal lights for smooth traffic.
Jul 7, 2017

Road blocked of ILLEGAL PARKING


2 Wheelers & autos & cars are parked in the road itself, address : GURUVAPPAN STREET, KOTTUR, CHENNAI : 85. (landmark : near E.B. office) , our road is a 30 feet road as per corporation and revenue records, but atpresent only 14 feet is available of illegal parking, last month my neighbor, a grandmother got some sick & so called the Ambulance, but the Ambulance driver refused to come in our road due to illegal parking, so we took her in the structure for about 400 feet, so please take action on this to save our lives,
Jun 28, 2017

Pedestrian crossings causing traffic jams.

Pedestrian crossing at the most inappropriate locations
I simply fail to understand how pedestrian crossing is being allowed just as one is descending or ascending the South Usman Road flyover at the Ranganathan Street junction. Everyone knows how busy South Usman road is especially during the peak hours. With hundreds of shoppers always trying to cross over to the either side at this junction freely inspite of the best efforts of the traffic cops standing there it is causing traffic snarls. Every couple of minutes the vehicles are forced to come to a halt holding up traffic on the flyover while descending towards the junction. Then there is immediately a traffic signal again at the circle opposite T.Nagar bus stand. This is causing a lot of delay for the commuters like those proceeding to the airport. Why can’t the pedestrian crossing be barricaded and shifted a few metres to under the flyover. This will not only ease the flow of traffic but also be safe for the pedestrians who usually are carrying bags of shopped goods. If this is not feasible for some reason then the authorities should seriously consider alternative arrangements like a foot over bridge with escalators.

Similarly I feel that the pedestrian crossing as one just comes out of the Nungambakkam subway towards Loyola College is also inappropriately located. There are lot of people crossing over to the opposite side of Loyola College towards the crematorium side every time a suburban train arrives at Nungambakkam Station. This is causing frequent traffic jam similar to the situation on the other side of this same subway near Choolaimedu junction. The haphazard parking of the share autos is only making things worse. One can always notice during peak hour traffic jam both in Sterling Road junction and also Nelson Manickam Road. Is it not possible to have a foot over bridge over the Nungambakkam subway running parallel to the railway bridge? Then the existing railway over bridge at the Nungambakkam Railway station towards Loyola College can be connected to this new bridge so the train commuters can directly cross the subway using this bridge and descend near the entrance to the crematorium and the other way round too. Other pedestrians especially those from and to Loyola college side can cross in a more organised manner away from the subway and closer to the circle opposite the college.

solomon john
Jun 27, 2017



Jun 23, 2017

Keeping steal barricades on the bridge.

A steal barricade has been kept at the top of the bridge between East and West Tambaram at the corner of Hindu Hospital. This is very risky and dangerous for the motorists especially two-wheelers coming from south and turning into Mudichur road. Alternatively it may be kept at center median of Mudichur road.
Jun 21, 2017


I,m have going on madavaram ring road today at 1.15pm. Some traffic police checking document for four wheeler, I'm going on bike at service road one traffic constable said stop so I have stop my bike, he asked document I show all document he said it one way so you will pay penalty ₹1100, now you will pay only ₹100 he said, he took my bike key so no way for me I gave ₹100. After he give my bike key no receipt he not give. So I think tamilnadu is very good state in India, tamilnadu not have tufted person all tufted will doing tamilnadu police expected some person only.
Jun 21, 2017

Vehicles and Pedastrians

Government of India is doing so much for development in all fields. Transportation.... needs more time and attention. Officials will be aware of the problems.. still would like to list a few. Department would have taken care of these already. If so, please pardon me.
1. Local bus and long distance bus need tho follow traffic light and speed control should be checked.
2. Vehicles of late instead of taking long route for a U turn, happily come in wrong side.
3. Pedastrians should use crossings and not just show hand and cross at their will.
4. The over pass for pedastrians are hardly used. If lifts are provided, a could have seen usage.
5. In Chennai city, apart from all these above mentioned points, for e.g., in ECR road that has link to residential streets, crossing is a real night mare.
6. If driving (Traffic light&speed) , walking and crossing are d streamlined, travelling will be a pleasure in India too.
Longing to see the above change ASAP Please...
Jun 16, 2017

Unauthorized Parking of a car before my house exit gate

. A Maruti Red Colour car (Alto) with Registration Number TN-06-D-2313 is unauthorisedly parked before my exit gate for the past one week, preventing ingress and egress to my house. Also, there is heavy traffic congestion due to this car being parked as the location is a very busy area.
Lazarus Church Road, (Road joining Santhome High Road just opposite to Foreshore Estate Main Arch (now demolished).
Opp to Foreshore Estate
Landmark: Opposite to Pallak Enterprises, Mobile Phone Retailer.

The car seems to be abandoned with accident marks on the right rear side. Suspicious of the car involved in accident or other anti-social activity.
Please take immediate action to remove the car.
With regards,
Sachin Vijay
May 31, 2017



Yesterday while i was returning home from my relatives place i met with an accident. A bike rider hit the LHS of my car when my car was at stop at the Signal next to EGA theatre kilpauk. The bike rider stopped, apologised and said he would pay the compensation the next day since it was late at night and he had to return home for emergency. The bike rider was clearly drunk and i could smell alcohol so i did not want to get myself into trouble so i just noted down his mobile number and registration number. Please help me to track this person and file a complaint for this. His name is Muruganand and his mobile number is : 09841149290

Bike details: TN12L7750[RTO,POONAMALEE,TN]

Vehicle: CB UNICORN 160 CBS
RC/FC Expiry: 17-Mar-31

May 23, 2017

Driving Of Cab drivers

I just shifted to Chennai. I bought a Skoda Rapid a Year back. Just after 3 week I had 4 scratches on it in Chennai because of the cab drivers. Who gave licence to these people who doesn't know how to drive. Worst City Chennai.
May 20, 2017

Abandoned Auto on road


There is one abandoned Auto on Anna tidel street,Taramani (100ft link road) (Below transformer ,where Ramasamy street joins Anna tidel street). This Auto is abandoned for months. There is no front or rear number plate. We are not able to locate owner of this Auto.

It is causing traffic problem on Anna tidel street. Also during evening drunkers consume alcohol sitting inside this Auto. They throw empty bottles on street and pass comments on passing public.

Request Chennai traffic police department to immediately put team in place and ensure this abandoned auto is removed from this road.

Expecting positive and immediate action from Chennai traffic police department.


Resident Anna tidel street
May 15, 2017

Suggestion for Pedestrian Crossing

Vehicular traffic coming down or getting up the North Usman Road, T.Nagar flyover at Ranganathan Street junction is being stopped every couple of minutes by pedestrians mostly shoppers crossing from either side. This is creating frequent traffic snarl and huge delays during peak hours.There is again a signal immediately at the T.Nagar bus stand - Burkitt road Junction.Is it possible to shift the pedestrian crossing to below the flyover which would only be a few yards away from Ranganathan Street junction.? Or alternately a foot over bridge with elevator facility may also be considered if already not.
Swathi damodaran
May 10, 2017

Over speed rash driving harassment

It's sumo car TN 22 A 7146 take necessary action. Think that what you will do if your daughter faced the same incident. he is a psycho.

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