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Chennai Traffic Police

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Chennai Traffic Police

May 10, 2016

Provision of Speed Breakers or Signal

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that the 200 feet road which is connecting the Thoraipakkam and kamakshi hospital where a U turn is possible near the Chennai one TCS office. But during the rush hours its not at all possible to take the U turn due to the heavy traffic, unfortunately to overcome this people's started to go in the wrong route and connect near the toll.
Hear comes my suggestions.

1) Would you be able to introduce a signal or the speed break, which may help

May 8, 2016

Helmet Rule

I consider myself as a perfect rider who owns three helmets at home(bought also for pillion rider). At sholinganallur, I rode my scooter in search of an address, against the service road. I stopped to seek way to the place I searched for and relieved myself from the sweaty helmet. seating back on my vehicle I forgot to put on my helmet and just moved not more than 10 metres when a traffic police unplugged my scooter key and soon gave a charge sheet for not wearing helmet. I've no complaints till this. My complaint is this that, this happened in January 2016 and mentioned I would get my licence in march. But now it is almost mid may and I've not received any responds regarding the mobile court where I will get my licence. I realize this shall take months; but why is that procedure not made simpler and why am I not knowing the exact date on which I would get that back? I'm ready with another new helmet with receipt.
a "not more than 10 metres ride without helmet" gave me a worse 5 months without licence.
Santhanam 9214
May 3, 2016

parking of vehicles in Luz Avenue Mylapore

This road (Luz Avenue) is bordering the western end of the famous Nageswara Rao park.All kinds of vehicles are parked right from the commencement of the avenue at the junction of Luz Church road and Luz Avenue. This results in accumulation of garbage under the vehicles and parking of vehicles enable people to urinate using the vehicles as cover.Besides this, some antisocial activities also happen sporadically.People drink and throw bottles along this area.This road is purely residential and this parking of vehicles are an hindrance to removing garbage a d sweeping.The cleaning staff of Chennai Corporation find it difficult to perform their task.The passing of urine also emits foul odour and they are not able to remove rubbish as a result of this.All the other roads surrounding the Nageswara Rao Park are clean and nobody passes urine in these roads. Therefore it is requested that this avenue may be saved by the abuse of being used as a public urinal by making this road as NO PARKING zone or make it as paid parking zone so that people will not park their vehicles for long time and presence of staff for collecting parking fees can keep a watch on miscreants.Please take necessary to steps to keep this Luz Avenue free from the menace descibed.
RK Iyer
May 2, 2016

Theft of two wheeler

I lost my two wheeler TN-07 CA 7183,Red Scooter Yamaha Ray Sigma , in Besant Nagar Beach yesterday night around 7 pm. I immediately alerted the two constables standing there and they said this is a regular feature. How unfortunate????

Then I went to sastri nagar Police Station and registered a complaint with copies of RC, Insurance etc.. But the Inspector was not there and the lady in charge told me to come tomorrow evening by 5.30 PM.

I would like to kknow the steps the Traffic police will take like immediate wireless alert to all patrol vehicles and Police stations across Chennai with the details of vehicle so that anybody coming across the description of vehicle can stop the persons riding it and confiscate the vehicle and inform me about the siezure of the same. I will be glad to pay a price for retrieving my vehicle as it is my lifeline and i cant do without it in my small business as a Scientist .

I shall be greatly obliged if my scooter can be found out and handed over to me as soon as possible.

I am afraid the stolen vehicle may be sold in Puthupet . If so Cant the Police catch the buyers of such stolen vehicles and bring them to book so that such theft will not happen again in the city.

