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Chennai Traffic Police

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Chennai Traffic Police

Jan 2, 2017

Palavakkam Signal Lights out of order since 1 1/2 year

Dear Sir,

Palavakkam Signal Lights out of order since 1 1/2 year.

Many complaints to the Control Room at Neelankarai falling on deaf ears.

No proper response or action. Eight cases of people getting hit by speeding cars and bikes.

Are you waiting for any deaths to repair the signal light ?

98410 52104
Dec 27, 2016

unauthorized parking

We regret to inform you that unauthorized parking of vehicles are increasing day by day in our colony unknown vehicle unknown people harassment to residence unable to build because vehicle blocking the enterence of the colony lorry's unable to enter the colony to unload and load

Residence of new colony - school road chetpet chennai 600031
Dec 26, 2016

Unauthorised Parking

In front of the paid parking lot adjoining the TNSC Bank on Jubilee road, there is always unauthorised parking of cars and two wheelers. these are parked in a way that hinder movement of my car. The students from a nearby coaching centre also indulge in such messy parking of vehicles which cause severe traffic jam on the street, especially during evenings.

Unauthorised Parking

Dec 16, 2016

Improper parking

Improper parking hindrance to neighbors
Dec 6, 2016

too many speed breakers

We are getting back pain and it is not healthy at all.

1 speed breaker after every 5 steps. And also not slopped well. to reach my house, 15 speed breakers.... it is killing..

Please help.
UI Civic Exnora
Dec 1, 2016

Unauthorised Parking of Vehicles

Dear Sir,

We regret to inform you that unauthorized parking of vehicles are increasing day by day in our colony - United India Nagar, Ayanavaram, Chennai - 600 023.

We are facing problems resulting in nuisance to the public as well as to our residents. Some of the nuisances are mentioned below:-

1) Urination behind the vehicles parked near the compound walls
2) Group of youngsters join together and tease girls who are passing by
3) Consuming Liquor behind the vehicles
4) Vehicles obstructing the main entrance of residential houses
5) Reports of Chain Snatching by using the vehicles as a means of cover

We request you to take appropriate actions for the removal of unauthorized vehicles at the earliest.

V. Ramprasad
United India Nagar Civic Exnora
Nov 28, 2016

Traffic rules

Hi sir my name is selciya mary .m living in chennai for past 20 yrs now currently staying in thuraippakam....chennai city is fully surrounded by traffic in all the time right from the early morning till midnight...this traffic is unavoidable even if we travel earlier as our usual time...this happens in all cities of chennai because no people were following the proper traffic rules...if there is no traffic police in the poll then the people are start to moving before the signal turns into green...i felt very difficult and scared to use bike in chennai..especially the 2 wheelers are not responding/following the proper traffic rules...To avoid this i have a plan...if it is possible in all areas of chennai then plzz try it...its my kind request...Chennaicity traffic police can allot 3 divisions in a road or either 2 divisions in a road on one side...in that one row only for 2 wheelers to travel...the another row only for 3 wheelers...then the another row only for heavy vehicles like lorry ..Car .ETC.ETC...IF there is only few space then u can separate into 2 ...one for only 2 wheelers.. another for 3..4 wheelers...the particular vehicles are allowed to drive only in that side...at the edge of signal all vehicles can mix up...if the 2 wheeler or 4 or 3 wheelers moves from their side then they are supposed to pay fine money...if this system come with strict rules...then definitely we can avoid huge traffic in chennai....
Nov 10, 2016

Lack of proper medians in the road

Dear Sir,
The condition of Chennai-Vellore road between Arumbakkam flyover bridge and Maduravoyal bridge is horrible. Amidst the number of very poor pot holes, there has been not enough median provided in the center of this road. It not only affects the traffic condition, but also causes unsafe and unnoticed crossing by several vehicles and pedestrians. There also lies a huge potential for accidents. Due to these types of crossings, I went through an accident very recently last week and my car was hit on rear side by a bike. Fortunately nothing seriously happened to either of us.

I have paid my road tax, but there are no proper roads in this country.

Nov 4, 2016

No Speed Breaker at School zone

Respected Sir,

I live near perumbakkam, I just want to bring to your attention that there is no speed breaker on the road near school zone. In that road there was two schools namely Vidya matriculation and Bharathi vidyalaya. As it was very busy road lot of heavy vehicles has been using these roads which scares the parents of the students since they are driving very speed due to no speed breaker at the school zone. I have heard it is must to have speed control in all school zone areas but in this place there was no such control measures, because of that lot of accident has been happening, Today this evening there was an accident whichleads to fatal. Please consider this and make the arrangement to lay the speed control on this road asap

Senthil D
Nov 4, 2016

Driving Licence heldup

There was a situation , I did not carried my helmet due to medical emergency . Traffic police at Thuraipakkam Junction caught me and he instructed to buy new helmet . I bought it with cost of Rs.450 but still took my license and said , you will get a call from Police station to pay Rs. 100 fine or pay in court. I was confused at that time but still agreed to collect license after 10days.
this was happend on 16/10/2016. now 15 days over still I did not received any call , I personally went to police station and requested to give my Licence. they rejected to give me and same statement gave as you will get a call .

