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Consumer complaints and reviews about cnbc awaaz

May 5, 2018

Not provided warranty as they claimed in newspaper

Hi Team,

I purchased a 32 inch Videocon TV as per diwali offer norms published in TOI newspaper dated Oct 31 2015. I choose mentioned retailer in newspaper ie pirgal electronics and I purchased my TV on 01 Nov 2015. On 23 Apr 2018 I registered for tv service thinking I am covered under their 5 year warranty but then to my surprise i came to know that

1. TV sold to me is a 2 year old model ie month/year 092013 instead of 2015 (01/11/2015 date of purchase).if retailer would have sold the TV of 2015 manufacturing model then I would have definitely got the 2 year default extended warranty in worst case.

2. As per the offer I am supposed to get 5 year warranty. During purchase of TV retailer told me that in warranty card only 1 year warranty comes and extended warranty will be applied automatically when you go for installation from Videocon.

I have the purchase bill , TOI news paper offer cutting which has diwali offer terms and condition of 5 year warranty condition that TV has to be purchased between 10 oct15 - 15 nov15 and I have purchased my TV within that range only ie on 01 nov15. i have Warranty card of 1 year but as the pirgal electronics lied and told me that this 1 year warranty will be extended when the Videocon team will do installation and the warranty will be extended to 5 years in system .

Now when I am trying to use my 5 year warranty then service person is asking for physical card and same I requested from pirgal electronics and they denied saying Videocon company got bankcorrupt and retailer don't want to talk to me and cannot give me warranty.

The service person is asking for the extended warranty card which was not given to me by pirgal electronics and now I am not able to service my TV and the repair cost is around 5000 and I purchased this TV for extended warranty benefit only and same I am not able to use it instead purchasing in offer and provided them full money to prigal electronics. Kindly help me in getting my 5 year warrany.

May 4, 2018

invested in fund without concent

i have invested in NFO growth fund series 4 and on maturity the amount was reinvested in other fund without my concern as when i inquired for the refund the charges were 1% for premature closure . I have tried to contact the branch but they said the charges will be there as its in system and cannot be changed
May 1, 2018

Cheated by a stock advisory firm named REVENUE MAKER by name of CNBC AWAAZ

I got a call from stock advisory firm named REVENUE MAKER from Indore. They told us they have a stock research analyst named Raghav Bohra who has worked as a pannal expert in CNBC AWAAZ. We first deny to take any pakage from the advisory company but they have used name of CNBC AWAAZ CHANNEL and cheated us with a huge amount. After facing losses by the company we objected to give further money above 70,000 which was given earlier. Then they said they will not provide us any services and no money will be refunded to me. Overall sir we have been cheated by them with amount of 1lakh 40thousand by using the name of your channel CNBC AWAAZ. Sir i expect from you to take some serious action against that firm so that no one else should b cheated by using the name of your channel.
Address and contact numbers of that company has been as under
702, 7th floor,A block metro tower, vijay nagar,Indore
Contact no 7999674762
Contact no of Raghav Bohra -07316665001
Rupesh kumar
Contact no - 9450198914
Apr 29, 2018

Complaint against scam, forgery, theft and malpractices going on at Banerjee Ford (Ford India Authorized Workshop)

Respected Sir,

I would like to bring to your kind notice a very serious matter on a sincere note and would like to seek your kind intervention, interjection and introspection regarding the same to get me justice because I have been victimised along with my car in this whole incident.

Sir, I had given my car in breakdown condition for repairing purpose to Banerjee Ford, Durgapur, West Bengal, on August 2016.At that point of time my car had only starting problem.Now in the mean time after assessing my car's condition Mr.Ganesh Kundu, the Service Advisor of "Banerjee Ford" intimated me of an exorbitant amount which I have to incur for the repairing purpose that too without any assurance or guarantee.

Anyhow, now owing to such huge outrageous amount being quoted to me, I decided not to proceed with the repair work but rather to take back my car’s possession from the premises of "Banerjee Ford".

Now on the very prior day of taking my car’s possession ie. on 12.04.18 upon my close inspection, I was utterly astonished to note and spot that not only various parts of my car were missing but also the whole car had been tampered with including the whole engine and all its components in an amateur way quite ghastly.

