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Consumer complaints and reviews about CIDCO

Aug 20, 2019

Water Irregularity and contamination

To CIDCO or the concerned authority,

People in Roadpali,Kalamboli are facing irregularities in water supply from CIDCO. The water that comes has certain deposits in it. Even after boiling the water, the water still has some residues that are left over. This is a serious heath concern for many. Many residents here in Roadpali, Kalamboli are forced to rely on tankers for the supply. These are private tankers and there is no guarantee about the quality of water they provide. There are two things that must take place immediately. Either CIDCO's water department must solve the root issue and fix the on-going water problem or they must keep a check on the kind of water the tankers provide. It's our basic right to get clean water for consumption.
Prashant Sonavane
Jul 18, 2019


New Mumbai
CIDCO office

Subject – Water Supply Probelm

Respected Sir,

With due respect, we beg to say that we live in Row House, Sector 15, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai - 410218.. But the water supply in our locality is not regular. It is made one time in three days and for a short time and flow of water is also very low. Sometimes the water supply is not made for four days continuously. Other resources of water are not in well condition here. We could not bring water every time from tank. They not provide good water and it’s very costly. We are common residence we could not affordable this tank every day.
We meet local in charge again and again but he not taking care and not given response to us. In spite of Good rains we are not getting regular water supply by CIDCO its very unprofessional thing. We are not expecting that thing from CIDCO. We have complaint of this problem of water supply to CIDCO officer and they have visited to our locality, but no action has been taken
Therefore I request the concerning authorities to look into the matter seriously and take necessary steps for solving the problem. So the water supply may kindly be made daily in our locality. People may get rid of the problem of poor water supply.

I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thanking you sir,

Yours Faithfully
Sector 15 Kalamboli
Jul 1, 2019

Water logging and incomplete construction

I am a Resident of Kharghar (Kripa ansh bldg, plot #59, Ranjhanpada village, sector 27, kharghar 410210). Our building has been completed blocked because of the water logging in our area, this happens every monsoon, till last year we were using the secondary gate to access the road and it was a little convenient as travelling to work was easy. However, this year the secondary road was dug up last month and it is still incomplete and there is a 1.5 ft height between the building entrance and the road because of which we are unable to get our vehicles out and all the residents are literally stranded. Our society tried calling and complaining several times to the authorities but of NO AVAIL.

Kindly help us to resolve this situation, so that we can at least commute to work without any hassle.
Attached are pictures of both the gates blocked.

Thanks & Regards,
Govind Dhanowa.

Water logging and incomplete construction Water logging and incomplete construction

Maheshwar CHS
May 26, 2019

Incomplete Drainage and no maintenance

The drainage water line is incomplete and broken by mseb was not cleaned and is in pathetic situation due to negligence of cidco. The rain water logging on the newly constructed will be there in the sector 27 due to this.
Cidco should not ignore but take action to rectify the problem before rain starts.

S K Mishra
Chairman, Maheshwar CHS
Plot 37 , Sector 27
[email protected]
May 15, 2019

Scarcity of Water in our Locality


I would like to draw your attention towards the scarcity of water in our locality. In our building, there is no fixed time for the supply of water.

Sometimes the water is not supplied at all, consecutively for 2days – 3days, while other times it is for very short time. Our society is suffering from a grave water shortage crisis. Many residents do not have even a bucket of water in the morning before going to work.

Moreover, the water is dirty, mudded and polluted. Although several complaints were made to CIDCO office but they have fallen on deaf ears of the authorities.

The authorities have not taken any concrete steps to solve our water problem.

I shall be thankful to you if our complaint is resolved in the columns of your esteemed daily.

Tirupati. B. Zarapla

NEW PANVEL - 410206
Apr 20, 2019

No garbage collection facility to sec 17 plot no. 294 ulwe from Cidco


Respected Sir / Madam

We Residents of "Landmark Lexus" Plot No. 294, Sect 17, Near Ramseth Thakur & other neighboring societies are facing problem with Waste / Garbage disposal. Our Building want CIDCO GARBAGE WHEEL BIG DABA. How to collect this garbage daba for Building because our Building day to day garbage dumb this daba and Every morning collect by Ghanta Gadi.

We want a permanent solution to the problem. We want to keep the surrounding clean and healthy thereby helping you to keep the city clean. We are ready to co-operate with you, but now you should provide a solution.