Thanking you Yours faithfully,

Sooraj Ratnakumar
brave HEART
Apr 30, 2016

sidewalk encroachment

We understand the Heavy workload of Traffic police. However, let me share our experience as pedestrian in 21st avenue, Duraisamy Road, Ashok Nagar. Mini lorries and Prepaid Taxis and owner Vehicles of Certain shops such as Chennai City Aquarium are parking continuously on sideways footpath (Platform) of other buildings, even month together forcing children, aged people to walk on traffic congested road causing fatal accidents. People living in nearby flats are law abiding citizens and are now reporting to various authorities to solve the issue of encroaching the footpath by long unused four-wheel motor vehicles. We have taken certain steps with NGO’ s to plant Tree saplings. Some times the color fish stall owner plucking away the tree saplings. But Not succeeded to eradicate the menace of encroachment of pathways. Please do the needful by the encroachment of These vehicles on footpath
The following vehicles of Chennai City Aquarium (Its mobile.No.9840740531 and 65383729)

1) Mini Lorry SMS, no.TN 09BJ 2449
2) Scorpio

sidewalk encroachment sidewalk encroachment

Apr 30, 2016


Dear sir;

Now a days so many kids, below 15 years they are taking the two wheeler and riding in the roads. Please don't punish them, punish there parents who ever it is allowing them and make them understand that 18 year above can only drive the vehicle. Custody there vehicles.
Apr 30, 2016


Dear sir,
I am resident of Chennai for past 5 Years and I am very much disappointed to see the traffic violations happening in the city. I am a two wheeler rider. I have only one query. Why traffic department cant install high defined camera in all signals and good traffic signals. If the department can strict on signals automatically people will scare to violate the rules. In a small cities they installed cameras and speed tracer, as it is a metro city. Why the traffic system can't take action against this..?

Once i was stopped in a signal. A Govt bus was keep on honking at back for jumping the red signal. I didn't moved until it become green. After that he over taken and abused me. So I am not understanding what the traffic department is not acting on this. In this world were ever u go u can see the changes in the traffic system. But here the same. I will not blame police. The technology is advanced still if you are controlling only with the police its not going to happen. very day its going to increase.

Another one more thing i want to make you to notice. About the Man Holes in the road. Here the man holes are standing bit high. We two wheeler's also paying road tax for good road and safety. I will say roads are good but the manholes in the road. It is like a big mountain. Is it any logic they are not having who ever it is constructing. Mostly before putting the road they have to make the man holes properly constructed. But here after putting road the corporation will come and dig again then they will make a big mountain. If you accidentally entered on that then you will fall from that.

Sir , I am not here to criticize any of the things. But as a good citizen and human being, if you can notice and rectify these things there will be good changes and people will also understand the value of life and time.

Please install Good signals and Video Cameras in all Signals, and who ever its violating make them with big fine then they will not do.
For man holes kindly make the man holes parallel to the roads not like a mountain.
Krishnan, R
Apr 29, 2016

Provision of Speed Breakers

Provision of Speed Breaker

We are residents of this Road since 1959. I am 62 years old and living with my father who is 86 years old. I wish to bring to your kind attention the following:

Halls Road is a stretch of residential road which starts at Bashyam Naidu Park on Taylors Road at the eastern end and runs down to join at Kilpauk Garden Road just after BalaVihar at T.P. Chatram at the western end.

The stretch of this road is one-way for traffic at the New Avadi Road junction and has very heavy traffic on it coming from both sides of New Avadi Road, one coming from Pachaiyappa’s College on Poonamalle High Road and the other coming from Annanagar, Padi, Ambattur, Kolathur etc. Traffic also flows down from Kilpauk Garden Road from Purasawalkam, Kellys into this Road which is the only way for traffic moving towards Shenoynagar, Annanagar and Mogappair.

Residents, especially senior citizens, the sick, children and woman feel it extremely difficult to move across this road at various places on this road due to the speed of the traffic of two wheelers, motor cars, vans, buses and lorries.

There is not a single speed breaker on this stretch of Halls Road, from New Avadi road junction to Bala Vihar and beyond. As per the guidelines of the Indian Road Congress (IRC 99-1988) on the provision of speed breakers for control of Vehicular Speeds on residential roads it is mandatory to provide Speed Breakers on this stretch of the road.

It is suggested that the Ribbed Spread Breakers (not the humped one) be provided on this stretch of the road, one just before Agastheeswarar Road turning, the second one before Dharmaraja Koil Street turning and the third just before Bala Vihar entrance.