Now upon raising all these issues promptly then and there before the service advisor, Mr.Ganesh Kundu, I have been told that if a car lies for such a long time in their premises, then its not only normal but also quite usual for the parts to go missing in this way and moreover he stated that whatever had gone is gone I will never get it back. Owing to his reply I denied from taking my car from their workshop.Now post occurrence of this issue no solution has been given to me with regard to who will compensate me for all these missing expensive both old and new car parts.I am hereby furnishing the details of the missing car spare parts:-

1. Mud flaps (Out of four, two are missing and rest two are in broken condition)
2. My new exide battery had been replaced with one old faulty Ford battery
3. The timing belt was in torn condition within the engine
4. The radiator was in damaged condition
5. Ac vent covers from car dashboard were missing
6. Indicator switch was in broken condition
7. Steering wheel circuit cover was in opened condition and the circuit was in tampered condition
8. The whole electrical wiring structure which runs within the car’s body across the whole car was in tampered condition with opened fuses
9. Left side rear door beading was missing
10. Car parking sensor wiring kit was is torn condition
11. Car rear view camera wiring kit was in torn condition
12. Left side rear view mirror’s internal cover was missing
13. Front Ford logo was missing and rear Ford logo was washed off
14. And god knows what else are missing or are lying in tampered and broken condition inside the engine.
Sir, frankly speaking the whole car has been turned into a dustbin and the car is lying in a dilapidated condition in their premises. Not a single thing is left in the car with which tampering has not been done with malafide intent.The car has been brought down to such a horrible condition so that the car owner can easily be discouraged and demoralized and no other option remains for the owner apart from either throwing the car into garbage or sell it out as scrap.

Now its not only shocking but also quite gruesome to take cognisance that these kind of cheap, mischievous, malevolent and fraudulent malpractises are going on within the premises of an authorized workshop of a reputed MNC conglomerate like "Ford Motor Company".

My car's registration no. is WB02 V1516 (Ford Fiesta Classic) and chassis no. is MAJBXXMRTB5EB1524.Its a diesel variant.

Sir, with regard to all these issues I had already raised a complain on 14.04.18 before the Ford India customer care team and was allotted concern no. 800202275.There after I had received call on 16.04.18 from their team who took stock of the whole incident and informed me that they are in touch with their concerned dealership regarding the issue and will revert me as soon as they get response from the dealer.On 17.04.18 again I received call from their team who expressed that the concerned dealer ie. Banerjee Ford is not responding to their mail and enquired that whether the dealer contacted me or not. Thereafter, owing to no response from Ford India officials I made repeated follow ups with them through mail to inform me about the status of this case.But everytime they constantly kept on buying time after time.Thereafter finding no alternate solution I even sent message to them over their twitter account.To which I have been again asked for time after time to be provided to them regarding the issue I have been asked to have patience.Now in this way the matter rolled out till now without bearing any fruitful result.

However, on 26.04.18 suddenly I got a call from Mr.Randhir Singh of "Banerjee Ford", who did asked me to withdraw my complain regarding this issue and even threatened me that if I don’t withdraw my complain then they will even further damage my car and dared me that I can’t do anything about it against them because Ford India officials are in their favour and immediately sacked the phone call.Post this communication I had been forwarded a mail by “Banerjee Ford” asking me to reply a series of long irrelevant questions and along with it an illicit garage rental charge of Rs.1,50,000/- has also been imposed upon me with a vindictive mindset which is utterly illegitimate. Now their version is that as because my car was lying in their workshop for such a long time I have to pay this garage rental charge while taking my car’s possession.

Now within few minutes of receiving this mail from “Banerjee Ford” I had been forwarded another mail from Ford India where it had been stated that my concern no. 800202275 has been closed from their end and the reason quoted is that as because I made delay in providing them approval for repair work hence nothing can be done regarding the issue and they cannot be held responsible.