Kindly do the needful.
neeta narkar
Feb 27, 2019


me neeta sadanand narkar , maja Scheme Code - 1 ) P68-12_Dronagiri and Application Number is 1190014034
2) P63-12_Dronagiri and Application Number is 1190017639
mala ajun refund paise 10,000/- milalele nahi.

I am neeta narkar i have not received refund amount till date. so please kindly do the needful.


Jan 24, 2019

Water supply


We are residents of Mangalmurti Complex Sector 30 owe village plot no19B Kharghar Navi Mumbai

We are not getting water supply from last 2-3days

Frequently how can you stop the water supply completely for 2-3days... We dont hve even a single drop of water can you plz some thing..

Jan 9, 2019

nonfunctioning street lights

street lights near banthia school and sant sai baba school, cidco area, sector 18, new panvel are not functioning since november 2018, making it difficult to travel from here, some are taking advantage of darkness to gather in this area for drinking, passing comments on people especially girls , you can find empty bottles in garden areas, even regular fights among youngsters in this area has become commonthing.these people also vandalise surrounding streetlights, please do take some action.
Jan 9, 2019

nonfunctioning streetlights

street lights near banthia school ground and cidco garden not functioning since november 2018 and people have started taking advantage of darkness around here you can see alcohol bottles in garden areas, young couples too roam around here till late, how common working people and students are supposed to use such roads?? hopeful of some immediate action from cidco.
Dec 24, 2018

Complain for in area shouting dog in night

I am from Ulwe cidco area..I have rent house in sector 23 plot number 214,we are facing daily problems from streets dog shouting in meednight from 1pm to continue 3.pm.i record video for that..please take any action because my mother is suffering from blood pressure and athrestics problem..can’t sleep in such noise pollution at midnight..please suggest idea to solve this problem
Dec 20, 2018

Pathetic road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar

Internal road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar (beside Vankavani Apartment to Skyline Pearl) is just pathetic in one word and filled with nasty path-holes (photographs attached). This is unbearable and causing hell lot of accidents (specially for two wheeler riders) past so many months. Looking at the terrible situations we did approach to local AE and showed him the condition in person at location.

It's a joint appeal from all affected residents of Kharghar Sec 35D to CIDCO to immediately look into the situation and initiate necessary repair/ rectification work. Just to note that the internal road being referred here is one of the main & busy roads connecting Sec 35D to main periphery road (taloja jail road) near kutak bandhan gaon

Trust CIDCO will take immediate action

Thanking you

Residents of Ventures Residency
Plot 38 Sec 35D Kharghar

Pathetic road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar Pathetic road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar Pathetic road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar Pathetic road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar Pathetic road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar Pathetic road conditions at Sec 35D Kharghar

Vikas Karambalkar
Nov 3, 2018

Uknown people staying in tents near khandeshwar station

Hello sir,

This is not fake complait and you can verify about this complaint first and then take action.

There is a group of people who have built up tents and living in those tents from many days, No one knows from where the have come and who they are.
The have built their tents/ slums in open area of CIDCO, which is near khandeshwar station, they have also started buildin pan bidi shops and using illigal electricity from street laps.
For reference I have attached one screen shot of google maps in which you can see those tents and pan bidi shops.

For security reasones please take some action to identify who are they. And if they are staying there illegally then take them out of this area or take some action so it will be secure for all local public

Uknown people staying in tents near khandeshwar station Uknown people staying in tents near khandeshwar station

Oct 23, 2018


In a crowded place like kharghar sector-2,the only free spaces to tale a walk and for kids to play are parks.The only CIDCO park,near Growmore tower in sector 2 remains dark in the evening.The park lights are not lit making it very unsafe for kids to play and people to take evening walk in the evenings.Kindly request CIDCO authourities to ensure proper lighting of the park in for safety of citizens.
Oct 21, 2018


The roads in Kharghar right from Kharghar Rly.Station to Sector 36 are in a dilapidated state.for last 3 years. Deep potholes are there at every step and the driving on these roads have become very dangerous.Sometimes the CIDCO persons come to repair the roads but to our surprise they do it in a very small part and leave the roads as well The potholes are extremely dangerous as the are not visible in dark.I feel that urgently CIDCO should take the initiative to personally supervise and repair the roads ,as it may lead to an extremely avoidable mishap.
Gopal Dutt Sharma
C2 903
Hyde Park
Sector 35 G
Oct 7, 2018

