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colors tv channel


Consumer complaints and reviews about colors tv channel

Aug 11, 2018

Silsila badalte rishton ka-colors TV show

Please don't show craps like Silsila badalte rishton ka.
my sweet little gf cries every time she watches your show. I can't see tears in her eyes I love her the most. please don't show any type of connection between Kunal and Nandini.
Because of you my relationship is at stake.Now she doubts me,according to her if Kunal can cheat on his wife and she was everything to him and he loved her the most....then there are chances you could also do the same.
basically your show is ruining my relationship.My gf has this thing in her mind that what if something like this happens to her,then what she'll do....she'll be just heart broken. No matter how hard i try to convince her that this will never happen to us she says just one thing that Kunal was also very loyal to mouli but instead of that he is cheating her.
And the worst thing that happens is that my gf cries watching your show and this thing I can never tolerate.
So,please stop this nonsense in your show.It's my humble request to you.

Thank you
Animesh sharma
Aug 8, 2018

Silsila badaltein rishto ka

Please don't show romance between Kunal and Nandini no friend would ever trust another friend after seeing all this please give another term to the serial it is also affecting the society it should not be shown like that those who are really in trouble shall not be trusted by any their friends it should not be shown that a friend helps another friend and that particular friend and a girl cheats tough friend who has helped and supported her against her abusing husband it also affects other people's families

If you want to show something you can give another term to the story but you should not show an extra marital affair it is for the sake of a society and the Peaceful less in the society it is the opinion of many people that it should not be shown and the serial should go off air

Although the chemistry between Kunal and Mouli is the best one and we like to sit on twin you should show some something true relationship between Kunal and Mouli but not between Kunal and Nandini you should not sure that the nature of the god is also directing Nandini towards Kunal it should not happen it would spoil the happy married life of Kunal and Mouli it is better not to show anything like that are the TRP will go down

Many families can be ruined because of this on screen drama

Aug 5, 2018

Names of the servants in Hooda house-Bepannah

Cannot understand how all the house keepers in Hooda house in the show Bepannah on Colors TV are given Christian names? Marcus !!Michael!! Victor..?? Why dont you bring in a lady domestic help and call her Jennifer instead?What are you trying to prove out here??
Aug 4, 2018


Hi colors tamil
happy that colors launched its tamil version channel.
We will to see Ranveer and Ishani's meri aashiqui tumse hi serial in tamil once again in colors tamil
please telecast Ranveer and Ishani love story in colors tamil channel
Aug 3, 2018

Silsila Badalte Rishto ka

Please do not show romance between Kunal & Nandini in the serial Silsila Badalte Rishto ka. It will harm the selfless & beautiful relationship between two school time friends.
If you have shown Nandini taking this bold step of leaving her abusive husband just because of the help & courage given by her friend Mauli, please do not make Mauli regret her decision of giving shelter to her needy friend.
In today's world, there are so many women who are gathering courage to leave their abusive marriages because of their friends & wellwishers who come to their rescue & stand by them despite objection from society.
If you show such women turning into vamps & destroying their own supporters, who would come forward to help them? You will be making the supporters of crime strong & rescuers of victims weak.
Please try to give a different turn to the story.....so that people's thoughts towards the divorced women becomes positive. As it is, the society does not let them live peacefully & they have to go through this stigma of divorce throughout their life.
Smitha Nishin
Jul 30, 2018

Horror shows

Colors channel is wonderful channel than why you are showing such horror which may effect your channel impression . It's a request please don't show horror shows in it .
Jul 22, 2018


What is is the use of this horror show KAUN HAI? Things that are not in actually available why u are showing these type of foolish things on this COLOURS channel because of instead of filling the colors of any body's life u are stealing the colors of your viewers. We don't expect these type of serials from you.
Jul 11, 2018

Horror show ads

Colors have been showing horror show ads from quite some time now. Please stop these asap as this have negative impact while watching the serials with concentration. This make us sometimes think that we should stop watching the serials altogether. The thing that is even more disturbing is that these are not even shown in the ads but in the serials itself. Very disappointing at colors end.
Jul 9, 2018


This is not a complaint..just a request..please telecast Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon Tamil...it was telecasted by polimer in Tamil...please this idea really worth it in tamilnadu..because we are all Madhubala fans...
Jul 6, 2018

Complain big boss marathi

NandKishor Chaugule astat kale resham tipnis pushkar sai lokur BIGG BOSS Marathi
स्वतःला अभिनेता म्हणवता ना, मग (स्वतःच्या) तोंडावर जरा तरी नियंत्रण हवं कि नको?
असो.. आता शेण खाल्लाच आहात तर येत्या २४ तासात आपण,
आणि Bigboss Marathi आपणही.. सर्व अलिबागकरांची जाहीर माफी(ऑन स्क्रीन) मागावी!
अन्यथा... येणाऱ्या परिणामांसाठी तयार राहा. Sir megha la pathimba vgre nahi bcz mahesh sir ti ekti kheltei toh game asto n sir premat n yuddhat sgla kahi maaf asta na m ti khelte te fair ka nhi ti ekti kheltei n she is proving her self n baki che je kheltait te ekmekanchya khandyvr banduk thevun rajesh zhala resham sobat tichi haus bhagat nhi tar ata astad la nadi lavla chaugule baba toh ek n toh pushkar n sai ch tar kai mastach tyana he mhana ek bed mdhe zhopa ata sir khrch aati hotai litrly channel karava lgta resham kale pushkar ch tond baghitla ki tya peksha sharmista n megha bari tyncha avaj ahe pn khelat chuklya tr manya krtat chothe te nuste hulahul sale sry sir bt khrch tya lokkn mule tumhi show host krtait tumch naav fude yete ki kai ha manus tikde strict decision ka ghet nhi ahe bcz sir kale n reshm la kada bgh toh pushkar tari tiktoi ka baila ahe toh