However, I would like to mention that here the issue is not about providing approval for repair or not but the issue is about missing of car spare parts and also about the colossal damage which has been attributed to my car by their workforce during the tenure of inspecting my vehicle and till date nothing was intimated to me with regard to the damage of my car which happened at their hands whether fortunately or unfortunately. Till date Mr.Ganesh Kundu, the service advisor have always conveyed me that everything is present in my car and no parts have been unscrewed at all or are missing.But on the very eve of towing my car upon my close inspection I discovered all these things all of a sudden. Moreover, when I placed all my observations before Mr.Kundu he is silent and is not answering at all. Rather he told me that whatever gone is gone and you will not get it back. So my question is who will fix them and also if he cannot fix them then who will bear the cost of again buying those things from the market. The moot issue is this.

In this way in lieu of my trustworthiness and faithfulness upon Ford India I have not only been kept on hold unnecessarily for such a long time but also been rewarded with gross injustice along with massive disappointment and harassment.

Sir, on one hand my car has been robbed off like anything, parts have gone missing, the whole engine has been tampered with offensively owing to which it got fully damaged, existing parts are in broken condition and god knows what else are missing and lying in broken condition inside the engine or have been replaced with faulty parts, and because of this I am suffering like anything till now. On the other hand, rather than addressing these issues and compensating me feasibly and amicably to get these things repaired and rectified I have been asked to deposit a whimsical amount of Rs.1,50,000/- as garage rental which is not only barbaric but quite atrocious too in my opinion.

Sir, I would like to mention here that garage rental is imposed upon that very car which has been taken care off on top notch basis right from top to bottom where not only the car has been maintained neatly and cleanly but also all its components are intact in its original form without any signs of tampering, damage or missing and foremostly the car is not in a dilapidated condition at all.But in my case the situation is just the opposite, yet garage rental has been imposed.

Sir, now despite of explaining all the above mentioned issues on a molecular note along with granular details to the customer care representatives of Ford India since day one all my submissions and appeals have been kept aside by them and on a radical note I have directed and dictated to deposit an arbitrary amount of Rs.1,50,000/- to them on the eve of taking my car’s possession from them and immediately my concern no. 800202275 has also been closed by them on a tearing hurry.

Sir, under the above circumstance I am not only helpless but quite depressed too and therefore finding no other option I am writing you this letter with enormous amount of legitimacy, sincerity, trustworthiness and faithfulness and am pretty sure that you will not only stand beside me to expose the culprits but also will yield me justice in this regard.

Hope, you can understand my mental agony and will help me out of the above stated cumbersome situation at the earliest.

Best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Vikramjit Mitra
Mobile: 9126041094, 8597979025
Email: vikram_7799@rediffmail.com
Durgapur, West Bengal
Apr 28, 2018

Flipkart not processing return request

I purchased a mobile phone from Flipkart there was a defect in display they replaced the product ( redmi note 5 ) but the replaced one was even worse it has multiple defects very low battery life heating issue apps gets crashed i have requested Flipkart customer care multiple times in first attempts they told sone troubleshooting steps but clearly that didn't work i made complaint again they sent a inspector to check device he took some screenshots and left and they cancelled the return request and whole of this process was done within the given time frame by Flipkart (10 days) I again requested return several times but every time they are postponing the return request and every message every email every call i have recorded
Apr 27, 2018

Cheated by Airtel

Purchased Airtel WIFI Instrument from Air World Enterprises, Pan No DPJPS7349F, GST NO 27DPJPS7349F1ZA, INVOICE NO NOT MENTIONED, DATE 08/03/2018, ADDRESS SHOP NO 1, BUILDING NO 3, VIJAY MAHAL SOCIETY, SALISBURY PARK PUNE, 411037, HUSENBHAI PHONE NO.7420010071






Apr 25, 2018

Wrong activation of Credit Card

ICICI Bank credit card have fraudulently issued two credit cards in my name.

In the year 2015, they started harassing to payment, and when i confirmed about the card at their branch they flatly denied about any outstanding from my side.

Now, suddenly in 2018 , they have approached me for this payment.