Provision of the above speed breakers, would help reigning- in the high speed of the two wheelers and other vehicles and would be a safety measure and convenience for the residents to cross over the road at various spots on the road.

R. Krishnan
Rajammal Illam
Ground Floor
96, Halls Road
Kilpauk, Chennai 600010
Cell :9911734463
Sreekkanth A V
Apr 22, 2016

Illegal parking

Respected Sir,

I am residing at Palandi Amman Koil Street, Vanuvampet, Chennai-600091 (near Amma Canteen - ward 165). In our area lot of auto drivers and residents are parking their autos and cars on the road and obstructing the vehicular movement. Despite several requests, they do not bother about it.

I would like to to know what is the formal procedure to make a complaint about this illegal parking of private autos, cars and bikes in our street. To whom should I complain. Is there any online site that is available or should I write a written complaint letter and send it via post. Request your guidance and advise.

Thank You,
Sreekkanth A V
Ph: 9941016336
Apr 22, 2016

Drunken Driving - TN 22 CQ 7481

To whomsoever concerned,

Dated 22nd April 2016

I would like to report a complaint on a beige colored Innova with the number plate TN 22 CQ 7481 on account of rash and drunken driving. The car driver was a male, and the passenger on the left was a female, both in their early 20s. I was driving behind the car on my motorcycle, when the passenger threw out an empty bottle of liquor in the attempt of throwing it in the trash bin, while moving. The bottle hit the outside of the trash bin and shattered pieces of glass flew all over me. Lucky for myself I was wearing the necessary protective gear.

Upon confronting the car driver in traffic, the driver was not stable and clearly inebriated. Before I could confront them any further, the driver had sped off.

This incident occurred sometime around 9 PM on 22nd April 2016(Friday).

I earnestly request the authorities to take the necessary actions against such reckless behavior. Kindly take this as a formal complaint. For any further communication, please contact me at [email protected]
Apr 15, 2016

traffic violation and police apathy

There is no U turn or Right turn for motorists at maduravoyil bye pass junction signal. inspite of this motorists violate these rules and give little space or no space for pedestrian crossing leave alone signal jumping. If 3 or 4 traffic constables are manning, it is ok. but if a single traffic constable or no traffic constable is there, so there will total confusion for pedestrian crossing as police allow to violate.

today morning 15.4.2016 (friday) at about 10 am I was waiting to cross the maduravoyil signal by walk and since there was no police, the entire road was blocked by 2 wheelers including 4 wheelers to take a U turn to take right turn. when the signal has shown green for pedestrian crossing, and i was about to cross, another byke rider almost tried to hit me and out of panic i scolded at him that this is not the way to cross. To my surprise, he almost tried to physically manhandled me. And i am also ready to reciprocate as i feel that i am totally right and i dont want to be hit.

This is the regular phenomena happening in this junction and i am the regular pedestrian crossing this signal. I want to know from the traffic police dept. why they are allowing such things as they get it granted. Why cant they book this violators. Our police is waiting to take action only if any pedestrian is injured or killed as it happens 2 days at ACS college signal. Now that ACS college signal is closed for motorists. This is for your information.

I am the daily pedestrian crosser in this area and i request you to take the action against violators.

Thanks and regards

mobile no.9445106837
Apr 4, 2016

Arbitrary and unjustified fine by police

Dear Sir,

I was driving from Park town towards Radharkrishnan Salai and I was driving at a moderate speed around 1.15 PM in the afternoon. The only mistake happened is that I parked for signal little bit beyond the line and for that SI Mr. M. Srinivasan called me to park the car aside the road.

I told him politely that there was no violation and I stopped the car before the signal and he cant charge me fine for crossing the line by a meter or so. He forecfully collected my Driving licence and started billing Rs. 400 as fine and all my requests to put forth my point of view fell in deaf ears.

The constatble there told me to pay Rs. 100/- fine whereas the Mr M. Srinivasan, the SI instructed him to collect Rs. 400/-. I did not have any other option than to pay as otherwise he was not willing to hand over the licence which he collected forecefully from me.