तसाही उद्या चांगला दिवस आहे..(समझदार को इशारा काफ़ी है.) माफी मागून बर्थडे गिफ्ट द्यायच,कि भाईंकडून रिटर्न गिफ्ट घ्यायचं..Alibag Asmita Abhiyan Alibag Municipal Council Prashant Naik Chitralekha Patil Aadesh Bandekar CMOMaharashtra Colors Marathi Colors Marathi Marathi
Jul 4, 2018

Promos of horrow show "kaun hai"

Such a promo can distrup mind of children and old people. These show should be restricted after 10pm. Colors that shows it's promos all day long.
I request please limit the show timings and promos after 10 pm.
Anita Arora
Jul 1, 2018

Promos of Horror show

I just only watch color tv channel and like the shows - big boss reality shows, Behad and now a days Bepanah. I dislike scary shows hence don’t watch such serials as these disturb my piece of mind. But Color channel again and again showing promos of horror serial KAUN HAI that too during prime time which irritates me and people like me. Why Color TV doing so - I don’t understand.
I Think these type of serials supposed to be shown late night. Purpose must be that kids don't watch these. But you show scary promos of such serials time & again that too at prime time which are as scary as serial themselves - then what's the use of showing the serial at late night.
Pleassssse stop showing these scary promos instead you can only show the name of serial in promos. I trust Color TV will take care of the concern pointed out by me. Thanx in anticipation.
Jun 30, 2018

Shani season 2

Please start the Shani season 2 . It's much more interesting to hear about shani dev . It gives much more spiritual things to us
Neena Rani
Jun 28, 2018

Horror shows adds

Sir im neena from shimla muje colours par ane walE new horror show ki adds ko lekar complaints hai jo shows dekhne wale adhiktar logo ko achanak vichlit kar deti hai khaskar bche teenagers ko iske regarding kuch step liye jye
Jeni thomas
Jun 28, 2018


Plz telecast hindi serial dubbed in tamil madhubala serial
siya m
Jun 9, 2018


hi colors tamil please cid program tamil la telecast pannunga please, sony la telecast pannathu, ithu zee tamil la potan ippo stop panitanga, so please neenga podunga ungaluku nala response irukum ena mari niraya per cid ku fans irukanga please
May 14, 2018

Serial are not on the schedule time

Bepannah start time is 9:00 PM..but since few days(month) It Haven't started on proper time..what the hell is this!! We are waiting for bepannah to start on scheduled time..udaan always ends late..pay attention on it.. otherwise The TRP is gonna decreased..its just bcz of you..do something about it..You colors team has no time management.
bhatia mohit
May 10, 2018

About Serial

Serial belan wali vahi is not showing on time. They mentioned 10.30 pm time but they show on 11.pm, what the hell is this ? Why are u making fool our viewers ?
Santhiya c
May 7, 2018

Uyire unakaaka

We request colors tamil to telecast uyire unakaaka serial. My mother is very addicted to this serial. So please telecast this serial. My mother daily check voot app for uyire unakaaka serial only. Please upload the uyire unakaaka episode on voot app. I am egarly waiting for your response.
Naresh Kumar
Apr 29, 2018

Request to telecast Kakkum Deviam Kaali from epi 19

First we thank Colors Tamil for telecasting such a awesome serial "Kakkum Deivam Kaali".

We request Colors Tamil to telecast "Kakkum Deivam Kaali" from the episode 19. We were watching this serial from the epi 1 and we became a craziest fan of this serial. We were waiting to watch the continuation of epi 18 but it was really disappoiting to us that they again telecasting from epi 1. We all are waiting to watch such a wonderful serial from epi 19. This is our sincere request to Colors Tamil.

Plzzz telecast the serial from epi 19.

And I also request you to change the timing of the serial. It would be really thankful if it can be telecasted Monday to Friday after 8.00 PM so that all people can watch.

Also plz telecast the weekly episodes on weekends (Saturday/Sunday)

Kind regards,
Kakkum Deivam Kaali serial fans
vishal kumar1994
Apr 28, 2018

Mahaakali aat he aarambh

Mahaakali aat he aarambh
Why mahakali is not be showed on.
.some Saturdays and sundays days...also..
Apr 25, 2018

About serial

Vl u plzz telecast chakravarthi Ashoka serial after 120 episodes.That is the only show it is good in your channel
Apr 24, 2018

Appreciation NOT a complaint

Thanks to the excellent Shani Dev serial. I watched it online entirely , as i could not watch on regular days. Its awesome in all respects like Creativity, Presentation, Action, and so on. all actors have done pretty well. it was so cute to watch little hanuman and Kakol . Young Shani acted just like a consummate actor. diction was perfect. Its a treat to watch Gufi Paintal , Nanasri Dev Vishwakarma.. As someone mentioned above, its a dialy spiritual dose we need to be in the right path.
Thanks again !
Wish many more willbe produced like this.
Apr 19, 2018

Enga Veetu Mapillai - Colors TV Tamil

Evana mathiri aalukaluku mama veelai pakkama nalla serials edunga pls example:VIJAY TV
lavanya lp1
Apr 18, 2018

Enga veetu mappillai

Don't make EVM show any more. We are not fools to watch these kind of shows. you guys are wasted our valuable time.
All scripted and it's Fake show. The first reality show in Colors channel and it shows how the future shows will be...
If Arya don't want to hurt any girls, then why he accept to conduct all the task for those girls. He accepted this show is only for Money and fame.

Why he didn't showcase his family in front of camera. He is safe in his side and spoiled all those 16 girls life and family.
Arya lost his fan followers bcz of this useless show.

He is smart enough to play with those girls feelings and also he bruised the audience

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