Please help me in this regard.
Rajendra Thakur
Apr 24, 2018

Paytm wallet

Through an oversight I have purchased wrongly 5 deals on Paytm app on 4th Nov.2017. Soon after buying the deals I requested them on their app. to cancel all deals under head "wrong purchased". 3 deals out of 5 deals have been cancelled by Paytm and credited to my Paytm wallet i.e. Rs.1,000/-, Rs.400/- and Rs.1000/- the remaining two deals were denied by them on the pretext that these deals can not be cancelled as per their terms & conditions. Objecting their point therefor and reminded them all deals were
having the same terms and conditions then as to why they have cancelled 3 deals earlier on variours dates. I have been writing to them continuously for refund of my remaining 2 deals for Rs.5,000/- and Rs.2,000/- agg. to Rs.7,000/- but no satisfactorily reply received from Paytm except cut & paste reply the matter is being considered and I will be soon get a positive reply. Apart from their app.I have also requested on Paytm twitter account / CEO Vijay Shekar Sharma and their facebook repeatedly to reply my querries as to why 2 deals pending with them for redressal of my grievances cannot be cancelled while the 3 deals were already cancelled by them with the same terms and conditions but they kept mum on my issues raised with them on various plateforms.

Now I request CNBC Awaaz Pahredar to please take up the matter with Paytm to redress the grievances of Senior Citizen.

Further I furnished the details of my deals as follows :

Big Bazaar Coupon details card No.54050556137610 for Rs.2,000/-

Nike Coupon Details - 10004500223991891 for Rs.5,000/-

Refunded details

DEAFLAT-100 for Rs.400/-
DEAL 10 for Rs.1,000/-
DEALS20 for Rs.1,000/-

Return Policy for all the 5 deals

This product cannot be returned or replaced once deliver.

Rajendra Kumar Thakur
Apr 23, 2018

Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Gurugram,Haryana

Dear Sir,

We are the members of "The Engelberg Co-op Group Housing society Ltd" GH 45C, Sec 1, Manesar, Haryana. There has been a group of people with vested interest, who are taking all the paying members for a ride. Funds deposited by members towards Land cost are being diverted to some other project and/or for their personal use. We all members are incurring heavy penal interest on the outstanding amount towards land cost, Enhancement cost, Excess area etc to HSIIDC. These persons had forged documents, signatures of members and had declared themselves elected.
Our complaints to Asst.Registrar-Co-op societies,gurugram & ACP, Gurugram Police, Manesar are still pending. So called fake managing commitee are still befooling people and collecting money from innocent persons. Around Rs. 1.58 crore has been collected from Non-members as on 31/03/2017 (as per available audit reports). The contract has been awarded to a shell company with fake address.
You have been helping general public a lot thru this program. Its time to shake authorities to take necessary action urgently and people be saved of their crores of rupees.

chhaya agarwal
9811137117 (deepak)
shobha sonavane
Apr 21, 2018

car manufacturing defect

hi i am shobha sonavane from Navi Mmbai ,
i buy one brand new car from ford model name ford figo petrol at
from when i bout this car there is problems in this car in tranmismission so i call in customer service and
my car is in warranty so they take my car and keep for 2 month and after that given back samying that problem is solved but its did't abut this happen 5 times with me every time thay take my car and say it done but its did't now my car sitll with them not able to solave plz help me its my ver had eran monay plz help
my mobile no 9987747711
Bhavin Thanki
Apr 16, 2018

If I not recharge Digital tv Connection & cancel connection I have to paid 500 Rupees

Respected Sir/Madam,
I have taken Air tel dish TV connection before 3 years & Now a days I don not want connection at present. I am using at present GTPL connection. I received the message from the local dealers that if I cancelled my air tel dish tv connection you have to paid 500 INR for the cancellation charges.

I want to know as per government (TRAI) rules that if any person cancel own dist tv connection is there any money to pay for cancellation charges.

Will you please look into this matter.

B M Thanki,
Pervez Athar
Apr 11, 2018

xiaomi on line flash sale

Dear Sir,
I would like to divert your kind attention towards so called No. 1 mobile phone company of India,Xiaomi. The products of this company are available at online platform. The major online partner of Xiaomi is Flipkart. This Co. creates hype about its products. A lot of persons gets attracted but they are being cheated every time. The so called no.1 products of this company are sold through FLASH SALE only on a certain date at a given time.You will be surprise to know that the customers fails to book the order every time at FLASH SALE.You can verify the facts given in this mail. Please login FlipKart on 13/04/2018 at 12.00 PM and try to book REDMI NOTE 5 Pro.
Xiaomi never disclose the actual numbers of products available for sale.I do not think that it is fair or legal to create hype for certain products & do not disclose the number of products that you are going to sale. This game is being played by the Xiaomi with the help of its online partner.
As an aspirants & customer I request you to please take it seriously and be with us to raise the voice against the fake Flash Sale.
Thanks & Regards.