This is nothing but an arbitrary and totally unjustified act of taking the law in the hands of the police who are supposed to uphold the dignity of law in letter and spirit.

I request the concerned superior officers to launch suitable enquiry against the above erring office Mr. M. Srinivasan and oblige.

Yours Sincerey,
V. Palaniappan
Mob: 89715 03010
Apr 1, 2016


Dear Traffic Police Team

In chennai 75% of signals are not at all folowed particularly from wavin to thirumangalam.
Often Government buses are over ruling the signals
pedestrians while crossing the road facing huge risks.

Kindly do needful to make awareness to people to follow signals.

If you can fine the person who are all over ruling the signal with in 1 day tamilnadu debts can be cleared
if you continue for period of 1 month automatically people will start following signal

We would like to see our country like Singapore and malaysia
first let us try to follow this and make our city and country as a role model for other countries



Mar 31, 2016


Attention Traffic Police personnel:-
whether it is 30 ft/ 60 ft/ 100 ft or 200 ft road, two wheeler with family or luggage, taxis, cars, three wheelers (AUTO)
with passenger or luggage, car, taxis and even heavy vehicles with load, drive wrong direction just because the "U" turn is
little farther away. this causes accident and very difficult to negotiate the traffics moving on right direction.
Kindly put an end to this practice immediately.
Jyothi Suresh
Mar 29, 2016

pedestrian woes

JYOTHI SURESH @ [email protected]
There is utter chaos in the SIET signal in Teynampet during peak hours in the morning. There is no right turn for vehicles coming from SIET college at this signal. However vehicles, mostly two wheelers, crowd around this junction, heedless of barricades and do take the unauthorised right turn when the pedestrian signal is on and do not even have the decency to wait for the pedestrians to cross given the fact that it is pedestrian signal for crossing the road. As a result pedestrians have to rush across the road. To crown it all they have the audacity to honk on pedestrians who are rightfully crossing. More confusion prevails when buses halt for alighting passengers who cannot even alight and walk in ANY direction given the fact that this point is cluttered with two wheelers waitjng to take that UNAUTHORIZED RIGHT TURN. All this happens in full view of COPS REGULATING TRAFFIC!!
Vehicles are allowed to take a right turn at this junction to enter K Bharatidasan Salai. Since there is wide gap, they crowd to the middle of the road, heedless of the so called white line behind which they are suppose to await their signal. The right turn and pedestrian signal turn on simultaneously, but where is the place for pedestrians to cross. It has been hijacked by two wheelers an other vehicles. As a result they are forced to cross in between moving vehicles coming from Nandanam taking a right turn at this point. Senior citizens are the most affected here. Again all this happens in full view of the COPS REGULATING TRAFFIC!!
The Cops condition is worse. There is only one cop at this major junction to regulate traffic in the hot, blazing sun and there is not even a sunshade provided to this poor man. He appears to be the most stressed man most of the time.
There is should be more cops posted in this junction to regulate traffic. Right turn from SIET college must not be allowed to ensure pedestrian safety. Cameras must be installed in this signal and traffic rule violators heavily penalized.

Hope you will act soon. Thanku and regards

Jyothi Suresh
[email protected]
Mar 22, 2016

Barircade Needed to prevent Accidents

Dear Traffic Police department,
We could see many accidents near Prince college U Turn area in Gowriwakkam, we request you to provide the Barricades near the U turn to prevent many accidents.many schools and colleges are near by..please action on this ASAP.

Please take action to safe life of people.
[email protected]
Mar 19, 2016

Objection by shop owner @ nsc bose road to park two wheeler in parking area

Dear sir

I am locating at commercial area nsc bose road chennai , as parking area for two wheelers allocated on opposite side of shop which is legal parking the shop owner just opposite to me is not allowing to park and threatening me also he blocked huge space with iron gate way . As I am differently able person I am struggling more. Please take immediate action on this.