Potable Water Supply

Dear Sir,
We hereby inform you that we are staying at Aum Apratment, plot no 110, sector-8B, Ulwe, 410206. The intent of complaint is to bring to your kind notice that we are facing a scarcity of water problem at our society from past six months and we are arranging the water using the local water tankers to suffice the society requirements. Your intervention in providing the water supply is an urgent lookout to rid rid out of the current situation.
For information, we have already lodged a complaint at CIDCO Bhavan, Ulwe office,

Swapnil Swamy
Society Secretary
Jaideep Tiwari
Oct 4, 2018

Society Drainage Choke

Parvati castle cooperative housing society has filed a complaint regarding blockage of drainage system on 01/10/18 this society location is taloja phase 2 sector 23 plot no. 80.
Hence we request u to send ur concern team/department to sort out this problem because society is facing hygienic problem which may lead to multiple diseases.
Surya kiran Chs
Aug 2, 2018

Water Supply

Dear Sir our society is facing water supply problem last 4 days, all society members is not satisfied wit the water supply department..... Water supply problem Information was only for 2 days but today also water is not coming in our society which is Suryakiran Chs Sector 34 Kamothe area.... It's humble request to CIDCO please arrange water supply as soon as possible... Thank you... your prompt action
Jul 15, 2018

No water supply

I fail to understand why there is no water supply since 3 days in Sector - 17, New Panvel?? We daily come across with news of water logging, overflow of dams, etc. but why the water is not supplied at our homes?! This is horrible management from Cidco. Also, why we are not informed in advance when there will be no water supply on particular days? The residents could hv prepared themselves for this situation.

The situation is getting worst every day. If this continues and no action being taken at the earliest then I don't think there's any point of paying the water bill for coming months!

PL-5, Sector - 17, Cidco Colony, New Panvel 410 206.
Jul 15, 2018

NO water supply since 3 days in New Panvel

I fail to understand why there is no water supply since 3 days in Sector - 17, New Panvel?? We daily come across with news of water logging, overflow of dams, etc. but why the water is not supplied at our homes?! This is horrible management from Cidco. Also, why we are not informed in advance when there will be no water supply on particular days? The residents could hv prepared themselves for this situation.

The situation is getting worst every day. If this continues and no action being taken at the earliest then I don't think there's any point of paying the water bill for coming months!

Sector - 17, Cidco Colony, New Panvel 410 206.
Jul 13, 2018

Potholes on roads

Many potholes on roads near sector 15,18,20 kharghar
I stumbled over a huge pothole in utsav chauk nearly fell off my bike.also very poorly lit at night so poor visibility.
Kindly do the needful.
Jul 9, 2018

Erratic water supply in sec no 21, ulwe.

Hi, I am a resident of ulwe sector no 21.Me and my family have been staying here since last 3 yrs and we never faced the issue of erratic water supply but since the end of May till date the society gets water only in the morning and evening for 1-2 hrs. The society alleges that this water problem is only present in sec no 21 and the water supply guy comes and informs only about the water cut off dates and times but no reason has been given for the cut offs and for how long is it going to continue. I would like to request the concerned authorities to look into the matter as it is getting very difficult to live without regular water supply and to devote our lifestyle to the water timings are becoming a little exhausting and irritating.
Dhaval Dobaria
Jul 9, 2018

open men hole

Dear sir
Ulwe sector 17 main entry road is very poor condition and open men hole center to the road opposite to plot no 38 sec-17. i take photos and attached the road and open men hole photos.please solve it before happen the accident
Thank you

open men hole

Jun 26, 2018


Respected Sir,

I am residing in Sector 3, Plot 53A, Karanjade, Panvel. We have been facing water shortage since more than 2 months. We get water only for 10-15 mins. It has become very difficult to complete all the household work as well as store water to use for the whole day within 10-15 mins of water supply.

Please look into this matter on an urgent basis.

Thanking you,
Your Truly,
Jun 22, 2018

Immediate Road Repair Required in Ular Sec 23 Road that Connects to the Highway

The road opposite Malvan Tadka, Ulwe which connects to Sector 23 is in a miserable condition. The residents have to use this road on a frequent basis because it is the only one connecting to the highway from where we can avail daily transportation. The road is steep, sloping and non-metallic. Now that the rains are here, the kuchcha road now poses a serious threat to commuters as it is muddy with potholes and retains water. There aren't any streetlights there too, which multiplies the risk of using that road. Some days back there was extensive roadwork in the adjoining streets and we expected that this road would also be repaired. It is strange to see how they left out the single most useful road! I request the concerned authorities to oversee the matter and take steps urgently.

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