Pervez Athar
Apr 8, 2018


Dear Customer,

Regret the inconvenience. As per records, our team have tried contacting you several times through call and through e mail to inform you that the hotel you have booked is unable to honor the booking, so wanted to confirm if you want alternate property or full refund, but as the call was not connected neither the e mails were responded so our team have went ahead and processed full refund of the paid amount. Please treat this as an isolated case and give us another chance to serve you better. Please feel free to contact us again in case of any additional help required.

Yatra Care
Apr 7, 2018


I have booked hotel in Pune from 7-11 April 2018 on yatra.com . I have made prepaid payment for my booking on 29th of march 2018. I got confirmation of my booking at the same time through Yates.com sms but suddenly a day before to my travel which is on 6th April I got a msg in the late eveng that ur booking has been cancelled and ur amt will be refunded in 2-3 working days. I didn't give any cancellation request and when I called them the girl in customer care service of yatra talked very rudely and replied "hotel walo ne booking cancel kiya, is main hum kya kar" I said then give me the alternative and then again she said " Hume koi bi hotel nahi Mila , aap ko refund mil raja hai Na". I mean isn't it ridiculous that for the prepaid payment of full amount of stay made prior to 10 days back how can they cancelled my booking without my concern.i have all the proofs of my booking . Kindly look at this matter and plz do the needful against yatra.com my name is manpreet Singh contact num- 7009932312. City patiala- punjab
Apr 4, 2018

Shoppingzip Fraud

I warn everyone not to deal with this site it is a totally fraud site & there peoples are totally fake, they will call u till u haven't done payment once payment done they show you attitude.

I have purchased belt from there site then they called me that you have won Sony LED TV from Mobile No 9891102234 (Mr Saurav) first I thought it must be fake but somehow I convinced myself may be some startups are coming they promote their site by giving these schemes but I was wrong they told me only condition is that you have to bear courier charges earlier I got all these calls from Mobile No 7065998007 from Mr Chaudhary than after 2 days when I called Mr Saurav may be fake name he told ur LED is despatched you will get call from Shoppingzip despatch department than got call from 9891059914 he told we are despatching you courier but insurance is pending on your product because my product Sony LED Cost is of more than Rs 50,000/- again I convinced myself. But after regular followup from my side almost 7-8 days they never give any tracking ID of my gift. even they never picked my phone when I called from another No they picked the Ph. Now today they told you have to bear GST too. I told I need my money back of Rs 9750 but they told you will not get any refund.

I request authorities to Kindly look into this matter & get my money refunded I know shoppingzip & there people are fake but there mobile no must have aadhaar linked from there we can have clue but if there Aadhaar Id is too fake than definately it is serious concern for our country. Kindly take this as a serious issue so that in future no other sites or people can do fraud with our country people.

Address may be : Street: A16 bada mohalla devli road khanpur
City: delhi
State: Delhi
Postalcode: 110062 ()
Country: India

Please do the needfull..
Apr 4, 2018

Shoppingzip is a fake site

I warn everyone not to deal with this site it is a totally fraud site & there peoples are totally fake, they will call u till u haven't done payment once payment done they show you attitude.

I have purchased belt from there site then they called me that you have won Sony LED TV from Mobile No 9891102234 (Mr Saurav) first I thought it must be fake but somehow I convinced myself may be some startups are coming they promote their site by giving these schemes but I was wrong they told me only condition is that you have to bear courier charges earlier I got all these calls from Mobile No 7065998007 from Mr Chaudhary than after 2 days when I called Mr Saurav may be fake name he told ur LED is despatched you will get call from Shoppingzip despatch department than got call from 9891059914 he told we are despatching you courier but insurance is pending on your product because my product Sony LED Cost is of more than Rs 50,000/- again I convinced myself. But after regular followup from my side almost 7-8 days they never give any tracking ID of my gift. even they never picked my phone when I called from another No they picked the Ph. Now today they told you have to bear GST too. I told I need my money back of Rs 9750 but they told you will not get any refund.