Contact 9962339334
[email protected]
Mar 19, 2016

Unattended parking for long period

In Velachery, Dhandeeswar Nagar 3rd Main Road, white color Hyundai car (if correct - TN21S4044) is parked for months (might bee year) blocking road & is creating inconvenience to users. This is not used for almost a year..

Made complaint to corporation, Partol Police. No action for months. Will this be removed???
Mar 18, 2016







Mar 17, 2016

traffic signal not functioning in ICF

Dear sir ,
Iam travelling daily from ICF to porrur in two wheeler and iam seeing daily, traffic signal in ICF junction ( near ICF hospital) is not functioning more than 3 -4 months and it is creating lot of confusion and trouble who need to cross the roads from one side to the other. As this signal is very important for people to cross the roads safely and busses are coming in all three directions unknowingly at the same time , rather it is becoming very difficult for us to reach safely. As a general request please do considertaking very strigent action against people who not obeying the traffic signals . Nowa days it is becoming common to public that most of them are not following the traffic signal and the lane discipline.Even they are not bothered about the traffic police for violating the traffic reules,it is becoming hectic daily to travel and reach home safely. Expecting an action for all our botherations if any one is reading this complaint. This is from a common man of citizen of india
jeyanthi aiyengar
Mar 12, 2016


revathi textiles and groups on madhavaram high road, perambur,chennai 11 parking their vehicles in the residential area. great disturbance for us in rajavelu and vajravelu street. kindly tow the vehicles and fine them. they do not obey the law and unruly persons. emergency ambulance not to enter the road during peak hours. they run commercial business without parking in their shops.
Mar 8, 2016

traffic police

Am a normal worker am from chennai i will travel in bus from via chennai central near chennai central we can see more than 200 people(only male persons ) near central between 9 to 10 workings hours .All tha people's are catched by traffic police because of some reasons.Now my actual Dout is they are catching only boys .why not girls is there all tha girls are perfectly obeying all tha rules ok that is secondary how ever boys only they are going to catch better they can do this at evening time they can avoid doing this at morning time. because if they catch once they will make to wait that people until tha mobile court come there
Mar 8, 2016

Traffic police

Hi Sir,
Regarding the punishment for not wearing helmet:
I was caught for not wearing helmet before 4 months(end of November 2015). They have got the original license and given a charge sheet and told me to call another traffic police named Anand of thoraipakkam after a month. I called him at the end of December and he told me to call him in February 2016. So again I called him in February and he told as he itself will call me one day. Then I went to meet him in police station at thoraipakkam, there he was saying to many people's like come after six months or after a year like this. I don't know when I will be getting my license back. Whether the mobile court is functioning or not. Why still many cases are not getting processed? When this cases will come into action, so that I can pay the fine and get my original license back? Why this mobile court in alandur is functioning very slow?
Mar 3, 2016

Making money in wrong way

T-Nagar HDFC bank, next to that a small road, on left 100's of bikes parked & on right some cars & bikes parked, after parking in right side of that road within 5 min traffic police towed my bike stating bike parked in no parking area. But not a small board was there saying no parking here. Police just tie wup with local tea shops guys to do this activity & it was not on main road you can say it's sub road inside where some residential also there. Once we went near our bike where it was towed they ask 260 Rs & after showing documents & paying 260 they just told take your vehicle & we asked challan they told no challan for this you can take bike.
This clearly shows that they are making money in wrong way.

Kindly take some action of these kind of useless work from traffic police.
RajeshKumar B
Feb 29, 2016

Salute to Traffic Police

Dear All,
OMR Road, the busiest road I the Chennai City Mathyakailash to Siruseri(Toll Road). I was about to home from SIPCOT to Thoraipakkam, time around 6:30pm on (29-Feb-2016). Its was evening peak hour near Sholinganallur Signal.I don't no the name of the traffic police, his dress is like somebody poured water on him, Heavy pollution, even though he is very tired, he is speaking properly through mike and encouraging the people who are crossing the roads and people who are driving. and his action are awesome, he was doing action like film stars. I really love the way he is working with involvement.
Salute to the UNKNOWN police man.

Thank you.

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