I got only one carbon copy receipt , I am using as proof all the time .but really I need help to get my license original copy.

Srinivasa Rao N.

Nov 3, 2016

Share auto blocking Vysarpadi staion road

Dear sir,
I live near vysarpadi, Share autos are blocking the way near station entrance road. This happens during peak times, which in turn creating heavy traffic during peak hours in Ambedkar college road.People are fed up complaining about this to officials. Kindly help
Oct 31, 2016

Peoples are not following Signal and most of the time Signal is not Working

Respected Sir.

Location-Near Governor Bungalow Signal (Sardar patel road guindy)

Hi sir, this is one of the 24/7 busiest Road in Chennai. Here Children , Ladies and Employees are Crossing the Road, but here Motorist are not Following the signal and 95% time signal are kept switched off, and no one from traffic dept available near the Signal.Due to not obeying the trafic laws lot of accidents are happened. Kindly support us sir for saving the life.
Oct 16, 2016

illegal parking

Respected sir

We live in 5th cross street , R .V.NAGAR, ANNA NAGAR, CHENNAI 600102 and out street some tenants park their either side of the streeet and it causes immense difficulty for us to manoeuvre the vehicles and it may give rise to unnecessary future tensions. Please use PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM and announce in all the six strees of R V NAGAR to make necessary arrangements in their houses itself to park two wheeler and four wheelers.
Orelse u may tak little portion of LAND in MITHRA hospital AND CONSTRUCT PARKING SPACES and charge nominal amount .This would solve permanently. This model can be copied everywhere and CHENNAI streets will become usable and clean also .AS such spaces under the CARS can not be cleaned and there is pile of garbage incase the CARS are parked for more than two to three days.

Please initiate SENSITISATION programmes and involve residents on week ends to make the campaign more meaningful and successful.

Oct 3, 2016

No Speed Braker after the new road construction

We used to have speed brakers in G.A.Road, Old Washerment, Chennai - 600021 , where more schools are located. Its hard for the school students, Work going women, Elderly man to cross the road as more vehicles are coming at enormous speed. No Traffic signal/signs for Pedestrian to cross. So, Please construct Speed Brakers asap in the place where it was before. And in General throughout chennai Pedestrian Crossing is Very hard as vehicles are not obeying the traffic lights or traffic signal is not working or absence of traffic signal where it should and also more Traffic police needed i the Morning and Evening Commute times.
Sep 26, 2016

Wrong side driving by auto drivers

For the past few months Auto drivers are driving in the wrong path when they travel from Ascendas to OMR Road. These auto drivers created an auto stand near the junction where CSIR Road meets OMR to pick up customers from that point to drop till Ascendas. While returning they come in the wrong way and drive in a very rash manner. The traffic constable who is in charge at this point doesn't even care about it. These auto drivers happily drive in the one way in front of the Traffic constable. Please take some necessary action against this.
Sep 24, 2016

Parking Manace at Muthukumarappa Street Saligramam

We always observe that People visiting Mani Mahal at Arcot Road/80 Feet Road crossing nearby are parking their vehicles at Muthukumarappa street whenever there are functions held there.

This parking manace is creating traffic jam in and around this area.

Please make this street "No Parking area"at one side of this street so that the residents here can peacefully live here.

There is also one flower selling vendor at the corner of Arcot Road/Muthukumarappa street causing traffic hindrance there.

Please help us.

Majestic Terrace Association
Prabhou B
Sep 23, 2016

Traffic Lights not working

For many months Traffic Signals are not working properly in Senthil Nagar Bus Stop junction in Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolathur, Chennai. There is a police both in that Junction but traffic police operates only during peak hours. It is really getting dangerous especially after 8pm. Please look into this and do the need in full.
Sep 20, 2016

No Traffic Police to guide the traffice in Narayanapuram Palikarani

Hello ! Sir

There is no Traffic Police to guide the traffic in Narayanapuram Pallikarani. It a intersection before the Dental college which is causing huge traffic.

It would be great if some traffic police is deployed on duty there during the morning hours.

Venkatakrishnan Suresh
Sep 17, 2016

Illegal Parking

Vanakkam, Lots of tourist vehicles are getting parked on the road which is opposite to our Apartment causing congestion on the road. We informed those drivers to not to park the cars/tempos on the road as don't even live in that area. They park it on the road and least bothered about the traffic.

40% of the road is covered with these parking of vehicles. Please take a step in order to make a smoother movement of vehicles. I have attached the photos of how the vehicles are parked. Thank you so much.

Venkatakrishnan S
No-12/90, Mangalam Apartments, Brewery Road, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai - 600030.