I request authorities to Kindly look into this matter & get my money refunded I know shoppingzip & there people are fake but there mobile no must have aadhaar linked from there we can have clue but if there Aadhaar Id is too fake than definately it is serious concern for our country. Kindly take this as a serious issue so that in future no other sites or people can do fraud with our country people.
prem kumar garg
Mar 31, 2018

SBI non repayment of FD amount

1. Amount deposited with SBI, Najafgarh Road Branch, New Delhi in 1995 and 1998 as margin money for various OD limits. The amount is now untraceable. Amount was about Rs 4-5 lacs in 1995 and two amounts of Rs 25,000 each in 1998. The branch paid against one deposit of Rs 25,000 about Rs 55,000 in 2008 but refused further payment My complaint to Ombudsman was rejected as amount was too old.

Prem Kumar Garg
(M) 9310056298
e mail: pkgarg.gargyapower@gmail.com
Amit Mohan Joshi
Mar 28, 2018


Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your notice that I am an existing customer of HDFC Ltd., Home Loan, My loan account no. is 615390292. I am in the process of take over my home loan to Nainital Bank.

Total outstanding amount is Rs. 3781000.00. Yesterday on 26.03.2018, I produced the cheque of the same amount to the Branch Manager, HDFC Ltd., Home Loan, Haldwani-263139. Uttarakhand.

But the branch Manager Mr. Harsh refused to receive the cheque and said " All accounts have been freezed by RBI till 31st of March,hence no business can be done before 2nd of April.

Please note that it will give me a huge loss if they do not receive the cheque and do not co-operate the take-over process.

Request you to kindly help me in this regard.

Warm Regards
Amit Mohan JOshi
Mar 23, 2018

New delivered swift car big problems within 1hr

I had purchased a new Maruti Swift ZDI+car from one of your authorised showroom namely “Khivraj Motors”, Anna Salai-Mount Road office, vide Invoice No.002/VSL/17001446 dated 14/03/2018. The necessary details of the car are mentioned below

Engine No. : D13A0726549

Chassis No. : MBHCZC03SJA107723

Colour : Fire Red

Registration No.: TN 11 AE 3031

I had taken delivery of the said car only on 18/03/2018 upon the completion of the registration by the dealer at the Regional Transport Office, Tambaram. I was very happy on buying a Maruti New Swift car as I was previously owning many cars under Maruti brand, lastly the Maruti Ritz. From the ages of my grandfather we have always owned and rode a Maruti brand car. This was the reason why we opted for your esteemed brand for buying a new car and was excited to add yet another Maruti brand car to my exclusive collection of Maruti cars. But my happiness did not last long as the vehicle which I had taken delivery was a manufacturing defect one and my belief of your esteemed brand “Maruti” was completely shaken. I had never thought that Maruti the “India’s No.1 Car brand” will deliver a manufacturing defect car to its new customer who had expected a brand new car.

The car had the following manufacturing defects, namely

· Gear shifting problem,

· Wobbling,

· Slow pick up.

Earlier when I had pre-visited your showroom “Khivraj Motors”, Anna Salai-Mount Road office, for selection of a new car, I was assured that the New Swift car has all the best in class features and advantages when compared to other cars in the same segment of various other eminent brands. I had visited other brands showroom but due to my previous happy experiences with your esteemed brand.

I have no words to convey the pain and mental agony which I had suffered as my happiness was shattered and my joy of bringing a new car turned into sorrow because of a manufacturing defective car in the guise of a new car was delivered by the dealer. I am literally afraid that is really a new car has been delivered to me?

Being such a true and loyal customer of your trust worthy brand, I had been made to suffer with all such hardships, pain, mental agony and disappointment, because of the new Swift car delivered by your dealer with many faults in it. With fond hope that the new car would best in class car for me, I expenditured further funds on the interior floor lining and vehicle registration around Rs.20,000/-.

I had intimated about the issues to the dealer on the same day of delivery and had also delivered back the car to the dealer on 19/03/2018 and returned back with great disappointment because of the improper response and bad treatment meted out to me there at the dealer office i.e. had been made to wait for 3 hours by the Manager/Customer Relationship officer Mr. Balaji and was informed that the dealer would service the defects instead of replacing the defective car. I had never heard of or faced with such an unprofessional response from any other eminent car manufacturer. Any manufacturer is duty bound to deliver to its customer a defect free car on purchase of a new car. Instead of replacing the defective car, the dealer said that the defects would checked and would make it proper. Is this the way by which your brand had earned name and fame in the Auto Industry?

Is this the way “India’s favourite Car brand” manufactures car and sells faulty cars in the guise of new cars? Isn’t it the responsibility of the manufacturer to replace manufactured defective cars with new defect free cars which is not even rode for a single day?

Had I been given a ride before taking delivery, I would have surely not taken delivery of such a defective car. The registration being completed is no valid ground for your esteemed brand from shying away from your commitment and promise of delivering a properly inspected and certified new car.

Sunil kumar jain
Mitesh Ranga
Mar 22, 2018

A Dell laptop stopped working within 2 months of use

I have bought a Dell Inspiron laptop and it stopped working after 2 months of use. I contacted Dell service centre but they keep saying that the part will take 2 days to come and I am now waiting for a month , I am a collage student and have a lot of work to do. They're not replacing or changing the parts. I am facing a lot of difficulties and I found this platform suitable for my complaint because of negligence of Dell.
Titan Social Care
Mar 12, 2018

Titan Social Care

Dear Shewta,

Steve here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!

We understand we may not be perfect, but we always strive to make things right for our customers. We apologize for any difficulty you have faced and we want to reach out to you. Could you please share your phone number or email id, so that our team can contact you.

We take pride in our customer service levels. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. In case you wish to talk with our Care team, please call on 1800-266-0123.


Mar 12, 2018

Regarding torism package and Malaysian visa flaw

Hello Mr. Jain,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please mail us your Trip ID at feedback@traveltriangle.com, so that we can further look into it.

Shilpa | Team TravelTriangle
Rupinder Pal
Mar 11, 2018

Non reimbursement of medical expenses

My son in law was employee of State Bank of Patiala (Now SBI) The bank had group insurance policy for their employees with Heritage health TPA (P) Ltd. Nicco house, 5thfloor, 2 Hare Street, Kolkata 700001. My son in law had undergone neurosurgery at PGI Chandigarh in July 2016 for which a claim of expenses amt. Rs 635289 along with all the requisite documents was submitted in October 2016 through bank. My son in law is not alive today but we are still wandering here and there for the claim of our already expended time. Policy ID No. is HHS8.0700242294 Employee no. S02624
Kindly guide us and help us in resolving this issue
Shiv Singh
Mar 11, 2018

Complaint regarding heavily vibration and knocking problem

Respected sir,
I had brought my bullet from JSN SURAT(ADAJAN) at 28th November,2017. the service department has been unable to properly repair my bike and i need to help to resolve this situation.
I dropped off my bike, royal enfield classic 350cc to have its parts replaced in the service of 2nd at the date of 5 /2/2018. when i picked up the bullet, the service employee assured me that it was in complete working order. but still it has heavily vibration and knocking problem.
Details of bike :
Engine No.: U3S5C1HM638450
Frame No.: ME3U3S5C1HM564470
Reg No.: GJ05 PM 7028
Job card No.: 007671 (Date: 24/02/2018)
Service engineer manager: Mr.Vipul barot (mob no. 8140250009, 8140270009, 0261-2840023)
Email: service@jsnmotors.com
I am certainly not happy and i expect their dealership to fix the bike properly. i have said i will not be satisfied until you return the bike to me in perfect working order. still they can't take action to solve my situation. i am very tired of this company. now i just want replace with new bike. i want your support.

Thank you.
Mr. Samir S Desai
Surat, Gujarat, India.
Mar 11, 2018

Regarding torism package and Malaysian visa flaw

I had booked a honeymoon tourism package from travel triangle of Malaysia and Singapore from 18 to 26 Dec 2017 ,

But due to flaw in Malaysia visa application . The airport authority dosent allows us to go . Finally we failed to go from Indra Gandhi international airport Delhi at night 23:30 . The visa responsibilities is of travel agent but due to typing mistake the have wrongly entered the issue date of visa so air port authority did not allows us to go

And our package fails

I will tell u in detail . Waiting for your response
Hoping to get some help

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