Mobile No- 9840184588

Illegal Parking

Sep 5, 2016

Abandon car , illegal parking

One abandoned Blue colour verna car no TN 07B 00103 parked in the 16 th street W Block c sector near SBOA Matriculation higher secondary School , more than 3 months causing traffic obstruction in this school zone . Owner not known also not belongs to this street .request early action to clear vehicle for easy traffic


Abandon car , illegal parking

Aug 31, 2016

Rash driving

Today morning i got an accident because of one rash driving by a share auto driver near Sholinganallur signal.......then suddenly i get down and asked him what your are driving and you wont see right side ah nu....then suddenly he(share auto driver) beated me.....please take necessary action and do the needful

Share auto no : TN 07 AE 4753
gajalakshmi satavanakumar
Aug 29, 2016

No speed breaker near the schoolzone

Dear sir,
My son is a UKG student. He is studying in Boaz public School, Gowrivakkam. I woulld like to inform that the school located at Velachery - Thambaram main road. But there is speed breaker near to that school area. Everyday we are afraid of crossing the road. And so many vehicles does not take the 'u' turn also. They simply travell in the opposite direction including our school parents also.

My son met an minor accident on 29/08/2016, by an auto man who was travelling inthe opposite direction.

Sir I request u to take immediate steps to stop rash driving at this school zone and the vehocles travelling in the opposite direction.

Gajalakshmi Saravanakumar.
Aug 24, 2016

Traffic Signal Light Not Working

I Stay at Mogapayar near DAV Girls School. There is a signal near school. Green light on the signal is not working on two sides. Due to this lot of times when we pass by we get confused if the signal is green and we can go or not. This is creating lot of confusion on the road and frequently accidents also happens. As there is a school near by kindly look in to the issue and change the not working green lights in the signal.
Vasantha Suriya
Aug 19, 2016

Non function of traffic signal at Kamarajar salai near Vivekanandar Illam.

From past one year the signal at the point connecting Besant road to Kamarajar sale near Vivekanda House , has not been functioning since a year, and we rarely see active traffic police at the point directing the traffic and helping the pedestrians cross the road,on enquiry the traffic constable said that no action has been taken till date to rectify the defective signal. The pedestrians wait till a group is gathered and at the risk of their life cross the road. Please,I hereby request the needful to be done to facilitate the pedestrians and the motorists who have to cross the main road at the signal.
Thanking you
Mrs.Vasantha Suriya
Aug 16, 2016

Complaint against Gopalakrishnan#Getmecab

I had booked a cab from getmecab vide Order ID : ORCHE1470299005 from 12th Aug 2016 to 15th Aug 2016.The trip was from Chennai Airport to Tirupati to Pondicherry and back to Chennai Airport. The Cab Number was TN22 DC 8777.

The terms and conditions were as follows.

BASE FARE Includes Fuel Charge
ADDITIONAL CHARGE-Toll Taxes, State Taxes, Service Tax and Driver Allowance
Parking Charges and Night Driving Charges applicable only on actual usage
For additional kms than the estimated fare, you are required to pay along with service tax
Min. charges per day is(225) kms.
One day means one calendar day(12 am- 11:59pm)
AC will be switched off in hilly areas
Local travel is not allowed in Starting City

I followed all the rules and paid all the money as stated and the overall kms that I covered were around 800 kms whereas I could have traveled 225X5=1125 kms . But still I paid all the money. But suddenly a new rule was told in between the journey to me that since I have traveled to Tirupati Mandir twice in a day,so I have to pay an incremental amount of around Rs 600. over and above the total cost. I strictly said no to paying up an amount outside the clause agreed between the 2 parties.The driver Mr. Sarvannah then told me to speak to Mr.GopalaKrishnan -9790979392 on the same.Paying Rs 600 over and above Rs 15000 was no big deal but as a principle I decided not to pay and speak to Mr. Gopalakrishnan.

When I spoke to Mr. GopalaKrishnan, he said that not all rules are written and I have to pay. When I said no to him he threatened with the line"If you dont pay then I will not let you board the flight"I was holidaying with my family but still stuck to my decision. Infact when he repeatedly threatened me and told me that I can complain to anybody, I got real irritated and told him that he could do anything he wanted to me even beat me or kill me. This guy was so pathetic that even such statements did not deter him fro threatening me still then.This kind of threatening is tantamount to kidnapping threat.
I made a few calls to getmecab helpline but nobody could help me as such. I also let a few of my friends know about this in case something happened to us from the way back from Pondicherry to Chennai. The way back was a time of mental trauma and stress for me, as I was fearing for the worst for my elderly parents,my wife.

I have the call recording between myself and Mr.GopalaKrishnan which can be produced on request.
I think kidnapping threat is a criminal offence and such kind of people should be surely punished and they shouldnt be let to continue into customer centric businesses like cab service.

I need a a fair judgement from your end .

Thanks and regards
Sudarshan Banerjee

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